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Log from 2006-07-13:
--- Day changed Thu Jul 13 2006
00:01 <spidey> ok
00:01 <spidey> if i fuck this up,i'll bbl with a raw debian install
00:08 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50873221.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
00:09 <spidey> yay
00:09 <spidey> i upgraded X without breaking it xD
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00:15 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-114-143-12.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
00:15 <spidey> :>
00:15 <spidey> Xorg > 6.8 that means a newer version of it right?
00:15 <+Lucifer_arma> #list ChannelLogger
00:15 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: That plugin exists, but has no commands.  This probably means that it has some configuration variables that can be changed in order to modify its behavior.  Try "config list supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger" to see what configuration variables it has.
00:16 <+Lucifer_arma> #config list supybot.plugins.ChannelLogger
00:16 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: #filenameTimestamp, #noLogPrefix, #rotateLogs, #stripFormatting, @#timestamp, @directories, flushImmediately, and public
00:18 <luke-jr_> Jun 26 10:25:04 <Lucifer_arma>  #addhandler #armagetron aabetaupdate "/www/beta" cmd nohup ssh armagetronad@aabeta.dashjr.org "/var/www/armagetron/beta/scripts/updateme $message" &
00:18 <+Lucifer_arma> #addhandler #armagetron aabetaupdate "/www/beta" cmd nohup ssh armagetronad@aabeta.dashjr.org "/var/www/armagetron/beta/scripts/updateme $message" &
00:18 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
00:18 <+Lucifer_arma> thanks luke-jr_ 
00:19 <luke-jr_> np
00:19  * Lucifer_arma was just grepping his logs looking for it
00:19 <+Lucifer_arma> #flush
00:19 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
00:22 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5677 /www/wiki/ (. branches/ tags/ trunk/): Adding wiki directory tree
00:27 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5678 /www/wiki/trunk/ (LocalSettings.php extensions/ extensions/README): Adding some wiki files
00:27 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5679 /www/wiki/trunk/skins/: added skins directory
00:28 <+wrtlprnft> wow, the repository must be huge now
00:29 <+Lucifer_arma> I'm only adding individual files right now
00:29 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5680 /www/wiki/trunk/skins/ (27 files in 2 dirs): Added armagetronad skin
00:29 <+wrtlprnft> 9 more messages and we are on the front page!
00:29 <+Lucifer_arma> I'll keep working :)
00:29 <+Lucifer_arma> what file is the login hack you did in?
00:29 <+Lucifer_arma> or should I just add the whole wiki source?
00:29 <+wrtlprnft> uh
00:29 <+wrtlprnft> something in special/
00:30 <+wrtlprnft> sec
00:30 <+Lucifer_arma> I don't see a special directory
00:31 <+wrtlprnft> includes/SpecialUserlogin.php
00:31 <+wrtlprnft> includes/templates/Userlogin.php
00:31 <+wrtlprnft> both of them
00:32 <+Lucifer_arma> I'm tempted to just bring in the whole wiki source
00:32 <+wrtlprnft> do what you wish... you're the only admin awake right now i guess
00:32 <+Lucifer_arma> apparently, heh
00:33 <+wrtlprnft> z-man might be too
00:33 <+wrtlprnft> so do it fast before he looks in here
00:33 <spidey> firefox's pop-up blocker sucks :/
00:33 <+wrtlprnft> ;)
00:34 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5681 /www/wiki/trunk/includes/ (173 files in 4 dirs): Added includes directory, obviously.
00:37 <+Lucifer_arma> wtf?  I chmodded so the supybot user can use the svn sandbox, but it can't update?!?
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00:46 <+wrtlprnft> #night
00:46 <armabot> Good night wrtlprnft!
00:46 <+Lucifer_arma> #addhandler wikiupdater /www/wiki cmd /home/supybot/bin/updatewiki
00:46 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
00:48 <spidey> O_o gimp's better than photoshop
00:48 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5682 /www/wiki/trunk/LocalSettings.php: Testing wiki updater
00:48 <armabot>  Executed 'wikiupdater'
00:48 <+Lucifer_arma> yay, I broke it
00:49 <spidey> that's my line!
00:50 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5683 /www/wiki/trunk/LocalSettings.php: Testing wiki updater
00:50 <armabot>  Executed 'wikiupdater'
00:51 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@c-71-199-204-144.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
00:55 <+Lucifer_arma> where do I get this magical setuid program?
00:59 <spidey> ??
01:01 -!- GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
01:08 <+Lucifer_arma> how do I get svn to leave the permissions on a file alone?
01:10 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5684 /www/wiki/trunk/LocalSettings.php: removing database settings
01:10 <armabot>  Executed 'wikiupdater'
01:11 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5685 /www/wiki/trunk/includes/Article.php: Test for armabot
01:11 <armabot>  Executed 'wikiupdater'
01:14 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5686 /www/wiki/trunk/ArmaSettings.php: Added ArmaSettings.php
01:14 <armabot>  Executed 'wikiupdater'
01:17 <armabot> armagetronad: davidfancella * r5687 /www/wiki/trunk/ (ArmaSettings.php includes/Article.php): Removed DatabaseSettings.php include, it's not used anymore
01:17 <armabot>  Executed 'wikiupdater'
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01:22 <+Lucifer_arma> well, we'll see how well that works out
01:25 <spidey> 'er
01:25 <spidey> i updated xorg and my fps in tron broke
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01:58 <spidey> wrtlprnft, did you ever fix your fps problem from upgrading the X server?
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02:37 <spidey> mommmmmy
02:38 <Your_mom_arma> hi
02:38 <spidey> omg
02:38 <spidey> x upgrade = fucked up
02:38  * spidey downloads raw debian
02:39 <spidey> mmm
02:39 <spidey> maybe i should restart X
02:39 <spidey> brb
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02:47 <Stewie-arma> hello
02:48 <Your_mom_arma> hi
02:48 <Stewie-arma> how goes it?
02:48 <Your_mom_arma> fine
02:48 <Stewie-arma> svick
02:50 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-114-143-12.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
02:50 <Stewie-arma> hey spidizzey
02:50 <spidey> yo
02:51 <Stewie-arma> whatcha doin?
02:53 <spidey> fuckin with tron
02:53 <Stewie-arma> your fucking a program?
02:53 <spidey> :/
02:54 <spidey> no,i updated the X server then my fps dropped to 16
02:54 <Stewie-arma> genious
02:54 <spidey> so i changed some setting...managed to keep a good look but also get my fps up to 30
02:54 <spidey> if i can figure out which pacakge i need i usually get 80-90 here lately
02:55 <Stewie-arma> my fps now is aroung 120-110
02:55 <spidey> O_o
02:55 <Stewie-arma> which is funny seeing as it is usually 20-30
02:55 <spidey> o_O
02:56 <spidey> mine's usually 59 steady
02:56 <spidey> but after the last release of .3 i think i started getting 80-90
02:57  * spidey stabs mepis for not having 7.0.2 x server default
03:00 <Stewie-arma> that's not nice
03:01 <Stewie-arma> why did the shark attack you?
03:01 <Stewie-arma> where you taunting the shark
03:01 <spidey> huh?
03:10 <Stewie-arma> dane cook dude
03:19 <spidey> mmmmm
03:19 <spidey> it's time to play
03:19  * spidey uninstalls every signle package in synaptic
03:20 <spidey> actually
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03:24 <luke-jr_> BitTorrent needs to support chatting...
03:24 <luke-jr_> "you guys know we can't get more than 59% of this file?"
03:25 <luke-jr_> "any plans to solve the missing seed?"
03:25  * luke-jr_ is glad he waits to do big upgrades-- now he knows to avoid X 7
03:27 <spidey> ?
03:28 <spidey> i think it's just a missing package
03:28 <spidey> but i can't figure out which one :/
03:29 <spidey> mmmm
03:56 -!- spidey_ [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
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03:59 <+Lucifer_arma> that spicy chicken is fucking awesome
03:59 <spidey_> growl
03:59 -!- spidey_ is now known as spidey
04:04 -!- nemostultae [n=nemostul@] has joined #armagetron
04:04 <spidey> vnc sucks over lan
04:08 <+Lucifer_arma> not if its on a mac
04:08 <+Lucifer_arma> nemostultae: the aabetaupdate is working again, and will hopefully not break for awhile this time
04:09 <nemostultae> Lucifer_arma: thanks
04:09 <+Lucifer_arma> yw :)
04:09 <+Lucifer_arma> there's also some wiki stuff in there in case you feel the urge to hack the wiki
04:10 <nemostultae> I wasn't able to login in to the wiki in OmniWeb because of the spamfix. Maybe I'll take a look at that.
04:10 <spidey> ahahah
04:11 <+Lucifer_arma> you just need to checkout /www/wiki/trunk iirc, and commit, armabot will update the wiki automatically on the commit message, just like it updates aabeta
04:11 <spidey> me and anjori where joking about something and used the name jolinux
04:11 <spidey> that's actually a distro :/
04:11 <+Lucifer_arma> I had some permissions problems, so you might encounter that.  Let me know if you see it asap so I can fix it.
04:11  * Lucifer_arma wants anjori to build Anjorix
04:11 <spidey> lol
04:12 <spidey> ftp://ftp.ibiblio.org/pub/linux/distributions/  <<< lots of distros i've never heard of
04:12 -!- nemostultae [n=nemostul@] has left #armagetron []
04:12 -!- Lizz [i=Lizz@DC-201-28.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #armagetron
04:12 -!- nemostultae [n=nemostul@] has joined #armagetron
04:12 <Lizz> hiya guys
04:12 <nemostultae> oops, wrong window
04:12 <spidey> anyone hear of gobolinux? lol
04:12 <+Lucifer_arma> hi Lizz 
04:12 <Lizz> spider?
04:12 <spidey> lizz?
04:12 <Lizz> shiya luceeeeee
04:12 <nemostultae> nemo?
04:12 <+Lucifer_arma> isn't that fraggle rock linux?
04:12 <+Lucifer_arma> cusco?
04:12 <spidey> dunno
04:12 <Lizz> can u tell me which folder in the 0.3.0 ver has ur nic in it?
04:13 <spidey> none?
04:13 <Lizz> >.<
04:13 <+Lucifer_arma> only if you tell me what "ur nic" is supposed to mean
04:13 <+Lucifer_arma> #dict ur
04:13 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: easton, wn, gcide, and hitchcock responded: hitchcock: Ur, fire, light, a valley; gcide: Ur \Ur\, Ure \Ure\, n. (Zool.) The urus. [1913 Webster]; wn: Ur n : an ancient city of Sumer located on a former channel of the Euphrates River; gcide: Urus \U"rus\, n. [L.; of Teutonic origin. See {Aurochs}.] (Zool.) A very large, powerful, and savage extinct bovine animal ({Bos (10 more messages)
04:13 <Lizz> name
04:13 <+Lucifer_arma> #dict nic
04:13 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: foldoc and vera responded: vera: NIC Numeric Intensive Computing; vera: NIC Network Interface Card / Controller; vera: NIC Network Information Center (Internet, org.); foldoc: NIC 1. <networking> {Network Information Center}. 2. <hardware> {Network Interface Card}. (1996-02-13)
04:13 <spidey> lol?
04:13 <+Lucifer_arma> I was right!  That sentence didn't make any sense at all
04:13 <Lizz> settings or visual settings?
04:13 <spidey> ????
04:13 <nemostultae> neither, user.cfg
04:14 <Lizz> ok ty one sec
04:14 <spidey> nononono
04:14 <+Lucifer_arma> isn't it user_030.cfg or something like that?
04:14 <spidey> use autoexec.cfg
04:14 <spidey> it's easier
04:14 <nemostultae> oh, yea
04:14 <+Lucifer_arma> to avoid clobbering settings from the stable release :)
04:14 <spidey> just add player_1 <name>
04:14 <nemostultae> just put "PLAYER_1 somename" in autoexec.cfg
04:14 <spidey> ??
04:14 <nemostultae> ??
04:14 <spidey> i saw this
04:14 <Lizz> erm
04:14 <spidey> nemostultae just put "PLAYER_1 somename" in autoexec.cfg
04:15 <+Lucifer_arma> nemostultae: tell me about the script you have that sets a new name every time you start arma
04:15 <spidey> blocks with 0's inside
04:15 <+Lucifer_arma> please :)
04:15 <nemostultae> your client doesn't support UTF8
04:15 <spidey> oh
04:15 <nemostultae> it just takes a word out of /usr/share/dict/words
04:15 <+Lucifer_arma> no, how does it do the deed?
04:16 <nemostultae> oh, let me dig it up.
04:16 <+Lucifer_arma> do you just wrap arma, or do you have a hack for it?
04:16 <nemostultae> I wrap arma.
04:17 <+Lucifer_arma> oh fuck.  I just scratched the inside of my nose, but I haven't washed my hands since I cut the jalapenos
04:18 <nemostultae> http://pastie.caboo.se/4403
04:18 <nemostultae> that would be it.
04:22 -!- nemostultae_ [n=nemostul@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
04:23 <+Lucifer_arma> thanks.  so you just write a new autoexec.cfg when you start, that's easy enough :)
04:23 <nemostultae> Actually it just replaces the PLAYER_1 in there.
04:23 <nemostultae> and COLOR_ stuff
04:24  * spidey puts vmware on his windows box to test distros before installing them
04:26 <nemostultae> I love the names it comes up with sometimes
04:26 <+Lucifer_arma> so I have to make an autoexec.cfg with that stuff in it, then?  ;)
04:26 <nemostultae> yes, you need PLAYER_1 and stuff in there
04:27 <+Lucifer_arma> I just discovered that I haven't installed and run arma since I rebuilt this computer, so I don't have ~/.armagetronad yet
04:27 <+Lucifer_arma> I've been running from a build directory, heh
04:27 <spidey> ........
04:27 <spidey> root@fbi.gov[/usr/share/dict]$ ls
04:27 <spidey> words
04:27 <spidey> root@fbi.gov[/usr/share/dict]$ cat words
04:27 <spidey> cat: words: No such file or directory
04:27 <spidey> root@fbi.gov[/usr/share/dict]$ cd words
04:27 <spidey> -su: cd: words: No such file or directory
04:28 <spidey> "/
04:28 <spidey> :/
04:28 <nemostultae> words is a file
04:28 <spidey> says it's not :(
04:28 <nemostultae> what is in that directory?
04:28 <spidey> read the post?
04:29 <nemostultae> so nothing is in dict/
04:29 <spidey> yes
04:29 <spidey> words is in dict
04:29 <spidey> ls says that
04:29 <spidey> ^^^
04:29 <nemostultae> oops, missed the cat
04:29 <nemostultae> words is a link to web2 on my machine
04:30 <spidey> oh
04:32 <nemostultae> web2a has some good ones, too. Too long for arma names, though
04:32 <spidey> mm
04:32 <+Lucifer_arma> well, I was going to write up a quick python script to do the name picking, so I can use my own names :)
04:32 <spidey> so just make a autoexec.cfg with those 12 lines?
04:33 <+Lucifer_arma> ?  You save the script nemo gave and adapt it for linux (of course), and instead of typing "armagetronad" to play, you type the name of that script instead
04:33 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034190087.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
04:34 <Vanhayes> #armaservers
04:34 <armabot> Vanhayes: Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (11 players) || XzL. Clan "The Server" (5 players) || Swampland in 2.7.1 (3 players) || ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Arena {100MBit} (2 players) || Tigers Network Classic Play (2 players) || Norm's Place (2 players) || race server (random maps, disable moviepack) (1 players) || 1V1 Sumo Arena (1 players) || ~}SD{~ Clan Sever *FoC* (0 players) || (1 more message)
04:34 <Vanhayes> #more
04:34 <armabot> Vanhayes: M0rph1umDuckz D3d1cat3d HUN (Linux, CET 17:00-06:00) (0 players) || Lobster Cage Redux (0 players) || OOPS-CLAN-SERVER (0 players) || SniperRace (Testversion) (0 players) || RaceToWinzone (Testversion) (0 players) || Luke-Jr's Experimental Test Server (0 players)
04:35 <+Lucifer_arma> python -c "import random; print random.randint(0,15)"  <--- here's the random color part in python, in case you don't have ruby installed
04:36 <spidey> i got ruby
04:39 <spidey> actually
04:39 <spidey> it looks like that should work for me like it is,just change the paths
04:39 <nemostultae> and the open part at the end.
04:40 <spidey> i can use open to start a program,just need to change that path to
04:40 <nemostultae> sometimes it chooses a name too long for arma, which I should probably fix.
04:41 <spidey> mmm
04:44 <+Lucifer_arma> sed -i .bak  <--- what's .bak ?
04:44 <spidey> backup?
04:44 <+Lucifer_arma> ahhh, backup extension?
04:44 <nemostultae> yea
04:44 <nemostultae> -i is inplace edit
04:46 <+Lucifer_arma> what's the "extended" range of colors, if you want a lame cycle that's a different color than your wall?
04:46 <+Lucifer_arma> is that just [0,31] ?
04:47 <nemostultae> I just use negative numbers when I want a funky color
04:48 <nemostultae> -current_color_value keeps your base color mostly.
04:48 <nemostultae> atleast for pink
04:52 <spidey> wtf
04:52 <+Lucifer_arma> sed: can't read .bak: No such file or directory
04:52 <spidey> for somereason firefox got the wild urge to save it in /tmp/
04:52 <spidey> and won't put it on desktop ><
04:53 <nemostultae> maybe take out the space, -i.bak
04:53 -!- guru3 [n=guru3@2002:51e7:e65f:1:0:0:0:1] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
04:54 -!- guru3 [n=guru3@2002:51e7:e65f:1:0:0:0:1] has joined #armagetron
04:55 <+Lucifer_arma> http://pastie.caboo.se/4407 <--- here's with my change
04:55 <+Lucifer_arma> you need the little python program I just wrote, though
04:57 <spidey> lucifer,anyreason i can't put it on my desktop? 
