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Log from 2019-01-08:
[05:17:10] <luke-jr> Windows still exists?
[05:24:07] <luke-jr> Z-Man: the git log shows me as <Unknown> -.-
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[15:55:45] <Z-Man> luke-jr: yeah, those are your svn commits. They don't have an email address associated with them. bzr commits show you as Luke Dashjr <luke+bzr@dashjr.org>.
[15:55:51] <Z-Man> The same happened with my commits.
[15:57:17] <Z-Man> bzr-git may have an option to add a user mapping file that would have gotten rid of that identity crisis, but this was too much work already and a user mapping would have increased the chances of sync errors later when the user mapping file changed/got lost or the mapping from bzr to git is not one to one.
[18:10:09] <luke-jr> hm, odd
[18:11:11] <luke-jr> GitHub has amazingly low commit counts. I guess almost everything was svn then?
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[22:16:46] <ct|kyle> luke-jr: I would suspect that you had a lot more in svn than bzr
[22:21:18] <ct|kyle> also for instance hack-v2sty is merged into the mainline so commit history is lost for that
[22:21:22] <luke-jr> ct|kyle: it's not just me (actually, GitHub lists me as #2)
[22:21:44] <ct|kyle> I have none in the master branch
[22:22:20] <ct|kyle> that's only showing trunk / master commits
[22:30:21] <ct|kyle> luke-jr: in my fork, I jsut added sty+ct as default branch https://github.com/kslane/armagetronad/graphs/contributors

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