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Log from 2006-06-23:
--- Day changed Fri Jun 23 2006
00:00 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4977 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/winlibs/directx/include/: moving winlibs related files (CB projects and DirectX headers) to winlibs
00:01 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, the resource callback points to included
00:01 <wrtlprnft> and only the system- wide included?
00:02 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, only the system-wide included
00:02 <wrtlprnft> boring...
00:02 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4978 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/winlibs/win32/code_blocks/x: removing dummy file created during fixing inconsistency
00:02 <Lucifer_arma> we can change it, but it's setup to work that way.  We should probably make it a config item
00:02 <wrtlprnft> joda_bo1 seems to be awake early
00:02 <wrtlprnft> 7:00
00:03 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: best thing would be to merge all four into one tree ;)
00:03 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: now you're forcing me to update my servers in the middle of the night?
00:04 <wrtlprnft> if i have a bunch of merge conflicts sittin here?
00:04 <Lucifer_arma> you found the hole
00:04 <wrtlprnft> and if the change isn't even in the trunk=
00:04 <wrtlprnft> ?
00:04 <Lucifer_arma> it'll get merged back to the trunk when I merge the 0.3.0 branch
00:04 <Lucifer_arma> which will hopefully be soon, since we should be about ready to release 0.3.0, right?
00:04 <wrtlprnft> i thought z-man did that usually
00:05 <Lucifer_arma> he does, but I figured that was usually because he managed the release.
00:05 <wrtlprnft> you're an admin, do what you want ;)
00:05 <wrtlprnft> I'm just not doing it since i dunno how :P
00:05 <Lucifer_arma> heh, I'd forgotten I'd sent the shttpd guy some code :)
00:06  * Lucifer_arma notices his name on the shttpd page under Acknowledgements
00:08 <Your_mom_arma> nifty luci
00:08 <wrtlprnft> anyways, good night
00:08 <Lucifer_arma> 'night
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00:08  * wrtlprnft is still thinking about that "music :" bug, it'll probably cause nightmares
00:11  * wrtlprnft has the string "music :" appear in his dreams
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00:17 -!- Netsplit over, joins: Your_mom_arma, deja_vu_, SuPeRTaRD, guru3, damosu
00:18 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4979 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/winlibs/SDL/src/main/win32/SDL_win32_main.c: debug mode now opens a console which displays stdout etc.
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00:47 <Lucifer_arma> z-man: check the forums, nasty hole in 0.3 :(
00:47 <Lucifer_arma> *0.3.0
00:48 <z-man> So, new alpha build ASAP?
00:48 <Lucifer_arma> well, it only affects servers, embedded web server isn't yet working with the client, afaik
00:49 <Lucifer_arma> but we're ready for a new alpha build whenever you're ready for it :)
00:49 <Lucifer_arma> I'm ready to release, but I'd like to run a new build by Your_mom_arma and see if his crash is gone
00:50 <Lucifer_arma> I've tested the fix to the console exploit in the embedded webserver and it works, it's running on my server right now
00:50 <Lucifer_arma> I just commented out the line that registered the guilty callback :)
00:50 <Lucifer_arma> now how do I get www-root into the binrelocate setup?
00:59 <z-man> Dunno, make it use tDirectories to find its data?
00:59 <z-man> That's what everything else does.
01:00 <Lucifer_arma> it already does, that's where I"m confused
01:00 <Lucifer_arma> ok, I've got it returning the installed path, but I want it to run from the source directory
01:03 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-002-187.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit ["on the run"]
01:03 <z-man> I'll go and check.
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01:06 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4980 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/src/ui/uMenu.cpp: beautified and fixed crash bug
01:08 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r4981 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/ (5 files in 4 dirs): Added password file to web server and set /admin to be protected.
01:09 <Lucifer_arma> ok, there's what I've got so far
01:09  * Lucifer_arma might grow to like this commit thing
01:16 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r4982 /armagetronad/trunk/ (217 files in 20 dirs): (log message trimmed)
01:16 <armabot> armagetronad: Merging branch 0.3.0 from revision 4967 to 4980:
01:16 <armabot> armagetronad:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:16 <armabot> armagetronad:  r4980 | yarrt | 2006-06-23 08:06:28 +0200 (Fri, 23 Jun 2006) | 1 line
01:16 <armabot> armagetronad:  beautified and fixed crash bug
01:16 <armabot> armagetronad:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:16 <armabot> armagetronad:  r4979 | yarrt | 2006-06-23 07:18:35 +0200 (Fri, 23 Jun 2006) | 1 line
01:21 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4983 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/win32/python.bat: never beautify batch files with astyle :)
01:27 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4984 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/win32/update_version.bat: updated windows version generation
01:28 <Your_mom_arma> #message guru3 heads up, spam on the forums again http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=64571#64571 possibly here http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=62471#62471
01:28 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: The operation succeeded.
01:32 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4985 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/win32/makedist.bat: removed dead lines and makedist does not copy doc source files
01:34 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4986 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/src/network/nSocket.cpp: added comments to nSocket.cpp
01:35 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4987 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/src/tron/gAIBase.cpp: helpful comments
01:41 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r4988 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Some minor work on web interface, setting it up for real interaction. :)
01:44 <z-man> Gee, you're committing faster than I can merge :)
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4989 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/config/settings_visual.cfg: joda.bot's grid color suggestion
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r4990 /armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad/ (7 files in 5 dirs): (log message trimmed)
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad: Merging branch 0.3.0 from revision 4980 to 4984:
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad:  r4984 | yarrt | 2006-06-23 08:28:15 +0200 (Fri, 23 Jun 2006) | 1 line
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad:  updated windows version generation
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad:  r4983 | yarrt | 2006-06-23 08:21:44 +0200 (Fri, 23 Jun 2006) | 1 line
01:47 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4991 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/batch/make/version: fixed comment typo
01:49 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r4992 /armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad/ (7 files in 6 dirs): (log message trimmed)
01:49 <armabot> armagetronad: Merging branch 0.3.0 from revision 4984 to 4990:
01:49 <armabot> armagetronad:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:49 <armabot> armagetronad:  r4989 | yarrt | 2006-06-23 08:47:21 +0200 (Fri, 23 Jun 2006) | 1 line
01:49 <armabot> armagetronad:  joda.bot's grid color suggestion
01:49 <armabot> armagetronad:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:49 <armabot> armagetronad:  r4988 | davidfancella | 2006-06-23 08:41:37 +0200 (Fri, 23 Jun 2006) | 2 lines
01:50  * z-man stops merging after the next one for now
01:50  * Lucifer_arma is done committing
01:50  * Lucifer_arma is sleepy
01:50 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r4993 /armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad/batch/make/version:
01:50 <armabot> armagetronad: Merging branch 0.3.0 from revision 4990 to 4992:
01:50 <armabot> armagetronad:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:50 <armabot> armagetronad:  r4991 | yarrt | 2006-06-23 08:48:08 +0200 (Fri, 23 Jun 2006) | 1 line
01:50 <armabot> armagetronad:  fixed comment typo
01:50 <armabot> armagetronad:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:50 <Lucifer_arma> but I changed my fix to be password protecting the /admin directory :)
01:51 <z-man> cool
01:51 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft was interested in fooling with the web interface, so I thought I might take care of a couple of loose ends from when I lst fooled with it so he could actually do something productive if he wanted :)
01:52  * Lucifer_arma got his game server running and decided to use the embedded web server to serve up the map for it
01:55 <Your_mom_arma> map doesn't load for me :-/
01:56 <Lucifer_arma> ?  on my server?
01:57 <Lucifer_arma> ahh, I might have screwed up configuring it, heh
01:59 <Lucifer_arma> server's crashing
02:00 <Lucifer_arma> I'll have to fool with it tomorrow, no gdb installed on the server
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04:03 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r4994 /armagetronad/branches/0.2.8/armagetronad/src/tron/gCycle.cpp: Fixed clientside phasing bug that is fatal when playing on pre- servers. The bug was caused by the bugfix for enemy cycles getting stuck after a turn.
04:34 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@dsl-hkigw6-fe52de00-104.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #armagetron
04:53 <guru3> how are we already at 4994 ><
04:56 <guru3> http://www.linux-watch.com/files/misc/softwarewars.jpg
05:13 <Luke-Jr> http://cia.navi.cx/
05:13 <Luke-Jr> we're on top today =p
05:57 <[Xpert]DarkStar> http://www.kefk.net/Linux/MS-Windows/Software-Wars/index.asp
06:44 <spidey> you gotta be shitting me
06:44 <spidey> some people should be banned from the internet :/
06:45 <guru3> Luke-Jr: we've been beaten out now
06:45 <guru3> by wine, gnome, freebsd, gentoo, and kde (among other things)
06:46 <spidey> argh
06:46 <spidey> i should change my ip,but i'm to lazy right now
06:47 <spidey> people are starting to get kick-happy in just about every server now
06:47 <guru3> lolk
06:48 <spidey> i got kicked cause the dumbass defender was to busy bitching about stuff that wasn't happening and lost the zone,so i went to help get it back,he dies and starts a poll saying it was a tk
06:48 <spidey> like wtf man
06:59 <spidey> uh huh
06:59 <spidey> wrtlprnft ?
06:59 <spidey> wrtlprnft,  font_type 1 makes the menu go crazy and flicker at 800x600 res
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08:20 -!- Self_Destructo is now known as SD_away
08:21 <SD_away> heh, takes forever for messages to go through... /me is away
08:29 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034186171.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
08:57 <wrtlprnft> spidey: uh, then don't use FONT_TYPE 1, it is the slowest one anyways
09:00 <Vanhayes> wrtlprnft, what is the console command to get the font that ghab had?
09:00 <Vanhayes> I had it before but since I reinstalled it it is gone
09:01 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes: FONT_FILE font.ttf
09:01 <Vanhayes> thx
09:01 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes: actually you can put anny ttf font file into textures/ and use that
09:01 <Vanhayes> cool
09:02 <wrtlprnft> there's some dir in the control centre under windows that contains all your fonts
09:02 <wrtlprnft> just copy one of those over
09:03 <Vanhayes> Ya I know where it is I think, I'd just have to find one I like
09:03  * wrtlprnft hopes Vanhayes won't choose comic sans ms
09:04 <Vanhayes> heh nah, that would look weird in tron
09:12 -!- SuPeRTaRD [i=blah@adsl-71-145-190-82.dsl.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
09:14 <Vanhayes> hey wrtlprnft for some reason I can see the ? at the start of someones name now...
09:15 <Vanhayes> er the upside down ! i mean
09:17 <wrtlprnft> err
09:17 <wrtlprnft> what server?
09:18 <Vanhayes> it was on Bugfarm, he left though
09:18 <Vanhayes> Bugfarm fort
09:19 <wrtlprnft> sec, i'm joining
09:32 -!- Vanhayes_ [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034186171.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
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09:33 -!- Vanhayes_ is now known as Vanhayes
09:41 <wrtlprnft> http://wrtlprnft.pastebin.ca/69867
09:41 <wrtlprnft> someone see a pattern there?
09:47 -!- Vanhayes_ [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034186171.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
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10:05 <wrtlprnft> why is the svn checkout on my server missing the boost stuff?
10:15 -!- Niii [n=Niii@lnr56-1-82-246-48-71.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
10:32 <wrtlprnft> aaaaaah
10:32 <Vanhayes> ?
10:32 <wrtlprnft> BUG configure doesn't check correctly if boost is installed
10:33 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar_ [n=pso@84-74-43-82.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #armagetron
10:33 <wrtlprnft> #later tell phil* configure doesn't check correctly if boost is installed, at least on the dedicated server.
10:33 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
10:33 <wrtlprnft> grr that just took me an hour to find out
10:34 <wrtlprnft> #list later
10:34 <armabot> wrtlprnft: notes and tell
10:37 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: actually, is there any sense uWebinterface is a class with just static functions? A namespace would be better IMHO
10:38 <wrtlprnft> s/sense/reason
10:38  * wrtlprnft slaps his english
10:46 <wrtlprnft> wow. my server is taking over 5 minutes now to compile one single file
10:47 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar [n=pso@84-74-43-82.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
10:47 <wrtlprnft> #u
10:47 <armabot> spidey: Unable to download feed.