04:57 <+Lucifer_arma> http://pastie.caboo.se/4408  <--- the python program.  Change the path to suit, create ~/.armagetronad/var/namelist.txt or whatever it says in the file
04:57 <spidey> it keeps saving it here
04:57 <spidey> /home/spidey/.kde/share/apps/RecentDocuments/arma.sh.desktop
04:57 <+Lucifer_arma> well, I copied it into a text editor and saved it from there
04:57 <+Lucifer_arma> that's a link, that's not the file
04:57 <spidey> yea
04:57 <spidey> i'm using kwrite
04:57 <spidey> i try to save at /home/spidey/Desktop
04:58 <spidey> it doesn't
04:58 <+Lucifer_arma> well, I put both of them in some directory under my home directory, chmod uga+x to both of them, then copied them to /usr/local/bin
04:59 <spidey> oh
04:59 <spidey> here it is
04:59 <spidey> /tmp/arma.sh
04:59 <+Lucifer_arma> sudo cp /tmp/arma.sh /usr/local/bin/
04:59 <+Lucifer_arma> :)
05:00 <+Lucifer_arma> http://pastie.caboo.se/4409  <--- use this for the python program, it doesn't require editing
05:01 <spidey> Error: Error in bool sr_InitDisplay() in ../../builds/b_0.3.0/B1/armagetronad-0.3.0/src/render/rScreen.cpp:738 :
05:01 <spidey> Sorry, played all my cards trying to initialize your video system.
05:01 <spidey> Armagetron Advanced won't run on your computer. Reason:
05:01 <spidey> Couldn't set video mode: OpenGL not available
05:01 <spidey> I'll try again from the beginning, but the chances of success are minimal.
05:01 <spidey> ERRRRRRRR
05:01 <spidey> xlibmesa-gl i'm guessing i need that right?
05:01  * Lizz sings
05:02 <spidey> but it won't install from synaptic
05:02  * Your_mom_arma note cycle_turn_speed
05:02 <Your_mom_arma> _factor 1.2 causes arma wierdness
05:02 <+Lucifer_arma> yay.  thanks nemo.  :)
05:04 <+Lucifer_arma> now I just need my big emerge to finish so I can play for awhile
05:05 <Your_mom_arma> whats the alias command for tell later?
05:06 <spidey> m
05:06 <spidey> ?
05:06 <spidey> #help m
05:06 <armabot> spidey: (m <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "message $*".
05:06 <spidey> close enough
05:06 <Your_mom_arma> #list alias
05:06 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: add, bug, ch, chatlog, digg, dotdotdot, g, gcalc, goodbye, hello, insight, lock, log, log, m, man, message, mfaq, morning, night, q, realchatlogs, remove, svn, unlock, and wikipedia
05:06 <spidey> #help message
05:06 <armabot> spidey: (message <an alias, 2 arguments>) -- Alias for "later tell $1 $2".
05:06 <spidey> yea
05:06 <spidey> it's m
05:08 <+Lucifer_arma> #message Your_mom_arma hi there
05:08 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
05:08 <Your_mom_arma> #message luke-jr_ i crashed your server by accident when messing with cycle_turn_speed_factor
05:08 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: The operation succeeded.
05:08 <spidey> mmm
05:09 <spidey> i wonder if i can make that work on windows
05:09 <+Lucifer_arma> the only way that comes to mind is to use cygwin
05:09 <+Lucifer_arma> but that's a big hog to install just to have a random name changer
05:09  * spidey has cygwin
05:09 <+Lucifer_arma> well then, what I gave you should work almost unmodified :)
05:09 <spidey> i've already got it :)
05:09 <+Lucifer_arma> just pu the path to the armagetronad binary and you're fine
05:10 <+Lucifer_arma> cygwin path, that is
05:10 <spidey> actually
05:10 <+Lucifer_arma>  /cygdrive/c/path/to/binary or something like that
05:10 <spidey> no
05:10 <spidey> i'd have to make a batch file for it
05:10 <spidey> and install python
05:10 <+Lucifer_arma> ummm, if you use cygwin to do it, you don't?
05:11 <Your_mom_arma> #message luke-jr_ sorry
05:11 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: The operation succeeded.
05:11 <+Lucifer_arma> I guess I'm assuming you'd open a cygwin window to do it :)
05:11 <spidey> ya
05:11  * Lucifer_arma always has a terminal open, so he just takes it for granted there's one handy
05:11 <spidey> but i don't have python installed 
05:11 <spidey> and
05:11 <spidey> the batch file is because i'm lazy
05:11 <+Lucifer_arma> cygwin's got python in it, easy to install
05:12 <spidey> put the batch file in C:\windows\system32
05:12 <spidey> name it something like
05:12 <spidey> arma
05:12 <spidey> open a terminal and type arma
05:12 <spidey> xD
05:12  * spidey is lazy
05:12 <spidey> terminal/command prompt
05:12  * spidey goes to reinstall opengl
05:13 <spidey> actually
05:13 <spidey> scratch that
05:13 <spidey> mepis beta 6 is done
05:13 <spidey> i'ma burn it and install it
05:14 <spidey> hahah
05:14 <spidey> i have hotwheels jets installed on my windows box
05:15 <spidey> slackware is gay
05:15 <spidey> you can install the first cd's packages
05:16 <spidey> from a dvd
05:16 <spidey> but when it wants the second cd,if you've got it on a dvd it won't read it
05:16 <Lizz> talking to urself arac?? :P
05:16 <spidey> ya
05:16 <Lizz> heh
05:17 <Lizz> wheres ur server gone?
05:17 <spidey> it won't be back till i format
05:17 <Lizz> kk
05:17 <spidey> or i could start it in the backgroun
05:17 <spidey> but i like running it over ssh from a terminal
05:17 <Lizz> if u say so lol
05:18 <spidey> mmmm
05:18 <Vanhayes> #wtf is ssh
05:19 <armabot> Vanhayes: SSH: secure shell
05:19 <Vanhayes> i see
05:19 <spidey> lol?
05:19 <Vanhayes> wasnt sure
05:19 <Lizz> hiya vanners
05:19 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf is Vanhayes 
05:19 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: Vanhayes: nothing appropriate
05:19 <spidey> lol
05:19 <+Lucifer_arma> I thought so
05:19 <Vanhayes> #wtf is Lucifer_arma 
05:19 <armabot> Vanhayes: Lucifer_arma: nothing appropriate
05:19 <Vanhayes> #wtf is YOU
05:19 <armabot> Vanhayes: YOU: nothing appropriate
05:20 <spidey> #wtf is spidey
05:20 <armabot> spidey: spidey: nothing appropriate
05:20 <spidey> :/
05:20 <Vanhayes> #help wtf 
05:20 <armabot> Vanhayes: (wtf [is] <something>) -- Returns wtf <something> is. 'wtf' is a *nix command that first appeared in NetBSD 1.5. In most *nices, it's available in some sort of 'bsdgames' package.
05:20 <spidey> #wtf spidey
05:20 <armabot> spidey: spidey: nothing appropriate
05:20 <Vanhayes> hmm all the alias gone now?
05:20 <Lizz> makes sence
05:20 <Vanhayes> #list alias
05:20 <armabot> Vanhayes: add, bug, ch, chatlog, digg, dotdotdot, g, gcalc, goodbye, hello, insight, lock, log, log, m, man, message, mfaq, morning, night, q, realchatlogs, remove, svn, unlock, and wikipedia
05:21 <spidey> root@fbi.gov[/usr/local/bin]$ wtf vanhayes
05:21 <spidey> -su: wtf: command not found
05:21 <spidey> lol
05:21 <Vanhayes> hmm more generus than the last time
05:21 <Vanhayes> #wikipedia Vanhayes 
05:21 <armabot> Vanhayes: No matches found. (Search took 0.35 seconds)
05:21 <Vanhayes> #wikipedia Van hayes 
05:21 <armabot> Vanhayes: Search took 0.44 seconds: Karen Hayes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_Hayes>; Hayes Carll - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hayes_Carll>; Samuel J. Tilden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_J._Tilden>; Samuel J. Tilden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (3 more messages)
05:22 <Vanhayes> #wikipedia Spidey 
05:22  * Lizz slaps Vanhayes around a bit with a large trout
05:22 <armabot> Vanhayes: Search took 0.21 seconds: Spidey Super Stories - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spidey_Super_Stories>; Spider-Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider-Man>; Spider-Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiderman>; Spider-Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (3 more messages)
05:22 <Lizz> o
05:22 <spidey> owned
05:22 <Lizz> sorry van :/ lol
05:22 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf is Lucifer_arma
05:22 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: Lucifer_arma: nothing appropriate
05:22 <Vanhayes> lol
05:22 <Lizz> was meant for the spider lol
05:22 <Vanhayes> #wikipedia Lucifer
05:22 <spidey> i'm special enough to get on wiki and Vanhayes isn't
05:22 <armabot> Vanhayes: Search took 0.29 seconds: Lucifer: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer>; Lucifer (DC Comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer_(DC_Comics)>; Lucifer's Hammer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucifer's_Hammer>; Saint Lucifer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Lucifer>; (2 more messages)
05:23 <Lizz> saint lucifer?? lmao
05:23  * Lizz thinks luceee arse kissed to get a sainthood :P
05:25  * spidey slaps Lizz and goes to format
05:25 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
05:25 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf is Lucifer_arma
05:25 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: Lucifer_arma: nothing appropriate
05:25 <+Lucifer_arma> how do I get it to update with the modified database?  :(
05:26 <nemostultae> Random name update. this one resets to your normal name, so next time you start up arma normally you have your regular name: http://pastie.caboo.se/4412
05:27 <+Lucifer_arma> how do I get it to update with the modified database?  :(
05:27 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf is Lucifer_arma
05:27 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: LUCIFER_ARMA: Ruler of all that is evil
05:28 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf is Vanhayes 
05:28 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: Vanhayes: nothing appropriate
05:29 <Vanhayes> #wtf is Vanhayes 
05:29 <armabot> Vanhayes: Vanhayes: nothing appropriate
05:29 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf is Lucifer
05:29 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: LUCIFER: See Lucifer_arma
05:33 <Your_mom_arma> #wtf is Your_mom_arma
05:33 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: Your_mom_arma: nothing appropriate
05:35 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
05:59 -!- nemostultae [n=nemostul@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
06:00 -!- nemostultae [n=nemostul@] has joined #armagetron
06:03 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
06:03 <spidey> omg
06:03 <spidey> formatting from a dvd takes me way to long
06:04 <spidey> Linux version 2.6.15-25-386 (root@mepis-party) (gcc version 4.0.3 (Ubuntu 4.0.3-1ubuntu5)) #1 PREEMPT Mon Jun 19 00:05:53 EDT 2006
06:04 <spidey> mepis with a ubuntu kernal O_o
06:07 <spidey> yay
06:14 <spidey>   HorizSync    30.0 - 82.0 # Warning: This may fry old Monitors
06:14 <spidey>   VertRefresh  50.0 - 70.0 # Very conservative. May flicker.
06:15 <spidey> LOL
06:15  * spidey gets a old monitor out of the cloest
06:15 <spidey> closet*
06:23 <Lizz> gay monitor?
06:24 <spidey> it says it might fry a old monitor
06:24 <spidey> so i'ma try it
06:24 <spidey> later
06:24 <spidey> editing my konsole thingy
06:29 <spidey> wrtl?
06:33 -!- nemostultae [n=nemostul@] has quit []
06:39 <spidey> PS1="\[\]\u@fbi.gov\][\]\W\]\]]$\[\] " || PS1="\[\][\W]\u\[\] "
06:39 <spidey> that owns
06:40 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
06:42 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
06:46 -!- spidey_ [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
06:48 <luke-jr_> Your_mom_arma: it'll be restarted within the hour
06:51 <Your_mom_arma> it auto restarted
06:51 <Your_mom_arma> just thought i'ld mention it to you
06:52 <Your_mom_arma> i'll try to be more carefull
06:52 <spidey_> don't use the cycle_walls_Stay_up_delay one either
07:03 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
07:06 -!- Niii [n=Niii@lnr56-1-82-246-48-71.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
07:14 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@c-71-199-204-144.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
07:28 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50873221.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
07:30 <spidey_> lucifer?
07:30 -!- spidey_ is now known as spidey
07:31 <spidey> Error: Error in bool sr_InitDisplay() in ../../builds/b_0.3.0/B1/armagetronad-0.3.0/src/render/rScreen.cpp:738 :
07:31 <spidey> Sorry, played all my cards trying to initialize your video system.
07:31 <spidey> Armagetron Advanced won't run on your computer. Reason:
07:31 <spidey> Couldn't set video mode: OpenGL not available
07:31 <spidey> I'll try again from the beginning, but the chances of success are minimal.
07:31 <spidey> i get that when i try to use arma.sh
07:31 -!- deja_vu_ [n=deja_vu@p57A1BD0F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
07:31 <spidey> but if i select the icon from the kde menu it works fine
07:32 <spidey> actually
07:32 <spidey> if i even try to start it via terminal
07:32 <spidey> armagetronad does the same
07:35 <spidey> ok
07:35 <spidey> nvm
07:35 <spidey> that error was because i tried it as root
07:35 <spidey> but trying it as a user
07:36 <spidey> spidey@fbi.gov[~]$ armagetronad
07:36 <spidey> ROTATION_FILE is currently set to .
07:36 <spidey> Error: Error in int main(int, char**) in ../../builds/b_0.3.0/B1/armagetronad-0.3.0/src/tron/gArmagetron.cpp:634 :
07:36 <spidey>         Couldn't initialize SDL: Unable to open a console terminal
07:39 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p57A1BEE4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]
07:42 <+Lucifer_arma> put your arma.sh file on a pastebin so I can see it.
07:42 <+Lucifer_arma> spidey:  ^^^^^
07:44 <spidey> it's not that
07:44 <spidey> armagetronad does the same
07:44 <spidey> i can't use arma.sh if armagetronad doesn't work :)
07:45 <spidey> i can start it from the kde menu,but not from a terminal
07:56 <+Lucifer_arma> haha, I went into my server and called myself Cannibal (script)
07:57 <+Lucifer_arma> my team is still People Eaters, and the AI given to me on my team is also named Cannibal, so he got named Cannibal2
07:57 <+wrtlprnft> spidey: no i didn't
07:57 <+wrtlprnft> but it isn't a fps problem, it's a framerate problem :/
07:57 <spidey> wrtlprnft, i was right
07:57 <spidey> no
07:58 <spidey> it's a package you're missing
07:58 <spidey> i'm using 7.0
07:58 <spidey> now
07:58 <spidey> it came default
07:58 <spidey> spidey@fbi.gov[~]$ X -version
07:58 <spidey> X Window System Version 7.0.0
07:58 <spidey> Release Date: 21 December 2005
07:59 <+wrtlprnft> that's what i have
07:59 <spidey> me to
07:59 <spidey> my fps are normal again
07:59 <spidey> because that x server came default on the install
07:59 <spidey> go back and find out which packages where uninstalled
07:59 <spidey> then reinstall the ones that wheren't 
08:00 <spidey> wheren't reinstalled*
08:00 <spidey> you're missing opengl
08:00 <spidey> i think
08:02 <+wrtlprnft> uh, the only thing it uninstalled was the old xorg
08:04 <+wrtlprnft> and my framerate didn't totally go down, there's still acceleration
08:12 -!- anjori [n=anonymou@S0106001150573139.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #armagetron
08:14 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-034-214.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
08:20 <+wrtlprnft> can we make it so logged-in people can
08:20 <+wrtlprnft> 't be dumped, kicked, swore at, etc?
08:20 <+wrtlprnft> oh, and they can't lose of course
08:21 <+wrtlprnft> *sworn (i guess)
08:21 <+wrtlprnft> and if anyone dies they get the points for the kill?
08:37 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50873221.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
08:46 <Your_mom_arma> whats my ping...
08:46 <Your_mom_arma> arma is barely responding
08:48 <Your_mom_arma> polling master server gives me a dns error
08:53 <+Lucifer_arma> anybody know how to setup apache to serve up svn repositories?
09:00 <spidey> um
09:00 <spidey> not i
09:00 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Jacob@pool-71-248-239-245.cmdnnj.east.verizon.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
09:05 <anjori> what, spidey? you were just telling me how to do that yesterday
09:05 <spidey> lol
09:06 <spidey> anjori, you tried mepis beta 6?
09:06 <spidey> has ubuntu kernal so it now supports mepis,debian and ubuntu packages
09:06 <anjori> its RC3 now, but no. i'm going to wait for a final
09:06  * spidey likes it
09:06 <anjori> um, be careful with the debian packages. ubuntu and debian are not necessarily binary compatible
09:07 <spidey> i know,but it's in the default repositories,so i imagen it's compatible :)
09:07 <anjori> if it's got an ubuntu base, stick to those repos
09:07 <anjori> debian is? i doubt that.
09:07 <spidey> it is
09:07 <anjori> what repo?
09:07 <spidey> debian ubuntu and mepis repositories
09:08 <spidey> sec
09:09 <+Lucifer_arma> mepis rc2 trashed my hard drive
09:09  * Lucifer_arma whines some more
09:09 <spidey> i read something
09:09 <spidey> hold on looking for the .deb packages
09:10 <anjori> not packages. open synaptic and go to the repos listing under settings.
09:11 <anjori> or type "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" in the console
09:12 <spidey> mmm
09:12 <spidey> i think i fucked up my /etc/profile
09:12 <spidey> spidey@fbi.gov[~]
09:12 <spidey> $
09:12 <spidey> that;s hiw ut displays
09:12 <spidey> lol
09:12 <spidey> spidey@fbi.gov[~]
09:12 <spidey> $ cat /etc/apt/sources.list
09:12 <spidey> # See sources.list(5) for more information
09:12 <spidey> # This file should be edited through synaptic
09:12 <spidey> # MEPIS improvements, overrides and updates--the MEPIS magic
09:12 <spidey> deb http://apt.mepis.org/6.0/ mepis main
09:12 <spidey> # Ubuntu foundation packages
09:12 <spidey> deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ breezy main restricted
09:12 <spidey> deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ dapper main restricted
09:12 <spidey> # Security updates
09:12 <spidey> deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ dapper-security main restricted
09:13 <spidey> # Package updates
09:13 <armabot> spidey: You've given me 5 invalid commands within the last minute; I'm now ignoring you for 10 minutes.
