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Log from 2007-06-05:
--- Day changed Tue Jun 05 2007
00:03 -!- spidey [n=spidey@unaffiliated/mcspiddles] has joined #armagetron
00:07 <Lucifer_arma> so if spidey and new spidey fought, who would win?
00:12 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, what should I use for a game timer?
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00:23 <spidey> ?
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00:54 <ghableska> !weather 50266
00:54 <BotSub> ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, Iowa is 80.1°F (5:55 PM CDT on June 04, 2007). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 35%. Dew Point: 50.0°F. Pressure: 28.70 in 971.8 hPa (Falling).
00:54 <ghableska> .tea
00:54 <crazy-tronner> ghableska: There doesn't seem to be a server matching “fortress café” at the moment, sorry.
00:54 <MaZuffeR> come to fts ghab
00:55 <ghableska> alright
00:55 <mkzelda> fds
00:55 <MaZuffeR> d?
00:55 <mkzelda> feminine deoderant spray
00:55 <GodTodd> !weather 75023
00:55 <MaZuffeR> ok..
00:55 <BotSub> GodTodd: The current temperature in Near Custer and Parker, Plano, Texas is 75.6°F (5:57 PM CDT on June 04, 2007). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 66%. Dew Point: 62.6°F. Pressure: 29.12 in 986.0 hPa (Steady).  Air pollution watch level Orange in effect from Tuesday morning through Tuesday afternoon...
00:55 <mkzelda> :D
01:00 <GodTodd> blergle flergle
01:02 <Lucifer_arma> oh yeah, now I remember why the setDaemon trick sucks
01:02 <Lucifer_arma> the thread doesn't release the port
01:02 <Lucifer_arma> maybe I should add signal handling next
01:07 <Lucifer_arma> yay
01:09 <Lucifer_arma> so I just made the thread go and close all of it's sockets when it closes and that seems to have worked for the setDaemon thing
01:09 <Lucifer_arma> basic waiting room logic is in, now I just need input
01:09 <Lucifer_arma> mkzelda: did you finish that civ nationset conversion script by any chance?
01:09 <mkzelda> close
01:09 <mkzelda> all but the leader titles
01:10 <mkzelda> if u want something u can work w/ i can give u a sample now, tho if u can wait an hour or two it'll be better
01:11 <mkzelda> a few more questions
01:11 <Lucifer_arma> I can wait, I have more groundwork to put in first
01:11 <mkzelda> Observer and Barbarians lack class
01:11 <mkzelda> i mean, lack *a* class
01:11 <Lucifer_arma> that's fine, we won't convert those
01:11 <mkzelda> observer lacks a wonder
01:11 <Lucifer_arma> I intend there to be no observer available, and to handle barbs differently
01:11 <mkzelda> there are a few bugs here and their ill have to address directly
01:12 <mkzelda> silesians wonder has a comment that throws it off
01:12 <Lucifer_arma> those two nationsets exist because of what I suspect are bad freeciv design decisions
01:12 <mkzelda> can i remove them entirely?
01:12 <mkzelda> i mean those 2
01:12 <mkzelda> skip them in the process
01:12 <Lucifer_arma> that's fine, if they're not too bad, I'm intending to run it one at a time anyway
01:12 <mkzelda> running what one at time?
01:12 <Lucifer_arma> one nationset at a time...
01:13 <Lucifer_arma> heh, it crawls, doesn't it?  ;)
01:13 <mkzelda> oh my script does all 85 at once
01:13 <mkzelda> yea
01:13 <Lucifer_arma> hmmmm
01:13 <mkzelda> its done cept for the leader thing cause i gotta nest some loops and its a bitch b/c the formatting they used
01:13 <Lucifer_arma> I can still work with that, so it's really up to you
01:13 <mkzelda> they werent consistent
01:14 <mkzelda> they start on lines 2+
01:14 <Lucifer_arma> man, all of freeciv's resource files are like that, too.  They're really bad
01:14 <mkzelda> and some only have 1 ruler title, some have 6
01:14 <mkzelda> er, 5
01:14 <Lucifer_arma> and occasionally you'll see a comment that tells you the whitespace matters <here>, unlike the last 3 lines
01:14 <mkzelda> yea
01:14 <Lucifer_arma> they're snotty C programmers, what do you expect, you know?
01:14 <mkzelda> and then they have comments that are intended to be funny
01:15 <mkzelda> danish/swedish have carriage returns after their leader= and leader_sex= that have to be addressed uniquely
01:15 <mkzelda> but i made all the commands variables so if something changes in the nation files it can be fixed easily
01:16 <Lucifer_arma> I don't know that we'll try to keep them in sync with current freeciv development, I was just wanting a good baseline that made it so we could avoid having to create all of our civs from scratch
01:16 <Lucifer_arma> that's literally the only thing we get to keep from freeciv, everything else is so different we have to do it from scratch ;)
01:16 <mkzelda> i didnt figure we would but should they do something drastic the script would be able to handle it w/ eae
01:17 <mkzelda> ease
01:17 <Lucifer_arma> you could toss it their way and see if they get the hint
01:17 <mkzelda> haha
01:17 <Lucifer_arma> if you don't mind being abused by C programmers
01:18 <mkzelda> the script was a good exercise for me anyhow
01:19 <Lucifer_arma> hopefully it'll force me to add multichunk support to the network layer
01:19 <Lucifer_arma> or zip, one of the two ;)
01:20 <mkzelda> do you really want genders other than male/female?
01:20 <mkzelda> heh
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01:21 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, I won't say no, but I'm not in a hurry to support them
01:21 <Lucifer_arma> but see, I'll probably just do linking between the fields, so in theory you could do anythin gyou wanted
01:21 <mkzelda> yea, ill just stick to your requests
01:21 <Lucifer_arma> so if the gender given by the player is "manly-man", it'll look for the title that goes with "manly-man"
01:22 <mkzelda> its just gonna make it slightly harder but i see the advantages
01:23 <Lucifer_arma> you know, with the tabbed interface, we might be able to support multiple planets, if the game engine can handle them
01:24 <Lucifer_arma> that could be interesting, but I wont' think about it now
01:24 <Lucifer_arma> right now I'll put the stuff in place to let someone in the waiting room signal they're ready to play
01:25 <mkzelda> oh yea
01:25 <mkzelda> for a few things i converted spaces to _
01:25 <mkzelda> and i wasnt consistent on that, but can be as i fix the script
01:26 <mkzelda> i mean, i think i did it in all but 1 or 2 places where values had spaces
01:26 <mkzelda> like Prime_Minister
01:26 <mkzelda> cause it was really bothersome
01:26 <mkzelda> only place i didnt do it were single value vars, like 'wonder'
01:27 <mkzelda> but for cities, where i had a list
01:27 <mkzelda> i did conver to underscore
01:27 <Lucifer_arma> that's probably fine, mostly, because I'm expecting us to have to hand-tune these anyway
01:27 <Lucifer_arma> mostly because we haven't gotten any sort of real design going for what constitutes a civilization resource
01:27 <mkzelda> right
01:28 <Lucifer_arma> so I'll implement in code what you've written, and we'll hand-tune a few to test with, and we go from there :)
01:28 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-75-56-50-151.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #Armagetron
01:28 <DrJoeTron> anyone see shrunkland on the list?
01:28 <mkzelda> i kept that in mind as i made the script, so it'd be easy to modify things like syntax, variable names, formatting as we saw fit
01:28 <Lucifer_arma> can't really test right now, joe, sorry
01:29 <Lucifer_arma> oh yeah, I meant to find out what it takes to get the current username in python
01:31 <DrJoeTron> thanks :p
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01:38 <Vanhayes> .tea
01:38 <crazy-tronner`> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (2/32): MIGUS, Pinhead
01:38 <ghableska> .tea
01:38 <crazy-tronner`> ghableska: Fortress Café: Players (2/32): MIGUS, Pinhead
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02:10 <mkzelda> luci im stuck on something
02:11 <Lucifer_arma> use acetone
02:11 <mkzelda> they have some character thats not whitespace, its some tab formatting
02:11 <mkzelda> dunno how to escape it
02:11 <Lucifer_arma> not to get too pedantic, but tabs are whitespace
02:11 <Lucifer_arma> \t is used in most code to escape tabs
02:12 <mkzelda> well even tho im using tr -d " " it wont remove whatever this is and it happens to be 5 characters
02:12 <mkzelda> k
02:12 <Lucifer_arma> http://osdir.com/LDP/LDP/abs/html/escapingsection.html
02:12 <mkzelda> heh i have that page open already
02:12 <mkzelda> from another site tho
02:14 <mkzelda> thx
02:17 <Lucifer_arma> probably need to do tr a second time for the tabs
02:17 <Lucifer_arma> you could probably dig up a regex for sed that'll take out all whitespace
02:17 <mkzelda> i dont want all whitespace out
02:17 <mkzelda> cause then i get PrimeMinsister
02:18 <mkzelda> thats what im fighting now
02:18 <mkzelda> as well as an unexplained carriage return whenever that space shows up
02:18 <Lucifer_arma> maybe it's just a carriage return without the newline?
02:18 <mkzelda> if i just run the string of commands it doesnt do it, but if i do the same string of commands in a for loop it introduces this CR that doesnt exist
02:19 <mkzelda> and im doing hte same code as in other sections and it doesnt do that
02:19 <mkzelda> im pulling out hair
02:19 <Lucifer_arma> heh.  I hate bash scripting, man, I hate it!  And that's one of the reasons
02:19 <Lucifer_arma> the for loop goes over lines?
02:19 <Lucifer_arma> lines in a file, that is?