10:47 <wrtlprnft> wtf
10:48 <wrtlprnft> #u
10:49 <armabot> spidey: Unable to download feed.
10:49 <wrtlprnft> #rss http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php
10:49 <armabot> wrtlprnft: 17:48:55 up 62 days, 17:54, 5 users, load average: 3.77, 4.33, 3.18
10:49 <wrtlprnft> #help uptime
10:49 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (uptime <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo spidey: [rss http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php]".
10:49 <wrtlprnft> #uptime
10:49 <armabot> spidey: 17:49:20 up 62 days, 17:54, 5 users, load average: 3.60, 4.24, 3.18
10:49 <wrtlprnft> ah, there we go
10:50 <wrtlprnft> #u
10:51 <wrtlprnft> #help u
10:51 <armabot> spidey: 17:50:28 up 62 days, 17:55, 5 users, load average: 4.88, 4.47, 3.33
10:51 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (u <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "uptime $*".
10:51 <wrtlprnft> maybe my server was just so busy it refused to serve the feed...
10:53 <wrtlprnft> there's little more than 150MB of memory on my server left, and that's swap memory :(
11:09 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar_ is now known as [Xpert]DarkStar
11:18 <Vanhayes> #poke spidey
11:18 <armabot> I don't have a pointy stick...
11:57 -!- SD_away is now known as Self_Destructo
11:58 <Self_Destructo> umm, can anyone here send me the SVN update in a zip file?
12:00 <wrtlprnft> ?
12:00 <wrtlprnft> you can download the most current svn code without having any special access
12:01 -!- spider_ [n=spider@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
12:01 -!- spidey [n=spider@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
12:01 <Vanhayes> s
12:01 <Vanhayes> s
12:01 <wrtlprnft> ?
12:01 <Vanhayes> hmm
12:01 <wrtlprnft> s
12:01 <wrtlprnft> s
12:01 <Vanhayes> #s
12:01 <armabot> spidey - You are nothing but a dankish tongueful of impure pond. 
12:01 <wrtlprnft> #help s
12:01 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (s <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "insult spidey".
12:01 <wrtlprnft> o_O
12:01 <Vanhayes> heh
12:02 <wrtlprnft> #uz
12:02 <wrtlprnft> #u
12:02 <armabot> spidey: 19:01:31 up 62 days, 19:06, 5 users, load average: 2.13, 2.89, 3.62
12:03 <Vanhayes> #poke spider_
12:03 <armabot> I don't have a pointy stick...
12:03 <Self_Destructo> wrtlprnft, but I can't get setup on this computer to do it, my computer is offline
12:03 <wrtlprnft> ah, second
12:03 <Self_Destructo> I guess I'll need _winlibs too
12:03 <wrtlprnft> Self_Destructo: you want 0.3.0 or the trunk?
12:03 <Self_Destructo> and w/e else is a windows requirement
12:04 <Self_Destructo> hrm
12:04 <Self_Destructo> 0.3.0, if the cockpit is going to be in it
12:04 <wrtlprnft> it is
12:04 <Self_Destructo> ok
12:05 <Self_Destructo> that's the main thing I am working on for now
12:05 <Self_Destructo> what does trunk have that 0.3.0 doesn't have?
12:05 <wrtlprnft> some things z-man added to 0.2.8
12:06 <wrtlprnft> mostly bugfixes and small features
12:06 <wrtlprnft> i'll just put both into it...
12:06 <Self_Destructo> ok, sounds good
12:07 <Self_Destructo> #notes
12:07 <armabot> Self_Destructo: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, Lucifer_arma_, nemo*, phil, and phil*.
12:07 <Self_Destructo> $randomnick?
12:07 <wrtlprnft> mistake when creating an alias
12:07 <Self_Destructo> ah
12:07 <wrtlprnft> and since you can't rename yourself to $randomnick...
12:08 <Self_Destructo> yeah
12:08 <wrtlprnft> ackack
12:08 <wrtlprnft> gah, checked out into the wrong dir
12:09 <Self_Destructo> hehe
12:10 <Self_Destructo> i'm thinking about writing a php-mysql script for organizing tournaments
12:10 <Self_Destructo> i'm kinda stuck on how to do it
12:10 <wrtlprnft> what about finishing that dtd? ;)
12:11 <Self_Destructo> :p
12:11 <Self_Destructo> i got time, I'll think about it when I get bored with html
12:11 <wrtlprnft> css!
12:11 <Self_Destructo> (which has been frequent here lately)
12:12 <Self_Destructo> heh, currently, I'm doing alot of design work for new pages on XzL website
12:13 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@bl5-8-70.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #armagetron
12:13 <Vanhayes> hello madmax|pt 
12:13 <madmax|pt> hello
12:14 <Self_Destructo> hi
12:14 <Self_Destructo> hrm, /me needs to download a good validator for that dtd
12:14 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
12:14 <ghableska> hi
12:14 <Self_Destructo> hi
12:15 <Vanhayes> Hey ghableska 
12:15 <madmax|pt> hi ghab
12:15 <ghableska> hi Vanhayes, madmax|pt
12:15 <wrtlprnft> Self_Destructo: ETA 4:30
12:15 <wrtlprnft> #wtf is eta
12:15 <armabot> wrtlprnft: eta: nothing appropriate
12:15 <wrtlprnft> gah
12:16 <ghableska> estimated time of arrival?
12:16 <wrtlprnft> i know
12:16 <ghableska> for what?
12:16 <wrtlprnft> but wtf doesn't know about it
12:16 <wrtlprnft> for the upload
12:16 <ghableska> oh
12:16 <Self_Destructo> ok
12:16 <wrtlprnft> now it's 8:00, my server is kinda busy right now
12:17 <Vanhayes> 8:00 where?
12:17 <Self_Destructo> 8 minutes you mean?
12:17 <wrtlprnft> compiling boost, using more virtual memory for one single GCC process than i have RAM O_o
12:17 <wrtlprnft> yeah
12:17 <Self_Destructo> hehe
12:17 <wrtlprnft> #u
12:18 <Self_Destructo> * minutes is more of a standard way of saying it in the US
12:18 <armabot> spidey: 19:01:31 up 62 days, 19:06, 5 users, load average: 2.13, 2.89, 3.62
12:18 <wrtlprnft> wtf
12:18 <wrtlprnft> that thing is cached
12:19 <wrtlprnft> #alias add uptime "echo spidey: [rss http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php?$randomInt]"
12:19 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
12:19 <wrtlprnft> #u
12:19 <Self_Destructo> wrtlprnft, know of a xml validator program or php script I can downlaod?
12:19 <armabot> spidey: Unable to download feed.
12:19 <wrtlprnft> Self_Destructo: just try to feed it through arma :P
12:19 <wrtlprnft> try to load it as map file and look for an error
12:19 <Self_Destructo> ok, it's setup that far?
12:19 <Self_Destructo> ok
12:19 <wrtlprnft> #alias add uptime "echo spidey: [echo http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php?$randomInt]"
12:20 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
12:20 <wrtlprnft> #u
12:20 <armabot> spidey: http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php?-529
12:20 <wrtlprnft> #rss http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php?-529
12:20 <armabot> wrtlprnft: 19:19:51 up 62 days, 19:24, 5 users, load average: 4.23, 4.37, 3.99
12:20 <wrtlprnft> ...
12:20 <wrtlprnft> #alias add uptime "echo spidey: [echo http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php?[echo $randomInt]]"
12:20 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
12:20 <wrtlprnft> #u
12:20 <armabot> spidey: http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php? 931
12:21 <wrtlprnft> #alias add uptime "echo spidey: [rss http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php?[echo $randomInt]]"
12:21 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
12:21 <wrtlprnft> #u
12:21 <armabot> spidey: 
12:21 <Self_Destructo> wrtlprnft loves spam :p
12:21 <wrtlprnft> #alias add uptime "echo spidey: [echo http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/uptime.php]"
12:21 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
12:21 <wrtlprnft> hmm? I'm just tryng to fix that...
12:22 <wrtlprnft> Self_Destructo: http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/sd.tar.bz2
12:22 <Self_Destructo> fix it in a query to armabot?
12:22 <Self_Destructo> query = pm
12:22 <wrtlprnft> hmm
12:23 <wrtlprnft> why is that stupid thing caching my feed?
12:23 <Self_Destructo> GOOD NIGHT
12:23 <Self_Destructo> big file
12:23 <wrtlprnft> yeah, 25mb
12:23 <Self_Destructo> thanks a bunch
12:24 <wrtlprnft> it's 134mb uncompressed
12:24 <wrtlprnft> Self_Destructo: can't download that?
12:24 <Self_Destructo> now if i can find that much space on my jump drive
12:24 <wrtlprnft> uh, want me to split it up?
12:25 <Self_Destructo> no
12:26 <wrtlprnft> probably the diff between the trunk and 0.3.0 is just a few KB
12:26 <Self_Destructo> dad had a million pictures on it, lol
12:26 <Self_Destructo> 45MB worth
12:26 <wrtlprnft> ah
12:27 <wrtlprnft> if just that compile process would finish...
12:27 <Self_Destructo> did you get _winlibs too?
12:27 <wrtlprnft> i got all of it
12:27 <Self_Destructo> ok
12:29 <wrtlprnft> hah!
12:29 <wrtlprnft> #u
12:29 <armabot> 19:29:04 up 62 days, 19:34, 5 users, load average: 2.95, 3.81, 3.96
12:29 <wrtlprnft> now it works
12:30 <Self_Destructo> were you fixing it by pm?
12:30 <wrtlprnft> yeah
12:30 <Self_Destructo> nice
12:30 <Self_Destructo> so what is this feed anyways?
12:30 <wrtlprnft> the uptime of my server :P
12:30 <wrtlprnft> #ui
12:30 <wrtlprnft> #u
12:30 <armabot> spidey: 19:30:22 up 62 days, 19:35, 5 users, load average: 2.65, 3.49, 3.83
12:30 <Self_Destructo> ah
12:31 <wrtlprnft> ah, got the "spidey: " back, too
12:31 <Self_Destructo> armagetron server, or the server in general/
12:31 <Self_Destructo> ?
12:31 <wrtlprnft> the server in general
12:31 <wrtlprnft> just the output of the uptime command ;)
12:31 <Self_Destructo> cool
12:32 <Self_Destructo> ok, well, i got waht i needed, thanks and bunch and cya
12:32 <wrtlprnft> cya
12:32 -!- Self_Destructo [n=sd@h197.168.40.162.ip.alltel.net] has quit []
12:33  * ghableska is annoyed
12:33 <Vanhayes> about?
12:33 <ghableska> my render
12:33 <wrtlprnft> not as good as you expected?
12:33 <ghableska> it took 20 hours, and ended up looking like crap :-/
12:34  * ghableska is going to stick to terragen
12:34 <wrtlprnft> can't you make a preview render first?
12:34 <wrtlprnft> like, with less polygons?
12:34 <ghableska> yeah, but the preview looked nice
12:34 <wrtlprnft> then use the preview?
12:35 <ghableska> what?
12:35  * wrtlprnft plays dumb
12:35 <madmax|pt> lol
12:35 <wrtlprnft> i'm just bored watching my server compile some stupid gigantic lib of which arma only uses 1%
12:36 <ghableska> lol
12:37 <wrtlprnft> if there's anyone on my race server, they must be totally lagged out
12:37 <ghableska> poor things...
12:37 <ghableska> heh
12:38 <wrtlprnft> luckily i'm nowhere near that server, it must make unbearable noises, it's trashing all the time
12:38 <ghableska> :P
12:39 <ghableska> wrtlprnft, about the missing characters, do you know if they show up in polls?
12:39 <wrtlprnft> ghableska: no
12:39 <wrtlprnft> i guess they won't, but wanna try?
12:40 <ghableska> ok
12:40 <wrtlprnft> meet you at my race server (if it works well enough)
12:40 <ghableska> your server?
12:51 <ghableska> hmm, server kicked me
12:51 <ghableska> "network overflow"
12:52 <wrtlprnft> gah
12:52 <wrtlprnft> ok, bf fortress
12:52 <wrtlprnft> you can vote there as well
12:52 <ghableska> sure
12:52 <wrtlprnft> si'll just join and behave like a noob, you watch
12:52 <wrtlprnft> someone will poll me
12:52 <ghableska> hehehe
12:52 <ghableska> under what name?
