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Log from 2009-07-24:
--- Day changed Fri Jul 24 2009
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00:22 <Tesseracter> So, im gunna compile a windows server for 128 clients, looks like its easier to do on linux? i only boot ubuntu at home, should i wait to get back there to compile, or try to do it with MS VC++?
00:23 <Luke-Jr> good luck, no current developers actually use Windows
00:23 <madmax> and others have tried and failed recently
00:28 <Luke-Jr> btw
00:28 <Luke-Jr> do we actually HAVE 128 players?
00:32 <Tesseracter> we have 112 computers...
00:33 <Tesseracter> and 110 campers, and 17 staff
00:33 <Tesseracter> so yeah, 128
00:34 <Tesseracter> so if i compile on ubuntu with the flags for a windows compile, i should be OK? or would it be better to compile a linux server, and use a liveCD...
00:39 <Luke-Jr> Tesseracter: I highly doubt the game can handle 128 players
00:40 <Luke-Jr> Tesseracter: clients don't have a limit on # of players, only servers
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01:00 <Tesseracter> Luke-Jr, where do you think the bottleneck is?
01:01 <Tesseracter> (right, i'll only be making a server compile)
01:02 <Tesseracter> 60 players per server would be OK... we have pretty highend machines, dual/quadcore, gigabit ethernet, LAN only game...
01:08 <Tesseracter> network? collision detection?
01:22 <Luke-Jr> Tesseracter: walls
01:22 <Luke-Jr> rendering
01:23 <Luke-Jr> as it is, 32-player can get quite slow
01:23 <Luke-Jr> especially on long rounds
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01:28 <Tesseracter> Luke-Jr: interesting... the server doesnt do that, does it? we have 8600s, rendering shouldnt be an issue. collision detection, on the other hand, would get intensive with 32 people.
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01:56 <Luke-Jr> Tesseracter: I doubt any video card on the market could handle 128 player with our code
01:57 <Luke-Jr> 128 player requires a larger grid which means that many more walls, on top of the fact that you have 128 wall sources...
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03:40 <CodeScreen> Is there any way to specify what sound device armagetron uses? (i.e. I have reason to believe it's defaulting to /dev/dsp0 and I need it to use /dev/dsp1)
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05:03 <Luke-Jr> CodeScreen: last I checked, Armagetron was silent :þ
05:05 <CodeScreen> Luke-Jr: 0.o?
05:05 <Luke-Jr> CodeScreen: Lucifer was going to add in a sound engine, but I don't think it works yet?
05:05 <CodeScreen> on my windows/linux builds i have sound ... just not bsd (and i think it's because of what I said above)
05:06 <Luke-Jr> CodeScreen: patches welcome ☺
05:07 <CodeScreen> Luke-Jr: .. so there's no way to tell it to use another sound device? :(
05:08 <CodeScreen> i figured there'd ba a -audio flag or something
05:08 <CodeScreen> armagetronad -audio /dev/dsp1   or similar
05:08 <CodeScreen> but i couldn't find anything :/
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05:13 <dubStep> Vanhayes_:
05:13 <Luke-Jr> CodeScreen: no clue ☺
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07:11 <tesseracter> i want to compile a redistributable windows binary. i have access to ubuntu(main) or winXP(work). whats my best plan of action? links appreciated.
07:17 <tesseracter> looks like mingw is the answer?
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17:57 <pruWord> hello
17:57 <dubStep> lol hey
17:57 <pruWord> ah:D
17:57 <dubStep> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUSzB8MJNes&feature=related
17:57 <pruWord> lol thx+
17:57 <dubStep> np
17:57 <dubStep> u will lol
17:58 <pruWord> WOW OMG
17:58 <pruWord> this ass
17:58 <Vanhayes_> dubStep,
17:58 <dubStep> yes?
17:58 <pruWord> lololol
17:58 <dubStep> lmao
17:58 <pruWord> the rifle....