09:13 <spidey> bah
09:13 <spidey> besides that,in 3.4.3 there's a debian repository i think
09:13 <spidey> a few actually
09:13 <spidey> i remember seeing them
09:16 <anjori> in 3.4-3 there is, yes. because that version has a debian base.
09:16 <spidey> and anjori,it's got a ubuntu kernel....all packages should be compatible
09:16 <spidey> mepis and ubuntu are debian based distros.....
09:16 <anjori> yes, but that doesnt make them compatible
09:17 <spidey> i used to install debian packages when i ran ubuntu
09:17 <spidey> worked fine
09:17 <anjori> it can be done. but it's generally not the best idea and you should stick to ubuntu-specific packages
09:17 <spidey> should but don't
09:18 <spidey> this is a test box,if it messes it up...oh well i know not to do it again and move to the next distro
09:18 <spidey> i've done slackware(failure),mepis,ubuntu,mandrivia and one more i can't remember
09:19 <anjori> i'm looking at kubuntu right now, but it annoys me that they don't have build tools installed by default. and i can't even install the bloody armagetron autopackage because it says i'm missing the sdl dev package. thing is, there's none left to install
09:20 <spidey> ?
09:20 <+Lucifer_arma> where the hell is htpasswd?
09:20 <spidey> locate htpasswd ?
09:20 <+Lucifer_arma> no locate :)
09:20 <spidey> find htpasswd ?
09:22 <spidey> mmmm
09:22 <spidey> weird
09:22 <+Lucifer_arma> what package is locate in?
09:22 <spidey> erm
09:22 <spidey> sec
09:23 <spidey> it's in find
09:23 <spidey> i think
09:23 <spidey> what distro?
09:23 <+Lucifer_arma> gentoo
09:23 <spidey> ah
09:24 <spidey> it's in find in slackware
09:24 <spidey> sec
09:24 <+Lucifer_arma> probably same place
09:24 <+Lucifer_arma> most distributions don't split packages up as much as you might think
09:24  * Lucifer_arma has emerge --sync running right now
09:24 <spidey> it's not find in mepis :p
09:24 <spidey> i checked :/
09:26 <anjori> findutils
09:26 <anjori> in debian
09:26 <spidey> it's gentoo
09:27 <+Lucifer_arma> findutils-4.1.20-r2 ?
09:27 <+Lucifer_arma> oes that look about right?
09:27 <spidey> probably
09:27 <anjori> i have 4.2.27
09:27 <+Lucifer_arma> what?  gentoo has an older version than anjori ?!?
09:27 <+Lucifer_arma> anyway, emerging :)
09:27 <spidey> i have 4.2.27 as well
09:27 <anjori> than debian testing, apparently
09:27 <spidey> but mine's for ubuntu
09:28 <+Lucifer_arma> well, I'm running the stuff marked stable, because it's the server
09:28 <anjori> ah
09:28 <+Lucifer_arma> you know.  servers dont' run unstable software....
09:28 <+Lucifer_arma> haha
09:28 <+Lucifer_arma> slocate
09:28 <+Lucifer_arma>  * Please note that the locate and updatedb binaries
09:28 <+Lucifer_arma>  * are not longer provided by findutils.
09:28 <+Lucifer_arma>  * Please emerge slocate
09:29 <anjori> heh
09:29 <spidey> i'm guessing emerge is debians apt-get ?
09:29 <+Lucifer_arma> no, debian's apt-get is apt-get :)
09:29 <spidey> gentoos emerge is debians apt-get*
09:29 <+Lucifer_arma> your guess is right, though, except emerge gets the source and builds it.  It can use binary packages, but apparently nobody provides any
09:30 <spidey> heh
09:30 <spidey> apt-get install
09:30 <spidey> :p
09:30 <anjori> ah, slocate is in my repo, too, as "Secure replacement of findutil's locate". not installed, though
09:31 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, who says apt-get can't do the same??? apt-get build-dep
09:31 <anjori> i think the difference now is that it can index all files, but only displays those the invoking user has access too
09:31 <+Lucifer_arma> I didn't say it couldn't, or I didn't mean to.
09:31 <+Lucifer_arma> see, they all do the same stuff these days
09:32 <+Lucifer_arma> the difference is in their default usage, and emerge's is to build from source, where apt-get's is to get binary packages
09:32 <spidey> actually
09:32 <spidey> apt-get build-dep
09:32 <spidey> builds dependencies
09:32 <+Lucifer_arma> near as I can tell, that's the only thing left that differentiates build from source distributions and binary distributions
09:32 <spidey> apt-get source downloads and builds it
09:32 <anjori> does it actually do the building? i thought it only downloaded the deb source packages?
09:33 <+Lucifer_arma> well, emerge has a number of flags to change its behavior too.  :)  default is to download and build dependencies, then the package
09:33 <anjori> i've never bothered with it, so i dont know
09:33 <spidey> Usage: apt-get [options] command
09:33 <spidey>        apt-get [options] install|remove pkg1 [pkg2 ...]
09:33 <spidey>        apt-get [options] source pkg1 [pkg2 ...]
09:34 <spidey> i'm guessing you could do
09:34 <spidey> apt-get build-dep source packages1-2-soon
09:34 <spidey> so-on
09:34 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034190087.nb.aliant.net] has quit []
09:35 <anjori> ah, if you pass it the --compile flag, it'll build it. but it tracks source packages differently than binary
09:35 <spidey> --compile?
09:35 <spidey> where'd you get that?
09:35 <+Lucifer_arma> well, part of binary packages is discovering dependencies.  :)  rpm at least runs ldd on the binary to see what it's linked against and marks those as dependencies
09:35 <anjori> apt-get's man page
09:36 <spidey> er
09:36 <spidey> mine doesn't have that
09:36 <spidey> i must have the ubuntu apt-get
09:36 <spidey> :/
09:36 <+Lucifer_arma> that's something that annoyed the living piss out of me about kubuntu: no man pages!
09:36 <anjori> "build-dep     build-dep causes apt-get to install/remove packages  in  an  attempt to satisfy the build dependencies for a source package."
09:37 <anjori> no?!  surely they must provide a package that you can install them, at least?
09:37 <spidey> ?
09:38 <anjori> "them" being man pages.
09:38 <spidey> oh
09:38 <spidey> ubuntu had man pages for me
09:38 <spidey> maybe kubuntu is a bit different?
09:38 <spidey> unless you did apt-get install kubuntu
09:38 <anjori> it's the same base. probably just not as complete as they should be
09:38 <spidey> ya
09:39 <spidey> when i got ubuntu i put kde on it
09:39 <spidey> never downloaded the port with kde already installed
09:39 <spidey> i also used breezy
09:39 <spidey> not dapper
09:39 <spidey> "breezy-badger"
09:39 <anjori> well, that'll cause me to reexamine whether i want to use kubuntu now, then.
09:40 <spidey> anjori, just do apt-get install kubuntu  
09:40 <spidey> if you want kde
09:40 <anjori> i know.
09:40 <anjori> and actually, i belive it's kubuntu-desktop ;)
09:41 <spidey> been awhile since i used to,so probably
09:41 <spidey> apt-cache search kubuntu
09:41 <anjori> i already have kubuntu CDs i got in the mail, then
09:41 <anjori> *though
09:41 <spidey> mm
09:42 <spidey> there's updates ready O_o
09:42 <spidey> mepis beta 6 is useful like ubuntu
09:42 <spidey> it has a icon that tells you when upgrades are available
09:43 <spidey> hey anjori did you change the way your teminal looks
09:43 <anjori> yeah. you can install that on debian and earlier versions of mepis, too. just uses Adept
09:43 <spidey> like username@1[~0# ?
09:43 <spidey> like username@1[~]# ?
09:43 <anjori> nah, too lazy
09:43 <spidey> not hard
09:43 <spidey> know how to do it?
09:44 <anjori> yeah
09:44 <spidey> [ -n "$TTY" ] && PS1="\[\]\u@fbi.gov\][\]\W\]\]]\\$\[\] " || PS1="\[\][\W]\u\[\] "
09:44 <spidey> that's mine
09:44 <spidey> it looks cool ;x
09:45  * anjori owns the "Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Bible" and O'Reilly's "Learning the bash Shell". i've read all about it :) 
09:45 <spidey> yea
09:45 <spidey> but it also says you edit bashrc
09:45 <spidey> but if you do that it doesn't make the shell different
09:45 <spidey> you edit /etc/profile
09:46 <anjori> there's an order to them. some of the files are only read on a login shell
09:46 <anjori> i forget which file does which, but that's why you tell one to source the other
09:47 <spidey> they do source each other
09:47 <spidey> i checked most of them
09:47 <spidey> ~/bashrc
09:47 <spidey> /etc/bashrc
09:47 <+Lucifer_arma> if it's not a login shell, it's either vanilla bash or it inherits the shell above it, one of the two
09:48 <spidey> lets see
09:48 <spidey> ok
09:48 <+Lucifer_arma> wtf!  It's emerging apache 1.3!
09:48 <spidey> they're spread out 
09:48 <spidey> bashrc has the alias's
09:49 <spidey> bash.bashrc has the includes
09:49 <spidey> and profile has the shells look
09:50 <anjori> ah, there we go. .bash_profile is read by the login shell. if you start a subshell, it reads from .bashrc
09:51 <spidey> subshell?
09:51 <spidey> um
09:52 <spidey> all ~/.bash_profile is,is a include
09:52 <spidey> . ~/.bashrc 
09:52 <spidey> is what it includes
09:53 <spidey> and for me ~/.bashrc doesn't exsist xD
09:53 <+Lucifer_arma> what's the ssl port?
09:53 <+Lucifer_arma> 443?
09:53 <spidey> ya i think
09:53 <spidey> wait
09:53 <spidey> 6697 ?
09:53 <spidey> or no,that's the irc's ssl port
09:53 <spidey> erm
09:53 <anjori> yeah, if you run the same commands regardless and don't need anything special on startup, you can just source the other.
09:53 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf ssl
09:53 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: SSL: secure sockets layer
09:54 <anjori> 443
09:54 <anjori> says google
09:54 <spidey> apache right?
09:55 <spidey> ya 443
09:56 <+Lucifer_arma> hmmmm, connection refused
09:56 <+Lucifer_arma> I thought I just enabled ssl
09:56 <+Lucifer_arma> oh wait
09:56 <spidey> you trying from your domain?
09:58 <+Lucifer_arma> this sucks
09:58 <spidey> ?
09:58 <+Lucifer_arma> I did a pretend unemerge on apache to see what it would do, and it said it would only remove apache 1.3
09:58 <+Lucifer_arma> so I ran a for real unemerge, and it took out apache2
09:58 <+Lucifer_arma> spidey: yeah, I'm trying to setup a svn repo on my machine
09:58 <spidey> O_o
09:59 <+Lucifer_arma> I hate it when software lies to me
09:59 <+Lucifer_arma> only sci-fi authors think computers don't lie
09:59 <spidey> LOL
09:59 <anjori> shitty deal
09:59 <+Lucifer_arma> so now my webserver's probably broke until apache finished emerging
10:00 <+Lucifer_arma> *finishes
10:00 <anjori> i think i've had apt do the same to me before
10:01 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, here ya go  http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/apache/2002/12/19/svn2.html
10:01 <anjori> and then you actually make the changes, and BOOM!
10:01 <+Lucifer_arma> they should either drop apache 1.3 support, or call it apache-old or something
10:01 <spidey> that tells how to get apache to serv svn
10:01 <+Lucifer_arma> http://svnbook.red-bean.com/nightly/en/svn.serverconfig.httpd.html  <--- working from the subversion manual
10:05 <+Lucifer_arma> I'm more than a little irritated I'm having to rebuild apache
10:08 <spidey> heh
10:12 <anjori> eek. i upgraded openoffice, but not the kde integration package because it requires a bunch of new kde libs, and now it looks awful
10:12 <spidey> lol
10:13 <spidey> i don't really use synaptic
10:13 <spidey> to lazy to type the root password
10:14 <spidey> i always have a user terminal and a root terminal open
10:14 <spidey> so i use apt-get and apt-cache
10:14 <anjori> at least use aptitude, in that case. better dependancy tracking.
10:14 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-034-214.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #armagetron []
10:15 <Lizz> hiya aaaaaanj
10:17 <anjori> hi
10:17 <Lizz> :)
10:17 <Lizz> did u get the messages i left u?
10:19 <anjori> yes
10:19 <Lizz> k
10:20 <Lizz> how do i PM in here?
10:20  * anjori is watching someone trying to guide a newbie through setting up xorg in fedora. 
10:20 <anjori> how frustrated people must have been with me when i first started. and still from time to time :)
10:20 <anjori>  /msg nick message
10:22 <spidey> ??
10:22 <spidey> xorgconfig in terminal
10:22 <spidey> it's step by step from there
10:22 <anjori> nah, but they're having errors and missing things
10:22 <spidey> O_o
10:22 <spidey> that's why i like apt-get
10:22 <spidey> it installs dependencies
10:23 <anjori> yes. i loathe rpm-based distros
10:23 <spidey> heh
10:23 <anjori> i think the first one i ever tried way back when was red hat. and what a nightmare.
10:23 <spidey> i never tried it
10:23 <spidey> only rpm based one i tried was mandrivia
10:25 <anjori> ive played with a number of them, but always found myself coming back to the debian way. though i havent really touched anything on that side in awhile now.
10:25 <anjori> mandriva just annoyed the shit out of me
10:25 <anjori> though i didn't know shit myself back then, so maybe that was part of it
10:25 <spidey> haha
10:25 <spidey> tried slackware?
10:26 <anjori> i played around with the SLAMPP live cd one night. 
10:26 <anjori> so, no, not really :P
10:26 <spidey> heh
10:32 -!- spidey is now known as noob
10:33 <noob> * You are now known as noob
10:33 <noob> -NickServ- This nickname is owned by someone else
10:33 <noob> lol
10:35 -!- noob is now known as spidey
10:35 <guru3> i think my server needs another gb of ram
10:35 <spidey> O_o
10:36 <Lizz> grrrrrrrrrrr why dont my PM work
10:36 <spidey> it does
10:36  * spidey slaps Lizz 
10:36 <Lizz> but i cant start one
10:36 <spidey> <spidey> noooooooooob
10:36 <spidey> <Lizz> it worked?
10:36 <spidey> <spidey> no
10:36 <spidey> <spidey> you're seeing things
10:36 <spidey> <Lizz> fkn think
10:36 <spidey> <spidey> lol
10:36 <guru3> freenode doesn't allow unauthed pms
10:36 <spidey> i'm authed
10:36 <spidey> she's authed
10:36 <Lizz> but im registered
10:37 <spidey> i told you
10:37 <spidey> you have to wait for them to respond
10:37 <Lizz> ok
10:37 <+Lucifer_arma> you're probably typing /msg spider
10:37 <spidey> it doesn't show another window untill then
10:37 <spidey> she's not trying to pm me :p
10:37 <spidey> the person she's pming just hasn't responded yet
10:37 <Lizz> meh
10:37 <Lizz> <~~~~~ dork 
10:38 <spidey> um
10:38 <spidey> try this
10:38 <spidey>   /q person
10:38 <Lizz> is ok.. it works now
10:38 <spidey> it should open it in a new window
10:39 <+Lucifer_arma> can't be me
10:39 <Lizz> ya ya that works too thx arac
10:39 <Lizz> u wouldnt accept my PMs anyway looceee
10:39 <Lizz> :P
10:40 <+Lucifer_arma> sure the person you're pming is authed?
10:40 <+Lucifer_arma> I do have a tendency to direct such traffic to the channel
10:40 <Lizz> is ok works now ty gentlemen :)
10:40 <spidey> LOL
10:40  * Lucifer_arma doesn't think she's talking to him.  She said "gentlemen".
10:40 <spidey> >Lucifer_arma< i wub joo!
10:40 <spidey> xD
10:40 <Lizz> ur all very sweet in here tho :)
10:40 <+Lucifer_arma> >animation of lucifer closing the tab without reading it<
10:41 <spidey> lmao
10:41 <+Lucifer_arma> I give up on svn server tonight
10:41 <+Lucifer_arma> guru3: hey, can you do the dns deed with the wiki?
10:42 <+Lucifer_arma> the message on the wiki says we're waiting on me, and that's not entirely accurate anymore...
10:42 <guru3> ah where does it need to go?
10:42 <+Lucifer_arma> wiki.davefancella.com
10:42 <guru3> yeah sorry i was probably a little mean with that message
10:42 <+Lucifer_arma> heh, not terribly :)
10:43 <guru3> dns updating
10:43 <+Lucifer_arma> ok, thanks.  :)
10:43 <guru3> np
10:43 <Lizz> heh i should send dirty Pms to ev1 now that i kno how lmao
10:43 <spidey> O_o
10:43 <+Lucifer_arma>  /ignore Lizz
10:43 <spidey> lol
10:44  * Lizz slaps looceeee
10:44  * Lucifer_arma whistles
10:44 <+Lucifer_arma> this svn server thing is going to bother me
10:44  * Lizz pokes looocee in the ribs
10:45 <+Lucifer_arma> yay, wiki move complete
10:45 <anjori> it's not complete until the dns points me there :)
10:46 <+Lucifer_arma> ahh, well, it's pointing me there
10:46 <+Lucifer_arma> hold shift when you press refresh
10:46 <anjori> ah, didnt realize it was cached. i have the cache size set really low
10:47 <spidey> works for me
10:47 <+Lucifer_arma> so your lady doesn't find your porno browsing?