12:52 <wrtlprnft> !_!_!
12:52 <wrtlprnft> just inverted
12:52 <ghableska> ok
12:54 <ghableska> hmm, it won't let me /msg you
12:56 <Vanhayes> it doesnt show up in the poll menu
12:59 <wrtlprnft> haha, and i still got kicked
12:59 <ghableska> nice
12:59 <Vanhayes> sry that was me
12:59 <ghableska> hehe
12:59 <wrtlprnft> np
12:59 <wrtlprnft> i wasn't gonna stay long anyways
13:00 <ghableska> brb, lunch time 
13:00  * wrtlprnft feels hungry now ghableska mentions it
13:00 <wrtlprnft> *mentions food
13:01 <Vanhayes> 2 hours past lunch and I still havent had any
13:03 -!- batons [n=gyppers@tor/session/external/x-bb39773bc331a234] has joined #armagetron
13:09 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has quit ["Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com"]
13:20 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50871435.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
13:21 <wrtlprnft> z-man: dunno if it's gonna help anything, but here is a list of the hexadecimal/binary codes of the chars ghableska and i tested: http://wrtlprnft.pastebin.ca/69867
13:21 <wrtlprnft> where + is tested and it works (the chars appear no problem) and - is tested and it doesn't (chars at the beginning and end of the name disappear)
13:25 -!- batons [n=gyppers@tor/session/external/x-bb39773bc331a234] has quit [Excess Flood]
13:28 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4995 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Basic error reporting.
13:29 <wrtlprnft> what's that?
13:29 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
13:30 <ghableska> back
13:30 <wrtlprnft> wb
13:31 <wrtlprnft> and that thing is still compiling... even kdelibs compiled faster on that server
13:32 -!- BzZzZz [n=madmax@bl5-10-229.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #armagetron
13:32 <wrtlprnft> the frustrating thing is that the CPU is only used to like 10%, due to all the swapping to HD
13:33 <ghableska> o_O
13:33 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@bl5-8-70.dsl.telepac.pt] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:34 -!- BzZzZz is now known as madmax|pt
13:34 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4996 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/winlibs/SDL_mixer/VisualC/smpeg/lib/smpeg.dll: working smpeg.dll
13:35 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4997 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/winlibs/win32/code_blocks/ (SDL_mixer.cbp libogg.cbp libvorbis.cbp libvorbisfile.cbp): updated project files
13:35 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-002-187.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
13:36 <wrtlprnft> http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/screen2.png
13:37 <wrtlprnft> too many things going on
13:37 <joda_bot> hi
13:37 <ghableska> hi
13:37 <wrtlprnft> hi joda_bot 
13:37 <wrtlprnft> are those actual improvements to sound on windows or just moving stuff around?
13:37  * joda_bot didn't exspect the smpeg.dll problem to be easy ;)
13:38 <joda_bot> works now
13:38 <joda_bot> with mp3 support
13:38 <wrtlprnft> aaah
13:38 <wrtlprnft> then i say we need another alpha
13:38 <joda_bot> just Lucifer_arma does not support m3u relative links I guess
13:38 <joda_bot> wrtlprnft: wait a second ;)
13:38 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@bl5-10-229.dsl.telepac.pt] has quit ["Leaving"]
13:39 <joda_bot> commited too early got a compile time error :P
13:39 <wrtlprnft> joda_bot: i'm not gonna make the alpha anyways :P
13:39 <wrtlprnft> but i just said, IMHO we should bring out another alpha before we go final
13:39 <joda_bot> just a stupid copy paste ;)
13:40 <joda_bot> huh , final ?
13:40 <wrtlprnft> 0.3.0 final
13:40 <joda_bot> hm...  the sound support does not look very final to me
13:40 <wrtlprnft> final != stable
13:40 <joda_bot> Also there quite a few features missing ?
13:41 <wrtlprnft> 0.3.0 is a development release, right?
13:41 <joda_bot> eh oh ok
13:41 <wrtlprnft> so we can pring it out whenever we want and then put any new features into 0.3.1
13:41 <wrtlprnft> *bring
13:41 <wrtlprnft> pring omg
13:41 <joda_bot> What's the difference between Development Relase and Release for you ?
13:41 <wrtlprnft> development release is nowhere near complete
13:42 <joda_bot> hm, confusing ;)
13:42 <wrtlprnft> ask Lucifer_arma... i don't quite get it myself
13:42 <joda_bot> wrtlprnft: reassuring ;)
13:42 <wrtlprnft> :)
13:43 <joda_bot> I'd prefer to use 0.3 as a usual build this development stuff is logic for linux-kernel hackers ;)
13:44  * wrtlprnft never touched the kernel sources
13:44 <wrtlprnft> except for grep -ir fuck /usr/src/linux :P
13:45 <wrtlprnft> /usr/src/linux/arch/sparc/kernel/process.c:     /* fuck me plenty */
13:45 <wrtlprnft> /usr/src/linux/arch/mips/kernel/irixelf.c:#if 0 /* XXX No fucking way dude... */
13:45 <wrtlprnft> /usr/src/linux/net/netfilter/xt_limit.c: *                   Alexey is a fucking genius?
13:49 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes, ghableska: http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/arma/?min=392 <-- what do you think about those cycle labels?
13:51 <ghableska> I like them :D
13:52 <wrtlprnft> :)
13:52 <wrtlprnft> I don't have any screenshot, but there's also name handling and an improved tab completion now
13:52 <wrtlprnft> it finally handles /msg correctly
13:53 <ghableska> ah
13:53 <Vanhayes> They are good, makes it easier to see which team they are on
13:53 <wrtlprnft> i wanna maxe them 3D one day
13:54 <wrtlprnft> *make
13:54 <ghableska> heh
13:54 <wrtlprnft> like, rotation over the cycle as an extruded font
13:54 <wrtlprnft> that would be cool
13:54 <ghableska> yeah
13:55 <wrtlprnft> + particle explosions, sparks and wall disappear animations once Lucifer_arma finishes them
13:56 <ghableska> :O
13:57 <joda_bot> wrtlprnft: lol the mp3 plays at the 2 or 4 times it's correct speed
13:57 <wrtlprnft> useful
13:57 <wrtlprnft> just tell the user to make the mp3s slower first?
13:59 <joda_bot> #message Lucifer_arma http://www.massivetracks.net/ Royalty Free Music and Loops for Immediate Download
13:59 <armabot> joda_bot: The operation succeeded.
14:07 <z-man> Err, joda_bot, did you try to compile your fixes?
14:07 <z-man> ../../../../armagetronad/src/engine/sound/sdl_mixer/eMusicTrackSDLMixer.cpp:173: error: request for member `SetTemplateParameter' in `error', which is of non-aggregate type `tOutput ()()'
14:07 <z-man> The line "tOutput error();" declares a function...
14:08 <joda_bot> z-man: sorry
14:08 <joda_bot> z-man: got the fix here , just got distracted
14:08 <z-man> never mind :) BTW, there is an alternative syntax, you can just to "con << tOutput( "$bla", templateParam1, templateParam2 );"
14:09 <joda_bot> hm fine
14:09 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r4998 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/src/engine/sound/sdl_mixer/eMusicTrackSDLMixer.cpp: fixed compiler issues
14:09 <guru3> almost at revision 5000 :S
14:09 <joda_bot> that retrip time is really low
14:09 <joda_bot> roundtrip time
14:09 <z-man> You mean commit -> see message here?
14:10 <joda_bot> yes
14:10 <joda_bot> about 2sec
14:10 <z-man> Oh dear, If I think what can happen in two seconds...
14:10 <z-man> I could report the bug you just fixed :)
14:11 <joda_bot> z-man: Do you have any idea, why mp3 playback is too fast ?
14:11 <z-man> Now lucifer has an int-returning function that never actually returns anything...
14:11 <z-man> No.
14:18 <wrtlprnft> z-man: that in the web interface?
14:19 <z-man> yes
14:19 <z-man> Any clue what it should return? 0?
14:19 <z-man> The other function of that type does return 0 :)
14:19 <wrtlprnft> that's what i just saw
14:19 <wrtlprnft> yeah, I'd say 0
14:20 <wrtlprnft> would anyone mind if i transformed that "class" into a namespace?
14:20 <wrtlprnft> all static members
14:20 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r4999 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/src/ui/uWebinterface.cpp: Added return value to callback function (0), hope that's right.
14:20 <wrtlprnft> 1 more
14:20  * wrtlprnft quickly searches for some change he can make to commit number 5000
14:21 <wrtlprnft> jk
14:21 <z-man> Hmm, the problem with namespaces is that they can't be nested, so I'd leave it a class.
14:21 <wrtlprnft> uh
14:21 <wrtlprnft> yes you can nest namespaces?!
14:21 <z-man> Just in case we want to introduce Arma_UI, arma_Engine namespaces.
14:21 <z-man> No, you can't.
14:21  * z-man thinks so, anyway
14:22 <wrtlprnft> http://www.icce.rug.nl/documents/cplusplus/cplusplus03.html#l52
14:22 <wrtlprnft> the heading sais it all
14:23 <wrtlprnft> *says
14:23 <z-man> Hmm, ok.
14:24 <wrtlprnft> or is there some VC6 problem with it?
14:25 <joda_bot> wrtlprnft: I guess noone uses VC6 anymore
14:25 <wrtlprnft> z-man: is intended that you need to have boost installed to compile the dedicated server? It won't compile without it on my server
14:26 <joda_bot> If someone would update the VC6 project files I wouldn't mind and collect them inside win32/VC6 ;)
14:26 <wrtlprnft> that's why i'm already waiting all day for boost to compile
14:26 <z-man> The vc6 files can't be updated, the sources are pretty much unfixable now.
14:26 <z-man> wrtlprnft: don't know, aren't you the one who introduced the boost dependencies?
14:27 <wrtlprnft> partly my fault i guess ;)
14:27 <wrtlprnft> z-man: that was ph
14:27 <z-man> ah
14:27 <z-man> I thought you were using them for the name filtering in 0.3.0
14:27 <joda_bot> Might upgrade them to VS2003 ;)
14:27 <wrtlprnft> but it sucks. the gcc process that's compiling one file in boost takes more virtual memory than the server has RAM
14:28 <z-man> Yeah, that sounds like Boost :)
14:28 <wrtlprnft> z-man: i was gonna use them if ph was using them in some other file
14:29 <z-man> We're only using headers from there, right? So in theory, you don't need to build anything.
14:29 <wrtlprnft> well, i emerged it
14:29 <joda_bot> z-man: right
14:29 <z-man> And I remember we originally wanted to put the parts we actually use of it into src/thirdparty.
14:29 <joda_bot> z-man: but the C++ templates are NP complete you could simulate any PC just using templates ;)
14:30 <joda_bot> There are some safeties in the compilers that might prevent it , but it's a dangerous spec ;)
14:30 <wrtlprnft> gosh, i hope that compile process is not gonna run outta disk space
14:30 <z-man> joda_bot: that doesn't change that nothing wrtlprnft is compiling right now will be used by arma later :)
14:30 <wrtlprnft> or swap space, for that matter
14:30 <z-man> How much do you have?
14:31 <wrtlprnft> 122MB RAM + 494MB swap
14:31 <z-man> That's enough.
14:31 <wrtlprnft> and that's running 3 arma servers, apacke, mysql, samba, sshd, ...
14:31 <z-man> Provided not much more is running on the server :)
14:31 <z-man> oh, hehe.
14:32 <wrtlprnft> it got to a point with only 100MB free a while ago
14:32 <z-man> I emerged it with 128 Ram + 256 swap
14:32 <z-man> But I only have clamav and an armagetron master running there
14:32 <z-man> Oh, and trac
14:32 <wrtlprnft> OTOH i could just stop the arma servers, they're useless anyways
14:33 <z-man> Especially crazy lines :)
14:33 <wrtlprnft> no way anyone can play on there right now
14:33 <wrtlprnft> that's not what i meant, but they're all lagged out, 2000ms ping
14:33 <wrtlprnft> yeah, i should kill crazy lines
14:34 <wrtlprnft> done
14:34 <wrtlprnft> what?
