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[2020-08-28 02:34:53] <Armanelgtron> does ljrbot pick that up from the git repository on launchpad or something?
[2020-08-28 02:35:47] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.9-armagetronad-sty+ct+ap] r1160 Tweak scoretable to show alive players fading from green to ...
[2020-08-28 02:38:35] --> nelg-bot has joined the channel
[2020-08-28 03:05:56] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.9-armagetronad-sty+ct+ap] r1160 Tweak team scoretable to show alive players count fading fro...
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[2020-08-28 12:10:58] --> Lucifer_arma has joined the channel
[2020-08-28 13:41:34] <Z-Man> Armanelgtron: It's picking things up from Launchpad. Looks like it just scans all project related branches there.
[2020-08-28 16:29:50] <Z-Man> guru3: no worries, we'll leave it that way. We need a version-to-version user.cfg upgrade system anyway for cases like this, when we want to apply a new default value to at least those players who have not modified the previous default.
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[2020-08-28 21:35:02] -!- Z-Man changed nick to Guest35263
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[2020-08-28 21:35:02] -!- zmanuel changed nick to Z-Man
[2020-08-28 21:58:10] <Lucifer_arma> Z-Man: guru3: as far as I know, those settings are no longer used in the cockpit
[2020-08-28 22:30:40] <Armanelgtron> Lucifer_arma: right, but that doesn't help with 0.2.9

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