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Log from 2008-09-16:
--- Day changed Tue Sep 16 2008
00:00 <Ratchet-> yep
00:00 <Ratchet-> i r laptop
00:00 <PinkTomato> whats the wireless card?
00:00 <Ratchet-> its built in?
00:00 <Ratchet-> ok i r rebooting
00:00 <Ratchet-> if i make it back
00:00 <PinkTomato> well
00:00 <Ratchet-> you will know i lived
00:00 <Monkey_arma> Ratchet- you want more than 8 GB to be safe
00:00 <Ratchet-> -.-
00:01 <Monkey_arma> also you may need a swap partition
00:01 <Ratchet-> bit late now
00:01 <Monkey_arma> never mind
00:01 <PinkTomato> Ratchet- you can change it later
00:01 <PinkTomato> surely
00:01 <Ratchet-> k
00:01 <PinkTomato> not sure how
00:01 <Ratchet-> =\
00:01 <Ratchet-> that helps
00:01 <Ratchet-> brb anyways
00:01 <PinkTomato> something like dd will do it
00:01 <Ratchet-> rebooting
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00:01 <PinkTomato> use Pidgin or xchat for IRC
00:01 <Ratchet-> i will use all the brainpowerz i r got
00:01 <Ratchet-> k
00:01 <PinkTomato> :)
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00:03 <hoop> how u doin pink
00:03 <PinkTomato> i'm fine :)
00:04 <ivantis> hoop: in gtkmm, how do you set a windows title?
00:06 <PinkTomato> hoop: why you switching to Qt ?
00:06 <PinkTomato> hoop: Is it easier?
00:08 <hoop> ivantis, window->set_title( "dweoijweodij" );
00:08 <ivantis> uh
00:09 <hoop> PinkTomato, more powerful
00:09 <PinkTomato> you need more power then :D?
00:09 <hoop> lol
00:09 <PinkTomato> hopefully it's not harder :D
00:09 <PinkTomato> Does Qt run on windows?
00:10 <hoop> yes
00:11 <PinkTomato> ah that's OK then :), you said yr started a project page on launchpad??
00:11 <hoop> luke-jr convinced me saying you can build a Qt app for windows without even touchin windows
00:11 <PinkTomato> :D
00:11 <PinkTomato> nice
00:12 <hoop> I tried using Qt designer, there's no comparison with Glade
00:13 <hoop> ivantis, everything you need is here http://www.gtkmm.org/documentation.shtml
00:13 <ivantis> k
00:17 <PinkTomato> byebye :)
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00:38 -!- Ratchet- [n=Ratchet_@99-195-44-199.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #armagetron
00:38 <Ratchet-> -.-
00:38 <Ratchet-> its
00:38 <Ratchet-> not
00:38 <Ratchet-> working
00:38 <Ratchet-> it wont connect to internet
00:39 <Ratchet-> other than that its fine
00:39 <ivantis> you obviously dont have the network settings set up right
00:39 <Ratchet-> i obviously dont know wtf im doing
00:39 <Ratchet-> it just asks for a name..
00:39 <ivantis> it just asks for a name? what does?
00:40 <Ratchet-> I click the computer symbolizing internet in the top right
00:40 <Ratchet-> And you can Add a connection, Connect to other
00:40 <Ratchet-> ETC
00:40 <Ratchet-> I try to add one but it says name and security....
00:41 <Ratchet-> -.-
00:41 <ivantis> are you using wireless?
00:41 <Ratchet-> yes....
00:41 <ivantis> could you plug it into an ethernet cable?
00:41 <Ratchet-> -.--
00:41 <Ratchet-> i doubt it...
00:41 <Ratchet-> what for
00:42 <ivantis> wait
00:42 <Ratchet-> i can plug it into the modem....
00:42 <ivantis> you type in the name of your wireless network
00:42 <Ratchet-> with the cable i use for xbox live
00:42 <Ratchet-> It's home... I think
00:42 <Ratchet-> i tried that.
00:42 <ivantis> and then the security thing
00:42 <ivantis> the passcode
00:42 <Ratchet-> Idk the security thing
00:42 <ivantis> wait a minute
00:42 <Ratchet-> it dont have tht
00:42 <Ratchet-> its like
00:42 <ivantis> nvm
00:42 <Ratchet-> WPN2
00:42 <Ratchet-> etc
00:42 <ivantis> wireless does not work on ubuntu
00:43 <Ratchet-> wtf
00:43 <ivantis> (stabaly)
00:43 <Ratchet-> -.-
00:43 <Ratchet-> so then its pointles
00:43 <ivantis> you need to get a driver for your card
00:43 <Ratchet-> because i am on laptop
00:43 <ivantis> you need to get a driver for your card
00:43 <Ratchet-> ..
00:43 <ivantis> then you can use wireless
00:43 <ct|kyle> Lucifer_pen: after all my work installing ies4linux, My math Lab now works in Firefox :)
00:43 <Ratchet-> what do you mean
00:43 <ivantis> but you need to connect it to the internet first
00:43 <ivantis> ill talk you through it
00:43 <Ratchet-> a driver for my card?
00:44 <ivantis> yes
00:44 <Ratchet-> does this include buying something?
