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Log from 2009-12-17:
--- Day changed Thu Dec 17 2009
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02:07 <ct|kyle> LOL sinewav
02:08 <sinewav> acid?
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02:08 <ct|kyle> ya02:08 <sinewav> haha
02:08 <ct|kyle> that was your version of Flex's right?
02:08 <sinewav> yes
02:09 <sinewav> dude, why does the rubber code have to be so complicated?
02:09 <sinewav> I wish I had a flowchar to something.
02:09 <ct|kyle> it's not too bad
02:09 <sinewav> flowchart*
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02:10 <ct|kyle> sinewav: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyitsnoah/320683673/
02:12 <sinewav> nice
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03:10 <Flex> huh? what version
03:10 <Flex> ct|kyle
03:11 <ct|kyle> Flex: read the how I got started in tron topic, the post right under yours
03:12 <Flex> lol??
03:12 <ct|kyle> that is sinewav's version of what you said :P
03:13 <Flex> why does he have a version?
03:13 <ct|kyle> because yours is not as believable as his
03:14 <Flex> really? well that's what happened..
03:14 <Flex> what makes it unbelievable?
03:14  * Flex confused..
03:15 <ct|kyle> because "Found a party with a bunch of drugs, and randomly took some without  asking what it was. It happened to be acid and never tried anything else  after that. I think it was around early 2006, tripped for a few days,  then got lost in the woods, but a few months later I was bored and  remembered it was fun and found it after searching for quite a bit!  Couldn't remember the damn name hehe." is
03:15 <Flex> sinewav, enlighten me on the joke..
03:21 <sinewav> Flex: hey man, that's not a burn on you. I thought it was funny to compare arma to drugs, which it is, and your entry inspired me. You inspired creative writing. I don't hate you bro, for real.
03:22 <sinewav> if you are offended I'll delete it. But don't be, becuae it's hilarious.
03:22 <Flex> no i'm not it's ok
03:22 <sinewav> I don't think anyone is taking it as animosity.
03:22 <Flex> i just didn't quite get it03:22 <sinewav> ok
03:22 <sinewav> phew
03:23 <Flex> sorry to kill your fun
03:23 <Flex> lol
03:23 <sinewav> ;)
03:23 <ct|kyle> I almost did not get it at first, because I read it then I read Flex's almost did not read Flex's
03:24 <ct|kyle> .slap xfroggy
03:24  * tronner slaps xfroggy around with a remote controlled w6
03:24 <Flex> i'm a tron addict
03:25 <Flex> i'll go see a doctor and see if i can stop the habbit
03:25 <ct|kyle> heh
03:25 <sinewav> I should have quoted Flex's entry.
03:25 <ct|kyle> did you know altavista is still alive
03:26 <Flex> sinewav, it wasn't you, it was ct|kyle for saying mine isn't believable :(
03:26 <ct|kyle> :)
03:26 <Flex> as if i lied to make my life seem more interesting, for popularity!
03:26 <sinewav> kyle, don't fuck up the joke.
03:26 <Flex> yeah, you dick!
03:26 <ct|kyle> I just wanted Flex to see it
03:27 <Flex> i think it was this link
03:27 <Flex> http://osswin.sourceforge.net/games.html
03:28 <ct|kyle> heh, Altavista is better at finding relevant pages for crazy tronners than is is from armagetron
03:29 <ct|kyle> you'd have to be still hungover from acid and tired from getting lost in the forest to goto that site :P
03:30 <ct|kyle> sorry Flex, it's just looks like a site your would have to be tripped to navigate it
03:30 <Flex> it had a white background, when i was there first
03:30 <Flex> list was more centreed and longer!
03:31 <ct|kyle> did the links get bigger though?
03:31 <Flex> sinewav, psyko, insanity, psy can't make it this sunday, hopefully if the others are good we're still good
03:31 <sinewav> Man, had Arma been named differently, you might have chosen GLTron.
03:31 <sinewav> Ok, flex. Plus has 3 members committed right now.
