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Log from 2007-01-31:
--- Day changed Wed Jan 31 2007
00:12 <kamp> #weather 32608
00:12 <@armabot> kamp: The current temperature in Stillwind Subdivision, Gainesville, Florida is 50.4°F (6:12 PM EST on January 30, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 35.6°F. Pressure: 30.20 in 1022.6 hPa. 
00:12 <[sick]ghableska> #weather 50266
00:12 <@armabot> [sick]ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, Iowa is 7.3°F (5:12 PM CST on January 30, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 53%. Dew Point: -5.8°F. Windchill: -2.2°F. Pressure: 29.34 in 993.5 hPa. 
00:13 <kamp> rub it in, rub it in
00:13 <[sick]ghableska> :P
00:15 <kamp> In trying to understand the Linux phenomenon, then, we have to look not to a single innovator but to a sort of bizarre Trinity: Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, and Bill Gates.
00:16 <[sick]ghableska> o_O
00:16 <kamp> this is a pretty interesting, if long-winded, article
00:16 <[sick]ghableska> hm
00:16 <kamp> yea, basically he says that it took gates and stallman to give torvalds the tools to make Linux
00:16 <[sick]ghableska> ah
00:16 <kamp> gates provided the environment where he could get cheap hardware
00:16 <[sick]ghableska> isn't vista released today?
00:17 <kamp> stallman gave him the tools to write a free Unix kernel
00:17 <kamp> makes sense
00:17 <kamp> yea it is
00:17 <kamp> i've seen it... it's pretty cool looking
00:17 <kamp> i'm probably not going to upgrade for another year or two though
00:17 <[sick]ghableska> same
00:17 <kamp> and by then, cross your fingers, but i'll probably be all on ubuntulinux, so it'll be a moot point
00:18 <[sick]ghableska> :P
00:18 <kamp> well... i guess you need to have a Windows box these days, just because
00:19 <[sick]ghableska> yeah
00:19 <kamp> what do you do anyway, ghab
00:19 <kamp> just sit around sickly in des moines?
00:19 <[sick]ghableska> yeah, pretty much :P
00:19 <kamp> heh
00:20 <[sick]ghableska> and go to school
00:20 <[sick]ghableska> nothing fun :P
00:20 <kamp> ah
00:20 <kamp> you go to Iowa?
00:20 <kamp> i don't even know where that U is located... or high school?
00:20 <[sick]ghableska> high school
00:20 <kamp> ahh ah. You should definitely apply to the Universityof Florida, man
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> Iowa State is in Ames, and University of Iowa is in Iowa City
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> Florida?
00:21 <kamp> there's an Iowa City
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> nah
00:21 <kamp> that's kind of cute
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> too cold down there
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> er
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> warm
00:21 <kamp> haha
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> too warm down there
00:21 <kamp> it is pretty cold
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> >_>
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> good point
00:21 <kamp> UWash?
00:21 <[sick]ghableska> we don't even get freeze warnings!
00:21 <kamp> that's a good one
00:21 <kamp> lol
00:22 <[sick]ghableska> :P
00:22 <kamp> where are you planning on going?
00:22 <kamp> Hawkeye?
00:22 <kamp> #weather University of Florida
00:22 <[sick]ghableska> dunno
00:22 <@armabot> kamp: The current temperature in Gainesville, Florida is 50.0°F (5:53 PM EST on January 30, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 41%. Dew Point: 26.6°F. Windchill: 48.2°F. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021 hPa. 
00:22 <[sick]ghableska> Hawkeyes are at Iowa
00:22 <[sick]ghableska> Cyclones at ISU
00:22 <kamp> yea yea
00:22 <[sick]ghableska> you hate one and love the other 
00:23 <[sick]ghableska> that's just how it is here :P
00:23 <kamp> same here
00:23 <kamp> though we have a trinity
00:23 <[sick]ghableska> hm
00:23 <[sick]ghableska> what are the three?
00:23 <kamp> scUM, FSUcks, and University of Florida Gators
00:23 <kamp> gotta ask which one i attend?