00:44 <ivantis> your wireless card
00:44 <ivantis> no
00:44 <Ratchet-> mk
00:44 <Ratchet-> i will try and do it
00:44 <ivantis> everything is free in the world of linux
00:45 <Ratchet-> like tell me what to do.... i have to remember it and do it
00:45 <ivantis> just plug your ubuntu into an ethernet cable
00:45 <Ratchet-> I DONT KNOW WHICH THAT IS >.<
00:45 <ivantis> on the internet
00:45 <Ratchet-> I can plug it into the xbox live cord......
00:45 <ivantis> the one that connects to your modem/router
00:45 <Ratchet-> which connects to modem
00:46 <ivantis> yes that thing
00:46 <Ratchet-> kk
00:46 <Ratchet-> and then do what
00:46 <ivantis> see if the net works now
00:47 <Ratchet-> will it take long
00:47 <ivantis> no
00:47 <Ratchet-> because i am stealing internet from my brother
00:47 <Ratchet-> mk
00:47 <ivantis> open firefox to see if it works
00:47 <ivantis> wait
00:47 <ivantis> yes it will take long
00:47 <ivantis> your brother will have to wait
00:47 <Ratchet-> lol
00:47 <Ratchet-> it will work
00:48 <Ratchet-> now what
00:48 <Ratchet-> i prefer many directions fast
00:48 <Ratchet-> -.-
00:48 <Ratchet-> ............
00:48 <ivantis> uh
00:49 <ivantis> well
00:49 <ivantis> check what wireless card you have
00:49 <Ratchet-> howww.
00:49 <ivantis> open your computer and see
00:49 <Ratchet-> all i got is the wireless on off button
00:49 <ivantis> jk
00:49 <ivantis> well
00:49 <ivantis> i really dont know that
00:49 <ivantis> then**
00:50 <ivantis> join #ubuntu and ask around (type /join #ubuntu)
00:51 <hoop> Ratchet-, are you on windows now?
00:51 <madmax> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported
00:52 <madmax> it says how to check which one you have there (and how to make it work)
00:56 <luke-jr> Ratchet-: ivantis is stupid
00:56 <luke-jr> Ratchet-: get it running wired and I'll help you switch to wireless
00:59 <Ratchet-> Ok
01:00 <Ratchet-> I got a bit of help there
01:00 <Ratchet-> my Wifi is Broadcom
01:00 <Ratchet-> i got myself banned by telling someone to suck it after they were complaining about my request about swapping from windows to linux
01:00 <Ratchet-> -.-
01:00 <Ratchet-> ok so go to ubuntu wired?
01:00 <Ratchet-> Yes  i r on windows
01:01 <Ratchet-> and i am swapping so brb
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01:05 <Ratchet-> omh
01:05 <Ratchet-> omg
01:05 <Ratchet-> problems
01:06 <Ratchet-> its saying something about type help for built in commands
01:06 <Ratchet-> and built in shell
01:06 <Ratchet-> or what not
01:06 <Ratchet-> (ash)
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01:07 <Ratchet-> =-o
01:07 <Ratchet-> HALP!
01:07 <Ratchet-> wake up!
01:07 <Ratchet-> luke-jr,
01:07 <Ratchet-> luke-jr
01:07 <Ratchet-> luke-jr,  !
01:22 <ct|kyle> o0 Ratchet- is going or already is crazy
01:24 <hoop> Ratchet-, don't scream, this is a quiet room. be patient
01:24 <madmax> it's that time where all the people who advised Ratchet- to get ubuntu bail out
01:24 <hoop> lol
01:24 <hoop> Ratchet-, did you check madmax link?
01:25 <hoop> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported
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01:30 <Ratchet-> Luke, you back?
01:30 <hoop> whatsup Ratchet-
01:30 <Ratchet-> Trying to fix internet -.-
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01:31 <lm8o> zzzz
01:31 <Ratchet-> Hey tony
01:31 <lm8o> hi
01:31 <hoop> Ratchet-, did you check that link or not?
01:32 <Ratchet-> I never got a link -.-
01:32 <hoop> you did
01:32 <hoop> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported
01:32 <Ratchet-> I just installed Ubuntu and ran across internet problems.
01:32 <Ratchet-> I never visited that
01:32 <Ratchet-> 1 Sec
01:32 <hoop> check there if your card is supported
01:33 <Ratchet-> It is.
01:33 <Ratchet-> I talked to someone
01:33 <Ratchet-> they said Broadcom Is Highly supported.
01:33 <hoop> broadcom is just a company, you need more info
01:33 <hoop> model, type...
01:34 <Ratchet-> My router is Belkin
01:34 <hoop> nvm the router
01:34 <Ratchet-> Or Linksys
01:34 <Ratchet-> Uh
01:34 <Ratchet-> 1 SEc
01:34 <hoop> read that page, and do what they say
01:35 <hoop> you must try yourself before asking for help
01:35 <Ratchet-> I have Linksys router
01:35 <Ratchet-> Westell modem
01:35 <Ratchet-> My Internet thing on computer says Broadcom.
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01:35 <Ratchet-> where he told me to look
01:36 <hoop> are you blind
01:36 <Ratchet-> nope
01:36 <hoop> have you read that page
01:37 <ct|kyle> hoop: he probably is stonned :P
01:37 <Ratchet-> Westell is there
01:37 <Ratchet-> I searched for what you said -.-
01:37 <hoop> did you type the command they say?