10:47 <anjori> is it just forwarding? there's no way in hell dns would propogate that quickly
10:47 <spidey> sure there is
10:47 <spidey> no-ip.org does it
10:47 <Lizz> lolol
10:47 <anjori> no-ip is just forwarding
10:47 <spidey> not when i use the dns ribon
10:47 <spidey> :)
10:48 <spidey> an no
10:48 <spidey> it's not
10:48 <+Lucifer_arma> well, ummm
10:48 <Lizz> brb gotta check me roast pork
10:48 <+Lucifer_arma> I don't think dns propogation works quite that way
10:48 <+Lucifer_arma> see, you give nameservers that server your domain, it's the domain that has to propogate
10:48 <+Lucifer_arma> armagetronad.net propogated a long time ago
10:49 <+Lucifer_arma> wiki is just a host in that domain, and no-ip's nameservers serve it, so you just had to wait for their servers to update
10:49 <+Lucifer_arma> quick line for monologue
10:50 <anjori> i see.
10:50 <anjori> oh, and if i had a lady, what would i need porno browsing for? :P
10:50 <Lizz> foreplay :P
10:50 <Lizz> brb
10:51 <spidey> maybe she was sleeping
10:51 <anjori> there's just not much of a point to caching things when i'm on broadband. i prefer to see the newest content, anyway
10:51 <spidey> or at work
10:51  * Lucifer_arma recalls what he said earlier about the best hand jobs
10:52 <anjori> i must have missed that
10:52 <+Lucifer_arma> yeah, well, play more arma and you won't miss such important things
10:52 <spidey> #last --from Lucifer_arma --with give myself best hand jobs
10:52 <armabot> spidey: (last [--{from,in,on,with,without,regexp} <value>] [--nolimit]) -- Returns the last message matching the given criteria. --from requires a nick from whom the message came; --in requires a channel the message was sent to; --on requires a network the message was sent on; --with requires some string that had to be in the message; --regexp requires a regular expression the message must match; (1 more message)
10:52 <spidey> ???
10:52 <+Lucifer_arma> said it ingame, spidey
10:52 <spidey> oh
10:53 <anjori> oh, jesus. like i really need to play even more than i already do
10:53 <+Lucifer_arma> I won't play for any team that uses annoying animated gifs for banners
10:53 <spidey> hahahaha
10:54  * Lucifer_arma notices no Republic of Texas for the international tron competition
10:54 <anjori> hah
10:54  * anjori sees another civil war brewing
10:55 <spidey> btw
10:55 <spidey> when is the next spoon matches?
10:55 <anjori> the spoon's over, dude
10:55 <anjori> long ago
10:55 <+Lucifer_arma> can I invoke italian ancestry and play for Italy?
10:56 <spidey> 2 matches played over five weeks with most rounds being won by default. The prestigious Tronic Spoon trophy is still to be decided... between MBC, AW and ??.
10:56 <anjori> oh, i see. well, that was a huge flop, then.
10:57 <spidey> hey lucifer
10:57 <+Lucifer_arma> what spidey 
10:57 <spidey> will you play for teams using annoying .jpg's ?
10:57 <+Lucifer_arma> ok, the real reason I don't want to sign up as an american is because the US team is full of annoying people
10:58 <spidey> that's why i asked van if i could play for canada :p
10:58 <+Lucifer_arma> There's Manta, but that's just gold plating on what's otherwise turd
10:58 <spidey> LOL
10:59 <+Lucifer_arma> let's start a "States in Rebellion" team
10:59 <+Lucifer_arma> better yet, Confederate States of America :)
10:59 <spidey> surte
10:59 <spidey> sure
10:59 <spidey> :D
10:59 <spidey> i'd be for it, haha
11:00 <+Lucifer_arma> we could join Australia's team so they'll have some low pingers, heh
11:00 <spidey> um
11:00 <+Lucifer_arma> ack, I'm wasting my time.  Chances are I won't show up to the match anyway
11:00 <spidey> australia isn't in there
11:00 <spidey> it's austria :p
11:01 <+Lucifer_arma> Luna Free State
11:01 <spidey> ?
11:01  * Lucifer_arma wonders if there are any crackpots that have declared themselves the government-in-exile for the moon
11:02 <anjori> form a rebel team and ill join ya
11:02 <+Lucifer_arma> confederate?
11:02 <+Lucifer_arma> or just rebel in general?
11:02 <spidey> Rebellious States Of The World
11:02 <spidey> mwhahahah
11:02 <+Lucifer_arma> we'll probably get kicked out, you know.  ;)
11:03 <spidey> we could claim a portion of antartica as it 
11:03 <spidey> setup a base manned by 3 people xD
11:04 <+Lucifer_arma> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/International_Tron_World_Cup#Rebellious_States_of_the_World
11:04 <spidey> haha
11:04  * spidey puts his name down
11:04 <anjori> oh dear
11:04 <spidey> i have to login :/
11:04 <+Lucifer_arma> try it, it let me login
11:05 <spidey> i aint signed up :p
11:05 <+Lucifer_arma> ahhhh
11:05 <spidey> sec.i will
11:05 <+Lucifer_arma> I'll dd you
11:05 <anjori> tell me when youre done. i dont want to erase your edit
11:05 <+Lucifer_arma> you want to be added as BlAzE?
11:05 <spidey> ya
11:05 <anjori> blaze?
11:05 <spidey> ;)
11:05 <+Lucifer_arma> ok, done
11:06 <+Lucifer_arma> spidey changed his name and told everyone he quit playing
11:06 <anjori> i see
11:06 <anjori> wow, i'm out of the loop
11:06 <spidey> Login successful
11:06 <spidey> From Armagetron Advanced Wiki
11:06 <spidey> Welcome, BlAzE! 
11:06 <spidey> the most convincing part is
11:06 <spidey> when i had sky come in as spidey |mbc| while i was in there as BlAzE
11:07 <spidey> :>
11:07 <+Lucifer_arma> oh yeah, you leaked it when you called your server ~Spidey~ and radmined it as BlAzE
11:07 <spidey> ya,i noticed
11:07 <spidey> that's why i said i fucked up and needed a tag for them
11:07 <spidey> lol
11:07 <+Lucifer_arma> well, in a little while I"m going to be completely anonymous
11:08 <spidey> O_o
11:08 <+Lucifer_arma> after I get enough names added to my name picker file, that is
11:08 <spidey> mmm
11:08 <+Lucifer_arma> you'll probably recognize some of them.  It is kinda neat not knowing before I join a server what my name or color are
11:08 <spidey> heh
11:08 <spidey> btw
11:09 <spidey> i can't use that script in any form
11:09 <spidey> because of this
11:09 <spidey> well WTF
11:09 <spidey> it works from terminal now
11:09  * spidey continues with the script
11:09 <+Lucifer_arma> heh
11:10  * Lucifer_arma is going to bed, 'night
11:10 <spidey> cya
11:10 <anjori> g'night
11:11 <anjori> so are we the R.S. of W now? :P
11:11 <spidey> haha
11:11 <spidey> ya xD
11:11 <spidey> (R.S.F)
11:11 <spidey> O_o
11:11 <spidey> no
11:11 <spidey> (R.S.W)
11:11 <anjori> F?
11:11 <anjori> heh
11:14 <spidey>  Through the interoperability Microsoft and Yahoo! have increased their market share in instant messaging to an estimated (combined) 350 million users.
11:14 <spidey> great msn just gained a group of retards
11:14 <anjori> have they finally combined them?
11:14 <spidey> Having seen a live demo for the interoperability on Tuesday I can assure you that the support is nearly flawless. Extras such as emoticons, and even Personal Messages are supported by both clients and there is no noticeable delay when sending messages between Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger users. The only thing that does not seem to work perfectly yet are Sharing Folders.
11:14 <spidey> i guess so
11:15 <anjori> i wonder when aol and google will do the same
11:15 <spidey> i hope they don't
11:15 <anjori> they are
11:15  * spidey will switch to ask.com
11:15 <anjori> for instant messaging
11:15 <spidey> oh
11:15 <spidey> i don't use it
11:15 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@bl4-197-213.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #armagetron
11:15 <spidey> so i dun care
11:15 <spidey> hi
11:15 <anjori> aim and google talk
11:15 <spidey> ya
11:15 <spidey> i don't use either
11:16 <madmax|pt> hello
11:16 <anjori> and if done right, that would also open aim up to any other jabber server
11:16 <anjori> hey mad
11:18 <spidey> lucifer?
11:18 <+Lucifer_arma> arg
11:18 <+Lucifer_arma> what?
11:18 <spidey> lol
11:18 <spidey> we should combine words lists
11:18 <spidey> :D
11:18 <+Lucifer_arma> quick, I just came in for a sec, going to bed...
11:18  * spidey is making a big one
11:18 <+Lucifer_arma> actually, I was just thinking about that :)
11:19 <+Lucifer_arma> the only way it can be truly anonymous is if several people use the same lists
11:19 <spidey> ys
11:19 <spidey> ya'
11:19 <+Lucifer_arma> need some instant chats, too, so people can pick us out on INCOMING and crap like that
11:19 <spidey> mmm
11:20 <+Lucifer_arma> *can't
11:20 <+Lucifer_arma> heh
11:20 <+Lucifer_arma> it's amazing how two missed characters change the meaning of the whole sentence
11:20 <spidey> haha
11:21 <anjori> when one of you has a chance, show me what the hell youre doing. maybe i'll jump on board
11:21 <+Lucifer_arma> we'll deal with it tomorrow.  :)  'night
11:21 <spidey> cya
11:23 <spidey> hehe
11:23 <spidey> nemo made a script awhile back that picks a random name out of a list of words
11:24 <spidey> and inserts it in tron
11:24 <madmax|pt> advanced smurfing techniques?
11:25 <spidey> ???
11:25 <madmax|pt> lol
11:25 <madmax|pt> dont you people call "smurfs"?
11:26 <madmax|pt> to people playing with diff nicks?
11:26 <spidey> there's 2 kinds of smurfs
11:26 <spidey> those little blue and white guys
11:26 <spidey> and DDoS via icmp attacks
11:26 <spidey> only two smurfs i know of
11:26  * Lizz thinks shes in the wrong room
11:26 <madmax|pt> o_O
11:27 <Lizz> we need a play room
11:27 <Lizz> lol
11:28 <spidey>  /included/Lucifer/Playroom
11:28 <Lizz> lmao
11:28 <Lizz> no one would goto the playroom anyway.. ur all techies :P
11:30 <madmax|pt> playroom?
11:30 <madmax|pt> what? when?
11:31 <Lizz> where?
11:31 <madmax|pt> there is no room, so no point on asking where :P
11:31 <Lizz> heh.. made u type a response tho :P
11:31 <madmax|pt> lol
11:32  * Lizz plays
11:32 <madmax|pt> what? where?
11:32  * Lizz throws rat poison at spider
11:32 <Lizz> her .. now :p
11:32 <Lizz> here*
11:33 <madmax|pt> i think the spider died
11:33 <Lizz> was the poison :D
11:34 <Lizz> nvm he has hairy legs anyway lol
11:34  * Lizz cleans the cobwebs away
11:35  * Lizz runs off to tron to annoy ppl with private messages
11:36 <madmax|pt> You don't usually play fortress right Lizz ?
11:41 -!- Wolv [i=Lizz@DC-201-61.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #armagetron
11:41 <spidey> ?
11:41 <Wolv> umm not always max.. but i do yes
11:41 <Wolv> oh
11:41 <Wolv> weird
11:41 <Wolv> :/
11:42 -!- Wolv [i=Lizz@DC-201-61.bpb.bigpond.com] has left #armagetron []
11:42 -!- Wolv [i=Lizz@DC-201-61.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #armagetron
11:42 <Wolv> erm
11:43 <Wolv> ummm
11:43 <Wolv> spider?
11:43 <spidey> ?
11:43 <Wolv> how do i get rid of both of me? O.O
11:44 <spidey> lizz = timed out
11:44 <spidey> actually
11:44 <Wolv> i kno my net dropped ot
11:44 <spidey> type /msg nickserv ghost lizz password
11:45 <spidey> password = whatever your pass is
11:45 -!- Lizz [i=Lizz@DC-201-28.bpb.bigpond.com] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
11:45 <Wolv> :)
11:45 -!- Wolv [i=Lizz@DC-201-61.bpb.bigpond.com] has left #armagetron []
11:45 <spidey> now /nick lizz
11:45 <spidey> :/
11:45 <madmax|pt> thats the easy part
11:45 -!- Lizz [i=Lizz@DC-201-61.bpb.bigpond.com] has joined #armagetron
11:45 <spidey> lol...
11:45 <Lizz> much better
11:45 <spidey> all you gotta do is /nick Lizz
11:45 <spidey> :p
11:45 -!- spidey is now known as noob
11:45 <noob> ;D
11:46 <Lizz> then there wold be 2 of me... u think ud handle that?? lol
11:46 <noob> no
11:46 <noob>  /nick changes your name
11:46  * Lizz slaps noob around a bit with a large trout
11:46 <Lizz> ok .. back to annoying ppl :D
11:46  * noob slaps Lizz around a bit with a large cow
11:46 <Lizz> mooooooooooos
11:52 <noob> #last --from Lucifer_arma --with pastebin-
11:52 <armabot> noob: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 4226 messages.
11:52 <noob> #last --from Lucifer_arma --with http://paste
11:52 <armabot> noob: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 4228 messages.
11:52 <noob> !?!?!?!
11:52 <noob> wrtlprnft, you there?
11:52 <noob> #last --from Lucifer_arma --with http://paste*
11:52 <armabot> noob: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 4234 messages.
11:52 <noob> #last --from Lucifer_arma --with http://p
11:52 <armabot> noob: [22:01:06] <Lucifer_arma> http://pastie.caboo.se/4409  <--- use this for the python program, it doesn't require editing
11:53 <noob> thanks!
11:53 <Lizz> ?
11:53 <Lizz> spider
11:54 <noob> #last --from Lucifer_arma --with http://pastie.caboo.se/4407
11:54 <armabot> noob: [21:55:14] <Lucifer_arma> http://pastie.caboo.se/4407 <--- here's with my change
11:54 <noob> ya?
11:54 <Lizz> come play ur server wit me
11:54 <madmax|pt> lol, it randomizes the color too?
11:54 <noob> ya
11:54 <noob> i will in a sec
11:55 <Lizz> mite goto fort and pretend to be a new chick lol
11:56 <Lizz> ill be in fort arac :) come get me when ya done
11:56 <noob> heh
12:04 <+wrtlprnft> noob: now i am
12:04 <noob> nvm
12:04 <noob> i got it
12:04 <noob> couldn't get armabot to show the logs i wanted
12:09 <noob> spidey@fbi.gov[~]$ sh tron.py
12:09 <noob> /usr/bin/tron.py: line 3: /usr/bin/namepicker.py: Permission denied
12:09 <noob> O_o
12:09 <noob> wtf that mean
12:16 <noob> weird
12:16 <noob> i got it all to work without erroring in terminal
12:16 <noob> but it still doesn't work
12:16 <noob> O_o
12:17 <guru3> ahh
12:17 <guru3> ssh is a blessing
12:18 <noob> ya
12:18 <noob> i love it
12:18 <guru3> but to be able to ssh to something that only has a touch screen
12:18 <guru3> omg it's the best
12:18 <noob> haha
12:20 <guru3> playing with my 770 x)
12:24 <noob> YES
12:24 <noob> i got it to work!!!
12:24 <noob> i had to change a few things
12:25 <noob> word="`python /usr/bin/namepicker.py`"  for one cause word="`namepicker.py`"  gave me permission denied
12:26 -!- anjori is now known as anjori|tron
12:26 <madmax|pt> btw Lizz, it's me
12:27 <Lizz> :O
12:27 <Lizz> ur m n m?
12:27 <madmax|pt> yes...
12:27 <Lizz> lmfao
12:27 <madmax|pt> lol
12:27 <madmax|pt> but shhh
12:27 <Lizz> ok nps will keep it zipped lolol
12:28  * Lizz slaps max for killing her
12:28 <noob> this rocks :D
12:28 <madmax|pt> its funny all those names they tried
12:28 <Lizz> thought u were zop lol
12:28 <noob> #last --from nemo* --with http://p
12:28 <armabot> noob: [22:27:03] <nemostultae> Random name update. this one resets to your normal name, so next time you start up arma normally you have your regular name: http://pastie.caboo.se/4412
12:28 <madmax|pt> please, nooooo
12:29 <Lizz> brb need a smoke
12:29 <madmax|pt> zop quad binds
12:29 <madmax|pt> lol
12:30 <noob> huh?
12:30 <noob> how the hell you quadbind on 5 rubber
12:30 <noob> i can barely triple
12:30 <noob> actually
12:30 <noob> i don't triple
12:30 <noob> i just press the keys fast enough to look like a triple
12:32 <Lizz> i cant dbl bind in there anyway lol
12:32 <Lizz> bloody ping
12:32 <Lizz> need an aussie fort
12:32 <Lizz> as if *rolls her eyes*
12:33 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@dsl-hkigw6-fe52de00-104.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #armagetron
12:33 <Lizz> hiya mazzzzzzzzzzzzz
12:34 <anjori|tron> wild fortress > bigfarm
12:34 <Lizz> ?
12:34 <anjori|tron> *bugfarm
12:35 <Lizz> k
12:36 <madmax|pt> nooo
12:37 <+wrtlprnft> Lizz: there's someone who has a server in japan...
12:37 <+wrtlprnft> that should be bearable, i hope
12:39 <madmax|pt> aussie = ?
