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Log from 2008-12-13:
--- Day changed Sat Dec 13 2008
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00:17 <armabot> armagetronad: bazaarmagetron * r8660 /armagetronad/branches/0.2.8/armagetronad/ (. src/engine/ePlayer.cpp): epsy: Don't wait for silenced players at start.
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00:22 <teabot> armacommits: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r954 Don't wait for silenced players at start....
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00:23 <BabyBug> \o/
00:24 <PinkTomato> \o/\o/
00:24 <PinkTomato> what is with the cheers :D
00:24 <PinkTomato> Oh! bzr update :)
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00:26 <BabyBug> lol
00:29 <PinkTomato> I've only noticed Lucifer's name is satan.
00:29 <Lucifer> heh
00:30 <Lucifer> man, I'm trying to remember what I last did with the sound engine
00:30 <BabyBug> ...
00:31 <epsy> PlayContinuousing!
00:31 <Lucifer> there's two distinct ideas in the sound engine, both half-finished, and I'm trying to distinguish between them so I can work on one of them
00:31  * Lucifer thinks he should work on the resource system instead
00:31 <Lucifer> (since that's a prerequisite to the sound engine)
00:32 <epsy> well that's a prerequiste to eEvent which is a prerequiste for soundengine
00:33 <Lucifer> has anything been done with the resource engine?
00:33 <Lucifer> or is it still in roughly the same shape as it was before we had that big talk about it?
00:33  * Lucifer knows he did some work in header files, but doesn't think he implemented anything
00:33 <Lucifer> z-man-work: hey, do we still need to support MSVC 6?
00:33 <epsy> well, it should still show somewhere on trunk logs
00:34 <epsy> but trunk does not even run :|
00:34 <Lucifer> it doesn't?
00:34  * Lucifer hasn't tried to build it yet
00:34 <epsy> no, some std:iostream cousin is segfaulting in global constructors initialisation
00:35 <Lucifer> gdb?
00:35 <epsy> yeah
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00:35 <Lucifer> any idea when it stopped working?
00:35 <epsy> not sure if I have a tracec under my hand, but there's nothing from arma, except the call to the contructor
00:35 <Lucifer> you know, so I can branch from an earlier revision :)
00:36 <epsy> well, that's the same thing I do on -eevent
00:36 <Lucifer> ok, it's dark enough for me to drive my car, so I need to work on my shower
00:37 <Lucifer> maybe I should do sound engine work in your eevent branch?  ;)
00:37 <epsy> I discarded a merge from mainline right because it didn't even run
00:37 <epsy> well, eEventHandler isn't quite designed yet
00:38 <Lucifer> so you know which revision the trunk broke on?
00:38  * Lucifer hasn't even built in a year, let alone played
00:38 <epsy> (ie. what launches an action from an executed eEvent)
00:38 <Lucifer> we need qt's signals and slots
00:38 <epsy> otherwise, the hello_world event works bidirectionally
00:38 <Lucifer> do we need to support MSVC 6 still?
00:39  * Lucifer doesn't think we need to
00:39 <Lucifer> I ask because the resource system would get a bit easier if we can use template methods
00:39 <Lucifer> which I just learned about :)
00:39 <epsy> no, there was some changes with makefiles that confused me(and make)
00:39 <epsy> for MSVC I guess we don't have to care
00:40 <Lucifer> well, I'm a go work on my shower, bbiab
00:40 <epsy> actually, I have a mockup of an idea for eEventHandler, see earlier in today's chatlog
00:40 <epsy> ok, bb
00:41 <BabyBug> Since when does mockup mean random babbling to oneself?
00:41 <BabyBug> =P
00:42 <epsy> it's not a mockup of eEventHandler, it's a mockup of an idea for eEventHandler
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00:48 <epsy> :(
00:50 <BabyBug> epsy, </3
00:52 <PinkTomato> so whats <3/ then?
01:01 <Monkey_arma> PinkTomato: http://www.tronrepublik.net/
01:01 <Monkey_arma> Better tell someone.
01:01 <epsy> guru3, would it be possible to turn off recaptcha on the wiki for links to launchpad.net and derivates?
01:02 <BabyBug> PinkTomato, Broken Heart...Basically means i hate you!
01:02 <guru3> epsy: id have to start fiddling with the plugin code, so i dont know
01:02 <epsy> oh
01:03 <PinkTomato> Monkey_arma: Thanks, no one is online at the moment.
01:03 <Monkey_arma> np
01:03 <PinkTomato> BabyBug: Awww :(
01:04 <epsy> also, if someone familliar with ubuntu could get a procedure for this: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=FAQ#ArmagetronAd_keeps_minimizing_when_on_fullscreen_mode_on_Ubuntu.2FGNOME
01:04 <guru3> i think xscreensaver also causes that sometimes
01:05 <PinkTomato> Oh how I want that bug fixed :D
01:05 <guru3> "what could be done as an optional setting, is cofiguring the graphics driver to check what app has been called to the front and disable any background running programs (screensaver included) from calling fullscreen. can be done by hooking DirectX and tracing all calls for such."
01:05 <guru3> what the HELL is that guy talkinga bout
01:05 <epsy> yeah lol
01:05 <PinkTomato> DirectX dosen't run on ubuntu...
01:06 <epsy> DirectX hooking to debug gnome-screensaver
01:06 <epsy> [or SDL]
01:07 <guru3> i think the main thing that should worry people here is... since when did gnome-screensaver use directx?
01:08 <epsy> aaaaah so that's whyy it bugs ;)
01:09 <PinkTomato> :). Additionally, is there a gnome function to fix all my tray items etc? the clock keeps moving left along the screen.
01:09 <BabyBug> epsy, what do you mean get a procedure? As in how to disable the screensaver?
01:09 <guru3> PinkTomato: lock to panel?
01:09 <epsy> yes
01:10 <guru3> good night guys
01:10 <BabyBug> System > Preferences > Screensaver > Untick Activate screensaver when computer is idle?
01:10 <PinkTomato> night guru3 :)
01:11 <PinkTomato> ty
01:11 <PinkTomato> so simple :)
01:11 <PinkTomato> BabyBug: Then you won't have a screensaver?
01:11 <BabyBug> PinkTomato, That's the only way around it for now =P
01:12 <PinkTomato> or i could script it to turn it off, run the program, and then switch it back on :D
01:13 <epsy> BabyBug: guess so
01:13 <epsy> well, you can use xscreensaver otherwise
01:14 <BabyBug> Couldn't you put a hack in arma to call gnome-screensave-command --inhibit? xD
01:16 <epsy> BabyBug, where are the improvements going huh? :)
01:17 <BabyBug> epsy, what?
01:18 <epsy> :D
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01:21 <BabyBug> hrmm...Is it me or have the amount of arma servers increased a fair bit?
01:22 <epsy> ¦×¦ sumo, FTS and café?
01:22 <PinkTomato> 117 servers
01:23 <BabyBug> The server list in the armagetron just got 150 servers =\
01:24 <PinkTomato> ah but quite a few are mis configured
01:24 <PinkTomato> ?
01:24 <epsy> how many are unreachable?
01:24 <PinkTomato> there are 1.2 players for each server.
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03:18 <madmax> evil: http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001196.html
03:41 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/slyshot/quimica-1.aamap.xml: Resource by slyshot
04:03 <Lucifer> er, how do I authenticate?  ;)
04:04  * BabyBug cuddles Lucifer 
04:16 <Lucifer> what's PLAYER_TIME_TOTAL measured in?
04:16 <Lucifer> seconds?
04:31 -!- dlh [n=dlh@] has joined #armagetron
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05:06 <dlh> #sd -v limbo
05:06 <armabot> dlh: --> In Limbo ( running 0.2.8_alpha20081209 unix dedicated, url: http://launchpad.net/~dlh, Description: “Ramps and flying cycles! Real grinding. Restricted wall-humping and 180-ing.“, Players (6/10): Carnage, cole, free kill, Lucifer, nubeuro, Shumaru
05:07 <Lucifer> heh, that OSD killed me
05:10 <dlh> heh
05:12  * Lucifer wants a fort game
05:13 <dlh> difficult to find one at this time
05:14 <dlh> it's best to play when all the european players are too
05:23 <Lucifer> someone come to flag fortress
05:23 <ct|kyle> ok
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06:25 <Lucifer> that's a pretty neat server
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07:39 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: ping
07:41 <luke-jr> Lucifer: werewolf? :/
07:41 <Lucifer> er, no?
07:42 <luke-jr> aw
07:42 <Lucifer> trying to figure out why the map won't do what the docs say it should do :)
07:44 <Lucifer> ok, I give up
07:47 <hang3r> don't give up hope Lucifer!
07:47 <Lucifer> heh
07:48 <Lucifer> hey, come play fort with me
07:48 <Lucifer> I'm getting beat up by manta's chatbot
07:48 <hang3r> I cant, armagetron is too hard
07:48 <hang3r> didn't you read my rant
07:49 <hang3r> And no luke-jr, I won't be joining #anime, but thanks for the invite
07:51 <Lucifer> no, I didn't read your rant
07:51 <hang3r> Plus I don't get much time to myself any more, work takes it all, that plus I'm in the design phase of my own game
07:51 <Lucifer> wait, is it on the forums?
07:51 <Lucifer> plus plus plus
07:51 <hang3r> no it was on irc
07:51 <Lucifer> then no, I probably didn't see it
07:51 <Lucifer> care to repeat it?  ;)
07:52 <Lucifer> now it's my chatbot against batmasterson
07:53 <hang3r> Dec 11 11:31:42 <hang3r>	Wow, I decided to download the latest SVN version of armagetronad 3.0alpha, nice work guys, I actually cant even work out how to play the game, and I'm not exactly new to armagetron, mind you I haven't played in years. Just some constructive criticism for you all to think about
07:53 <hang3r> Dec 11 11:32:35 <hang3r>	Joined a server "Sorry, you must play 2 mins blah blah blah", err no.
07:53 <hang3r> Dec 11 11:33:15 <hang3r>	went into local game, "wow I'm watching bots now, how do I actually join my own local game?" ...
07:54 <hang3r> Dec 11 11:34:15 <hang3r>	Do I have to press secret key combinations?
07:54 <hang3r> Dec 11 11:34:30 <hang3r>	Seems so...
07:54 <hang3r> Dec 11 11:35:27 <hang3r>	You may want to take a step back and KEEP IT SIMPLE!
07:54 <hang3r> Dec 12 12:05:09 <hang3r>	No, I needed to disable spectator mode, I was just making you aware of the first perspective of someone new to AA
07:54 <hang3r> Dec 12 12:07:25 <hang3r>	*How do I join* *How do I ask the other players how I join* *I can't find the chat key* *I cant find the key setup page*
07:54 <Lucifer> I ran into the same thing, heh
07:55 <hang3r> Dec 12 12:10:44 <hang3r>	Not having a go at armagetron, I just felt like having a game (haven't played in over a year), downloaded and compiled the latest trunk from SVN at sourceforge, attempted to play and felt really lost
07:55 <Lucifer> I didn't disable spectator mode, though, I hacked user.cfg to set the time setting
07:55 <hang3r> Dec 12 12:14:23 <hang3r>	feedback is good, any new player at that stage would have almost given up, "too hard, plenty of other games, can't be bothered".
07:55 <hang3r> yeah ok, you get the picture
07:55 <luke-jr> stfu
07:55 <Lucifer> latest trunk != release, though
07:55 <hang3r> I'm well aware of that
07:56 <hang3r> Dont you start luke, I can e-punch.
07:58 <Lucifer> I suspect there's a bug in the mechanism that stopped me from playing local game
07:58 <Lucifer> like spectator_mode got kicked on on the server, but didn't get reset when I went to local game
07:58 <Lucifer> so what game are you designing?
07:59 <hang3r> Ever played tremulous?
08:02 <hang3r> Basically It's like that, however it's set in space from the first person view of a pilot (wing commander style). So to sum it up, a FPS in space with team based gameplay, ability to defend your base, attack your opponents.
08:08 <Lucifer> never played tremulous
08:08 <Lucifer> tried a few times, but had much the same experience with it that you just described with arma :)
08:10 <hang3r> haha, opensource ftl
08:10  * hang3r hides from luke
08:23 <hang3r> I keep getting segfaults in the server browser, and I can see the right most part of the servers name constantly changing to random characters, like a string somewhere isn't terminated
08:47 <Lucifer> are you running the trunk?
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09:01 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer: pong
09:40 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@174.188-247-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
09:46 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: heh, ping again
09:57 <hang3r> 46 minutes of latency, nice guys
09:57 -!- hoop [n=john@ip-200-110.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #armagetron
10:15 <hoop> how are the spawn points assigned every round? eg: in fortress are the start positions switched between teams? or not?
10:17 <hoop> there's a topic on forums, can't find it anymore, talking about making a fort server forcing an "attackers vs defenders" game when players number is low, where there's only one zone in the map
10:18 <hoop> so I'd like to know which way the zone is going to be assigned
10:29 <Lucifer> closest team
10:41 <hoop> mm, my question is: will team's position be switched every time, or what?
10:43 <hoop> the thing I'm looking for is to make it so the attacking team will be defending the next round, etc
11:14 <hoop> noob13: you'd be intersted setting up a test server like that?
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11:47 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer: still there?
11:58 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-24.brookes.ac.uk] has joined #armagetron
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12:58 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: well, I'm going to bed, sorry
12:58 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: do the mapmodes work?  In the trunk, I mean.  I couldn't get them to work at all, the toggle just turns the map on and off
12:58 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: maybe I did something wrong?  ;)
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14:13 -!- iccleoldme is now known as BabyBug
14:13 <BabyBug> \o
14:13 <epsy> \o BabyBug
14:15 <K-Yo> G5, hey
14:34 <Lizmatic> g'morning
14:37  * BabyBug cuddles Lizmatic 
14:39 <Lizmatic> hello lover. ^^
14:40 <K-Yo> Monkey_arma, I'm back :P
14:40 <Monkey_arma> hey K-Yo
14:40 <K-Yo> :)
14:40 <K-Yo> who's for some fort?
14:40 <Monkey_arma> i would be but not many people....
14:40 <K-Yo> 2 atm
14:40 <Monkey_arma> ..
14:41 <Lizmatic> i would but im playing wow :x
14:41 <K-Yo> hehe
14:41 <K-Yo> .ctos
14:41 <tronner> K-Yo: Crazy Tronners Open Sumo: Players (3/12): -»|$øØ M, .goo, ReapeR
14:41 <K-Yo> .si o.s
14:41 <tronner> K-Yo: ¦×¦.Team.Sumo.Server: Players (0/16):
14:41 <K-Yo> .servers
14:41 <tronner> K-Yo: This data is 10301 seconds old; The YELLOW Submarine (13/16), Strawberry Fields (6/16), WILDCAT (5/8), Crazy Tronners Wild Sumo (5/10), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (5/12), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}Dog Fight< (DF) (4/12), Crazy Tronners Open Sumo (3/12), |FA| BLACK TAR (2/16), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}High Rubber < (2/12), |FA| BLACK ICE (1/16), AfroTHUNDER! (1/10), Wild West  =CTF Shooting= (1 more message)
14:41 <K-Yo> #servers
14:41 <armabot> K-Yo: This data is 4 seconds old; The YELLOW Submarine (11/16), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (9/10), - | D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | - (8/16), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}Dog Fight< (DF) (6/12), Crazy Tronners Wild Sumo (6/10), Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress. (6/14), Bugfarm Elimination Sumo (5/16), WILDCAT (5/8), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (4/12), z0mbie Nati0n (3/10), ~*SpeederS*~ (1 more message)
14:41 <K-Yo> .ady
14:41 <tronner> K-Yo: Crazy Tronners Wild Sumo: Players (5/10): $[.A.N.D.O]$, -»|Xyron, FrEeToSk8bRd, Niii, TheN00b
14:42 <K-Yo> .si bugf
14:42 <tronner> K-Yo: Bugfarm Elimination Sumo: Players (0/16):
14:42 <K-Yo> 4
14:42 <epsy> #sd bugf
14:42 <armabot> epsy: Bugfarm Elimination Sumo: Players (5/16): -»|hoop, alf, CT~Voodoo (voodoo@forums), Sin, ubuntu_us3r
14:43 <BabyBug> .tea
14:43 <tronner> BabyBug: Fortress Café: Players (5/32): -»|$øØ M, ?¥¶µ®©, cT¤K-Yo, Desolate (Desolate@forums), noTme
14:43 <epsy> #tea
14:43 <armabot> epsy: Fortress Café: Players (5/32): -»|$øØ M, ?¥¶µ®©, cT¤K-Yo, Desolate (Desolate@forums), noTme
14:45 <Lizmatic> .spam
14:45 <BabyBug> .smooch
14:45 <Lizmatic> xDDD
14:50 -!- ct|kyle [n=kyle@pool-71-97-143-186.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
14:52 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-24.brookes.ac.uk] has joined #armagetron
14:53 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@123-130-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has joined #armagetron
14:57 <Lizmatic> .tea
14:57 <tronner> Lizmatic: Fortress Café: Players (10/32): ?¥¶µ®©, BabyBug, CT×Concord (Concord@forums), cT¤K-Yo, Desolate (Desolate@forums), epsy¦×¦ (epsy@forums), Monkey (Monkey@forums), noTme, Pink Tomatoes, Sentinal
15:17 <BabyBug> .ls Flex
15:17 <tronner> BabyBug: timed out
15:17 <BabyBug> ><
15:30 <ct|kyle> guru3: forums down or just extremely slow?
