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Log from 2018-04-15:
[09:44:34] *** Quits: Z-Man (~Z-Man@x59cc9bed.dyn.telefonica.de) (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[11:27:45] *** Joins: G5 (~g5@p200300EB4BC476005855EE2991E1C8E2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de)
[12:09:21] *** Joins: Z-Man (~Z-Man@x59cc9ab5.dyn.telefonica.de)
[12:17:30] <Armanelgtron> Has anyone pointed out that armagetronad.org is down?
[12:17:35] <Armanelgtron> Because it is
[13:35:39] *** Joins: sinewav (~Thunderbi@ip68-7-68-87.sd.sd.cox.net)
[13:58:03] <Lucifer_arma> guru3: ?
[13:59:38] <Lucifer_arma> Z-Man: ?
[13:59:51] <Lucifer_arma> Armanelgtron: a whois lookup shows that it doesn't even expire until november
[16:54:35] <Z-Man> neat, quasseldroid crashes now whenever I activate/deactivate the wireless keyboard. The keyboard has a 10 min auto-powersave shutdown... gonna be fun in the long run.
[16:54:45] <Z-Man> .org is mine, isn't it?
[16:59:12] <Z-Man> Lucifer_arma: Modern boards for some CPUs have an extra power socket near the CPU that you have to plug something from the PSU in. Symtoms of forgetting that are what you describe.
[17:06:35] <Z-Man> Bah, Internet is still too fucked for me. Can't get into the server admin webpage. I have to try again tomorrow.
[19:14:05] <Lucifer_arma> Z-Man: this isn't one of those boards.  The extra power socket is also incorporated into the ATX power plug, iirc, being the difference between a 20 pin plug and a 24 pin plug
[19:14:25] <Lucifer_arma> also, this is a low power CPU by design.  :)
[19:14:49] <Lucifer_arma> In any case, it turned out the Fry's sold me a defective power supply.  I got my bike running again (minor electrical problem) and exchanged the PSU
[19:14:52] <Lucifer_arma> new computer is working fine
[19:15:07] <Lucifer_arma> we named it TheLarch.  It's replacing Dead-Parrot, which is now an ex-computer, a former computer.
[19:24:37] <ct|kyle> Lucifer_arma: so 3 PSU's later it's working :P
[19:47:01] <Lucifer_arma> ct|kyle: technically, four, but one of them was questionable and the other was (unknown to me at the time) already bad
[19:55:20] <luke-jr> Lucifer_arma: pretty sure it's the 24-pin plug PLUS another one
[19:55:30] <luke-jr> but maybe yours doesn't require it
[19:55:54] <Lucifer_arma> mine doesn't require it, but I didn't see any extra four pin plugs in the power supply
[19:56:04] <Lucifer_arma> some six pin plugs, though.  Haven't seen those before, either.
[19:56:15] <luke-jr> low end PSU?
[19:56:23] <Lucifer_arma> you know it
[19:56:30] <Lucifer_arma> tr2 430W
[19:56:46] <Lucifer_arma> good reputation...when they're made well.  Also have a solid reputation for manufacturing defects.
[19:59:20] <luke-jr> PSU I just got has: 1 x Main Power (24/20 pins), 2 x CPU (8/4 pins), 12 x PCIe (8/6 pins), 12 x SATA, 5 x Peripheral, 1 x Floppy
[19:59:46] <Lucifer_arma> peripheral?  Like the old molex plugs?