12:39 <noob> australia
12:39 <+wrtlprnft> that upside down continent with kangaroos jk
12:39 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@dsl-hkigw6-fe52de00-104.dhcp.inet.fi] has quit ["Leaving"]
12:41 <madmax|pt> lol
12:50 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-029-214.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
13:01 <Lizz> omg so many wr's in fort servers now >.<
13:01 <Lizz> japan still hold a 300 ping for me
13:01 <Lizz> holds*
13:02 <Lizz> need something more sth of the equator :P
13:04 <noob> mm
13:04  * noob looks for australia shells
13:05 <Lizz> :)
13:05 <Lizz> but no americans would play.. they couldnt handle a 300 ping lmao.. not good enuff :P
13:06 <Lizz> they just piss and moan about lag and ping all the time heh
13:06 <noob> um
13:06 <noob> we're on cable
13:06 <noob> you're on adsl
13:06 <noob> or w/e
13:06 <noob> isdn
13:06 <Lizz> still
13:06 <noob> so
13:06 <noob> our pings would be better than 300
13:06 <noob> :p
13:07 <Lizz> i played a AU server.. u shoulda seen the whining lol was pathetic
13:07 <noob> it'd be about the same as the bugfarm server
13:07 <noob> but was the AU server hosted on highspeed (over 10mbit) or on a residental conenction? :)
13:07 <Lizz> dont worry bout it.. they wouldnt play it anyway.. no balls ;-)
13:07 <noob> there's a difference
13:08 <Lizz> brb caaaaaaaaake
13:09 <anjori|tron> la la la la la
13:10  * Lizz throws devils food cake at aaaaaaaaaaaanj
13:10 <anjori|tron> where's my icing, bitch?!
13:10 <Lizz> on the cake ass
13:10 <anjori|tron> heh. every single time, fonkay gets killed a few times, gets annoyed, and leaves.
13:11 <Lizz> of course
13:11  * Lizz bites her tongue
13:11 <anjori|tron> indeed
13:11 -!- anjori|tron is now known as anjori
13:12 <Lizz> maaaaan i shoulda just tked those idiots :D
13:12 <anjori> though you do the same!
13:13 <noob> how much is 1.50 euros ?
13:13 <anjori> and then i play all by my lonesome.
13:13 <noob> \in USD
13:13 <anjori> go look it up, you lazy ass
13:13 <Lizz> sorry anj.. they were annoying me.. >.<
13:13 <noob> one to talk beotch
13:13 <anjori> finance.yahoo.com
13:14  * anjori is always looking shit up
13:14 <anjori> i was going to go look for you, but i realized you could do it just as easily
13:14  * Lizz knows that anj needs a life
13:14 <anjori> and a lay
13:14  * Lizz nods
13:14 <anjori> s potato chip
13:14 <Lizz> uve needed that since the day i first met u :P
13:15 <anjori> shush
13:15 <Lizz> heh
13:15 <Lizz> what u buying spider?
13:15 <anjori> a Real Doll
13:16 <Lizz> as opposed to blowup?
13:16 <anjori> http://realdoll.com/
13:17 <Lizz> i wonder where they got my pic? meh
13:18 <anjori> you're The World's Finest Love Doll(tm)?
13:19 <anjori> i'm going to finish my smoke, then you should come back to tron with me
13:19 <Lizz> maybe.... what u gonna give me if i do?
13:22  * Lizz has a headache
13:22 <Lizz> :(
13:23  * noob owns Lizz 
13:24  * Lizz dosent care
13:24  * [Xpert]DarkStar ownz u all
13:25 <Lizz> how much u pay for us?
13:26 <[Xpert]DarkStar> too much
13:26 <[Xpert]DarkStar> should probably sell some
13:26  * noob owns [Xpert]DarkStar 
13:26 <[Xpert]DarkStar> wrong noob I pwn U
13:26 <Lizz> meh.. more fool u for paying so much :P
13:26 <madmax|pt> M&Ms pwns
13:26 <noob> you wish sucker
13:26 <Lizz> lol max
13:26  * noob owns all xD
13:26 <noob> including m&ms
13:27 <madmax|pt> crap Lizz you should have guessed
13:27 <Lizz> melts in ya mouth
13:27 <Lizz> i shoulda known
13:27 <madmax|pt> so you would get the prize eheh
13:27 <Lizz> heh .. i think u want it more than i do :P
13:27 <madmax|pt> lol
13:27 <Lizz> too funny lol
13:28 <madmax|pt> people almost never guess my name, and they say stupid ones too
13:29 <Lizz> ppl dont kno me so thats even better :D
13:29  * anjori goes back to tronning
13:29 <Lizz> anj
13:30 <anjori> yes ma'am?
13:30 <Lizz> u back in wild?
13:30 <noob> as the great and allmighty spidey once did
13:30  * noob owns you all
13:30 <anjori> yes
13:30 <anjori> well, will be in a second
13:30 <Lizz> lmao stfu son :P
13:30 <Lizz> ugh ok anj
13:31 <Lizz> dunno if i wanna go there :(
13:32 <anjori> well, that's where you can find me, if you do
13:32 <noob> Lizz, wanna come to my server with me and fire?
13:32 <anjori> you get frustrated too easily. i just say fuck 'em.
13:32 <Lizz> i will spider.. i wanna try ur server with players
13:33 <noob> :D
13:33 <noob> k
13:33 <Lizz> yes i do anj.. i get tired of being surrounded by idiots
13:33 <Lizz> esp ones that wanna kick me ..<
13:33 <Lizz> >
13:34 <anjori> you let one single idiot influence you that easily? the assclown was there just to start trouble.
13:34 <anjori> out of the blue and for no reason, he tried to kick another player after you left
13:34 <Lizz> i kno anj.. just.. its getting old ;-)
13:35 <noob> you coming slow poke? :o
13:35 <Lizz> i cant be bothered with little children..lol
13:35 <anjori> i just kick their asses in game and show them that way
13:35 <Lizz> ok ok one sec noober
13:35 <noob> anjori, you come to
13:35 <noob> custom connect to fallin-angels.com
13:35 <Lizz> agrees with noobers
13:35 <anjori> i had 100% Whole Grain trying to tell me how good he was and talking shit the other night
13:35 <Lizz> LOL anj
13:36 <anjori> so i beat him badly, and he ended up leaving in shame
13:36 <Lizz> meh
13:36 <madmax|pt> thats always nice
13:36 <anjori> anyway, i'm going back to the grid for a bit. you kids have fun.
13:36 <noob> anjori, 
13:36 <noob> scome to my server :)
13:54 -!- nemostultae [n=nemostul@] has joined #armagetron
13:59 <noob> nemostultae, got that thing working :D
13:59 <nemostultae> what would that thing be?
13:59 <noob> name thingy
13:59 <nemostultae> oh, :)
14:00 <noob> i had to edit some of Lucifer_arma's 2 python scripts
14:00 <Lizz> bbl guys... nite tc :)
14:00 <noob> but got it, you know any good word lists? :)
14:00 -!- Lizz [i=Lizz@DC-201-61.bpb.bigpond.com] has left #armagetron []
14:01 <nemostultae> Any BSD system comes with websters. You could try making a word list out of a book from project gutenberg. Or just google for a wordlist.
14:04 <noob> mmm
14:04 <noob> now to remember where i put the actual word list
14:04 <noob> i made links to everything on my desktop
14:04 <nemostultae> check /usr/share/dict, if you have not already
14:04 <noob> but i forgot to link my wordlist
14:04 <noob> ya,but i used a different list
14:05 <noob> spidey@fbi.gov[dict]$ cat words
14:05 <noob> cat: words: No such file or directory
14:05 <noob> spidey@fbi.gov[dict]$ ls
14:05 <noob> words
14:05  * noob = confused
14:05 <nemostultae> noob is spidey?
14:05 <nemostultae> ><
14:05 <noob> ya
14:06 <noob> errrr
14:06 <noob> /usr/share/dict/words is only a link
14:06 <noob> it links to
14:07 <noob> /etc/dictionaries-common/words
14:07 <noob> which isn't there
14:07 <nemostultae> wierd, maybe you need to install it?
14:07 <noob> mmm
14:07 <noob> its should be already installed
14:08 <nemostultae> A dictionary is installed with ispell, maybe that is it
14:09 <noob> ispell is installed
14:09 <noob> sec
14:09 <noob> installing 7 dict packages
14:09 <noob> lol
14:11 <madmax|pt> nemostultae is it possible to build arma from source into a .app file using the xcode project files in there?
14:11 <nemostultae> yes it is, I think there is a problem compiling trunk right now.
14:11 <nemostultae> See READEM-Subversion
14:11 <nemostultae> README*
14:11 <madmax|pt> ok thanks
14:12 <madmax|pt> will do
14:12 <nemostultae> noob: http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi/root/src/src/share/dict/
14:12 -!- joda_bo1 [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-029-214.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #armagetron []
14:12 <nemostultae> You need to checkout from subversion to read that file, I think.
14:14 <madmax|pt> there's one in the sources
14:14 <nemostultae> Oh, ok
14:15 <madmax|pt> what about getting AA libraries? 404 on this one -> http://generalconsumption.org/armagetron/MacOSX_AALibraries.zip
14:15 <noob> thanks nemo :D
14:15 <nemostultae> http://generalconsumption.org/armagetron/libs
14:16 <madmax|pt> thanks :)
14:16 <nemostultae> the instructions in that folder only apply to trunk, 0.2.8 is a little different
14:16 <nemostultae> in that file**
14:16 <nemostultae> so, try 0.3.0
14:16 <madmax|pt> k
14:16 <nemostultae> but, hmmm...
14:17 <nemostultae> I used a different project file than the one included with the 0.3.0 sources
14:17 <nemostultae> and trunk is broken right now. I'll try to fix it right now
14:18 <nemostultae> it is some cryptic error, too.
14:18 <madmax|pt> i gotta learn how to checkout from svn ><
14:19 <noob> 76,200 words O_o
14:19 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@c-71-199-204-144.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #armagetron
14:19 <+wrtlprnft> #svn
14:19 <armabot> svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/armagetronad/armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad <dirname> (more information: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/Working_with_SVN)
14:19 <madmax|pt> thanks wrtlprnft 
14:19 <nemostultae> You need svn installed, though.
14:19 <madmax|pt> yea
14:20 <nemostultae> sudo port install subversion :)
14:20 <madmax|pt> yeap
14:20 <madmax|pt> was about to do that
14:20 <madmax|pt> btw, the wiki has no info on svn
14:20 <madmax|pt> a "to do" huh? :D
14:20 <nemostultae> [[Working_with_Subversion]], I think
14:21 <+wrtlprnft> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/Working_with_SVN
14:21 <+wrtlprnft> as armabot said
14:21 <nemostultae> (or see that)
14:21 <madmax|pt> wait, x-chat glued that last ')' to my link 
14:21 <madmax|pt> nvm
14:22 <madmax|pt> like this -> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/Working_with_SVN)
14:22 <+wrtlprnft> #alias add svn "echo svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/armagetronad/armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad <dirname> (more information:"
14:22 <+wrtlprnft>                 http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/Working_with_SVN)
14:22 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
14:22 <+wrtlprnft> gah
14:22 <+wrtlprnft> #alias add svn "echo svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/armagetronad/armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad <dirname> (more information: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/Working_with_SVN )"
14:22 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
14:22 <+wrtlprnft> #svn
14:22 <armabot> svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/armagetronad/armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad <dirname> (more information: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/Working_with_SVN )
14:22 <+wrtlprnft> better?
14:23 <madmax|pt> well, it is
14:23 <madmax|pt> remember, x-chat's fault
14:24 <+wrtlprnft> it's noones fault, not seperating ) is a good idea
14:24 <+wrtlprnft> lots of wiki(pedia) pages have () in their names
14:25 <noob> madmax|pt, your x-chat sucks :p
14:25 <noob> mine doesn't do that
14:25 <anjori> holy fucking shit, i am done.
14:25 <noob> done with???
14:25 <madmax|pt> erm
14:25 <anjori> tron
14:25 <noob> for good?
14:25 <anjori> yeah. i'm uninstalling it.
14:25 <noob> heh
14:26 <anjori> maybe ill come back when theres an 18+ server
14:26 <noob> haha
14:26 <anjori> i have never been surrounded by so many fucking idiots in my life. i can't deal with it anymore.
14:26 <+wrtlprnft> kill the |mbc|!
14:26 <madmax|pt> crap on wild fortress?
14:26 <anjori> oh yeah. big tim.
14:26 <anjori> *time
14:26 <noob> wild fortress don't count as a legit server
14:26 <+wrtlprnft> uh, and i don't say adults are much better
14:26 <noob> so many morons there it's not even funny
14:26 <+wrtlprnft> *wouldn't
14:27 <noob> anjori , they fuck with you,tk them xD
14:27 <anjori> no, they're not. but if you had to endure what i just did, you would see how much worse kids are
14:27 <noob> they'll leave or stfu
14:27 <noob> or sometimes kick-vote haha
14:27 <+wrtlprnft> the problem gets solved that way, anyways
14:28 <anjori> TKing people. starting bullshit polls. throwing out childish insults like "i bet you get it up the but from ur boyfriend"
14:28 <noob> and btw
14:28 <anjori> holy christ. i feel dumber just having been there to witness it.
14:28 <noob> saying a 18+ server isn't a valid concept
14:28 <noob> i know many more adults that are worse than the "kids" i've seen on tron
14:29 <anjori> currently, no. there would have to be some type of verification system
14:29 <noob> no....
14:29 <noob> fuck that
14:29 <+wrtlprnft> would there be pr0n on the walls?
14:29 <noob> 70% of the adults in tron are worse than the kids....
14:29 <noob> so 18+ isn't a valid concept
14:29  * madmax|pt is away: Lunch
14:29 <anjori> problem is, a kick vote wouldnt even have worked. they would have all voted it down.
14:30 <anjori> i was almost kicked because of these morons. probably one more yes vote and i would have been
14:30 <+wrtlprnft> how many are we here, active?
14:30 <noob> ?
14:30 <+wrtlprnft> let's just all join the server and kick the morons out!
14:30 <noob> hahaha
14:30 <noob> ok
14:30 <noob> deal
14:31 <anjori> enh, i'm done with it all. a game i use to kill relax and kill stress should never cause more than i went in with.
14:32 <noob> um
14:32 <noob> if that's the case
14:32 <nemostultae> madmax|pt: I think I got a fix for trunk. Just waiting for it to finish compiling.
14:32 <noob> don't bother installing ANY other game
14:32 <noob> or ANYTHING that has multiple people
14:32 <noob> infact
14:32 <noob> don't go in public
14:32 <anjori> well, it was about the only game i really play. i've never been that big into gaming as it is
14:32 <noob> that'd be perfect eh?
14:33 <anjori> when i go into public i dont have a 10 kids yelling stupid shit at me and trying to punch me in the face :P
14:33 <anjori> and if i did, they would quickly be aborted, post-term.
14:34 <noob> point is you can't go anywhere and have it like you want
14:34 <noob> there's always gonna be morons
14:34 <noob> either kids or adults
14:34 <[Xpert]DarkStar> or noobs
14:34 <anjori> no, of course not. but not to that large of a scale, either.
14:34 <noob> you can't classify them in one age group
14:35 <anjori> adults are assholes too. but teenagers are definitely worse.
14:35 <anjori> whether in tron, or sitting on the bus, i see it constantly.
14:35 <noob> i disagree
14:35 <[Xpert]DarkStar> thanks...
14:35 <noob> maybe in canada
14:35 <noob> but
14:35 <noob> i disagree
14:35 <[Xpert]DarkStar> anjori: would you say i'm worse than an asshole?
14:35 <noob> yes
14:35 <anjori> who wouldn't? :P
14:36 <[Xpert]DarkStar> guru3 wouldn't, or would he?
14:36 <+wrtlprnft> anjori: btw, if you can't stand it, just type SILENCE_ALL 1 on the console
14:36 <+wrtlprnft> works wonders
14:37 <[Xpert]DarkStar> TEXT_OUT 0 still working too?
14:37 <+wrtlprnft> yeah
14:37 <+wrtlprnft> but you don't get to know when someone killed someone else or who won or if there's a kick poll against you
14:37 <guru3> anjori: i'm a teenager
14:38 <guru3> does that automatically make me an asshole?
14:38  * wrtlprnft is 17
14:38 <anjori> wrtlprnft: that's a helpful hint. didn't know there was such an option.
14:38  * wrtlprnft is an asshole :P
14:38 <[Xpert]DarkStar> anjori: if you're right there's a damn fuckload of asshole in here
14:39 <armabot> armagetronad: nemostultae * r5688 /armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad/src/network/nSocket.cpp: "Fixed" cryptic error in trunk on Mac OS X. Stole a small define from http://www.tcpdump.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb/tcpdump/ip.h?rev=1.11
14:39 <nemostultae> madmax|pt: trunk works now
14:43 <anjori> i didn't say every single teenager alive was an asshole. but there's enough that i'm allowed to generalize. and if youre not an asshole but still take offense to that, then i don't know what to tell you. if it's not obvious that you're not who i'm referring to, maybe you do in fact need to grow up some more first.
14:45 <noob> anjori, 70% of the people who play tron
14:45 <anjori> i've never had a problem with anyone here, but that doesnt mean i cant have a general dislike for people your age. and hell, i'm barely passed that age myself.
14:45 <noob> are adults
14:45 <noob> if not more
14:45 <noob> infact
14:45 <noob> i've only ran into 3 people under 18
14:45 <noob> so your statement is totally wrong
14:45 <noob> :)
14:46 <noob> why don't we take a age poll,i can almost bet it turns to to be hella more "adults" than teenagers
14:47 <noob> you can't generalize a community by how they act and say, this group acts immature they're kids....and this group yada yada
14:47 <anjori> dude, i asked. not a single person on that server was over 18
14:48 <noob> and? that's THAT server
14:48 <nemostultae> try swampland
14:48 <noob> which i've done pointed out the people that play on it are morons
14:48 <noob> i've been kicked from that server for the most retarded things
14:48 <noob> like
14:48 <anjori> and i dont even mind as much if someone is being an ass if they're at least intelligent about it. but when it's like "omg u have buttsex with ur boyfriend lol", it annoys the shit out of me even more. if that makes sense.