01:37 <Ratchet-> negative
01:37 <hoop> read that page, and do what they say
01:37 -!- Paralyzed [i=Paralyze@24-182-43-87.static.lnbh.ca.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
01:38 <Paralyzed> ello
01:38 <hoop> hi
01:38 <ct|kyle> when they say sudo rm -rf / do it
01:38 <ct|kyle> :P
01:38 <Ratchet-> I typed
01:38  * hoop slaps kyle gently
01:38 <Ratchet-> lspci -v | less
01:38 <Ratchet-> it says is not found
01:38 <Ratchet-> in cmd
01:38  * Paralyzed laughs
01:38 <Ratchet-> hey para
01:38 <Ratchet-> :d
01:38 <Paralyzed> ;D
01:39 <Ratchet-> hey hoooooop
01:39 <Ratchet-> i r noob
01:39 <Ratchet-> hhalp
01:39 <Ratchet-> boobie trap
01:39 <madmax> where did you type it?
01:39 <Ratchet-> in command
01:39 <Ratchet-> box
01:39 <Ratchet-> in windows
01:39 <Ratchet-> fyi ubuntu phails to get internet
01:39 <hoop> To determine what wireless card/chipset you have, open up a terminal and type the following.
01:39 <madmax> er, you're supposed to use that command in linux
01:39 <Ratchet-> technichal difshicalteez.
01:39 <hoop> yes, you're blind
01:39 <Ratchet-> no intranet
01:39 <Ratchet-> newb!
01:40 <Ratchet-> a terminal is the flippin command box
01:40 <Ratchet-> -.
01:40 <Ratchet-> -.-
01:40 <Ratchet-> ok whatever geniuses
01:40 <hoop> Ratchet-, wtf is a command box
01:40 <Ratchet-> brb
01:40 <madmax> can't you use a ethernet cable for a bit instead of wireless while on linux?
01:40 <Ratchet-> i'll look
01:40 <hoop> he is madmax
01:40 <Ratchet-> i did that no one helped
01:40 <Ratchet-> so i said f it
01:40 <hoop> no one?
01:40 <Ratchet-> i was here going
01:40 <Ratchet-> luke
01:40 <Ratchet-> luke
01:40 <Ratchet-> luke
01:40 <Ratchet-> luke
01:40 <Ratchet-> he said he'd halpl
01:41  * madmax notes he wasn't one of people who advised Ratchet- to get ubuntu
01:41 <Paralyzed> haha
01:41 <Ratchet-> and i had to steal the xbox live cord
01:41 <Ratchet-> my dad done took it back
01:41 <Ratchet-> and said newp
01:41 <Ratchet-> alright i'll brb
01:41 <Ratchet-> going type that
01:41 <hoop> stop it Ratchet-
01:41 <hoop> how about that command?
01:41 <Ratchet-> stoped.
01:41 <Ratchet-> command box
01:41 <Ratchet-> dos
01:41 <Ratchet-> black box
01:41 <Ratchet-> white text
01:42 <hoop> are you on linux now?
01:42 <Ratchet-> sigh!!!!
01:42 <Ratchet-> my dad wont let me have ethernet, I am going to swap over without internet to do it..
01:42 <hoop> are you on linux now?
01:42 <Ratchet-> i can't!
01:42 <hoop> are you on linux now?
01:42 <madmax> he isn't
01:42 <Ratchet-> no
01:42 <Ratchet-> !
01:42 <Ratchet-> i am on windows until i can get internet set up
01:42 <hoop> say yes/no damnit
01:42 <Ratchet-> yes/no and no
01:43 <Ratchet-> is answer
01:43 <Ratchet-> *no*
01:43 <Ratchet-> i am on windows
01:43 <ct|kyle> BSOS*
01:43 <hoop> is there an icon like 'computer resources' on you desktop?
01:43 <Ratchet-> er
01:43 <Ratchet-> my computer
01:43 <Flex> lol
01:43 <hoop> k
01:43 <Ratchet-> control panel
01:43 <Ratchet-> etc
01:43 <Paralyzed> raffle
01:43 <Ratchet-> what you need me to find i can find it
01:44 <hoop> now stfu and listen and answer my qusetions, or you wont's get help from me
01:44 <Ratchet-> okay
01:44 <Ratchet-> :)
01:44 <Paralyzed> :)
01:44 <hoop> ok I don't know how it's called in english version, there must be an icon of a computer, right?
01:45 <Ratchet-> My Computer, Yes
01:45 <hoop> ok, right clik->properties
01:45 <Ratchet-> K
01:45 <Ratchet-> Did
01:46 <hoop> it should spawn a window with windows logo in center, is it?
01:46 <Ratchet-> Jups
01:46 <hoop> click the 'hardware' tab
01:46 <Ratchet-> I R there
01:46  * Ratchet- guesses Device Manager
01:46 <Flex> Ratchet, what's the problem? if you don't mind me asking :)
01:46 <hoop> right
01:47 <Ratchet-> Network adapters too?
