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Log from 2007-10-26:
--- Day changed Fri Oct 26 2007
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02:20 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: PING
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05:50 <Durka> Lucifer: ping
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06:06 <Durka> fuck the rox lost =/
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09:03 <Lucifer> guru3: pin
09:03 <Lucifer> g
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09:37 <kick52> there is something very wrong with the ctf mode
09:38 <kick52> as soon as the game starts the fps rapidly declines
09:39 <kick52> until it gets to about 4 or so
09:39 <DrJoeTron> speaking of
09:39 <DrJoeTron> i miss groundpig
09:45 <kick52> groundpig?
09:45  * kick52 googles
09:46 <kick52> hmm, does groundpig not suck in the fps section?
09:50 <eddiefantastic> respawning sucks in the fps section
09:52 <kick52> it is definately not a graphics problem as a game with a bigger map with 13 players runs fine
09:52 <Lucifer> it's a memory leak, iirc
09:52 <Lucifer> or so I've heard, I've never actually looked at the patch
09:53 <Lucifer> basically, he creates a new zone in memory for every flash of the flag, which slows the game down over time because none of the game objects get collected until the end of the round
09:53 <Lucifer> if respawning were removed, the problem would disappear (although it won't go away)
09:59 <kick52> :(
09:59 <kick52> i've also had a problem where it says i've been respawned though it was the other team
10:00 <Lucifer> this is why I love it when people contribute patches and then disappear :)
10:00 <Lucifer> we can't support the patch, so unless you're willing to sling code yourself, there's not much we can do
10:02 <kick52> if only my coding skills were more than just primitive bash scripting
10:02 <Lucifer> please put a nickel on the jar
10:03 <Lucifer> it's the "I want someone else to fix my problem" jar :)
10:03 <eddiefantastic> I got a problem with team spawns, need more control ;)
10:04 <Lucifer> not trying to be harsh, it's just that if the patch didn't have these problems and there were a way to maintain the game mode in the development branch without it (where zones are totally different), we'd happily put this patch into 0.2.8 and support it
10:04 <Lucifer> and if these problems were trivial to fix, we'd have already done it
10:04 <Lucifer> groundpig basically said he'd like to see them fixed, but wasn't going to do it, so what do you do?
10:04 <eddiefantastic> the main problem iirc is a clientside problem with the respawning
10:04 <Lucifer> yeah, it's not a server-side problem
10:05 <eddiefantastic> he didn't write the respawning, just enabled it
10:05 <Lucifer> and like i said, I don't know the details.
10:05 <Lucifer> well, the respawning was only an unsupported hack, that's why it had to be enabled.  :)
10:05 <Lucifer> it's actually a construction site that hasn't been developed :)
10:05 <Lucifer> rather, philippe's developed it in the trunk as part of zones v2
10:05 <eddiefantastic> repspawning is ok as long as you make sure rounds are short
10:06 <Lucifer> I've thought ctf needed to go to timed rounds anyway
10:06 <eddiefantastic> phillippe did respawning?
10:06 <Lucifer> he screwed with it, he had a test zones v2 server up a year ago or so that did respawning
10:06 <Lucifer> I'm only extrapolating here, it's possible he hasn't developed the respawning past where it was, just incorporated it into zones v2
10:06 <eddiefantastic> I remember z-mans respawning server. I dunno
10:07 <Lucifer> but the problem's something to do with zones and respawning, like if you just did ctf, you're fine
10:07 <Lucifer> if you just did respawning, you're fine
10:07 <eddiefantastic> A good ctf server will have timed rounds, that's up to the admin
10:07 <Lucifer> not sure, haven't looked it over myself
10:08 <Lucifer> well, I am a fan of timed matches anyway :)
10:08 <eddiefantastic> when chico styball first went up, there was nothing to stop the round from continuing forever. My fps started at 100 and after a 15 minute round would go down to 1
10:09 <eddiefantastic> everybody had 1 fps
10:09 <Lucifer> really?  I never had a fps drop in styball
10:09 <eddiefantastic> all you could do was respawn
10:09 <eddiefantastic> it's timed now
10:09 <eddiefantastic> *was
10:09 <eddiefantastic> dz's in the goals
10:09 <Lucifer> no, I mean, I was in there when it first went up and had unlimited rounds and never had a fps drop
10:10 <eddiefantastic> you may not have had the long rounds
10:10 <Lucifer> maybe I should dig up z-man's posts on it, since he actually reviewed the patch
10:10 <Lucifer> it's possible, I was so early in there I think there were only like 4 people total that were interested
10:10 <Lucifer> hell, I think n54 was in there
10:10 <Lucifer> no, wait, I think it was joda
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10:11 <eddiefantastic> the 4 axes styball didn't work well imo
10:11 <Lucifer> I preferred that :)
10:11 <Lucifer> what we really need is some new movement controls :)
10:11 <eddiefantastic> Voodoo is currently trying to fix the wall bug
10:11 <Lucifer> so we can have a base 4 axis with the left/right, and then have some alternate controls that turn the cycle at a different angle
10:12 <kick52> hmm, wal bug
10:12 <Lucifer> so left/right pi/2, and left/right pi/4 controls :)
10:12 <kick52> isn't that where you can go out of bounds?