14:49 <noob> lol
14:49 <noob> but like i said,you can't judge by how someone acts and then just call them a kid
14:49 <noob> and i'm sure everyone on that server didn't answer the how old are you question
14:51 -!- noob [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
14:51 -!- noob [n=spidey@68-112-89-117.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
14:51 <noob> oops
14:51 <nemostultae> wb
14:51  * madmax|pt is back (gone 00:21:42)
14:51 <noob> i'm not sure how that happened
14:51 <noob> xD
14:51 <[Xpert]DarkStar> well
14:52 <[Xpert]DarkStar> your nickname explains a number of things
14:52 <noob> :|
14:52 <noob> now anjori the example you was trying to give applies to [Xpert]DarkStar 
14:52 <noob> :)
14:52 <anjori> nah, see, he was intelligent about it ;)
14:52 <noob> LOL
14:53 <armabot> armagetronad: nemostultae * r5689 /tools/map-preview/trunk/ (TODO.txt bin/map-preview lib/map_preview/renderer.rb):
14:53 <armabot> armagetronad: bin/map-preview: use open-uri so you can pass a URL to preview.
14:53 <armabot> armagetronad: lib/map_preview/renderer.rb: Use viewbox directly.
14:54 <noob> wow
14:54 <noob> my info box thing is wrong
14:54 <noob> this file has over 76k lines
14:54 <noob> and it says it only has 85
14:54  * anjori wants to see this script youve been going on about
14:55 <noob> you're on mepis right?
14:55 <anjori> for the time being
14:55 <noob> sec
14:55 <anjori> i'm trying to learn python, so maybe it would be good to play around with it
14:56 <madmax|pt> port can't get apr by himself ><
14:56 <noob> ok
14:57 <noob> http://fallin-angels.com/words    << put that on your desktop
14:57 <noob> actually
14:57 <noob> copy it to a text file on your desktop 
14:57 <noob> name the textfile "words"
14:58 <anjori> where's the actual script? couldnt i just have it call from a dictionary library for the names?
14:58 <noob> ya
14:58 <noob> sec uploading
14:59 <noob> http://fallin-angels.com/Archive.tar
14:59 <noob> you HAVE to use this
14:59 <noob> bash tron.py
14:59 <noob> anything else
14:59 <noob> you get denied
14:59 <noob> or sdl won't start
15:00 <anjori> why wouldnt "python tron.py" or "./tron.py" work?
15:00 <noob> try it and see
15:00 <noob> :)
15:00 <anjori> i believe you. i just dont get why that's the case
15:00 <noob> spidey@fbi.gov[Desktop]$ ./tron.py
15:00 <noob> bash: ./tron.py: Permission denied
15:00 <noob> spidey@fbi.gov[Desktop]$ python tron.py
15:00 <noob>   File "tron.py", line 5
15:00 <noob>     -e "s/PLAYER_1 .*/PLAYER_1 ${word}/" \
15:00 <noob>                                        ^
15:00 <noob> SyntaxError: invalid syntax
15:01 <noob> only way to start it is with bash
15:01 <nemostultae> tron .py is a bash script...
15:01 <anjori> oh
15:01 <anjori> then why the hell is it .py? :P
15:01 <noob> because it's got python in it....
15:02 <nemostultae> chmod +x tron.py && ./tron.py should work.
15:02 <anjori> ah, okay. that makes sense, then
15:02 <nemostultae> wow, apr-1.2.7 takes forever to  configure.
15:03 <noob> btw
15:03 <noob> i made some changes to lucis script
15:03 <[Xpert]DarkStar> nemostultae: what is apr?
15:03 <[Xpert]DarkStar> ><
15:03 <noob> open tron.py
15:03 <nemostultae> apache runtime, or something
15:03 <noob>  "${HOME}/.armagetronad/var/autoexec.cfg"
15:03 <noob> change that path
15:04 <noob> word="`python /usr/bin/namepicker.py`"
15:04 <noob> and that one
15:04 <madmax|pt> The Apache Portable Runtime is a library of C data structures and routines, forming a system portability layer that covers as many operating systems as possible, including Unices, Win32, BeOS, and OS/2.
15:04 <noob> then
15:04 <noob> open namepicker.py
15:04 <noob> fp = open(os.path.expanduser('/home/spidey/Desktop/words'),"r")
15:04 <noob> change that path
15:04 <nemostultae> noob: that python script reads the entire dictionary into memory. wow.
15:04 <noob> then drop them both in /usr/bin
15:05 <noob> it doesn't
15:05 <noob> i could use
15:05 <noob> ${HOME}
15:05 <noob> or wait
15:05 <noob> huh?
15:05 <anjori> it'll be in $HOME/bin and not /usr/bin, but yeah, ill change accordingly ;)
15:06 <anjori> it reads the word list into memory?
15:06 <anjori> or an external dict?
15:06 <noob> dunno,luci's script :p
15:06 <noob> but i didn't have any problems
15:06 <noob> i changed the colors to
15:07 <noob> import random; print random.randint(0,33)")/" \
15:07 <noob> from 15 to 33
15:07 <anjori> well, if its only the word list, it's less than 1000k. but if it was an entire dictionary, that would be a problem
15:07 <madmax|pt> wait, you were installing apr from port nemostultae ?
15:07 <nemostultae> Yes, it worked here.
15:07 <noob> anjori, no it's not....i have a 76,290 word list :)
15:07 <madmax|pt> o_O
15:08 <nemostultae> Are you on PPC?
15:08 <anjori> so youre using an external dictionary?
15:08 <madmax|pt> yes
15:08 <noob> http://fallin-angels.com/words
15:08 <noob> i'm using that....
15:08 <noob> it's on my desktop
15:08 <anjori> i havent looked at the code yet. not that i'd necessarily understand it at this point, anyway
15:08 <noob> understand?
15:09 <noob> i dunno nothing about it hardly
15:09 <noob> and i understand it :p
15:09 <anjori> yeah, its 76290 lines. but the file size is less than 1mg
15:09 <noob> ya
15:09 <noob> but i don't have problems :)
15:09 <noob> and lets see you open a 1mg txt on windows :p
15:10 <anjori> i dont know anything about what ideal memory useage is for that size a script, but it doesnt seem all that bad to me
15:11 <noob> could always use armabot for testing
15:11 <noob> #echo randomInt(0,100)
15:11 <armabot> randomInt(0,100)
15:11 <noob> erm
15:11 <nemostultae> er
15:11 <noob> #echo randomInt
15:11 <armabot> randomInt
15:11 <noob> oh
15:12 <noob> #echo randInt(0,100)
15:12 <armabot> randInt(0,100)
15:12 <anjori> the bot is in python, i assume?
15:12 <noob> ya
15:12 <noob> #help echo
15:12 <armabot> noob: (echo <text>) -- Returns the arguments given it. Uses our standard substitute on the string(s) given to it; $nick (or $who), $randomNick, $randomInt, $botnick, $channel, $user, $host, $today, $now, and $randomDate are all handled appropriately.
15:12 <noob> ohhh
15:12 <noob> #echo $randomInt(0,100)
15:12 <armabot> -473(0,100)
15:12 <noob> #echo $randomInt
15:12 <armabot> -853
15:12 <madmax|pt> nemostultae, haven't run a port -d selfupdate in a while
15:12 <noob> O_o
15:12 <madmax|pt> it works now
15:13 <nemostultae> ok, good :)
15:13 <anjori> #echo 'the bright side' + 'of life'
15:13 <armabot> 'the bright side' + 'of life'
15:13 <anjori> pfft
15:14 <noob> mmmm
15:15 <anjori> #echo 999L
15:15 <armabot> 999L
15:16 <noob> mm
15:16 <noob> ok i know how to upload via ssh
15:16 <noob> but how do you download via ssh?
15:17 <nemostultae> scp
15:17 <anjori> what were you talking about, spidey? there's no python code in "tron.py"
15:21 <noob> ugh
15:21 <noob>   -e "s/COLOR_R_1 .*/COLOR_R_1 $(python -c "import random; print random.randint(0,33)")/" \
15:21 <noob>   -e "s/PLAYER_1 .*/PLAYER_1 ${word}/" \
15:21 <noob>   -e "s/COLOR_R_1 .*/COLOR_R_1 $(python -c "import random; print random.randint(0,33)")/" \
15:21 <noob>   -e "s/COLOR_G_1 .*/COLOR_G_1 $(python -c "import random; print random.randint(0,33)")/" \
15:21 <noob>   -e "s/COLOR_B_1 .*/COLOR_B_1 $(python -c "import random; print random.randint(0,33)")/" \
15:21 <noob> surely that's not some python there? :p
15:22 <noob> nemostultae, you can download with scp?
15:22 <noob> i thought you could only send files with it
15:25 <anjori> as far as i know, that's bash, and sed more specifically, calling python with arguments. technically, i guess there is, but i wouldnt call it a python script
15:25 <anjori> but what the fuck do i know.
15:26 <noob> did i? :p
15:26 <noob> did i? :p
15:26 <anjori> noob: check out the scp man page. if you reverse your arguments, you can also download
15:26 <noob> er
15:26 <noob> as nemo said it's a bash script
15:26 <noob> with python
15:27 <luke-jr_> and sed
15:27 <noob> lol
15:27 <anjori> right. and when it comes down to it, i'd just call it a bash script
15:27 <noob> namepicker.py is python 
15:27 <noob> :p
15:28 <anjori> i don't think it would matter if it was .sh, no? just as python, technically, doesnt have to even have an extension
15:28 <anjori> with one exception, but i forget right now
15:28 <noob> ask luci >>> he made it 
15:28 <anjori> for importing, i think
15:31 <anjori> noob: scp ip.address:/home/user/file.txt /home/user/
15:32 <noob> ya when you said reverse i knew
16:40 <madmax|pt> #svn
16:40 <armabot> svn co https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/armagetronad/armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad <dirname> (more information: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/Working_with_SVN )
16:56 <madmax|pt> ./rakefile:71
16:56 <madmax|pt> undefined method `namespace' for main:Object
16:56 <madmax|pt> rake aborted!
16:56 <[Xpert]DarkStar> lol
16:56 <madmax|pt> where was i stupid?
16:56 <madmax|pt> o_O
16:57 <nemostultae> $ rake --version
16:57 <nemostultae> rake, version 0.7.1
16:57 <nemostultae> what is yours?
16:57 <madmax|pt> eek
16:57 <madmax|pt> .4
16:57 <madmax|pt> lol
16:58 <nemostultae> install rb-rubygems, and do sudo gem install rake
16:59 <nemostultae> or just download rake from the website and install
17:10 <madmax|pt> building...
17:10 <madmax|pt> i had rake from darwinports seems like the last version there it's .4
17:11 <[Xpert]DarkStar> wtf is rake?
17:11 <madmax|pt> ruby's "makefile"
17:11 <[Xpert]DarkStar> ah
17:15 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034190087.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
17:15 <[Xpert]DarkStar> damn i want to play tron :(
17:16 <[Xpert]DarkStar> but with ping 300+ and 10 fps this is unplayable
17:28 <Vanhayes> #armaservers
17:28 <armabot> Vanhayes: Error: Couldn't get RSS feed.
17:28 <Vanhayes> #help armaservers
17:28 <armabot> Vanhayes: (armaservers [<number of headlines>]) -- Reports the titles for armaservers at the RSS feed <http://armagetronad.net/browser2/serverrss.php>. If <number of headlines> is given, returns only that many headlines. RSS feeds are only looked up every supybot.plugins.RSS.waitPeriod seconds, which defaults to 1800 (30 minutes) since that's what most websites prefer.
17:43 <madmax|pt> nemostultae, where are we supposed to put the AA libraries? in /Library/Frameworks/?
17:43 <madmax|pt> hi Van
17:44 <Vanhayes> hey madmax|pt
17:44 <nemostultae> oops
17:44 <nemostultae> did that last line from me show up
17:44 <nemostultae> ?
17:45 <madmax|pt> [15:59] 	nemostultae	or just download rake from the website and install
17:45 <nemostultae> I think I'm going to switch to irssi. Colloquy is too buggy.
17:46 <nemostultae> arg!
17:46 <nemostultae>  /Library/Frameworks/ArmagetronAdvanced/current
17:46 <nemostultae> it was the /, oops
17:47 <+wrtlprnft> nemostultae: good idea :)
17:50 <nemostultae> wrtlprnft: did you figure out how to split up your huge log files, like into days?
17:51 <+wrtlprnft> well, i guess i could make a script for that
17:51 <+wrtlprnft> they have something like "Day changed to <blah>" in them, so that should be easy
18:11 <+wrtlprnft> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=International_Tron_World_Cup&diff=13916&oldid=13914 <-- even my english is better
18:11  * wrtlprnft is happy he is not in the US, i would never play on the same team as PsYkO
18:19 <madmax|pt> i think i should start producing fake passports, so my team gets some more players
18:26 <+wrtlprnft> how are you gonna have them all play at the same time?
18:27 <+wrtlprnft> too bad the only country close to canada is the US...
18:37 -!- Vanhayes_ [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034187170.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
19:03 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034190087.nb.aliant.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:27 <+Lucifer_arma> I wouldn't play on a server that authorized people like me to play on it
19:29 <nemostultae> why can't I commit to SVN... it keep asking for my username and pass, and rejecting it.
19:32  * Lucifer_arma yells loudly
19:32 <+Lucifer_arma> over in the other channel we're having problems with cvs
19:32 <+Lucifer_arma> WHY CAN'T SHIT JUST WORK?
19:32 <+Lucifer_arma> er
19:32 <+Lucifer_arma> sorry
19:32  * nemostultae *
19:32 <+Lucifer_arma> that works!  thanks nemostultae 
19:33 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50873844.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:33 <nemostultae> hi z-man
19:35 <z-man> hi
19:38 <madmax|pt> is wikipedia.org down?
19:42 <madmax|pt> huh, it didnt load for some minutes
19:42 <madmax|pt> now it does
19:43 -!- Brooky [n=Brooky@] has joined #armagetron
19:44 <Brooky> Hi
19:44 <Brooky> how do i enable MIME on an apache server?
20:01 -!- Brooky [n=Brooky@] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:23 <luke-jr_> ... can it even be disabled?
20:29 <+cusco> they were restarting apache madmax|pt :P
20:30 <+cusco> madmax|pt: anda pro bugfarm
20:30 <+cusco> ta la o webgamer
20:30 <madmax|pt> ... talvez nao
20:33 <+cusco> anda!
20:34 <+cusco> where can I see the lather of bugarm (cvs) =
20:34 <+cusco> ?
20:34 <+cusco> and scores
20:34 <+cusco> and allt hat
20:41 <+cusco> ladder
20:49 <luke-jr_> cusco: there is no CVS!!!!
20:49 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@bl4-197-213.dsl.telepac.pt] has quit ["This computer has gone to sleep"]
21:17 <nemostultae> in shrunkland spam_maxlen is still at 0. I tried to communicate with morse code, but it didn't help :(
21:17 <nemostultae> by morse*
21:18 <+wrtlprnft> noob: that's what math calc is for
21:18 <+wrtlprnft> #math calc random(0,100)
21:18 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Error: 'random' is not a defined function.
21:18 <+wrtlprnft> #math calc rand(0,100)
21:18 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Error: 'rand' is not a defined function.
21:19 <+wrtlprnft> #math calc randint(0,100)
21:19 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Error: 'randint' is not a defined function.
21:19 <+wrtlprnft> gah
21:19 <+wrtlprnft> well
21:19 <+wrtlprnft> #dice 1d100
21:19 <armabot> wrtlprnft: 15
21:19 <+wrtlprnft> #dice 1d100
21:19 <armabot> wrtlprnft: 47
21:19 <+wrtlprnft> there ya go
21:24 <+Lucifer_arma> man, that was an awesome movie
21:24  * Lucifer_arma just watched Daredevil
21:24  * wrtlprnft is just reading a firefox 2b1 review
21:25 <+wrtlprnft> If these features seem familiar, it's because they were available through Firefox extensions, but not part of the browser by default.
21:25 <+wrtlprnft> ah
21:25 <+wrtlprnft> they're familiar to me since they've been around in opera for ages :D
21:25 <+Lucifer_arma> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=International_Tron_World_Cup&diff=13915&oldid=13914  <-- told you we'd get kicked out
21:25 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@71-211-213-55.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
21:26 <+wrtlprnft> you'll appreciate the new "Recently Closed Tabs" feature. ||  it "remembers" the session you had going and reopens all the pages and tabs that you had open when Firefox was restarted
21:26 <+wrtlprnft> yeah, very familiar indeed. the second one was in opera 6!
21:26  * wrtlprnft is just trolling
21:26 <+wrtlprnft> join canada :D
21:27 <+Lucifer_arma> under what guidelines do they determine a country exists?  UN Recognition?
21:27 <+Lucifer_arma> What if someone wants to start up a Taiwanese team?
21:27 <+Lucifer_arma> Palistine?
21:27 <+Lucifer_arma> Somalia, even?
21:28 <+wrtlprnft> well, you have to be from there
21:28 <+Lucifer_arma> Basque?
21:29 <+Lucifer_arma> I consider myself a citizen of a state in rebellion
21:29 <+wrtlprnft> or, somehow related/close to it
21:29 <+wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: then you're right in the US?
21:29 <+wrtlprnft> put yourself back in and lock the page :D
21:29 <+Lucifer_arma> that would be serious abuse, I won't do it
21:30 <+wrtlprnft> just kidding
21:32 <+Lucifer_arma> I'm going to restore the edit and put a blurb in there
21:34 <+wrtlprnft> http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/rssfeeds.png <-- something tells me I have too many RSS feeds :S
21:35 <+Lucifer_arma> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/International_Tron_World_Cup#Rebellious_States_of_the_World
21:35 <+wrtlprnft> i wonder why the microsoft-feed about rss (a new entry about every 3 months) has a google icon...
21:36 <+wrtlprnft> infact, the google icon is the only reason i keep that marketing- feed
21:36 <+wrtlprnft> let's go, fight an edit war!