01:47 <Ratchet-> Flex: Intarnet on linux phail
01:47 <hoop> Flex, he needs to know his wireless card model
01:47 <Flex> ah, so hoop wants to find the network card name
01:47 <Monkey_arma> ratchet remember this:
01:47 <Ratchet-> Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN
01:47 <Monkey_arma> wired = good     wireless = bad
01:48 <Ratchet-> I am 13, I have no choice
01:48 <Ratchet-> -.-
01:48 <Flex> right, then get the drivers on ubuntu
01:48 <hoop> Monkey_arma, he's got no choice, he's card should be supported by ubuntu though
01:48 <Ratchet-> So I plug internet in by cable and download a driver thing?
01:48 <hoop> is it a miniPCI?
01:48 <Ratchet-> Pardon?
01:49 <Flex> probably usb
01:49 <Ratchet-> PCI slot 9
01:49 <hoop> pay attention now, you need to cathc eveything about your card model
01:49 <Ratchet-> PCI bus 6
01:49 <Ratchet-> ok
01:49 <hoop> anything related to it
01:50 <hoop> do you have the ubuntu help page on?
01:50 <hoop> click the broadcom link
01:50 <Ratchet-> am
01:50 <Ratchet-> ok hold on
01:50 <Ratchet-> i there
01:52 <Ratchet-> i got a compaq presario c300
01:53 <hoop> can you find your card in the list?
01:54 <Ratchet-> i dont understand the difference... my card thing has nothing about that
01:54 <StickyNoob> hoop: you probably could have found all that out by typing lspci
01:54 <hoop> StickyNoob, he's on windows
01:54 <StickyNoob> Ratchet-> Flex: Intarnet on linux phail
01:54 <hoop> Ratchet-, you need to find your model number
01:55 <Ratchet-> BCMWL5
01:55 <hoop> that's it
01:55 <hoop> ...maybe
01:55 <madmax> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=469773 <-- about a compaq presario c300 on ubuntu
01:56 <Ratchet-> C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\BCMWL5.SYS
01:56 <hoop> dont mix windows and linux
01:57 <hoop> that file is useless for ubuntu
01:57 <hoop> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25683&page=1&pp=10&highlight=bcmwl5
01:58 <Ratchet-> I follow that?
01:59 <hoop> not if you are on windows
01:59 <hoop> keep that link
01:59 <hoop> write it somewhere or save the page
01:59 <hoop> try to follow those instructions on ubuntu
02:00 <Ratchet-> done
02:00 <hoop> you need to be connected of course
02:00 <hoop> to download the drivers
02:00 <hoop> note that to find that page i googled for: 'BCMWL5 driver ubuntu'
02:01 <Ratchet-> I know
02:01 <Ratchet-> However
02:01 <hoop> :P
02:01 <StickyNoob> are you sure the drivers arnt already in there?
02:01 <Ratchet-> Wait
02:01 <Ratchet-> I do NOTHING on windows?
02:01 <hoop> no
02:01 <Ratchet-> not the move the file thing?
02:01 <Ratchet-> k
02:01 <hoop> can you connect ubuntu via cable?
02:02 <Ratchet-> er
02:02 <Ratchet-> I don't think so at the moment
02:02 <Ratchet-> Though I am burying my grandfather tomorrow
02:02 <Ratchet-> So i should be staying home..
02:02 <Ratchet-> I'll use it tonight when no one is on xbox.
02:02 <Ratchet-> Printing the page
02:02 <Ratchet-> atm
02:03 <hoop> you got what a terminal is?
02:03 <Ratchet-> Ha
02:03 <Ratchet-> No
02:03 <Ratchet-> Lol
02:03 <Ratchet-> Hopo
02:03 <Ratchet-> Hoop
02:03 <hoop> that's where you type those commands
02:03 <Ratchet-> Just remembered
02:03 <Ratchet-> Ubuntu being ghey
02:03 <Ratchet-> It's displaying a built in shell problem or something
02:03 <Ratchet-> saying type help for commands
02:04 <hoop> when?
02:04 <hoop> when is it displayed?
02:05 <ct|kyle> #google "BCMWL5 driver ubuntu"
02:05 <armabot> ct|kyle: Search took 0.23 seconds: Ubuntu and my wireless-- bcmwl5 .inf, etc. - LinuxQuestions.org: <http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-distributions-5/ubuntu-and-my-wireless-bcmwl5.inf-etc.-516237/>; HOW TO: Configure wireless cards with Broadcom chipsets - Ubuntu ...: <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25683&page=1&pp=10&highlight=bcmwl5>; Ndiswrapper, bcmwl5 driver (3 more messages)
02:07 -!- whoopss [n=john@ip-157-118.sn2.eutelia.it] has joined #armagetron
02:07 -!- whoopss [n=john@ip-157-118.sn2.eutelia.it] has quit [Client Quit]
02:07 <Ratchet-> On startup
02:07 <Ratchet-> It does the ubuntu loading then that
02:08 <hoop> it's angry cus you gave him only 8 Gb
02:08 <Ratchet-> :\
02:09 <Ratchet-> How do i change it -.-
02:09 <Ratchet-> and unpiss him off
02:09 <Ratchet-> :x
02:09 <hoop> jk, I don't know what's your problem
02:09 <Ratchet-> omgawd
02:09 <hoop> perhaps nothing important
02:09 <Ratchet-> it wont start up....
02:09 <Ratchet-> i cant get past it
02:09 <Ratchet-> its important all right
02:09 <hoop> :o
02:09 <hoop> man you're fucked then
02:09 <Ratchet-> Ugh
02:10 <hoop> was it connected when you installed it?
