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Log from 2007-06-17:
--- Day changed Sun Jun 17 2007
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00:33  * digitx is away (bye)
00:34 <deja_vu> spidey:
00:34 <spidey> deja_vu, ! :D
00:34 <deja_vu> :)
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06:25 <Stempo> #lastseen Legit
06:25 <armabot> Stempo: ¦Ö¦Legit has last been seen on Fortress Café 6 minutes ago.
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07:10 <spidey> <3 win2k :D
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07:15 <spide1> drwatson should teh die!
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09:39 <epsy> hay
10:22 <wrtlprnft> ph
10:22 <wrtlprnft> oops
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11:07 <wrtlprnft> hi :)
11:08 <wrtlprnft> ed wants me to tell you that he has some questions for you
11:08 <philippeqc> me?
11:08 <wrtlprnft> about zonesv2, he compiled it and played a bit with it
11:08 <wrtlprnft> yeah
11:08 <philippeqc> did ed left a list of question
11:08 <philippeqc> o nice
11:08 <philippeqc> I chatted with him yesterday (I think)
11:09 <wrtlprnft> he wanted to leave the map he was working on, but was in a hurry and didn't find it
11:09 <philippeqc> o ok
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11:12 <philippeqc> dont think I'll manage any coding this week end, so dont expect my list to shrink soon :(
11:13 <wrtlprnft> :(
11:14 <vinavil> :(
11:14 <philippeqc> vinavil: have you checked the current work??????
11:15 <philippeqc> it is very playable in single player mode.
11:15 <vinavil> philippeqc: hm?
11:16 <philippeqc> hm yes or hm no
11:16 <vinavil> hm <whatareyoutalkingabout>
11:17 <philippeqc> zones v2 current status
11:18 <philippeqc> wrtlprnft: wrapper for shapes (http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=183091#183091), could you detail a bit more on this.
11:18 <vinavil> no, where do i check it?
11:19 <philippeqc> Is it just something that expose the network creator and update methods and maps them to similar methods in the shape
11:19 <philippeqc> vinavil: subversion, you need access to a compiler too.
11:19 <wrtlprnft> i was talking about making the shapes themselves not net objects at all
11:19 <philippeqc> vinavil: sorry, I was just thrown off by your sad smiley
11:20 <vinavil> philippeqc: i'm a simple human
11:20 <philippeqc> ok
11:20 <vinavil> lol
11:21 <philippeqc> wrtlprnft: but how would they (the shapes) get created and updated?
11:21 <wrtlprnft> the compatibility layer would create them with a normal constructor call
11:21  * vinavil got the clue-bat
11:22 <wrtlprnft> and “real” shapes would be a new class that contains a shape and forwards all network stuff to it
11:22 <philippeqc> vinavil: Well, what cha waiting? Go get clubbing! (on 2020 and Rain)
11:23 <wrtlprnft> i'm bad at explaining things
11:23 <philippeqc> so the compatibility layer would be the one that appears as a net object
11:23 <wrtlprnft> nono!
11:24 <philippeqc> for operations between v2 client and servers
11:24 <wrtlprnft> there you'd have that extra class, right
11:25 <vinavil> philippeqc: vinavil is rain
11:25 <philippeqc> no way!
11:25 <wrtlprnft> #translate it en vinavil
11:25 <armabot> wrtlprnft: vinavil
11:25 <philippeqc> why do people lie with nich
11:25 <wrtlprnft> #translate en it vinavil
11:25 <armabot> wrtlprnft: vinavil
11:26 <wrtlprnft> #translate en it rain
11:26  * vinavil is a glue
11:26 <armabot> wrtlprnft: pioggia
11:26 <philippeqc> #translate en it pizza
11:26 <armabot> philippeqc: pizza
11:26 <philippeqc> wow!
11:26 <vinavil> !
11:26 <philippeqc> ;)
11:26 <philippeqc> its the same word!
11:26 <vinavil> ...
11:27 <philippeqc> lemme try another one
11:27 <wrtlprnft> #translate en it pasta
11:27 <armabot> wrtlprnft: pasta
11:27 <philippeqc> #translate en it spaghetti
11:27 <vinavil> LOL!
11:27 <armabot> philippeqc: spaghetti
11:27 <philippeqc> wow!
11:27 <philippeqc> italian borroed that word too ;)
11:27 <philippeqc> #translate en it potato
11:27 <vinavil> philippeqc: sure
11:27 <armabot> philippeqc: patata
11:27 <philippeqc> #translate fr it patate
11:27 <armabot> philippeqc: patata
11:28 <philippeqc> #translate se it potatis
11:28 <armabot> philippeqc: Error: "'se'" is not a valid language.  Valid languages include Chinese_simple, Chinese_traditional, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
11:28 <philippeqc> Boo, no swedish
11:29 <wrtlprnft> philippeqc: anyways, my idea is that shapes aren't net objects if the server doesn't speak zones v2
11:29 <philippeqc> ok vinavil, good thing you got hit by the clue-bat.
11:29 <vinavil> philippeqc: could you give me again the links about c++? do you remember?
11:29 <wrtlprnft> #google c++ annotations
11:29 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Search took 0.13 seconds: The C++ Annotations: <http://www.icce.rug.nl/documents/cplusplus/>; C++ Annotations: <http://www.icce.rug.nl/documents/cpp.shtml>; <center> C++ Annotations Version 5.0.0: <http://burks.brighton.ac.uk/burks/language/cpp/cpptut/cplusplu.htm>; OOPWeb.com - C++ Annotations by Frank B. Brokken: (2 more messages)
11:29 <philippeqc> yes, shapes get to be only an internal object. When talking zones v1, the zone does the translation of the creation and the updates, and when talking v2, the wrapper does it.
11:30 <wrtlprnft> exactly :)
11:30 <wrtlprnft> the shape could have a normal handler/constructor for network messages, and the wrapper would just delegate it
11:30 <philippeqc> Ok, neat! That should work fine.
11:31 <wrtlprnft> :)
11:32 <philippeqc> Might take a month before I get to it. My mom is coming from Canada in 2 weeks for about 15 days.
11:32 <epsy> back
11:32 <philippeqc> hello epsy
11:33 <epsy> salut ph
11:33 <vinavil> hello
11:33 <philippeqc> You haven posted your script yet. I was curious about it
11:33 <epsy> delire nodelire ?