15:31 <K-Yo> .ls conco
15:31 <tronner> K-Yo: CT×Concord has last been seen on Fortress Test Server 7 minutes ago.
15:31 <ct|kyle> .cters
15:31 <tronner> ct|kyle: This data is 13324 seconds old: Nothing found.
15:31 <ct|kyle> o0
15:32 <K-Yo> ct|kyle, liv's data is ALWYAS very old, why?
15:33 <K-Yo> #si test
15:33 <armabot> K-Yo: Fortress Test Server: Players (6/16): CT×Conkord, CT§ÅÐ¥±£µ¢îfe®, epsy¦×¦, noob13, Pink Tomatoes, ~|DS|~ Judders
15:33 <ct|kyle> K-Yo: now it is new :)
15:33 <K-Yo> .servers
15:33 <tronner> K-Yo: This data is 26 seconds old; [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (12/12), The YELLOW Submarine (12/16), - | D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | - (9/16), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (8/10), Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress. (8/14), |FA| BLACK TAR (7/16), Crazy Tronners Wild Sumo (7/10), Wild West  =Sumo= (6/14), Fortress Test Server (6/16), WILDCAT (5/8), {Delicious Desserts} High Rubber (5/10), SPACEZONE I [HIGH (2 more messages)
15:34 <K-Yo> ct|kyle, how come?
15:38 <Lizmatic> .tea
15:38 <tronner> Lizmatic: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
15:38 <Lizmatic> aw! just when i can play
15:39 <BabyBug> you missed your chance!!
15:39 <Lizmatic> I know! :<
15:40 <guru3> ct|kyle: just slow i think
15:41 <Lizmatic> babe, come crazy tronners wild sumo
15:41 <Lizmatic> :D
15:42 <BabyBug> coming!
15:43 <BabyBug> awww full ='(
15:43 <K-Yo> #tea
15:43 <armabot> K-Yo: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
15:43 <K-Yo> BabyBug, not full anymore
15:43 <BabyBug> \o/
15:49 <armabot> fts_feedback: epsy¦×¦ - hello! || CT×Conkord - I'm not crazy about that map, maybe rectangle with accel rim || epsy¦×¦ - I'd say that would be more appropriate for some CTF
15:59 <armabot> fts_feedback: CT×Conkord - lack of individual scores is great, though scoring still needs to be revisited
16:00 -!- iccleoldme [n=BabyBug@] has joined #armagetron
16:01 -!- BabyBug [n=BabyBug@] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:06 -!- iccleoldme is now known as BabyBug
16:10 <armabot> fts_feedback: CT×Conkord - we should try to make fortress more fluid, and matches are time based not round based
16:16 -!- mib_jvsggf [i=4aeb0be8@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a0ca29d33da7c672] has joined #armagetron
16:17 -!- mib_jvsggf [i=4aeb0be8@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a0ca29d33da7c672] has left #armagetron []
16:17 -!- mib_jvsggf [i=4aeb0be8@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a0ca29d33da7c672] has joined #armagetron
16:17 <mib_jvsggf> Hi!
16:17 <K-Yo> hi mib_jvsggf !
16:18 <mib_jvsggf> More like TaZ
16:18 <mib_jvsggf> lul
16:18 <mib_jvsggf> It said I was banned...
16:18 <PinkTomato> what did you say?
16:18 <mib_jvsggf> Nothing..
16:18 <mib_jvsggf> Let me try again.
16:18 -!- mib_jvsggf [i=4aeb0be8@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a0ca29d33da7c672] has left #armagetron []
16:19 -!- TaZ [i=4aeb0be8@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-73d5ecad436b7b9f] has joined #armagetron
16:19 <PinkTomato> hi TaZ
16:19 <TaZ> ok, now it works.
16:19 <TaZ> Hi PinkTomato
16:19 <TaZ> :)
16:19 <PinkTomato> hi :)
16:21 -!- Ady-Lucifer [n=Admin@76.Red-83-61-154.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #armagetron
16:21 <TaZ> Hey Ady-Lucifer( The better version of Lucifer)
16:21 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@123-130-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:22 <Ady-Lucifer> hi TaZ ,me's no better than anyone :)
16:22 <TaZ> Nah, you're nicer than lucifer though
16:22 <TaZ> :P
16:23  * BabyBug begs to differ
16:23 <TaZ> xD
16:23 <Ady-Lucifer> </3
16:23 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@123-130-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has joined #armagetron
16:26  * Ady-Lucifer is back (gone 00:01:32)
16:26  * Ady-Lucifer is away: afk
16:43 -!- hang3r [n=nathan@ppp59-167-96-142.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
16:46 <epsy> #quote add <TaZ> Ady-Lucifer: Nah, you're nicer than lucifer though
16:46 -!- mkzelda [n=mkzelda@unaffiliated/mkzelda] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:46 <armabot> epsy: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
16:46 <epsy> boo
16:46 <K-Yo> #quote add <TaZ> Ady-Lucifer: Nah, you're nicer than lucifer though
16:46 <armabot> K-Yo: The operation succeeded.  Quote #82 added.
16:46 <K-Yo> ;)
16:48 <TaZ> lool
16:49 <epsy> this banner looks funny on an LCD
16:49 <BabyBug> ?
16:50 <epsy> when your eyes are looking from the bottom there is no glow, from top it glows quite much Oo
16:50 <epsy> BabyBug: http://playfortress.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/screenshot_1100-banner2.png
16:51 <BabyBug> why does it look funny on an LCD? :s
16:51 <epsy> move it on your screen
16:51 <BabyBug> ok.........
16:51 <BabyBug> ?
16:52 <epsy> when on top it does not glow much and on bottom it does
16:52 <epsy> at least on mine
16:53 <TaZ> epsy: Are u ok?
16:54 <epsy> #quote get 82
16:54 <armabot> epsy: Quote #82: "<TaZ> Ady-Lucifer: Nah, you're nicer than lucifer though" (added by K-Yo at 04:46 PM, December 13, 2008)
16:54  * epsy returns the question
16:54 <TaZ> lul, it's true though..
16:54 <epsy> srsly?
16:54 <TaZ> ya
16:55  * epsy really doubts that
16:55 <PinkTomato> epsy: no difference here :S
16:55 <TaZ> Excuse me epsy, but Ady-Lucifer has never kicked me from a channel.
16:55 <epsy> PinkTomato, CRT?
16:55 <TaZ> :D
16:55 <PinkTomato> TFT
16:55 <epsy> TaZ, because he can't?
16:55 <Lizmatic> because he isnt admin anywhere
16:55 <Lizmatic> doh
16:56 <TaZ> He wouldn't if he could though
16:56 <epsy> LOL
16:56 <Lizmatic> hahaha
16:56 <TaZ> Yall stop giving Ady-Lucifer a hard time. :p
16:56 <Lizmatic> why do you think he isnt admin
16:56 -!- mkzelda [n=mkzelda@unaffiliated/mkzelda] has joined #armagetron
16:56 <TaZ> eww.Lizmatic
16:57 <TaZ> SaSoRi
16:57 <Lizmatic> ????
16:57 <TaZ> :)
16:57 <Lizmatic> whats your point?
16:57 <TaZ> Nothing???
16:57 <Lizmatic> indeed, so shut up
16:57 <TaZ> Geez, no need to get all defensive
16:57 <TaZ> ;)
16:58 <Lizmatic> whats the point in calling me sasori?
16:58 <TaZ> Because it was your old name?? lol..
16:58 <Lizmatic> and..?
16:58 <TaZ> hmm
16:58 <TaZ> Lizmatic: Are u ok?
16:58 <Lizmatic> nobrainlolz
16:59 <Lizmatic> I'm fine player_1
16:59 <TaZ> You get defensive easily. :)
16:59 <Lizmatic> you like pointing out the obvious don't you?
17:00 <Lizmatic> "your old name was sasori lololz" "you get defensive easily lolololz"
17:00 <TaZ> of course! lool
17:00 <epsy> Lizmatic, well, we're doing the same
17:00 <Lizmatic> DIAF
17:00 <Lizmatic> DIAF
17:00 <Lizmatic> xD
17:00 <Lizmatic> god, my irc is fucked..
17:00  * BabyBug brutually stabs TaZ multiple times
17:00 <TaZ> Lizmatic: Reverting back to your "old self" aren't you?
17:00 <epsy> you got an IRC?
17:00 <Lizmatic> i gots an irc
17:00  * TaZ dies from wounds
17:00 <epsy> Lizmatic, LisNet?
17:01 <epsy> irc.lis.net?
17:01  * Lizmatic is confused
17:01 <epsy> zomg u r l33t
17:01  * Lizmatic agrees 100%
17:01 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
17:01 <Paralyzed> hai peeps
17:01 <TaZ> Hey Paralyzed
17:01 <epsy> quick, let's hide
17:02 <PinkTomato> lol :D
17:02 <Paralyzed> epsy: die.
17:02 <PinkTomato> hi Paralyzed, TaZ
17:02 <TaZ> PinkTomato: :)
17:02 <epsy> forum's being on fire :x
17:02 <Lizmatic> which forum
17:02 <Paralyzed> pink
17:02 <epsy> lisforums
17:02 <Paralyzed> potatoes :)
17:02 <Paralyzed> lol epsy
17:03 <Paralyzed> speaking of list on wiki page
17:03 <Lizmatic> lo0l
17:03 <Paralyzed> ricochet was not leader of xclan?
17:03 <epsy> oops, I meant lisahahahahahaforums
17:03 <PinkTomato> no arma forums ;'(
17:03 <epsy> yeah but fofo made him go disabled
17:04 -!- Lizmatic is now known as Lis
17:04 <Paralyzed> im getting ubunut >:)
17:04  * Lis ahaha
17:04 <epsy> he ubunuts?
17:04 <Paralyzed> LOL
17:04 <epsy> scratch that he
17:04 <Paralyzed> ubuntu :)
17:04 <TaZ> :D
17:04 <TaZ> Paralyzed: You still in Ns?
17:04 <Paralyzed> PinkTomato: where's chaos :P
17:04 <epsy> Paralyzed, nah, we're anarchists
17:04 <Paralyzed> Yes, i'm co leader
17:05 <TaZ> Do you think R is good?
17:05 <Lis> If I ignore someone on irc, does it work in private chat too?
17:05 <epsy> P is better
17:06 <epsy> Lis, you have the choice
17:06 <Paralyzed> Well, i woudlnt joiin R
17:06 <Paralyzed> put it that way :)
17:06 <Paralyzed> id join enders bit clan first LOL
17:06 <TaZ> lol, ok that answers it
17:06 <TaZ> omg lol
17:06 <TaZ> Are you serious?
17:06 <epsy> [17:05] <Paralyzed>: id join enders bit clan first LOL
17:06 <epsy> that gives a good idea of the LMS clan field
17:07 <PinkTomato> LMS clan field?
17:07 <Paralyzed> lawl espy
17:07 <Paralyzed> take a look at HOW MANY players in bit
17:07 <Paralyzed> SO MANY :)
17:07 <Paralyzed> http://bitclan.iforums.us
17:07 <PinkTomato> he did just start it...
17:07 <Paralyzed> true
17:07 <TaZ> Yea he did.
17:07 <epsy> PinkTomato, clans that play LMS?
17:07 <Paralyzed> but im makign a point
17:07 <TaZ> I was supriesed he left ID..
17:07 <Paralyzed> besides that fact taz
17:08 <Paralyzed> i dont like r because
17:08 <Paralyzed> marshmellow can be a jerk
17:08 <PinkTomato> I don't know what LMS means :S
17:08 <Paralyzed> and as well as others
17:08 <epsy> last man standing
17:08 <PinkTomato> ah right :D
17:08 <Paralyzed> only respectable person in R tbh is tobe
17:08 <epsy> wtf is R btw?
17:08 <Paralyzed> Renagades  i think lol
17:08 <TaZ> Funny thing is, we were going to merge with R.
17:08 <Paralyzed> _~R~_
17:09 <Paralyzed> lol
17:09 <Paralyzed> R asked d3m to merge
17:09 <BabyBug> TaZ, you're such a boob =P
17:09 <TaZ> shh, don't tell no one.
17:09 <Paralyzed> just to get ctfs division
17:09 <epsy> VcLr
17:09 <Paralyzed> and this is after i left d3m
17:09 <TaZ> Paralyzed: Wait, you serous?
17:09 <Paralyzed> yes
17:09 <TaZ> Dem sucked
17:09 <Paralyzed> lol thats why i left
17:09 <Paralyzed> i went clanless for 2 months
17:09 <TaZ> No epsy, Noodles idea was: VcR
17:09 <TaZ> We were like...
17:09 <Paralyzed> then i joined "|PwN|
17:09 <epsy> BabyBug, ..coming from you..
17:09 <TaZ> "nah"
17:10 <epsy> do you even want to merge with them?
17:10 <Lis> just because she has boobs, doesn't mean she is one!
17:10 <Paralyzed> taz
17:10 <TaZ> yes
17:10 <Paralyzed> what divison are you based on
17:10 <epsy> ok
17:10 <Paralyzed> meaning the one your best at
17:10 <TaZ> Sumo and High Rubber
17:10 <Paralyzed> Hmm
17:10 <epsy> flying cycles
17:10 <TaZ> But soon we are creating a CTF division
17:10 <Paralyzed> VcL is a good sumo division
17:10 <epsy> and a flying cycles one
17:10 <TaZ> Fort will probably be the last division we create
17:10 <Paralyzed> check the clan list for other more clans that are alive that do sumo
17:10 <TaZ> Yea, we do
17:10 <Paralyzed> R isnt much of a sumo clan
17:11 <Paralyzed> Ns has a sumo division but about 4 people
17:11 <Paralyzed> as of high rubber
17:11 <Paralyzed>  you might want id or fw?
17:11 <TaZ> I know, but since we thinking about creating a ctf division, we thought it would be the perfect choice
17:11 <epsy> what about having the clanlist in alphabetical order?
17:11 <TaZ> Nah, ID won
17:11 <TaZ> won't merge with us*
17:11 <Paralyzed> we have fixed it epsy
17:11 <epsy> no way, they won
17:12 <Paralyzed> fw is a high rubber df sumo type of thing
17:12 <Paralyzed> but i like id more :)
17:12 <Paralyzed> more respecatable people
17:12 <TaZ> Twinx left Ns because of ratchet, right?
17:12 <epsy> Paralyzed, did you? ¦×¦ is showing in thefirst three
17:12 <Paralyzed> no
17:12 <Paralyzed> i kicked twinx
17:12 <TaZ> And we hate FW (huy and boxer) haha
17:12 <TaZ> Why?
17:12 <Paralyzed> you know what CTF is right?
17:12 <Paralyzed> well we were playing ctfs
17:12 <TaZ> yea
17:13 <Paralyzed> and its not really cool when people wall
17:13 <TaZ> yea
17:13 <Paralyzed> twinx did it repately for 5 matches
17:13 <Paralyzed> he was polled 3 times
17:13 <Paralyzed> and i asked him
17:13 <epsy> the ctf where you can blow holes by shooting?
17:13 <TaZ> yes
17:13 <epsy> uhm
17:13 <Paralyzed> i said
17:13 <PinkTomato> you should be allowed to do whatever the game allows
17:13 <Paralyzed> if you dont stop this i will be forced to kick you
17:13 <epsy> shooting is already quite fucked up..but blowing holes just by pressing brake..
17:14 <Paralyzed> yes but players where complaining
17:14 <Paralyzed> continously
17:14 <PinkTomato> so?
17:14 <Paralyzed> i politely asked him to stop and playu
17:14 <PinkTomato> that's because they haden't thought of it
17:14 <Paralyzed> he wasnt even playing or doing it because he had too
17:14 <Paralyzed> he was just
17:14 <Paralyzed> SPAWN go to wall
17:14 <Paralyzed> no one was attacking him
17:14 <TaZ> ...lol
17:14 <Paralyzed> no one around
17:14 <Paralyzed> im serious he was just heading for wal
17:14 <TaZ> I heard he was fighting maZe though
17:15 <Paralyzed> maZe is nat
17:15 <TaZ> yes
17:15 <epsy> but that's fucked up as hell
17:15 <epsy> what is defense worth then?
17:15 <Paralyzed> listen i understand where you all are coming from
17:15 <Paralyzed> people can wall yes
17:15 <Paralyzed> but you have to play in the arena sometimes
17:15 <epsy> just come by, blow a hole, and driver out with the flag
17:15 <Paralyzed> its a disadvantage if someone is shooting off the wall
17:15 <Paralyzed> and no one can hit them
17:15 <PinkTomato> so?
17:15 <PinkTomato> but everyone can do the same
17:15 <epsy> but there are walls
17:15 <Paralyzed> it takes the fun out of getting legit kills
17:16 <PinkTomato> How is it a disadvantage if you can do it too?
17:16 <epsy> legit kills means shots?
17:16 <epsy> since when is armagetron an FPS?