02:19 <mkzelda> i was gonna do perl
02:19 <mkzelda> "Democracy",
02:19 <mkzelda> "Prime
02:19 <mkzelda> Minister",
02:19 <mkzelda> "Prime
02:19 <mkzelda> Minister"
02:20 <Lucifer_arma> oh hell, if that's your output, don't sweat it
02:20 <mkzelda> nowhere is that found
02:20 <mkzelda> im gonna just ignore that space man
02:20 <Lucifer_arma> I'm going to have to deal with that possibility somehow anyway
02:20 <mkzelda> ill fix it later
02:20 <mkzelda> so, PrimeMinister is the result
02:21 <mkzelda> "Democracy","PrimeMinister","PrimeMinister"
02:21 <mkzelda> w/o the "
02:21 <Lucifer_arma> heh, that's fine.  :)
02:21 <mkzelda> wasted too much time on that
02:22 <luke-jr_> sed -r 's,^[^,]*,([^,]*),.*$,\1,'
02:22 <mkzelda> luke-jr_: thats what i ended up doing earlier
02:23 <luke-jr_> ...
02:23 <crazy-tronner> luke-jr_, ...
02:23 <mkzelda> for the earlier question
02:23 <luke-jr_> what's the problem now?
02:23 <luke-jr_> sed 's,\s,,g'
02:23 -!- xfroggy [n=xfroggy@crlspr-] has joined #armagetron
02:23 <mkzelda> nothing, im avoiding it
02:24 <Lucifer_arma> man, now I need a better way to identify network connections so I can send to one player information about another player
02:24 <luke-jr_> Lucifer_arma: sure p2p isn't ok?
02:24 <mkzelda> much of what i've done should be rewritten cleaner/faster but it works
02:24 <luke-jr_> sed 's,\s,,g' <-- strips all whitespace
02:24 <Lucifer_arma> I'm sure p2p isn't ok
02:24 <mkzelda> thanks
02:25 <Lucifer_arma> think about it, I'd need a better way to identify network connections than by user-input name anyway so I can match up civs with players when connections drop
02:25 <mkzelda> i didnt really want to strip all whitespace,but i did
02:25 <Lucifer_arma> I was just ignoring that issue
02:25 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Your_mom@pool-151-204-9-138.delv.east.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
02:25 <luke-jr_> Lucifer_arma: XMPP solves much networking
02:25 <mkzelda> In other examples i was able to first change things to Prime_Minister and then remove whitespace
02:25 <mkzelda> just not this one
02:26 <luke-jr_> sed 's,PrimeMinister,Prime Minister,g'
02:26 <luke-jr_> sed -r 's,(Prime)(Minister),\1 \2,g'
02:26 <mkzelda> im going to manually enter every case
02:27 <mkzelda> HighKingoftheNoldor - QueenofDoriath
02:27 <mkzelda> PrimerMinistre - PrimeraMinistre
02:27 <mkzelda> CaptainGeneral - CaptainGeneral
02:27 <mkzelda> etc
02:27 <mkzelda> its fine as is
02:27 <luke-jr_> sed -r 's,([a-z])([A-Z]),\1 \2,'
02:27 <luke-jr_> :)
02:27 <mkzelda> now that... might be useful
02:28 <luke-jr_> sed -r 's,([a-z])([A-Z]),\1 \2,g'
02:28 <mkzelda> or not
02:29 <mkzelda> D em oc ra cy,P ri me Mi ni st er,
02:29 <mkzelda> heh
02:30 <luke-jr_> wtf?
02:31 <luke-jr_> you changed it
02:31 <mkzelda> copy pasted
02:31 <mkzelda> cuntpaste
02:31 <luke-jr_> luke-jr@tsuruki ~ $ sed -r 's,([a-z])([A-Z]),\1 \2,g' <<<"Democracy,PrimeMinister"
02:31 <luke-jr_> Democracy,Prime Minister
02:31 <Lucifer_arma> hmmmm, where's my wife?
02:31 <luke-jr_> Lucifer_arma: my place
02:33 <luke-jr_> mkzelda: then your sed is b0rked
02:33 <mkzelda> shur
02:33 <Vanhayes> omg, was that a joke, coming from luke-jr_ ?
02:34 <luke-jr_> no way!
02:34 <Lucifer_arma> looked more like an insult.  "Your wife is stupid and ugly, so she's at my place" is what I read
02:35 <luke-jr_> Lucifer_arma: she's immersed in the CCT
02:36 <Lucifer_arma> you're into bondage?  didn't know that...
02:36 <Lucifer_arma> didn't *want* to know that
02:37 <luke-jr_> wtf?
02:37 <Lucifer_arma> that you're into bondage
02:38 <luke-jr_> ...
02:38 <crazy-tronner> luke-jr_, ...
02:38 <luke-jr_> crazy-tronner: that's what I thought
02:50 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, is there a limit to the size of a hostname?
02:50 <Lucifer_arma> rather, do I care?  I could add another part of the read loop to look for a part that contains a hostname
02:53 <Lucifer_arma> grrr, 255 bytes
02:54 <Lucifer_arma> my header is already 64 bytes
02:54 <Lucifer_arma> I guess I'll add another section for hostmask
02:54 <Lucifer_arma> no wait, that's bad
02:54 <Lucifer_arma> ...
02:54 <crazy-tronner> Lucifer_arma, ...
02:55 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["Leaving."]
02:55 <Lucifer_arma> if I take a sha1 hash of a string and spam the whole world with it, nobody can figure out what the original string was, right?
03:06 <Lucifer_arma> I guess I'll add timestamping too
03:10 -!- crazy-tronner is now known as tronner
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03:12 <Lucifer_arma> .math calc 2**8
03:12 <tronner> Lucifer_arma: 256
03:13 <Lucifer_arma> .math calc 53-6
03:13 <tronner> Lucifer_arma: 47
03:14 <P4> .rpn 231+-
03:14 <tronner> P4: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
03:14 <P4> pity i dont get pyton :|
03:15 <ghableska> luke-jr_ made a joke?
03:15 <Lucifer_arma> .math calc 2**32
03:15 <tronner> Lucifer_arma: 4294967296
03:15 <Lucifer_arma> .math calc 2**16
03:15 <tronner> Lucifer_arma: 65536
03:16 <Lucifer_arma> 32 bits it is
03:18 <P4> .calc 2^64
03:18 <tronner> P4: Error: Something in there wasn't a valid number.
03:18 <P4> .calc 2**64
03:18 <tronner> P4: 18446744073709551616
03:18 <Lucifer_arma> .math calc 1984-64
03:18 <tronner> Lucifer_arma: 1920
03:19 <P4> it's logarithmic delta's right?
03:19 <Lucifer_arma> .math calc 1+4+4+2+6+4+40+67+1920
03:19 <tronner> Lucifer_arma: 2048
03:19 <Lucifer_arma> yay
03:19 <Lucifer_arma> theoretically I just need to change one variable to make that chunk shape happen
03:20 <Lucifer_arma> well, and code the timestamping and playerstamping
03:21 -!- eddiefantastic [n=ed@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
03:21 <Vanhayes> .weather saint john
03:21 <tronner> Vanhayes: Temperature: 52°F / 11°C | Humidity: 94% | Pressure: 29.73in / 1006hPa | Conditions: Light Rain Showers | Wind Direction: East | Wind Speed: 21mph / 33km/h | Updated: 10:00 PM ADT; Tonight - Showers. Amount 5 to 10 mm. Fog patches. Wind southeast 40 km/h gusting to 60 becoming south 30 gusting to 50 overnight. Temperature rising to 14 by midnight.; Tuesday - Rain changing to periods of drizzle in (1 more message)
03:22 <Vanhayes> .more
03:22 <tronner> Vanhayes: the morning. Amount 2 mm. Fog patches. Wind south 30 km/h gusting to 50. High 16. UV index 3 or moderate. Tuesday night..periods of drizzle ending in the evening then cloudy with 40 percent chance of showers. Fog patches dissipating overnight. Wind south 20 km/h gusting to 40 becoming light near midnight. Low 14.; Wednesday - Cloudy with 30 percent chance of showers. High 18.;
03:23 <ghableska> .weather 50266
03:24 <tronner> ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, Iowa is 73.8°F (8:24 PM CDT on June 04, 2007). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 47%. Dew Point: 51.8°F. Pressure: 28.74 in 973.1 hPa (Falling).
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03:46 <Lucifer_arma> hmmmm
03:55 <spidey> luke-jr_:im
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04:29 <spidey> o.O
04:31 -!- spidey [n=spidey@unaffiliated/mcspiddles] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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05:33 <Your_mom_arma> Lucifer_arma: ping
05:33 <Lucifer_arma> 'sup mom?
05:34 <Your_mom_arma> I was goofing around trying to make a script to import the nation.ruleset files and export them in .xml... obviusly something im incapable of doing at the moment
05:34 <Your_mom_arma> a bit more then I can chew.
05:35 <Your_mom_arma> I managed to write a script to import 1 file(wanted to make a input prompt interface but couldn't figure out how) into a string.
05:36 <Lucifer_arma> look at the OptionParser module
05:37 <Your_mom_arma> optparse?
05:37 <Lucifer_arma> no, the bigger one, OptionParser
05:38 <Lucifer_arma> optparse is pretty crappy
05:38 <Lucifer_arma> taking input in a terminal is surprisingly tricky in python
05:38 <Lucifer_arma> at least, if you want it to be interactive :/
05:39 <Your_mom_arma> I can't find it in the library reference
05:40 <Lucifer_arma> er nvm, optparse is the one
05:40 <Lucifer_arma> hmm, what's the crappy one then?
05:42 <Your_mom_arma> getopt?
05:42 <Lucifer_arma> ah, that sounds like the one
05:42 <Lucifer_arma> based on some gnu api or other, I think
05:43 <Lucifer_arma> so did you have a question, or, err, what?  ;)
05:44 <mkzelda> lucifer this thing is done and working cept for one thing...
05:44 <mkzelda> <leader gender="'$gender'">'$leader_name'</leader> ...
05:45 <mkzelda> the lists comin as one liners, comma delimted, and i cant get them to both work in the same loop
05:45 <Lucifer_arma> hmmmm
05:45 <mkzelda> so i either get <leader gender="">name</leader> x times, followed by <leader gender="male"></leader> another x times
05:46 <mkzelda> or, i can dump them as <leader gender="male,male,male,male">george,bill,josh,martin</leader>
05:46 <Lucifer_arma> you could read it into an array and then dump it...
05:46 <Lucifer_arma> or did you already try that?