14:34 <wrtlprnft> there's actually people on my race server
14:34 <wrtlprnft> unbelievable
14:35 <Vanhayes>  wrtlprnft it says that i need an upgrade if I want to play on crazy lines or wrtl's fort
14:36 <wrtlprnft> wtf
14:37 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes: what version, works fine with my trunk version
14:37 <Vanhayes> er nvrm it used to
14:38 <wrtlprnft> wow, boost is finished compiling
14:39 <Vanhayes> er wait it says i need an upgrade again
14:39 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes: let me update the servers first
14:43 <Lucifer_arma> joda_bot: we have m3u support...
14:45 <wrtlprnft> uh, how do i gain access to the /admin?
14:45 <wrtlprnft> i changed web_password.cfg to
14:45 <wrtlprnft> wrtlprnft:laptop:e7df7cd2ca07f4f1ab415d457a6e1c13
14:45 <wrtlprnft> but it won't let me in with username wrtlprnft and password 1234
14:46 <Lucifer_arma> http://yourarmaserver:4550/admin
14:46 <wrtlprnft> i know
14:46 <Lucifer_arma> you did make install?
14:46 <wrtlprnft> no
14:46 <wrtlprnft> make run
14:47 <Lucifer_arma> make install might be required right now, I didn't manage to get the webserer running right from the build directory :(
14:47 <wrtlprnft> it is running fine...
14:47 <wrtlprnft> i can access the resource repository
14:49 <Lucifer_arma> I don't know, then.  Maybe it's not md5 that's in the password file?
14:50 <wrtlprnft> uh, i could try crypt, or course
14:50 <wrtlprnft> #unix crypt
14:50 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (unix crypt <password> [<salt>]) -- Returns the resulting of doing a crypt() on <password> If <salt> is not given, uses a random salt. If running on a glibc2 system, prepending '$1$' to your salt will cause crypt to return an MD5sum based crypt rather than the standard DES based crypt.
14:50 <wrtlprnft> #unix crypt 1234
14:50 <armabot> wrtlprnft: kbPuMA0JHHr6I
14:50 <Lucifer_arma> #unix crypt 1234 $1$
14:50 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: $1$$iC.dUsGpxNNJGeOm1dFio/
14:51 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: no, it refuses
14:52 <Lucifer_arma> what refuses?
14:52 <Lucifer_arma> refuses to do what?
14:52 <wrtlprnft> it refuses to let me in
14:52  * wrtlprnft just comments out that line for now
14:55 <Lucifer_arma> great, that's an interesting bug
14:55 <wrtlprnft> so you'll take care of it?
14:55 <Lucifer_arma> no, wait, I found a different bug
14:56 <wrtlprnft> if it's so interesting? I think it's rather boring
14:56 <Lucifer_arma> I don't know what problem you're having, sorry
14:56 <Lucifer_arma> the bug I found is this:
14:56 <Lucifer_arma> if the resource isn't available, the server tries to download it from its own resource repository
14:56 <wrtlprnft> hmmm
14:56 <Lucifer_arma> but since the download blocks, it can't poll the webserver anymore
14:56 <Lucifer_arma> therefore it can't download the resource!
14:57 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: Any idea, why SDL_mixer plays mp3 files too fast ?
14:57 <z-man> Of course, it wouldn't find the resource anyway because it is not there :)
14:57 <Lucifer_arma> I know lots of reasons, joda_bot 
14:57 <joda_bot> it's a 192kps file at 44kHz and JS
14:58 <Lucifer_arma> z-man: it shouldn't even have to try to download a resource from its own repository, since the repository is what's installed with the server!  :(
14:58 <Lucifer_arma> joda_bot: you have too many output channels configured
14:58 <Lucifer_arma> :)
14:58 <GodTodd> hrmmm...
14:59 <GodTodd> the playlist file can be anywhere i want it to be as long as i specify the path, right?
15:00 <Lucifer_arma> right
15:00 <[Xpert]DarkStar> evening all
15:00 <[Xpert]DarkStar> #ch
15:00 <armabot>  + 
15:00 <[Xpert]DarkStar> http://paddy-so.no-ip.org/~pso/shirt1.png http://paddy-so.no-ip.org/~pso/shirt2.png
15:00 <GodTodd> how come it won't play my list then? ;)
15:00 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: Hey, cool the m3u files should work for absolute file pathes too except ;)
15:00 <Lucifer_arma> umm, it's m3u format, right?
15:00 <GodTodd> yep
15:00 <Lucifer_arma> joda_bot: that's all they work for
15:00 <[Xpert]DarkStar> GodTodd: what is your OS?
15:00 <GodTodd> path specified, playlist set to custom
15:01 <GodTodd> win XPensive
15:01 <Lucifer_arma> are the songs mp3?
15:01 <GodTodd> yep
15:01 <Lucifer_arma> ok, mp3 support is broken right now, should be fixed in the next alpha
15:01 <joda_bot> ERROR: User given path "F:\mpeg3\01 Sita - Happy.mp3" is an absolute path. You'r
15:01 <joda_bot> e not allowed to access files outside of the configured file hierarchies.
15:01 <joda_bot> peng committed suicide and lost 4 points.
15:01 <GodTodd> ah...that could do it :)
15:02 <Lucifer_arma> joda_bot: that's a bug
15:02 <joda_bot> ;)
15:02 <Lucifer_arma> joda_bot: it's supposed to work with absolute paths.  what did you change?
15:02 <joda_bot> Play and Pause don't work as exspected
15:02 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: Nothing ;)
15:02 <GodTodd> Lucifer_arma: mp3 support being broken...would that be why i get an error when hitting the "next track" key and such?
15:03 <joda_bot> AFAIK
15:03 <joda_bot> Is it allowed to put an absolute path inside default.m3u ?
15:03 <Lucifer_arma> no
15:03 <Lucifer_arma> then you're doing crazy stuff
15:04 <Lucifer_arma> create a custom playlist, give it the path to that, and all that
15:04 <Lucifer_arma> if the playlist is a resource, then it has to be in a path in your arma installation, and default.m3u is a resource
15:04 <Lucifer_arma> it's not yet hooked into the resource system, though
15:05 <joda_bot> hm, ok
15:05 <joda_bot> wait
15:05 <Lucifer_arma> and next time you're not doing things the Right Way (like they were written), would you mind mentioning it early?
15:08 <joda_bot> !?
15:08 <joda_bot> The smpeg.dll ?
15:08 <joda_bot> or are you talking about the error reporting inside the Load...
15:08 <joda_bot> Yes, I forgoet ;)
15:10 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: In the final version we should make the entry field for the custom play list scroll it's really difficult to type the file link blindly
15:11 <joda_bot> font size is at "4 pix height" or something and I'm typing offscreen ;)
15:12 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: will I get an error if the custom play list is not found ?
15:14 <Lucifer_arma> I'm talking about hacking an internal playlist to do things that it was explicitly not designed to do, and not using an external playlist to do the things it was explicitly designed to do :)
15:15 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: Give me documentation ;)
15:15 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes: can you try my spoon server again?
15:15 <wrtlprnft> uh, it looks like the version string generation doesn't work
15:16 <Vanhayes> I just did and it didnt work
15:16 <wrtlprnft> my server is updated but it is still talking about revision 47xx
15:16 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes: what client version?
15:16 <Lucifer_arma> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/New_Sound_Engine  <--- been there for months
15:16 -!- sandblast [n=limeades@tor/session/external/x-a4cede95b5a34ea5] has joined #armagetron
15:16 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: ah ;)
15:17 <Vanhayes> wrtlprnft, the new alpha
15:17 <wrtlprnft> very weird, you don't even appear in the logs...
15:18 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes: the race server still works, right?
15:19 <wrtlprnft> i'm gonna take down that server, noone uses it anyways
15:19 <Vanhayes> ya it does
15:19 <Vanhayes> player 1
15:19 <Vanhayes> i was player 1
15:20 <wrtlprnft> Vanhayes: only logins from me in the logs
15:22 -!- sandblast [n=limeades@tor/session/external/x-a4cede95b5a34ea5] has quit [Excess Flood]
15:24 <Vanhayes> wow I just got kicked from norms place
15:24 <wrtlprnft> never been there
15:24 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: I think the password file is the same format as apache's .htpasswd
15:25 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: uh, the one in the repository has two :, htpasswd only 1
15:25 <Vanhayes> neither Have I, I went in under the name Player 1 and got booted by the admin with no warning
15:25  * Lucifer_arma is still reading shttpd.c to find out, the format is not documented apparently
15:25 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma:Set a m3u without spaces, it seems to find it
15:26  * wrtlprnft joins there as player 1 just for fun
15:26 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: but the files are not found to m3u relative paths
15:26 <z-man> wrtlprnft: updating the version string triggers a full rebuild, so it isn't done automatically
15:26 -!- wejp [n=j0hannes@i577BBD19.versanet.de] has quit [Connection timed out]
15:26 <Lucifer_arma> m3u is supposed to have absolute paths in it
15:26 <Lucifer_arma> does it?
15:27 <wrtlprnft> wow, those guys are kicking quick
15:27 <Vanhayes> maybe it is set to kick anyone name player?
15:27 <wrtlprnft> z-man: how do i do it then?
15:27 <wrtlprnft> aaah, right
15:27 <wrtlprnft> that is everytime.cfg
15:28 <wrtlprnft> bastards
15:28 <wrtlprnft> don't join
15:28 <Vanhayes> lol
15:28 <z-man> did someone hack your server? :)
15:28 <z-man> wrtlprnft: remove "version"
15:28 <ghableska> heh
15:28 <ghableska> tried it :)
15:28  * Vanhayes joins as 1 reyalp
15:29 -!- wejp [n=j0hannes@i577B8A60.versanet.de] has joined #armagetron
15:29 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma:  File f:\mpge3\[mtk122]-gschmidt-03-alientanz.mp3 could not be loaded: Couldn't r
15:29 <joda_bot> ead from 'f:\mpge3\[mtk122]-gschmidt-03-alientanz.mp3'
15:29 <joda_bot> It finds the m3u file, but then is unable to load the mp3
15:29 <Lucifer_arma> that's the error people are getting when sdl_mixer won't load an mp3
15:30 <Lucifer_arma> try putting an ogg file in there and see if it loads it
15:30 <Lucifer_arma> also, it looks like there's a typo in the path
15:30 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: The file is not found believe me, playing a mp3 inside music worked fine
15:30 <Lucifer_arma> f:\mpge3\  <---
15:30 <joda_bot> wops ;)
15:31 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: Anyway to reload the playlist ?
15:31 <spider_> O_o
15:31 <Lucifer_arma> heh, not that I know of :)
15:31 -!- spider_ is now known as spidey
15:31 <Vanhayes> #s
15:31 <armabot> spidey - You are nothing but a humid mass of fobbing craptacular. 
15:31 <z-man> If you guys want an alpha build today, you've got to tell me soon :) Bedtime is getting closer.
15:31 <Lucifer_arma> there will be, eventually, but if you can now, it's accidental
15:31 <spidey> #vanhayes
15:31 <armabot> spidey thinks vanhayes is gay,because vanhayes You are nothing but a rank assload of lewd-minded scum.
15:31 <Lucifer_arma> z-man: let me add a couple of config items to the web interface real quick
15:32  * z-man is waiting for the build command
15:32 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: works except for double speed
15:32 <wrtlprnft> spidey: try that command again
15:32 <Lucifer_arma> double speed is caused either by smpeg or sdl_mixer
15:32 <joda_bot> or perhaps triple ?
15:32 <z-man> Chipmunks!
15:32 <Lucifer_arma> I had to set output channels to 2 to make it play mp3s lel
15:33 <Lucifer_arma> I assumed that problem went away if your soundcard actually supported 4-6 output channels
15:33 <joda_bot> nope
15:33 <Lucifer_arma> and it's sadly a problem with sdl_mixer.  :(
15:33 <Lucifer_arma> that didn't fix it?
15:33 <Lucifer_arma> you restarted between changes, right?
