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[2021-12-25 23:17:36] <Lucifer_arma> I don't know when c++ added the auto keyword, but I'm already having a love/hate relationship with it
[2021-12-25 23:18:04] <Lucifer_arma> I love the convenience.  You do "auto somename = SomeFunctionThatReturnsAType()" and "somename" will be the correct type
[2021-12-25 23:18:25] <Lucifer_arma> I hate how it makes the code less readable, though, because an explicitly typed language should require all types to be explicitly declared
[2021-12-25 23:18:44] <Lucifer_arma> so when I read a line that contains an auto type, I have to go digging to find out what type it actually is
[2021-12-25 23:18:46] <Lucifer_arma> so, love/hate

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