03:31 <Flex> thank my lazieness that i never scrolled down!
03:31 <Flex> my life would have been different
03:31 <sinewav> glTron rocks though. not like Arma, but different
03:32 <ct|kyle> you would have keps looking for games and given up
03:32 <ct|kyle> gltrom has AI's
03:32 <ct|kyle> gltron*
03:33 <Flex> yeah
03:33 <Flex> lol
03:33 <Flex> http://codenautics.com/zombies/ss5.jpg
03:33 <Flex> http://codenautics.com/zombies/ss4.jpg
03:33 <ct|kyle> noone has tweeted armagetron since last night when I found someone tweet it
03:34 <ct|kyle> I really kind of like yebol  http://www.yebol.com/newsearch?key=armagetron&t=s&x=0&y=0
03:34 <Flex> TrueCombat: Elite is an awesome game
03:34 <Flex> free, too
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05:45 <noob13> \u00b5: hai?
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14:36 <noob13> \u03b5: got my pm? can i just sign us up again?
14:36 <noob13> \u03b5: if its not full yet.
14:36 <noob13> :|
14:37 <noob13> 28 teams so far it seems..
15:21 <\u03b5> where did you send me a PM noob13 ?
15:22 <noob13> main forums..?
15:23 <noob13> hm, apparently i failed.
15:23 <noob13> anyways, i was signed up with the e-mail address, and haven't gotten a confirmation..
15:24 <noob13> should i register again? or can you ninja it somehow?
15:25 <noob13> oh, and i meant to say "with the WRONG* e-mail address" above..
15:31 <\u03b5> I can ninja!
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20:12 <ct|kyle> \u03b5: what's the COMMAND stuff you added into tron do again
20:12 <\u03b5> I'm not sure what you mean?
20:12 <\u03b5> *-?
20:12 <ct|kyle> the handle_command_intercept
20:12 <\u03b5> ah
20:13 <ct|kyle> how does it work
20:13 <\u03b5> I think that's luke's work, but I worked with that once
20:13 <\u03b5> basically, you have two modes for it
20:13 <\u03b5> either grab everything with a / and which isnt recognized by arma and send them to the log or w/e
20:14 <\u03b5> or set a list of commands that will go to that place
20:15 <ct|kyle> so it essentially eliminates the ct code for it?
20:15 <\u03b5> I don't know anything to the ct codebase, sorry
20:15 <ct|kyle> we have COMMAND for /cmd  and INVALID_COMMAND for /whaterer is not recognized
20:16 <\u03b5> ah
20:16 <\u03b5> there's probably a setting to send it to ladderlog
20:16 <ct|kyle> y it uses COMMAND
20:17 <ct|kyle> I could not figure out why CTWF was crashing, then I found that it uses the same
20:17 <\u03b5> because it's the logical way to name it I guess :)
20:18 <\u03b5> if you do modifications and keep merging from mainline, pay more attention to silent conflicts by reading changelogs
20:18 <ct|kyle> ya it did not realize is used COMMAND like ours
20:18 <\u03b5> it crashed reading the line?
20:19 <ct|kyle> it crashed because there were 2 instances of sg_command_writter
20:19 <\u03b5> ah
20:20 <ct|kyle> I think I'll just change your COMMAND output in Sty+ct and just make 1 command writter
20:21 <ct|kyle> or change ours to CMD
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21:16 <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.8-armagetronad-sty+ct] r695 Changing Ct's ladderlog COMMAND to CMD to support the mainli...
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22:53 <noob13> .as
22:53 <tronner> noob13: This data is 16 seconds old; Crazy Tronners Open Sumo (12/12), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (10/10), [] Cheers! reloaded [] (10/12), The YELLOW Submarine (10/12), -=VcL.Clan Team Sumo (10/16), Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress. (9/14), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (7/12), >>> FAST TRACK RELOADED (VERY High Speed) <<< (7/12), degree°Mini-TST (7/32), |FA| Devils Rings! (6/16), ..D.o.g.F.i.g.h.t.. (2 more messages)
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