21:37 <+Lucifer_arma> Chances are good I won't even show up to play, though, heh.
21:38 <+wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: do you have a rebelliousstatesoftheworldian passport?
21:38 <+wrtlprnft> well, i don't have a canadian one, so i should stfu
21:45 -!- Niii [n=Niii@lnr56-1-82-246-48-71.fbx.proxad.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:48 <anjori> yeah read the wiki, Lucifer. thats bullshit
21:48 <anjori> they added me to the canadian team without permission or acknowledgement.
21:50 <+Lucifer_arma> didn't they say it was supposed to be politically neutral?
21:51 <+Lucifer_arma> Hmmm, I have to say, the more I'm reading about Daredevil, the more I like it.  Looks like they used real story from the comics instead of just inventing their own.
21:51 <+Lucifer_arma> and they had to cut it to get the PG-13 rating, they originally wanted an R rating.  :)
21:51  * Lucifer_arma thinks R is more like Daredevil
21:52 <anjori> i dont recall if i saw that one or not
21:53 -!- Niii [n=Niii@lnr56-1-82-246-48-71.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
21:53 <+Lucifer_arma> The date on the invitation to the Black & White Ball Karen Page gives Matt Murdock is July 14 however the date on the invitation he finds on the pillow is August 13th.  <-- did you see that?
21:53 <+Lucifer_arma> (daredevil's blind, get it?)
21:53 <+Lucifer_arma> check it out, it's awesome
21:53 <+Lucifer_arma> Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
21:54 <anjori> no, i dont think so. maybe ill download it
21:54 <+Lucifer_arma> unfortunately it looks like two different film companies got Spider Man and Daredevil, so they had to be extracted from the same city or they'd have to do expensive cross-licensing
21:54 <+Lucifer_arma> (Kingpin is one of Spider Man's enemies, too)
21:55 <+Lucifer_arma> I hate it when bullshit like that breaks up the story, even a little
21:55 <anjori> i watched the cartoons like spiderman and x-men as a kid, but im not all that familiar with the comics
21:57 -!- madmax|pt [n=madmax@bl4-197-219.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #armagetron
21:57 <+Lucifer_arma> I never read many comics, a few Daredevils and some of the Punisher
21:57 <+Lucifer_arma> but I played the ass out of the marvel Super Hero roleplaying game
21:58 <+Lucifer_arma> so I like know all this stuff about marvel's universes, but have probably read all of 5 comics, and two of them were brief mini-series
21:58 <+Lucifer_arma> I always thought Daredevil was the most interesting hero, though.  They play the "devil" part pretty hard, so of course I'd like that,
21:59 <+Lucifer_arma> and it really gets into the whole good vs evil thing, and "who's the real villain?", especially when Daredevil kills someone right in front of the guy's kid
21:59 <anjori> i'm kind of curious about the upcoming spiderman, where he turns into venom
21:59 <+Lucifer_arma> never did like DC's approach, where the good guys may as well have been at King Arthur's Court
22:00 <+Lucifer_arma> I've been enjoying the spiderman movies, to be honest
22:00 <+Lucifer_arma> Haven't liked them as much as the x-men, or this Daredevil I just watched, but they're good flicks.  Problem is, Spider Man's not a very interesting character to me anymore
22:00 <anjori> i know i saw the first one, but i cant remember if i saw the second. there's just so many bloody superhero movies out all of a sudden
22:00 <+Lucifer_arma> he's just a trumped up smart ass geek in a stupid looking costume, when you get right to it
22:00 <anjori> i saw fantastic four. that was awful.
22:01 <+Lucifer_arma> the second one was really good, but I think Doc Ock is the reason for that :)
22:01 <+Lucifer_arma> I didn't see the Fantastic Four, but I'd like to
22:01 <+Lucifer_arma> problem there is the comic was pretty bad to begin with, not much to work with
22:02 <anjori> i dont know. to me it just seemed like it never really went anywhere
22:02 <+Lucifer_arma> Marvel's teams aren't very good, they do the solo storylines much better.  Why is everyone's favorite x-man wolverine?  Because he's the kind of character marvel does best!
22:02 <anjori> yeah, i heard theyre going to make a Wolverine movie, too
22:03 <+Lucifer_arma> frankly it wouldn't surprise me.  They need to keep the same actor, though, he's awesome
22:03 <anjori> yeah
22:04 <anjori> http://imdb.com/title/tt0458525/?fr=c2l0ZT1kZnx0dD0xfGZiPXV8cG49MHxrdz0xfHE9d29sdmVyaW5lfGZ0PTF8bXg9MjB8bG09NTAwfGNvPTF8aHRtbD0xfG5tPTE_;fc=1;ft=20;fm=1
22:04 <+Lucifer_arma> I didn't see the Incredible Bipolar Hulk either, but I heard it sucked a lot
22:04 <anjori> apparently he will be in it
22:05 <+Lucifer_arma> that's the story the comic pursued.  That's one of the comics I read for awhile, actually.
22:05 <+Lucifer_arma> where "awhile" is probably like 4 months, and it was produced either bimonthly or quarterly :)
22:06 <+Lucifer_arma> http://imdb.com/title/tt0330793/  <--- ahhh, I thought they made that one
22:07 <anjori> didnt see that one
22:08 <anjori> anyway, i must be off. talk to you later.
22:08 -!- anjori is now known as anjori|away
22:11 <Vanhayes_> wolverine is everyones favorite because he is canadian
22:12 -!- Vanhayes_ is now known as Vanhayes
22:13 <+Lucifer_arma> nah, most people think he's from the US or Australia
22:14 <+Lucifer_arma> only canadians care that Wolverine's canadian, or that the x-men school/headquarters is in canada
22:15 <Vanhayes> hmm since when is the headquarters in canada? I thought it wa in new york
22:15 <Vanhayes> was*
22:17 <Vanhayes> though i only really know the movies and what I remember form the old cartoons
22:23 <GodTodd> it is in new york...but was filmed in BC
22:26 <+Lucifer_arma> eh?  I thought it was always in Canada....
22:26 <+Lucifer_arma> ack, not much difference between canada and new york anyway
22:26 <Vanhayes> ya about the same number of people live in both
22:26 <GodTodd> lol
22:26 <+Lucifer_arma> and they're all fucking yankees
22:26 <Vanhayes> alot of things are filmed in BC lately
22:26 <+Lucifer_arma> that's because it's cheaper :)
22:26 <Vanhayes> mainly in vancover
22:27 <+Lucifer_arma> star wars was originally done in London a lot for that reason
22:27 <+Lucifer_arma> a lot of production's going to Australia and New Zealand for the same reason
22:27 <Vanhayes> true, and plus it is one of the most beautiful places in canada
22:27 <+Lucifer_arma> the US is just expensive to film in now, so people only do it when they must have authentic US scenery
22:28 <GodTodd> hell...a lot of times it's cheaper to make the 'authentic' scenery and film elsewhere
22:29 <+Lucifer_arma> heh
22:29 -!- wejp [n=j0hannes@i577BBEEF.versanet.de] has quit [Connection timed out]
22:29 <GodTodd> i think that's a lot of the reason that most films coming out lately are CGI
22:29 <+Lucifer_arma> also depends on the movie.  A romantic comedy that takes place in NYC can usually be filmed there, but an action flick that takes place in the Empire State Building can be filmed anywhere but there
22:29 <GodTodd> yep
22:30 <+Lucifer_arma> and in these comic book movies they're trying to be authentic to the comic book, not the city itself
22:30 <+Lucifer_arma> and they need a certain look to the city that doesn't exist in the real city
22:31 <GodTodd> most people would rather have the action and effects in those movies rather than city authenticity
22:31 <GodTodd> if you have to give up one...
22:31 <GodTodd> :)
22:31 -!- wejp [n=j0hannes@i577BA8CD.versanet.de] has joined #armagetron
22:31 <+Lucifer_arma> well, since it's finally possible to make CGI look realistic, and it's gotten a lot cheaper to do it, I'm happy with it
22:32 <+Lucifer_arma> but man, I don't want to ever see dinosaurs like in Jurassic Park again
22:32 <GodTodd> oh...i love the newer CGI movies....personally i liked Cars
22:32 <+Lucifer_arma> Tron got away with it because they weren't trying to make a real place, but you know damn well they couldn't have made anything real if they wanted to
22:33 <+Lucifer_arma> the Last Starfighter turned out really crappy in the end...
22:33 <+Lucifer_arma> I haven't seen Cars.  Maybe when it gets to the library, which is where we're getting our movies from these days.  :)
22:33 <+Lucifer_arma> I enjoyed Finding Nemo a lot, though
22:34 <GodTodd> one of tommy's grandmas wanted to take him while we were in arkansas....so i tagged along :)
22:34 <+Lucifer_arma> oh fuck, I was supposed to stop by the financial aid office after class and I forgot :(
22:35 <GodTodd> oops....
22:35 <GodTodd> hell..i went to pay for my classes the other day and about shit
22:35 <+Lucifer_arma> well, it's too late for me to receive the grant before I have to pay for my next semester
22:35 <+Lucifer_arma> found out how much they costed?
22:35 <GodTodd> they said i owed 974$ for 3 classes
22:35 <GodTodd> i said 'bullshit'
22:35 <+Lucifer_arma> haha
22:35  * Lucifer_arma notes that's a pretty good price
22:36 <GodTodd> so i called and they said i had to prove karen and i were *still* married
22:36 <+Lucifer_arma> what?
22:36 <GodTodd> so i took my 1040 and they took 590$ off
22:36 <+Lucifer_arma> that's bullshit
22:36 <+Lucifer_arma> I didn't have to prove I'm still married....
22:36 <GodTodd> i did
22:36 <GodTodd> bastards
22:36 <GodTodd> :D
22:37 <+Lucifer_arma> that's crazy.  Maybe some mad former lover or something called them up and tried to fuck with you?
22:37 <GodTodd> well...since i was basing my residency on the fact that i'm married i can somewhat see it
22:37 <+Lucifer_arma> my mother-in-law used to do that shit.  She'd call where I worked and tell them all sorts of stuff that was mostly not true
22:37 <GodTodd> lol
22:38 <+Lucifer_arma> I'm serious!  I showed up to work one day and the guys from the main office were over "to visit", and they were looking at me funny
22:38 <+Lucifer_arma> later in the day, one of them asked me if I stole something from my previous employer and I said "no, where'd you hear that?"
22:39 <+Lucifer_arma> later on, after seeing me lecture guys a few times on Doing it Right, they finally figured out what had happened and told me about the phone call
22:39 <GodTodd> man....talk about psycho
22:39 <+Lucifer_arma> yeah
22:40 <GodTodd> i got pretty lucky in the InLaw dept
22:40 <+Lucifer_arma> told my wife about it and she confronted her mom about it, and her mom denied it and said my boss must be out to get me
22:40 <GodTodd> hahaha
22:40 <+Lucifer_arma> then the woman had to nerve to accuse me of being paranoid!
22:40 <GodTodd> you're not? ;)
22:41 <+Lucifer_arma> yeah, I don't know if you got lucky so much as you didn't marry a psycho
22:41 <GodTodd> little of both probably
22:41 <+Lucifer_arma> jeez, is it paranoia when everyone really is out to get you?  More importantly, is paranoia a real emotional problem in that case?
22:42 <GodTodd> kinda like since at least 90% of people are dysfunctional isn't dysfuntionality really normal?
22:43 <+Lucifer_arma> well, what I've learned is that if someone accuses you of paranoia, they're usually trying to stab you in the back
22:43 <GodTodd> truly
22:43 <+Lucifer_arma> of course, when I say that, i get accused of paranoia, and that's fine with me.
22:44 <+Lucifer_arma> Your accusations are nothing compared to my hard experience ("You" is collective here, not specific!)
22:44 <GodTodd> hey...do you buy your textbooks at the actual bookstore or do you go to an off campus store or what?
22:44 <+Lucifer_arma> bookstore, they're the same price everywhere
22:44 <+Lucifer_arma> some folks get them from Amazon, and I hear half-price books has good prices
22:44 <GodTodd> hmmm....cuz pj's campus books is supposed to be cheaper
22:44 <GodTodd> half-price i was thinking too
22:45 <+Lucifer_arma> the problem with half-price books is that they usually carry too old editions and my school switches to newer editions quickly
22:45 <noob> Lucifer_arma!
22:45 <+Lucifer_arma> what, spidey?
22:45 <noob> http://fallin-angels.com/words :)
22:45 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf Lucifer_arma
22:45 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: LUCIFER_ARMA: Ruler of all that is evil
22:45 <GodTodd> you don't rule me!
22:45 <GodTodd> :P
22:45 <noob> LOL
22:45 <+Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: personally, I find it more important to have the books quickly then to have them cheap
22:45 <GodTodd> true
22:46 <+Lucifer_arma> You find out the first day of class what book they want you to have, and you have to start studying out of it within a week or you start off behind in a nasty way
22:46 <GodTodd> yep
22:46 <+Lucifer_arma> depends on the class, too.  I don't flinch at paying $200 or whatever for a math textbook the first day of class and standing in the long line to get it
22:47 <+Lucifer_arma> My wife got a D or a C or soemthing low like that on her first history test because she'd ordered the book from Amazon and only got it like a week before the test,
22:47 <GodTodd> don't the bookstores around here have a list before classes of what text a certain teacher is using that semester?
22:47 <+Lucifer_arma> and it was a distance course
22:47 <+Lucifer_arma> they do, but they're not always accurate
22:47 <GodTodd> hmmm
22:47 <GodTodd> i always like to have my book with me the first day of class
22:47 <+Lucifer_arma> also, you don't always know that the teacher will use it.  My comp I teacher didn't use one of the books her department head had assigned, and her departmet head micromanages them
22:48 <+Lucifer_arma> so instead of beating the line, I had to stand in the line so I could return the unused book while I could still get a full refund for it
22:48 <GodTodd> lol...yeah i've had that
22:48 <+Lucifer_arma> it's probably worth it, in the long view, to do it at least with math textbooks
22:49 <+Lucifer_arma> for history, government, and lecture classes like that, just take really fucking excellent lecture notes and try to find out if you even need the book
22:49 <GodTodd> yep
22:49 <+Lucifer_arma> I didn't even buy the book for my History I class, I just took really fucking awesome notes and aced the class
22:49 <+Lucifer_arma> I had to buy the book for my history II class because the teacher delegated some topics to the textbook and I couldn't get the A without it
22:49 <GodTodd> i'm taking the history of the Republic of Texas this semester
22:49 <+Lucifer_arma> could've pulled a B, though
22:50 <GodTodd> that's the way i did it in US History AP in HS....i don't think i even opened that book
22:50 <+Lucifer_arma> ack, that's too long, spidey!
22:51 <+Lucifer_arma> heh, I left that book at home :)
22:51 <+Lucifer_arma> or in my locker, one of the two
22:51 <GodTodd> mine was in my locker
22:51 <+Lucifer_arma> didn't you have the locker under mine, or something, and we used to always joke that we had our history books in there and we never took them out?
22:52 <GodTodd> could be
22:52 <+Lucifer_arma> heh, maybe I'm making that memory up
22:53 <+Lucifer_arma> damn that psychology class!  Like I had enough problems trusting my memory, I didn't need to learn how easy it is to make false memories!
22:53 <noob> man
22:53 <GodTodd> lol
22:53 <noob> i just carried a air conditioner up the stairs,my grandma out her fuckin mind if she thinks i'm putting it in the window
22:53 <+Lucifer_arma> noob: I was thinking more like something where we put names we've used in a file together
22:53 <+Lucifer_arma> so you might wind up being Lucifer, or Homosexual, or whatever else
22:54 <+Lucifer_arma> and whatever neat new names we come up with
22:54 <noob> LOL
22:54 <noob> k
22:54 <GodTodd> i like Biff Blowhard
22:54 <GodTodd> :)
22:55 <+Lucifer_arma> it might be neat to have the script also pick random fake clan tags to stick on there
22:55 <+Lucifer_arma> maybe people will quit forming new clans if we make them think all the possible practical tags are taken :)
22:55 <GodTodd> what's the point of clans?
22:56 <+Lucifer_arma> ask noob, he used to be a clansman
22:56 <noob> still am :/
22:56 <+Lucifer_arma> you didn't quit mbc?
22:56 <noob> no,lizz talked me outta it O_o
22:57 <+Lucifer_arma> well, I can't share a name file with real clan tags, you know.....
22:57  * Lucifer_arma notes that there aren't any in this one he's looking at :)
22:58 <+Lucifer_arma> what names have I used recently?
22:58 <noob> i don't have tags on them
22:58  * noob sighs
22:59  * Lucifer_arma has forgotten his names
22:59 <noob> brb i gotta pick this heavy ass air conditoner up and put it in the window
22:59 <noob> :|
22:59 <GodTodd> that's the first sign you're getting old :D
22:59 <noob> hahaha
22:59 <+Lucifer_arma> shut up kid
23:00 <GodTodd> who's a kid?
23:00 <GodTodd> :P
23:00 <+Lucifer_arma> there was a name I was using recently that I actually used for like a week or so and then changed before anyone figured it out
23:01 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu84w-156034187170.nb.aliant.net] has quit ["quitted"]
23:04 <noob> fuck that
23:04 <noob> the window's gotta be blocked off
23:05 <noob> someone else can put it in the window 
23:14 <noob> ok, Lucifer_arma ... http://fallin-angels.com/
23:14 <noob> http://fallin-angels.com/words
23:15 <+Lucifer_arma> ack, it's still really long
23:15 <noob> that's all the names i've used
23:16 <+Lucifer_arma> problem with really long is that you'll never use the same name twice (or at least not very often), and for us to really become anonymous, we each need to use the same names
23:16 <noob> i left some out actually
23:16 <+Lucifer_arma> hmmm, maybe I'm getting a browser cache?
