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[2020-08-19 17:11:22] <Z-Man> Full Visual Studio is my second favorite software I have to use at work (first one being Firefox, obv). I only curse it to the moon and back about once a week.
[2020-08-19 17:11:43] <Z-Man> Like lately, it has developed the tendency too autocomplete:
[2020-08-19 17:11:46] <Z-Man> if(bla)
[2020-08-19 17:11:47] <Z-Man> {
[2020-08-19 17:11:49] <Z-Man> stuff
[2020-08-19 17:11:51] <Z-Man> }
[2020-08-19 17:11:56] <Z-Man> else
[2020-08-19 17:12:20] <Z-Man> <gets indent wrong, I press tab>
[2020-08-19 17:12:24] <Z-Man> else -> #else
[2020-08-19 17:12:27] <Z-Man> GAA
[2020-08-19 17:15:49] <Z-Man> I don't see it getting officially replaced by VS Code in the near future. They're two completely separate projects, and with proper VS, it was always possible to import projects from earlier versions and upgrade them to the new version, in a way that worked.
[2020-08-19 17:16:20] <Z-Man> That's going to be difficult for VS Code to pull off.
[2020-08-19 17:17:33] <Z-Man> Then again, the big VS projects also build on a server in a simplified environment, so they probably build now alreay in Code, given the right plugin.
[2020-08-19 17:26:46] <Z-Man> Your Celeron should cope fine. Global operations may be a bit sluggish. Raspis are not officially supported, but people got it to work and I heard nobody point out that it is juuuust a biiiit too slow for actual work, like they did for office work with the Raspi 1.
[2020-08-19 17:30:42] <Z-Man> Oh, my wife's old computer is now Z-Girl's. It's mainly used as a Pokedex. My wife has a better CPU than me now, a quad i7 with hyperthreading and I think a higher clock than my non-hyperthreaded i5 from four generations or so ago.
[2020-08-19 18:11:49] <Lucifer_arma> I'm actually having a problem getting a responsive desktop on the raspi 4, which totally kills the raspi 1 for performance.  It runs shit just fine, but there's about a second's delay in moving the mouse cursor,
[2020-08-19 18:12:28] <Lucifer_arma> and a similar delay when you start typing, but when you continue typing, the delay drops off.  I tried htop to see if I could spot a process taking up too much cpu time, but there was none to be found.
[2020-08-19 18:13:11] <Lucifer_arma> I'm running the 32 bit raspberry pi os and I installed kde-plasma from the raspberry repositories.  I wasn't getting that much of a delay with the default DE, but it was also basically crippled otherwise :/
[2020-08-19 18:13:23] <Lucifer_arma> and most importantly, required double-clicking with no config option to change that.
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