[19:59:51] <luke-jr> yes
[19:59:53] <luke-jr> https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151208
[20:00:22] <luke-jr> I'm using one peripheral plug for the case fans
[20:00:37] <Lucifer_arma> I didn't count mine, but based on what you've said, those 6 pin plugs are obviously PCIe plugs, then
[20:00:57] <Lucifer_arma> I honestly don't want a computer that needs a 1300W PSU ;)
[20:00:58] <luke-jr> typically only GPUs need them
[20:01:08] <luke-jr> mine probably doesn't, but I wasn't sure
[20:01:19] <luke-jr> IIRC the CPUs had their wattage reduced a bit
[20:01:33] <luke-jr> no idea what the GPU uses
[20:01:33] <Lucifer_arma> it might have some of those CPU plugs you're talking about.  I didn't really count what I had.  There's a shitload of SATA plugs
[20:01:45] <Lucifer_arma> and it's mind-boggling to me that there are still floppy power plugs
[20:01:57] <luke-jr> the floppy one is just an adapter in mine XD
[20:02:06] <Lucifer_arma> like, what can you possibly fit on a floppy disk that could be useful nowadays?
[20:02:07] <luke-jr> from peripheral IIRC
[20:02:12] <luke-jr> haha
[20:02:29] <luke-jr> when I first saw it, I was thinking it was a fan-connector to peripheral
[20:02:35] <luke-jr> had to look up what it was
[20:02:37] <Lucifer_arma> my case doesn't even have a place for a floppy drive
[20:02:41] <Lucifer_arma> haha
[20:02:45] <Lucifer_arma> had it been that long for you?  ;)
[20:03:14] <luke-jr> mine either
[20:03:19] <Lucifer_arma> it's been many years since I've used a floppy drive for anything other than just filling the hole in the case.  I haven't even plugged them in when I was still installing them.
[20:03:20] <luke-jr> I don't even have DVD drives anymore
[20:03:38] <luke-jr> my old PC has a floppydrive-sized USB thing
[20:03:39] <Lucifer_arma> I'm going to be finally taking the BLU-ray leap
[20:04:00] <luke-jr> I don't see the point. all I've ever done is throw DVDs into archive until they break
[20:04:03] <luke-jr> never read one back
[20:04:04] <Lucifer_arma> since I only have ATAPI DVD drives, and this mobo only has SATA plugs
[20:04:16] <luke-jr> SATA is obsolete nowadays too :x
[20:04:32] <Lucifer_arma> this is a media pc, so it needs to be able to rip from the media that ships movies/tv shows/video games
[20:04:36] <luke-jr> ah
[20:04:45] <luke-jr> I just download those
[20:04:46] <luke-jr> :D
[20:04:51] <Lucifer_arma> I'm going to pick up a WII bar, USB, and see how well Dolphin runs on it.
[20:05:17] <Lucifer_arma> my wife likes to rent stuff every now and then.  It's impulsive when she does it, but it does mean I need to make sure we have a way to play it.
[20:05:28] <Lucifer_arma> otherwise, she'll usually ask me to download instead :)
[20:05:37] <luke-jr> not having a way maybe kill the impulse spending
[20:05:49] <Lucifer_arma> it's like once a year, tops.
[20:06:04] <Lucifer_arma> we're more likely to get DVDs and shit as gifts than we are to rent something
[20:06:26] <Lucifer_arma> hey, speaking of gaming and linux, have you used Kodi?
[20:07:33] <ct|kyle> luke-jr: After my first modular PSU (A replacement for a standard one that went bad) I'd never got back to a non modular one
[20:07:49] <Lucifer_arma> modular PSU?
[20:08:23] <ct|kyle> Lucifer_arma: each cable plugs into the back of the PSU
[20:09:19] <ct|kyle> so no extra mess of cables that are unused
[20:09:51] <Lucifer_arma> I see that.  that's neat, but not what I'd call "modular", heh
[20:10:12] <Lucifer_arma> I was expecting expansion power boards you could put in the case, so you could configure it quite literally for the amount of power you actually need.
[20:10:25] <ct|kyle> https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA8H531D0068
[20:10:30] <ct|kyle> that is mine (i think)
[20:10:49] <Lucifer_arma> that would be cool.  Then I could get a mobo power board that's low power for the mobo I actually have, then get the suitable ones for the SATA drives I have.