05:46 <mkzelda> i tried that and it still wants to go one, and then the other
05:47 <mkzelda> obviously is doable but ive hit a wall for now
05:47 <Your_mom_arma> I was just hoping you could link me to something helpful for what I was trying.
05:47 <Lucifer_arma> I've encountered something like that before, oddly enough, but it might take awhile
05:47 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-71-170-89-192.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
05:47 <Lucifer_arma> Your_mom_arma: to do interactive terminal stuff?
05:48 <Lucifer_arma> there's a builtin for taking input that almost works
05:48 <Lucifer_arma> I don't recall exactly how it works that's odd, though
05:48 <Your_mom_arma> for parsing the stuff in the string into an xml format
05:48 <Lucifer_arma> wait a minute, so you managed to load the file?
05:49 <Lucifer_arma> now you've got the freeciv nationset in memory and you want to parse it?
05:49 <Your_mom_arma> ie name=_("Viking")  -> <name = viking>
05:49 <Lucifer_arma> http://docs.python.org/lib/string-methods.html
05:49 <Lucifer_arma> there's also slice notation
05:50 <Lucifer_arma>  theUser = theMessage[0:theMessage.find("\n")]  # takes a string up to the first newline and stores it in theUser
05:50 <Lucifer_arma> the slice notation is the part in the brackets
05:51 <Lucifer_arma> when a file format supports comments, you generally do something like this:
05:51 <Lucifer_arma> theline = thelinewithcomments[0:thelinewithcomments.find("#")].strip()
05:52 <Lucifer_arma> then len(theline) == 0 if the line is only a comment and you can ignore it
05:53 <Lucifer_arma> so you want to collect the freeciv nationset into a series of lists and dictionaries and stuff that represents the data, first, then iterate through it to write the xml
05:53 <Lucifer_arma> so the program is two parts.  First read and parse the file into your own variables, then write those variables as xml
05:55 <Your_mom_arma> http://eugenics.davefancella.com/index.php/Freeciv_Nation_import is what I have so far. note the very simple code
05:56 <Lucifer_arma> ah, right, very simple :)
05:56 <Lucifer_arma> after you do your open, and you have the nation file object, do this:
05:56 <Lucifer_arma> for line in nation:
05:56 <Lucifer_arma> that lets you read the file one line at a time
05:57 <Lucifer_arma> then the first thing you do in the for loop is check for comments like I described a minute ago
05:57 <Lucifer_arma> after you've taken out the comment, you want the rest of the for loop wrapped in an if statement that looks something like this;
05:57 <Lucifer_arma> if len(theLineWithoutComments) > 0:
05:58 <Lucifer_arma> that'll make it skip lines that are completely comments :)
05:58 <mkzelda> did i waste my time?
05:58 <Lucifer_arma> not that I know of
05:58 <Lucifer_arma> did you?  :)  (did you click the link?)  Mom's learning python, so it's a different script, of sorts, and apparently didn't mention it to anybody :)
05:59 <mkzelda> bleh yea, i just didnt know if we were working on the same thing or not
06:00 <Your_mom_arma> wait, what's mkzelda working on?
06:01 <mkzelda> i made a script to convert the nation files to xml :D
06:01 <Your_mom_arma> haha
06:01 <Lucifer_arma> you guys are working on the same thing :)
06:02 <Your_mom_arma> to be fair getting as far as I did probobly took way longer then however far mkzelda is
06:02  * Lucifer_arma is trying to extend the header format for chunks, anybody working on that?
06:03 <mkzelda> http://mkzelda.com/eugenics/mkcrx-0.1.0.sh.txt
06:04 <mkzelda> it just has to be run from inside the nation dir
06:04 <Your_mom_arma> ow, my ego
06:05 <mkzelda> lol its nasty tho, i imagine that the python would look much better
06:07 <mkzelda> it can be refined immensely, i was just getting it to a status of 'working'
06:07  * Your_mom_arma contemplates whether or not he should finish(start)the version he was working on
06:11 -!- luke-jr_ [n=luke-jr@user-0c93tj3.cable.mindspring.com] has quit [Connection timed out]
06:16 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma planet puzzle league is amazing
06:18 <Your_mom_arma> I don't doubt it, I'm just not into puzzle games. (shrug)
06:19 <Your_mom_arma> Lucifer_arma: I decided to not bother, is there something easy(easier) I could try coding?
06:23 <Lucifer_arma> hmmmm
06:23  * Lucifer_arma thinks
06:24 <Lucifer_arma> I don't know that tehre's a lot of room for that sort of easier stuff
06:25 <Lucifer_arma> you might just open up mainqt.py and read it and try to understand it, then take a crack at adding ui stuff you want
06:25 <Lucifer_arma> that opens up the possibility of playing with qt designer, which is usually fun in and of itself
06:26 <Lucifer_arma> something that would be really helpful and might be really instructive would be to code up some tests to test the api
06:28 <GodTodd> qt designer is fun, no doubt....but it's integrating it and the code that has been getting me ;)
06:28 <Lucifer_arma> heh
06:28 <Lucifer_arma> you could look at mainqt.py yourself and see about that :)
06:28 <GodTodd> i have been...when i've had spare moments
06:28 <GodTodd> :/
06:29 <Lucifer_arma> well, I just successfully added timestamps to the protocol
06:29 <Lucifer_arma> and player ids, but no messages use player ids yet
06:30 <Lucifer_arma> if anybody's going to look at mainqt.py to try to learn something about qt and python, the time's going to be up soon, because i'm going to tear it down a bit and rebuild it with each widget it currently has in a separate file
06:31 <DrJoeTron> so i decided
06:32 <DrJoeTron> I'm just going to ban everyone who doesnt like the fact that I'm hosting :)
06:32 <Your_mom_arma> ?
06:32 <DrJoeTron> id be doing them a favor
06:32 <Your_mom_arma> alot of complaints?
06:33 <DrJoeTron> just one
06:34 <DrJoeTron> "You know you dont have to play here
06:34 <DrJoeTron> http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.1884 but i caved and bought this
06:35 <Your_mom_arma> Say's the 12 year old that can't figure out how to host a server on his moms 56k aol connection
06:35 <DrJoeTron> not sure who it was
06:35 <DrJoeTron> i fucked with the settings
06:36 <DrJoeTron> :D
06:36 <DrJoeTron>  /ignore luke-jr
06:36 <Lucifer_arma> it works better if you don't put a space at the beginning
06:36 <Lucifer_arma> you know what's really annoying?
06:36 <Lucifer_arma> this is why I hate writing new applications from scratch, in fact
06:37 <DrJoeTron> nopr i put a space
06:37 <Your_mom_arma> Lucifer_arma: ?
06:37 <Lucifer_arma> every time I go back to the waiting room and say "Now I"m going to make it so a player can click 'start'" I realize I still need one more thing from the network layer
06:37 <DrJoeTron> nope, wrong again as usual luke-jr :)
06:37 <Lucifer_arma> because it's from scratch, so I still have to make every part
06:37 <DrJoeTron> my thumb "b0rked" it
06:37 <Lucifer_arma> it's like, you want to cook dinner, but first you have to cut the wood, then mine the ore to make the pot, but you can't make the pot without first constructing a forge
06:37 <Lucifer_arma> so you go make some bricks
06:38 <Lucifer_arma> figure out you need a hammer
06:38 <Lucifer_arma> etc
06:38 <Your_mom_arma> haha
06:38 <Lucifer_arma> so now I'm a go make a base class for events that'll make sure everything useful from the header of a data chunk makes it into the event
06:39 <Lucifer_arma> this is just so I can put timestamps in the chat window :(
06:39 <Lucifer_arma> (really, the timestamps are important, they'll be used to make sure people only take their turn during their turn)
06:40  * GodTodd stabs luke-jr
06:40 <Your_mom_arma> I need a programming language for idiots. ok I want a game where you're a pirate and you fight other pirates, also there are ships. Compiling game. game complete
06:40  * Lucifer_arma stones luke-jr
06:40 <Lucifer_arma> heh
06:41 <Lucifer_arma> man, you get swing it with python, really.
06:41 <Lucifer_arma> s/get/can
06:41 <Lucifer_arma> if you can get into the right mode of thought, the language doesn't matter so much, as long as it's not anything luke likes
06:42 <mkzelda> Your_mom_arma: u should continue w/ what you were working on and use mine as loose reference
06:42 <mkzelda> u can use mine to know what search criteria will remove the unwanted stuff
06:42 <mkzelda> that was the most time consuming for me
06:42 <mkzelda> figuring out what was unique info
06:42 <mkzelda> tedious
06:43 <Your_mom_arma> I just don't have the dictionary down. I know about as much python as I do Spanish. I can say hi, ask your name, repeat your name and ask you how you are, then ask you where the bathroom is.
06:43 <Lucifer_arma> donde esta el bano?
06:44 <Lucifer_arma> que hora es?
06:44 <Lucifer_arma> donde esta las senoritas?
06:44 <GodTodd> the bathroom is in the hall
06:44 <Your_mom_arma> en mis pantalones
06:44 <Lucifer_arma> y las cervezas?
06:44 <GodTodd> it's 11:45 pm
06:44 <Lucifer_arma> it's not accidental that beer is a feminine word in spanish
06:44 <GodTodd> the chicks are as far from luke-jr as possible
06:45 <GodTodd> and the beers are at the store
06:45 <Lucifer_arma> Your_mom_arma: it's more important to get the syntax down, since you can look up the words anytime
06:45 <Your_mom_arma> luke-jr: I also have bad grammer in python and spanish
06:45 <Your_mom_arma> yeah
06:45 <mkzelda> la cosa que me gusta mas es panochita
06:46 <Lucifer_arma> la tortilla esta say what the fuck?
06:46 <GodTodd> !translate sp en la cosa que me gusta mas es panochita
06:46 <BotSub> GodTodd: the thing that I like but is panochita
06:46 <GodTodd> heh
06:46 <mkzelda> :D
06:47 <Lucifer_arma> panochita = pussy?