11:33 <vinavil> heh
11:33 <epsy> hayy rain
11:33 <epsy> *-y
11:34 <wrtlprnft> philippeqc: maybe i'll have a shot
11:35 <wrtlprnft> at it
11:35 <wrtlprnft> #google translate at de test 123
11:35 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Search took 0.13 seconds: Le Blog de Pierre: <http://pierre.sudarovich.free.fr/>; Translation Articles / Marketing Your Language Services / Test ...: <http://lav.proz.com/translation-articles/articles/326/1/Test-Translations---an-Update>; Williamson - English to Flemish translator . Translation services ...: <http://www.proz.com/profile/5146>; Workshop Shared Task: Statistical (3 more messages)
11:35 <wrtlprnft> #translate at de test 123
11:35 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Error: "'at'" is not a valid language.  Valid languages include Chinese_simple, Chinese_traditional, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
11:35 <wrtlprnft> no Austrian :D
11:38 -!- Monkey_ [n=None@189.17.63.fdial.global.net.uk] has joined #armagetron
11:38 <philippeqc> wrtlprnft: that would be nice. FYI, the network update is still not implemented for the shapes. That is item #2 on the list IIRC
11:38 <philippeqc> epsy: avec delire svp
11:38 <wrtlprnft> not even for v2-v2?
11:39 <philippeqc> nope, that is what is blocking the network play (well, just making it though as you have to guess the state of zones)
11:39 <epsy> :D
11:39 <epsy> xian got an old copy of it
11:39 <epsy> the php version
11:42 <philippeqc> and it is somehow dependant on the choice of the object to use for the animation of the shapes (item #3). We can just cheat and make a simple implementation with tFucntions for the mean while, and then convert it all when we are decided on the internal mechanism
11:42 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@130.234-244-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
11:42 <MrBougo> hello
11:43 <philippeqc> Hello Mr B.
11:43 <epsy> hay
11:43 <philippeqc> epsy: did you rewrite it in a new language?
11:43 <epsy> i'ill do it
11:43 <epsy> when i'm back to paris
11:43 <philippeqc> o ok
11:43 <philippeqc> nice!
11:44  * philippeqc falls to my knees and thank the Holy Goddess! 
11:44 <epsy> :O
11:44 <philippeqc> Finally, I've made it, I've actually managed to inspire someone to implement something so I dont have to myself.
11:45 <epsy> :O you did ?
11:45 <philippeqc> I'll be there to help you
11:45 <philippeqc> yes you!
11:45 <wrtlprnft> o_O
11:45 <epsy> :O
11:45 <epsy> err... just a question...zv2 is in trunk ?
11:45 <wrtlprnft> 1
11:46 <philippeqc> yes
11:46 <epsy> ok
11:46 <wrtlprnft> already said that
11:46 <philippeqc> 1
11:46 <epsy> wasn't sure about it
11:46 <epsy> :P
11:48 <philippeqc> Just be sure to read the latest from the laundry list to know what to expect to work
11:48 <epsy> do you know what inspired me ? :P
11:49 <philippeqc> I prefer not to push my luck and make you reflect on it... you might realise you are not inspired at all.
11:50 <philippeqc> But i'm all ears
11:50 <Monkey_> ive got a few questions on a different subject. I couldnt get the 8 poly cycle to work. i have tried just about everything. I am using moviepack with cycle already in. i have tried diff packs. i have tried "cycle.ase" "cycle.ASE",etc. Also, why are the moviepack directories GUID and why is there a "thumbs.db" in edd's pack?...
11:50 <epsy> well, at start another game inspired me
11:50 <philippeqc> Monkey_: the 8 poly cycle is not "moviepack" IIRC
11:50 <epsy> maybe digitx and mrbougo knows
11:50 <MrBougo> what?
11:51 <MrBougo> erhm epsy
11:51 <Monkey_> i know it is not. i got another pack and put it in it
11:51 <MrBougo> i dont
11:51 <Monkey_> that is what instructions say
11:51 <armabot> armagetronad: wrtlprnft * r7302 /armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad/src/engine/eWall.cpp: Get rid of a doxygen warning
11:51 <epsy> d'où je tiens le !delire
11:52 <philippeqc> c'est quoi le nodelire?
11:52 <Monkey_> you need a moviepack already to put the 8 poly cycle in .."apparently"
11:52 <Lucifer_arma> there's a thumbs.db in edd's pack because he's a windows user, and windows puts that there when you browse a directory in a certain mode
11:52 <Lucifer_arma> then he just zipped the directory
11:52 <Lucifer_arma> 'night
11:52  * Lucifer_arma is going to bed
11:52 <Monkey_> ok so i wont worry about that
11:52 <epsy> !nodelire stops the delire .P
11:52 <philippeqc> Oo
11:52 <MrBougo> ah yes i know
11:52 <MrBougo> tremulous :)
11:53 <epsy> yup, on tremx
11:53 <MrBougo> !admintest, !delire and all are tremulous commands
11:53 <epsy> some admin said "!delire"
11:53 <Lucifer_arma> #google translate delire
11:53 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: Search took 0.09 seconds: February 7, 2006 : C'est quoi, ce délire ?! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!: <http://www.flickr.com/photos/hughes_leglise/97255202/in/set-72057594084915155/>; Translation délire paranoïaque in French-English dictionary: <http://dictionary.reverso.net/french-english/d%C3%A9lire%20parano%C3%AFaque>; JSTOR: The " Delire " of Translation: (3 more messages)
11:53 <epsy> and the player's speed and the global gravity were changed :P
11:53 <Lucifer_arma> oh well
11:53 <wrtlprnft> #translate fr en delire
11:54 <armabot> wrtlprnft: delire
11:54 <wrtlprnft> …
11:54 <philippeqc> lol!
11:54 <Monkey_> #translate fr en microfilter
11:54 <armabot> Monkey_: microfilter
11:54 <epsy> mrbougo: this was only on tremx
11:54 <Monkey_> #translate en fr microfilter
11:54 <Lucifer_arma> #m Your_mom_arma a minor comment about xml that I missed in your terrain file.  You should use all lower case letters for tags.  I don't know what philippe was smoking when he capitalized tag names.
11:54 <armabot> Monkey_: microfilter
11:54 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
11:54 <epsy> monk: i think i found out what you meant
11:55 <epsy> i have only 1
11:55 <epsy> ...but i already tried with more
11:55 <epsy> ...which didn't worked right
11:55  * epsy stops arma
11:55 <Monkey_> you need a microfilter for everything u plug into your phone line EXCEPT adsl modem
11:56 <Lucifer_arma> ...where's tronner when you need him?
