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Log from 2009-10-04:
--- Day changed Sun Oct 04 2009
00:00 <ct|kyle> evaldusia: LOL
00:00 <evaldusia> i'm so weakened
00:00 <evaldusia> lol
00:00 <evaldusia> head hurts tii
00:00 <evaldusia> too
00:00 <evaldusia> lol
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09:20 <Vanhayes_> wtf I am swedish now?
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18:25 <evaldusia> is there a big map with like 4 1vs1 zones seperated by rims
18:29 <Vanhayes_> evaldusia, there might be but since the repository is down it would be hard to find/use
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18:30 <Vanhayes_> i think there is one in the flower power sumo on th CT repository though, it is a ct+sty map but if you don't use the respawning it should work as a normal sumo one i think
18:31 <Vanhayes_> is there a ladle today?
18:33 <madmax> yeah
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18:41 <madmax> can someone enlighten me on what exactly people mean by "dogfight" servers?
18:44 <MaZuffeR> i would like to know too
18:46 <Vanhayes_> i think it means that you just squiggle at each other trying to make as little contact as possible while still trying to kill
18:47 <Vanhayes_> anyways people usually yell and try to kick me when i just tried to kill them normally in most "dogfight" servers
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18:56 <evaldusia> Vanhayes_ they're not 1vs1 sumo zones
18:56 <Vanhayes_> hmm i forgot about that
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19:19 <madmax> looks like there's a relevant post about DF: http://forums3.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=205216#p205216
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19:41 <Flex> .ls akira
19:41 <tronner> Flex: akira has last been seen on Swampland Mud Puddle 14 hours 3 minutes ago.
19:41 <Flex> .lastseen akira
19:41 <tronner> Flex: akira has last been seen on Crazy Tronners Open Sumo 1 day 2 hours 33 minutes ago.
19:41 <Flex> .lastseen akira_arma
19:41 <tronner> Flex: timed out
19:42 <madmax> .help ls
19:42 <tronner> madmax: (ls <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "reply [sc [fetch [concat [urlquote $*]]]]".
19:42 <madmax> .help lastseen
19:42 <tronner> madmax: (lastseen <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "fetch http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/serverlist/lastseen.php?player=@1+@2+@3+@4+@5+@6+@7+@8+@9".
19:43 <Flex> how do you lastseen on irc
19:45 <madmax> .seen akira_arma
19:45 <tronner> madmax: akira_arma was last seen in #armagetron 1 day, 6 hours, 19 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <akira_arma> haha Tx vs arrow in the first round ;)
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19:49 <akira_arma> :(
19:51 <madmax> akira reads our thoughts :o
19:53 <akira_arma> ?
19:55 <madmax> Flex was just .lastseen'ing you :P
19:56 <akira_arma> yea ladle
19:56 <akira_arma> I "almost" didnt make it
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20:02 <akira_arma> max are you watching arrow vs tx?
20:02 <madmax> no
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20:25 <sunnygirl> who won tx or arrow?
20:29 <\u03b5> who won the ladle?
20:29 <pikey> me
20:29 <pikey> :P
20:30 <sunnygirl> haha epsy
20:31 <zmanuel> Can you guys ping me when a match to record is about to start? I don't want to phase in and out of servers too much.
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21:10 <Flex> ct|kyle are you here?
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21:10 <Flex> z-man are you admin in ct 3? can you max client to 32 or something
21:13 <Flex> any ct here?
21:15 <zmanuel> Flex: sorry, no.
21:15 <zmanuel> And I couldn't log in ayway :)
21:15 <zmanuel> ct3 seems to have a high max client setting, only ct1 is packed.
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21:17 <zmanuel> Oh wait, mixed ct3 and ct1 up there.
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22:44 <Obsi> Anyone know the reason behind PLAYER_GRIDPOS being limited to 1 update per second?
22:57 <zmanuel> you mean the cycle position syncs? They aren't. You can tune them with CYCLE_SYNC_INTERVAL_ENEMY.
23:00 <Flex> z-man, while you're here
23:00 <Flex> [13:07:36] <Flex> not sure if this is a real bug or something i'm creating... not sure how to explain it either, but "max_speed" doesn't seem to work on 0.3_alpha8870 my cockpit has it and with 0.3.0 you can see the "max_speed" but 0.3_alpha8870 it's just blank. has it been removed, but still active on old clients?
23:00 <Flex> i think this might be wrtlprnft's thing, but he seems to be away always
23:01 <Flex> it's the maximum speed set on a server, i think
23:01 <zmanuel> Dunno about the HUD, really. Does it work ingame?
23:02 <Flex> urm i'm using 0.3.0 (your build)
23:03 <zmanuel> I built it, but I didn't write anything about the HUD :)
23:03 <Flex> but on the latest alpha it doesn't work, the cockpit works fine.. just the "max_speed" isn't showing up
23:03 <zmanuel> I didn't even know it can display max_speed :)
23:03 <Flex> i know, but what is this.. a bug or something to do with the dtd
23:03 <zmanuel> I honestly don't know.
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23:08 <Obsi> Was talking about output to ladderlog, might only be in sty+ct it didn't obey GRID_POSITION_INTERVAL if set below 1
23:11 <Flex> zmanuel, ok then i'll figure it out sooner or later. hopefully.
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23:27 <ct|kyle> Flex: ping
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23:34 <ct|kyle> Flex: little late but it should be fixed now
23:46 <Flex> nice
23:46 <Flex> SP won the ladle :D
23:47 <Flex> we beat ct ct|kyle :P
23:49 <ct|kyle> Flex: your server you must have cheated :P
23:49 <Flex> mayyyybe
23:49 <Flex> lol..
23:49 <ct|kyle> anyway I gtg, I'm a little high on so alcohol fumes
23:49 <Flex> CT 3 was set at 16 slots, need to be at least 25
23:49 <Flex> kk, cu
23:50 <ct|kyle> my head is a bit dizzy
23:50 <Flex> gn from me, though
23:50 <ct|kyle> Flex: that was my fault I must have taken out the max_clients setting
23:50 <ct|kyle> you should have tried pining joda_bot or P4
23:51 <ct|kyle> anyway I'm outta here for a bit
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23:55 -!- Flex [n=flex@unaffiliated/flex] has quit ["bye"]
23:56 <akira_arma> umm
23:56 <akira_arma> what was the playback command :)
23:56 <akira_arma> memory loss
23:57 <akira_arma> nvm

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