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[2020-11-09 16:52:12] <Z-Man> The BLM protests both helped and hindered Biden. They helped, because BLM supporters were unlikely to vote Trump. They hindered, because Biden didn't condemn the violence and looting enough; that weakened his position from the point of view of moderates and made him attackable on the Law and Order ticket. And now he has the problem of what to do should the unrest flare up again. He may have no choice but to disappoint some group who
[2020-11-09 16:52:12] <Z-Man> thought he was on their side.
[2020-11-09 16:54:41] <Z-Man> Well, I'm not sure Trump would have won had there been no COVID-19. But if he had handled the crisis better, certainly. Usually, a crisis well handled rallies the people behind their current leader, because stability and a proven track record count for something. Also, tribalism.
[2020-11-09 16:58:28] <Z-Man> Quick primer on the EU's state: Hungary and Poland are slipping into autocratic regimes. They're successfully removing the free press and rigging the justice system to be less independent. They still have free elections, so at least that. Everyone else is in a healty political state.
[2020-11-09 17:02:15] <Z-Man> Brexit happened and will come into full effect in January. There's still no final treaty on how to proceed. The main problem is still the border issue in Ireland. We don't want a border between the southern Republic of Ireland and the rest of the EU, Ireland doesn't want a border inland because of the peace treaty, and GB doesn't want a border between northern Ireland and the rest. Logically, the border should be where the people are
[2020-11-09 17:02:15] <Z-Man>  who had this brilliant idea, but nobody is asking me :)
[2020-11-09 17:11:28] <Z-Man> COVID is hitting us hard with the second wave. Detected infections are through the roof (not comparable to the first wave, because of more testing), Intensive care units are getting full again, restrictions have been put in place everywhere. France has a full curfew, pubs in GB are closed. There is moderate civil unrest about it in Italy and Spain. Schools are still open, though. Here it's all right. Restaurants, bars, cinemas,
[2020-11-09 17:11:28] <Z-Man> theaters and gymns are closed for November, we have restrictions about how many people can meet outside and we're strongly encouraged not to invite too many people in our own homes (nobody is checking on that because of privacy). The shops are all open. Of course, there is also a bit of unrest, coming from the far right and conspiracy nutters. Oh, sorry, I mean independent thinkers.
[2020-11-09 17:13:26] <Z-Man> The northern countries are doing fine, as usual :) Cheeky bastards.
[2020-11-09 17:23:29] <Z-Man> The refuge crisis also isn't over. Well, it sort of is for us, because those that still come, come via boat over the mediterranean, and then they get stuck on one of the islands. Efforts to get them evenly distributed over Europe failed, mostly due to the resistance of, surprise, Poland and Hungary. There's a treaty with Turkey that says they have to take back any refugees that would not get asylum here, but Grece doesn't even have
[2020-11-09 17:23:29] <Z-Man> the capacity to handle their applications to determine who they could send back. So the islands, Lesbos in particular, are filling up. The locals aren't happy, understandably. It's a disgrace. Some refugee parents there probably wish they would take their kids away and lock them into cages, as long as they're at least fed. Really, all decent countries should just take some of the refugees, fair distribution be damned. We're aftraid
[2020-11-09 17:23:29] <Z-Man> of losing votes to the far right.
[2020-11-09 17:26:12] <Z-Man> So yeah, mostly all right, and not all fucked up stuff is happening over there with you guys :)
[2020-11-09 17:33:08] <Z-Man> I haven't read anything about COVID-Similar cases prior to 2019. But it seems plausible that for every case where a virus hops from animal to a human and is then somehow well able to spread betwen humans, there must be a hundred cases where it makes the first hop and can even multiply in its first human victim, but is stuck there.
[2020-11-09 17:40:53] <Z-Man> I don't think the chances that one of those Viri is going to wipe us all out, or even do serious damage like the Black Plague back in the day, is all too big in the next 100, 200, even 1000 years. But longterm... as long as we're stuck on this planet and filling every corner, we're the perfect prey. And where there is perfect prey, a perfect predator is bound to show up some time.
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[2020-11-09 23:04:14] <Lucifer_arma> here's a new diagnosis: mouse pad quit working

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