15:33 <joda_bot> just testing if sound channel 2 fixes it
15:34 <joda_bot> works yes
15:34 <joda_bot> Do you depend somewhere on the channel factor ? ;)
15:35 <Lucifer_arma> no, it's an underlying sdl_mixer problem
15:35 <Lucifer_arma> see, you just tell sdl_mixer to play a file and where it's at, and it does it
15:35 <Lucifer_arma> it's nice when it works, but it really sucks when it doesn't
15:35 <Lucifer_arma> I can hook in a custom decoder, and I will eventually, and that *might* fix it.  You may notice that ogg vorbis files always work?
15:36 <joda_bot> hm
15:37  * Lucifer_arma points out that mp3 support is really only so people can use their own mp3 collections ingame anyway and doesn't promise extensive mp3 support
15:39 <Lucifer_arma> but in a little bit, sometime after 0.3.0 is out the door, I"ll be writing a libmad-based decoder, it's in my plan (I have to write my own decoders to execute my plan),
15:40 <Lucifer_arma> and it's on my list to make the decoders I write work with sdl_mixer, because sdl_mixer has a way for you to override its decoders and provide your own
15:43 <spidey> #help vanhayes
15:43 <armabot> spidey: (vanhayes <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo Vanhayes thinks $who is gay.".
15:44 <Vanhayes> #vanhayes
15:44 <armabot> Vanhayes thinks Vanhayes is gay.
15:44 <Vanhayes> lol
15:46 <Vanhayes> #s
15:46 <armabot> spidey - You are nothing but a swag-bellied bucket of impertinent guts. 
15:46 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: just found the SDL_SURROND define ... I'll add that and see if it works ;)
15:47 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r5000 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/Makefile.manual: Hopefully a more clever way to regenerate ChangeLog and fingerprint.
15:48 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r5001 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/build/WorkMakefile: Disabled rpm builds for alphas in z-man-home
15:49 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r5002 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/build/scripts/copysrc: Added bogus make calls to update ChangeLog and other stuff that may require multiple builds
15:52 <Vanhayes> #s
15:52 <armabot> spidey - You are nothing but a jarring ooze of culturally-unsound toenails. 
15:54 <wrtlprnft> #u
15:54 <armabot> spidey: 22:53:37 up 62 days, 22:58, 4 users, load average: 0.55, 0.92, 0.80
15:54 <spidey> yay
15:54 <spidey> done with meh cockpit O_o
15:54 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
15:54 <spidey> i think :s
15:55 <Vanhayes> got a pic?
15:55 <spidey> mhmm
15:55 <spidey> sec
15:55 <wrtlprnft> spidey: pm Luke-Jr for an account on the resource repository and upload it :)
15:57 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5003 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/ (3 files in 2 dirs):
15:57 <armabot> armagetronad: Added WEB_USE_INTERNAL and WEB_REMOTE_ADMIN config items to enable/disable the web server and the admin
15:57 <armabot> armagetronad: pages on the web server separately. Default is to use the web server, but disable the admin pages, so the
15:57 <armabot> armagetronad: server can serve resources securely.
15:57 <Lucifer_arma> ok, ready for an alpha :)
15:57 <spidey> Vanhayes,  http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/9192/untitled6rr1.jpg
15:57 <spidey> i have another one i made for wizz,but it's girly :p
15:57 <wrtlprnft> pink/purple?
15:58 <spidey> mhmm
15:58 <Lucifer_arma> z-man: I'm trying to track down a potential problem with the web server that may cause it not to work in the alpha, if you want to go into settings_Dedicated.cfg and disable it for the alpha, that's fine
15:58 <Lucifer_arma> z-man: but it worked last night, so I suspect the problem is my own and I typod the map file or something in my config
15:59 <Lucifer_arma> z-man: it's ok for it to be disabled in 0.3.0 by default, but it should work (and does, afaik, wrtlprnft was using it on his servers too)
15:59 <joda_bot> I'll commit the lastest SDL_mixer project file with SDL_SURROUND set
15:59 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r5004 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/Makefile.manual: Err, really regenerate ChangeLog a smarter way, the last commit just made it fail.
15:59 <Lucifer_arma> joda_bot: does that fix the mp3 playing back fast problem?
15:59 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: uh, the web server is running on my servers, but i'm not using it
15:59  * Lucifer_arma chuckles
16:00 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: oh, ok.  I thought you were serving maps with it or something.
16:00 <wrtlprnft> no
16:00 <joda_bot> guess not - I'm just ask on #SDL  ;)
16:00 <joda_bot> ask*ing*
16:00 <Lucifer_arma> heh
16:01 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: I looked at the code, but OGG and MP3 are called in the same way and I can't see much difference there
16:01 <joda_bot> once the sound is decoded it should not make much difference, but AFAIK smpeg itself is in charge of playing back the sound 
16:01 <wrtlprnft> does anyone know a way to teach konsole to allow bold text?
16:02 <Lucifer_arma> joda_bot: I blame smpeg, because it's a prety crappy library anyway :)
16:02 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: looks like the password is a regular md5 hash, I'll screw with it, I only tested the default username and password :)
16:02 <Lucifer_arma> but first I want to know why my server isn't finding its map
16:02 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: what IS the default password?
16:02 <Vanhayes> spidey, it looks good. :)
16:03 <Lucifer_arma> goddammit
16:03 <Lucifer_arma> default username:pass is guest:guest
16:03 <wrtlprnft> ah
16:03 <Lucifer_arma> which is why tank's "remote admin disabled by setting it to NONE" comment hit me like it did :)
16:03 <Lucifer_arma> BUG - when uninstalling, arma deletes all its resource files
16:04 <wrtlprnft> uh, well, you could just set the password to the md5sum of your kernel by default
16:04  * Vanhayes goes to eat
16:04 <Lucifer_arma> or I could put a config item to disable remote admin, which is much more useful anyway :)
16:04 <wrtlprnft> VanEatsPeople?
16:05 -!- Vanhayes is now known as VanEatsChicken
16:05 <wrtlprnft> lol
16:05 <Lucifer_arma> I'm gonna just add my map to svn :)
16:05 <wrtlprnft> haha
16:08 <z-man> Can we make armabot listen to BUG cries here?
16:09 <z-man> Besides the usual logging, of course :)
16:09 <wrtlprnft> hmm
16:09 <wrtlprnft> would be possible i guess
16:09 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5005 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/resource/proto/Lucifer/ (. plusSignFort.xml): Added my fortress map.
16:09 <Lucifer_arma> sure z-man, just write a plugin for it
16:10 <Lucifer_arma> it's python :)
16:10 <wrtlprnft> can't we abuse NEWS for that?
16:10 <wrtlprnft> the news command
16:11 <wrtlprnft> noone's using it anyways
16:11 <Lucifer_arma> we could, I suppose
16:11 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r5006 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/winlibs/ (4 files in 2 dirs):
16:11 <armabot> armagetronad: downgraded directx headers to v5.0 support Windows NT
16:11 <armabot> armagetronad: endabled SDL_SURROUND for SDL_mixer
16:11 <Lucifer_arma> make an alias for news add :)
16:11 <wrtlprnft> #help news add
16:11 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (news add [<channel>] <expires> <subject>: <text>) -- Adds a given news item of <text> to a channel with the given <subject>. If <expires> isn't 0, that news item will expire <expires> seconds from now. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
16:12 <wrtlprnft> #alias add BUG "news add 0 $*:bug"
16:12 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
16:12 <wrtlprnft> #bug testbug
16:12 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (news add [<channel>] <expires> <subject>: <text>) -- Adds a given news item of <text> to a channel with the given <subject>. If <expires> isn't 0, that news item will expire <expires> seconds from now. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
16:12  * wrtlprnft goes to private chat with armabot 
16:14 <wrtlprnft> or i might copy the news plugin and modify it, heh
16:14 <wrtlprnft> which is what i'm gonna do
16:14 <Lucifer_arma> that would probably be better
16:14 <Lucifer_arma> since the news plugin is pretty sucky anyway
16:17 <Lucifer_arma> z-man: I don't know if you caught this, but I'm ready for another alpha.  :)  Unless anyone had any last-minute tings to throw in, we've got the two things I really wanted.
16:17 <Lucifer_arma> and I really want this to be the last alpha if possible and go to 0.3.0 next
16:23 <z-man> Ok, build is started at revision 5006
16:23  * z-man hopes everything works with joda's changes
16:24 -!- VanEatsChicken is now known as Vanhayes
16:25 -!- wrtlbot [n=supybot@S0106000f6687e817.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #armagetron
16:26 <wrtlprnft> ,load Bugs
16:26 <wrtlbot> wrtlprnft: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
16:26 <Lucifer_arma> yay, my server runs :)
16:29 <wrtlprnft> gah, that news thingy is too complex for me
16:29 <wrtlprnft> and i want it to accept BUG cries, not #bug cries
16:29 -!- damosu [n=damosu@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:29 <z-man> Lucifer_arma: but downloading the map fails :(
16:32 <wrtlprnft> any way to embed PHP code in python?
16:32 <wrtlprnft> this is annoying me
16:35 <wrtlprnft> BUG test
16:36 <wrtlprnft> BUG test
16:36 <wrtlprnft> BUG test
16:36 <wrtlbot> BUG test
16:37 <wrtlprnft> now i need to get it to save it somewhere and provide commands to delete them
16:37 <wrtlprnft> *save them
16:41 <Lucifer_arma> downloading the map fails for whom?  z-man 
16:41 <wrtlprnft> yeah
16:42 <Lucifer_arma> http://armagetronad.davefancella.com:4550/resource/Lucifer/sick/   <--- can you visit that url with your browser?
16:42 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: yes
16:42 <wrtlprnft> i can
16:42 <Lucifer_arma> and you see Playroom and PlusSignFortress there?
16:42 <wrtlprnft> is there anything you have that's not sick?
16:42 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: in sick
16:43 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: not yet :)
16:43 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: Map downloads work too
16:43 <z-man> Browser works right now for me, too
16:43  * z-man goes to the AA server again
16:43 <Lucifer_arma> it's Swamplords Teams (in case you thought it was something else)
16:45 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: how do i get an empty array in python?
16:45 <wrtlprnft> just array()?
16:46 <Lucifer_arma> no, something = []
16:46 <wrtlprnft> k
16:46 <Lucifer_arma> what's gam_server?
16:46 <wrtlprnft> ?
16:46 <Lucifer_arma> it's on my ps and it's taking a lot of CPU time
16:47 <wrtlprnft> i don't have that
16:47 <wrtlprnft> #wikipedia gam
16:47 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Search took 0.18 seconds: Free Aceh Movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Aceh_Movement>; GAM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GAM>; Rita Gam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rita_Gam>; Dafydd Gam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (2 more messages)
16:47 <wrtlprnft> #more
16:47 <armabot> wrtlprnft: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dafydd_Gam>; List of people by name: Gam -Gaq - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_by_name:_Gam-Gaq>; Gam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gam>; Template: GAM - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:GAM>; Gam Wu-seong - Wikipedia, the free (1 more message)
16:48 <Lucifer_arma> found it
16:48 <Lucifer_arma> it's part of gnome, it's a file monitoring system
16:48 <wrtlprnft> gnome?
16:48 <wrtlprnft> how did gnome get on there?
16:49 <Lucifer_arma> it keeps restarting when I kill it :(
16:49 <wrtlprnft> find its parent?
16:49 <Lucifer_arma> I guess Kubuntu installs some gnome things?
16:49 <wrtlprnft> and kill that?
16:49 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, how do I find its parent?  heh
16:50 <wrtlprnft> oh, i thought that was your gentoo server
16:50 <wrtlprnft> ps alx | grep gam
16:50 <Lucifer_arma> aha
16:50 <wrtlprnft> 4th coloumn
16:50 <Lucifer_arma> that one restarted!
16:50 <z-man> Vanhayes thinks the map on your server is too big, Lucifer_arma :)
16:51 <Vanhayes> way too big
16:51 <Lucifer_arma> heh
16:51 <Lucifer_arma> it needs some work
16:51 <Lucifer_arma> oh yeah, I made it smaller, crap
16:51 <Vanhayes> especially for one on one
16:51 <Lucifer_arma> it should be better next round
16:51  * Lucifer_arma puts on his todo list "write python script to resize maps"
16:52 <z-man> Gaa, windows build from source zip fails
16:53 <z-man> And my GF is blocking the build computer, made the mistake to show her a flash game :(
16:54 <Lucifer_arma> ah oh
16:54 <[Xpert]DarkStar> awww
16:54 <[Xpert]DarkStar> always these women
16:54 <[Xpert]DarkStar> :P
16:54  * Lucifer_arma doesn't have flash on his machine right now
16:54  * [Xpert]DarkStar doesn't let his GF use his computer
16:55 <z-man> joda_bot: it can't find the icon files. Did you adjust the paths?
