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Log from 2019-06-16:
[02:06:45] *** Joins: physkets (~physkets@unaffiliated/physkets)
[06:11:29] <Z-Man> The wife is NEVER wrong.
[08:59:19] *** Joins: MrBougo_ (~MrBougo@xonotic/contributor/MrBougo)
[09:00:49] *** Quits: MrBougo (~MrBougo@xonotic/contributor/MrBougo) (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[10:00:59] *** Quits: physkets (~physkets@unaffiliated/physkets) (Quit: physkets)
[11:26:05] *** Joins: physkets (~physkets@unaffiliated/physkets)
[12:33:24] <Z-Man> Computer wishlist:
[12:35:13] <Z-Man> 1. A backup system that is super smart about git/bzr repositories. Don't store its raw .git/ files. Don't store regular files that are in git and not modified from ther. Do store the full repository content, but if the same repository is in some other place in the to-be-backed-up files, do so only once.
[12:36:18] <Z-Man> 2. Menu items to boot from Windows to Linux and back. I constantly miss the GRUB prompt. (I know I can have a script doing that from Linux to Windows, but I want a button).
[12:38:28] <Z-Man> 3. A monitor that can switch between GSync/FreeSync without pulsing backlight and constant refresh rate with pulsing backlight automatically. Preferably with all the other monitor bells and whistles.
[12:42:19] <Z-Man> 4. Make multiscreen setups with mixed resolutions not suck, or alternatively, someone dropping three 4k monitors at my door (Hey, it's MY wishlist :) )
[15:00:17] *** Quits: physkets (~physkets@unaffiliated/physkets) (Quit: physkets)
[21:38:10] *** Joins: Z-Man- (~Z-Man@p4FE3E601.dip0.t-ipconnect.de)
[21:38:10] *** Quits: Z-Man (~Z-Man@p4FE3ED18.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) (Killed (verne.freenode.net (Nickname regained by services)))
[21:38:10] *** Z-Man- is now known as Z-Man

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