11:56 <philippeqc> epsy: on what server did that work (delire)
11:56 <epsy> on what tremulous server ? BRICOSOFT TremX
11:56 <epsy> monk: well, it looks like this :
11:57 <Monkey_> could the 8 poly cycle not be working because it need more or newer system libraries that normal arma does not need?
11:57 <epsy> phone input ----+--- ADSL modem
11:57 <epsy>                +--- phone
11:57 <epsy> where + is the adsl filter
11:57  * philippeqc is off to check what tremulous server are
11:57 <epsy>  /microfilter
11:58 <Monkey_> you dont plug microfilter into asdl modem..only other stuff.. i think
11:58 <epsy> philippecq: http://tremulous.net/
11:58 <epsy> well, that'S how my ISP told me to do
11:58 <philippeqc> reading the about atm
11:59 <Monkey_> epsy, you need microfilters everywhere in your house/flat...not just one socket
12:00 -!- Bougo [i=MrBougo@27.235-244-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
12:00 <epsy> even if there'S nothing pluged on ?
12:00 <epsy> [11:58]  <epsy> mrbougo: this was only on tremx
12:00 <epsy> [11:58]  <epsy> mrbougo: this was only on tremx
12:01 <Monkey_> im not sure about that, i dont think so, but you may get reflections from improper termination...
12:01 <epsy> hmm
12:01 <Monkey_> you should have microfilters at least in every item in your house that connects to any phone socket
12:02 <epsy> well, there'S two different lines at home
12:02 <Monkey_> do they converge (join) to use one line?
12:02 <epsy> one which was disabled, withnothing pluged on
12:02 <philippeqc> got 2 hours to code. What should i attempt to fix?
12:02 <epsy> the other one which has the phone and the adsl box on
12:03 <epsy> btw, the adsl box has also a tv and another phone plugged on it
12:04 <philippeqc> vote fast, time is passing!
12:04 <Monkey_> fix the lag code ;)
12:04 <philippeqc> ... about zone v2
12:04 <epsy> but some at home doesn't wan't the first phone to be removed
12:04 <epsy> errr ... never tested it
12:05 <philippeqc> lag code works fine, just pay more for your broadband access (and that aint no 2 hours job)
12:05 <epsy> and i dont't have all the stuff here to compile and so
12:05 <Lucifer_arma> philippeqc: fix my garage door :)
12:05 <Lucifer_arma> ok, now I'm definitely going to bed, for real
12:05 <Monkey_> epsy ..anything an i mean ANYTHING that plugs into ANY phone socket ANYWHERE in your house needs a microfilter
12:05 <wrtlprnft> philippeqc: ramps and flying cycles!
12:05 <epsy> good night
12:05 <epsy> :D
12:05 <Monkey_> cu
12:05 <wrtlprnft> cya
12:05 <philippeqc> one button kills all option
12:05 <Lucifer_arma> Monkey_: my tongue needs a microfilter?
12:05 <philippeqc> why waste time driving around players!
12:06 <Monkey_> if your tongue  is plugged into a phone socket then yes it needs a microfilter..
12:06 <epsy> err... apart that phone and the adsl box, there'S nothing that plugs on a phone socket
12:06 <Lucifer_arma> fax machine
12:06  * philippeqc constate the state of democraty and instead decide to be a benevolent dictator
12:06 <Lucifer_arma> teletype for deaf folks
12:06 <epsy> phillippecq
12:07 <epsy> what do you feel it's missing ?
12:07 <Monkey_> do you have hdtv etc?
12:07 <Lucifer_arma> regular dialup modem for guests that don't want to use your free wireless
12:07 <epsy> hdtv ? not yet
12:07  * Lucifer_arma expects IM to replace teletype
12:07 <epsy> but i could have it with the next upgrade
12:07 <philippeqc> epsy, I have 2 hours of coding time to improve zone v2. I'll try to make the shapes network updated between server and client both understanding zones v2
12:07 <Lucifer_arma> but there are those who say that teletype should use xmpp already
12:08 <wrtlprnft> philippeqc: go and do it! :)
12:08 <epsy> the shapes network ? :O
12:08 <philippeqc> wrt, care to explaing to epsy?
12:08 <philippeqc> epsy: http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=182941#182941
12:09  * Monkey_ puts 8 cycle poly in trash
12:09  * Monkey_ puts moviepacks in trash
12:09 <epsy> (btw with the next upgrade i could get up to 28MB/s dowm :O )
12:09 <wrtlprnft> who on earth needs that?
12:09 <Monkey_> and it will not reach that speed
12:09 <epsy> yeah
12:10 <Monkey_> is that adls2 family or vdsl?
12:10 <epsy> but it could have at least 16MB/s
12:10 <epsy> adsl2+ or something like that
12:10 <Monkey_> epsy, another issue is the quality of your microfilters. they affect the max speed you line can work at
12:10 <Monkey_> "apparently"
12:11 <epsy> Oo
12:13 <epsy> ph: your next post is gonna be the 1337 :O
12:13 <philippeqc> better be smart about it then
12:13 <Lucifer_arma> his next post is going to say "I got <this far> and then my head fell on the keyboard, and the picture in my avatar was snapped"
12:14 <philippeqc> Anyone got good citation worthy items?
12:14 <Lucifer_arma> 85 in a 50?
12:14 <philippeqc> ????
12:14 <Lucifer_arma> that's citation worthy, you're 35 mph over the speed limit!
12:15 <Lucifer_arma> I got 98 in a 55 one time
12:15 <Lucifer_arma> because apparently the radar was around 30 degrees from the direction of my velocity vector, or he'd have clocked me at 120 (what my speedometer read)
12:15 <philippeqc> I was thinking more in the Neil Amstrong first step on the moon type
12:16 <Lucifer_arma> I don't think he was breaking any speed limits when he did that
12:16 <Lucifer_arma> maybe jaywalking
12:17 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@130.234-244-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
12:17 <Lucifer_arma> only things coming to mind are bad puns of the "one small step" variety, and phrases that start with "Our father, who is Art, and in heaven..."
12:18 <Lucifer_arma> on a somewhat lighter note, I finally figured out why everyone spells my last name incorrectly as Francella
12:19  * philippeqc is considering passing the task to someone else than Mr I-cant-measure-my-own-dick there.