10:12 <Lucifer> what's the wall bug?
10:12 <guru3> Lucifer: pon
10:12 <Lucifer> g
10:12 <eddiefantastic> you ever see the ball get stuck to a wall and shake erractically?
10:12 <eddiefantastic> it doesn't do that now
10:12 <Lucifer> er, yeah, do we have any kind of anti-troll stuff on the forums?
10:12 <guru3> no
10:13 <eddiefantastic> we now have a disappearing ball bug
10:13 <eddiefantastic> much worse :(
10:13 <Lucifer> boy, I haven't played styball in a long time :)
10:13 <Lucifer> I think I've seen that, now that you mention it
10:13 <eddiefantastic> there's no styball server up afaik
10:13 <Lucifer> oh shit, is master 2 still running?
10:14  * Lucifer just realized he probably needs to recompile it after the distro upgrade
10:25 <guru3> What's 3:25PST in GMT+1?
10:27 <kick52> it's 9:29!
10:27 <kick52> uh, right?
10:27 <guru3> I have no clue. -_-
10:29 <kick52> it is 9:29 here in merry old england
10:29 <guru3> Hmm, that's the time this computer was offered on FreeCycle.
10:29 <guru3> I'm just trying to think, who decides to give up a computer at 3:25PM PST.
10:30 <guru3> Which is something like 9-11pm local time.
10:31 <guru3> Worst of all is I have to go walk a mile to the post office, collect my package, and then walk back with it.
10:32 <kick52> heh, i thought you meant it was 9,10 or 11pm for a minute there
10:32 <guru3> For starters, why the hell is the FreeCycle mailing list using PST anyway.
10:39  * wrtlprnft just totally blew his math test
10:40 <wrtlprnft> A = 2rπ ftw!
10:40 <wrtlprnft> ftl, actually
10:46 <tramshed> hah
10:46 <tramshed> I totally believe you blew it
10:46 <tramshed> you typoed all your formulas
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14:00 <spidey_> omg
14:00 <spidey_> z-man-work, i love you
14:01 <spidey_> i didn't know you where bert_the_turtle till i downloaded dedcon, i've been saying they needed a dedicated server since day 1 defcon was released
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14:14 <spidey_> z-man?
14:18 <z-man> yeah?
14:18 <spidey_> /spam
14:18 <spidey_> spidey_ omg
14:18 <spidey_> spidey_ z-man-work, i love you
14:18 <spidey_> spidey_ i didn't know you where bert_the_turtle till i downloaded dedcon, i've been saying they needed a dedicated server since day 1 defcon was released
14:18 <spidey_> though i have 1 question
14:19 <spidey_> i use steam, so would that affect me running one, since steam doesn't give authkeys?
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14:25 <z-man> It takes a peek into the windows registry to find out where steam is installed, deduces the defcon installation folder from that, and fetches the key from the file in the installation folder.
14:25 <spidey_> ah
14:25  * spidey_ goes on a hunt
14:26 <spidey_> found it, thanks =)
14:29 <spidey_> now i'm going to play on your server if it's not full yet xD
14:29 <z-man> At this time, usually not.
14:30 <spidey_> it is
14:30 <spidey_> =p
14:30 <spidey_> now if you could manage to get invision staff to fix there network code
14:30 <spidey_> defcon would be perfect
14:31 <z-man> Fix it? I didn't know it was broken.
14:31 <spidey_> one of the most annoying things(and why i stopped playing for awhile) is because they make you load the entire history
14:31 <spidey_> so, if you get disconnected, you have to wait 10 minutes to rejoin a halfway in game
14:32 <z-man> ah, well, the dedicated server wouldn't work otherwise, so I'm not too unhappy about that.
14:32 <spidey_> it doesn't seem so bad now, but it used to be pretty unstable back when i first played
14:32 <spidey_> like, i can host a 10 player server for almost any game, 14 for tron
14:32 <spidey_> defcon, with 6 people would lag to no end
14:34 <spidey_> z-man true, but i don't know of any other game that makes you do that client side
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14:44 <spidey_> oh
14:44 <spidey_> check this out http://img141.imageshack.us/img141/655/shot0018pa0.jpg
14:44 <spidey_> =D
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17:41 <P4> does tor/proxies support UDP traffic?
17:41 <P4> VPN does :)
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17:52 <Lucifer> idioticy, heh
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18:08 <eddiefantastic> so, what makes a zone collapse due to no enemies in sumo?
18:09 <eddiefantastic> what I mean to say is, how do I stop it collapsing due to no enemies, in sumo
18:09 <eddiefantastic> ?
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19:20 <luke-jr> due to no teammates you mean
19:20 <luke-jr> P4|away: I imagine tor tries to support UDP, but don't depend on it
19:20 <luke-jr> cuz UDP isn't dependable :þ
19:21 <luke-jr> btw, proxy/tor/vpn of Arma is stupid
19:21 <luke-jr> P4|away: "proxy" is a generic term and includes VPN bouncing btw
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20:02 <MrBougo> #ping
20:02 <armabot> pong
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21:01 <MrBougo> night
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