[20:12:24] <Lucifer_arma> someone outside is making a shit-ton of noise
[20:12:33] <ct|kyle> I really need to look up the price I paid for this computer, Everything I keep looking up in it seams way more expencive than what I actually paied
[20:12:58] <Lucifer_arma> heh
[20:13:07] <Lucifer_arma> this computer ended up being around $130
[20:13:59] <Lucifer_arma> of course, it's still not "finished".  I need to buy more memory and give my youngest his memory back (as long as I don't forget)
[20:14:05] <Lucifer_arma> and that optical drive, of course
[20:14:27] <Lucifer_arma> a 5.1 sound card.  Possibly a PCIe->Sata card (mobo only has two SATA ports)
[20:14:32] <ct|kyle> I don't know if blu-ray is really worth it on linux
[20:14:47] <Lucifer_arma> why not?  Is it not terribly supported?
[20:14:53] <Lucifer_arma> I haven't looked into it that much, tbh
[20:15:17] <ct|kyle> 3 years ago, I had to go through the process of breaking the encryption on the dika
[20:15:21] <ct|kyle> to play them
[20:16:03] <ct|kyle> may have been 4, I have not really tried much since, I don't really watch them anymore
[20:20:02] <Lucifer_arma> well, it looks like it's enough of a crapshoot that I probably should be considering just getting another DVD drive
[20:20:10] <Lucifer_arma> $16 vs $45 on amazon
[20:21:31] <ct|kyle> actually the blu-ray i played was Tron 2
[20:24:24] <Lucifer_arma> I saw that in the theater
[20:24:50] <Lucifer_arma> luckily, I didn't pay for it.  I told my mother-in-law she should get her money back.  She was mildly offended at first, because she liked it, heh.
[20:26:29] <Lucifer_arma> off to the store now
[20:30:28] <luke-jr> Lucifer_arma: never heard of Kodi
[20:31:06] <luke-jr> ct|kyle: yeah, modular seems must-have now
[20:31:24] <luke-jr> got Seasonic this time for its reliability and 12 year warranty
[20:31:31] <luke-jr> don't want to risk frying a $3000 motherboard
[20:34:51] <ct|kyle> I never used seasonic
[20:42:30] <Lucifer_arma> luke-jr: it used to be XBMC.  It's like MythTV, only a bit more advanced in a lot of ways.
[20:42:52] <Lucifer_arma> it also has commercial support, because it's used in embedded systems like TVs and shit
[20:43:47] <Lucifer_arma> it used to have netflix and hulu plugins that worked, which is a primary draw for me, so I hope they fix them so they can work again
[20:45:43] <luke-jr> I used Netflix once. When they mailed out DVDs.
[20:48:51] <Lucifer_arma> they're streaming service is quite good nowadays
[20:49:07] <Lucifer_arma> they still mail out DVDs, but we're leaching off my ex-wife's netflix account (and she gets to use our hulu account)
[20:56:06] <luke-jr> their*
[21:12:43] <Lucifer_arma> there providing a surprisingly good selection of new content
[21:13:00] <Lucifer_arma> they're reboot of Lost In Space has got me, it's quite good
[21:13:50] <Lucifer_arma> I still think they should of taken up Dark Matter, though, because that show was wicked awesome
[21:14:17] <Lucifer_arma> but I guess that wasn't in there plans
[21:24:19] <Lucifer_arma> grrr, I need to be identified to join a channel?
[21:55:57] <luke-jr> depends on the channel
[22:15:00] <Lucifer_arma> the kodi channels
[22:15:22] <Lucifer_arma> I ended up registering this nick, which I'd been needing to do for awhile (I lost Lucifer due to inactivity a couple of years ago)
[22:15:34] <ct|kyle> Lucifer_arma: please tell me you were purposfully using the wronh "there" after luke-jr wrongfully corrected yours
[22:15:41] <ct|kyle> wrong*
[22:15:49] <Lucifer_arma> ct|kyle: please tell me that wasn't the only problem you found
[22:25:17] <luke-jr> lol

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