12:19 <Lucifer_arma> heh
12:19 <philippeqc> ;)
12:19 <Lucifer_arma> if you have the right architect scale, you can figure out the actual length of my penis with the information I gave :)
12:19 <philippeqc> I know its all a matter of scale ;)
12:20 <philippeqc> and that the most likely one you used is a 1:12
12:20 <philippeqc> or so would you like us to interpret
12:20 <Lucifer_arma> turns out that my mom has been saying "F as in Farmer" to avoid people writing S instead of F, but people hear "F R A"
12:20 <Lucifer_arma> actually I used the 1/2 scale and gave the unit as feet instead of inches
12:21 <wrtlprnft> http://xkcd.com/c194.html
12:21 <philippeqc> But i guessed it was better to keep on bidding on your bluff rather than calling it. Makes for more interesting my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours discussion
12:22 <philippeqc> Sheesh Louise!
12:22 <wrtlprnft> probably the scale was really in cm
12:22 <guru3> Part of me can't believe you guys are talking about this... the other part of me somehow thinks it fits. :/
12:22 <Lucifer_arma> nah, it's really inches.  I'm an american, after all.
12:24 <Lucifer_arma> so I'm going to go back to saying "F as in phoenix"
12:24 <Lucifer_arma> because nobody ever misspelled it when I said that, no matter how ridiculous it sounds
12:24 -!- Bougo is now known as MrBougo
12:27 -!- mode/#armagetron [+o Lucifer_arma] by ChanServ
12:27 <philippeqc> There are about 3 strategies on those discussions. A) you claim your own is bigger ("let me check google map, I spent the summer at a nudist camp" or "when I have an itch, I think of sexy girls and strach it off on the moon"), B) claim the poster is exaggerating toward excess C)Claim yours is smaller ("I know I've seen it last week, let me get my magnifying glass")  D) claim the poster is being modest and see how far you can d
12:27 <philippeqc> rive it. I've ordered them in from the most over-done to the funniest.
12:28 -!- Lucifer_arma changed the topic of #armagetron to: Latest Version: | http://www.armagetronad.net/ | http://electricpotential.net/ircstats/armagetron.html | Gentoo? layman -ka armagetron | http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20070407
12:28 <@Lucifer_arma> heh
12:28 <philippeqc> "C as in muscle"
12:28 <@Lucifer_arma> that was 4 strategies you gave
12:29 <philippeqc> changed idea as I typed. be lucky they are labeled right
12:29 <epsy> Luci: can you promote the afl and the #afl channel in the subject ?
12:29 <wrtlprnft> err
12:29 <@Lucifer_arma> and you missed the one I actually used.  "Tell the truth, give the actual size of your little dick, but give it in such a way that nobody can figure it out and it still sounds like a grandeous claim"
12:29 <wrtlprnft> latest version is!
12:29 <@Lucifer_arma> ok, fine
12:29 -!- mode/#armagetron [+o guru3] by ChanServ
12:29 -!- guru3 changed the topic of #armagetron to: Latest Version: | http://www.armagetronad.net/ | http://electricpotential.net/ircstats/armagetron.html | Gentoo? layman -ka armagetron | http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20070407
12:29 -!- Lucifer_arma changed the topic of #armagetron to: Latest Version: | http://www.armagetronad.net/ | http://electricpotential.net/ircstats/armagetron.html | Gentoo? layman -ka armagetron | http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20070407 | AFL discussion is in #afl
12:30 -!- mode/#armagetron [-o Lucifer_arma] by Lucifer_arma
12:30 -!- mode/#armagetron [-o guru3] by guru3
12:30 <wrtlprnft> aww, no topic setting war :(
12:31 <epsy> no, they just all appended something :P
12:31 <epsy> luci, ty
12:31 <Lucifer_arma> well, I actually intended to change both the version and add the afl thing, so you just didn't notice ;)
12:32 <wrtlprnft> well, all i can see of the topic right now is
12:32 <wrtlprnft> Latest Version: | http://www.armagetronad.net/ | http://electricpotential.net/ircstats/armagetron
12:32 <wrtlprnft> Latest Version: | http://www.armagetronad.net/ | http://electricpotential.net/ircstats/armagetron
12:32 <wrtlprnft> Latest Version: | http://www.armagetronad.net/ | http://electricpotential.net/ircstats/armagetron
12:32 <wrtlprnft> err
12:32 <Lucifer_arma> speaking of whiches, looks like the second deadline passed and I need to let newbie know that I'm letting his team in
12:32 <wrtlprnft> i pasted that only once!
12:33 <MrBougo> hehe
12:33 <MrBougo> liar
12:34  * Lucifer_arma avoids escalating irc spam war and goes to bed instead, like he said he was going to do 3 times already
12:34 <epsy> gppd night
12:34 <epsy> *good night
12:34 <Lucifer_arma> gppd night epsy
12:34 <epsy> WD! Many tyüpos!
12:34 <epsy> man this isn't possible -.-
12:34  * Lucifer_arma zzzzzzzzzz
12:34 <MrBougo> rofl epsy
12:35 <MrBougo> gnight Lucifer_bed
12:40  * Monkey_ points to 8 poly cycle and moviepacks in trash and waves fist at #armagetron
12:41 <epsy> untrah them, and waste your hdd space
12:41 <epsy> like me :P
12:41 <MrBougo> bye
12:41 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@27.235-244-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit []
12:48 <Monkey_> epsy, do you know how to get cycles working?
12:48 <epsy> no, i'm in the same shit as you
12:51 <vinavil> monkey: paste here the path where you placed the moviepack and which moviepack you used
12:53 <Monkey_> why same?
12:53 <epsy> [12:54]  <vinavil> monkey: paste here the path where you placed the moviepack and which moviepack you used
12:54 <epsy> well, i was also trying to get that 8-vert cycle
12:54 <Monkey_> ive used several moviepacks rain
12:54 <Monkey_> even edds with cycle in it
12:55 <Monkey_> i use sym links to other dirs where store packs, but i have tried without sym links too
12:55 <Monkey_> /usr/local/share/games/armagetronad/moviepack
12:56 <Monkey_> why cant u get it to work epsy? same as me?
12:56 <epsy> well, i still see the default cycle
12:56 <Monkey_> i used lucifers, classic and edd's with high def cycle
12:56 <Monkey_> or whatever new cycle it was
12:58 <Monkey_> me too
13:01 <vinavil> did you select "moviepack: on" in game?