17:16 <Paralyzed> it just ruins the whole point of capture the flag
17:16 <TaZ> I heard that he was fighting maze 1v1, then ratchet kicked him because he would not respawn
17:16 <Paralyzed> if everyone is on the wall
17:16 <Paralyzed> no one is inside the arena
17:16 <Paralyzed> there just having a big wall fest
17:16 <epsy> shooting ruins the purpose of armagetron
17:16 <PinkTomato> TaZ: why didn't you kick maze?
17:16 <PinkTomato> obv maze wasn't respawning either
17:17 <Paralyzed> maze is not in ns
17:17 <TaZ> PinkTomato: We werr about to, but she left before we did
17:17 <Lis> I've never liked CTF tbh
17:17 <PinkTomato> and also, if you wanted respawning don't die in the first place
17:17 <TaZ> :)
17:17 <Paralyzed> maze was in vcl, never in ns
17:17 <TaZ> Yea
17:17 <epsy> they respawn when they can
17:17 <Paralyzed> Just put it this way
17:17 <Paralyzed> its hard to play if an opponent is on the wall and its nearly impossible to shoot them
17:17 <epsy> you can't respawn all the time
17:17 <Paralyzed> i find it as cheating.
17:18 <Lis> .tea
17:18 <epsy> Paralyzed, then kill him normally?
17:18 <tronner> Lis: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
17:18 <Paralyzed> you can wall when your in trouble
17:18 <Paralyzed> but they were doing it in the sense of getting people annoyed
17:18 <Paralyzed> that was his main purpose..
17:18 <Paralyzed> so people would get pissed.
17:18 <TaZ> Do you think you overreacted in kicking Twinx?
17:18 <Paralyzed> I could've.
17:19 <Paralyzed> IT was mainly ratchet who pulled the gun
17:19 <Paralyzed> the trigger * :) on theg un
17:19 <Paralyzed> gun* !
17:19 <TaZ> Yes, that's what I heard.
17:19 <epsy> he's just demonstrating how shooting suicks
17:19 <Paralyzed> no
17:19 <Paralyzed> i saw him at a point
17:19 -!- dlh [n=dlh@] has joined #armagetron
17:19 <Paralyzed> but you guys must understand
17:19 <Paralyzed> the fun is ruined if your not using skill to play
17:20 <Paralyzed> walling is no skill at all
17:20 <Paralyzed> Yes, i wall
17:20 <PinkTomato> You see
17:20 <Paralyzed> but not the whole game
17:20 <epsy> blowing a hole in a defense is no skill at all
17:20 <Paralyzed> i wall for like 2 seconds if im slowed down
17:20 <epsy> neither it is a sacrifice of yourself, since you're using the shot to get through
17:20 <Paralyzed> epsy it actually beleive it or not takes skill
17:20 <TaZ> This is why I don't like shooting servers.
17:20 <epsy> TaZ, same
17:20 <Paralyzed> you can stop people from holing
17:21 <epsy> TaZ, plain shooting deathmatch can be fun tho
17:21 <Paralyzed> just charge a .9 of a break and shoot at flag when you see there going to hole
17:21 <epsy> you can stop people from rimming
17:21 <epsy> just as well
17:21 <Paralyzed> It's just funny thought most of ctf dislike ctfs
17:21 <epsy> because it's fucked up
17:21 <TaZ> Yea haha
17:22 <PinkTomato> CTF has strange physics
17:22 <Paralyzed> i dont know what it is but i think there afraid of losing pride or respect from palying it
17:22 <Paralyzed> playing*
17:22 <epsy> agreed, that's why I appreciate durka's config
17:22 <PinkTomato> I don't know why CTF has different physics to fort
17:22 <Paralyzed> if people gave it a 7 day trial and get good
17:22 <Paralyzed> or well
17:22 <Paralyzed> or got the concept
17:22 <Paralyzed> im sure they would enjoy it
17:22 <epsy> Paralyzed, was boring
17:22 <Paralyzed> but as always
17:22 <TaZ> I use to play it, but ctf is soo much better
17:22 <Paralyzed> people criticize it before playing it
17:23 <TaZ> I played the ctfs server when it first came out
17:23 <Paralyzed> how can you criticize a game your not even good enought to kill someone at
17:23 <epsy> I didn't really like the "nano" physics already, but the shooting..
17:23 <Paralyzed> im sure you were skeptical about tron when you first started dog fight
17:23 <Paralyzed> or whatever your first gameplay was
17:23 <PinkTomato> tigers network was mine
17:23 <epsy> arma is not an fps, in armagetron you have to kill people by driving them into your wall in order to win the round/match
17:24 <TaZ> lol, exactly
17:24 <Paralyzed> well
17:24 <Lis> lets create an aimbot for CTF
17:24 <Lis> :D
17:24 <Paralyzed> theres people who can rely on reflexes and dodge skills
17:24 <Paralyzed> and theres some who cant XD
17:24 <epsy> that's the purpose of armagetron
17:24 <PinkTomato> there are no speedblast servers anymore :D
17:24 <Paralyzed> well
17:24 <Paralyzed> ever think that could get boring
17:24 <epsy> Paralyzed, play a non-unlagged server on your FPS of choice
17:24 <TaZ> lolz
17:24 <Paralyzed> espy
17:24 <Paralyzed> if thats what your saying
17:24 <Paralyzed> then therese no need for ctf
17:24 <epsy> my name is not espy
17:24 <Paralyzed> just sumo fortress and dogfight
17:24 <hoop> epsy: did u set up fort test server?
17:25 <Paralyzed> epsy*
17:25 <epsy> ctf fits the theme
17:25 <Paralyzed> if the purpose is to drive people
17:25 <Paralyzed> but just thats just being stupid
17:25 <Paralyzed> how can you say its for driving players into your wall
17:25 <Paralyzed> then go around and say flags are "ok"
17:25 <epsy> hoop, it started alone, but yes, I've set it running correctly
17:25 <Paralyzed> the point of armagetron is not for flags to be brought from one base to another
17:25 <hoop> the duel is cool
17:25 <Paralyzed> according to your theory
17:26 <epsy> Paralyzed, you got to drive the defender into your wall to get the flag, don't you?
17:26 <PinkTomato> the point of CTF is to get the most points
17:26 <Paralyzed> not necissarily
17:26 <PinkTomato> bringing the flag back to base is not always the best option
17:26 <epsy> to, it's to capture the flag
17:26 <Paralyzed> yes , but you just stated
17:26 <PinkTomato> I might catch the flag
17:26 <epsy> you got to kill people to catch the flag
17:26 <PinkTomato> and then i'm target to be killed
17:26 <Paralyzed> "the point of armagetron is to kill the  oponent by driving them into your wall"
17:27 <epsy> you got to kill people to catch the flag
17:27 <PinkTomato> and then I can kill lots of people
17:27 <Paralyzed> you can grind on a defenders wall to drive them in closer and closer
17:27 <epsy> Paralyzed, you missed a very important part of my quote
17:27 <TaZ> The point is, the way you kill people is to drive people into your wall
17:27 <epsy> actually, it's not to win the round or something, it's to achieve whatever you need to achieve to win the round
17:27 <epsy> or the match
17:27 <PinkTomato> If i keep the flag, kill 3 people, I get 10 points
17:28 <Paralyzed> ok
17:28 <PinkTomato> If i speedily returned the flag
17:28 <PinkTomato> Iwould only get 4
17:28 <Paralyzed> so is shooting so MUCH different
17:28 <epsy> TaZ, and you have to kill people to be able to do anything
17:28 <Paralyzed> you can shoot someone , forcing them to dodge
17:28 <epsy> Paralyzed, obviousely
17:28 <Paralyzed> then you can trap an opponent
17:28 <Paralyzed> shooting its just a distant way of a kill
17:28 <Paralyzed>  i dont see why people complain about it
17:28 -!- SageLord [n=aaron_wo@66-60-236-248-dynamic.cmts1.phonoscope.net] has joined #armagetron
17:28 <epsy> Paralyzed, dodging and aiming is for the FPS genre
17:28 <Paralyzed> they say it takes no skill
17:28 <Paralyzed> and then the get in a suck
17:28 <epsy> I did not say that
17:28 <Paralyzed> like afro did
17:29 <epsy> I said it does not belong to armagetron
17:29 <luke-jr> ivantis:
17:29 <TaZ> Actually, I like different server ideas.
17:29 <Paralyzed> well ep
17:29 <Paralyzed> that being said
17:29 <Paralyzed> dun play it :)
17:30 <Paralyzed> and then complain
17:30 <epsy> I don't play it
17:30 <Paralyzed> because theres over 20 people who do like ctfs
17:30 <Paralyzed> and who do play it
17:30 <TaZ> People have different preferences epsy.
17:30 <Paralyzed> point exactly
17:30 <epsy> TaZ, ok
17:30 <PinkTomato> and people have IRC to express their opinons
17:30 <epsy> TaZ, and?
17:30 <Lis> but...your preferences are stupid....
17:30 <Lis> :P
17:30 <Paralyzed> i beleive it belongs in armagetron is my oponion
17:30 <epsy> what is the purpose of armagetron
17:31 <epsy> tell us
17:31 <TaZ> Well saying that cfts doesn't belong to armagetron, is your opinion
17:31 <PinkTomato> No! don't start philosopy
17:31 <Paralyzed> to use tactics to kill  an oponent and patience and reflexes
17:31 <epsy> direct application of the project's goals
17:31 <Paralyzed> that is the true goal of it in the end
17:31 <Paralyzed> challenge your mind?
17:31 <TaZ> You should welcome different ideas epsy
17:31  * BabyBug hands a lolipop to Lis 
17:32 <TaZ> I'm not a big fort fan, but apparently you are
17:32 <Paralyzed> use ways to trick an opponent into falling into trap, using swift movements, reflexes, dodging players, manuevering
17:32 <TaZ> It's all about preferences
17:32 <epsy> TaZ, the purpose of armagetron is to imitate and expand on the lightcycle scenes from the movie tron and the game tron 2.0
17:32 <Paralyzed> thats what shooting is based upon
17:33 <epsy> the main basic basic basic rule is: you will need to kill opponents, and to do so, you must throw them into your walls
17:33 <TaZ> Well I'm pretty sure Fortress wasn't in Tron.
17:33 <TaZ> :D
17:33 <epsy> there is no shooting in the lightcycle scenes
17:33 <epsy> [17:32] <epsy>: the main basic basic basic rule is: you will need to kill opponents, and to do so, you must throw them into your walls
17:33 <Paralyzed> epsy
17:33 <luke-jr> epsy: IIRC, Armagetron precedes TRON 2.0
17:33 <Paralyzed> i need to see this armagetron rule book your readign
17:33 <TaZ> lol
17:33 <Paralyzed> because i dont see anywhere it says that
17:34 <luke-jr> epsy: not a single server running is true to TRON
17:34  * BabyBug votes for multiple floors in arma!!
17:34 <epsy> http://armagetronad.net/about.php
17:34 <TaZ> Why don't we ask Z-man-work or wrtlprnft
17:34 <Paralyzed> lol baby
17:34 <SageLord> haha interesting baby
17:34 <luke-jr> BabyBug: pfft
17:34 <luke-jr> I want a cube
17:34 <TaZ> Make a mariokart server :P
17:34 <Paralyzed> its based upon that
17:34 <Lis> well, I vote for different classes.. warlock, mage, etc
17:34 <BabyBug> But nooooooooooooooooo cause arma is 2D
17:34 <luke-jr> or sphere
17:34 <epsy> they will basically say the same
17:34 <Paralyzed> doesnt mean it has to go by that :)
17:34 <BabyBug> what a load of crap
17:34 <Lis> I wanna cast spells
17:34 <Lis> !!!
17:34 <Paralyzed> sumo was never in tron
17:34 <TaZ> lolz
17:34 <Paralyzed> but yet people play it
17:34 <Paralyzed> nor fortress
17:34 <Paralyzed> all there was dogfight
17:34 <Paralyzed> and things branched upon it
17:34 <epsy> Paralyzed, you have to kill people by driving them in your wall
17:34 <luke-jr> http://beta.armagetronad.net/design/reboot.html
17:34 <BabyBug> lol Lis you play WoW...Your opinions are instantly void xD
17:35 <Paralyzed> making it apart of it
17:35 <Paralyzed> so hence
17:35 <Lis> :<
17:35 <Paralyzed> ctfs is attached to tron
17:35 <Lis> FU
17:35 <epsy> nothing said there would ever be a "winner" in the lightcycle scenes
17:35 <BabyBug> FU2
17:35 <Paralyzed> u can do the same in ctfs
17:35 <Lis> :>
17:35 <SageLord> BabyBug:  couldn't you make 2 floors by effectively creating like... 2 areas with a teleport in between?  i mean, the areas could be seperated by a wall
17:35  * PinkTomato wants tile flipping :D
17:35 <luke-jr> http://beta.armagetronad.net/design/reboot.html <-- PinkTomato see here
17:35 <PinkTomato> I saw :D
17:35 <Lis> I want to be able to get out of my cycle and steal someone elses
17:35 <Paralyzed> explain tron soccer
17:35 <luke-jr> lol Lis
17:35 <Paralyzed> aka psycho styball fortress
17:36 <BabyBug> SageLord, I mean real 2 floors...with ramps taking you up to the next one
17:36 <epsy> BabyBug, I'll revise what I said by saying that the only movement controls should be _brake_(and not boost), left and right
17:36 <BabyBug> epsy, That's fine, you'd turn left to go up a ramp...
17:36 <PinkTomato> Have we got vechile width in armagetronad?
17:36 <luke-jr> epsy: fail
17:36 <BabyBug> It's still the same controls...
17:36 <TaZ> eh, why are we arguing about this?
17:36 <luke-jr> epsy: TRON had a boost control
17:36 <epsy> PinkTomato, yes
17:37 <epsy> luke-jr, you said yourself we couldn't imitate TRON 2.0
17:37 <epsy> BabyBug, that's like..wtf??
17:37 <Paralyzed> lol
17:37 <luke-jr> epsy: I did?
17:37 <luke-jr> epsy: also, I am referring to TRON
17:38 <epsy> Paralyzed, in fortress, sumo, ctf, or uhm, LMS, you got to drive people into your walls, which is our basic rule
17:38 <epsy> Paralyzed, with shooting you don't have to, at all
17:39 <Paralyzed> you dont have too
17:39 <Paralyzed> but its still an option
17:39 <Paralyzed> hence inccorperating tron
17:39 <epsy> you should have to
17:39 <Paralyzed> into ctfs
17:39 <luke-jr> in fortress, you don't have to either
17:39 <luke-jr> you could just sit there driving in a square
17:39 <luke-jr> pissing off people who want to get inside
17:39 <Paralyzed> in the movie
17:39 <Paralyzed> he didnt have too
17:39 <epsy> luke-jr, you can do so in LMS as well
17:39 <Paralyzed> they had a race
17:39 <epsy> a race?
17:39 <Paralyzed> and he drove him off far so he had to crash
17:39 <Paralyzed> hold on
17:39 <Paralyzed> it was dogfight like the movie
17:40 <Paralyzed> i will show you what im talking about
17:40 <epsy> depends on what you call dogfight
17:40 <luke-jr> guys
17:40 <luke-jr> the movie wouldn't be fun to play
17:40 <luke-jr> we're beyond the movie
17:40 <Paralyzed> thankyou luke
17:40 <Lis> I suggest we start working on real life tron
17:40 <epsy> luke-jr, we're still bound to these two unique rules
17:40 <Lis> thatd be sweet
17:40  * BabyBug kicks Lis 
17:40 <luke-jr> Lis: yeah, I'm just looking forward to ezploding when I crash
17:40  * Lis cries
17:41 <luke-jr> epsy: no
17:41 <epsy> Lis, ie. brake + turn left + turn right, and you have to kill people by driving them into your walls
17:41 <epsy> luke-jr, *
17:41 <Lis> :D
17:41 <Lis> lets all get on the road and try it!
17:41 <luke-jr> no epsy
17:41 <luke-jr> even TRON was not bound by those rules
17:41 <Paralyzed> http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=31443673
17:41 <Paralyzed> the guy
17:41 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008102920]"]
17:41 <Paralyzed> DOES NOT TOUCH HIS WALL
17:42 <luke-jr> it should be possible to have multiple axes in different parts of an arena
17:42 <luke-jr> so say you start on 4-axes
17:42 <epsy> yeah, he drives him into a wall
17:42 <luke-jr> when you go somewhere else, you become variable-turns
17:42 <luke-jr> if you go back, you get locked into the 4 axes again
17:42 <epsy> yeah
17:43 <luke-jr> also, maps should be able to define destructible walls
17:43 <luke-jr> that can be destroyed by a crash
17:43 <luke-jr> perhaps with varying weights to affect how much they get destroyed
17:43 <epsy> ^^
17:44 <PinkTomato> luke-jr: ++ to that
17:44 <luke-jr> might be good to have invisible zones with effects such as "delete all player's walls; set his wall length to 0" for one direction, and "set his wall length to default" for the other
17:44 <epsy> luke-jr, I'm not sure but ph may have done that
17:44 <luke-jr> and using Zones v2 to have the zone be "arena size square minus arena content square"
17:45 <epsy> through real support for different physic settings would be a really better playround
17:45 <PinkTomato> won't that require a complete restructure? Globals etc?
