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[2020-06-19 08:41:17] <ct|kyle> I thought it was math in general, they don't like the arabic numerals
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[2020-06-19 18:42:38] <Z-Man> Lucifer_arma, ct|kyle: heh :)
[2020-06-19 18:43:05] <Z-Man> Armanelgtron: wouldn't that break network compatibility? I don't remember which variable is transmitted...
[2020-06-19 18:45:08] <Z-Man> The reason it's an int is for the menu. Seemed easier to do at the time.
[2020-06-19 18:46:26] <Z-Man> For the branch question, you can develop on any branch you like! Even if you develop fro, I can merge it to 0.2.8 no problem. Well, apart from conflicts.
[2020-06-19 18:47:58] <Z-Man> Only the git history looks weird when you do such a thing and enable --graph.
[2020-06-19 18:48:40] <Z-Man> Anyway, I would not merge that into, so 0.2.8 is the best choice.
[2020-06-19 18:49:59] <Armanelgtron> REAL_ARENA_SIZE_FACTOR is what is transmitted, which is already a real
[2020-06-19 18:51:10] <Z-Man> Lucifer_arma, guru3_: Don't you want to be co-maintainers on GitLab? Send your IDs and I'll make that so.
[2020-06-19 18:54:59] <Z-Man> Armanelgtron: I see. But it still breaks configurations? While breaking stuff, I'd replace the exponential function with something MUCH more simple then, while at it; equality. REAL_ARENA_SIZE_FACTOR should just be SIZE_FACTOR, and you should just see that in the menu, with appropriate editing possibilities so it does not take ages to to from 1 to 100.
[2020-06-19 18:57:33] <Z-Man> And if it breaks config compatibility, it should go to the master branch, I think.
[2020-06-19 19:00:32] <Armanelgtron> Z-Man: well, what I've done shouldn't break compatibility. Since you're already including math.h, I'm taking advantage of "pow" instead of the current stuff in exponent, the same way I'm doing it in armawebtron. It should produce the same results to REAL_ARENA_SIZE_FACTOR
[2020-06-19 19:01:01] <Armanelgtron> (yes, I decided to call 3dcycles armawebtron, even though I don't really like that name either)
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[2020-06-19 20:39:45] <Armanelgtron> also, if you ask me, I think we should get rid of seperate SP_ for fundamental game configuration
[2020-06-19 20:40:46] <Armanelgtron> why do we need our wall lengths and map sizes different between single player and multiplayer? but meh
[2020-06-19 20:41:46] <Armanelgtron> another confusing bit, if people don't know better they'll edit CYCLE_WALLS_LENGTH manually and be confused at it changing every round
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[2020-06-19 21:56:34] <Armanelgtron> I've been using "confusing bit" a lot lately ... 

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