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Log from 2017-08-08:
[14:48:15] *** Joins: AmarokNelg (~AmarokNel@unaffiliated/amaroknelg)
[14:48:19] *** Server sets mode: +cnt 
[14:48:21] *** Server sets mode: +cnt 
[14:48:23] *** Server sets mode: +cnt 
[14:48:24] *** Server sets mode: +cnt 
[16:14:08] <Z-Man> I'm not familiar enough with MacOS, especially the newest edition, to be of any help to G5. I'd guess it's a firewall problem? Sometimes, on Windows, you have firewalls that freeze programs when they try to access the net. They usually only do so to display a window asking for permission.
[16:17:11] <Z-Man> Lucifer_arma, guru3: wouldn't it be better to just lower the number of approved posts required? The current limit seems to be 15. I don't like the idea of having to approve 15 trash topics. THAT'S KIND OF THE OPPOSITE of what I want to do :)
[16:19:19] <Z-Man> Well, at least you can move them to the trash before approving.
[16:48:43] <Z-Man> Oh, that's what Lucifer says too, the limit lowering, I mean.
[17:02:24] *** Joins: G5 (~g5@p2003006A6A2FB900ADC0E23E3AA9EC00.dip0.t-ipconnect.de)
[17:41:21] <Lucifer_arma> Z-Man: Heh, I just posted explaining why I was OK doing the junk post thing this one time.
[17:41:49] <Lucifer_arma> I think we've beat the main problem that led to the probationary period in the first place, so lowering the limit seems reasonable to me since it's now primarily a spam filter
[17:43:22] <Lucifer_arma> Z-Man: did you come up with a way to forward the contents of a post to your phone as a text message?  Iirc, the email that gets sent doesn't contain that.  That would be handy, a little gmail filter that forwards the notification emails to my phone that contains the post contents.
[17:44:51] <Lucifer_arma> G5: you joined after Z-Man said it, soooo, have you checked firewall settings?
[17:45:31] <Lucifer_arma> My son had a similar problem in Windows (I think it's Windows 7), but it was weird how it happened.  He was able to download server info from three master servers, then it failed in four successive attempts before it just started working agian
[17:45:57] <Lucifer_arma> He was being silly and trying specifically to connect to mine, and mine only, hence the multiple successive attempts.
[17:50:31] <Lucifer_arma> Side note, I want my phone's autocorrect to start trying to guess the topic based on keywords and suggest words that are associated with that topic, while also learning what words I use associated with topics
[17:50:53] <G5> Lucifer_arma: Yes, I run Little Snitch and that does not even report the Area client trying to connect anywhere
[17:51:13] <G5> Area = Arma ...
[17:51:24] <Lucifer_arma> I wrote "laundry" in a text, and then had to spell "wash" before autocorrect figured out I was saying "washed".  It should have figured it out when I typed "w", after I'd already said "laundry"
[17:52:01] <Lucifer_arma> G5: that indicates it's getting shut down somewhere before the firewall, obviously.  Have you run it from a terminal to see if there are any error messages reported to stdout?
[17:52:20] <G5> wait a second
[17:54:58] <Lucifer_arma> I'm guessing the problem is getting the socket from the kernel.  That's the place where it would most likely hang, I think.  But Z-man would have put a timeout on the socket.open call (or whatever it is in c++)
[17:56:11] <Lucifer_arma> a similar issue I'm having with an Android game looks the same, and I'm 99% certain it's because the kernel doesn't free sockets properly when the app sleeps (it's the broken Bionic c library that's to blame)
[17:56:25] <Lucifer_arma> ]ping
[17:56:25] <ljrbot> pong
[17:57:40] <Z-Man> (Repeating for G5) I'm not familiar enough with MacOS, especially the newest edition, to be of any help to G5. I'd guess it's a firewall problem? Sometimes, on Windows, you have firewalls that freeze programs when they try to access the net. They usually only do so to display a window asking for permission.
[17:59:06] <Z-Man> Lucifer_arma: I'm using the RSS feed. I have it subscribed in Innoreader, and their phone app has the option to enable push notifications for one feed (in the free version, more in the paid versions).
[17:59:44] <G5> All I get as console output is error messages on unknown commands in my config files. Nothing more. Can I increase verbosity?
[18:00:31] <Lucifer_arma> why would you be getting error messages about unknown commands?
[18:00:34] <Z-Man> Or rather, had. They axed a bunch of stuff for free subscribers, that seems to be one of the things.
[18:00:55] <G5> Like: Command CAMERA_GLANCE_RISE unknown.
[18:01:19] <Lucifer_arma> ok, why is it unknown?  Using a fresh build with config files that used previous customizations?
[18:01:23] <G5> I don't know why … Outdated? Copied it somewhere and never checked.
[18:01:50] <Lucifer_arma> iirc, that's a command associated with the mercam
[18:02:03] <G5> I was never a problem before. I guess the client simply ignores these commands.
[18:02:19] <Lucifer_arma> I'm wondering if somewhere you got an outdated DNS command for the master server, so the client is starting up without one
[18:02:44] <Lucifer_arma> then it wouldn't be able to talk to the master server because it'd have nothing to do, but I can't see that hanging the app.
[18:02:52] <Lucifer_arma> os version and arma version?
[18:04:01] <Lucifer_arma> I'm still suspecting C library problem, though, heh.  If it was linked against an outdated C library that the new macOS doesn't have, that's a potential symptom.
[18:04:33] <G5> In the Arma windows is says "Connecting to master server 1" (or 2 or 3 or 4), looks like always, but then nothing happens
[18:04:53] <G5> macOS current version 10.12.6
[18:05:40] <G5> Arma is a binary build I downloaded, from Feb 2012, claiming to be 0.4 alpha z1865
[18:06:45] <Lucifer_arma> Yeah, that's quite an old build.  Have you run arma on Sierra before?
