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[2020-06-26 01:25:29] -!- Armanelgtron changed nick to Armanelgtron
[2020-06-26 18:24:25] <Z-Man> ITCH.IO IS AMAZING
[2020-06-26 18:24:45] <Z-Man> Their tool only requires login credentials in a file
[2020-06-26 18:25:30] <Z-Man> you point it to a directory with your game, tell it via a tag which OS it is for
[2020-06-26 18:25:45] <Z-Man> And that's it. If there's only one executable in the top level of that directory, that's what gets run.
[2020-06-26 18:27:55] <Z-Man> It's as if their design goals are "Right. Creating games is hard enough. Publishing them should be as simple as possible."
[2020-06-26 18:29:08] <Z-Man> They also have a dropdown menu somewhere where you can tell them your game is GPL. (or MIT or whatever)
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