17:45 <luke-jr> epsy: I don't think there is the directional thing
17:45 <luke-jr> epsy: there is no way to have per-player wall length right now, I know
17:45 <epsy> PinkTomato, new physics engine needs..a new physics engine..
17:45 <PinkTomato> ah right :D
17:46 <epsy> luke-jr, I could imagine of a hckish way to do so
17:46 <epsy> by modifying the server
17:46 <luke-jr> I'm sure.
17:46 <epsy> but well, that sucks
17:46 <luke-jr> I wonder if ph's zones can be 0-width
17:47 <epsy> as in "occupating no space" ?
17:47 <luke-jr> yeah
17:47 <luke-jr> so the ONLY way to trigger is is to drive perpendicular to it
17:47 <luke-jr> eg, you can't line up and drive along it
17:48 <epsy> well, you gotta have to be at the right place
17:48 <luke-jr> kinda like 0-width walls
17:48 <luke-jr> you can't crash into them unless you're at an angle
17:48 <luke-jr> if you're lined up with them, you will go on either side
17:49 <epsy> luke-jr, have that zone set on a wall
17:49 <luke-jr> hm
17:49 <luke-jr> strictly speaking, I suppose walls would be such zones, but with a specific appearance and causing death :þ
17:50 <epsy> with something to prevent players from going in the wrong direction
17:51 <luke-jr> hey
17:51 <luke-jr> what happens if I make my server send players different values for ARENA_AXES? :D
17:51 <epsy> :D
17:51 <luke-jr> and apply them differently, of course
17:52 <epsy> ah, LOL
17:52 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has joined #armagetron
17:52 <luke-jr> it might be doable to have destructible grid walls too?
17:52 <epsy> luke-jr, well, if you use an uneven amount of axes
17:52 <epsy> you will not be able to grind a wall that was made an the other direction than yours
17:54 <luke-jr> of course
17:54 <luke-jr> that's the point behind my circle map
17:54 <luke-jr> epsy: want to hack up a proof-of-concept with me?
17:55 <luke-jr> brb, going to move IRC to my other computer
17:56 <Paralyzed> are you guys still arguin
17:56 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:48c4:141a:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:56 <Paralyzed> ;o
17:56 <Lis> damn fucking hordes!
17:57 <BabyBug> :o
17:57 <hoop> luke-jr: any clue about this map has no preview? http://beta.armagetronad.net/resource-browser/resource/Paralyzed/race/loco-2.aamap.xml
17:57 <Paralyzed> hes gone lol
17:57 <hoop> o snap he left
17:57 <Paralyzed> dont say anything
17:57 <Paralyzed> trust me he will be like
17:57 <hoop> epsy?
17:57 <epsy> hoop, luke-jr is the kind of bot that's not in the channel
17:58 <epsy> err, guy
17:58 <Paralyzed> thats what he'll do :0
17:58 <hoop> ok then ^^ epsy: any clue about this map has no preview? http://beta.armagetronad.net/resource-browser/resource/Paralyzed/race/loco-2.aamap.xml
17:58 <epsy> no, can't check
17:58 <hoop> FU
17:58 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:48c4:141a:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has joined #armagetron
17:59 <hoop> luke-jr: any clue about this map has no preview? http://beta.armagetronad.net/resource-browser/resource/Paralyzed/race/loco-2.aamap.xml
17:59 <luke-jr> meh
17:59 <luke-jr> why is Athlon64 3200+ slower than Pentium M 1.8 GHz? :/
17:59 <luke-jr> hoop: nope
18:00 <hoop> luke-jr d'ya suck?
18:01 <hoop> I WANT THAT PREVIEW! XD
18:01 <luke-jr> hoop: gfy
18:02 <hoop> @g gfy
18:02 <teabot> hoop: http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com/ - Go Fug Yourself: Because Fugly Is The New Pretty
18:03 <hoop> :oO0
18:04 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:48c4:141a:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
18:05 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has left #armagetron []
18:05 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
18:06 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:48c4:141a:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has joined #armagetron
18:06 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:48c4:141a:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:07 <TaZ> @g epsy
18:07 <teabot> TaZ: http://www.epsy.com/ - EPSY - Marketing and Social Research
18:07 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:48c4:141a:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has joined #armagetron
18:07 <TaZ> indeed
18:07 <epsy> @g espy
18:07 <teabot> epsy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ESPY_Awards - ESPY Awards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18:07 <SageLord> @g SageLord
18:07 <teabot> SageLord: http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/db/quests.html?fquest=830 - Allakhazam.com: Final Fantasy XI: Quest: Mamool Ja Training ...
18:07 <SageLord> O:
18:08 <PinkTomato> @g "Pink Tomatoes"
18:08 <teabot> PinkTomato: http://www.victoryseeds.com/catalog/vegetable/tomato/tomato_pink.html - Heirloom Tomato Seeds - 100s of Pink &amp; Purple Heirloom Tomato Seed ...
18:08 <SageLord> haha
18:08 <epsy> SageLord, LOL
18:08 <Paralyzed> @g Paralyzed
18:08 <teabot> Paralyzed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paralysis - Paralysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18:08 <SageLord> haha
18:08 <Paralyzed> yaya something normal
18:09 <PinkTomato> Pink Tomatoes are normal Oo
18:09 <SageLord> :o
18:09 <Paralyzed> Paralysis is most often caused by damage to the nervous system or brain
18:09 <Paralyzed> thats what i do :)
18:09 <PinkTomato> that's what you did
18:09 <epsy> @g tst
18:09 <teabot> epsy: http://www.tstproducts.com/ - TST Products, Inc.
18:09 <PinkTomato> hence paralyzed
18:09 <Paralyzed> i smack people with bannanas
18:09 <epsy> we haz t3h productz
18:09 <Paralyzed> Paralyzer. should be the name
18:09 <Lis> .tea
18:09 <tronner> Lis: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
18:09 <Paralyzed> @g Ratchet
18:09 <epsy> @g TaZ
18:09 <teabot> Paralyzed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratchet - Ratchet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18:09 <epsy> rhrh
18:09 <teabot> epsy: http://www.hermetic.com/bey/taz_cont.html - The Temporary Autonomous Zone
18:10 <Paralyzed> TRANSFORMAS
18:10 <epsy> darn
18:10 <epsy> I was awaiting for..TAZERS
18:10 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-204.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
18:10 <Paralyzed> Ratchet (device), a mechanical device for controlling rotational motion
18:10 <Paralyzed> -.-
18:10 <PinkTomato> @g concord
18:10 <teabot> PinkTomato: http://www.concord.edu/ - Welcome to Concord University - Athens, West Virginia
18:10 <Concord> hi
18:10 <Paralyzed> @g armagetron
18:10 <teabot> Paralyzed: http://www.armagetronad.net/ - Armagetron Advanced :: a Tron clone in 3D
18:10 <Paralyzed> hoorah
18:10 <epsy> @g team sumo tournament
18:11 <teabot> epsy: http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/Team+Sumo+Tournament+(gaming) - Team Sumo Tournament (gaming) - What does TST stand for? Acronyms ...
18:11 <Paralyzed> @g fat
18:11 <TaZ> @g Sagelord
18:11 <teabot> Paralyzed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat - Fat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18:11 <teabot> TaZ: http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/db/quests.html?fquest=830 - Allakhazam.com: Final Fantasy XI: Quest: Mamool Ja Training ...
18:11 <TaZ> LOLZ I KNEW IT!
18:11 <Lis> @g Lizmatic
18:11 <Lis> whats this game?
18:11 <Lis> o_O
18:11 <teabot> Lis: http://lizmatic.com/ - Lizmatic.com
18:11 <epsy> TaZ, because sage just did I a bit earlier?
18:12 <Lis> ...
18:12 <epsy> lol
18:12 <epsy> Lis, it's called g00gle
18:12 <Paralyzed> @g teabot
18:12 <TaZ> oh...lol
18:12 <teabot> Paralyzed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLETcB-7Zhg - YouTube - TeaBot REFILL!
18:12 <Paralyzed> LOL?
18:12 <epsy> :D
18:12 <TaZ> @g luke-jr
18:12 <teabot> TaZ: http://lukejr.com/ - Luke Jr &lt;Home&gt;
18:12 <TaZ> Results: loser
18:12 <Paralyzed> That really is a tea bot :o
18:13 <epsy> @cupofteaplease
18:13 <teabot> Certainly, it would be a pleasure seeing as you asked so nicely.
18:13 <Paralyzed> @luke loser
18:13 <Paralyzed> NO RESULTS
18:13 <Paralyzed> ===AMAZING===
18:13 <TaZ> lolz
18:13 <epsy> @list google
18:13 <teabot> epsy: cache, calc, fight, lucky, meta, phonebook, spell, and stats
18:14 <epsy> @fight armagetron armagetronad
18:14 <teabot> epsy: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
18:14 <epsy> fu
18:14 <TaZ> ahaha
18:14 <Paralyzed> @ @
18:14 <TaZ> That youtube video was disturbing
18:14 <Paralyzed> :)
18:14 <Paralyzed> lol with the tea bot?
18:14 <epsy> no with fofo
18:14 <TaZ> lol yes
18:14 <Paralyzed> it looked like this show my neice watches
18:14 <Paralyzed> mickey mouse or something
18:15 <TaZ> What kind of show is your niece watching?
18:15 <TaZ> haha
18:15 <TaZ> That's nothing like Mickey Mouse..
18:15 <Concord> @g play fortress
18:15 <Paralyzed> well.
18:15 <teabot> Concord: http://www.blitzgamer.com/play_games/strategy/206/fortress-game.html - Play Fortress Game Now - Fortress Game Flash Game @ BLITZ GAMER!
18:15 <Paralyzed> the objects come to lif
18:15 <Paralyzed> @teabot
18:15 <TaZ> It's a shame you euros never got t watch Rocko's Modern Life, or are you afraid of the dark
18:15 <Paralyzed> @ teabot
18:16 <Paralyzed> @fantastic contraptio
18:16 <epsy> because TV is l33t huh taz
18:16 <TaZ> @ g Rocko's modern Life
18:16 <Paralyzed> @fcontraption
18:16 <teabot> TaZ: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocko's_Modern_Life - Rocko&#39;s Modern Life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18:16 <Paralyzed> come on
18:16 <Paralyzed> @fantasti
18:16 <Paralyzed> >.>
18:17 <PinkTomato> we had that rubbish
18:17 <PinkTomato> so :P
18:17 <Paralyzed> 70 percent downloaded of ubuntu
18:17 <Paralyzed> after an hour and half
18:18 <PinkTomato> it's still slow
18:18 <Paralyzed> what is
18:18 <Paralyzed> i built an ipod dock
18:18 <Paralyzed> out of a coardboard box
18:18 <PinkTomato> 490MB in 1 hour and a half
18:18 <Paralyzed> and dollar store speakers
18:18 <TaZ> @ g Rocko's modern Life youtube
18:18 <teabot> TaZ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2MlMyrcUjY - YouTube - Rocko&#39;s Modern Life Censored Scene
18:19 <Paralyzed> i know im making the point its slow
18:19 <Paralyzed> anyone have an ipod ? :P
18:19 <Paralyzed> or itouch
18:19 <PinkTomato> it broke after a year
18:19 <epsy> Paralyzed, you should have downloaded the small one
18:19 <Paralyzed> lol i did
18:19 <Paralyzed> i downloaded the first option
18:19 <TaZ> No, France is l337 epsy
18:19 <Paralyzed> i dont think its been an hour
18:19 <epsy> using the complete one is useless, you will have to download half of it again at the next upgrade
18:20 <epsy> (not the major update, just individual package upgrades)
18:20 <TaZ> Paralyzed: What kind of connection do you have?
18:20 <Paralyzed> Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop (the latest version): Includes the latest enhancements and is maintained until 2010
18:20 <Paralyzed> i choose that one
18:20 <Paralyzed> cable modem taz
18:20 <epsy> Paralyzed, yeah, but packages are updated regularly anyway
18:20 <Paralyzed> so i shouldve choose the second one?
18:21 <epsy> so you will end up with a lot of upgrades once it's installed
18:21 <Paralyzed> SOAB
18:21 <TaZ> :D
18:21 <Paralyzed> oh well
18:21 <luke-jr> epsy:
18:21 <Paralyzed> its been too long to cancle now
18:21 <Paralyzed> cancel*
18:21 <epsy> yeah
18:21 <luke-jr> epsy: are we gonna make a proof-of-concept escape-the-grid?
18:22 <luke-jr> I'm on a machien with 3D now
18:22 <Paralyzed> epsy
18:22 <Paralyzed> should i cancel and choose second one?
18:22 <TaZ> Paralyzed: You hear about all those peple who got banned from ww servers?
18:22 <epsy> luke-jr, escaping is a big world
18:22 <Paralyzed> yes i did
18:22 <TaZ> I think some of them didn't deserve it..
18:23 <epsy> luke-jr, getting further into a map is what I would call it
18:23 <epsy> big word*
18:23 <Paralyzed> EPSY:
18:23 <Paralyzed> what should i do ? XD
18:23 <epsy> [18:21] <Paralyzed>: its been too long to cancle now
18:23 <epsy> [18:21] <Paralyzed>: cancel*
18:23 <epsy> [18:21] <epsy>: yeah
18:23 <Paralyzed> okeh ;]
18:24 <Paralyzed> thought you where responding to luke
18:25 <Lis> I got banned once from ww cause I called Destiny an attentionwhore for threatening to close down ww every month
18:25 <Paralyzed> LOL
18:26 <Paralyzed> thats not anywhere close to what ratchet said
18:26 <Lis> whatd he say?
18:26 <Lis> (ratchet is an idiot, remember that screenshot with pussy lips? LOL)
18:26 <Paralyzed> i cant remember clearly but he said something about
18:26 <Paralyzed> LOL!!!!!!!
18:26 <Paralyzed> lol i was talking to him on msn
18:26 <Paralyzed> when he was doing his buisness
18:27 <Paralyzed> i said to him: hey you know you didnt delete your naughty search buisness"
18:27 <Paralyzed> Ratchet: WTF LOL
18:27 <Lis> omg..
18:27  * Lis sighs
18:27 <Paralyzed> anyways what he said was
18:27 <epsy> zzzzz
18:27 <SageLord> Lis = lizmatic?
18:28 <Lis> duh
18:28 <BabyBug> lies!!
18:28 <epsy> no it's lizamatic
18:28  * Lis ahahaha.
18:28 <Paralyzed> destiny is cheating on manta with spook thats why he wont take him off admin
18:28 <Lis> lisamatic actually, if you wanna be precise
18:28 <Lis> :D
18:28 <Lis> ...rofl!
18:28 <Paralyzed> he said something else but im not at liberty to discuss
18:28 <epsy> haha
18:28 <Lis> and she banned him?
18:28 <Paralyzed> yes rofl
18:28 <Lis> she's such a tightass..
18:28 <epsy> lol?
18:28 <Paralyzed> lol
18:28 <epsy> that's ridiculous
18:28 <Paralyzed> ratchet brought something to my attention about her bro
18:28 <BabyBug> Lis, there's a letter wrong in that name ;)
18:29 <Paralyzed> but i dont want to say anything
18:29 <Lis> what BabyBug?
18:29 <Paralyzed> w/e its his oponion
18:29 <Lis> and spill the beans para!
18:29 <Paralyzed> we saw destiny's brothers racing page
18:29 <luke-jr> epsy: …
18:29 <Paralyzed> and the fans button didnt work
18:29 <Paralyzed> and we were like
18:29 <Paralyzed> does he suck so much
18:29 <Paralyzed> that the funs button doesnt work
18:29 <Paralyzed> fans*
18:29 <Paralyzed> :]
18:29 <epsy> the funs button?
18:29 -!- dlh [n=dlh@] has quit []
18:29 <epsy> the fans button?
18:29 <epsy> luke-jr, ?
18:30 <Paralyzed> yes look
18:30 <luke-jr> epsy: …
18:30 <Paralyzed> http://kevinscummingracing.com
18:30 <Lis> kevins cumming?
18:30 <Paralyzed> notice the fan button doesnt work
18:30 <Lis> LOL.
18:30 <Paralyzed> yes
18:30 <epsy> Firefox can't find the server at www.kevinscummingracing.com.
18:30 <Paralyzed> we lol'd bout that too
18:30 <SageLord> haha
18:30 <Paralyzed> ok wait
18:30 <Lis> ..omg
18:30 <Lis> thats horrible
18:30 <Paralyzed> no "S"
18:30 <Paralyzed> LOL
18:30 <Paralyzed> kevincummingsracing.com
18:30 <epsy> Firefox can't find the server at www.kevincummingracing.com.
18:30 <Lis> thats one ugly site..
18:30 <Paralyzed> theres suppost to be an s
18:31 <epsy> ...
18:31 <Paralyzed> after ings
18:31 <Paralyzed> CUMmingsa
18:31 <Paralyzed> CUMmings*
18:31 <Paralyzed> ewps caps lock
18:31 <Lis> who are all banned from ww now then?
18:31 <epsy> lol, only "Photos" is linked
18:31 <Paralyzed> i know
18:31 <Paralyzed> the fans button doesnt even work
18:32 <Paralyzed> not even dest is a fan.
18:32 <Lis> and is destiny that old woman on the lower pic?:D
18:32 <Paralyzed> no
18:32 <Paralyzed> ratchet has a pic of dest
18:32 <Paralyzed> that creeped me out
18:32 <Lis> you saw it?