17:59 <Vanhayes_> you pinged me 12 hours ago?
17:59 <dubStep> i know all the lyrics too, so sad
17:59 <dubStep> oh nvm its ok
17:59 <pruWord> hah
17:59 <dubStep> lol i <3 it though
17:59 <Vanhayes_> i just had to put my dog down
17:59 <dubStep> :o
17:59 <dubStep> why?
17:59 <Vanhayes_> old
17:59 <dubStep> :(
17:59 <dubStep> how old?
18:00 <Vanhayes_> 17 years old, lost control of her bladder
18:00 <pruWord> lol i remember those oyster card advertisements everywhere
18:00 <dubStep> aww :(
18:01 <pruWord> does anyone want to throw up?
18:01 <pruWord> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DMyAHhwWIA
18:01 <pruWord> :D
18:02 <dubStep> what is it?
18:02 <dubStep> because i might
18:02 <dubStep> actually vomit if its bad
18:02 <dubStep> lol..
18:02 <pruWord> an educational horror movie
18:02 <dubStep> oO
18:02 <dubStep> what is it though
18:02 <pruWord> you see that guy killing all his collegues
18:02 <pruWord> while a voice expains what you shouldnt do
18:03 <pruWord> when you drive with this kind of gar
18:03 <pruWord> car*
18:03 <dubStep> is it gross?
18:04 <pruWord> it's old but the end is funny
18:04 <P4> ye, G5, i'm at vilnius enjoying those crazy grils :)
18:04 <P4> girls*
18:04 <dubStep> lol k il watch it in a sec
18:04 <dubStep> \o p4
18:05 <P4> o/ dubStep
18:06 <pruWord> p4 ai wanted to ask you something btw
18:06 <pruWord> about auth
18:06 <pruWord> dont know what exactly
18:06 <pruWord> hes making something with @pru but he seems to be stucked with technical details
18:07 <dubStep> eh, i can only under like 3 words per sentance
18:07 <dubStep> lol
18:07 <dubStep> im gona learn german again soon i promise lol
18:07 <P4> what's the point?
18:08 <P4> i have about 30 minutes here, so please be quick
18:08 <P4> more or less :)
18:08 <pruWord> hm of the video?
18:08 <dubStep> word if i vomit il kill you
18:08 <dubStep> yea
18:08 <dubStep> lol
18:08 <pruWord> you dont need to understand the text xD
18:09 -!- sunny__ [n=sunny@] has joined #Armagetron
18:09 <pruWord> he only says thinks like "oh you cant do that, thats forbidden"
18:09 <dubStep> omg so stupid
18:09 <pruWord> xD
18:09 <dubStep> theyre so stupod
18:09 <dubStep> stupid*
18:09 <dubStep> lol
18:09 <pruWord> it starts harmless and gets uglier
18:09 <dubStep> lol@cartoon
18:09 <pruWord> yup
18:09 <dubStep> im at 3 mins
18:09 <dubStep> omg no a knife ><
18:09 <dubStep> i cant watch
18:10 <pruWord> "did you see my knife anywhere?"
18:10 <pruWord> xD
18:10 <dubStep> lmao
18:10 <dubStep> he broke it in his head lol
18:11 <pruWord> "do you remember? only authorised personal can repair that"
18:11 <dubStep> hahahahaha
18:11 <Luke-Jr> I need a name for my new server..
18:11 <dubStep> his hands
18:11 <dubStep> rofl
18:11 <dubStep> Luke-Jr: whats the server?
18:12 <dubStep> lol word >< so silly, why are u even watching things like this?