06:47 <mkzelda> ya
06:47 <mkzelda> choicha
06:47 <Lucifer_arma> puto
06:47 <GodTodd> !translate en sp pussy
06:47 <BotSub> GodTodd: gatito
06:47 <GodTodd> haha
06:47 <Lucifer_arma> heh
06:47 <GodTodd> clean ass bot :/
06:48 <mkzelda> take your chones y los mandan a mi
06:48 <Lucifer_arma> I used to work with a mexican who said gata for pussy
06:48 <GodTodd> yeah..i always learned it as puto (in reference to a luke-jr type personality anyway)
06:49 <mkzelda> just depends on the region
06:49 <GodTodd> !translate en sp vagina
06:49 <BotSub> GodTodd: Error: Couldn't talk to server: [Errno socket error] timed out
06:49 <GodTodd> !translate en sp vagina
06:49 <BotSub> GodTodd: vagina
06:49 <GodTodd> hrmm
06:49 <GodTodd> mkzelda: well this was about 2 hours north of juarez
06:50 <GodTodd> 90 mins maybe
06:51 <mkzelda> you know whites under age 25 are the minority in the US
06:51 <GodTodd> that's cuz mexican chicks are drop dead hot
06:51 <GodTodd> heh
06:52 <mkzelda> until they turn 20
06:52 <GodTodd> nah
06:52 <GodTodd> til they get married
06:52 <GodTodd> then it's a crapshoot
06:52 <mkzelda> most i've seen turn spherical around 20
06:52 <GodTodd> then you've got the bad batch
06:52 <GodTodd> heh
06:52 <mkzelda> haha
06:52 <mkzelda> that we do
06:53 <GodTodd> we have 'em fresh off the tortilla press if you will ;)
06:53 <mkzelda> Do you have the commercials or reminders during the news not to pick them up if you see refugees?
06:54 <GodTodd> not here....where i grew up we did
06:54 <mkzelda> lol
06:54 <mkzelda> i used to see those when i lived in florida
06:54 <GodTodd> and signs on the side of the road kinda like when you pass a prison
06:54 <GodTodd> heh
06:55 <mkzelda> went on a field trip w/ school, went snorkeling in the keys and saw a 'boat' which was more of an enormous piece of rusted floating metal w/ fugees on it
06:55 <GodTodd> we were close enough to mexico that you got searched going from one state to another
06:55 <mkzelda> heh
06:56 <GodTodd> i was pale enough to never have to worry ;)
06:58 <mkzelda> did you sit on your porch and shoot cans?
06:58  * GodTodd goes politically incorrect.
06:58 <GodTodd> only fugees we've had to worry about here came from nawlins
06:58 <GodTodd> ;)
06:58 <GodTodd> me? no
06:58 <mkzelda> lol
06:59 <mkzelda> http://mkzelda.com/files/images/Hungrynegro.jpg
07:00 <GodTodd> wow
07:00 <GodTodd> that's
07:00 <GodTodd> like
07:00 <GodTodd> hmmm
07:01 <mkzelda> heh
07:01 <GodTodd> did *you* sit on your porch and shoot cans? ;)
07:02 <mkzelda> i was just fishin if that was familiar slang
07:03 <GodTodd> heh
07:18 -!- spidey [n=spidey@unaffiliated/mcspiddles] has joined #armagetron
07:19 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@115.161-247-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
07:19 <MrBougo> hello!
07:20 <MrBougo> !last --with rapidshare
07:20 <BotSub> MrBougo: [13:22:16] <MrBougo> epsy epsy epsy epsy, unzip this in your tremulous folder http://rapidshare.com/files/35238909/bahbah.zip.html
07:28 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@115.161-247-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit []
07:29 <DrJoeTron> more like rapidshit
07:31 <Lucifer_arma> the mexican that said gata for pussy was in austin, from durango
07:31 <Lucifer_arma> yer too far north, mkzedla
07:32 <Lucifer_arma> now I'm gonna go smoke with my wife and try to figure out why she had additional contractions when I rubbed her back a certain way
08:06 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-75-56-50-151.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
08:18 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-76-215-5-2.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #Armagetron
08:36 <DrJoeTron> heh
08:36 <DrJoeTron> IRC for the ds
08:38 <Your_mom_arma> linux ds? couldn't be opera(thought flash java(scripts in general) weren't able to run)?
08:39 <DrJoeTron> linux ds doesnt work for R4
08:41 <DrJoeTron> IRCDS and DSAIM work for it
08:41 <Lucifer_arma> man, for a game that barely has a waiting room, I sure have a lot of code
09:02 <DrJoeTron> http://www.dev-scene.com/NDS/TI-83 haha
09:04 <DrJoeTron> holy shit
09:04 <DrJoeTron> quake for the ds?
09:08 <Your_mom_arma> I'm not surprised by any quake port... ever
09:09 <DrJoeTron> my statement was more of a "why?"
09:11 <Your_mom_arma> Lucifer_arma: I decided to try to finish the nation exporter. So how should I parse the string with all the info in it?(I've been goofing around with nationstr.split ( '\n' ) and nationstr.replace('\n',' '){both / and \}) but they don't seem to do anything(usefull)
09:17 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
09:18 <epsy> hi
09:25 <Lucifer_arma> well, you should go through it line by line and parse each line by itself
09:26 <Lucifer_arma> that's going to give you the most bang for the buck, and also prepare you for more complex parsers :)
09:26 <Your_mom_arma> how do I separate it into lines though?
09:26 <Lucifer_arma> that's where you do a for line in file: loop, where "file" is a file object returned by open()
09:26 <Lucifer_arma> so you do:
09:27 <Lucifer_arma> for line in theFileObj:
09:27 <Lucifer_arma> and every iteration of the loop, the variable "line" is a string containing just one line of the file, up to and I believe including the newline at the end
09:27 <Lucifer_arma> I've got an example of a parser that parses arma config files that might help, lemme dig up a link
09:29 <Lucifer_arma> http://armagetronad.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/armagetronad/private/Lucifer/aamaprotator/libaamaprotator/server_settings.py
09:29 <Lucifer_arma> the function called "_load_file"
09:30 <Lucifer_arma> it's a pretty simple file format
09:31 <Lucifer_arma> that parser even supports the INCLUDE directive in arma config files
09:38 <Your_mom_arma> theSetting = self.ParseLine(line)
09:38 <Lucifer_arma> next function down is ParseLine
09:40 <Your_mom_arma> ok, so that decides if there's nothing on the line
09:40 <Your_mom_arma> if theSetting[0] == 'INCLUDE':
09:43 <Lucifer_arma> then it calls itself with the filename given by INCLUDE.  It's recursive :)
09:44 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma did you see plundr?
09:45 <DrJoeTron> http://www.joystiq.com/2007/06/04/plundr-first-location-based-ds-game-debuts-at-where-2-0/
09:46 <Your_mom_arma> DrJoeTron: is it going to be retail?
09:46 <DrJoeTron> man i hope so
09:46 <DrJoeTron> it looks pretty neat
09:51 <Your_mom_arma> I think im hopeless
09:51 <DrJoeTron> what are you two doing?
09:52 <Your_mom_arma> im trying to write a program(that mkzelda already made btw) to export nation.ruleset(freeciv file) into a .xml file for eugenics
09:53 <DrJoeTron> interesting
09:54 <Lucifer_arma> you're not hopeless, it's just hard to start
09:54 <Lucifer_arma> it gets easier once you get past the initial conceptual humps
09:56 <GodTodd> just be glad you're under the tutelage of Lucifer_arma...you'd give up in a heartbeat if it was someone that constantly said what you were doing is stupid (such as some i could name ;))
09:57 <Your_mom_arma> http://eugenics.davefancella.com/index.php/Freeciv_Nation_import
09:58 <Lucifer_arma> ok, self is a reserved word for when you're working with classes.  You're not working with classes, so using it is just going to confuse you
09:58 <Lucifer_arma> you'll get into classes eventually, just not now :)  (the source listing I linked is a class, hence the use of self)
09:59 <Lucifer_arma> the for loop should be "for line in nation", because nation is your file object
09:59 <Lucifer_arma> you can eliminate the nationstr=nation.read() line entirely, it's not needed
10:00 <Lucifer_arma> nationline is what you want to work with where you first parse for comments, strip the result, and see if it's blank
10:00 <Lucifer_arma> because if it's blank, you either have a blank line or a line that only contains a comment
10:00 <Lucifer_arma> so something like this:
10:00 <Lucifer_arma> if line.find("#") > -1:
10:00 <Lucifer_arma> nationline = line[0:line.find("#")].strip()
10:01 <Lucifer_arma> that uses slice notation, the stuff in the brackets
10:01 <Lucifer_arma> a string is a sequence, which you may have noticed.  You can access any arbitrary part of a string like this:
10:01 <spidey> i think i know what i'ma do next time i leave for along time
10:01 <Lucifer_arma> someString = "Hi there!"
10:02 <Lucifer_arma> someString[3]   # this would print "t" if it were typed in the python interpreter directly
10:02 <Lucifer_arma> slice notation extends that and lets you grab part of a string
10:02 <Lucifer_arma> someString[3:5]  # this would print "the", the first three letters of "there!"
10:02 <Lucifer_arma> so what I gave you, then, first checks to see if the comment character "#" is in the line
10:03 <GodTodd> it doesn't count the whitespace?
10:03 <Lucifer_arma> if it is, then give you the line with everything up to the comment line
10:03 <GodTodd> err
10:03 <GodTodd> nvm
10:03 <Lucifer_arma> 0-indexed :)
10:03 <GodTodd> yah
10:03 <GodTodd> i'm sleepy :P
10:03 <GodTodd> 0,1,2,3
10:03 <GodTodd> :/
10:03 <Lucifer_arma> then take that and .strip() it, which removes whitespace from both sides of the resulting string
10:03 <mkzelda> Lucifer_arma: i tried really hard w/ arrays and i cant seem to send space delimited lists to an array, it newlines ever space, even tho i have not told it to do so
10:03 <mkzelda> for loops corrupt data
10:04 <Lucifer_arma> if the string has only whitespace in it when you strip it, then you get an empty string
10:04 <Lucifer_arma> which you can conveniently test for
10:04 <Lucifer_arma> Your_mom_arma: follow?