02:10 <Ratchet-> meaning
02:10 <Ratchet-> I can  reinstall....
02:10 <hoop> was it?
02:10 <Ratchet-> to what?
02:10 <hoop> to my dick
02:10 <Ratchet-> internet.. only wireless
02:10 <Ratchet-> maybe
02:10 <hoop> XD
02:11 <Ratchet-> were you in my room about 2 hours ago
02:11 <Ratchet-> ?
02:11 <Ratchet-> :X
02:11 <hoop> didn't you say you can connect via cable?
02:12 <hoop> I'm out
02:12 <StickyNoob> heh
02:13 <Ratchet-> I did say that, But I am limited from it because of hogs
02:14 <hoop> #tr en it hog
02:14 <Ratchet-> lol
02:14 <Ratchet-> ok so I will reinstall
02:14 <Ratchet-> and connect to cable
02:14 <Ratchet-> and run that page i printed
02:14 <Ratchet-> it will work then?
02:14 <hoop> it's recommended to be connected when you install linux
02:14 <Ratchet-> k i wil this time
02:15 <hoop> not sure it will solve, but hope so
02:15 <Ratchet-> once i do that page
02:15 <hoop> what's a hog btw?
02:15 <madmax> hogs ≈ freezes
02:15 <Ratchet-> where do i get the driver
02:15 <Ratchet-> hogs are people that... er... dont share
02:15 <Ratchet-> lol
02:15 <madmax> oh wait
02:15 <hoop> if you're luck the installer will find the driver itself
02:15 <Ratchet-> oh
02:15 <hoop> lucky*
02:15 <Ratchet-> okay
02:16 <Ratchet-> and if not?
02:16 <Ratchet-> PLAN B?
02:16 <hoop> just don't forget your card model, it may prompt you for that
02:16 <hoop> plan B is monkey's plan: buy a mac
02:17 <StickyNoob> plan A sounds pretty fail
02:17 <StickyNoob> mainly since its following a guide written 3 years old
02:17 <StickyNoob> *ago
02:18 <Ratchet-> is there a way to download a driver thing
02:18 <Ratchet-> that finds it
02:19 <hoop> Ratchet-, google for your card model, try to get more info
02:19 <hoop> as StickyNoob says, that guide is a bit old, I didn't check that. but it may work anyway
02:20 <hoop> this may be better:
02:20 <hoop> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-distributions-5/ubuntu-and-my-wireless-bcmwl5.inf-etc.-516237/
02:21 -!- Ratchetzorz [n=Ratchet_@99-195-29-55.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #armagetron
02:21 <Ratchetzorz> ugh
02:21 <Ratchetzorz> this crap is ip based?
02:21 -!- QuantumBeep [n=QB@cpe-72-190-32-30.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
02:22 <hoop> ? the web is ip based?
02:22 <Ratchetzorz> this
02:22 <Ratchetzorz> chat
02:23 -!- Ratchetzorz is now known as ow
02:23 -!- ow is now known as abljdbasdj
02:23 <hoop> this chat is part of the web
02:23 <abljdbasdj> o
02:23 <abljdbasdj> i cannot
02:23 <abljdbasdj> er
02:23 <abljdbasdj> get Ratchet-
02:23 <abljdbasdj> on a new ip
02:24 <Paralyzed> :O
02:24 <Paralyzed> still helping him?
02:24 -!- abljdbasdj is now known as Ratchy
02:24 <Ratchy> =-o
02:24 <Ratchy> brb
02:24 <Ratchy> changing ip to avoid a ban from #ubuntu
02:24 <Paralyzed> wtfz0rz!
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02:25 <Ratchhhhhhhh> har
02:25 -!- Ratchhhhhhhh is now known as dsfhsdlfkhsdfskf
02:25 <dsfhsdlfkhsdfskf> there
02:25 <dsfhsdlfkhsdfskf> now i will go
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02:37 <dsfhsdlfkhsdfskf> all kind of people are telling me it wont work
02:37 <dsfhsdlfkhsdfskf> -.-
02:38 -!- dsfhsdlfkhsdfskf is now known as Ratch
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02:53 <Ratch> hellooo
02:53 <StickyNoob> yo
02:53 <Ratch> ok making sure i not dead
02:53 <StickyNoob> ok
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03:24 <Monkey_arma> anyone for fort at tr?
03:32 <Monkey_arma> currently 10 people there
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04:10 <Ratchet-> kay
04:10 <Ratchet-> back
04:19 <Monkey_arma> how is it going ratchet?
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07:01 <luke-jr_> so anyone try pthread armathentication yet?
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14:56 <Monkey_arma> audacious is putting config stuff all over the place in my home dir. Can someone recommend a better audio player for Linux please.
14:58 -!- ct|kyle [n=kyle@pool-71-97-143-186.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
15:01 <eddiefantastic> amarok?
15:01 <eddiefantastic> I use mplayer personally
15:04 <Monkey_arma> if i install amarok i will be swamped with Qt probablly
15:05 <eddiefantastic> mplayer /path/to/album/*.mp3
15:05 <eddiefantastic> works for me ;)
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16:14 <Monkey_arma> i might just get mplayer...nothing else really seems to cut it yet
16:15 <Monkey_arma> xmms2 is a bit all over the place..not sure how ready it is
16:15 -!- QuantumBeep [n=QB@cpe-72-190-32-30.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
16:16 <noob13> i wish there was a foobar2000 for linux
16:17 <noob13> best music player i've ever witnessed
16:18 <noob13> i'm using xmms because it feels lighter than any other
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18:04 <luke-jr_> noob13: noob
18:05 <luke-jr_> noob13: xmms isn't even maintained!
