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Log from 2016-05-28:
May 28 01:27:17 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	I wish I had a scanner bed that made that easier for me.  The flatbed, well, it's just a pain in the ass
May 28 01:27:25 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	I'd digitize everything, but not on a flatbed
May 28 01:28:26 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	I also only need the scanner component, the one that I can stick a bunch of papers in and have it simply scan all of them, that's the only component I need
May 28 01:28:50 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Hell, I might write software to extract information from each one and make other searchable electronic files
May 28 01:29:22 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	But I'd need the hardware first, of course, and that's not so easy to come by.  Flatbed scanners are a dime a dozen (I own 2).
May 28 01:30:49 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	wrtlprnft: I've got the kids.  If we're going to try a match, we've got two chances.  Later tonight (which is actually tomorrow night for me) and the night after that.
May 28 01:31:00 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	It's memorial day weekend, so I have them until Monday
May 28 01:31:25 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Seems reasonable to honor our lost soldiers by playing a game where we destroy each other with cakes and stuff
May 28 01:39:01 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Also, if there's a way to establish voice chat and you're willing to do it, we should do it.  You know, teenagers and all, if it's just typing, it's not a real person.  They want a voice.
May 28 01:39:36 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	But if you're not willing/not interested, we don't have to.  If you're wiling/interested, there are obviously numerous ways we can do it.
May 28 03:51:30 2016 <Z-Man>	We've got a semi-perfect solution for the document scanning, a HP all in one thing. It's got a thing that automatically can pull in a bunch of pages one after the other.
May 28 03:52:19 2016 <Z-Man>	Two downsides: It dumps all pages of a session into a single PDF, not individual PNGs
May 28 03:52:32 2016 <Z-Man>	and it only can store them on a SD card, not on some network share.
May 28 03:53:49 2016 <Z-Man>	Though it has network. Maybe I should look for a firmware update that supports network storage.
May 28 03:55:09 2016 *	Z-Man is helping Z-Girl build the second Lego Frozen Ice Palace she got for her birthday
May 28 03:56:00 2016 <Z-Man>	Of course, she did not see any value in giving it away. Two ice palaces are better than one!
May 28 03:59:33 2016 <Z-Man>	And 'helping' means turning the pages in the manual and pointing at things.
May 28 04:00:28 2016 <Z-Man>	And getting yelled at whenever I type here for not paying attention to her.
May 28 05:02:40 2016 <wrtlprnft>	Lucifer_arma: I'm confused as to what times you're referring to
May 28 05:07:13 2016 <wrtlprnft>	If I'm not mistaken, it should be 4 AM at your place. Do you mean "my" tonight, which would be around 2 PM for you?
May 28 07:57:39 2016 *	ct|kyle (~kyle@ has joined #armagetron
May 28 12:54:13 2016 <Z-Man>	Standards must have slipped a lot. I got a "bestest dad" award today for not eating all of the stawberries.
May 28 12:55:48 2016 <P4>	your kids must have great imagination. or was the award originating from the wife? :P
May 28 13:52:01 2016 <Z-Man>	P4: It wasn't an actual award, more like a spontaneous declaration. 'course, mommy was also the bestest mommy for making the strawberries.
May 28 13:52:20 2016 <P4>	:)
May 28 13:52:30 2016 <P4>	it must be great to have children :)
May 28 13:52:54 2016 <P4>	but im gone for the saturday night fever so enjoy your time tonight too ;)
May 28 14:07:05 2016 <Z-Man>	Hah, have fun.
May 28 14:57:20 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	wrtlprnft: we'd be looking at around 8pm CDT, and I don't remember our UTC offset right off the top of my head
May 28 14:57:49 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	wrtlprnft: according to timestamps associated with your comment, you were correct at what time you made that comment
May 28 14:58:16 2016 <wrtlprnft>	can you just tell me a relative time now?
May 28 14:58:35 2016 <wrtlprnft>	right now? in an hour? two hours?
May 28 15:00:08 2016 <wrtlprnft>	but I guess that would be 3 in the morning for me. Of course I would appreciate if it could be any earlier ;-)
May 28 15:31:23 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	I don't see us being free any earlier.  Getting a family of five (usually six on these weekends) organized and with dinner eaten takes quite a large amount of time
May 28 15:31:53 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	it's no big deal if we don't get to play, though.  Not sure the kids are interested in hedgewars this weekend
May 28 15:32:10 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	the two boys have been taking turns working through the drum tutorials in Rock Band
May 28 15:32:47 2016 <wrtlprnft>	ok, then we'll try again later :-)
May 28 15:33:12 2016 <wrtlprnft>	I have to get up early-ish tomorrow, that's why 3 AM is not so great
May 28 16:13:45 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	damn
May 28 16:13:55 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	how many crispy shells does it take to feed potentially 6 people tacos?
May 28 16:14:07 2016 *	Lucifer_arma doesn't feel like cooking shells this time
May 28 16:16:01 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	Normally I do 6 * number of people, so that'd give me 36 shells
May 28 16:16:27 2016 <Lucifer_arma>	maybe I should bite the bullet and actually cook shells?
May 28 21:34:08 2016 *	zmanuel (~Z-Man@p5B34E096.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has joined #armagetron
May 28 21:34:09 2016 *	Z-Man is now known as Guest79174
May 28 21:34:09 2016 *	zmanuel is now known as Z-Man
May 28 21:37:10 2016 *	Guest79174 has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
May 28 22:29:46 2016 *	ct|kyle has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

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