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[2020-08-23 02:16:36] <Lucifer_arma> so, all the information I can find is telling me I need about a 4000W DC electric motor, but nothing is telling me if that 4000W is power usage, or if it's power to the wheel
[2020-08-23 02:16:54] <Lucifer_arma> is it possible that in an electric motor, power usage and power output are the same?
[2020-08-23 02:18:04] <Lucifer_arma> anyway, I need it in the smallest possible package, and it needs to be able to spin up no higher than about 2750 rpm.  Oh, and I don't want to hook it up with a chain or belt, I want to modify the shaft so that it drives the input gear in the final drive directly
[2020-08-23 02:19:00] <Lucifer_arma> after that, I need to find an alternator that can attach to the crankshaft of the engine, and it needs to generate enough electricity to power the motor and charge a battery pack.
[2020-08-23 02:19:17] <Lucifer_arma> Then, an arduino or two and some code later, I'll have a hybrid scooter :)
[2020-08-23 02:20:31] <Lucifer_arma> Bosch has an electric motor that's integrated with the hub of the wheel.  I can use that, but only if it's fast enough (fastest I've seen is a 3000W motor) and only if it's available in a 13 inch rim size
[2020-08-23 02:21:10] <Lucifer_arma> the one I've seen is only available in a 10 inch rim size, because it's targeted for a 50cc class scooter, and I'm working with a 150cc, but I want to get near 250cc performance out of the conversion
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