18:08 <epsy> i thought (nick color) it was ivantis talking
18:09 <noob13> luke-jr_: i figured that out too..
18:09 <noob13> truth being i haven't used the computer for my music in quite some time
18:09 <epsy> [memo] to play music: bluetooth-send <file>
18:10 <luke-jr_> epsy: do me a favour!
18:11 <epsy> luke-jr_, want me to try to fix pthreads detection?
18:11 <luke-jr_> epsy: it doesn't work for you?
18:12 <epsy> it first thought it was installed trough it wasnt and now i installed it it still wont compile
18:12 <epsy> wrong header files, or at least, not those i have here
18:12 <epsy> <epsy> luke-jr, http://armagetronad.pastebin.com/d7cfaafc3
18:12 <epsy> <epsy> --enable-dedicated --enable-authentication
18:12 <epsy> <epsy> $ find `pth-config --includedir`/ -name pth*
18:12 <epsy> <epsy> /usr/include/pthread.h
18:12 <epsy> <epsy> /usr/include/pth.h
18:12 <epsy> <epsy> /usr/include/bits/pthreadtypes.h
18:12 <luke-jr_> uhh
18:12 <luke-jr_> pthreads is built in to Linux
18:12 <luke-jr_> I think
18:14 <luke-jr_> at least glibc
18:18 <luke-jr_> yeah, glibc + Linux provides pthread
18:18 <luke-jr_> epsy: so what's the problem?
18:18 <epsy> network/nAuthentication.cpp:57:29: erreur: pthread-binding.h : Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type [no such file or directory]
18:18 <epsy> see linked pastebin
18:23 <luke-jr_> yeah, whatever that means
18:25 <mkzelda> luke-jr_: next words out of your mouth better be "You suck, your computer sucks, and get yourself a SANE linux installed" or I'm telling everyone you're becoming human.
18:28 <luke-jr_> wtf?
18:28 <luke-jr_> mkzelda: *you* suck
18:28 <luke-jr_> so there
18:28 <mkzelda> :)
18:29 <mkzelda> i couldnt allow you to get soft
18:29 <luke-jr_> f u
18:30 -!- xfroggy_tr [i=4ae93e5d@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-c4b3f37f57340b79] has quit ["http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client"]
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18:48 <MrBougo> <noob13> i'm using xmms because it feels lighter than any other
18:48 <MrBougo> audacious is a fork from xmms or something like that
18:48 <MrBougo> or they are cousins
18:48 <MrBougo> or whatever...
18:49 <epsy> they made children, too
18:49 <luke-jr_> MrBougo: audacious is dead too
18:49 <luke-jr_> epsy: …
18:50 <epsy> enjoy sarcasm, dude :)
18:51 <MrBougo> luke-jr_, is it?
18:51 <luke-jr_> epsy: yes, good idea to commit pthread-binding.h
18:51 <MrBougo> I thought it was still maintained
18:51 <luke-jr_> epsy: done
18:51 <luke-jr_> MrBougo: not afaik
18:51 <MrBougo> was it forked?
18:51 <luke-jr_> MrBougo: I use MPD and Amarok
18:51 <epsy> to commit it?
18:51 <MrBougo> damn, is there any good gnome player :p
18:51 <MrBougo> amarok is QT :/
18:51 <MrBougo> Qt*
18:51 <MrBougo> I don't know MPD, let me check
18:51 <luke-jr_> epsy: yes, it's a short C header that giving you C++ bindings for pthread
18:52 <luke-jr_> MrBougo: Qt is win
18:52 <luke-jr_> GNOME is suck
18:52 <epsy> homemade?
18:52 <MrBougo> well, luke-jr_, maybe I'll switch
18:52 <MrBougo> give me some time to get familiar with linux first :p
18:52 <epsy> MrBougo, MPD is quite good
18:52 <epsy> except for streaming over bluetooth
18:53 <epsy> well, alsa just sucks at it, as well many other sound driver sets
18:53 <MrBougo> wait, MPD is a server
18:54 <MrBougo> what do you use as client, epsy ?
18:54 <epsy> used to use different clients
18:54 <epsy> gmpc, pympd
18:54 <epsy> pympd's UI is based on iTunes/iTunes clones
18:55 <MrBougo> yuck :p
18:55 <epsy> there's also another one, which i forgot it's name
18:55 <MrBougo> meh
18:55 <MrBougo> what about mplayer?
18:56 <MrBougo> it seems mpd doesn't support .cue/.mp3 combos
18:56 <epsy> well, it wont manage your music DB
18:56 <epsy> mpd should support most stuff
18:56 <epsy> mplayer can play every kind of crap, as long as you have codecs for it
18:56 <mkzelda> i use mplayer
18:57 <mkzelda> ive never had a time where i wanted a playlist so long I couldnt ls the dirs > playlist.m3u
18:57 <MrBougo> .cue/.mp3 isn't a matter of codecs
18:58 <MrBougo> I don't really care about my music db
18:58 <epsy> then mplayer should be fine
18:58 <MrBougo> my filesystem organization is enough for me
18:58 <MrBougo> okay then, I'll try it
18:59 <epsy> a<x>io
18:59 <epsy> can't remember what the <x> is
18:59 <epsy> d'oh
18:59 <epsy> ario!
