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[2020-11-21 18:21:10] <Z-Man> Lucifer_arma: How is the judiciary compromised? It's more conservative now for sure, but I think conservatives and liberals/progressives still share more values and ideas than they disagree on. I'd think that the fact that your judges at the high level are appointed for life protects them quite well from any further influence from politicians. Well, unless the politicians have blackmail material, that is. Even the judges Trump
[2020-11-21 18:21:11] <Z-Man> appointed are not going to support his power grab moves, or those of any future would-be despot.
[2020-11-21 18:21:11] <Z-Man> Yeah, that the only way to any amount power in the US is through one of the big parties is a problem. Ideally, a democracy chooses leaders where the people think they have the right solutions to the problems. In a two party system, you are always weeded out by the parties fist, who select their candidates on how well they align with party policies and how big their perceived chances of winning the actual election are. We have this
[2020-11-21 18:21:11] <Z-Man> problem here in Bavaria, too, where one party has been ruling locally practically forever, uncontested. They just lost absolute majority last year or so. They're often part of the federal government, and nearly every minister they sent has been incompetent and/or a fraud and/or corrupt. I can't prove those two things are related.
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