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Log from 2018-06-02:
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[08:54:25] <physkets> Hey!
[08:54:33] <physkets> Do you guys use pgp signatures?
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[15:28:21] <Lucifer_arma> why are wireless guitar systems still so expensive?
[15:28:49] <Lucifer_arma> like, everything else has dropped in price, but wireless guitar systems are sitting out there like "We're still just as expensive as we were in the 90s, so fuck off jerk!"
[15:29:44] <Lucifer_arma> I can get bluetooth transmitters/receivers for half the price, but the latency would make it unplayable
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[17:19:30] <Lucifer_arma> my son's working through the tutorials, having a great time, and having a surprisingly challenging time
[17:19:49] <Lucifer_arma> of course, he's also pushing his skills, using the safe space of the tutorials to work on specific skills
[17:19:55] <Lucifer_arma> so, ++ to the tutorials
[19:26:35] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [oneshotserver] r38 added ldconfig call to propagate zthread installation... || [themes] r46 Random commit
[19:50:27] <ct|kyle> anyone have ladle serve settings yet?
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