10:04 <mkzelda> i can copypasta my code that works on command line and put it in my loop and it will break it
10:04 <Your_mom_arma> ummm
10:04 <Your_mom_arma> some of it
10:04 <GodTodd> ahhh so strip is like java's trim()
10:05 <GodTodd> does leading and trailing whitespace?
10:05 <Lucifer_arma> yep
10:05 <Your_mom_arma> I already understood strings and how to access parts of them like you showed
10:05 <Lucifer_arma> yep, does both sides
10:05 <Lucifer_arma> ok, then the line isn't terribly complicated :)
10:05 <Lucifer_arma> the format of the nationset file is basically .ini format
10:06 <Lucifer_arma> I used to have an ini parser laying around, but I went to python's ConfigParser, which unfortunately can't be used for the nationset file
10:06 <mkzelda> btw GodTodd: where i put - sed 's/^[ \t]*//;s/[ \t]*$//' - is me stripping whitespace at beginning and end :D
10:06 <Lucifer_arma> there are two things you need to test for to parse the line, and you need to keep track of where you are somehow
10:06 <Lucifer_arma> you watch for strings that, after you've processed the line like I showed, start and end with brackets
10:06 <Lucifer_arma> and you look for =
10:07 <GodTodd> mkzelda: i'm used to java where you just String.trim(someString);
10:07 <GodTodd> ;)
10:07 <Your_mom_arma> if line.find("#") > -1:       nationline = line[0:line.find("#")].strip()    is where im lost, the"slice notation"
10:07 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-76-215-5-2.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has quit ["Bye."]
10:07 <Lucifer_arma> [0:line.find("#")]  <--- that's slice notation.  It's the [, the ], and the :
10:07 <mkzelda> yea this was one of my first attempts at extensive command line scripting
10:07 <Lucifer_arma> it says "give me the string starting from the 0th character up to the point where you find the # character"
10:07 <mkzelda> it was clearly the worst choice
10:07 <mkzelda> heh
10:08 <GodTodd> that goes from the zeroth character of the line and finds any "#" then strips whitespace....if i'm reading it correctly...
10:08 <GodTodd> which it's possible i'm not :)
10:08 <Your_mom_arma> oh, I _think_ I get it
10:08 <Lucifer_arma> that's exactly what it does :)
10:08 <Lucifer_arma> here's the tricky bit of slices, but you'll find this everywhere else anyway
10:08 <Lucifer_arma> the first character is in position 0
10:08 <GodTodd> put that in a for loop that tests for EOF or some such and it'll do it for the whole file
10:09 <Lucifer_arma> so the position returned by find() gives you an actual position
10:09 <Lucifer_arma> er
10:09 <Lucifer_arma> ok, I just confused myself, so read the docs to figure out why the # character isn't in the output
10:09 <Lucifer_arma> of course, if it is, just add "-1" to the find to subtract one from the position you get :)
10:09 <GodTodd> is it like a pointer? where it gives the "address" (probably not the correct term)
10:10 <Lucifer_arma> reference is the correct term
10:10 <Your_mom_arma> I get the coordinates etc(one of the few things that's easy to understand)
10:10 <Lucifer_arma> in this case, you get a new string
10:10 <Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: but most of the time, python passes by reference, which is usually what you want
10:10 <Your_mom_arma> I get you looking at a line looking for comments then saying I don't want the comment in this line.
10:11 <Lucifer_arma> there's a little more there, that line takes this line:
10:11 <Lucifer_arma> "      something = somethingelse a list and more         # this is useless, completely useless"
10:11 <Lucifer_arma> and gives you:
10:11 <Lucifer_arma> something = somethingelse a list and more
10:12 <Lucifer_arma> "something = somethingelse a list and more"
10:12 <Your_mom_arma> oh, and strip kills the whitespace
10:12 <Lucifer_arma> exactly, yes
10:12 <Lucifer_arma> so now you can do this:
10:12 <Lucifer_arma> if theResult.startswith('['):
10:12 <Lucifer_arma> that lets you test for the [section] parts of the file
10:12 <Lucifer_arma> then you trim out the brackets with a simple slice:
10:13 <Lucifer_arma> nationline[1:len(nationline)-2]
10:13 <Lucifer_arma> now you have "section", where before you had "[section]"
10:14 <Your_mom_arma> wouldn't it be -1 not -2?
10:14 <Lucifer_arma> no, this is where the 0-based thing screws you
10:14 <Lucifer_arma> len(nationline) gives the total number of characters in the string
10:14 <Lucifer_arma> but the last character is at position len(nationline)-1
10:15 <Your_mom_arma> okay
10:15 <Lucifer_arma> you want to trim out the last character, so you do another -1, giving you -2 :)
10:19 <P4> .armalize Hi there
10:20 <epsy> ...
10:20 <tronner> epsy, ...
10:20 <tronner> There of hello
10:20 <P4> epsy what's up? :}
10:20 <GodTodd> Lucifer_arma: yeah...i should be used to that because java passes by reference too
10:20 <epsy> hay P4
10:20 <epsy> nothing :P
10:20 <P4> .czesc epsy
10:20 <tronner> epsy: P4 wants me to tell you Hello!
10:20 <epsy> :)
10:20 <P4> ^^
10:20 <epsy> .help czesc
10:21 <tronner> epsy: (czesc <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo @1: $nick wants me to tell you [colorize Hello!]".
10:21 <epsy> .colorize Hello!
10:21 <tronner> epsy: Hello!
10:21 <P4> not here :}
10:21 <P4> +c flag
10:21 <Lucifer_arma> great, more botsturbation
10:21 <epsy> Indeed!
10:21  * GodTodd botsturbates.
10:21 <GodTodd> !weather 75023
10:21 <BotSub> GodTodd: The current temperature in Near Custer and Parker, Plano, Texas is 70.3°F (3:24 AM CDT on June 05, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 78%. Dew Point: 62.6°F. Pressure: 29.18 in 988.0 hPa (Steady).  Air pollution watch level Orange in effect from 7 am CDT Tuesday through Tuesday afternoon...
10:22 <epsy> are colors diabled here ?
10:22 <epsy> hmm lol
10:22 <GodTodd> i didn't fart *that* badly :/
10:22 <epsy> err, did it color or not ?
10:22 <GodTodd> the channel is set to no colors
10:22 <epsy> (when i said « <epsy> are colors diabled here ? »
10:22 <P4> +c flag onchannel protect colors
10:22 <epsy> ok
10:22 <P4> .tea
10:22 <tronner> P4: Fortress Café: No online players.
10:23 <P4> anyone for tea?
10:23 <GodTodd> earl grey?
10:23 <P4> fortress one :)
10:23 <epsy> P4, ok
10:23 <P4> ok cya there
10:23 -!- P4 is now known as CT|P4
10:27 <Your_mom_arma> I'll try to figure this out tomorrow
10:27 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Your_mom@pool-151-204-9-138.delv.east.verizon.net] has quit ["cya"]
10:33 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm
10:33 <Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: kicking still?
10:34 <epsy> CT|P4, lagged
10:44 <GodTodd> a little bit
10:45 <Lucifer_arma> svn update and look at the layout of the gui?
10:45 <guru3> Lucifer_arma: did you see new spidey's rank?
10:45 <Lucifer_arma> guru3: yeah, and I googled it, but didn't understand it :)
10:45 <guru3> awww :<
10:45 <guru3> it's playing word games
10:46 <Lucifer_arma> maybe when I'm not so sleepy it'll make sense :)
10:46 <guru3> z-man might get it
10:46 <Lucifer_arma> I just usually only read the forums when I'm real sleepy, heh
10:46 <GodTodd> 24% being what? % of total turn time done?
10:46 <Lucifer_arma> turnover, when the server does end-of-turn stuff
10:46 <GodTodd> ahh
10:46 <Lucifer_arma> the top progress bar is the turn timer
10:46 <guru3> i'm just avoiding studying right now
10:46 <guru3> my last exam is in the afternoon -_-
10:47 <Lucifer_arma> heh, I hate that last minute studying
10:47 <Lucifer_arma> I've vowed to never do it again, and make sure I've studied enough that I won't feel like I have to do last-minute studying
10:47 <guru3> my exam is in like 4hours -_-
10:47 <guru3> it's not exactly last minute yet
10:47 <guru3> last minute is like half an hour before
10:48 <guru3> that i don't do
10:48 <Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: I figure we'll have a "players must all say they're ready for the turn to proceed" to offset emergency breaks when the turn timeout is on
10:48 <guru3> but i consider 4 hours before fair game
10:48 <GodTodd> Lucifer_arma: sounds fair
10:48 <Lucifer_arma> I'm talking about same-day studying, actually
10:48 <Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: it'll be configurable, but the ui has to show it for it to happen :)
10:48 <guru3> bah
10:48 <GodTodd> right
10:48 <guru3> i'd fail without that Lucifer_arma
10:48 <Lucifer_arma> I was thinking a voting mechanism, just built in there
10:49 <GodTodd> there going to be more stuff going on that sidebar next to the map widget?