00:24 <[sick]ghableska> uhh
00:24 <[sick]ghableska> hard choice...
00:24 <[sick]ghableska> ;)
00:24 <kamp> yea i know
00:24 <kamp> well... UM and UF don't play so much anymore
00:24 <kamp> i don't know about in Iowa, but in the South, football's a pretty big deal
00:25 <kamp> I just remember the Hawkeyes were pretty disappointing this year :P
00:25 <[sick]ghableska> hehe
00:25 <[sick]ghableska> well, I don't care much for either team
00:25 <kamp> heh
00:25 <kamp> that'll change whne you're a student
00:25 <kamp> going to games is too much fun
00:25 <kamp> though it's probably worse in the cold
00:26 <[sick]ghableska> heh
00:27 <kamp> yea man
00:28 <kamp> definitely come down south
00:28 <[sick]ghableska> :P
00:28 <kamp> everything's just... better
00:28 <kamp> the weather, the football
00:28 <[sick]ghableska> I guess
00:28 <kamp> maybe not the education, but when your whole life is better and the education is only marginally worse...
00:28 <kamp> it more than evens out
00:28 <[sick]ghableska> hahaa
00:29 <kamp> or maybe one of those western schools, like USC, or one of the UCs, Arizona University
00:29 <[sick]ghableska> bah
00:29 <kamp> I've always wanted to go to University of Hawaii
00:29 <kamp> just to see how it is trying to learn somewhere like that
00:30 <[sick]ghableska> hmm
00:30 <kamp> or... i guess, there University of Iowa... that desolate and dreary place
00:30 <kamp> or one of the midwest schools...
00:30 <kamp> OSU, Michigan, Illinois
00:30 <kamp> or worse! private schools!
00:30 <[sick]ghableska> the horror!
00:31 <kamp> <-- firm believer in the public school system
00:31 <kamp> and i'm not just a believer, i'm a customer too
00:31 <[sick]ghableska> hehe
00:32 <[sick]ghableska> ack, bbl
00:32 <kamp> peace
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00:48 <kamp> hey spidey
00:50 <kamp> #roulette
00:50 <@armabot> kamp: *click*
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00:51 <kamp> #roulette
00:51 <@armabot> kamp: *click*
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01:06 <kamp> #roulette
01:06 <@armabot> kamp: *click*
01:38 <kamp> #roulette
01:38 <@armabot> kamp: *click*
01:39 <[sick]ghableska> #roulette
01:39 -!- [sick]ghableska was kicked from #armagetron by armabot [BANG!]
01:39  * armabot reloads and spins the chambers.
01:39 -!- [sick]ghableska [n=ghablesk@] has joined #Armagetron
01:39 <[sick]ghableska> -_-
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01:44 <kamp> heh
01:44 <kamp> i get three clicks
01:45 <kamp> and you get hit the first time out
01:45 <[sick]ghableska> bah
01:45 <kamp> that's bad luck for ya
01:45 <[sick]ghableska> #roulette
01:45 <@armabot> [sick]ghableska: *click*
01:45 <kamp> #roulette
01:45 <@armabot> kamp: *click*
01:45 <kamp> heh
01:45 <[sick]ghableska> #roulette
01:45 <@armabot> [sick]ghableska: *click*
01:45 <kamp> man, i'm getting sick of accessing linux via ssh
01:46 <kamp> it's getting annoying, since it takes a while to refresh things
01:46 <[sick]ghableska> eh
01:48 <kamp> heh
01:48 <kamp> i could buy a desktop with a pentium III and a whopping 10 gb of hdd
01:48 <kamp> only 85 dollars though. i could get it just to grab the monitor, keyboard and mouse
01:48 <[sick]ghableska> you could...
