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[2020-12-16 05:34:55] <Lucifer_arma> ]math calc 4000/14
[2020-12-16 05:34:56] <ljrbot> Lucifer_arma: 285.714285714
[2020-12-16 17:01:32] <Z-Man> "Funny" you mention that... Z-Wife also has both Lactose intolerance and depression, mild forms. She can eat some cheeses all right, and the depression is under control with very light medication we're currently sloooowly reducing.
[2020-12-16 17:08:58] <Z-Man> And jogurt. She can eat some of that. Apparently, cheese and jogurt bacteria break down lactose for themselves without producing acid in the process, which is what the 'bad' bacteria in your gut will do, or the bacteria that make milk sour.
[2020-12-16 17:28:31] <Z-Man> And you get some leftover lactase, so finishing a meal with a jogurt sounds like a plan. Now, I doubt live bacteria in jogurt are any good. They'd have to survive the stomach and then thrive in your gut, where they have to compete with the other bacteria better adapted to living in dark, airless digestive tracts, and they have to be left alone by the immune system.
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