18:32 <Paralyzed> yes LOL
18:32 <Paralyzed> its not the picture that creeped me out
18:32 <Paralyzed> its the fact he had it
18:33 <epsy> lol
18:33 <Paralyzed> http://nsclan.darkbb.com
18:33 <Paralyzed> all register :)
18:34  * Lis agrees %32
18:34  * Paralyzed asks "with what"
18:34 -!- Lis is now known as Lizmatic
18:36 <Paralyzed> rofl
18:36 <Paralyzed> dest pulled a zinger pfft
18:36 <TaZ> Are you serious?
18:36 <TaZ> What she look like?
18:37 <Paralyzed> she is a ginger
18:37 <TaZ> lol
18:37 <Lizmatic> and old probably
18:37  * Paralyzed agrees
18:37 <Lizmatic> she married manta on the grid, they both rode to the endzone together
18:37 <TaZ> Where is it?
18:37 <Lizmatic> and said: "I do."
18:37 <Paralyzed> no no
18:37 <Paralyzed> they got married in halo
18:37 <Lizmatic> ..oh
18:38 <Paralyzed> i have a video of it
18:38 <Paralyzed> hold on
18:38 <Paralyzed> LOL
18:38 <TaZ> They did not get married in halo silly ppl
18:38 <PinkTomato> this sounds like a several breaches of the data protection act
18:39 <Paralyzed> i know but this is what couldve happened
18:39 <Paralyzed> lol
18:39 <Paralyzed> trust me
18:39 <Paralyzed> its hillarious
18:40 <PinkTomato> It sounds OTT now
18:40 <Lizmatic> no they got married in TRON
18:40 <TaZ> Are you guys kidding?
18:40 <Lizmatic> No.
18:41 <TaZ> Please tell me you are.
18:41 <Lizmatic> we're serious
18:41 <TaZ> Would you get married in Tron Lizmatic?
18:42 <TaZ> Lizmatic: Will you marry me
18:42 <Lizmatic> No :<
18:42 <Lizmatic> BabyBug and me are married already
18:42 <BabyBug> =)
18:43 <Paralyzed> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl7qtlx9nwE&feature=PlayList&p=2A495FEAC8080F3F&index=13
18:43 <Paralyzed> laugh alot ^
18:43 <Lizmatic> and if you wanna be my tron stalker, got one of those already too
18:43 <Lizmatic> :)
18:43 <Paralyzed> this is what wouldve happened
18:43 <BabyBug> lol
18:43 <Paralyzed> if manta and dest got married in halo
18:43 <Paralyzed> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl7qtlx9nwE&feature=PlayList&p=2A495FEAC8080F3F&index=13
18:43 <Lizmatic> there are a lot of marriages in WoW as well..
18:43 <Lizmatic> its disturbing
18:44 <Lizmatic> there was a funeral in WoW too for a player that died IRL..
18:44 <TaZ> You got a tron stalker Lizmatic?
18:44 <TaZ> lol
18:44 <TaZ> Who is it? epsy?
18:44 <Paralyzed> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl7qtlx9nwE&feature=PlayList&p=2A495FEAC8080F3F&index=13 <-watch!
18:44 <Lizmatic> No, Flex
18:44 <Lizmatic> and watch this as well -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHJVolaC8pw you'll lol lots.
18:44 <TaZ> lol
18:45 <PinkTomato> @title http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHJVolaC8pw
18:45 <BabyBug> Lizmatic, scared flex off though :o
18:45 <teabot> PinkTomato: Error: '\xef\xbb\xbfhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHJVolaC8pw' is not a valid http url.
18:45 <epsy> seriousely, can't google fucking use MOD_REWRITE?
18:45 <epsy> or make heir own, WHA CARES
18:45 <TaZ> Lizmatic: What did you do to flex?
18:45 <epsy> she sent him to army
18:46 <epsy> & he died and made many children
18:46 <BabyBug> not in that order right? O.o
18:46 <Lizmatic> I broke his little heart
18:46 <Lizmatic> and now he's gonna come over here (no joke)
18:46 <epsy> BabyBug, in that order
18:46 <BabyBug> =\
18:47 <TaZ> Lizmatic: He's coming over to where you live?
18:47 <Lizmatic> yes.
18:47 <Lizmatic> he's gone crazy.
18:48 <TaZ> lool, is he the dad?
18:48 <Lizmatic> lol.
18:48 <BabyBug> lol that's it liz just reveal to everyone that he's a freak xD
18:48 <Lizmatic> Damn right!
18:49 <TaZ> haha
18:50 <TaZ> No more videos for you Paralyzed
18:53 <Paralyzed> lol what taz
18:53 <Paralyzed> u has no sense of humah
18:53 <Paralyzed> :)
18:53 <TaZ> I am humor
18:53 <TaZ> :P
18:53 <BabyBug> humour* god damnit people
18:54 <Paralyzed> i know how to spell
18:54 <Paralyzed> i did it on purpose
18:54 <TaZ> 0/ Grammer Nazi
18:54 <Paralyzed> and its humor
18:54 <TaZ> >.>
18:54 <BabyBug> it's humour
18:54 <Lizmatic> its humor and humour, but humour is English
18:54 <PinkTomato> depends if you speak english or not
18:54 <Paralyzed> not humour thats english
18:54 <Lizmatic> humor = more of the American spelling
18:54 <Paralyzed> both count
18:54 <Paralyzed> like colour
18:54 <Paralyzed> or favourite
18:54 <Paralyzed> but i r not englash :]
18:54 <Lizmatic> I prefer humour though seeing as Americans are retarded
18:54 <Lizmatic> :D
18:54 <BabyBug> Americans are wrong.
18:55 <TaZ> And it's humor :P
18:55 <PinkTomato> color is more logical with the continent
18:55 <TaZ> Americans>Europeans
18:55 <TaZ> :o
18:55 <Lizmatic> haha..
18:55 <TaZ> jk, I love PinkTomato
18:55 <PinkTomato> What? you copied our language
18:55 <TaZ> But not you Lizmatic
18:55 <PinkTomato> that's why it's called english :P
18:55 <Lizmatic> everyone knows americans are more idiotic than europeans
18:55 <K-Yo> TaZ<rest of the world
18:55 <Lizmatic> do you even know where europe is?
18:56 <Paralyzed> yea
18:56 <Lizmatic> tip: its not a make believe country from Peter Pan
18:56 <Paralyzed> in africa
18:56 <TaZ> lolz
18:56 <Paralyzed> :D
18:56 <TaZ> You Euros think you own the world
18:56 <Lizmatic> ..
18:56 <Lizmatic> no thats Americans
18:56 <K-Yo> TaZ, it's because we do
18:56 <TaZ> Nah, we own the world.
18:56 <Paralyzed> europeans cuss more then we do
18:56 <TaZ> s:o
18:56 <K-Yo> :)
18:56 <Lizmatic> Europe = the world, America is our backyard
18:56 <K-Yo> TaZ, nowai
18:56 <PinkTomato> Paralyzed: that's totally not tru
18:56 <PinkTomato> e
18:56 <Paralyzed>  lol :|
18:57 <TaZ> I know Paralyzed. A lot of them are rude like Lizmatic and K-Yo
18:57 <Lizmatic> never seen Team America: World Police?
18:57 <TaZ> Even epsy :o
18:57 <Paralyzed> yea i have seen team amera
18:57 <Paralyzed> america*
18:57 <Paralyzed> AMERICCAAAA F*** YEA!
18:57 <TaZ> lolz, are you serious Liz?
18:57 <PinkTomato> we are serious
18:57 <Lizmatic> well, it was a mock movie.. but I wouldn't think you understand it
18:57 <TaZ> ...lol
18:57 <Paralyzed> i loved it
18:57 <Lizmatic> can't overestimate americans
18:57 <Paralyzed> so then failed
18:58 <Paralyzed> once ive download ubuntu
18:58 <TaZ> Lizmatic, I don't know why you think you are greater than America
18:58 <Paralyzed> what next
18:58 <K-Yo> TaZ, it's easy, look at G8, how many of them are europeans? how many of them are americans?
18:58 <K-Yo> ^^
18:58 <Lizmatic> *I* am not greater than America
18:58 <Lizmatic> but Europe is.
18:58 <TaZ> lolz, no.
18:58 <Paralyzed> BrownTomatos
18:59 <TaZ> America is sooo much better than Europe though
18:59 <Paralyzed> what to do after download ubuntu
18:59 <Lizmatic> funny, most european tron players have better grammar use than american players
18:59 <K-Yo> Paralyzed, seed it
18:59 <Paralyzed> I'm not gonna get into this battle of . my country is better then yours.
18:59 <TaZ> Well if you guys weren't such grammar Nazi's
18:59 <Lizmatic> yeah, we suck for being well educated
18:59 <Paralyzed> Hi, im the stfu nazi
18:59 <K-Yo> TaZ, hahaha
18:59 <Paralyzed> STFU
18:59 <TaZ> :D
19:00 <PinkTomato> we never said europe is better thanyours
19:00 <epsy> holy shot how come you fucking dare to say I goddamn swear?!
19:00 <K-Yo> <Lizmatic> *I* am not greater than America
19:00 <K-Yo> <Lizmatic> but Europe is.
19:00 <PinkTomato> ah
19:00 <Paralyzed> =====talking undermeath this line indicates the other country is better=====
19:00 <TaZ> lul, they have tempers too, Paralyzed
19:00 <epsy> Lizmatic, your mum is, tho
19:00 <PinkTomato> well I didn't say that :P
19:00 <Paralyzed> yay
19:00 <K-Yo> Paralyzed, lool
19:00 <Paralyzed> there both better
19:00 <Paralyzed> problem solved
19:00 <Lizmatic> xD
19:00 <Lizmatic> theyre*
19:00 <K-Yo> Paralyzed, btw, europe is not a country
19:00 <Paralyzed> OMG
19:00 <Lizmatic> aren't you American?
19:00 <Paralyzed> STFU LOL
19:00 <epsy> they're, even
19:00 <Lizmatic> why can't you use proper grammar? :|
19:00 <Paralyzed> no
19:00 <TaZ> LOL!
19:00 <Paralyzed> im japaneese
19:00 <Paralyzed> :D
19:00 <Lizmatic> I'm better than you at your own language + my own! :|
19:01 <Lizmatic> ZOMGZOMG
19:01 <Lizmatic> E>A
19:01 <TaZ> Cause this a IRC chat, not a damn English test.
19:01 <TaZ> :>
19:01 <PinkTomato> ほんとに??
19:01 <Paralyzed> I'm japaneese french speaking female nazi
19:01 <K-Yo> english tests suck
19:01 <Lizmatic> thats no excuse for getting very simple sentences absolutely wrong
19:01 <Lizmatic> there isn't a typo..
19:01 <TaZ> lolol
19:01 <Paralyzed> ===talk under this line if you will help me===
19:01 <Paralyzed> YES
19:01 <Lizmatic> ==talk above this line if you're a fag==
19:01 <epsy> their wrong!
19:01 <TaZ> Then capitalize your sentences then Lizmatic .
19:01 <Paralyzed> IMAFAG
19:02 <Paralyzed> im a bundle of sticks
19:02 <epsy> TaZ, o your right
19:02 <Lizmatic> I have no problem with the lack of interpunction, TaZ
19:02 <epsy> [to speak]
19:02 <K-Yo> === talk above this line if you want to talk above this line ===
19:02 <Paralyzed> ====talk under this line if your country sux====
19:02 <Lizmatic> DIAF
19:02 <epsy> to do so, JUST TALK ABOVE THE LINE!
19:02 <Lizmatic> !
19:02 <Paralyzed> WOOOTYEA!!!
19:02 <TaZ> Don't be such an illiterate then, Lizmatic .
19:02 <Paralyzed> MY COUNTRY SUX
19:02 <BabyBug> === Is everyone missing the points that the ends of this contain two lines? ===
19:02 <Lizmatic> there is no space between Lizmatic and .
19:02 <Lizmatic> even when you try
19:03 <Lizmatic> you PHAIL
19:03 <Paralyzed> epsy!
19:03 <Paralyzed> epsy:
19:03 <K-Yo> well
19:03 <K-Yo> enough bs for the day
19:03 <epsy> stop highlighting me if it's not to talk to me
19:03 <K-Yo> later
19:03 <TaZ> Since you have perfect grammer.
19:03 <Paralyzed> i want to
19:03 <Paralyzed> what to do after
19:03 <epsy> I do not.
19:03 <TaZ> grammar*
19:03 <Paralyzed> download is finished
19:03 <Paralyzed> aww ?
19:03 -!- Corn [n=Corn@pool-71-252-92-110.washdc.east.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
19:03 <PinkTomato> why is BabyBug's name always red in IRC...
19:03 <epsy> Paralyzed, BURRRNRN
19:03 <Lizmatic> "grammer" LMFAO
19:03 <Paralyzed> Burn*
19:03 <BabyBug> PinkTomato, which client?
19:03 <BabyBug> :P
19:03 <PinkTomato> Pidgin
19:04 <Lizmatic> stop trying to correct me, you're failing horribly and it's painful to watch tbqh
19:04 <TaZ> Seeing as I corrected did dumbatic.
19:04 <epsy> Paralyzed, I mean, burn the ISO image
19:04 <BabyBug> no idea
19:04 <TaZ> :)
19:04 <epsy> onto a CD
19:04 <Corn> i've always been too lazy to download an irc client but i just did
19:04 <Corn> :P
19:04 <TaZ> you fail lizmatic
19:04 <Paralyzed> oh
19:04 <Paralyzed> with what program
19:04 <Lizmatic> no u
19:04 <K-Yo> hi Corn
19:04 <epsy> Paralyzed, as an ISO IMAGE, not as a file
19:04 <TaZ> NO U
19:04 <Corn> xchat
19:04 <K-Yo> bye Corn
19:04 <epsy> Paralyzed, look at the ubuntu website
19:04 <Paralyzed> O.O
19:04 <epsy> they tell it somewhere
19:04 <Paralyzed> come on :]
19:04 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-204.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has quit []
19:04 <Paralyzed> i pay u tea . i know englanders love that stuff
19:05 <Paralyzed> (not being stereotypical)
19:05 <BabyBug> Is there anyone from England here?
19:05 <Lizmatic> ME
19:05 <epsy> englanders XD
19:05 <PinkTomato> hello!
19:05 <Lizmatic> !!11!!1
19:05 <Paralyzed> yes
19:05 <Paralyzed> englanders
19:05 <epsy> highlanders too?
19:05 <Paralyzed> thats what i call them
19:05 <epsy> highlanders ftw?
19:05 <Paralyzed> no i just need help
19:05 <PinkTomato> don't call welsh people englanders
19:05 <BabyBug> =)
19:05 <epsy> PinkTomato, hahahaha
19:05 <Lizmatic> I agree PinkTomato, they aren't people
19:05 <BabyBug> England is a giant scum bucket.
19:05 <Lizmatic> :P
19:06 <BabyBug> Lizmatic!!
19:06 <Lizmatic> LOL
19:06 <Lizmatic> land wars ftw
19:06 <Corn> lol do you guys realize whenever CT makes a server that has colorful text the noobs swarm it
19:06 <Corn> no matter what kind of server it is
19:06 <epsy> orly?
19:07 <Corn> look at the sumo respawn server
19:07 <Lizmatic> that server is stupid
19:07 <BabyBug> someone needs to make a mod for the server which detects non grinders for on fortress \o/
19:07 <epsy> didn't you know servers were colored by popularity?
19:07 <Corn> :P
19:07 <epsy> BabyBug, what about defenders?
19:08 <BabyBug> epsy, The mod needs to account for that x)
19:08 <BabyBug> it needs to check if they are the defender :D
19:08 <PinkTomato> I thought you were supposed to grind when you defend
19:08 <Corn> or you could use something already in the game -- player police
19:08 <luke-jr> epsy: epsyep
19:08 <epsy> well, you may be not grinding
19:08  * Lizmatic is an player police
19:08 <epsy> but going behind tails
19:08 <luke-jr> epsy:
19:08 <BabyBug> Corn, Vote kicks arn't successful all the time...
19:08 <BabyBug> Especially in ctwf
19:08 <Corn> i know
19:08 <epsy> armagetron mouse gestures Oo
19:08 <BabyBug> can't kick anyone there
19:08 <epsy> luke-jr:
19:08 <luke-jr> epsy: PROOF OF CONCEPT
19:08 <Corn> but a script would randomly kick people in my opinion
19:09 <epsy> err, I mean cycle gestures
19:09 <epsy> Corn, A move to kick somone :D
19:09 <Corn> i mean honestly it would be way to hard to implement
19:09 <PinkTomato> It would be easy
19:09 <Corn> it would be easy but it wouldnt be accurate at all
19:09 <PinkTomato> it  would be accurate
19:09 <hoop> epsy: you know what exactly causes the login prob with pharming suspected?
19:09 <epsy> like, set it on to someone you want to kick but are usesure yet, and when you're sure do the move!
19:09 <PinkTomato> say it uses KILL
19:10 <epsy> hoop, hm?
