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[2020-11-18 08:38:19] <nunya_> I used to be able to pause the game by typing p It would pause until I hit the p key again. Now it pauses for about 3 seconds and then continues the game. Can anyone help get the pause function back to normal?
[2020-11-18 09:03:29] <nunya_> Hello, anyone home?
[2020-11-18 09:10:12] <Armanelgtron> usually, people don't instantly respond around here
[2020-11-18 09:10:38] <nunya_> Ok just wondering.
[2020-11-18 09:14:38] <Armanelgtron> well I'm not sure I'd be able to answer but I'll ask what version of armagetron and what OS?
[2020-11-18 09:14:54] <Armanelgtron> that is, I'm not sure I'd be able to help figure out why the pause function is broken
[2020-11-18 09:16:29] <nunya_> Armagetronad  Ubuntu
[2020-11-18 09:18:52] <Armanelgtron> is armagetron by some chance somehow losing and regaining focus ?
[2020-11-18 09:19:06] <nunya_> not that I know of
[2020-11-18 09:21:13] <nunya_> <Armanelgtron> Other programs use the same hotkey but not running when I play Armagetronad
[2020-11-18 09:27:03] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.9-armagetronad-sty+ct+ap] r1192 Use GetID instead of GOID in ZONE_SHOT_RELEASED
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[2020-11-18 12:50:56] <Z-Man> Weird. Yeah, on Ubuntu, I get the automatic unpausing too, with the 0install version of 0.2.9. Doesn't happen on my main machine.
[2020-11-18 12:51:32] <Z-Man> That it unpauses if you switch focus away from it and back has been there before. I'm not sure we that's such a good thing either.
[2020-11-18 12:52:11] <Z-Man> I'll do a debug recording from ubuntu, check it out on the development system to see what's up.
[2020-11-18 12:54:28] <Z-Man> Perfect. It does not happen when you make a debug recording.
[2020-11-18 13:21:16] <Z-Man> It also doesn't happen in windowed mode, so no direct debugging.
[2020-11-18 13:22:46] <Z-Man> And recent builds from the branch are also affected. I don't think it's a code change with us that triggered this.
[2020-11-18 13:23:07] <Z-Man> Right, so the one shot I have here is to disable the unpause on reactivation, see if that fixes it.
[2020-11-18 13:31:05] <Z-Man> And amazingly, that was it. The unpause on reactivation also was guarded so it didn't happen on record, neatly explaining that effect.
[2020-11-18 13:31:28] <Z-Man> So Ubuntu must be sending spurious window activation messages in fullscreen mode now.
[2020-11-18 13:31:52] <Z-Man> (Now = since at least 18.04)
[2020-11-18 13:35:59] <Z-Man> And it also explains the weird thing that the game would stutter ahead frame by frame if the menu is activated. I wanted to get to the bottom of that, too.
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