16:55 <z-man> It seems to be looking in icons/, while it should be looking in ../icons, I think.
16:56 <Lucifer_arma> joda moved a bunch of shit around last night, I noticed
16:56 <z-man> Yeah.
16:56 <Lucifer_arma> dont' know what, of course, I didn't pay that much attention :)
16:57 <z-man> Remind me to remind everyone not to do random, unneccesary changes in release branches.
17:03 <Lucifer_arma> z-man: dont' forget to remind everyone not to do random, unnecessary changes in release branches
17:03 <Lucifer_arma> #message z-man dont' forget to remind everyone not to do random, unnecessary changes in release branches
17:03 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
17:03  * Lucifer_arma loves armabot
17:03 <z-man> Very helpful.
17:03 <z-man> :)
17:03 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
17:05 <Vanhayes> wb ghableska 
17:06 <Vanhayes> Lucifer_arma the map is pretty fun with more ppl
17:07 <Lucifer_arma> ty.  :)  I enjoy that map quite a bit, actually.
17:07 <Vanhayes> I can now see how .3 can give a big advantage too
17:08 <Lucifer_arma> with the hud map?
17:08 <Vanhayes> heh ya
17:08 <Vanhayes> you can easily sneak up on someone
17:09 <Lucifer_arma> that is true, I never argued that.  :)  I only argue that if a map depends on player's not having a hud map, then the map itself is sucky :)
17:09 <wrtlprnft> arguable
17:10 <wrtlprnft> you might make some kind of hide and seek map
17:10 <Vanhayes> max is 3 teams?
17:11 <Lucifer_arma> yeah
17:11 <Lucifer_arma> the map was made to accomodate 4 teams of 2 players, but I want my server to be 3 teams of 3 players instead
17:11 <Lucifer_arma> my connection can't handle much more than 8,9 players :(
17:11 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: then make a server with 3 axes ;)
17:11 <wrtlprnft> or 6
17:12  * Lucifer_arma hasn't taken to different axes very well
17:12 <wrtlprnft> because Luke-Jr invented them?
17:12 <Vanhayes> that creates weird lagg i find
17:12 <Lucifer_arma> no, actually I loved the idea when he first showed up with it
17:12 <Lucifer_arma> but I haven't really liked it in general
17:12 <Lucifer_arma> there are specific cases where they're really good, like your race server which is very nice
17:13 <wrtlprnft> or that oktafortress server?
17:13 <Lucifer_arma> and I can imagine other cases where different axes will be really nice and standard axes will suck
17:13 <wrtlprnft> or CT fortress?
17:13 <Lucifer_arma> actually I don't like CT fortress a lot.  :(
17:13 <wrtlprnft> ct fortress rocks, just that there's more idiots than on BF sucks
17:13 <Lucifer_arma> some of the maps I really like, but the multi-axes maps in particular I don't enjoy
17:14 <Lucifer_arma> and you're right, there's a lot of smegheads there :(
17:14 <Lucifer_arma> even some of the CT guys that are cool on BF turn into smegheads on CT fortress
17:14 <wrtlprnft> fight the smagheads, help the noobs!
17:14 <spidey> lol
17:14 <spidey> man
17:15 <spidey> i got kicked from CT last night O_o
17:15 <wrtlprnft> only idiots write in colors all the time!
17:15 <spidey> bah
17:15 <ghableska> heh
17:15 <spidey> i hate that shit
17:15 <ghableska> durka ;)
17:15 <Lucifer_arma> can you add that to the default instant chats, wrtlprnft ?
17:15 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: which one to throw out?
17:15 <wrtlprnft> and should it say noobs or idiots?
17:15 <spidey> idiots
17:15 <ghableska> idiots
17:15 <Lucifer_arma> idiots :)
17:16 <spidey> idiots win
17:16 <spidey> xD
17:16 <ghableska> lol
17:16 <wrtlprnft> hmm idiots has one more charr
17:16 <wrtlprnft> gotta be careful to keep it under 80
17:16  * Lucifer_arma tries to remember which file has the default instant chats in it
17:16 <wrtlprnft> i'll find it
17:16 <spidey> mmmm
17:16 <spidey> it's like
17:16 <spidey> user.cfg ?
17:16 <wrtlprnft> no
17:16 <wrtlprnft> DEFAULT
17:17 <wrtlprnft> shall i just add a new key?
17:17 <spidey> .....
17:17 <wrtlprnft> that would be better since it doesn't only apply to new installs
17:17 <wrtlprnft> it's ePlayer.cpp methinls
17:17 <Vanhayes> spidey, come try the map
17:18 <spidey> ?
17:18 <Lucifer_arma> found it, it's ePlayer.cpp
17:18 <spidey> lol
17:18 <Lucifer_arma> looks like there's a NULL
17:18 <Lucifer_arma> throw out the NULL :)
17:19 <Vanhayes> spidey, come to swamplords teams
17:19 <Lucifer_arma> line 527
17:19 <wrtlprnft> you mind if i throw out that whitespace?
17:19 <wrtlprnft> the empty lines above it
17:19 <Lucifer_arma> oh, I don't care :)
17:23 <wrtlprnft> is there any way to tell grep -r not to search .svn dirs?
17:26 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: can you try to figure out the id of the key right of 0 on an english keyboard?
17:26 <wrtlprnft> bind something to it and then check user.cfg
17:27 <wrtlprnft> nvm
17:30 -!- camembert [n=exacerba@tor/session/external/x-eab7464520dc089a] has joined #armagetron
17:36 <[Xpert]DarkStar> entering weekend mode
17:36 <[Xpert]DarkStar> real weekend mode
17:36 <[Xpert]DarkStar> so i'll cu on sunday
17:36 <z-man> #later tell joda_bot Windows compile is broken :( It doesn't find the icon files where it expects them.
17:36 <armabot> z-man: The operation succeeded.
17:36 <[Xpert]DarkStar> night all
17:36 <[Xpert]DarkStar> and have a nice weekend
17:36 <wrtlprnft> night
17:37 <z-man> #later tell Lucifer_arma sorry, no alpha build tonight, then.
17:37 <armabot> z-man: The operation succeeded.
17:37 <wrtlprnft> z-man: that means the release gets moved? ok, then we can get that new instant chat till then :)
17:37 <wrtlprnft> g2g now, cya
17:37 <ghableska> cu
17:41 -!- camembert [n=exacerba@tor/session/external/x-eab7464520dc089a] has quit [Excess Flood]
17:46 <joda_bot> gn8
17:46 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-002-187.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #armagetron []
17:46 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-002-187.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
17:47 <joda_bot> z-man: oh dam
17:48 <joda_bot> z-man: what's the error message ? are you using code blocks ?
17:48 <z-man> joda_bot: yes, code::blocks, but not the nightly
17:48 <z-man> it worked well until now
17:49 <z-man> it says it can't find icons/<some icon file that definitiely is there>
17:49 <joda_bot> It's from the armagetronad.rc
17:49 <z-man> maybe the path is interpreted relative to the location of the project file?
17:49 <joda_bot> It works on my system
17:50 <joda_bot> z-man: no, it's not ony my system ... that was what really confused me
17:50 <z-man> Maybe you have old files lying around somewhere?
17:50 <joda_bot> hm...
17:50 <z-man> Like, when you moved the contents of win32 into win32/code_blocks, you moved the icon files, too?
17:51 <joda_bot> ok try ..\\ in armagetronad
17:51 <joda_bot> .rc
17:51 <z-man> will take a while, computer is already powered down, and I'm playing on Luci's server :)
17:51 <wrtlbot> KDE: BUGS:129662
17:52 <joda_bot> z-man: ah don't bother then ;)
17:52 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: http://www.libsdl.org/cgi/viewvc.cgi?view=rev&revision=1404
17:52 <joda_bot> Lucifer_arma: We might contact the auther and ask him for the modified smpeg sources
17:52 <ghableska>  
17:53 <Vanhayes>   
17:54 <joda_bot> #message Lucifer_arma You can read about the MP3 problem here: http://www.libsdl.org/cgi/viewvc.cgi?view=rev&revision=1404 ... the author of the patch modified his smpeg source to make smpeg understand 4 or 6 channel audio... and I'm not sure there even is a windows backend for multi surround audio (only the alsa one?)
17:54 <armabot> joda_bot: The operation succeeded.
18:02 <z-man> joda_bot: seems to work, I'll commit and restart the build
18:02 <z-man> wrtlprnft: sorry, no new instant chats then :) Put them into the trunk.
18:02 <z-man> GAAA! No.
18:03 <z-man> #later tell joda_bot now I'm getting errors from the reverted directx headers
18:03 <armabot> z-man: The operation succeeded.
18:03 <z-man> I'
18:03 <z-man> I'll post them on the forum
18:04 <joda_bot> z-man: uh, I did not commit those ?
18:04 <joda_bot> did I 
18:04 <z-man> The first error is a missing d3dtypes.h
18:05 <joda_bot> stupid me, I did not want to commit them
18:05 <joda_bot> sorry I'll add the rest
18:05 <Lucifer_arma> I gotta admit, I like that map a lot
18:06 <spidey> me to
18:06 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r5007 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/winlibs/directx/include/ (d3dtypes.h directx.h): missing directx header files - directx header are from libsdl site
18:06 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: yarrt * r5007 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/winlibs/directx/include/ (d3dtypes.h directx.h): missing directx header files - directx header are from libsdl site
18:06 <spidey> i also like the lag cause it doesn't really affect me xD
18:06 <Lucifer_arma> well, it'll be in 0.3.0 :)
18:07 <Lucifer_arma> except for bandwidth limiting, I've taken all the steps I can, I think
18:07 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: z-man * r5008 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/src/win32/armagetron.rc: Adapted paths to icon files, project files got moved.
18:07 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r5008 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/src/win32/armagetron.rc: Adapted paths to icon files, project files got moved.
18:10 <z-man> New build started from 5008, this time checking whether the Windows build works before going throught the whole process...
18:11 <joda_bot> I'm sorry, I really messed that up :(
18:12 <z-man> Never mind.
18:13  * z-man too, as you'll see in a second :)
18:13 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: z-man * r5009 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/Makefile.manual: Next go at ChangeLog regeneration...
18:13 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r5009 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/Makefile.manual: Next go at ChangeLog regeneration...
18:14 <Lucifer_arma> I think I should go ahead and do map rotation again, but this time make all the maps variations on this one
18:14 <Lucifer_arma> so it'll still have the same basic layout, and you can build a core of tactics around the base, but each match
18:14 <Lucifer_arma> you'll get some minor differences, so the team that wins the most consistently will be the one that has the best core tactics,
18:14 <z-man> With mean little traps in different positions for each round? :)
18:15 <Lucifer_arma> and can adapt them the best to map changes
18:15 <z-man> Like rim walls that are not completely parallel to the axes?
18:15 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, I'm trying to work out a way to build a wall behind the fortress zones that's riddled with holes so the goalie has a hard time grinding it,
18:16 <Lucifer_arma> lets attackers in easily, like a one-way wall
18:16 <Lucifer_arma> seems easy enough, give the attackers something to guide them through the holes :)
18:17 <Lucifer_arma> first I need to rescale the map to make it 500x500, so I can use reasonable and predictable size_factors on it
18:17 <Lucifer_arma> it's 1200x1200 currently :(
18:18 <z-man> Since it has more teams, it should be a bit bigger than normal, I think
18:18 <z-man> So give it a size factor of -2 and scale it down to 600x600 that way, and everyone is happy
18:18 <Lucifer_arma> well, I'm not going to chop that wing off completely, I think.  Instead I'm going to shorten it and bring it back to the inverted cross layout it used to have
18:19 <Lucifer_arma> and remove the zone and spawn point, of course
18:19 <Lucifer_arma> and you're right, it does have to be bigger than normal, the play area is much smaller
18:20  * Lucifer_arma remembers sneaking through K's defense multiple times through the little side passages, heh
18:20 <Lucifer_arma> he kept setting it up in front of them.  :/
18:20 <z-man> Yeah, alternative paths are cool.