01:49 <[sick]ghableska> ...but then you'd be sad
01:49 <kamp> true i would be 85 dollars poorer
01:49 <kamp> but in the meantime while i'm waiting to get another monitor and eventually get a new computer, i could install some linux distro on it
01:49 <[sick]ghableska> heh
01:50 <kamp> hmm
01:50 <kamp> some guy is selling a 19 inch crt for 30 dollars
01:50 <[sick]ghableska> :o
01:51 <kamp> 19's pretty big
01:51 <kamp> though it'd be smaller... i'm thinking like an lcd
01:51 <[sick]ghableska> ah
01:51 <kamp> hmmm
01:52 <kamp> this guy has a computer for 50 dollars
01:52 <kamp> an old compaq
01:52 <[sick]ghableska> hmm
01:52 <kamp> and a 2.1 sound system for 25 dollars
01:52 -!- |Sticky| [n=kvirc@80-41-35-36.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #armagetron
01:53 <kamp> yea i'm going to give this guy a holler
01:53 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@cpe-76-183-44-91.tx.res.rr.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
01:57 <kamp> hmm
01:58 <kamp> this "gator version of craigslist" is pretty lame
01:58 <[sick]ghableska> haha
01:59 <kamp> yea... craigslist isn't exactly bustling in gainesville anyway
02:04 <kamp> hmm... i probably won't be able to get an internet connectoin on this computer :)
02:04 <kamp> oh well... desktops
02:06 <[dlh]> #roulette
02:06 <@armabot> [dlh]: *click*
02:07 <kamp> #roulette
02:07 -!- kamp was kicked from #armagetron by armabot [BANG!]
02:07  * armabot reloads and spins the chambers.
02:07 -!- kamp [n=s73022ao@sand.cise.ufl.edu] has joined #armagetron
02:07 <kamp> finally
02:07 <[sick]ghableska> :)
02:07 <kamp> #roulette
02:07 <@armabot> kamp: *click*
02:07 <kamp> :)
02:07 <[dlh]> #roulette
02:07 -!- [dlh] was kicked from #armagetron by armabot [BANG!]
02:07  * armabot reloads and spins the chambers.
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02:08 <kamp> bbiab
02:08 -!- kamp [n=s73022ao@sand.cise.ufl.edu] has quit ["Leaving"]
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02:19 <Vanhayes> #night
02:19 <@armabot> Good night Vanhayes!
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02:31 <[sick]ghableska> #weather 50266
02:31 <@armabot> [sick]ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, Iowa is 5.5°F (7:27 PM CST on January 30, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: -5.8°F. Pressure: 29.30 in 992.1 hPa. 
02:48 <[sick]ghableska> #realchatlogs
02:48 <@armabot> [sick]ghableska: http://master3.armagetronad.net/armalogs/
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03:38 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Your_mom@pool-71-248-231-67.cmdnnj.east.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
03:58 <Your_mom_arma> #ping
03:58 <@armabot> pong
04:13 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTr0@adsl-75-59-230-111.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #Armagetron
04:16 <DrJoeTron> hi
04:17 <Your_mom_arma> hey
04:17 <[sick]ghableska> hi
04:17 <DrJoeTron> ha hey there stranger
04:17 <DrJoeTron> [sick]ghableska, new headset came in today :)
04:17 <[sick]ghableska> nice, what kind?
04:17 <DrJoeTron> the same 17 dollar headset
04:17 <[sick]ghableska> o_O
04:17 <DrJoeTron> they sound awesome, 
04:18 <DrJoeTron> too bad they fall apart within 6 months
04:18 <Your_mom_arma> link?
04:18 <[sick]ghableska> heh
04:18 <DrJoeTron> sure when sec
04:18 <DrJoeTron> one*
04:18 <Your_mom_arma> how do you confuse when for one
04:18 <[sick]ghableska> haha
04:19 <DrJoeTron> http://www.amazon.com/Plantronics-3PK-GAMECOMM-HEADSET-67003-01/dp/B00067AS2C/sr=8-9/qid=1170213522/ref=pd_bbs_9/103-1671228-6590232?ie=UTF8&s=electronics
04:19 <DrJoeTron> I'm magical, duh
04:19 <Your_mom_arma> isnt this your 3rd one of the same kind?