13:02 <Monkey_> yes rain
13:02 <Monkey_> it works
13:02 <Monkey_> the moviepacks  work (although not sure about edds)
13:03 <vinavil> so, then you replace cycle.ase but you cannot see it working, right?
13:04 <Monkey_> two of the packs have no cycle.ase
13:04 <Monkey_> the other has cycle.ASE in capitals. i have changed to .ase and .ASE
13:04 <Monkey_> ineither work
13:04 <epsy> hmm
13:04 <vinavil> hm
13:04 <Monkey_> i try cycle.ase and cycle_low.ase  etc..all
13:04 <epsy> strace it ?
13:04 <vinavil> it is cycle.ase, you have to rename it
13:04 <Monkey_> not too hot on strace..
13:05 <Monkey_> i renamed to all rain none work
13:05 <epsy> hmm i could do it at home
13:07 <Monkey_> i was thinking do i need newer or extra libraries rain?
13:07 <Monkey_> i play arma on stable
13:09 <Monkey_> rain is yours cycle.ASE or cycle.ase?
13:09 <Monkey_> i think i wil try edds with .ase .....edd uses windows so he has called it .ASE but unix is case-dependent...that is bad on edds part
13:09 <Monkey_> no i did try it
13:15 <Monkey_> ok i go to pla yfor a bit.  this cycle will never get sorted till it is implemented in next version or whatever...cu
13:15 -!- Monkey_ [n=None@189.17.63.fdial.global.net.uk] has quit ["Leaving"]
13:19 -!- vinavil [n=root@85-18-66-26.ip.fastwebnet.it] has left #armagetron []
13:34 <epsy> wrtl, are you stdin admionning now ?
13:45 <wrtlprnft> ?!
13:50 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@HSI-KBW-085-216-060-101.hsi.kabelbw.de] has joined #armagetron
14:06 -!- _Sticky_ [n=Sticky@host81-132-227-77.range81-132.btcentralplus.com] has joined #armagetron
14:34 -!- Loor [n=7ca86e4a@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
14:35 <Loor> Hello? Can someone help me with a script?
14:35 <philippeqc> hi Loor
14:35 <Loor> hello
14:36 <Loor> Umm, i have a map rotation script, but it does the maps in oreder, i want them random. Do you know how to do that?
14:37 <philippeqc> for each round, make it pick along all the maps
14:37 <Loor> sorry?
14:38 <philippeqc> can you post your script somewhere like pastebin.ca
14:38 <Loor> i just need the code that generates a random number between 1 - 10
14:38 <philippeqc> rand() or random()
14:38 <Loor> ok, thanks, but how do i set the params?
14:38 <philippeqc> but not knowing which language you are using nor any of the details of your specific implementation makes it hard to help you
14:39 <philippeqc> what params=
14:39 <philippeqc> ?
14:39 <Loor> i'm using a script with a .sh extension
14:39 <philippeqc> ok, a bash or sh script.
14:39 <Loor> bash, thats it
14:40 <philippeqc> have you tried searching on google
14:40 <Loor> yeah, but it was heaps to go through, i just need the one little bit
14:41 <philippeqc> the heaps are of the same size for me.
14:41 <Loor> -.-
14:41 <Loor> maybe i'll post on the forums
14:41 <philippeqc> #google tutorial random bash
14:41 <armabot> philippeqc: Search took 0.13 seconds: Shell scripting ( BASH ) : How to create temporary random file name ...: <http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/shell-scripting-bash-how-to-create-temporary-random-file-name.html>; Advanced Bash -Scripting Guide: <http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/>; Unix bash Tutorials - Search for Unix Tutorials on Pixel2Life: <http://www.pixel2life.com/tutorials/unix/bash/>; (2 more messages)
14:42 <philippeqc> #google bash random number
14:42 <armabot> philippeqc: Search took 0.13 seconds: $ RANDOM : generate random integer: <http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/randomvar.html>; Advanced Bash -Scripting Guide: <http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/>; The Answer Guy 55: Getting Random Values in sh: <http://linuxgazette.net/issue55/tag/4.html>; $ RANDOM : generate random integer: <http://www.museum.state.il.us/ismdepts/library/linuxguides/abs- (2 more messages)
14:43 <philippeqc> that should be it
14:43 <Loor> ahh, $ RANDOM
14:43 <Loor> i'll check that out. thanks alot ph :)
14:44 <philippeqc> np
14:44 <wrtlprnft> 21444
14:44 <wrtlprnft> 22353
14:44 <wrtlprnft> 23261
14:44 <wrtlprnft> /exec -o echo $RANDOM
14:44 <wrtlprnft> :D
14:45 -!- Loor [n=7ca86e4a@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
14:52 <philippeqc> wrtlprnft: do you know how to make a nNetObject send an update?
14:52 <philippeqc> found syncReq, that must be it
14:58 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@112.171-247-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
15:08 -!- _Sticky_ [n=Sticky@host81-132-227-77.range81-132.btcentralplus.com] has quit ["KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies http://www.kvirc.net/"]
15:13 -!- Bougo [i=MrBougo@155.33-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
15:13 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@112.171-247-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
15:13 -!- Bougo is now known as MrBougo
15:14 <epsy> :O
15:21 <epsy> cya
15:21 -!- epsy [n=epsy@pD9E33740.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
15:42 -!- haihappen [n=Miranda@N157P014.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #armagetron
15:55 -!- haihappen [n=Miranda@N157P014.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has quit [Client Quit]
16:06 -!- arctanx [n=inverse@pdpc/supporter/base/arctanx] has joined #armagetron
16:12 <MrBougo> bye
16:12 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@155.33-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit []
16:15 -!- Monkey_ [n=None@189.17.35.fdial.global.net.uk] has joined #armagetron
16:17 -!- arctanx [n=inverse@pdpc/supporter/base/arctanx] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:21 -!- _Sticky_ [n=Sticky@host81-132-227-77.range81-132.btcentralplus.com] has joined #armagetron
16:47 -!- kidanger [n=kidanger@232.199.70-86.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #armagetron
17:26 -!- kidanger [n=kidanger@232.199.70-86.rev.gaoland.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:29 -!- Monkey_ [n=None@189.17.35.fdial.global.net.uk] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:52 -!- vinavil [n=root@85-18-66-26.ip.fastwebnet.it] has joined #armagetron
18:22 -!- Stempo [n=446e00bd@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
18:23 <Stempo> #lastseen flex
18:23 <armabot> Stempo: |x|Flex has last been seen on Bugfarm Elimination Sumo 0 days 4 hours 59 minutes ago.
