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[2020-08-07 11:18:55] <Armanelgtron> hmm, I just figured out that I have to set armagetron's color depth specifically to 16-bit (versus leaving at default) if I want my fullscreen toggle woes to go away (and it also doesn't reinitialise the screen everytime I do "Apply Changes" then)
[2020-08-07 11:25:08] <Armanelgtron> hmm, it happens both under the intel HD 4000 graphics and the nvidia GPU in this laptop
[2020-08-07 11:25:29] <Armanelgtron> or at least through optirun/primusrun 
[2020-08-07 11:25:50] <Armanelgtron> with the latter
[2020-08-07 11:41:22] <Z-Man> Armanelgtron: Can you try setting the Depth buffer to 16 bit while keeping the color depth at default or 32 bits?
[2020-08-07 11:41:59] <Z-Man> For me, 32 bit depth does not work at all any more. I'm pretty sure it used to.
[2020-08-07 11:42:18] <Z-Man> 24 bits also exists as an option, we should probably add that.
[2020-08-07 11:44:01] <Armanelgtron> it just reverts the buffer depth back to 16
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[2020-08-07 13:16:38] <Z-Man> The color depth, too?
[2020-08-07 13:38:04] <Armanelgtron> no, but "apply changes" always closes/reopens the window if that's also not 16
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