04:19 <[sick]ghableska> looks comfy
04:19 <DrJoeTron> the discontinued my model
04:19 <DrJoeTron> sort of
04:19 <DrJoeTron> it just has a different name
04:20 <DrJoeTron> I guess if you want to make something for "gaming" you have to make it black
04:20 <DrJoeTron> but yeah, they're really comfy
04:20 <DrJoeTron> and the sound is great
04:21 <DrJoeTron> this is going to be my last set of crap ones before I start looking for something wireless
04:22 <DrJoeTron> because its starting to wrack up
04:23 <[sick]ghableska> crap
04:23 <[sick]ghableska> is this gray?
04:23 <DrJoeTron> yup
04:23 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma, armagetron?
04:25 <DrJoeTron> haha wow
04:26 <Your_mom_arma> i guess
04:26 <Your_mom_arma> wow?
04:26 <DrJoeTron> my brother just hardcore'd fallout 2 for 3 days straight
04:26 <Your_mom_arma> haha
04:26 <DrJoeTron> I can't even do that
04:26 <DrJoeTron> and I love fallout
04:27 <DrJoeTron> I kinda wana check out the fallout pnp game
04:28 <DrJoeTron> spidey_ ping
04:29 <Your_mom_arma> you left right when i joined the server
04:29 <DrJoeTron> haha il go back
04:32 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?t=12701
04:34 <spidey_> DrJoeTron, pong
04:38 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma, http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?t=12711 there we go
04:57 <[sick]ghableska> DrJoeTron
05:03 <[sick]ghableska> http://www.wikiality.com/Bears
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05:36 <spidey_> DrJoeTron, wtf did you want?
05:42 <GodTodd> he wants you
05:42 <GodTodd> bad
05:52 <GodTodd> woooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo vista released today!!!!111!!!111!!1!!111
05:55 <DrJoeTron> I wont be touching it till service pack 1
05:55 <DrJoeTron> if at all
05:59 <GodTodd> vista rocks d00d
06:00 <GodTodd> you just don't even know
06:00 <GodTodd> heh
06:03 <DrJoeTron> haha
06:05 <GodTodd> the release of vista is significant
06:05 <GodTodd> it means i need to know settle on a flavor of linux
06:05 <GodTodd> heh
06:05 <GodTodd> know=now
06:10 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma ?
06:10 <Your_mom_arma> im sorry, i cant stand questions that are self explanatory
06:10 <DrJoeTron> haha
06:10 <Your_mom_arma> whats rubber?
06:11 <DrJoeTron> you make a mess too :p
06:11 <Your_mom_arma> i wasn't going too, but then everyone encouraged me to do so
06:11 <DrJoeTron> :D
06:11 <GodTodd> rubber is this thing you wrap around your dick...
06:16 <Your_mom_arma> vista, it doesnt seem to be an improvement other then a bloated gui
06:16 <GodTodd> hence the microsoft business model
06:18 <GodTodd> you forgot all the new shiny spy -- i mean security -- features
06:18 <Your_mom_arma> haha
06:18 <Your_mom_arma> drm is the devils work
06:19 <GodTodd> heh
06:21 <Your_mom_arma> anyone have a better comparison?
06:21 <GodTodd> not i
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08:54 <DrJoeTron> burpadurp
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13:19 <epsy> hi
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15:20 <@armabot> armagetronad: mlbelenus * r7083 /private/belenus/OpenBSD/ports/games/armagetronad/server/ (7 files in 2 dirs): unbashified rcd_scripts
15:37 <@armabot> armagetronad: mlbelenus * r7084 /private/belenus/OpenBSD/ports/games/armagetronad/server/pkg/MESSAGE: clarified the install message
16:20 <@armabot> armagetronad: mlbelenus * r7085 /private/belenus/OpenBSD/ports/games/armagetronad/server/ (Makefile patches/patch-rc_config patches/patch-rc_config_in): some changes
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17:21 <@armabot> armagetronad: mlbelenus * r7086 /private/belenus/OpenBSD/ports/games/armagetronad/server/Makefile: reenable sysinstall
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17:35 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
17:35 <epsy> remember the with-admin-auth forum?