10:49 <Lucifer_arma> guru3: so would I, unless I did my studying on time
10:49 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, soon as we know what to put there :)
10:49 <GodTodd> figured as much :)
10:49 <Lucifer_arma> it might make more sense to put a toolbox there instead and put this dashboard stuff in one of the toolbox's panes
10:50 <GodTodd> hmmm
10:50 <GodTodd> perhaps
10:50 <Lucifer_arma> or we might collapse that box as small as possible and put a toolbox over it
10:50 <Lucifer_arma> better yet, make it a dockwidget :)
10:50 <Lucifer_arma> so you could pull it out into its own window if you prefer
10:51 <GodTodd> dockwidget might work well
10:51 <guru3> i just have trouble studying properly
10:51 <Lucifer_arma> guru3: I've developed really bad study habits :(
10:51 <guru3> i don't have study habits
10:51 <guru3> because i don't study
10:51 <GodTodd> man...i have to try and squeeze some studying in tomorrow :/
10:51 <Lucifer_arma> I need to get rid of them and replace them with good study habits, like, you know, studying the lecture the day after it instead of the day before the test studying all lectures
10:51 <GodTodd> first calc test....think i'ma take it on wednesday
10:52 <Lucifer_arma> (with some studying of the lecture the day it happens)
10:52 <guru3> i managed pretty well last semester
10:52 <guru3> im interested to see how i do this semeseter
10:52 <Lucifer_arma> every lecture you're supposed to break up into like 3 study sessions for the following week
10:52 <guru3> yeah 60% of our modules are supposed to be self studyi think
10:53 <guru3> i just really wish they'd assign reading
10:53 <Lucifer_arma> well, what killed my studying was that trig class.  It was too easy, it let me establish the pattern of doing all homework on sunday
10:53 <guru3> instead of saying 'here are a bunch of books that may or may not have to do wit what im teaching'
10:53 <Lucifer_arma> heh
10:53 <guru3> because i'm going to read 3 300 page books on engineering
10:53 <guru3> per module
10:53 <Lucifer_arma> ow
10:53 <guru3> (6 modules)
10:54 <Lucifer_arma> hopefully there's a lot of overlap :)
10:54 <guru3> for the like 2 chapters that may or may not be relavent
10:54 <guru3> which i'll only know when i finish the module what was relevent
10:54 <guru3> at which point i'd have forgotten what i read
10:54 <guru3> and wouldn't be able to read it properly again
10:54 <guru3> so i'm better off not doing the reading
10:54 <guru3> and instead making stuff up
10:54 <guru3> and paying attention in lectures
10:54 <GodTodd> i get more out of lectures than reading
10:55 <Lucifer_arma> me too, actually
10:55 <guru3> me three
10:55 <Lucifer_arma> reading assignments work so poorly for me that I'd rather just take really detailed notes so the teacher can't tell the difference
10:56 <GodTodd> problems arise when the lectures happen before 9am tho ;)
10:56 <Lucifer_arma> what really irritates me isn't the reading in the math and stuff, it's the "we want you to get interested in reading" bs that happens in the english/history/etc classes
10:56 <Lucifer_arma> because it's a community college and the kids there blahblah
10:56 <guru3> i have nothing but engineering modules tho
10:56 <Lucifer_arma> lucky you
10:56 <Lucifer_arma> :)
10:56 <guru3> that's why im studying in england
10:56 <guru3> and not the us
10:57 <guru3> so i can dispence with english, spanish, history
10:57 <guru3> and all the stuff i'm really horifically bad at
10:57 <Lucifer_arma> well, if they did a good job teaching that shit in high school and earlier, they wouldn't need to deal with it in college!
10:57 <GodTodd> yeah but on the plus side...we don't have to read 5400 pages to get 2 that may or may not be relevant :P
10:57 <Lucifer_arma> they don't even have to do a good job, they can do a mediocre job and get it done
10:58 <Lucifer_arma> heh, that's a good point, GodTodd (hi there!) :)
10:58 <GodTodd> :)
10:58 <guru3> people taking biology that ive talked to
10:58 <guru3> they're told what pages to read
10:58 <guru3> im sort of jealous
10:58 <Lucifer_arma> blech, biologists
10:58 <guru3> except biology drives me nuts
10:58 <Lucifer_arma> what do you expect?
10:58 <guru3> everything to be placed in my lap!
10:58 <guru3> or on the desk right in front of me
10:58 <Lucifer_arma> then be a biologist or go to a strip club
10:58 <GodTodd> then you come to the us
10:58 <GodTodd> heh
10:59 <guru3> haha
10:59 <guru3> i'll manage some how
10:59 <guru3> i'm usually told im quite clever
10:59 <guru3> it's becoming a world wide misconception
10:59 <GodTodd> who'd you fool?
10:59 <guru3> everyone thinks im smart :<
10:59 <GodTodd> :D
11:00 <Lucifer_arma> well, I'm off to bed
11:00 <GodTodd> me too methinks
11:00 <guru3> good inght
11:00 <Lucifer_arma> I didn't quite finish what I'd hoped to finish, but I'm happy with what I did
11:00 <guru3> *night
11:00 <guru3> i'll be forced to study then
11:00 <GodTodd> btw...ui is coming along nicely :)
11:00 <Lucifer_arma> heh, have fun with that :)
11:00 <guru3> because hydraulics is loads of fun
11:01 -!- CT|P4 is now known as P4
11:04 <P4> .ct
11:04 <tronner> Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress: Players (1/14): [NC]Harlequin *** Crazy Tronners Wild Mayhem: No online players. *** Crazy Tronners Wild Catfight: No online players. *** Crazy Tronners Wild Dogfight: No online players. *** Chico's Brake Boost Styball: No online players.
11:04 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@44.220-242-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
11:04 <MrBougo> hello
11:04 <P4> .czesc MrBougo
11:04 <tronner> MrBougo: P4 wants me to tell you Hello!
11:04 <MrBougo> :(
11:04 <MrBougo> .help czesc
11:04 <tronner> MrBougo: (czesc <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo @1: $nick wants me to tell you [colorize Hello!]".
11:04 <P4> MrBougo: register to the bot and spam him provately ;}
11:04 <MrBougo> .help colorize
11:04 <tronner> MrBougo: (colorize <text>) -- Returns <text> with each character randomly colorized.
11:05 <MrBougo> but i cant see the colorized coz the mezssage is highlighted :§
11:05 <P4> lol
11:05 <P4> it doesnt metter
11:05 <P4> just here is +c flag
11:05 <P4> like no colors on channel
11:05 <P4> but who cares about colors :P
11:05 <MrBougo> is it?
11:05 <MrBougo>  testy
11:05 <MrBougo> oh right
11:06 <MrBougo>  bah
11:06 <MrBougo> this was blue
11:25 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has joined #armagetron
11:40 <MrBougo> epsy: .?
11:48 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-76-215-5-2.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #Armagetron
11:48 <MrBougo> bye
11:48 <MrBougo> hello DrJoeTron
11:48 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@44.220-242-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit []
11:54 <epsy> are colors diabled here ?
11:55 <guru3> seems like it
12:04 -!- eddiefantastic [n=ed@] has joined #armagetron
12:05 <eddiefantastic> hello
12:10 <DrJoeTron> is that a bad thing?
12:10 <DrJoeTron> i think not
12:12 -!- Lucifer_bed [n=satan@adsl-68-93-135-129.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #armagetron
12:23 <epsy> hay eddiefantastic
12:59 <epsy> !delire
12:59 <BotSub> Fasten you seat belt NOW, i'm kicking you...3...2...1...0
13:05 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has quit ["09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 gfduxitgerhyuiovfg<hqiùHMhAU_IGHIUDRLGHUGYgyhugbysgfæÊ€æÊ»þýýûÎÃ]
13:07 -!- spidey [n=spidey@unaffiliated/mcspiddles] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:31 -!- akira_ [n=chatzill@p54b4fa9b.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #armagetron
13:37 -!- akira_ [n=chatzill@p54b4fa9b.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit ["ChatZilla [Firefox]"]
13:39 <eddiefantastic> hi epsy
13:48 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-76-215-5-2.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has quit ["Bye."]
13:49 -!- mkzelda [n=mkzelda@unaffiliated/mkzelda] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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14:23 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@HSI-KBW-085-216-060-101.hsi.kabelbw.de] has joined #armagetron
14:23 -!- kidanger [n=kidanger@] has joined #armagetron
14:27 -!- Pinlady [n=5484549e@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
14:30 <Pinlady> hi
14:31 -!- Pinlady [n=5484549e@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit [Client Quit]
14:33 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-182-238.client.mchsi.com] has joined #armagetron
14:35 -!- Nixda926 [n=5484549e@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
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14:36 -!- Nixda926 [n=5484549e@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
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14:52 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-71-170-89-192.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has quit [SendQ exceeded]
15:01 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-182-238.client.mchsi.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
15:01 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-182-238.client.mchsi.com] has joined #armagetron
15:01 <ghableska> .#weather 50266
15:01 <tronner> Dunno.
15:02 <ghableska> !weather 50266
15:02 <BotSub> ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, Iowa is 61.0°F (7:59 AM CDT on June 05, 2007). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 56%. Dew Point: 44.6°F. Pressure: 28.88 in 977.9 hPa (Falling).
15:04 <ghableska> .tea
15:04 <ghableska> !tea
15:04 <BotSub> ghableska: Error: "tea" is not a valid command.
15:04 <tronner> ghableska: Fortress Café: No online players.
15:04 <ghableska> aw
15:43 -!- digitx [n=digitx@catv-56653686.catv.broadband.hu] has joined #armagetron
15:50 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
15:51 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmaxpt/x-23911] has joined #armagetron
15:52 <ghableska> hi max
15:52 <epsy> hay
15:54 <ghableska> hi epsy
15:54 <epsy> hay ghab
15:55 <madmax|pt> hello
15:59 -!- digitx [n=digitx@catv-56653686.catv.broadband.hu] has quit ["Távozom"]
16:00 -!- digitx [n=digitx@catv-56653686.catv.broadband.hu] has joined #armagetron
16:06 -!- digitx [n=digitx@catv-56653686.catv.broadband.hu] has left #armagetron ["Távozom"]
16:28 <kidanger> !list
16:28 <BotSub> kidanger: Admin, Alias, AutoMode, Babelfish, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats, Config, Dict, Geekquote, Google, Herald, Insult, Later, Math, Misc, NickCapture, Nickometer, Owner, Plugin, Praise, Quote, RSS, Seen, Services, String, Time, Topic, User, Utilities, and Weather
16:28 <kidanger> !user
16:28 <BotSub> kidanger: (user [<channel>] <name>) -- Returns the last time <name> was seen and what <name> was last seen saying. This looks up <name> in the user seen database, which means that it could be any nick recognized as user <name> that was seen. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
16:29 -!- kidanger [n=kidanger@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:49 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-71-170-89-192.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
16:55 -!- SuPeRTaRD [i=SuPeRTaR@adsl-71-145-131-32.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
16:55 -!- DRaTRePuS [i=SuPeRTaR@adsl-71-145-131-32.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
16:55 -!- DRaTRePuS [i=SuPeRTaR@adsl-71-145-131-32.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has left #armagetron []
17:01 -!- digitx [n=digitx@catv-56653686.catv.broadband.hu] has joined #armagetron
17:04 -!- luke-jr_work [n=luke-jr@adsl-76-194-177-181.dsl.ksc2mo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
17:41 <guru3> Done with exams!
