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Log from 2017-07-04:
[01:28:38] <wrtlprnft> Ther is probably no such thing as a sterile person. What if a Miracle happens?
[04:02:50] <luke-jr> indeed, but more to the point: they can still make the attempt
[04:09:36] <wrtlprnft> To state the obvious: a gay couple can attempt various things that are just as likely to succeed as the things an 80-year old couple could do
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[19:18:51] <Lucifer_arma> I've had a vasectomy, so I guess that makes my second marriage invalid.  No wait, luke-jr will say that it's invalid because it's a second marriage.
[19:19:20] <Lucifer_arma> and yet, one of the reasons we got married was to provide a solid relationship and some financial stability for our kids
[19:19:33] <Lucifer_arma> so it's not like some issues that result from procreation weren't involved
[19:21:35] <Lucifer_arma> in other news, my boss dumped his boyfriend a couple of days ago
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[23:13:29] <ct|kyle> Lucifer_arma: still making Fries?

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