19:01 <MrBougo> hehe
19:10 <teabot> armacommits: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r886 duh, missing file
19:12 -!- Liza_ [n=Liza@p5B25BD6C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #armagetron
19:13 <luke-jr_> epsy: so does that work?
19:13 <epsy> *playing with a sword*
19:13 <epsy> compiling!
19:14 <epsy> hm
19:14 <epsy> it only happens between rounds, still
19:15 <epsy> did i miss a switch or something?
19:21 -!- Flex [i=Flex@unaffiliated/flex] has joined #armagetron
19:21 <luke-jr_> dunno :/
19:23 <epsy> did you try it yourslef?
19:23 <luke-jr_> nope
19:23 <epsy> heh
19:23 <luke-jr_> just replaced code and made it compile
19:23 <luke-jr_> <.<
19:23 <luke-jr_> not sure where I'd go to debug that problem anyway
19:24 <epsy> maybe it's not built because zthread support isn't enabled
19:24 <epsy> so the pp wipes it out
19:24 <luke-jr_> ?
19:24 <epsy> (except for the include)
19:24 <luke-jr_> check?
19:24 <epsy> i don't know where that code is
19:25 <epsy> second
19:30 -!- Liza [n=Liza@p5B25C17E.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
19:30 -!- Liza_ is now known as Liza
19:36 <hoax> #si gay
19:36 <armabot> hoax: Gays Meeting - Gays Only!: Players (1/16): lolipop
19:36 <hoax> yours luke-jr_?
19:36 <epsy> luke-jr_, you forgot to edit template< class T > static void ScheduleMayBlock( T & object, void (T::*function)(), bool block )
19:37 <epsy> nAuthentication.cpp, line 373
19:38 <epsy> omg ¦×¦ should rush in!
19:45 <hoax> :P
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20:10 <teabot> armacommits: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r887 Whoops, forgot to remove that
20:13 -!- Liza [n=Liza@p5B25BD6C.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:18 <luke-jr_> ]later tell xfroggy server cancel in about 1 week, right?
20:18 <luke-jr_> epsy: did you fix it?
20:26 -!- xfroggy_tr [i=4ae93e5d@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-53788cd07f2381a9] has joined #armagetron
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22:25 <ivantis> my god
22:25 <ivantis> windows sucks
22:26 <luke-jr_> a perfect match for you!
22:26 <ivantis> i emailed an assignment to my teacher that i edited on this computer. just a plain text file, i titled it english.letter
22:27 <ivantis> today she said that she couldnt open it and that i need to rename it to a .txt instead of .letter
22:27 <ivantis> as well as windows wouldnt let her rename it herself because it thinks its smarter than you and you dont know what youre doing
22:29 <ivantis> here is my email reply: Ivan: re-send this and give it a ".txt" ending instead of ".letter"
22:29 <ivantis> why does whoever put that "feature" in windows think that would be handy?
22:31 <ivantis> idiots
22:31 <P4> a lot of parents of my friends like that 'feature' because he can rename files quickly
22:32 <P4> s/he/they
22:32 <ivantis> without having to type 3 or 4 more characters? that must be so difficult on their poor little hands
22:32 <ivantis> luke: why the _?
22:32 <P4> you just F2, ctrl+v, 1 [enter]
22:32 -!- ivantis is now known as luke-jr
22:33 <luke-jr> you forget your pass?
22:33 -!- luke-jr is now known as ivantis
22:34 -!- MaZuffeR [n=mazuffer@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
22:34 <ivantis> did it just say connection reset by peer for me?
22:34 <ivantis> try a HTTP request on port 6667
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--- Log opened Tue Sep 16 22:46:29 2008
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22:47 <ivantis> wrtlprnft: what happened to you?
22:47 -!- tramshed [n=tramshed@got.r0ot.net] has joined #armagetron
22:47 <P4> #hello
22:47 <armabot> Hello P4 :) Quote #17: "And I hate dying nearly as much as I hate Vanhayes. --featherfcuk" (added by Lucifer_arma at 02:02 AM, June 14, 2006)
22:47 -!- emmy_arma [n=peiaeman@pc232133.static.is.airbites.ro] has joined #armagetron
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22:53 <ivantis> .ping
22:54 <ivantis> #ping
22:54 <armabot> pong
22:54 <ivantis> @ping
22:54 <ivantis> ]ping
22:54 <ivantis> grr
23:17 <epsy> luke-jr_, nope
23:17 <luke-jr_> -.-
23:17 -!- luke-jr_ is now known as luke-jr
23:18 <epsy> *might* do tomorrow
23:25 -!- arrow1 [n=user@adsl-dyn73.78-99-49.t-com.sk] has quit ["Leaving."]
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23:29 <ivantis> hoop:
23:29 <ivantis> gtkmm help again
23:30 <ivantis> why wouldnt the program posted at http://pastebin.com/m634b32a8 work?