19:10 <PinkTomato> there could be "banned areas" at the start
19:10 <epsy> hoop, which one? two were fixed
19:10 <Lizmatic> .tea
19:10 <Corn> Im saying it wouldn't be accurate in that it would kick people that were not non grinders
19:10 <tronner> Lizmatic: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
19:10 <epsy> PinkTomato, call them death zones?
19:11 <PinkTomato> epsy: in a way
19:11 <Corn> the problem with that is people that split early
19:11 <PinkTomato> being square might help
19:11 <PinkTomato> oh right..
19:11 <PinkTomato> hmm..
19:11 <hoop> epsy: idk, I cant login, all settings are ok
19:11 <Corn> if you line banned areas so that non grinders are killed that only allows people to split at a set time
19:11 <epsy> PinkTomato, in a walkthrough it may be wise to do so, but in regular gameplay that is taking us for idiots
19:11 <epsy> hoop, complete error message?
19:12 <hoop> [1] Login failed, reason: Server adress mismatch, (sent by client) != *.*.*.*:* (our address). Pharming suspected. If  you are connecting from the LAN and get this error, either set "TRUST_LAN" on the server (only if your LAN can be fully trusted, of course) or use "SERVER_IP" to make the local IP known to the server.
19:12 <PinkTomato> my monitor has turned off.. that's tru epsy, nees more thought
19:12 <Corn> not to mention death zones dont belong anywhere near fortress
19:12 <epsy> server does not know it's IP
19:12 <epsy> did you set SERVER_IP and SERVER_PORT ?
19:12 <hoop> just the port
19:12 <epsy> hoop, is it polling masters?
19:13 <hoop> PinkTomato: is server's ip static?
19:13 <hoop> epsy: yes
19:13 <epsy> revision?
19:13 <Corn> so cafe is back does this mean wrtl is back?
19:13 <PinkTomato> hoop: it's static
19:13 <hoop> ct + sty + race whatever
19:13 <hoop> epsy: ill try setting server_ip
19:14 <PinkTomato> why does it only need to be on half the time?
19:14 <epsy> ah..well, merge from mainline
19:15 <hoop> .cfg server_port
19:15 <tronner> hoop: SERVER_PORT: Port this server listens on (default: 4534)
19:16 <hoop> ooooo wait XD talk_to_master was 0
19:16 <PinkTomato> :)
19:17 <luke-jr> ok
19:17 <luke-jr> who broke 0.2.8 head?
19:17 <luke-jr> epsy: WAS IT U
19:18 <epsy> no
19:18 <epsy> zman did
19:18 <Corn> why is the dev trunk so much smaller then 2.8 or 3.0
19:18 <epsy> revert r950 and it works
19:18 <Corn> 0.3 sorry
19:18 <epsy> it's also .2.8
19:18 <epsy> Corn, I don't get it
19:18 <Corn> you dont get my question or you dont know?
19:19 <luke-jr> epsy: 0.2.8 doesn't *exist* in r950
19:19 <epsy> luke-jr, bleh, I mean bzr revision r950, let me check
19:19 <Paralyzed> infra recorder isnt detecting my disk.
19:19 <luke-jr> bzr is fail
19:20 <PinkTomato> Paralyzed: whats an infra recorder?
19:20 <epsy>  950. By  Manuel Moos  on 2008-12-11
19:20 <epsy>     Only add -Wno-strict-overflow if the compiler supports it.
19:20 <luke-jr> heck, r950 is pre-
19:20 <Paralyzed> its a burner
19:21 <Paralyzed> to burn iso to disk
19:21 <Paralyzed> its  a brand new 700 mb 80 min disk
19:21 <epsy> yeah that's what you need
19:21 <Paralyzed> is it supposed to go into the dvd slot
19:21 <Paralyzed> or the cdr
19:21 <Paralyzed> ive tried both
19:21 <epsy> whatever has a bruned
19:21 <epsy> burned
19:21 <epsy> rhigohdnifgboldfg
19:21 <epsy> burner
19:21 <Paralyzed> ...what
19:22 <Paralyzed> the ok button when i go to actions
19:22 <Paralyzed> burn image
19:22 <Paralyzed> isnt lighting up
19:22 <epsy> that's what you want
19:22 <epsy> Oo
19:22 <Paralyzed> the disk is in cdr slot
19:22 <BabyBug> Wait you don't know how to burn a disc and you're going to run nix? =\
19:22 <Paralyzed> i know how to burn music cd's XD
19:22 <Paralyzed> but not data
19:22 <Paralyzed> im using infra recorder
19:22 <epsy> maybe it can't?
19:23 <epsy> or doesn't want you to
19:23 <Paralyzed> ubuntu just offered the program.
19:23 <epsy> jesus, fuck google
19:23 <epsy> http://www.petri.co.il/how_to_write_iso_files_to_cd.htm
19:26 <TaZ> Lizmatic
19:27 <Lizmatic> what
19:29 <TaZ> Why do you hate America?
19:29 <Lizmatic> Who said that I hate America?
19:29 <luke-jr> woosh :þ
19:29  * BabyBug cuddles luke-jr 
19:30  * luke-jr stabs BabyBug in the face.
19:30  * BabyBug kicks luke-jr off a cliff
19:30 <BabyBug> in wales...
19:30 <TaZ> lol
19:30 <Corn> can you feel the love tonight
19:30 <luke-jr> epsy: r8655
19:31 <epsy> guess so
19:31 <luke-jr> but that's impossible
19:31 <epsy> ?
19:31 <luke-jr> none of those changed files are relevant to the problenm
19:31 <Lizmatic> well, TaZ?
19:31 <epsy> ah, what is the acutal problem?
19:31 <luke-jr> configure: error: conditional "AMDEP" was never defined.
19:31 <luke-jr> Usually this means the macro was only invoked conditionally.
19:32 <TaZ> 12:50<Lizmatic: "I hate America">
19:33 <Lizmatic> o_O.. *goes to logs*
19:33 <TaZ> xD
19:33 <Lizmatic> nvm too lazy, I was prob joking.. Europe is better than America but I do not hate Americans.
19:34 <luke-jr> [11:50:32] <Lizmatic> I hate America
19:34 <TaZ> See?
19:34 <Lizmatic> ^^^^^^^^^
19:34 <TaZ> You can't even remember.
19:34 <Corn> maybe shes roofied
19:34 <Lizmatic> so what :|
19:34 <luke-jr> :D
19:34 <TaZ> lolz
19:34 <BabyBug> She never said that.............
19:35 <TaZ> It's ok Lizmatic, Not everybody can be smart as me.
19:35 <luke-jr> LOL
19:35 <luke-jr> BabyBug: play along
19:35 <luke-jr> forge your own log
19:35 <BabyBug> luke-jr, NO!
19:35  * TaZ silences BabyBug
19:35 <Lizmatic> Yeah, I shouldve known.. dumb American
19:35 <Lizmatic> But if thats how you get your way xD
19:35 <TaZ> lolz
19:35 <TaZ> :o
19:35 <TaZ> Lizmatic, I can't believe you fell for it.
19:36 <luke-jr> TaZ: I'm sure I helped!
19:36 <TaZ> Says a lot about your IQ.
19:36 <Lizmatic> HAHAHA
19:36 <TaZ> Oh yea, thx luke-jr!
19:36 <Lizmatic> Don't talk about IQ's please, makes you look like an idiot
19:36 <Lizmatic> plus I was already over the subject, now you're making trouble again?
19:36 <Lizmatic> then "congrulating" me in private? hypocrite cunt
19:36 <TaZ> Lolz, I just think it's funny
19:36 <luke-jr> Lizmatic: shh, let the idiots be ignorant of their stupidity plz
19:37 <BabyBug> luke-jr, like you're being right now? xD
19:37 <TaZ> lolz congratulate*
19:37 <Lizmatic> luke-jr: you helped him in his game so you're one of the idiots too eh?
19:37 <luke-jr> congradulate*
19:37 <Lizmatic> no TaZ, you probably spelled it wrong cunt.
19:37 <Lizmatic> :D
19:37 <luke-jr> Lizmatic: no, I helped HIM be an idiot
19:37 <TaZ> Watch your mouth preggo's
19:37 <luke-jr> :O
19:37 <Lizmatic> -_-
19:37 <Lizmatic> I'm done with this
19:37 <TaZ> ok
19:37 <Lizmatic> .tea
19:37 <tronner> Lizmatic: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
19:37 <luke-jr> TaZ: she's gettign a divorce from u!
19:38 <epsy> Lizmatic, yeah, that works by reverting r950
19:38 <TaZ> xD
19:38 <Corn> liz i'llplay
19:38 <epsy> luke-jr, *
19:38 <Lizmatic> cool
19:38 <luke-jr> epsy: o
19:38 <Lizmatic> anyone else for cafe?
19:38 <luke-jr> Lizmatic: no
19:38 <luke-jr> cafe sux
19:38 <luke-jr> :D
19:38 <epsy> luke-jr, I'll close some tabs and check if it's the right revision
19:38 <BabyBug> luke-jr, do you play tron? =\
19:38 <luke-jr> BabyBug: maybe
19:38 <TaZ> No haha
19:38 <luke-jr> BabyBug: help me with my proof-of-concept?
19:38 <luke-jr> BabyBug: I'm making a server that allows you to escape from teh grid
19:38 <luke-jr> :D
19:39 <TaZ> I used to think that your_mom was luke-jr.
19:39 <BabyBug> luke-jr, and how would i help you do that? :P
19:39 <luke-jr> BabyBug: uh, not sure
19:39 <luke-jr> I could make a bzr branch probably
19:39 <luke-jr> no idea how tho
19:39 <BabyBug> ....
19:39 <BabyBug> I meant i'm not a coder..........
19:39 <luke-jr> BabyBug: then help test
19:39 <BabyBug> Oh i'll help test
19:40 <epsy> luke-jr, perhaps..bzr branch? :D
19:40 <luke-jr> epsy: …
19:40 <BabyBug> bzr \o/
19:40 <luke-jr> epsy: u wanna help?
19:40 <epsy> r8655 here
19:40 <epsy> kind of busy, what kind of help do you need?
19:42 <Lizmatic> corn, come cafe
19:42 <Lizmatic> ^^
19:42 -!- freako5 [i=541fbdee@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a7a811864b4d61ea] has joined #armagetron
19:43 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:46 -!- freako5 [i=541fbdee@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a7a811864b4d61ea] has quit [Client Quit]
19:46 <luke-jr> 'make distclean' is broken :x
19:48 <epsy> agreed :x
19:48 <hoop> hey i need 3-4 ppl to test a fort server please come!
19:48 <hoop> called 'eeeeeeee'
19:48 <epsy> @sd eeeeee
19:48 <SageLord> ok omw
19:49 <teabot> epsy: eeeeeeeeee: Players (1/8): hoop (hoop@forums)
19:51 -!- freako6 [i=541fbdee@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-712b541d695d054a] has joined #armagetron
19:52 <luke-jr> ocrap
19:52 <luke-jr> is ARENA_AXES used during gameplay? :/
19:52 <freako6> lol
19:58 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
19:58 <Paralyzed> lol
19:58 <Paralyzed> i feel like an idiot
19:59 <luke-jr> good
19:59 <Paralyzed> luke-jr: stfu
19:59 <luke-jr> idiots should feel like idiots
19:59 <luke-jr> :D
19:59 <Paralyzed> i put the disk in the drive
19:59 <Paralyzed> without taking protective  platisc off
19:59  * freako6 feels like an idiot
19:59 <freako6> lol
19:59  * Lizmatic haha
19:59 <freako6> yes thats pretty dumb xD
19:59 <Paralyzed> i was like
20:00 <Paralyzed> OH Snaps
20:00  * Paralyzed im playing with the plastic as it burns at 75 percent :)
20:00 <Paralyzed> it makes a a wierd sound
20:00 <Paralyzed> like water splashing
20:01 <Paralyzed> btw
20:01 <Paralyzed> luke-jr:
20:01 <Paralyzed> whats your excuse ? :]
20:01 <luke-jr> …
20:01 <luke-jr> I don't have anythign to make an excuse for
20:01 <Paralyzed> :D
20:01 <Paralyzed> ahh so you feel like an idiot too
20:01 <luke-jr> no
20:02 <Paralyzed> so, what's your excuse for that then
20:02 <luke-jr> I'm not an idiot. why would I feel like one?
20:02 <Paralyzed> (10:59:25 AM) luke-jr: idiots should feel like idiots
20:02 <Paralyzed> the first stage: denial
20:02 <Paralyzed> w00t yeah burn finished
20:02 <Paralyzed> epsy: should i restart computer now/'
20:03 <luke-jr> Paralyzed: you clearly are a fool
20:03 <Paralyzed> luke-jr: you clearly need a girllfriend
20:03 <luke-jr> Paralyzed: no thanks
20:03 <Paralyzed> luke-jr: i would assume that
20:04 <Paralyzed> be right back
20:04 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has left #armagetron []
20:04 <BabyBug> .tea
20:04 <tronner> BabyBug: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
20:04 <BabyBug> ><
20:04 <Corn> were in eeeeeeee
20:04 <luke-jr> liar
20:05 <freako6> its full
20:05 <freako6> 8/8
20:05 <epsy> PC
20:08 <luke-jr> liar
20:08 <freako6> LOL!
20:08 <freako6> :p
20:08 <luke-jr> I'm in eeeeeeee
20:08 <luke-jr> and it's nto full
20:09 <freako6> LOL!
20:09 <PinkTomato> luke-jr: liar :P
20:10 <freako6> luke is a liar!
20:10 <freako6> and a idiot :/        :p
20:10 <luke-jr> am not
20:10 <luke-jr> I'm playing right now
20:11 <luke-jr> :/
20:11 <luke-jr> come play
20:11 <freako6> LOL!
20:12 <luke-jr> ……..
20:12 <Lizmatic> luke-jr: DIAF
20:12 <freako6> im off
20:12 <Lizmatic> =D
20:12 <freako6> luke-jr U liar!!!
20:12 <luke-jr> u
20:12 <luke-jr> freako6: come play eeeeeee
20:12 <freako6> i just left....
20:12 <luke-jr> did nto
20:13 <luke-jr> you were never here
20:13  * freako6 guesses luke-jr 
20:13  * freako6 thinks he setup a server, with one less -e ... and played there
20:13 <luke-jr> wrong
20:13 <freako6> damned, it was plausible though :/
20:14 <freako6> g2g, cya
20:14 -!- freako6 [i=541fbdee@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-712b541d695d054a] has left #armagetron []
20:15 <luke-jr> epsy:
20:15 <luke-jr> para
20:15 <luke-jr> Lizmatic:
20:16 <luke-jr> RETARDS
20:17 <Lizmatic> lool
20:17 -!- TaZ [i=4aeb0be8@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-73d5ecad436b7b9f] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
20:18 <Lizmatic> .tea
20:18 <tronner> Lizmatic: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
20:19 <Lizmatic> .os
20:19 <BabyBug> .servers
20:19 <tronner> BabyBug: This data is 54 seconds old; Wild West  =Sumo= (14/14), |FA| Devils Rings! (11/16), {Delicious Desserts} Racing II (10/14), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (10/10), eeeeeeeeee (9/10), - | D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | - (8/16), The YELLOW Submarine (8/16), WILDCAT (6/8), {Delicious Desserts} High Rubber (6/10), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (6/12), Wild West  =CTF Shooting= (5/10), Crazy Tronners Wild (2 more messages)
20:22 <Lizmatic> saturdays are so boring when you can't go out to drink
20:23 <BabyBug> amen!
20:24 <Ady-Lucifer> Lizmatic, why cant you go out and drink
20:26 <Lizmatic> well, I don't want a retarded baby for one..
20:26 -!- Pathetique [n=Pathetiq@] has joined #armagetron
20:29 <hoax> http://www.flickr.com/photos/dragonden/2997873808/
20:30 <Ady-Lucifer> Lizmatic, LOL
20:33 <BabyBug> Whoever put up that sign should be shot
20:34 <Ady-Lucifer> hahahahahahah
20:34 <Ady-Lucifer> i've just seen it
20:34 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has quit ["ø"]
20:36 <Lizmatic> LOL!
20:36 <Lizmatic> so all gay people go to hell? they must have some fun in there
20:37 <Ady-Lucifer> what if a boy kisses a girl and he likes it
20:37 <epsy> haha
20:37 <Lizmatic> Ady-Lucifer: if theyre not married -> hell
20:37 <Ady-Lucifer> LOL
20:37 <BabyBug> religion is so fucked up
20:37 <epsy> Lizmatic, in hell there's also those that discriminate gays
20:37 <Ady-Lucifer> wow a place full of single people
20:38 <Lizmatic> no no, discriminating gays is ok.. in the bible it even says you can stone them to death if I'm correct
20:38 <Lizmatic> yay!
20:38 <luke-jr> Ady-Lucifer: play one eeeeeeeeeeeeee
20:38 <epsy> oh right
20:38  * Lizmatic throws rocks at BabyBug
20:38 <Lizmatic> xD
20:38 <BabyBug> !!
20:38  * BabyBug squeeeeeeeezes Lizmatic so tight she can't move to throw anymore =D
20:38 <luke-jr> the eeeeeeee I host
20:39 <luke-jr> the other one is lame
20:39 <Ady-Lucifer> ah now i get it
20:39 <Lizmatic> shit, now I'm going to hell too :<
20:39 <Ady-Lucifer> sorry im quite busy atm , later fosho
20:39 <BabyBug> With me! <3
20:39 <Lizmatic> :D!