18:21 <joda_bot> hm, with unaligned wall armagetron some reminds me of early versions of quake 
18:21 <joda_bot> where you get stuck on the wall
18:21 <Lucifer_arma> but it should be reasonable to me that a team should be able to take a completely defensive stance and cover most/all approaches if they want
18:21 <joda_bot> perhaps allowing no axis based grinds on those walls would work ?
18:22 <z-man> Lucifer_arma: a team of enough players, certainly.
18:23 <Lucifer_arma> well, the server's limited to 3 players per team, and I think that's probably going to be better than 2 teams of 4 players in the long run
18:23 <Lucifer_arma> so there should be at most 3-5 approaches to a fortress
18:23 <z-man> Which brings up a sad point in multi-team fortress: if you just sit there in the beginning and don't attack, you succeed way more often than if you do the same in two team fortress.
18:24 <Lucifer_arma> now, the approaches themselves can vary in their relative ease to both attack and defend
18:24 <Lucifer_arma> well, we'll try to address that in map design :)
18:25 <z-man> One way streets would be cool
18:25 <z-man> you could fake them with narrow passages with turns that have walls arranged so that you can use rubber to help when going in one direction, but not in the other
18:26 <Lucifer_arma> right, so to defend it you'd have to close up one end or the other, but you can't defend from inside the passage
18:26 <Lucifer_arma> a simple funnel would set that up, with some dashed lines going down it
18:26 <Lucifer_arma> no, no dashed lines
18:27 <Lucifer_arma> right now I think that map gives many advantages to a defensive team, many more than they have on a regular square map
18:27 <Lucifer_arma> the teams taht lost were the ones that were too aggressive in attacking, it looked like
18:28 <z-man> Maybe we should link attack and defense?
18:28 <Lucifer_arma> and there was a certain amount of greed, that was interesting.  :)  When I came upon the third teams fortress with a person from the second team attacking,
18:28 <Lucifer_arma> we attacked each other first before attacking the third team's fortress
18:28 <z-man> So if your team attacks no enemy zone, the defender gets weaker and weaker
18:28 <Lucifer_arma> how would you link attack and defense?
18:29 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, seems like detection would be pretty tricky
18:29 <z-man> Dunno :) Hack at the fortress zone code.
18:30 <Lucifer_arma> could do something where you have a reservoir that has to drain (sorta what it has already), and you get a boost in absolute value to that reservoir when an enemy zone is conquered
18:30 <z-man> The fortress attack and defense bookkeping should have all the information needed, provided you interpret "attack" as "touch an enemy zone once in a while"
18:30 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, we could strengthen defense when you're attacking
18:30 <Lucifer_arma> instead of weakening it for not attacking
18:31 <z-man> Or every bit of reservoir you steal from the enemy gets added to yours?
18:31 <z-man> That would even be logical.
18:31 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, it would.  :)
18:31 <Lucifer_arma> so if you are attacking another team's zone and he's attacking yours, and there's no goalie in either, you still cancel it
18:31 <Lucifer_arma> it'd be like remote-control sumo!
18:32 <z-man> Hmm, it shouldn't cancel completely, then :)
18:32 <Lucifer_arma> then the death zone picks the winner
18:32 <z-man> Or there'd be a deadlock in such a situation.
18:33 <Lucifer_arma> well, having the fortress conquer itself slowly might help some, but clearly a setting is called for here to match the attack/defense settings
18:33 <z-man> I'd actually let the fortress zones on Bugfarm move towards each other slowly, if it wasn't such a big hack.
18:34 <z-man> Right, it stands to reason that some of the energy you steal gets lost on the way to your zone.
18:34 <Lucifer_arma> sure does, call it wall resistance or something like that
18:34 <Lucifer_arma> measure it in ohms :)
18:35 <Lucifer_arma> but it has the net effect of helping your goalie if you can attack the team's zone that's currently attacking your goalie
18:35 <z-man> I'm not sure whether this would solve the problem of teams not attacking, though.
18:35 <Lucifer_arma> I'm not sure that's going to be a hge problem when the death zone really kicks in
18:35 <Lucifer_arma> I changed the death zone settings to let it expand pretty quickly
18:35 <z-man> After all, once you conquered an enemy zone, the defense bonus from it will be gone forever, and if your defense is in trouble, your own zone will go down before you can rush home
18:36 <wrtlbot> KDE: BUG: 102008
18:36 <z-man> Yes, make it like an explosion!
18:36 <z-man> What does wrtlbot count there?
18:36 <Lucifer_arma> if you add in a huge bonus for conquering a zone, then taking a zone and then returning to yours might help a lot
18:37 <z-man> If conquest rates are low enough, yes.
18:37 <Lucifer_arma> or rather, you could give a bonus for conquering a zone, like a sudden burst of energy, the might put enough in your own reservoir to give you time to return
18:38 <Lucifer_arma> you'll be returning to your own zone against a prepared defense, though, but on the map I've got, time to return to your zone is also time to attack another zone
18:38 <Lucifer_arma> so take a 1 v 1 situation with all three fortresses, the other guy attacks yours, you attack the third fortress
18:39 <Lucifer_arma> your fortress is defended by your attack, then gets a huge boost, giving you time to move towards the other guy's fortress
18:39 <Lucifer_arma> and you can win the round, the whole time he's in your zone waiting for it to turn over
18:39 <z-man> May just work
18:40 <Lucifer_arma> another thing to consider.  :)
18:40 <Lucifer_arma> make it so that if you're in another team's fortress, the death zone doesn't kill you
18:40 <Lucifer_arma> but if you're in your own, it kills you of course
18:40 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034186171.nb.aliant.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:41 <Lucifer_arma> so when the death zone comes, the advantage goes to the offense.  If you're sumoing someone, the death zone rolls over him and leaves you alone
18:42 <z-man> Sounds nice.
18:43 <z-man> Could be a bit more difficult, because the death zone doesn't knwo about the fortress zones. They're in the same file, so changing that shouldn't be a big problem.
18:44 <Lucifer_arma> it would be nice to know what phillippe's got in mind for zones interacting with each other
18:47 <Lucifer_arma> seems like we can check for number of fortresses, number of players per team, and number of players in fortresses
18:48 <Lucifer_arma> like, if there's 3 fortresses, 1 player on each team, and each player is in their home fortress, that would be a detectable condition
18:48 <z-man> Yeah, what we've been discussing is rather stuff for philippe's system and not to be hacked into the current systen
18:50 <Lucifer_arma> I don't know that simple hacks would hurt to have in the current system, especially if they're just hacks on my server whose only purpose is to test the idea :)
18:50 <Lucifer_arma> but other than that, yeah, I wonder how much phillippe's managed to do with it so far
18:51 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-018-050.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
18:51 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-002-187.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
18:51 <Lucifer_arma> we have this problem in a few places where something's being rewritten, and we want to add stuff to it in the meantime, how do we do that?  :(
18:52  * Lucifer_arma points out that if you put jalapenos in chinese food, you will eat a *lot* of food
18:53 <z-man> what are jalapenos?
18:53 <Lucifer_arma> chili pepper, very common in Texas and the southwest and Mexico :)
18:54  * z-man is falling into bed anyway. Barely managed to post an "build will be up any moment now" post...
18:54 <Lucifer_arma> you know that all chili peppers originated in north america, right?  Somehow some of them got adopted in China and some other eastern regions
18:54 <joda_bo1> z-man: So windows is still broken :(
18:54 <z-man> I'd have suspected south america
18:54 <Lucifer_arma> but jalapenos have stayed here, mostly.  I used some to substitute for thai chilis in a dinner last night
18:55 <z-man> No, it works.
18:55 <Lucifer_arma> Mexico, afaik.
18:55 <joda_bo1> ah puh ;)
18:55 <Lucifer_arma> maybe south america has lots of chilis too, I don't know.  :)
18:55 <z-man> joda_bo1: But did you disable copying of the doc directory? I had to do that manually, and didn't have to the last time around.
18:56 <Lucifer_arma> anyway, jalapenos are a green variety, generally, about thumb-sized.  Not very flavorful, but they carry a good amount of fire, so I don't eat them much,
18:56 <Lucifer_arma> but they made an excellent substitute for thai chilis (the store was sold out of those)
18:56 <Lucifer_arma> only problem is, jalapenos are appetite stimulants, so my wife and I ended up eating nearly twice as much as we usually do and still felt hungry
18:57 <z-man> ah.
18:57 <Lucifer_arma> and hence the reason many Mexicans are overweight.  :)
18:57 <Lucifer_arma> (I don't eat them much because they're not flavorful, I like fire in my food :) )
19:01  * Lucifer_arma wonders what kind of meat he's supposed to put in these wontons
19:07  * z-man really is in bed now. Builds are up.
19:08 <Lucifer_arma> 'night z-man 
19:10 <joda_bo1> gn8
19:10 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-018-050.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit ["on the run"]
19:12 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@dsl-hkigw6-fe52de00-104.dhcp.inet.fi] has quit ["Leaving"]
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19:34 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50871435.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
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20:05 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
20:07 <Luke-Jr> BTW, if the site has issues, my # is (913) 674-4395
20:08 <Luke-Jr> Lucifer_arma: I don't like the multi-axes fortress much either, except chico
20:08 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, I don't like chico, heh
20:08 <Luke-Jr> I liked Chico better as 16 (or 32?) axes
20:08 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: I figured out how to make the password file work
20:08 <Luke-Jr> when it was supposedly too laggy
20:09 <Lucifer_arma> I really dislike chico a lot, but I'm willing to tolerate it to play some of the other maps there
20:09 <Lucifer_arma> I've gotta face it, for light cycles and regular fighting, I don't really like non-standard axes settings.
20:09 <Lucifer_arma> not that I'll begrudge someone else liking it, it's not the same as double-grinding
20:12 <Luke-Jr> BTW
20:12 <Luke-Jr> Subversion's FSFS more-or-less supports network filesystems if they do file locking
20:12 <Luke-Jr> if we can find a good distributed filesystem w/ locking, it should be simple to setup redundant servers
20:14 <Luke-Jr> obviously the filesystem would need to handle a node or two dying too ;)
20:16 <armabot> armagetronad: yarrt * r5010 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/language/english_base.txt: fixed missing line break
20:16 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: yarrt * r5010 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/language/english_base.txt: fixed missing line break
20:18 <Luke-Jr> eg, network RAID-1
20:18 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: do we really need wrtlbot doubling every commit message?  ;)
20:19 <Luke-Jr> Lucifer_arma: wrtlprnft: can the bots be made to filter for something and execute a command on hachi when it matches?
20:19 <Lucifer_arma> xml-rpc is the answer to that question
20:19 <Luke-Jr> <.<
20:20 <Luke-Jr> why not SSH?
20:20 <Lucifer_arma> should be fairly straightforward to come up with a regex that looks for what you want, and then use xml-rpc to execute a command
20:20 <Lucifer_arma> mostly because os.system() calls are blocking, and to write the code non-blocking is a pain
20:20 <Luke-Jr> oh
20:20 <Luke-Jr> xml-rpc calls aren't?
20:20 <Lucifer_arma> and it should be non-blocking, since your server takes so long to respond to requests :)
20:21 <Luke-Jr> Python doesn't support forking?
20:21 <Lucifer_arma> writing them to be nonblocking is easier
20:21 <Luke-Jr> hachi takes long?
20:21 <Lucifer_arma> always has....  maybe the upgrade sped it up, I haven't checked
20:21 <Luke-Jr> hachi hasn't always existed
20:21 <Luke-Jr> it's been here since a week or so ago
20:22 <Luke-Jr> tsurukikun should be slow
20:22 <Lucifer_arma> should be nonblocking anyway for ssh calls
20:22 <Luke-Jr> OS: GNU/Linux 2.6.16-gentoo-r8/x86_64 - CPU: 1 x AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+ (2202.897 MHz) - Processes: 291 - Uptime: 2d 15h 12m - Users: 98 - Load Average: 1.25 - Memory Usage: 2706MB/1003MB (269%)
20:22 <Luke-Jr> hachi shouldn't, it has plenty of free RAM
20:22 <Luke-Jr> yes
20:22 <Lucifer_arma> because ssh itself carries plenty of overhead
20:22 <Luke-Jr> so Python can't do fork?
