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[2020-11-28 01:36:46] <Lucifer_arma> well, that was unexpected.  After converting my laptop screen into a standalone monitor, I bought a little tablet stand for thin monitors and put it on the stand.  Now it's sitting at a very comfortable height, and it's made the screen like 200% better than it was before.
[2020-11-28 01:37:27] <Lucifer_arma> it's making this computer easier to use than it has ever been, and because of the body being in various states of disrepair, it's never been easy to use.
[2020-11-28 01:37:53] <Lucifer_arma> that makes it an unexpected source of improvement.  :)
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[2020-11-28 10:06:44] <nunya_> When I try to pause the game it only pauses for a second then resumes. I used to be able to pause the game, go do something else. How do I configure Armagetronad to do that when I press p ?
[2020-11-28 10:17:30] <nunya_> I have googled but found no results for how to do this in Armagetronad. I have edited ~/.armagetronad/var/user.cfg     " KEYBOARD	112	PLAYER_BIND	PAUSE_GAME	0" I changed the value from 0 to 1. That caused no pause at all so I changed it back to 0
[2020-11-28 10:18:25] <nunya_> Is anyone here? t appears no one is chatting.
[2020-11-28 10:23:12] <nunya_> This room is useless! I have never gotten a rewsponse! Why bother?
[2020-11-28 10:30:41] <-- luke-jr has quit (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.sourceforge.net)
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[2020-11-28 10:38:15] <nunya_> Hi luke-jr I don't know if I can be helpful but at least know someone is here.
[2020-11-28 10:47:34] <nunya_> When I try to pauseArmagetronadit only pauses for a second then resumes. I used to be able to pause the game, go do something else. How do I configure  Armagetronad to do that when I press p ? I even tried the settings in the game, aaigned the key p.
[2020-11-28 10:51:18] <Armanelgtron> never you say ? did I not respond to you last time you were here
[2020-11-28 10:53:37] <Armanelgtron> anyway, I believe Z-Man said that it was due to a bug in ubuntu sending spurious activation events, tied with armagetron's unpause on activation
[2020-11-28 10:54:50] <nunya_> <Armanelgtron>Any ideas for a solution?
[2020-11-28 10:55:14] <Armanelgtron> I think as a workaround you could leave the in-game menu (escape) open if you want to pause
[2020-11-28 10:56:05] <nunya_> <Armanelgtron> Thanks I'll try that.
[2020-11-28 10:57:00] <Armanelgtron> or I should say, open the in-game menu (escape) to pause, close the in-game menu (escape again or return to game) to unpause
[2020-11-28 10:58:48] <nunya_> <Armanelgtron> I get it thanks!
[2020-11-28 11:02:55] <nunya_> <Armanelgtron>I just tried that. the light cycle keeps going although very slowly but eventually crashes into a wall. Oh well I guess I'll just have to finish a game before a bathroom break!
[2020-11-28 11:04:40] <Armanelgtron> oh I guess that was the game advancing frame by frame thing on the menu he mentioned...
[2020-11-28 11:05:44] <nunya_> Hopefully the game designers or Ubuntu team get this solved by next version of the game.
[2020-11-28 11:06:40] <nunya_> I guess that explains why installing an earlier version of the game didn't work either.
[2020-11-28 11:08:33] <Armanelgtron> I guess you could leave fullscreen mode when you want to pause
[2020-11-28 11:10:49] <nunya_> <Armanelgtron>That seems to be working
[2020-11-28 11:25:14] <nunya_> <Armanelgtron>Thanks again!
[2020-11-28 11:25:21] <-- nunya_ has left the channel ("Leaving")
[2020-11-28 11:27:03] <Armanelgtron> I wish they didn't complain about not getting an immediate response ... I only happened to check IRC in a reasonable timeframe both times... oh well
[2020-11-28 12:25:19] <ct|kyle> It's the age of the instant of crap
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