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Log from 2019-04-08:
[00:23:15] *** Joins: Lucifer_arma (~dave@cpe-66-68-59-243.austin.res.rr.com)
[00:25:52] <Lucifer_arma> Z-Man: I think you're right about Nadella, and if that's the case, Microsoft is going to move over into the "mostly good" column along with IBM, who also has a bad history
[00:26:26] <Lucifer_arma> For me, Google is still in the "mostly neutral" column because of their solidly good history, but their recent history (last 10 years or so) has moved them into the "slightly bad" part of that column
[00:26:58] <Lucifer_arma> Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al. are all firmly in the "Definitely Bad, possibly Big Bad" column
[00:27:51] <Lucifer_arma> Because for anything/everything they've ever done for open source software, they have always completely missed the point of natural rights inherent to being a user and done whatever the fuck they wanted
[00:28:21] <Lucifer_arma> I wasn't impressed with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod when they were the only devices on the market of their kind
[00:28:59] <Lucifer_arma> and Google creating Android to counter that move was a Good Thing.  But then they loaded it up with all sorts of crap, essentially pulling an Apple, and have recently announced they want to abandon Android (?!)
[00:29:41] <Lucifer_arma> Gah.  It's easier to just stick with Canonical, that way I don't have to worry.  They've stayed in the "Solidly Good, let them date my daughter" category since their inception
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[15:38:22] <Z-Man> Well, yeah. Worst thing you can blame them for is constantly cooking up their own solutions, binding developer effort, and then failing. What's the fail list again? Unity and Mir, Mobile Ubuntu, Upstart.
[15:39:08] <Z-Man> Now they have Snap. I tried snap packets a few times, always total failures.
[15:39:59] <Z-Man> Launchpad gives me 'try again later' errors on every third page view.
[15:40:44] <Z-Man> What I'm saying is, they're good, but sadly incompetent :( Or at least overreaching.
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[16:06:06] <Z-Man> With Google (esp. YouTube), Facebook and Twitter, I'm not bothered by whatever they do to software. I'm worried about what they do to society.
[16:08:09] <Z-Man> Thanks to them, now you can make one inapropriate joke you think only to your friends, and when you come home, you find an angry mob of a hundred waiting for you because it got shared and there is no practical limit to neither the total nor peak rage any stupid remark can generate.
[16:09:22] <Z-Man> And peoples' main sources of information are fed by algorithms optimizing 'engagement', which is just an euphemism for 'rage'.
[16:10:33] <Z-Man> I'm not on Facebook, but I still see it on Youtube. The effort I had to go through to teach that bugger that I don't want to see any more Jordan Peterson videos....
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