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[2020-11-07 04:51:32] <Z-Man> Well, Donald Jr. is already running warmup laps. He certainly has ambitions, too.
[2020-11-07 04:52:24] <Z-Man> First of three acts sounds way better than a never ending soap opera.
[2020-11-07 04:59:49] <Z-Man> Here's a scary thought. Biden's victory in a lot of the states is very narrow. No way he would have won them had Covid-19 not exposed Trump's utter incompetence. So now imagine these two things are true (I don't think they are):
[2020-11-07 05:02:33] <Z-Man> 1. Trump's victory this year would have had horrible consequences. Unstoppable climate desaster, totalitarian systems taking over the world, lizard people everywhere, take your pick.
[2020-11-07 05:07:28] <Z-Man> 2. There is a benevolent and omniscient God. But one with very little direct power (by choice! I imagine smiting people left and right is fun and all, but gets boring after a couple of millenia).
[2020-11-07 05:11:52] <Z-Man> It's late 2019; God sees the future without intervention perfectly clear. But a bat infected with a harmless virus is going to shit on something somebody eventually eats in china, or is going to be eaten itself, no matter. A cosmic ray is going to zip through one of the copies of the virus, but would not interact. That's the one thing God can change. Make the ray hit, cause a mutation.
[2020-11-07 05:13:44] <Z-Man> So, worst trolley problem ever?
[2020-11-07 05:14:01] <Z-Man> Unless God happened to like the dinosaurs, of course.
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