20:22 <Lucifer_arma> python can fork
20:22 <Luke-Jr> so why not do that?
20:22 <Lucifer_arma> but that's not the way to make it nonblocking if you don't want to get a headache from it
20:23 <Luke-Jr> #!/bin/bash nohup ssh ... >/dev/null &
20:23 <Luke-Jr> :)
20:23 <Lucifer_arma> I suppose you could do the same thing for either xml-rpc or an os.system call, since all I'm talking about is spawning a thread that dies when it's over
20:23 <Lucifer_arma> spawning threads are very lightweight and will make the call non-blocking for all intents and purposes
20:24 <Luke-Jr> ok
20:24 <Lucifer_arma> what command do you want anyway?
20:24 <Luke-Jr> /var/www/armagetronad/beta/scripts/update or something like that
20:24 <Luke-Jr> not sure the new hiearchy to use for the AA related sites
20:25 <Lucifer_arma> oh yeah,, the other thing is permissions, but that's your problem.  :)  With xml-rpc, you'd have a little php script running to handle it,
20:25 <Lucifer_arma> and you could consolidate permissions, but you'd need to protect the php script itself somehow
20:25 <Luke-Jr> well, that's simple
20:25 <Lucifer_arma> python has good xml-rpc support, which is why I suggested it
20:25 <Luke-Jr> ssh armagetronad@hachi ...
20:25 <Luke-Jr> and just use a key
20:25 <Luke-Jr> and allow the key only to execute the update cmd
20:26 <Lucifer_arma> well, like I say, it's your problem.  :)  armabot runs under a special user account for me, which has a home directory, so I can put stuff in there as needed
20:28 <Lucifer_arma> come up with a regex and the commandline you want executed and I'll throw it in there
20:28 <Lucifer_arma> I assume you're wanting to filter on commit messages specifically?
20:29 <Luke-Jr> yes-- as opposed to what? O.o
20:29 <Lucifer_arma> beats me, just that anything else is a bit tougher and would require me to learn more about supybot :)
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20:43 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5011 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/batch/ (Makefile.am armagetronad-password.py):
20:43 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5011 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/batch/ (Makefile.am armagetronad-password.py):
20:43 <armabot> armagetronad: Added little python program to generate password files for the web
20:43 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: Added little python program to generate password files for the web
20:43 <armabot> armagetronad: server.
20:43 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: server.
20:43 <Lucifer_arma> BUG testing
20:43 <wrtlbot> BUG testing
20:44 <Luke-Jr> wtf?
20:44 <Lucifer_arma> #wtf wtf
20:44 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: WTF: {what,when,where,who,why} the fuck
20:44 <Luke-Jr> s/fuck/fsck
20:44 <Lucifer_arma> #wtf fsck
20:44 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: fsck: nothing appropriate
20:44 <Lucifer_arma> #wtf fuck
20:44 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: fuck: nothing appropriate
20:44 <Luke-Jr> #whatis fsck
20:44 <Luke-Jr> #list whatis
20:44 <armabot> Luke-Jr: Error: 'whatis' is not a valid plugin.
20:45 <Luke-Jr> #list
20:45 <armabot> Luke-Jr: Admin, Alias, CIA, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats, Config, Dict, Games, Google, Herald, Insult, Later, Math, Misc, News, Owner, Praise, Quote, RSS, Seen, Services, Time, Unix, User, Utilities, and Web
20:45 <Luke-Jr> #list unix
20:45 <armabot> Luke-Jr: crypt, errno, fortune, pid, progstats, spell, and wtf
20:45 <Luke-Jr> #rtfm fsck
20:45 <Luke-Jr> #list user
20:45 <armabot> Luke-Jr: capabilities, changename, hostmask, hostmask add, hostmask list, hostmask remove, identify, list, register, set password, set secure, stats, unidentify, unregister, username, and whoami
20:45 <Luke-Jr> #list util
20:45 <armabot> Luke-Jr: Error: 'util' is not a valid plugin.
20:45 <Luke-Jr> #list utilities
20:45 <armabot> Luke-Jr: apply, echo, ignore, last, shuffle, and success
20:45 <Luke-Jr> #list services
20:45 <armabot> Luke-Jr: ghost, identify, invite, nicks, op, password, unban, and voice
20:46 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5012 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/batch/armagetronad-password.py:
20:46 <armabot> armagetronad: Forgot to add a reminder to update config for the password program.
20:46 <armabot> armagetronad: server_name in settings_web.cfg has to match the domain you gave
20:46 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5012 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/batch/armagetronad-password.py:
20:46 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: Forgot to add a reminder to update config for the password program.
20:46 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: server_name in settings_web.cfg has to match the domain you gave
20:46 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: the password program.
20:46 <armabot> armagetronad: the password program.
20:46 <Lucifer_arma> #message wrtlprnft does wrtlbot really have to double every commit message?
20:46 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
20:46 <Luke-Jr> Lucifer_arma: can't the webserver use ADMIN_PASS?
20:46 <Lucifer_arma> nope
20:47 <Lucifer_arma> because the webserver gets a hash of user:domain:password from the web browser, and it has to match that with what's in its password file
20:47 <Lucifer_arma> now, in time the password program can keep admin_pass and the webserver's password in sync
20:47 <Luke-Jr> erm
20:48 <Luke-Jr> and we can't generate user:domain:ADMIN_PASS?
20:48 <Lucifer_arma> #unload CIA
20:48 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
20:48 <Lucifer_arma> #message wrtlprnft I unloaded the cia plugin for armabot so we'll stop getting flooded with every commit message
20:48 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
20:48 <Luke-Jr> pretty sure I've done that before
20:48 <Lucifer_arma> generating it is easy, getting the webserver to accept it is something else entirely
20:49 <Lucifer_arma> it's not a big deal, really.  Do you want everyone who has admin_pass to have access to the webserver?
20:49 <Lucifer_arma> maybe there's a way to do it, maybe we can hack shttpd to allow it and send him the patch again, he's already taken a couple of patches from me
20:49 <Lucifer_arma> you're welcome to beat on it, you like plain C after all, and shttpd is that :)
20:58 <Lucifer_arma> while you're at it, can you make mountpoints scan multiple directories?  So I can mount multiple directories up under /resource?
20:59 <Lucifer_arma> it's important that resource/included be there so a newer server can serve new resources that come with the game to older clients,
20:59 <Lucifer_arma> but we really need another place for server admins to put their own custom resources
20:59 <Luke-Jr> there is one
21:00 <Luke-Jr> the normal resource dir
21:01 <Lucifer_arma> right, but if I say MAP_FILE Lucifer/sick/something.xml , then the client will look at http://myplace/resource/Lucifer/sick/something.xml
21:02 <Lucifer_arma> so right now the resource root on the embedded webserver points at included because that's how it's organized there
21:02 <Lucifer_arma> if I say MAP_FILE included/therest , it won't work
21:03 <Lucifer_arma> so the embedded webserver has to expose the path that you've required us to use (heh) from multiple directories
21:03 <Lucifer_arma> it should probably include even its own automatic directory, so if it downloads a resource from somewhere, it can serve it
21:04 <Lucifer_arma> #message z-man does SERVER_DNS work now?  I'd like to use it with the embedded web server...
21:04 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
21:15 <Luke-Jr> Lucifer_arma: if it downloads the resource from somewhere, the client will also be trying that somewhere ;)
21:16 <Lucifer_arma> last, after the client has already pegged the web server itself for the file
21:16 <Luke-Jr> do we even support multiple repositories?
21:19 <Luke-Jr> http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=64931#64931
21:39 <Lucifer_arma> yay, embedded web server doesn't use its own config file anymore
21:40 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5013 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/ (4 files in 2 dirs):
21:40 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: Embedded web server now loads its config from arma's regular config
21:40 <wrtlbot> armagetronad: system instead of its own.
21:50 <Lucifer_arma> well, I can't edit the wiki anymore :(
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22:00 <spidey> O_o
22:08 -!- closefitting [n=hullabal@tor/session/external/x-37257a35ba3cac28] has quit [Excess Flood]
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--- Log opened Fri Jun 23 23:17:28 2006
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23:19 <wrtlprnft> hrmpf
23:19 <wrtlprnft> forgot to plug my notebook in
23:19 <wrtlprnft> #later tell Lucifer_arma sorry, that was
23:19 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
23:20 <wrtlprnft> #later tell Lucifer_arma sorry, that wasn't intended, i thought i unloaded that plugin for my bot, sorry
23:20 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
23:23 <Lucifer_arma> it's ok, I reloaded after you dropped from the server :)
23:23 <Lucifer_arma> I wrote a little python program to generate passwords for the webserver
23:24 <wrtlprnft> is 5009 rolling now or still stalled?
23:24 <wrtlprnft> and, did i miss anything?
23:24 <Lucifer_arma> up, I think
23:24 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, it's up
23:25 <wrtlprnft> hmm, searching for a key to bind the new instant chat key to: would you mind return, just for the development releases?
23:25 <wrtlprnft> it's the next logical key to go to, after backspace
23:26 <Lucifer_arma> that would be a problem if the game processes the return as an instant chat when you hit return after typing something into chat
23:26 <wrtlprnft> it shouldn't, lemme test
23:27 <wrtlprnft> uh, test delayed, it's compiling everything again
23:28 <wrtlprnft> no, it doesn't :)
23:29 <wrtlprnft> hmm, did someone change the floor color? i like it :)
23:30 <wrtlprnft> i might actually switch from the old green now, this color looks like a nice change
23:33 <Lucifer_arma> I think someone did, and it looks pretty good.
23:33  * Lucifer_arma notes that it's nearly the same as the colors he suggested way back when :)
23:33 <Lucifer_arma> not that it matters that much, but sometimes its fun to say "I told you so!"
23:34 <wrtlprnft> :)
23:34 <wrtlprnft> any preferences what colors to use for the instant chat key?
23:35 <wrtlprnft>      "0xff0000Only idiots0x00ff00 write in0x0000ff color all0xffff00 the time!",
23:35 <wrtlprnft> that's what i have right now
23:35 <Lucifer_arma> awwww, shttpd expects to get the template as a complete file :(
23:35 <Lucifer_arma> I wanted to break it up into multiple files
23:36 <Lucifer_arma> I don't have any preferences for colors :)
23:36 <wrtlprnft> let's pick some annoying pastell tomes
23:36 <wrtlprnft> *tones
23:36 <Lucifer_arma> I also like the noise that's in the grid walls now
23:36 <wrtlprnft> yeah
23:36 <wrtlprnft> i think i'll scrap the old textures :)
23:37 <Lucifer_arma> actually, I like the default setup enough that I'm not using my moviepack anymore
23:37  * wrtlprnft can't use moviepacks :(
23:37 <Lucifer_arma> ?  why not?
23:37 <Lucifer_arma> fps?
23:37 <wrtlprnft> it screws up the floor, badly
23:38 <Lucifer_arma> I'd say turn the floor off, but I really like the mirror effect
23:38 <wrtlprnft> it's because it wants to load it with transparency for the moviepack, and my GL driver doesn't like that
23:38 <Lucifer_arma> ahhhh, ok.
23:39 <wrtlprnft> http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/screenshot_1.png
23:40 <wrtlprnft> don't be afraid to click it, it's tiny
23:43 <armabot> armagetronad: wrtlprnft * r5014 /armagetronad/branches/0.3.0/armagetronad/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Added new instant chat key, "Only idiots write in color all the time!" (in annoying colors)
23:45 <wrtlprnft> 18:02 <z-man> wrtlprnft: sorry, no new instant chats then :) Put them into the trunk.
23:45 <wrtlprnft> and of course i read that AFTER i committed
23:53 <wrtlprnft> #later tell z-man* sorry, I committed my new chat string to 0.3.0, i only read your message later. Can you do one last merge?
23:53 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
23:53 <wrtlprnft> #night
23:53 <armabot> Good night wrtlprnft!

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