18:23 <Stempo> #lastseen kkthxbye
18:23 <armabot> Stempo: timed out
18:24 <_Sticky_> stalking flex??
18:29 -!- Stempo [n=446e00bd@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
18:29 -!- Stempo [n=446e00bd@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
18:30 <Stempo> mmm not yet sticky
18:30 <Stempo> trying to find him
18:30 <Stempo> need to talk to him
18:30 <Stempo> like... now
18:36 <Stempo> #lastseen freehug
18:36 <armabot> Stempo: freehugGERMANY has last been seen on  Wild West  =Sumo= 2 days 23 hours 21 minutes ago.
18:44 -!- Stempo [n=446e00bd@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
19:16 -!- epsy [n=epsy@pD9E33740.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #armagetron
19:16 <epsy> hi
19:18 <epsy> #armaservers
19:18 <armabot> epsy: This data is 42 seconds old; Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (12/14), ~*SpeederS*~ Server (11/12), ¬| D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | ¬/xff9900 (11/16), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (10/10), Norm's Place (9/12), Fortress Café (9/32), Tigers Network Classic Play (7/16), SPACEZONE III (6/15), Bugfarm Elimination Sumo (5/16), Capture the Flag (This could be your server!) (4/16), G-Land (4/8), (1 more message)
19:18 <epsy> #serverinfo capt
19:18 <armabot> epsy: Wild West  =Capture The Flag=: Players (10/10): -=}ID< DarkSage, -=}ID< hulett, -=}ID< TåZåR, Genki, Gonzap, hb, Jon fooks, light sage, Nick, status66
19:19 <epsy> #serverinfo could
19:19 <armabot> epsy: Capture the Flag (This could be your server!): Players (4/16): Hes da one, Kanetsugu, Palmguru, Roar!
19:19 <epsy> xD
19:22 -!- vinavil [n=root@85-18-66-26.ip.fastwebnet.it] has left #armagetron []
19:33 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@216.252-242-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
19:33 <MrBougo> hi there
19:38 <philippeqc> Hi Mr B.
19:38 <epsy> hay
19:41 <philippeqc> Bump MrBougo
19:52 <MrBougo> ?
20:05 <epsy> :O
20:05 <MrBougo> :o
20:05 <epsy> :
20:05 <epsy> :O
20:08 -!- Monkey_ [n=None@189.17.38.fdial.global.net.uk] has joined #armagetron
20:11 <MrBougo> bye
20:11 <MrBougo> :o
20:12 <MrBougo> bye :p
20:12 -!- MrBougo [i=MrBougo@216.252-242-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit []
20:19  * digitx is away (bye)
20:22 -!- Cid [n=cid@bar06-3-82-230-99-34.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
20:22 -!- cid_ [n=cid@bar06-3-82-230-99-34.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
20:24 -!- cid_ [n=cid@bar06-3-82-230-99-34.fbx.proxad.net] has quit [Client Quit]
20:24 -!- Cid [n=cid@bar06-3-82-230-99-34.fbx.proxad.net] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
20:24 -!- Cid [n=Cid@bar06-3-82-230-99-34.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
20:40 -!- Stempo [n=446e00bd@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
20:40 <Stempo> #lastseen flex
20:40 <armabot> Stempo: |x|Flex has last been seen on Bugfarm Elimination Sumo 0 days 7 hours 16 minutes ago.
20:40 <Stempo> bah
20:48 -!- Monkey_ [n=None@189.17.38.fdial.global.net.uk] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:49 <Stempo> #lastseen flex
20:49 <armabot> Stempo: |x|Flex has last been seen on Bugfarm Elimination Sumo 0 days 7 hours 25 minutes ago.
20:49 <Stempo> -.-
20:49 <Stempo> freaking aliases
20:49 -!- Stempo [n=446e00bd@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]
20:55 -!- Cid [n=Cid@bar06-3-82-230-99-34.fbx.proxad.net] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
21:01 <armabot> armagetronad: philippeqc * r7303 /armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad/ (10 files in 4 dirs): Basic network update of the shapes
21:02 <philippeqc> wrtlprnft: --^
21:02 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034194059.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
21:02 <wrtlprnft> !!!
21:02 <wrtlprnft> make a server and i'll test it :D
21:02  * wrtlprnft is compiling the latest trunk
21:02 <philippeqc> Sadly it seems that Hamburger hill generates too many updates as all start turning.
21:02 <philippeqc> ok
21:02 <mkzelda> I just upgraded arma and im seg faulting when i join a game
21:02 <philippeqc> trunk?
21:03 <mkzelda> yea
21:03 <mkzelda> local game worked
21:03 <philippeqc> trunk is "broken" for playing on servers that have zone v1
21:03 <mkzelda> oh
21:03 <mkzelda> :(
21:03 <philippeqc> yeah, Iknow
21:03 <philippeqc> got a big platter before I manage to fix that.
21:03 <wrtlprnft> downgrade to r7228
21:03 <wrtlprnft> or fix it :D
21:03 <philippeqc> ;)
21:03 <mkzelda> whats svn syntax to co a specific revision?
21:04 <wrtlprnft> svn up -r<rev>
21:04 <mkzelda> kthx
21:04 <wrtlprnft> yw
21:05 <philippeqc> server should be up now
21:05 <epsy> °Oo
21:05 <wrtlprnft> ip?
21:05 <philippeqc> name is "Bachus quenched my thirst"
21:05 <mkzelda> i upgraded boost to 1.34
21:06 <wrtlprnft> still compiling…
21:06 <mkzelda> which seemed to work fine when i was playing local game
21:06 <philippeqc> yeah, it is ONLY when you are getting some zones sent over the network to you.
21:06 <wrtlprnft> i see every zone twice!
21:06 <philippeqc> so no fortress server with trunk
21:07 -!- eddiefantastic [n=ed@] has joined #armagetron
21:07 <philippeqc> bug on the first round
21:07 <wrtlprnft> noticed
21:07 <philippeqc> segfaulted!
21:08 <wrtlprnft> not mine…
21:08 <wrtlprnft> *mine didn't
21:08 <epsy> hay eddie
21:08 <philippeqc> first time ever!