23:16 <noob> maybe
23:16 <+Lucifer_arma> ahhh, nvm
23:16 <+Lucifer_arma> browser cache
23:16 <noob> :p
23:16 <+Lucifer_arma> ok, this is more like it :)
23:16 <noob> i ripped half of them from my autoexec.cfg on the backup driv
23:16 <noob> e
23:16 <noob> lol
23:17 <+Lucifer_arma> man, there was one more name I used recently that I really wanted to put in here
23:17 <+Lucifer_arma> some of these I haven't used in a looong time
23:17 <noob> something terian
23:17 <+Lucifer_arma> Humanitarian is in there already
23:17 <noob> gaymosexual
23:17 <+Lucifer_arma> Homosexual and Gaymosexual are too, as is Player Juan
23:17 <noob> mmm
23:18 <+Lucifer_arma> Robin Hood.  M'aidez, I haven't used that one since fortress was still in diapers
23:18 <noob> lol
23:18 <+Lucifer_arma> it's the Ultimate Noob Name, though :)
23:18 <+Lucifer_arma> FNG, but nobody ever bothers to ask what FNG means
23:19 <+Lucifer_arma> Rattlehead, that's it
23:19  * Lucifer_arma looked up and saw his Youthanasia CD :)
23:19 <noob> ohhh
23:19 <noob> add snake to that list
23:19 <noob> forgot about that on
23:19 <noob> one
23:19 <+Lucifer_arma> haven't tried to copy the unicode characters
23:20 <+Lucifer_arma> I think I'm going to make my list and post it and you can pick and choose from it
23:20 <noob> O_o
23:20 <noob> the ascii are more known than the others
23:20 <noob> that's why i included them
23:20 <noob> :p
23:20 <+Lucifer_arma> I don't want actual swear words or names that incorporate other people's names mostly because it's random, and I'd hate to join a server and get banned because my script picked the wrong name at the wrong time
23:20 <noob> lol
23:21 <+Lucifer_arma> not that I care that much, but I'd like to at least be able to go in and do the swearing by hand before getting banned
23:21 <noob> haha
23:22 <+Lucifer_arma> I used another one around the time I used Rattlehead I wanted to keep
23:22 <+Lucifer_arma> it was before Player Juan, though
23:24 <+Lucifer_arma> oh yeah, /bin/laden
23:24 <noob> hahaha
23:24 <+Lucifer_arma> that wasn't it, but I've used that one before
23:25 <noob> Stop it guys this is an international competition , we need countries, if u dont like it then dont participe, but if u want to participe u have to agree our rules.If u decide to keep this "country", i have to inform you that on the brakets will be only real countries.
23:25 <noob> i wanna bet psyko did that
23:25 <noob> lmao
23:26 <luke-jr_> wtf
23:26 <noob> who added our names to canada and the U.S ?
23:26  * noob removes his name from U.S.
23:26 <luke-jr_> international competitions don't need to be by country
23:26 <noob> i refuse to play on psykos team
23:27 <noob> luke-jr_, put your name under rebellious states of the world
23:27 <noob> xD
23:27 <luke-jr_> go ahead
23:27 <noob> you do it :p
23:27 <noob> Lucifer_arma, you want your name removed from the U.S. team?
23:29 <luke-jr_> maybe I'll go down under Old Afghanistan
23:29 <noob> lol
23:29 <luke-jr_> or Old Italy =p
23:29 <+wrtlprnft> can't we just put psyko on another team or kick him out and stop this sh**?
23:30  * noob thinks wrtl did it now
23:30  * noob checks history
23:30 <+Lucifer_arma> I removed myself and added more to the blurb
23:30  * wrtlprnft only did one edit on that page today
23:30 <+wrtlprnft> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=International_Tron_World_Cup&diff=13917&oldid=13916#Poland <-- my only change
23:31 <noob> it was
23:31 <noob> either xevic
23:31 <noob> or ady
23:31 <noob> lol
23:31 <+wrtlprnft> which one do you mean?
23:31 <+wrtlprnft> xevic put '''Dudes u are in usa and canada, i put u there when i removed the country, what is this shit? Anjori are you from quebec? And u luci? u are from texas, what is that? Maybe i have to join u, jajajajj, Catalunya! Catalunya!, jjajajajajajajjaajajjajajajaj'''
23:31 <noob> they was the only ones to to edit the page after us
23:32 <+wrtlprnft> and ady changed that to '''Stop it guys this is an international competition , we need countries, if u dont like it then dont participe, but if u want to participe u have to agree our rules.If u decide to keep this "country", i have to inform you that on the brakets will be only real countries.
23:32 <+wrtlprnft> orion didn't do anything
23:32 <+wrtlprnft> or, well, he added some harmless detail to his name, that's it
23:32 <+wrtlprnft> that's all since Lucifer_arma re-added that country
23:33 <+wrtlprnft> #dict participe
23:33 <armabot> wrtlprnft: No definition for "participe" could be found.
23:33 <+wrtlprnft> ... i knew that was wrong, participate :D
23:33 <+Lucifer_arma> the Luci put: Why do your rules include automatically putting people on teams they don't want to be on? I don't want to be on the US team, period. If this is a "voluntary" competition with rules, what are the rules? I don't get to volunteer for the team I want to play on, and you don't seem to have any rules for what makes a "real" country. (more)
23:33 <+Lucifer_arma> participe is french, or latin-based at least, isn't it?
23:33 <+wrtlprnft> well
23:33 <+wrtlprnft> this is an english page
23:34 <madmax|pt> z-man, bug in fort, Sasha crashed on a wall and his trail continued
23:34 <madmax|pt> for a bit
23:34 <noob> wrtlprnft, it is english
23:34 <+Lucifer_arma> you playing off the trunk?
23:34 <+wrtlprnft> uh, and participe doesn't mean participate
23:34 <noob> it means volunteer :p
23:34 <noob> 'er
23:34 <noob> take part in
23:34 <noob> my bad
23:34 <+Lucifer_arma> madmax|pt: you playing off the trunk?
23:34 <madmax|pt> no
23:34 <madmax|pt> .2.8
23:34 <+Lucifer_arma> ahhh, ok, nvm
23:34 <+Lucifer_arma> (there's a rendering bug on the trunk right now that looks similar to what you described)
23:35 <+wrtlprnft> noob: there's participle, but that's something totally different
23:35 <+wrtlprnft> #google spell participe
23:35 <armabot> wrtlprnft: No spelling suggestion made.  This could mean that the word you gave is spelled right; it could also mean that its spelling was too whacked out even for Google to figure out.
23:35 <+Lucifer_arma> Is this a political competition or not?  <--- Luci again.  Heh.
23:35 <+wrtlprnft> yeah, tons of french resoults
23:35 <+wrtlprnft> *results
23:35  * Lucifer_arma notes that there's a whole lot of politics around the Olympics, and they claim to be politically neutral as well
23:36 <+Lucifer_arma> is anjori quebecoise?
23:37 <+wrtlprnft> dunno
23:37 <+wrtlprnft> canada could use some players :S
23:37 <noob> should we remove him from canada?
23:37 <noob> or wait and let him do it O_o
23:37 <+Lucifer_arma> should probably let him do it
23:37 <+Lucifer_arma> anjori|away: they put you on Canada, in case you didn't notice
23:37 <+wrtlprnft> but of course, the french canadians don't want to belong to canada
23:37 <+Lucifer_arma> right.  Neither do many Texans.  :)
23:37 <noob> Lucifer_arma, if it comes to it we could always join canada.....then vanhayes would have a feild day
23:37 <noob> hahaha
23:38 <+Lucifer_arma> well, I'm very unlikely to actually play, and we're not going to have a large enough team anyway
23:38 <+wrtlprnft> can you guys please leave log messages? the history already is a mess with all the noobs
23:38 <noob> Lucifer_arma, i can get more people if needed :>
23:38 <+wrtlprnft> anyways, xevic put anjori|away on canada
23:39 <noob> besides
23:39 <noob> me and anjori can handle them ;D
23:39 <+wrtlprnft> and if there's more changes with "/* <span style="background:#000;">Image:usflag01.gif<span style="color:#f00">United</span> <span style="color:#fff;">States of</span> <span style="color:#00f;">America</span> [[Image:usflag01.gif])" as log message I'll remove all those f** colors
23:40 <noob> hahahaha
23:40 <+wrtlprnft> colors and images don't have a right to be in headings!
23:40 <+wrtlprnft> links are somewhat OK, though bad style
23:40 <noob> wrtlprnft, i'll give you $10 to put a big ass air conditioner in the window
23:40 <+wrtlprnft> ?
23:40 <+Lucifer_arma> I won't play for a team that uses an annoying animated gif for it's banner
23:40 <+wrtlprnft> lol
23:41 <noob> wrtlprnft, i carried it from the car,up the stairs and took it out the box
23:41 <noob> all you gotta do is put it in the window
23:41 <noob> XD
23:41 <noob> and make the seal
23:41 <noob> so it stays
23:41 <+Lucifer_arma> the only international tournament I'm willing to play in is one where we put together teams in regions and compete for a regional title and then go on to the international part
23:41 <+wrtlprnft> haha, don't park your car beneath it
23:41 <+Lucifer_arma> I absolutely do not, under any circumstances, want to be stuck on a team with other USians.
23:41 <noob> O_O
23:42 <+Lucifer_arma> face it, most of the US players on fortress are smegheads
23:42 <+wrtlprnft> many of the german ones, too :S
23:42 <noob> Lucifer_arma, i agree, manta and goody are the only ones i'm willing to play with
23:42 <+Lucifer_arma> that may include me, I never said I wasn't a smeghead :)
23:43  * wrtlprnft remembers that Lucifer_arma launched a team originally galled fighting smagheads
23:43 <+wrtlprnft> *called O_o
23:43 <noob> lol
23:43 <+Lucifer_arma> :)
23:43 <+Lucifer_arma> heh, I called someone a smeghead the other night and got accused of A) being British and B) watching too much telly
23:44 <+wrtlprnft> being british is not an accusation, at least if you're american
23:44  * wrtlprnft runs away
23:44  * wrtlprnft hides behind armabot 
23:45 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf Lucifer_arma
23:45 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: LUCIFER_ARMA: Ruler of all that is evil
23:45 <+wrtlprnft> hahahaha
23:45 <noob> lies
23:45 <+Lucifer_arma> #wtf Lucifer
23:45 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: LUCIFER: See Lucifer_arma
23:45 <+wrtlprnft> useless one
23:45 <+Lucifer_arma> yeah, heh
23:46 <noob> it's not a alias though
23:46 <noob> ;p
23:46 <+Lucifer_arma> both are useless, but since #wtf searches and there can't be any false-positives, it's harmless :)
23:46 <+Lucifer_arma> what annoyed me about the aliases was that to find the 6-8 good ones you had to wade through two dumps of useless ones
23:46 <+wrtlprnft> as if anyone would say #dotdotdot by accident
23:46 <+Lucifer_arma> which made the good ones useless, for all intents and purposes
23:46 <+wrtlprnft> #list alias
23:46 <armabot> wrtlprnft: add, bug, ch, chatlog, digg, dotdotdot, g, gcalc, goodbye, hello, insight, lock, log, log, m, man, message, mfaq, morning, night, q, realchatlogs, remove, svn, unlock, and wikipedia
23:47 <+wrtlprnft> heh, dotdotdot is still there, nvm
23:47 <+Lucifer_arma> well, to find #message, you had to read #dotdotdot, #s, #canada, #canada2, #lucifer and a whole bunch of others
23:47 <+wrtlprnft> as if that was an important one
23:47  * noob likes #lucifer
23:47 <+wrtlprnft> #list herald
23:47 <noob> :(
23:47 <armabot> wrtlprnft: add, change, default, get, and remove
23:47 <+wrtlprnft> #help herald add
23:47 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (herald add [<channel>] <user|nick> <msg>) -- Sets the herald message for <user> (or the user <nick|hostmask> is currently identified or recognized as) to <msg>. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent in the channel itself.
23:47 <+Lucifer_arma> #message wrtlprnft hi there
23:47 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
23:47 <+wrtlprnft> asd
23:48 <+wrtlprnft> what's the difference to #tell?
23:48 <+Lucifer_arma> well, it's #later tell, iirc
23:48 <+wrtlprnft> yeah, that's what i meant
23:48 <+wrtlprnft> #herald add Lucifer_arma test
23:48 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
23:48 <+wrtlprnft> #herald add Lucifer_arma test2
23:48 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
23:49 <+wrtlprnft> did you get both?
23:49 <+Lucifer_arma> no
23:49 <+wrtlprnft> any?
23:49 <+Lucifer_arma> herald is on leaves and joins
23:49 -!- Lucifer_arma [n=satan@user-0vvdcf9.cable.mindspring.com] has left #armagetron ["Core dumped!"]
23:49 -!- Lucifer_arma [n=satan@user-0vvdcf9.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #armagetron
23:49 <armabot> test2
23:49 <+wrtlprnft> haha, lost your voice status
23:49 <noob> ?
23:49  * wrtlprnft is voiced, notable by the annoying + in irssi
23:50 <Lucifer_arma> #herald add Lucifer_arma Lucifer_arma, I'm so happy to see you.  *kiss*
23:50 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
23:50 <+wrtlprnft> and that comes every time?
23:50 <luke-jr_> wrtlprnft: it's a yellow gem here
23:50 <Lucifer_arma> let's see
23:50 -!- Lucifer_arma [n=satan@user-0vvdcf9.cable.mindspring.com] has left #armagetron ["Core dumped!"]
23:50 -!- Lucifer_arma [n=satan@user-0vvdcf9.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #armagetron
23:50 <noob> owned
23:50 <luke-jr_> lol
23:50 <Lucifer_arma> awww
23:50 <+wrtlprnft> #herald lis
23:50 <+wrtlprnft> #herald list
23:50 <+wrtlprnft> #list herald
23:50 <armabot> wrtlprnft: add, change, default, get, and remove
23:50 <Lucifer_arma> #list herald
23:50 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: add, change, default, get, and remove
23:50 <+wrtlprnft> #herald get
23:50 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Error: You must be registered to use this command. If you are already registered, you must either identify (using the identify command) or add a hostmask matching your current hostmask (using the "hostmask add" command).
23:51 <Lucifer_arma> #herald get Lucifer_arma
23:51 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: Lucifer_arma, I'm so happy to see you. *kiss*
23:51 <Lucifer_arma> maybe it times how long you're gone
23:51 <+wrtlprnft> #herald get
23:51 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Error: I have no herald for wrtlprnft.
23:51 <luke-jr_> haha
23:51 <+wrtlprnft> #herald add wrtlprnft blah
23:51 <armabot> wrtlprnft: The operation succeeded.
23:51 <+wrtlprnft> #herald get
23:51 <armabot> wrtlprnft: blah
23:51 <+wrtlprnft> #herald get
23:51 <armabot> wrtlprnft: blah
23:51 <Lucifer_arma> #herald add I'm so happy to see you.  *kiss*
23:51 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: Error: I can't find I'm in my user database. If you didn't give a user name, then I might not know what your user is, and you'll need to identify before this command might work.
23:51 <Lucifer_arma> #herald add Lucifer_arma I'm so happy to see you.  *kiss*
23:51 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
23:51 <+wrtlprnft> ah, this works on users registered to armabot!
23:51 <noob> no
23:52 <Lucifer_arma> #herald get
23:52 <noob> watch
23:52 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: I'm so happy to see you. *kiss*
23:52 <Lucifer_arma> @ignore noob
23:52 <Lucifer_arma> (heh)
23:52 <noob> #herald add #armagetron noob i love you
23:52 <armabot> noob: Error: I can't find noob in my user database. If you didn't give a user name, then I might not know what your user is, and you'll need to identify before this command might work.
23:52 <noob> ???
23:52 <noob> bah
23:52 <+wrtlprnft> toldya
23:52 <noob> anyways that's how you do it
23:52 <+wrtlprnft> it's talking about its user DB
23:52 <+wrtlprnft> pwned
23:53  * noob doesn't feel like registering
23:53 <Lucifer_arma> prawned
23:53 <noob> lucifer do this
23:53 <noob> #herald add #armagetron lucifer texthere
23:53 <armabot> noob: Error: I can't find lucifer in my user database. If you didn't give a user name, then I might not know what your user is, and you'll need to identify before this command might work.
23:53 <noob> gr
23:53 -!- noob is now known as spidey
23:53 <Lucifer_arma> http://www.davefancella.com/namefile.txt
23:54 <+wrtlprnft> ?
23:54 <+wrtlprnft> wtf is that?
23:54 <spidey> ok got it
23:54 <spidey> now lets go play
23:54 <spidey> :D
23:54 <spidey> wait
23:54 <spidey> did you use the ascii in mine?
23:55 <spidey> i'ma remove it if you didn't
23:56 <Lucifer_arma> wait, I still need to add the names from yours
23:56 <spidey> lol
23:56 <+wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: spidey: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=International_Tron_World_Cup&curid=2471&diff=13931&oldid=13930&rcid=12911
23:56 <spidey> wrtlprnft, autoname generating script thingy
23:57 <+wrtlprnft> well
23:57 <+wrtlprnft> canada is one country
23:57 <+wrtlprnft> there are currently 3 players in the list
23:57  * spidey adds "we exsist in antartica"
23:57 <spidey> xD
23:57 <+wrtlprnft> so canada is as much of a country as thr rebellious states?!
23:58 <spidey> guess so
23:58 <+wrtlprnft> wow
23:58 <+wrtlprnft> nice definition
23:58 <+wrtlprnft> and nice he noticed this is not a forum
23:58 <+wrtlprnft> there's a talk page, no place for edit wars
23:58 <+wrtlprnft> you can get temporarily banned from wikipedia for that
23:59  * spidey has been banned from wikipedia
23:59 <spidey> by host name to, they banned .charter.net
23:59 <luke-jr_> lol, doubt it
23:59 <+wrtlprnft> spidey has been banned for everything for being a stupid littel kiddie :P
23:59 <+wrtlprnft> *from

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