17:36 <epsy> i still dont have any answer...lol
17:42 -!- someguy [n=guru3@dyn223163.shef.ac.uk] has joined #armagetron
17:42 <someguy> and now you never will
17:42 -!- someguy [n=guru3@dyn223163.shef.ac.uk] has quit [Client Quit]
17:44 <epsy> ?
17:44 <epsy> hrhr
17:57 -!- oOk3nNy [n=k3nNy@] has joined #armagetron
18:16 <epsy> is that damn chatbot coded to go right in deaths zones or...?
18:21 <z-man> Nope, it just doesn't know about them.
19:13 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@HSI-KBW-091-089-011-161.hsi2.kabelbw.de] has joined #armagetron
19:53 <luke-jr|work> epsy: none of the bots know zones exist
19:58 <epsy> i know, just that i see one going straight right, then turns to a dz
19:58 <epsy> lol
20:08 <wrtlprnft> they do turn randomly once in a while
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21:32 <Vanhayes> #weather saint john
21:32 <@armabot> Vanhayes: Temperature: 14°F / -10°C | Humidity: 38% | Pressure: 29.88in / 1012hPa | Conditions: Mostly Cloudy | Wind Direction: SW | Wind Speed: 5mph / 7km/h | Updated: 4:00 PM AST; Tonight - A few clouds. Low minus 17 except minus 13 along the coast.; Thursday - Sunny. Becoming cloudy in the afternoon. High minus 3. Thursday night..periods of light snow. Amount 2 cm. Wind south 20 km/h becoming (1 more message)
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22:24 <[sick]ghableska> #weather 50266
22:24 <@armabot> [sick]ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, Iowa is 22.6°F (3:22 PM CST on January 31, 2007). Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 14.0°F. Windchill: 15.8°F. Pressure: 28.88 in 977.9 hPa. 
22:24 <[sick]ghableska> hmm
22:24 -!- [sick]ghableska is now known as ghableska
--- Log opened Wed Jan 31 22:37:46 2007
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22:39 <DrJoeTron> ghableska, 
22:39 <DrJoeTron> mother fuking puzzle pirates
22:39 <ghableska> yes?
22:40 <DrJoeTron> I dont know when it became free again
22:41 <DrJoeTron> but its free again
22:41 <DrJoeTron> and its oh so wonderful
22:41 <DrJoeTron> there goes my semester
22:41 <ghableska> ok...
22:41 <DrJoeTron> you've heard of it right?
22:41 <ghableska> nope
22:41 <DrJoeTron> www.puzzlepirates.com
22:42 <ghableska> o_O
22:45 <ghableska> I don't think I want to try.
22:45 <ghableska> looks too addicting
22:48 <luke-jr|work> lol
22:49 <DrJoeTron> haha
22:50 <ghableska> Tsar Bomba :D
22:51 <DrJoeTron> buh?
22:52 <ghableska> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsar_bomba
22:52 <ghableska> The fireball touched the ground, reached nearly as high as the altitude of the release plane, and was seen 1,000 km away. The heat could have caused third degree burns at a distance of 100 km. The subsequent mushroom cloud was about 60 km high and 30–40 km wide. The explosion could be seen and felt in Finland, even breaking windows there. Atmospheric focusing caused blast damage up to 1,000 km away. The seismic shock created by the detonation was mea
22:52 <ghableska>  
22:52 <ghableska> Since 50 Mt is 2.1×1017 joules, the average power produced during the entire fission-fusion process, lasting around 39 nanoseconds, was a power of about 5.3×1024 watts or 5.3 yottawatts. This is equivalent to approximately 1% of the power output of the Sun. The detonation of Tsar Bomba therefore qualifies as being the single most powerful device ever utilized throughout the history of humanity. By contrast, the largest weapon ever produced by the Uni
22:53 <ghableska> :o
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23:10 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["Leaving."]
23:27 <ghableska> #g 100 km in mi
23:27 <@armabot> ghableska: 100 kilometers = 62.1371192 mi
23:55 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034154181.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron

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