21:08 <eddiefantastic> Hi
21:08 <philippeqc> lol, I time out!
21:08 <philippeqc> hi eddiefantastic
21:09 <eddiefantastic> I got some seg faults too on zones v2
21:09 <mkzelda> hrm error compiling http://pastebin.ca/572589
21:09 <eddiefantastic> errors on the map
21:10 <philippeqc> eddie erros on what map?
21:11 <epsy> (err where's the dtd ?this could help me alot)
21:11 <wrtlprnft> connect to c83-250-174-94.bredband.comhem.se if you have time
21:12 <philippeqc> mkzelda: you must be on Ubuntu, I get the sames here because of ruby
21:12 <philippeqc> do "configure --disable-ruby" then compile
21:12 <epsy> with a zv3 compatible client ?
21:12 <epsy> *zv2
21:12 <wrtlprnft> yeah
21:12 <philippeqc> resources/included/
21:12 <wrtlprnft> umm, negative pings!
21:12 <wrtlprnft> no lag!
21:13 <philippeqc> yeah, I got them too! Thought it was only because I was playing on lo (opback interface)
21:13 <philippeqc> new time traveling packets
21:13 <philippeqc> wrt, i'll restart the server
21:13 <wrtlprnft> ok
21:14 <mkzelda> im on gentoo
21:15 <mkzelda> ah thanks --disable-ruby helped
21:15  * wrtlprnft is running his screenshot update script
21:15 <epsy> :O
21:15 <wrtlprnft> takes forever because it rsyncs the whole directory
21:16 <philippeqc> ed, I heard you had some question for me
21:16 <wrtlprnft> http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/arma/?min=602&max=607
21:16 <philippeqc> 602 is "normal"
21:16 <philippeqc> i update only one quarter atm, lowers the number of network update. I will "fix" it
21:17 <wrtlprnft> sometimes the zone doesn't turn red
21:17 <philippeqc> yeah, I've been working on that recently
21:18 <philippeqc> if you drop the 4 rotator segments, then the color update work
21:18 <philippeqc> working on lo here, I get many "Warning! Network overflow"
21:20 <armabot> armagetronad: wrtlprnft * r7304 /armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad/src/engine/ePlayer.cpp: reverting accidential commit of something I was testing. Oops.
21:20 <wrtlprnft> svn blame proved that it was my fault
21:21 <wrtlprnft> i HATE subversion!
21:21 <philippeqc> o come on!
21:23 <philippeqc> wrt, try it now
21:23 <philippeqc> only one of the rotator segment is affected by the fortress zones,
21:23 <philippeqc> rather than all 4
21:23 <wrtlprnft> plop.
21:23 <wrtlprnft> number of teams 1
21:23 <wrtlprnft> associating blue with philippeqc net ID:540
21:23 <wrtlprnft> /home/mathias/bin/arma: line 5: 12377 Segmentation fault      armagetronad-experimental-live --record $rec $*
21:23 <philippeqc> it is sufficient to make the fortress change color
21:24 <philippeqc> you left!
21:24 <philippeqc> o
21:24 <philippeqc> try again
21:24 <wrtlprnft> same thing
21:24 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034194059.nb.aliant.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:24 <philippeqc> grrr
21:24 <wrtlprnft> want a backgrace?
21:24 <philippeqc> ok, the error is on the second join
21:24 <wrtlprnft> *backtrace
21:24 <philippeqc> yeah, why not!
21:25 <wrtlprnft> sec, building with debug symbols
21:25 <philippeqc> oooo, I know what is the error!
21:25 <philippeqc> ok, no need
21:25 <wrtlprnft> :)
21:27 <philippeqc> i left, try to join
21:28 <wrtlprnft> argh
21:28 <wrtlprnft> the stupid thing reset my graphics options
21:30 <philippeqc> what stupid thing?
21:31 -!- Stempo [n=446e00bd@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
21:32 -!- Stempo [n=446e00bd@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit [Client Quit]
21:34 <wrtlprnft> arma
21:37 <Lucifer_arma> and it's all philippeqc (hi there!) 's fault!
21:37 <philippeqc> yes of course
21:37 <philippeqc> get ready to compile trunk luci
21:38 <Lucifer_arma> my machine's comiling trunk right now
21:38 <Lucifer_arma> the sad part is that I can't use the resulting build :/
21:38 <armabot> armagetronad: philippeqc * r7305 /armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad/src/tron/gParser.cpp: Second player tojoin doesnt segfault anymore
21:38 <philippeqc> you will want that update
21:39 <Lucifer_arma> what the hell is cc1plus?
21:40  * Lucifer_arma assumes it's a symlink for g++, but doesn't know it for a fact
21:40 <philippeqc> hu!
21:41 <epsy> ls -ld `which g++`
21:42 <Lucifer_arma> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 Feb 10 16:42 /usr/lib/distcc/bin/g++ -> ../../../../usr/bin/distcc
21:42  * Lucifer_arma decides to ignore it, knowing his buildslave is going to build arma again when it's done due to another commit being made is good enough
21:43 <epsy> ls: g++: No such file or directory
21:43 <epsy> ls: in: No such file or directory
21:43 <epsy> ls: no: No such file or directory
21:43 <epsy> drwxr-xr-x    40 root  wheel   1360 Jun  8 22:34 /bin
21:43 <epsy> drwxr-xr-x    63 root  wheel   2142 Jun  8 22:58 /sbin
21:43 <epsy> drwxr-xr-x   622 root  wheel  21148 Jun 15 07:16 /usr/bin
21:43 <epsy> drwxr-xr-x   198 root  wheel   6732 Jun  8 22:58 /usr/sbin
21:43 <epsy> damn
21:44  * epsy fucks darwin
21:44 <wrtlprnft> philippeqc: the fix already compiled
21:44 <philippeqc> ok
21:44 <wrtlprnft> did that while playing
21:45 <epsy> wheel group ????
21:45 <epsy> that's only for su i though
21:45 -!- kidd [n=kidd@95.Red-88-6-190.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has quit ["leaving"]
21:46 <wrtlprnft> who cares?
21:46 <wrtlprnft> the wheel group doesn't have any more access than everyone else
21:46 <Lucifer_arma> wheelie?
