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[2020-08-15 01:02:46] <monr0e> guru3 are you Tank? Or is that some odd association that I've made somewhere?
[2020-08-15 02:34:20] <Z-Man> monr0e: he is.
[2020-08-15 02:35:47] <Z-Man> If burning comes back, tell him that's a compatibility issue, something changed in the way Linux gives out the information the relocation code uses. Fixed in, Slackbuilds is still on .4. Pester them to upgrade.
[2020-08-15 02:44:31] <Z-Man> Or try the AppImage. I haven't tested it on Slackware, really should. That's about as old school as it gets.
[2020-08-15 03:00:22] <Z-Man> Not the appimage for, though, that is unlikely to work due to missing libs.
[2020-08-15 04:09:28] -!- Lucifer_arma_ changed nick to Lucifer_arma
[2020-08-15 05:40:17] <guru3> monr0e: yes, my alias is Tank Program
[2020-08-15 08:23:23] <monr0e> guru3 Cool! I'm building an authentication service that's a bit easier to access than the forums, and I was hoping to get a shortlink for it. I'm having some issues trying to figure out how to identify requests from arma and let them use insecure auth, but then I realised that the @forums identity does the same thing. Do shortlinks in armagetron use some sort of redirector that strips SSL? Or is there some other way to identify requests
[2020-08-15 08:23:24] <monr0e> from Arma, since I looked through the krawall stuff and couldn't see anything pointing to writing user agents in the header
[2020-08-15 08:26:08] <guru3> armagetron uses libxml to handdle http requests iirc, and it doesn't support ssl
[2020-08-15 08:27:14] <guru3> I don't think it doesn't anything special to the HTTP headers, so there's no easy way to tell if the request is coming from the game or something else
[2020-08-15 08:27:22] <guru3> Z-Man would know more about the technicalities
[2020-08-15 08:28:10] <guru3> short links in the game are always assumed to be a subdomain of authentication.armgetronad.net so all that's needed on that end is a cname in the DNS
[2020-08-15 08:29:57] <monr0e> Fair enough. Would I ideally just create a new subdomain without ssl then?
[2020-08-15 08:30:31] <guru3> yes
[2020-08-15 08:30:54] <guru3> as long as ssl isn't required it should be fine
[2020-08-15 08:32:01] <monr0e> Righto, I'll do that today then. I'll pop back later and pass on a link
[2020-08-15 08:32:45] <guru3> in order to get a shorthand auth we'll need to see your setup and a recommendation from another community member
[2020-08-15 08:32:54] <guru3> (by see your setup I mean see a working auth system)
[2020-08-15 08:33:31] <monr0e> I can do that. I'm just putting the final touches on the php, the existing examples are very vulnerable to injection
[2020-08-15 08:33:35] <guru3> also for reference to see how it works on the game side see https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~armagetronad-dev/armagetronad/0.4-armagetronad/view/head:/src/network/nAuthentication.cpp
[2020-08-15 08:35:54] <monr0e> Yeah I have the source here, I was reading through it. Also Z-Man I found some references to xmlNanoHTTPSetRequestHeader in a mailing list log, it might be helpful to use that to identify requests from armagetron in the future, so that others can set up authentication services without allowing insecure access
[2020-08-15 08:36:22] <monr0e> Assuming it ever got implemented, taht is
[2020-08-15 08:36:42] <guru3> setting the http headers in the game would help some, but ideally we need to find a lightweight https library
[2020-08-15 08:36:57] <guru3> sadly the last time I looked libcurl (!) seemed like the best option
[2020-08-15 08:42:24] <monr0e> Poco? I'm a C# man rather than a C++ man, but I do know of several C# packages built on top of Poco libs. I'm told they're extremely small for their functionality
[2020-08-15 13:42:12] <monr0e> guru3: All set up. The frontend is accessed via https://armathentication.vixen.international/, and the in-game login is accessed from gameclient.armathentication.vixen.international. Could we get a shortlink like @vix?
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[2020-08-15 17:00:27] <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [] r1338 Merge: Fix order of deployments... || [] Fix order of deployments...
[2020-08-15 18:15:00] <Lucifer_arma> well, if we'd ever gotten the web server working with python scripting, we could use that for authentication in lots of cool ways :)
[2020-08-15 18:15:11] <Lucifer_arma> sadly, that was my project, and I haven't gotten around to it
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