[18:07:15] <Lucifer_arma> It's quite possible you're going to need to build it, simply because of how old that build is.  Have you built arma before?
[18:08:25] <G5> Ok, I also have a z2242 build. I can connect to the master servers but gfx are broken
[18:08:27] <ct|kyle> Lucifer_arma: how's taco cart and the runnaway?
[18:08:50] <Lucifer_arma> ct|kyle: runaway got married and is in pennsylvania.  Taco Truck not happening, focused on writing.
[18:09:08] <Lucifer_arma> currently procrastinating writing for the day, but I need to do *something* on my book today
[18:09:49] <ct|kyle> Just write "it" I'm sure you can place it somewhere more logical tomorrow
[18:10:10] <Lucifer_arma> Heh, that's a potentially dangerous move.  :)
[18:10:25] <Lucifer_arma> The first complete draft is almost finished (I cheated to declare the rough draft finished)
[18:10:53] <ct|kyle> ah, at that stage
[18:11:00] <Lucifer_arma> and if I just start writing new content, it's likely going to be stuff that belongs in the sequel.  I had to start the sequel just so I could write more story that was in my head, while also putting a wall marking the end of the first book
[18:11:32] <Lucifer_arma> Part of my problem is that the last task I completed was to read through the draft and note every single named character, and give some characters names that I lazed on and didn't name yet
[18:11:37] <ct|kyle> so she really ran away then, did she finish school first?
[18:11:41] <Lucifer_arma> that was tedious as fuck.
[18:11:49] <Lucifer_arma> she got her GED.
[18:12:21] <ct|kyle> how many characters?
[18:12:44] <Lucifer_arma> she's also completely failed to stay out of the hospital.  So her marriage will have one of three possibilities: short-lived, long abusive (with her as the abuser :(  ), or it will save her life somehow
[18:13:16] <Lucifer_arma> around a hundred characters, but they don't all have to be named.  :)  Most of them can be randomly named as flavor.
[18:13:29] <Lucifer_arma> Of the important named characters, probably around twenty
[18:13:45] <G5> I found a v0.3 from 2009. This looks good, gfx are fine and I can connect to master servers … very strange.
[18:14:07] <G5> Ok, I need to build the client myself again some day ... anyone still playing?
[18:14:19] <G5> Thanks and good night
[18:14:38] <ct|kyle> I need to start playing again
[18:14:58] <Lucifer_arma> my choices of tasks right now are: start dropping new characters into scenes that are more like extras than actual characters, start dropping descriptions into dialog scenes to give more context, or continue working on TODO items in the manuscript
[18:14:59] <ct|kyle> I just wish there were others to enjoy CTWF with again
[18:15:12] <Lucifer_arma> my computer can't run arma anymore.  :(
[18:15:52] <Lucifer_arma> I also need to factor most of the staff meetings and turn them into individual scenes between the GM and the Department Manager(s)
[18:15:53] <ct|kyle> I don't think I even ahve the source code on this machine, yet alone the install
[18:16:42] <Lucifer_arma> all three of those tasks carry a certain level of tedium.  I think I'm going to need some beer just to be able to work today, heh
[18:17:23] <ct|kyle> ballmer peak
[18:17:35] <Lucifer_arma> hurricane
[18:17:42] <Lucifer_arma> 8.1% ABV
[18:17:51] <Lucifer_arma> my tolerance is ridiculously high right now
[18:18:10] <ct|kyle> why not just moonshine
[18:18:13] <Lucifer_arma> if I'm going to continue being a functional alcoholic, I'm probably going to have to switch to liquor
[18:19:15] <Lucifer_arma> I think I'm a make a beer run, then I'm going to factor the one staff meeting that's really bothering me and then see what else I want to do today
[18:27:09] *** Quits: G5 (~g5@p2003006A6A2FB900ADC0E23E3AA9EC00.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) ()
[18:30:37] <Lucifer_arma> I factored out the derivative so that I could see the file, but it was in a faraday cage, so I had to use archimedes' principle to open the cage, and then there it was!
[18:30:49] <Lucifer_arma> (just putting that there because I don't have anywhere else to put it before I forget it)
[20:36:56] <ct|kyle> because IRC is the best place to take notes :)
[20:37:11] <ct|kyle> It is realy good at storing root passwords too
[20:56:31] *** Joins: Guest57901823 (~LS@cpc76138-clif11-2-0-cust292.12-4.cable.virginm.net)
[20:59:04] *** Quits: Long_Shoota (~LS@cpc76138-clif11-2-0-cust292.12-4.cable.virginm.net) (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[21:08:35] <Lucifer_arma> yeah, I store mine here
[21:08:39] <Lucifer_arma> see?  It's **********
[21:43:33] *** Z-Man is now known as Guest83118
[21:43:33] *** Joins: Z-Man- (~Z-Man@p4FE3EE3F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de)
[21:43:33] *** Quits: Guest83118 (~Z-Man@p4FE3EFE3.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) (Killed (wilhelm.freenode.net (Nickname regained by services)))
[21:43:33] *** Z-Man- is now known as Z-Man
[22:23:44] <ct|kyle> Lucifer_arma: I know it's really secure since all i see are *'s, mine is **************
[22:24:11] <Lucifer_arma> wow, yours is bigger than mine
[22:25:36] <ct|kyle> I thought the * lenght was not related to the password's length, but the hash's first 4 bits
[22:26:20] <ct|kyle> http://bash.org/?244321
[23:06:09] *** Quits: ct|kyle (~kyle@ (Remote host closed the connection)

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