21:47 <epsy> wrtl, they normally have su and that'S all
21:47 <epsy> now why are there folders under the wheel group ? this has no sense
21:48 -!- kidd [n=kidd@95.Red-88-6-190.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #armagetron
21:48 <wrtlprnft> epsy: it doesn't matter if you're in wheel or not, you still have r and x access to those dirs, no more, no less
21:48 <epsy> yeah, but why not putting root instead
21:48 <epsy> this just puts confusion
21:49 <wrtlprnft> you've got problems…
21:49 <epsy> osx 10.4.9
21:53 -!- kidd [n=kidd@95.Red-88-6-190.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has quit ["leaving"]
21:54 <philippeqc> wrtlprnft: try to enter  the blue rotator now
21:55 <epsy> philippeqc: hopefully you won't need to code any chat system in arma...someone else did it
21:55 <philippeqc> ???
21:55 <philippeqc> o no, thats there
21:55 <epsy> there's ingame chat X)
21:56 <wrtlprnft> crashing
21:56 <wrtlprnft> with fix
21:56 <wrtlprnft> brb
21:57 <philippeqc> i still dont know why you made that comment epsy
21:57 <epsy> which g++ : no g++ in /usr/bin /bin /usr/sbin /sbin Oo
21:57 <epsy> ph: forget about it
21:57 <philippeqc> ok
21:59 <epsy> i got no compilers here :'(
22:00 -!- kidd [n=kidd@95.Red-88-6-190.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #armagetron
22:00 <philippeqc> apt-get install g++
22:00 <philippeqc> or what your distro support for installing apps
22:01 <philippeqc> you will need most sdl libraries
22:01 <philippeqc> dont forget the "devel" packages so you have the .h files
22:02 -!- CommanderCool [n=icono@dslc-082-082-077-130.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
22:02 <philippeqc> to compile agains
22:02 -!- CommanderCool [n=icono@dslc-082-082-077-130.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #armagetron []
22:02 <epsy> my distro supports DMG images...
22:02 <epsy> -.-
22:02 <epsy> Darwin  8.9.1 Darwin Kernel Version 8.9.1: Thu Feb 22 20:55:00 PST 2007; root:xnu-792.18.15~1/RELEASE_I386 i386 i386
22:02 <philippeqc> o
22:08 <wrtlprnft> now it let me join
22:09 <wrtlprnft> interesting zones
22:09 <wrtlprnft> now the server got klled
22:09 <philippeqc> i restarted it
22:09 <philippeqc> recompiling
22:09 <philippeqc> sorry
22:09 <philippeqc> up
22:11 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034194059.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
22:19 <philippeqc> Lucifer_arma: server is up, join
22:19 <Lucifer_arma> er, my buildslave is still running :/
22:31 <philippeqc> o my, slow!
22:34 <Lucifer_arma> slow?  You just did like 50 commits, and it builds a new build for each of them
22:35 <Lucifer_arma> well, not exactly each commit, but it was building when you said you were about to commit, and hten you committed, which meant it was going to build again for that commit
22:37 <philippeqc> what? a build for each commit, why?
22:37 <philippeqc> it was a small commit
22:38  * epsy is gonna go
22:38 <philippeqc> cya
22:39 <epsy> #night
22:39 <armabot> Good night epsy!
22:39 <epsy> #ty
22:40 -!- epsy [n=epsy@pD9E33740.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
22:58 <_Sticky_> #lastseen Rico
22:58 <armabot> _Sticky_: rico seems to be on SPACEZONE III right now.
22:58 <_Sticky_> #serverinfo spacezone
22:58 <armabot> _Sticky_: SPACEZONE III: Players (6/15): 2thepoint, Feel, inf3rno, John Cage, noob_saibot, rico
23:07 <Lucifer_arma> philippeqc: it's not exactly a build for each commit, it's a build for all commits that happened since the last pause in development, where a pause is like 10 minutes.
23:07 <Lucifer_arma> sounds like it's done finally, but the fans are still spinning
23:07  * Lucifer_arma judges his machine's cpu usage by the fan noise
23:08 <philippeqc> does your machine continually build trunk or where you just unlucky in the delivery of commits
23:08 <Lucifer_arma> so when one developer is working and commits his little milestones, they frequently go more than 10 minutes between commits
23:08 <Lucifer_arma> I was just unlucky in the delivery of commits :)
23:09 <Lucifer_arma> I can offset the problem to some extent by only running the buildslave during certain hours, and as long as it has time to get caught up with builds it would be fine
23:09 <Lucifer_arma> I just don't because my own hours are pretty inconsistent, and I'm going to switch this laptop to kubuntu in the next couple of months
23:10 <Lucifer_arma> but I've noticed when 2 developers are working and committing their little milestones, the next build doesn't happen until one of them is actually finished, because of the timing of commits
23:10 <philippeqc> you should define your pause as 30 min. to grab all the quick fix that follow a build
23:10 <Lucifer_arma> the other thing I can do to offset this problem is set the stable option to more like 30 minutes or an hour
23:11 <Lucifer_arma> the problem there is that when we're all active at the same time, due to timezone differences, it's likely that a build may not happen for a week or more
23:12 <Lucifer_arma> anyway, I'm going to worry about it after I finish switching my machines out to kubuntu.  Last hting I need to do is make significant changes to configuration that is otherwise well known to me before a distribution switch
23:12 <philippeqc> ok
23:14 <wrtlprnft> http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/arma/?min=607&max=623
23:22 <philippeqc> checking
23:22 -!- _Sticky_ [n=Sticky@host81-132-227-77.range81-132.btcentralplus.com] has quit ["KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies http://www.kvirc.net/"]
23:22 <philippeqc> look at the new blue rotator in the mean while
23:22 <philippeqc> wrtlprnft: --^
23:26 <philippeqc> lucifer, its soon now or never (or at your own leisure, but not on my server) ;)
23:29 <philippeqc> MAP_FILE philippeqc/fortress/HamburgerHill-d.aamap.xml (http://www.geocities.com/philippeqc/maps/HamburgerHill-d.aamap.xml)
23:57 <Lucifer_arma> how about at my own leisure?  ;)
23:58 <philippeqc> it is no longer a choice
23:58 <philippeqc> it is now the only possibility for you
23:58 <philippeqc> ;)
23:58 <Lucifer_arma> nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:58 <philippeqc> Mouhahahaha!
23:58 <Lucifer_arma> creep
23:59 <philippeqc> going to bed
23:59 <Lucifer_arma> ko.  'night :)
23:59 <philippeqc> left some screenshot to build your appetite

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