20:39 <luke-jr> Ady-Lucifer: PLAY EEEEEEEEEEEee
20:39 <Corn> .tea
20:39 <epsy> just cus he was kicked for teamkilling everybody :>
20:39 <tronner> Corn: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
20:39 <Ady-Lucifer> Ima wait for you in tha hot place girls
20:40 <luke-jr> epsy: jerks
20:41  * Ady-Lucifer is back (gone 04:14:36)
20:41 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:42 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has joined #armagetron
20:42 <SageLord> so what do i need to read up on, to learn how to program a map in tron?
20:42 <epsy> @aa
20:42 <epsy> oops
20:42 <PinkTomato> well possibly be lazy and use armabell
20:42 <epsy> @aawikis map
20:42 <teabot> epsy: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=Map_Making - Map Making - Armagetron Advanced Wiki
20:42 <SageLord> what is armabell?
20:43 <Ady-Lucifer> LOL
20:43 <epsy> it's a shitty map editor that takes years to make work
20:43 <PinkTomato> a map maker program for arma
20:43 <SageLord> lol
20:43 <epsy> and that makes maps that look shitty and poorly pre-thought
20:43 <PinkTomato> I think you can make svg and convert to arma map
20:44 <epsy> yeah but the sizes are even crappier
20:44 <Lizmatic> http://www.uniqwear.com/products/thumbs/girlsdontpoop.gif
20:44 <Lizmatic> oops
20:44 <SageLord> erm, lol?
20:44 <SageLord> so its programming in xml?
20:44 <PinkTomato> well up to you
20:45 <luke-jr> …
20:45 <epsy> xml aren't programs, so I'd rather ay writing xml
20:45 <epsy> not that hard
20:45 <PinkTomato> thats the best way to do it
20:45 <SageLord> huh?
20:45 <epsy> yeah, I agree
20:45 <SageLord> oh haha
20:45 <SageLord> there are other ways to do it?
20:45 <epsy> s/ ay/ say/
20:45 <PinkTomato> like I said armabell or svg convert
20:46 <epsy> but that suxx
20:46 <PinkTomato> never used them
20:46 <SageLord> is there a place that i can look at source files
20:46 <Ady-Lucifer> plain text editor FTW!
20:46 <SageLord> like for fortress/ctf/etc
20:46 <Ady-Lucifer> with a pen and some paper
20:46 <epsy> @g armagetron resource browser
20:46 <PinkTomato> how complex you gooing?
20:46 <teabot> epsy: http://teamdbd.us/component/option,com_weblinks/catid,17/Itemid,23/ - .dBd|Site - Web Links
20:47 <epsy> http://beta.armagetronad.net/resource-browser/resource/
20:48 <epsy> SageLord, http://beta.armagetronad.net/resource-browser/resource/Z-Man/fortress/for_old_clients-0.1.0.aamap.xml
20:48 <epsy> pretty simple map
20:50 <epsy> SageLord, one necessary tool is this: http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?t=17381
20:51 <epsy> you can have it on opera, or on firefox with greasemonkey( see third post )
20:52 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
20:53 <Paralyzed> :(
20:53 <SageLord> hmm3
20:53 <SageLord> well this seems pretty simple
20:53 <Paralyzed> Im having cb boot troubles
20:53 <Paralyzed> cd*
20:53 <Paralyzed> for ubuntu
20:53 <PinkTomato> elaborate
20:53 <Paralyzed> just burned cd
20:53 <Paralyzed> its burned correctly
20:53 <Paralyzed> checked files
20:53 <epsy> SageLord, yeah, it's great, makes you independent of the different map preview apps
20:53 <Paralyzed> now im at the point trying to get it started
20:54 <Paralyzed> to instlal it
20:54 <epsy> SageLord, to see source you can just ctrl+u
20:54 <Paralyzed> install*
20:54 <epsy> Paralyzed, what logo shows up right when you boot the computer?
20:54 <Paralyzed> none
20:54 <PinkTomato> nothing?
20:54 <PinkTomato> windows logo?
20:54 <epsy> before that
20:54 <Paralyzed> nope
20:54 <Paralyzed> its burned 100 good
20:54 <Paralyzed> because the files are there
20:55 <Paralyzed> but ive restarted
20:55 <PinkTomato> right, answer epsy :)
20:55 <Paralyzed> twice
20:55 <epsy> what's your computer manufacter?
20:55 <Paralyzed> dell
20:55 <Pathetique> LOL
20:55 <Paralyzed> path why must you LOL at everything
20:55 <Pathetique> because
20:55 <epsy> Paralyzed, don't you see a 'DELL' splash at boot?
20:55 <Pathetique> I'm goofy
20:56 <Paralyzed> yea a dell screen of course ;]
20:56 <Paralyzed> path, have an old man fart in you mouth, close it for a year
20:56 <Paralyzed> then die
20:56 <luke-jr> come play Yandere in #anime or MCP attack in eeeeeeee
20:56 <epsy> yeah, well, I can't remember exactly which key it is
20:56 <luke-jr> NOW
20:56 <PinkTomato> Press F12 on that screen
20:56 <Paralyzed> ok
20:56 <Paralyzed> ill try it ;]
20:56 <PinkTomato> select CD-ROM
20:56 <epsy> but it is one of F2 or F12
20:56 <epsy> yeah
20:56 <Paralyzed> the dell loading screen?
20:56 <PinkTomato> yeap
20:56 <epsy> what PinkTomato says
20:56 <Paralyzed> ok
20:56 <Paralyzed> be right back
20:56 <Paralyzed> thanks
20:56 <Pathetique> Fuck you, Para. :\
20:56 <Paralyzed> LOL!
20:57 <PinkTomato> otherwise
20:57 <Pathetique> fyi
20:57 <Pathetique> <--- bad day at work
20:57 <PinkTomato> your aware of partition?
20:57 <Paralyzed> lol
20:57 <Pathetique> Don't push my buttons.
20:57 <Paralyzed> u pushed mine :(
20:57 <Pathetique> nope.
20:57 <Pathetique> w/e
20:57 <Paralyzed> yes.
20:57 <Pathetique> I'm going to lay down
20:57 <Pathetique> naptime
20:57 <Pathetique> cu
20:57 -!- Pathetique [n=Pathetiq@] has quit ["Goodbye, Internet."]
20:57 <Paralyzed> have a good nap
20:57 <Paralyzed> LOL
20:57 <SageLord> hmm
20:57 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has left #armagetron []
20:57 <epsy> Paralyzed, are you aware abou....
20:57 <epsy> peh
20:58 <PinkTomato> I don't think he'll be back for a few days...
20:58 <epsy> damn pathetique :\
20:58 <luke-jr> come play Yandere in #anime or MCP attack in eeeeeeee
20:58 <epsy> luke-jr, stfu
20:58 <luke-jr> epsy: NOW
20:59 <epsy> SageLord: works?
21:00 <SageLord> hmm?
21:00 <epsy> the user JS
21:00 <SageLord> i'm just trying to get the feel for these settings by looking at a few map files
21:00 <epsy> did you even try it? :P
21:00 <SageLord> haha not yet
21:00 <SageLord> so for all of these fortress maps... the rubber is set to 5?
21:00 <epsy> yeah
21:01 <epsy> generally
21:01 <SageLord> i notice in the files there's no setting for it
21:01 <epsy> settings doesnt have to be in the map
21:01 <SageLord> ah, all right
21:01 <SageLord> so they set it on the server?
21:01 <epsy> you CAN include settings in maps, but that's it
21:01 <epsy> but..err
21:01 <epsy> gotta test something
21:11 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p5087069E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
21:12 <hoop> ct|kyle: is it possible to change map after ROUND_COMMENCING ?
21:13 -!- Stewah [n=Stewah@cpe-76-88-116-195.san.res.rr.com] has quit ["Bye!"]
21:14 <hoop> nvm, no need to
21:15 <BabyBug> Ady-Lucifer is a retarded nob head
21:16 <BabyBug> =D
21:17 <Lizmatic> .ls Flex
21:17 <Lizmatic> WHY DOESNT THAT WORK
21:17 <tronner> Lizmatic: timed out
21:17 <BabyBug> I think it means he's been offline for too long
21:17 <BabyBug> #ls Flex
21:17 <Lizmatic> Oh snap..
21:18 <armabot> BabyBug: timed out
21:18 <BabyBug> He's hunting you doooooooown xD
21:18 <Lizmatic> :<<
21:21 <epsy> meh
21:21 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
21:21 <BabyBug> epsy?
21:21 <epsy> doubts are gone now
21:21 <Paralyzed> PinkTomato: is something supposed to happen
21:22 <Paralyzed> I've made 2 attempts and it just starts up normal
21:22 -!- dlh [n=dlh@] has joined #armagetron
21:22 <epsy> bug 307753
21:22 <teabot> Launchpad bug 307753 in armagetronad "map settings are always run with access level Owner" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/307753
21:22 <epsy> another big bug :\
21:22 <Paralyzed> ep
21:22 <Paralyzed> whats supposed to happen
21:22 <Paralyzed> i choose booth with CD-R Device
21:23 -!- Lizmatic [n=Lizmatic@78-27-12-206.dsl.alice.nl] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
21:23 -!- Lizmatic [n=Lizmatic@78-27-12-206.dsl.alice.nl] has joined #armagetron
21:23 <Lizmatic> ups
21:23 <epsy> it generally does that when the CD is not in the CD drive
21:23 <Paralyzed> the cd IS in the driee
21:23 <epsy> or if it isn't able to boot
21:23 <Paralyzed> it just started normally
21:23 <Paralyzed> it said
21:23 <epsy> did you really burn it as an ISO?
21:23 <Paralyzed> *BLAH BLAH CDR DEVICE*
21:23 <Paralyzed> yes i did
21:23 <epsy> define normally
21:24 <PinkTomato> have to go byebye
21:24 <Paralyzed> nothings different
21:24 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-24.brookes.ac.uk] has quit ["Leaving."]
21:24 <epsy> it boots windows?
21:24 <Paralyzed> didnt ake me to any special type of set up
21:24 <Paralyzed> yes
21:24 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p5087069E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
21:24 <epsy> when you mount the CD, what are it's contents
21:24 <Paralyzed> oh nvm
21:24 <Paralyzed> went to my computer
21:24 <Paralyzed> and choose the icon :]
21:25 <epsy> ?
21:25 <Paralyzed> i just went inside my computer
21:25 <Paralyzed> and clicked drive e
21:25 <epsy> inside?
21:25 <Paralyzed> and it brought up ubuntu cd menu
21:25 <Paralyzed> the file my computer
21:25 <epsy> yeah so you properly burned it
21:25 <Paralyzed> yea well all in all
21:25 <Paralyzed> im on ubuntu cd menu
21:25 <epsy> since when is it drive E:/ and not M:/ or N:/ ? Oo
21:26 <Paralyzed> idk rofl
21:26 <Paralyzed> do i click install inside windows option?
21:26 <epsy> well, if that works..
21:26 <Paralyzed> "if? "
21:26 <epsy> Paralyzed, do you know about the partitions stuff
21:26 <Paralyzed> no.
21:26 <epsy> Paralyzed, idk, that's the first time I hear about this
21:27 <Paralyzed> but u have worked with ubuntu before correct?
21:27 <epsy> ok, well, whenever it prompts you about it, ask me
21:27 <epsy> somewhat 2 and a half years ago
21:27 <Ady-Lucifer> o.O dont install from windows
21:27 <Paralyzed> i choose the second option on the first portion of ubuntu set up
21:28 <Paralyzed> theres demo and full install
21:28 <Paralyzed> install inside windows
21:28 <Paralyzed> and learn more
21:28 <Ady-Lucifer> you can delete windows acidentally if you dont know what you do Paralyzed
21:28 <epsy> what?
21:28 <Paralyzed> Luc can you explain what im supposed to do then =/ ;o
21:28 <Paralyzed> i dont want to delete it
21:28 <Ady-Lucifer> you want to install ubuntu?
21:29 <Paralyzed> i want it to prompt me at start up for ubun and windows
21:29 <Paralyzed> correct
21:29 <Ady-Lucifer> u got it burnt on a cD?
21:29 <Paralyzed> correct
21:29 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, yeah, the problem is that when he boots using the DELL boot menu, it's just windows that fires up
21:29 <Paralyzed> im on ubuntu CD Menu
21:29 <Ady-Lucifer> you've made a ext3 partition?
21:29 <Paralyzed> No . :o
21:29 <Ady-Lucifer> mh
21:29 <epsy> well, the CD can do that
21:30 <Ady-Lucifer> You can setup boot priority on BIOS menu
21:30 <Paralyzed> i would try to take a snapshot to explain but uhh
21:30 <Ady-Lucifer> or press f10 i think during start
21:30 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, do you know if the livecd has xchat on it?
21:30 <Ady-Lucifer> no it hasnt
21:30 <Paralyzed> so what am i to do now
21:30 <epsy> hrm
21:30 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, irssi?
21:30 <Paralyzed> i booted up with cd device
21:30 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, do you know how to use bios?
21:31 <Paralyzed> no =[ im a noob on that stuff dude ;]
21:31 <Ady-Lucifer> :S
21:31 <Ady-Lucifer> epsy,  no idea what that is
21:31 <Paralyzed> let me explain
21:31 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, irc clien t
21:31 <Ady-Lucifer> it has some kind of trillian
21:31 <Ady-Lucifer> with irc support
21:31 <Paralyzed> i booted up. pressed f12 on menu
21:31 <Paralyzed> around 10 options came up
21:31 <Ady-Lucifer> f10
21:31 <Paralyzed> i choose the one with "CD-RDevice"
21:31 <Paralyzed> it started up
21:31 <Paralyzed> i logged in to my desktop
21:31 <Paralyzed> went into my computer
21:31 <Paralyzed> choose the cd drive
21:32 <Paralyzed> unbuntu cd menu came up
21:32 <MaZuffeR> epsy, i think it has pidgin
21:32 <Ady-Lucifer> lemme insert my ubuntu disc
21:32 <Ady-Lucifer> wait
21:32 <Ady-Lucifer> yes pidgin
21:32 <Paralyzed> 3 buttons are no up
21:32 <Paralyzed> with info under all
21:32 <epsy> Paralyzed, wait, is it INSIDE windows or not?
21:32 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, hang on
21:32 <Paralyzed> i have yet to install it espy
21:32 <Paralyzed> im on ubun cd menu
21:32 <epsy> Paralyzed, wait, is it INSIDE windows or not?
21:32 <Ady-Lucifer> maybe its possible to install it from windows but on another partition
21:33 <Paralyzed> it says this
21:33 <Paralyzed> i will wite it out
21:33 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, I seriousely doubt you can resize the partition you'rfe currently working with, so that wont work
21:33 <Paralyzed> Button "Install inside windows"
21:33 <Paralyzed> under it says
21:33 <Ady-Lucifer> u resize it before doin the stuff
21:33 <epsy> Paralyzed, is it inside windows or have you really booted DIRECTLY to the CD without goign through windows?
21:33 <epsy> answer me..
21:33 <Paralyzed> install and uninstall ubuntu like any other application, without the need for a dedicated partation.
21:33 <Ady-Lucifer> epsy, it seems u can isntall ubuntu on windows's parition
21:33 <Paralyzed> i went through windows
21:34 <Ady-Lucifer> but since when linux works good on ntfs
21:34 <epsy> right, so that wont work
21:34 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, that means a virtual machine
21:34 <Paralyzed> you will be able to either windows or ubuntu.
21:34 <Ady-Lucifer> well that's crap
21:34 <epsy> Paralyzed, if you install it as any other app you will be running it though windows on a virtual machine
21:34 <Paralyzed>  install and uninstall ubuntu like any other application, without the need for a dedicated partation. you will be able to either windows or ubuntu. Hibernation is not enabled in this mode and disk peformance slighty reduced.
21:35 <epsy> which is not really what you want, is it?
21:35 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, you should defragment your hard drive
21:35 <Paralyzed> is what it says under the instlal inside windows button
21:35 <Paralyzed> itried last night
21:35 <Paralyzed> it says
21:35 <armabot> lpbugs: [307753] map settings are always run with access level Owner
21:35 <Paralyzed> my computer has inconsisties
21:35 <Paralyzed> around 35 percent
21:35 <Ady-Lucifer> duh
21:35 <Paralyzed> and too run chkdsk
21:35 <epsy> lol
21:35 <Paralyzed> ive tried that
21:35 <epsy> that's enormous :O
21:35 <Ady-Lucifer> yeah
21:36 <epsy> Paralyzed, http://ask.metafilter.com/27833/Booting-a-Dell-from-an-Ubuntu-live-CD-How
21:36 <epsy> I can't get over 5% here
21:36 <epsy> read first comment
21:36 <Ady-Lucifer> just as i said, set booting priority in bios
21:37 <Ady-Lucifer> but thats not logical, how the hell did u install windows
21:37 <Ady-Lucifer> ah forget that
21:37 <Paralyzed> uhm..
21:37 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, OEM?