18:08 -!- vinavil [n=rain@85-18-66-26.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #armagetron
18:12 -!- akira_ [n=chatzill@p54B4FA9B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #armagetron
18:15 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmaxpt/x-23911] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:17 -!- Hay-Lin [n=princess@AStrasbourg-156-1-61-226.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #armagetron
18:17 <vinavil> welcome
18:21 <Hay-Lin>  /msg nickserv register <insertyourpasswordhere>
18:22 <P4> .czesc Hay-Lin
18:22 <P4> :}
18:22 <tronner> Hay-Lin: P4 wants me to tell you Hello!
18:22 <Hay-Lin> Hi
18:38 <epsy> hay Hay-Lin :)
18:38 <epsy> (vinavil, i saw the ping_charity yesterday, you haxxor)
18:38 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-182-238.client.mchsi.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:38 <vinavil> epsy: what do you mean?
18:39 <epsy> you did set ping_charity_server to something like 15 xD
18:41 <vinavil> i didn't
18:41 <vinavil> maybe maz did
18:41 <vinavil> mazuffer: did you change ping_charity_server?
18:42 <epsy> well, i recived just before my leave, a server setting change, « ping_charity changed from 16 to 17 as of the server's decision» , that explains why i was complaing about 1 second lags
18:43 <vinavil> hmmm
18:43 <vinavil> i never changed it
18:44 <epsy> oh well
18:44 <epsy> nvm
18:53 -!- vinavil [n=rain@85-18-66-26.ip.fastwebnet.it] has left #armagetron []
18:53 -!- vinavil [n=rain@85-18-66-26.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #armagetron
18:58 -!- digitx [n=digitx@catv-56653686.catv.broadband.hu] has quit ["Távozom"]
19:01 <MaZuffeR> vinavil: no, i didn't change anything
19:03 <vinavil> mazuffer: i supposed it
19:09 -!- mkzelda [n=mkzelda@cpe-075-177-148-112.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
19:15 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@bl4-186-61.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #armagetron
19:32 -!- Hay-Lin [n=princess@AStrasbourg-156-1-61-226.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #armagetron []
19:33 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@82.36-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
19:33 <MrBougo> hello
19:33 <MrBougo> epsy?
19:35 <epsy> yup ?
19:35 <epsy> MrBougo,
19:37 <MrBougo> tried my mod? :p
19:37 <MrBougo> but i messed up, i wanted to do slow bullets with the blaster
19:38 <MrBougo> i set the var to 1 and they dont move, and on the one i gave to you it's kind of instant hit
19:38 <MrBougo> when it doesnt move it's funnier
19:38 <MrBougo> you can run very fast and shoot, and you see all the curves and stuff
19:40 <MrBougo> epsy: here is the fixed version: http://rapidshare.com/files/35414021/bahbah.zip.html
19:40 <MrBougo> just use your blaster, shoot, and run and sprint and jump and stuff
19:41 <epsy> wait :P
19:41 <MrBougo> /devmap some map (/devmap <tab> to get a list) and /god if you don't like gravity :p
19:42 <MrBougo> is nexuiz using the Q3 engine?
19:42 <mkzelda> ooo i like nexuiz :D
19:43 <epsy> no
19:43 <epsy> a modified version of q1 xD
19:43 <epsy> lol i was playing the sp campaign and i got to level 6
19:44 <epsy> it's real trash xD
19:44 <epsy> did you tried the bluesky map ?
19:44 <epsy> i love it :D
19:45 <MrBougo> epsy: i've only tried nexuiz online
19:46 <MrBougo> and a while ago
19:46 <MrBougo> before trying armagetron i think
19:47 <MrBougo> 272 MB, its huge
19:47 <epsy> :P
19:48 <MrBougo> :p
19:48 <MrBougo> epsy, try my mod D:
19:48 <MrBougo> i had much fun on transit with it xD
19:48 <MrBougo> you can use stairs near human base as a launchpad
19:48 <epsy> brb :P
19:48 <vinavil> could anyone help me for a cgi:irc problem?
19:48 <epsy> can you wallwalk on it ?
19:48 <MrBougo> nopez
19:48 <epsy> vinavil, use a real cient
19:48 <epsy> brb
19:48 <MrBougo> it's only a variable change
19:49 <vinavil> epsy: i do, but someone could not
19:49 <MrBougo> -vinavil- VERSION Opera/9.20 (X11; Linux i686; U; it)
19:49 <luke-jr_work> Opera isn't a real client
19:49 <luke-jr_work> :p
19:49 <MrBougo> :D
19:49 <vinavil> it is
19:49 <MrBougo> aw
19:49 <vinavil> it has chat
19:49 <MrBougo> it wasnt designed to be a client
19:49 <vinavil> ?
19:49 <luke-jr_work> opera is a sucky browser that wants to be everything
19:49 <luke-jr_work> :)
19:49 <vinavil> sure it was
19:49 <MrBougo> it was designed for browsing, right?
19:50 <vinavil> nope
19:50 <MrBougo> the chat is a secundary feature
19:50 <vinavil> it is a suite
19:50 <MrBougo> bah
19:50 <vinavil> that is the reason why i use it
19:50 <MrBougo> you said it
19:50 <MrBougo> it's a suite
19:50 <vinavil> because i have all in one
19:50 <MrBougo> can be good, but if you want some advanced irc, use clients that are only clients
19:51 <luke-jr_work> suites tend to suck
19:51 <luke-jr_work> unless they're designed right
19:51 <vinavil> i used irssi, but now i feel good with opera
19:51 <MrBougo> and not clients and pdf viewers and fortran compiler
19:51 <luke-jr_work> eg, as individual programs
19:51 <MrBougo> all at the same time
19:51 <P4> .tea
19:51 <tronner> P4: Fortress Café: No online players.
19:51 <MrBougo> wait guys i'm compiling my fortran script
19:51 <luke-jr_work> KDE is a good example of a well designed software collection
19:51 <vinavil> i reallt find nothing bad to make thing easier
19:51 <MrBougo> /fcomp somerandomsourcecode.somerandomextension
19:52 <P4> isn't fortran a bit outdated, like cobol, MrBougo? :}
19:52 <MrBougo> /fcompstatus
19:52 <MrBougo> Compiling: 50%
19:52 <luke-jr_work> P4: so is IRC :p
19:52 <MrBougo> i know P4 :p
19:52 <P4> :P
19:52 <MrBougo> that's why i used it as example
19:52 <luke-jr_work> IRC was replaced with XMPP MUC
19:52 <MrBougo> just imagine an IRC client + PDF viewer + fortran compiler
19:52 <MrBougo> doesnt it look lame?
19:53 <vinavil> anyway opera is not my problem, anybody can help with cgi:irc?
19:53 <luke-jr_work> or even a PDF viewer + JPG viewer
19:53 <MrBougo> P4: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortran#Fortran_2008
19:53 <MrBougo> now what's this o.O
19:53 <luke-jr_work> KDE is better designed such that there's a single viewer supporting modules :)
19:54 <P4> my mom programmed Odra's machines with fortran :}
19:55 <P4> http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odra_1305 <=- exactly this one
19:55 <MrBougo> my mom did some programming too :p
19:55 <MrBougo> we were born in geeky families
19:55 <MrBougo> my dad did some too
19:55 <MrBougo> jesus, i want one
19:55 <MrBougo> it'll fit perfectly in my room xD
19:56 <luke-jr_work> MrBougo: I have a 79" server rack :)
19:56 <MrBougo> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIVAC_I yay
19:56 <MrBougo> do you luke-jr_work
19:56 <luke-jr_work> 42U
19:56 <MrBougo> crazy :D
19:56 <P4> MrBougo: but i still like my oldschool schneider :D http://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafika:Amstrad_CPC_6128.jpg
19:56 <luke-jr_work> yep
19:56 <luke-jr_work> only 5Us filled
19:57 <MrBougo> yay! mellomaniaç
19:57 <MrBougo> -ç
19:57 <MrBougo> +!
19:57 -!- philippeqc [n=philippe@c83-250-174-94.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #armagetron
19:57 <luke-jr_work> ☠
19:57 <epsy> it sux
19:57 <MrBougo> I DONT KNOW
19:57 <luke-jr_work> ☠☠☠
19:57 <MrBougo> HELP ME DDDDD:
19:57 <MrBougo> wtf luke?
19:57 <vinavil> i'll try again, is anybody able to help me with cgi:irc?
19:58 <epsy> how i donwload your file with it
19:58 <luke-jr_work> ☠ arrr ☠
19:58 <MrBougo> lol
19:58 <epsy> it wants me to subscrib
19:58 <MrBougo> it looks crazy on xchat
19:58 <MrBougo> aw
19:58 <luke-jr_work> broken Xchat
19:58 <MrBougo> you dont have to
19:58 <MrBougo> just hit "free"
19:58 <luke-jr_work> or maybe you didn't configure it
19:58 <MrBougo> no, it looks crazy but it's ok!
19:58 <MrBougo> i see bones and stuff i dont know how it's called
19:58 <luke-jr_work> ...
19:58 <tronner> luke-jr_work, ...
19:58 <MrBougo> in english
19:58 <luke-jr_work> skull & crossbones
19:59 <MrBougo> i see that indeed :p
19:59 <MrBougo> i see what you said
19:59 <luke-jr_work> ☺
19:59 <luke-jr_work> ♬
19:59 <luke-jr_work> ☃
20:00 <luke-jr_work> ★
20:00 <epsy>    ҈
20:00 <MrBougo> epsy :(
20:00 <MrBougo> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Early_computers
20:00 <luke-jr_work> epsy: block
20:00 <MrBougo> sweet
20:00 <epsy> o҈
20:00 <MrBougo>   ҈
20:00 <MrBougo> wtf!