23:30 <ivantis> it compiles alright and makes a window, but the button doesnt show up
23:31 <ivantis> oh nvm
23:32 <ivantis> i forgot window.show_all_children()
23:35 <hoop> epsy, what's the :(
23:36 <epsy> qt </3
23:37 <hoop> reason?
23:37 <hoop> I'm comparing them atm
23:38 <epsy> wheight
23:39 <epsy> and also it doesnt fit on my desk :O
23:39 <hoop> ivantis, if you realize out how to customize the toolbar icon I give you 40320100 cookies
23:39 <hoop> what desk?
23:39 <ivantis> im no moron
23:39 <hoop> ?
23:40 <ivantis> you mean the one next to the text in the button?
23:40 <ivantis> the stock thing?
23:40 <hoop> did you see vectron have some button without pa picture?
23:40 <ivantis> no
23:41 <ivantis> wait
23:41 <ivantis> yes
23:41 <ivantis> why?
23:41 <hoop> the reason is that i didn't realize how to apply custom icon there
23:41 <ivantis> oh
23:41 <ivantis> cant you use any old image with a correct path?
23:42 <ivantis> hey, why would this not work?
23:42 <epsy> seen many doing it
23:42 <ivantis> pbutton.signal_clicked().connect(on_clicked_button());
23:42 <ivantis> my compiler says "invalid use of void expression"
23:42 <ivantis> (gcc)
23:42 <hoop> that's c++
23:43 <ivantis> oh
23:43 <ivantis> what do i need to use?
23:43 <epsy> make
23:43 <ivantis> nono
23:43 <hoop> gcc = c compiler
23:43 <hoop> g++ = c++ compiler
23:43 <ivantis> i am using g++
23:43 <ivantis> its the same as gcc
23:44 <ivantis> just diff name
23:44 <hoop> epsy, I know it's possible, just can't see how, the documentation quite confused about that
23:45 <hoop> ivantis, connect() wants void as argument
23:45 <hoop> no sorry
23:45 <ivantis> void <void_name()>?
23:45 <hoop> you're passing it a void becaue on_clicked_button() returns void
23:46 <hoop> connect wants a function pointer
23:46 <ivantis> connect(void on_clicked_button())?
23:46 <hoop> forget the void
23:46 <ivantis> or connect(on_clicked_button())?
23:46 <ivantis> that?
23:46 <hoop> try connect() without arguments and post what it says
23:47 <ivantis> helloworld2.cpp:23: error: no matching function for call to ‘Glib::SignalProxy0<void>::connect()’
23:47 <ivantis> /usr/include/glibmm-2.4/glibmm/signalproxy.h:145: note: candidates are: sigc::connection Glib::SignalProxy0<R>::connect(const sigc::slot<T_return, sigc::nil, sigc::nil, sigc::nil, sigc::nil, sigc::nil, sigc::nil, sigc::nil>&, bool) [with R = void]
23:48 <hoop> see? connect requires 4 arguments
23:48 <ivantis> what should they be then?
23:48 <hoop> wai
23:49 <hoop> said wrong
23:49 <hoop> it wants at least 2 args
23:49 <hoop> ivantis: google
23:49 <ivantis> here is the source i got it from: m_button.signal_clicked().connect( sigc::mem_fun(*this, &Buttons::on_button_clicked) );
23:52 <hoop> ah right, thats the correct syntax, forget my bullshits
23:52 <ivantis> what should *this be replaced with in my case?
23:52 <hoop> you know what's this for?
23:52 <ct|kyle> hoop: http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=199119#199119 :)
23:52 <ivantis> no
23:53 <ivantis> oh
23:53 <ivantis> this data type?
23:53 <hoop> you know the command 'this' ?
23:53 <ivantis> yeah
23:53 <ivantis> a pointer to itsself?
23:53 <ct|kyle> hoop: i forgot to say you also need math.h for that :)
23:53 <epsy> Roflcopter xD
23:53 <hoop> ct|kyle, nice, thanks I'm gonna look it immediatlely
23:54 <ivantis> what?
23:54 <ivantis> what is it for??
23:54 <ct|kyle> using xdir and ydir to find angle
23:54 <hoop> yea, a pointer to the object itself
23:54 <epsy> so that it doesnt get dropped rite?
23:54 <ivantis> sooo?
23:54 <epsy> it's called a reference
23:55 <ivantis> then
23:55 <ivantis> it should be in my case, main?
23:55 <ivantis> idk
23:55 <hoop> ivantis, Ill try to explain that function
23:55 <epsy> huh?
23:55 <hoop> sigc::mem_fun(*this, &Buttons::on_button_clicked)
23:55 <ivantis> okay
23:55 <ivantis> we got that
23:56 <hoop> you are gonna connect m_button.signal_clicked() to another function ok?
23:56 <ivantis> yes
23:57 <hoop> sigc::mem_fun is designed for member functions only
23:57 <hoop> is that your case?
23:57 <ivantis> no
23:57 <hoop> you know what a member function is?
23:57 <ivantis> its in the same struct or whatever?
23:58 <ivantis> er
23:58 <ivantis> the same class?
23:58 <hoop> member function is that function that is defined inside a class
23:58 <ivantis> right
23:59 <hoop> that's why sig::mem_fun takes 2 args: first is the object owning the function, second is the function itself
23:59 <hoop> if you want to just connect the click to a normal function use ptr_fun

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