21:37 <Ady-Lucifer> forget that
21:37 <Ady-Lucifer> lol
21:37 <Paralyzed> im on my desktop
21:37 <Paralyzed> in ubuntu cd menu
21:37 <Paralyzed> thats all i can say ;]
21:37 <Ady-Lucifer> the question is
21:37 <epsy> Paralyzed, read first comment at http://ask.metafilter.com/27833/Booting-a-Dell-from-an-Ubuntu-live-CD-How
21:37 <Ady-Lucifer> do you really need ubuntu?
21:37 <epsy> Paralyzed, then do it
21:38 <epsy> Paralyzed, you will have to boot from the live CD
21:38 <Paralyzed> i did that
21:38 <Ady-Lucifer> epsy, if he doesnt even know how to make a partition will he know to sudo?
21:38 <Ady-Lucifer> lol
21:38 <Paralyzed> thats how im in the menu in the first place
21:38 <epsy> then you may need to start pidgin on IRC so that you can chan with us
21:38 <epsy> or you may also use a web IRC
21:38  * Ady-Lucifer recommends the web
21:38 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, you don't really need to sudo under ubuntu
21:39  * epsy would too
21:39 <Ady-Lucifer> epsy, sometimes u do :D
21:39  * Paralyzed confused
21:39 <Ady-Lucifer> lol
21:39 <Paralyzed> listen i know nothing about this.(really)
21:39 <epsy> Paralyzed, did you just use the boot menu? or did you change boot order?
21:39 <Paralyzed> i clicked f12 to boot menu
21:39 <Ady-Lucifer> no f12
21:39 <Paralyzed> choose CDR-DEVice
21:39 <Ady-Lucifer> press 'del'
21:39 <Ady-Lucifer> the key over enter
21:39 <Paralyzed> im a dell
21:40 <Ady-Lucifer> and?
21:40 <Paralyzed> ok
21:40 <Paralyzed> and after then
21:40 <BabyBug> Ady-Lucifer, Dell laptops, F2 for BIOS....F12 for boot selection...
21:40 <Ady-Lucifer> it says down there ' press X to enter boot menu'
21:40 <Ady-Lucifer> BabyBug, ty, so f2 then
21:40 <Paralyzed> mine says
21:40 <Paralyzed> F12 = Boot Menu
21:40 <Paralyzed> ok
21:40 <Paralyzed> f2
21:40 <Paralyzed> then whats next.
21:40 <Ady-Lucifer> write what u see
21:41 <epsy> find the boot order screen
21:41 <Ady-Lucifer> u got a webcam?
21:41 <Paralyzed> no. lol
21:41 <Ady-Lucifer> no cybersex for me then
21:41 <Ady-Lucifer> :P
21:41 <Paralyzed> hmm ok
21:41 <Paralyzed> ill try that..
21:41 <Ady-Lucifer> even tho f12 should also work ?
21:42 <Paralyzed> yes i did that before i started up
21:42 <Paralyzed> thats how im even able to access it
21:42 -!- emmy_arma [n=peiaeman@pc232133.static.is.airbites.ro] has joined #armagetron
21:42 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, not sure
21:42 <Ady-Lucifer> u got a floppy drive
21:42 <Ady-Lucifer> ?
21:42 <Paralyzed> no
21:42 <Paralyzed> i have one
21:42 <Paralyzed> but i dont have a disk
21:43 <Ady-Lucifer> crap
21:43 <epsy> why did you buy the floppy drive then?
21:43 <Ady-Lucifer> so why do u need ubuntu?
21:43 <Ady-Lucifer> epsy, it came with the package :P
21:43 <Ady-Lucifer> since 92
21:43 <Ady-Lucifer> lol
21:43 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, it's optionnal at DELL
21:43 <Paralyzed> Ady-Lucifer, better fps
21:43 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, i got less fps on ubuntu
21:43 <Ady-Lucifer> since im an ATI
21:44 <epsy> Ady-Lucifer, you are a GFX card?!
21:44 <Paralyzed> ur comp is wierd then
21:44 <Ady-Lucifer> yes im a gfx card and i have 4 cores...
21:44 <Ady-Lucifer> bla
21:44 <Paralyzed> k so i reboot
21:44 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, no, linux is known to work better with nvidias
21:44 <Paralyzed> -.-
21:44 <BabyBug> When's my FTGL bug going to be fixed!! *growls*
21:44 <Ady-Lucifer> + u wont be able to play many games.....!
21:44 <Paralyzed> all i play is arma
21:45 <epsy> @8ball When's BabyBug FTGL bug going to be fixed??
21:45 <teabot> epsy: No.
21:45 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has quit [".: NoNameScript 4.22 :."]
21:45 <BabyBug> fu
21:45 <epsy> ^^
21:45 <epsy> @8ball When's BabyBug FTGL bug going to be fixed??
21:45 <Paralyzed> so are you sure its beetter "not to get" ubuntu?
21:45 <teabot> epsy: Unlikely.
21:45 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, its not worth the effort
21:45 <BabyBug> Fix it! ><
21:46 <epsy> BabyBug, bah, we should merge unicode and baste
21:46 <Paralyzed> @8ball should i get ubuntu?
21:46 <teabot> Paralyzed: Maybe...
21:46 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has joined #armagetron
21:46 <Ady-Lucifer> what you could do is get a core duo and a better gfx
21:46 <Paralyzed> @8ball is ubuntu better for me or should i stick with windowS?
21:46 <teabot> Paralyzed: The answer is a resounding no.
21:46 <Ady-Lucifer> LOL
21:46 <epsy> the only effort here is the make the disc fucking boot
21:46 <BabyBug> Paralyzed, If you're struggling to boot the CD...You're going to completely fail at using linux.....
21:46 <Ady-Lucifer> yeah
21:46 <Paralyzed> lol im not struggling ,
21:46 <Paralyzed> im at the ubuntu menu
21:47 <Ady-Lucifer> aptitude remove ubuntu.deb!!!
21:47 <Ady-Lucifer> xD
21:47 <epsy> the big dark screen?
21:47 <BabyBug> then what's the problem...........
21:47 <Paralyzed> but they're telling me not to
21:47 <epsy> the big dark screen?
21:47 <Paralyzed> no the ubuntu menu with 3  buttons
21:47 <epsy> inside windows?
21:47 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, dont touch that
21:47 <Paralyzed> when u first open the cd
21:47 <BabyBug> Plymouth in Jaunty!! No more big dark screen!! =D
21:47 <epsy> inside windows?
21:47 <Paralyzed> yes inside windows o
21:47 <Paralyzed> on my user acocunt
21:47 <Ady-Lucifer> ...
21:47 <Paralyzed> small minimized box
21:47 <epsy> well that's not what you want and I really doubt you should use that
21:47 -!- antric [n=anonymou@S0106001839c1653e.vc.shawcable.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:47 <Paralyzed> why is openining when i click the CD?
21:48 <Paralyzed> @8ball is luke cool?
21:48 <epsy> it's just some randome fancy
21:48 <teabot> Paralyzed: The answer is a resounding no.
21:48 <Paralyzed> LOL
21:48 <Paralyzed> @8ball i r cool?
21:48 <teabot> Paralyzed: One would be wise to think so.
21:48 <Ady-Lucifer> to install it properlu u should 1.defragment 2. make a ext3 partition 3. make a swap partition , 4 set ext3 partition to active and since udont hgave a floppy disk and u cant boot from cd ur pc is screwed. 5, run from cd and install lUnIX
21:48 -!- antric [n=anonymou@S0106001839c1653e.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #armagetron
21:49 <Paralyzed> when i didnt boot
21:49 <Paralyzed> i couldnt open cd by clicking
21:49 <Paralyzed> it just brought up files
21:49 <Paralyzed> when i did
21:49 <Paralyzed> the window oponed
21:49 <Paralyzed> opened*
21:49 <epsy> the window?
21:49 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, what videocard do you have?
21:49 <Paralyzed> Luc, dont know ;]
21:49 <Ady-Lucifer> LOL
21:49 <Ady-Lucifer> And are you sure it will work better under linux?
21:50 <Paralyzed> My mind tells me so
21:50 <Paralyzed> Aka: Ratchet
21:50 <epsy> that's why he wants to dualboot..
21:50 <Ady-Lucifer> Go into screen properties
21:50 <Ady-Lucifer> There's the videocard thing
21:50 <Paralyzed> intel?
21:50 <Ady-Lucifer> from where u change the resolutioon
21:50 <Ady-Lucifer> OOO
21:50 <Ady-Lucifer> INTEL
21:50 <Ady-Lucifer> integrated chip
21:50 <Ady-Lucifer> LOL
21:51 <epsy> holy :x
21:51 <Paralyzed> why do people never seise to "LOL" when someone isnt expierenced at this kind of stuff =/
21:51 <Ady-Lucifer> well some intel support shader 3.0 :P
21:51 <Ady-Lucifer> but you SHOULD get a videocard mate
21:51 <Ady-Lucifer> since you dont have ANY
21:51 <Ady-Lucifer> lol
21:51 <Paralyzed> 82865G5 Graphics Controller
21:51 <epsy> well, you CAN try, but seriousely, intel's are the one's that tend to be the most annoying ones with linux
21:52 <Paralyzed> forget it
21:52 <epsy> Paralyzed, any number <1000 and >800 ?
21:52 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed,  listen to me, dont switch to linux, instead get a cheap 9250 radeon for 20$
21:52 <Paralyzed> i know nothing about computers
21:52 <Paralyzed> its alright
21:53 <Paralyzed> about computers when it comes to a new OS
21:53 <Paralyzed> something else maybe
21:53 <Ady-Lucifer> u're running vista?
21:53 <Paralyzed> no.
21:53 <Paralyzed> are you going to LOL again
21:53 <Ady-Lucifer> no
21:53 <Paralyzed> if i say windows xp
21:53 <Ady-Lucifer> vista sucks
21:53 <Paralyzed> what's i heard
21:53 <epsy> brb, dinner
21:54 <Ady-Lucifer> have you tried any other games
21:54 <Paralyzed> world of warcraft trial
21:54 <Ady-Lucifer> thats not a game
21:54 <Paralyzed> :}
21:54 <Paralyzed> yea it is
21:54 <Paralyzed> :D
21:54 <Ady-Lucifer> can u run games from 2005?
21:54 <Ady-Lucifer> nfsu 2
21:54 <Paralyzed> wtf is that
21:54 <Paralyzed> @nfsu 2
21:54 <Ady-Lucifer> :O
21:54 <Ady-Lucifer> @g nfsu 2
21:54 <teabot> Ady-Lucifer: http://www.ea.com/official/nfs/underground2/us/home.jsp - EA | Need for Speed Underground 2
21:54 <Paralyzed> no
21:54 <Paralyzed> need for speed
21:55 <Paralyzed> duh lol
21:55 <Ady-Lucifer> @g cheap 9250 site:ebay.com
21:55 <teabot> Ady-Lucifer: http://cgi.ebay.com/**BRAND-NEW**-ATI-RADEON-9250-GRAPHICS-CARD_W0QQitemZ190273271130QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20081211?IMSfp=TL081211136006r485 - **BRAND NEW** ATI RADEON 9250 GRAPHICS CARD - eBay (item ...
21:55 <akira_arma> .tea
21:55 <tronner> akira_arma: Fortress Café: Players (5/32): CtxWoned, Ct_Conkord (Concord@ct), CT_emmy, Ct_PunK, ¦×¦ Hoax
21:55 <hoax> #tea
21:55 <Ady-Lucifer> im gone to finish some stuff
21:55 <armabot> hoax: Fortress Café: Players (4/32): CtxWoned, CT_emmy, Ct_PunK, Ct~Conkord (Concord@ct)
21:56 <Ady-Lucifer> Paralyzed, hope we0ve helped, u dont need an OS switch :)
21:56 <Paralyzed> wouldnt know how to insert it
21:56 <Paralyzed> im not gonna anyway
21:56 <Paralyzed> ill stick to windows i guess hmph
21:56 <Ady-Lucifer> its just like inserting a N64 cartridge
21:57 <Ady-Lucifer> how old is ur pc
21:57 <Paralyzed> alright welll ill look into it
21:57 <Paralyzed> LOL no im not gonna say
21:57 <Ady-Lucifer> i wont laugh
21:57 <Paralyzed> i would say
21:57 <Paralyzed> 2004-2005
21:57 <Ady-Lucifer> time to get a new one
21:57 <Paralyzed> yep i know
21:58 <Ady-Lucifer> anyway get a 9250 or better in AGP  i doubt they have pcie for those ones
21:58 <Ady-Lucifer> lol
21:58 <Ady-Lucifer> or if u want full graphic power get a x1650pro agp for 100 bucks  even tho its cheaper to get a new pc
21:59  * Ady-Lucifer is away: afk
21:59 <Ady-Lucifer> im gone to finish my stuff, gl with that :)
21:59 <Paralyzed> ok thanks
22:00 -!- Paralyzed [n=Paralyze@24-182-39-195.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has left #armagetron []
22:01 <BabyBug> .tea
22:01 <tronner> BabyBug: Fortress Café: Players (8/32): %|% Corn, BabyBug, CtxWoned, CT_emmy, Ct_PunK, CT|Concord (Concord@ct), Retard, ~*ScChIiZzO*~
22:01 <BabyBug> jooooooooooooooooooin
22:02 <noob13> Ady-Lucifer: CT wild sumo needs cycle_wall_time :)
22:02 <noob13> .cfg cycle_wall_time
22:02 <tronner> noob13: CYCLE_WALL_TIME: Time in seconds a cycle does not make a wall after a respawn. (default: 0) || CYCLE_WALL_TIME_OVERRIDE: UNDOCUMENTED (default: 3)
22:02 <Ady-Lucifer> thanks
22:02 <noob13> it should also be equal to cycle_invulnerable_time
22:04 <Ady-Lucifer> :)
22:07 <noob13> cool server idea, btw :)
22:08 <noob13> although the respawn is a bit unfair towards players with no teammate :P
22:08 <Ady-Lucifer> thanks, and yeah, but theres nothing i can do about , ++ that way we enforce teamplay :P
22:08 <noob13> maybe respawn_time or base_enemy_respawn could fix that?
22:08 <noob13> yea, i see.
22:09 <Ady-Lucifer> not nice to respawn enemies, and the resp time makes players res even if the zones arent there
22:09 <noob13> yep :(
22:11 <Ady-Lucifer> maybe setting more points for the kills, so a single player would kill and get enough points even if he doesnt conquer any zone
22:19 <Lizmatic> .tea
22:19 <tronner> Lizmatic: Fortress Café: Players (16/32): %|% Corn (Corn1@forums), BabyBug, black people, CTxConcord (Concord@ct), CtxWoned, CT_emmy, Ct_PunK, epsy¦×¦ (epsy@forums), free kill, luke-jr (luke@dashjr.org), MarkyMark, MaZuffeR, noob13, Retard, ¦×¦ Lizmatic (Lizmatic@forums), ¦×¦ viper
22:24 <luke-jr> epsy: f u
22:39 <Lizmatic> hahahahahahaha luke-jr
22:39 <luke-jr> Lizmatic: F U TOO
22:40 <hoax> luke-jr: LOL!
22:40 <luke-jr> hoax: >:O
22:40 <hoax> *<:D
22:41  * luke-jr makes a DDoS on cafe…
22:41 <luke-jr> j/k :D
22:41 <dlh> you started polls against other people unjustly. don't be mad when they do it to you and succeed.
22:41 <Corn> lmfao
22:41 <dlh> and you had many teamkills...
22:41 <luke-jr> dlh: you were there⁈
22:42 <Corn> Oo
22:42 <dlh> yeah
22:42 <dlh> .tea
22:42 <tronner> dlh: Fortress Café: Players (12/32): %|% Corn (Corn1@forums), BabyBug, CtxWoned, CT_emmy, epsy¦×¦ (epsy@forums), free kill, MaZuffeR, Shadow Blade, thomas, ¦×¦ Hoax, ¦×¦ Lizmatic (Lizmatic@forums), ¦×¦ viper
22:42 <Corn> under what?
22:42 <hoax> :P
22:42 <Lizmatic> luke-jr is a TROLL
22:43 <BabyBug> troll is an overstatement
22:43 <dlh> oh it is hiding my auth status
22:43 <dlh> free kill
22:43 <luke-jr> o
22:43 <luke-jr> what happened to nemostultae?
22:44 <hoax> ^^
22:44 <dlh> i just play under a different name now
22:58 <Lizmatic> epsy? coming x server?
22:58 <SageLord> .tea
22:58 <tronner> SageLord: Fortress Café: Players (10/32): %|% Corn (Corn1@forums), CtxWoned, CT_emmy, Ct_PunK, epsy¦×¦ (epsy@forums), Lol :P, MaZuffeR, TY, ~*SwayZ*~, ¦×¦ Hoax
23:16 -!- antric [n=anonymou@S0106001839c1653e.vc.shawcable.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:22 -!- antric [n=anonymou@S0106001839c1653e.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #armagetron
23:27 <SageLord> .tea
23:27 <tronner> SageLord: Fortress Café: Players (8/32): C3ntur10N, ê, L3g10nna1r3, Mycroft_Holmes, PPekter, woodstock, ~*FagtoM*~, ~|DS|~G5
23:37 -!- emmy_arma [n=peiaeman@pc232133.static.is.airbites.ro] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:41 -!- MaZuffeR [n=mazuffer@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
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23:44 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@123-130-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has joined #armagetron
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