20:00 <MrBougo> where did you get these chars? :p
20:00 <epsy> http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Table_des_caract%C3%A8res_unicode
20:00 <vinavil> thanks
20:00 -!- vinavil [n=rain@85-18-66-26.ip.fastwebnet.it] has left #armagetron []
20:01 <MrBougo>     
20:01 <epsy> INdeed!
20:01 <epsy> arf
20:01 <luke-jr_work> kcharselect
20:02 <MrBougo> epsy, click the link, hit free, enter the code then click download
20:02 <MrBougo> or give me some better uploading stuff
20:02 <MrBougo> 
20:02 <MrBougo> rofl
20:03 <MrBougo>  attack ennemy base!
20:03 <MrBougo> what the hell!
20:03 <MrBougo> 
20:03 <MrBougo> what the.... hell!
20:03  * akira_ slaps MrBougo
20:03  * MrBougo slaps akira_'s 
20:03 <epsy> MrBougo, what things did you changed ?
20:03 <MrBougo> sprint speed and blaster options
20:04 <epsy> MrBougo, it's pretty hard to download a single file
20:04 <MrBougo> just shoot with blaster and moove around, sprinting or not
20:04 <MrBougo> do you guys see that unicode char? 
20:04 <MrBougo> it looks gross
20:04 <epsy> LOL!
20:04 <MrBougo> jesus
20:04 <MrBougo> 
20:04 <MrBougo> what kind of silly guy added this to unicode
20:05 <epsy> i found a pretty sucky map for it xD
20:05 <MrBougo> highrise? :p
20:05 <epsy> traininggrounds_1
20:05 <MrBougo> use (les plans inclinés) as launchpad
20:06 <epsy> uh
20:06 <epsy> what map are you talking about ?
20:07 <MrBougo> i dotn know
20:07 <MrBougo> maps where there are plans inclinés
20:07 <MrBougo> cant translate this
20:07 <epsy> txD
20:07 <MrBougo> do you guys see that unicode: 
20:07 <MrBougo> 
20:07 <MrBougo> pulp?
20:10 <epsy> no
20:10  * akira_ slaps MrBougo
20:11 <mkzelda> woooot
20:11 <epsy> MrBougo, ok, do we try in lan ?
20:12 <MrBougo> err in lan? lan is private, isnt it?
20:12 <MrBougo> just tell me what i gotta do :p
20:12 <MrBougo> aww i gtg
20:12 <MrBougo> later, epsy
20:13 <epsy> oh
20:15 <MrBougo> epsy, did you see my unicode chars?
20:15 <MrBougo> i don't get it, they are so stupid
20:16 <mkzelda> i just see blocks
20:16 <mkzelda> someone set us up the ?
20:17 <MrBougo> :(
20:18 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@82.36-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit []
20:23 -!- Hay-Lin [n=princess@AStrasbourg-156-1-61-226.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #armagetron
20:24 -!- Hay-Lin [n=princess@AStrasbourg-156-1-61-226.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #armagetron []
20:27 -!- Lucifer_arma [n=satan@adsl-68-93-135-129.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:48 -!- Lucifer_bed [n=satan@adsl-68-93-135-129.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:57 <madmax|pt> people who enter Fortress Cafe and immediately say "I def" are pretty funny
21:01 <epsy> http://epsy.is-a-geek.org:4539/~epsy/screenshots/nexuiz/2007-06-05_20-52_silvercity.dem
21:03 <mkzelda> luke-jr_ ping
21:07 <P4> epsy: how to open that .dem file?
21:08 <epsy> put it in .nexuiz/nexuiz/demo/
21:08 <epsy> then open nexuiz and play it back
21:08 <P4> wth is nexuiz
21:08 <P4> :P
21:09 <epsy> http://nexuiz.com/
21:09 <mkzelda> a sweet fps based on q1
21:24 <luke-jr_work> mkzelda: pong
21:25 <mkzelda> hey
21:26 <mkzelda> was looking command to look for ';' and remove it and everything after it...  ie "Great Wall ; Yes, we had own great wall (WaÅ^Ây Å^ÚlÄ^Åskie)"
21:26 <mkzelda> tho it only occurred once so i just manually typed the value
21:26 <mkzelda> so wonder="Great Wall"
21:26 <mkzelda> heh
21:26 <mkzelda> if then wonder="Great Wall"... but i'd still like to know how to do that w/ sed
21:28 <luke-jr_work> sed -r 's,^([^;]*[^ ;])(;.*)?,\1,;t;d'
21:29 <luke-jr_work> nope
21:30 <luke-jr_work> sed -r 's,^([^;]*[^\s;])\s*(;.*)?,\1,;t;d' <<<'Great Wall ; Yes, we had own great wall (WaÅ^Ây Å^ÚlÄ^Åskie)'
21:30 <mkzelda> ty
21:30 <luke-jr_work> it deletes any blank or comment-only lines
21:30 <luke-jr_work> too
21:31 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmaxpt/x-23911] has quit ["leaving"]
21:31 <mkzelda> now that i've finished it, ima restructure it so that it cleans up the files b4 evaluating, so i dont do that for every variable
21:32 <mkzelda> even tho its only 85 small text files and takes 5 secs to complete
21:32 <mkzelda> its sloppy as is
21:34 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034251132.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
21:55 <Vanhayes> .tea
21:55 <tronner> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (13/32): -*SpankyHam*-, angry n:00b, Gonzap, hoop, K-Yo, Kicked Player 1, mata, Monkey, pavelo, Sithy, starGaming, wd, ~*wHaTuP*~
21:55 <Vanhayes> !tea
21:55 <BotSub> Vanhayes: Error: "tea" is not a valid command.
22:18 -!- Lucifer_arma [n=satan@m198214186130.austincc.edu] has joined #armagetron
22:28 <Lucifer_arma> sooo, what was I going to work on today?  :/
22:29 -!- guru3-uni [n=guru3@dyn222115.shef.ac.uk] has joined #armagetron
22:29 <guru3-uni> Hostname: lignonberry - OS: Linux 2.6.13-gentoo-r3/x86_64 - CPU: 2 x AMD Athlon(tm) 64 FX-60 Dual Core Processor  (2613.434 MHz) - Processes: 122 - Uptime: 10m - Load Average: 2.20 - Memory Usage: 280.31MB/2006.89MB (13.97%) - Disk Usage: 1567.48GB/2012.23GB (77.90%)
22:29 <guru3-uni> i've hit the 2TB mark :D
22:29 -!- guru3-uni [n=guru3@dyn222115.shef.ac.uk] has left #armagetron [":o"]
22:30 <Lucifer_arma> ah yeah, I needed to make the matching event for the message
22:30 <Lucifer_arma> there has to be an easier way to do this
22:57 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["Leaving."]
23:07 -!- spidey [n=spidey@unaffiliated/mcspiddles] has joined #armagetron
23:09 -!- kidd [n=kidd@95.Red-88-6-190.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #armagetron
23:18 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has quit ["09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0 gfduxitgerhyuiovfg<hqiùHMhAU_IGHIUDRLGHUGYgyhugbysgfæÊ€æÊ»þýýûÎÃ]
23:27 -!- spidey [n=spidey@unaffiliated/mcspiddles] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:27 -!- spidey [n=spidey@unaffiliated/mcspiddles] has joined #armagetron
23:43 <Vanhayes> .tea
23:43 <tronner> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (15/32): -HsP- Dal, Anun, BamBoy, G5, Hask, JESUS, Monkey, Ossi, rambo{bansky}, van Nelle, WebGamer, }-HaWk~}}, ¦Ö¦GoAX, ¦×¥ Legit, °¯SageLord
23:47 <mkzelda> Lucifer_arma: script is in working order, i plan to improve it but it works as is
23:47 <mkzelda> output is as desired
23:47 <Lucifer_arma> hey, that's good news
23:47 <Lucifer_arma> I'm getting bit on the ass by a simple "Ready" button :/
23:47 <mkzelda> so long as you dont have a different nation set than me
23:47 <mkzelda> lol
23:47 <Lucifer_arma> I can get one to match :)
23:47 <mkzelda> its the simple stuff that pisses u off
23:48 <Lucifer_arma> well, it's more stuff to work out
23:48 <Lucifer_arma> the network layer has no concept of players, only connections
23:48 <Lucifer_arma> but ideally, when an event that originates in the network layer arrives in the simulation, it should have the player in it and not the connection
23:49 <Lucifer_arma> so I just have to add a little dealie when the event is put in the list of events to process to have it match up the event to a player so the simulation doesn't have to deal with it
23:49 -!- _Sticky_ [n=Sticky@80-43-84-148.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #armagetron
23:51 <Lucifer_arma> it'll probably be easier when I make messages capable of returning themselves in event form
23:52 <mkzelda> just drop it in your nation dir
23:52 <luke-jr_work> omg
23:53 <luke-jr_work> Gentoo's portage tree is 1 GB now
23:53 <luke-jr_work> any ideas on getting a CPU+mobo for under $92?
23:53 <Lucifer_arma> drop it in there?  Can I just run it from in there?
23:54 <mkzelda> yea
23:54 <mkzelda> intel or amd?
23:55 <Lucifer_arma> committed
23:55 <Lucifer_arma> thanks!  :)
23:55 <Lucifer_arma> I'll run it in a bit
23:55 <mkzelda> k
23:56 <mkzelda> i didnt fully check all 85 for validity so if u find a nation that has something screwy let me know
23:56 <mkzelda> i checked about 10 here and there as i went
23:56 <luke-jr_work> mkzelda: AMD?
23:56 <luke-jr_work> mkzelda: doesn't matter too much
23:57 <mkzelda> Chaintech MK8T890 Socket 754 motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 3200+ CPU, and CPU heatsink fan. $89
23:57 <mkzelda> 754 tho :/
23:58 <mkzelda> Biostar 6100-M9 Socket 939 motherboard, AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU, and CPU heatsink fan, onboard nvidia 6100 and pci-e 16x ... $99, if u can scrounge up $7
23:59 <mkzelda> MSI K8NGM2 Socket 939 motherboard, AMD Sempron 3000+ CPU, and CPU heatsink fan, onboard nvidia 6150/6100 and pci-e 16x. $89

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