18:13 <pruWord> i dont know....didnt watch that one since 4 years
18:13 <pruWord> nostalgic
18:13 <pruWord> P
18:13 <dubStep> lol
18:13 <dubStep> omg, chainsaw
18:13 <dubStep> ><
18:13 <Vanhayes_> Lucifer, nice webcomic, Content>art anyday
18:13 <pruWord> hehe
18:13 <pruWord> bah
18:13 <dubStep> omg so awful
18:14 <pruWord> that was the part i could throw up
18:14 <dubStep> its so awful omg
18:14 <dubStep> lol chainsaw and just arm
18:14 <dubStep> rofl
18:15 <dubStep> off into the sunset
18:15 <dubStep> ^^
18:15 <Luke-Jr> dubStep: new server
18:15 <pruWord> yes
18:15 <pruWord> :D
18:15  * dubStep applauds
18:15 <dubStep> good video lol
18:15 <pruWord> thx:)
18:15 <dubStep> Luke-Jr: what game mode?
18:15 <pruWord> ok cu)
18:15 -!- pruWord [n=pruWord@p54A67C02.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit ["Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com"]
18:15 <Luke-Jr> dubStep: … a computer server, not a game server
18:15 <dubStep> ohhh
18:16 <Luke-Jr> related topic: http://forums3.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=19496
18:16 -!- JJBean [n=JJBean@d75-157-251-249.bchsia.telus.net] has quit []
18:17 <Luke-Jr> I name my servers with arbitrary Japanese names.
18:17 <Luke-Jr> well, my computers
18:17 <Luke-Jr> personal ones anyhow
18:19 <dubStep> pretty cool
18:23 <dubStep> Vanhayes: haha durka is gona be after you now =P
18:28 <Luke-Jr> http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/oct/24/japan-games
18:28 <Luke-Jr> fail
18:31 <dubStep> wow dude, talk about taking it too far oO
18:33 <Luke-Jr> Lucifer: z-man-work: guru3: wrtlprnft: http://forums3.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=19496
18:41 <Vanhayes_> dubStep, why is durka coming after me ?
18:41 -!- sine_wav [i=d1fc527b@gateway/web/freenode/x-35472d958a9af641] has joined #armagetron
18:45 <dubStep> Vanhayes: Read Red and Yelo part 3
18:47 <Vanhayes_> ugh, but is so longg
18:48 -!- PinkTomato [n=PinkToma@5ac9eb68.bb.sky.com] has joined #armagetron
18:48 <Vanhayes_> wait am i in it?
18:48 <sine_wav> it's worth the read actually
18:49 <sine_wav> it's quite clever. I like where it's going.
18:49 <Luke-Jr> sine_wav: u can help too I think?
18:50 <Vanhayes_> ya its actually pretty funny
18:50 <sine_wav> I saw your post. I'm worried. what can I do?
18:50 <Luke-Jr> sine_wav: worried?
18:50 <sine_wav> well, I don't want there to be problems with a lack of resources of course.
18:50 <Luke-Jr> dunno what to worry about, like I said, worst case I can setup a VPS
18:51 <sine_wav> ok. how ca I help?
18:51 <sine_wav> can*
18:51 <Luke-Jr> well, actually I think we need to hear from guru3 first re Dreamhost
18:51 <Luke-Jr> before we know where what's going
18:51 <sine_wav> ok, I'll keep watching.
18:52 <Luke-Jr> I suspect the ratings system however needs a VPS
18:52 <Luke-Jr> since it runs as a Perl script
18:54 <Vanhayes_> Luke-Jr, is that your ]rating thing?
18:54 <sine_wav> Are you thinking I should buy a VPS to support that? This is possible.
18:59 <dubStep> hi sine_wav
18:59 <Luke-Jr> Vanhayes_: yes, and ratings.armagetronad.net
18:59 <sine_wav> hi dubs! <3
18:59 <Luke-Jr> sine_wav: well, I was going to cover the cost myself, but if you want to help out financially, that's cool too XD
19:00 <dubStep> sine_wav: <3 guess what?
19:00 <sine_wav> We'll see what I can do. I'm rich right now, comparatively. But it's temporary.
19:00 <sine_wav> what dubs?
19:01 <dubStep> code hunter hacked my msn last night
19:01 <Vanhayes_> should make a 19 page topic about it
19:01 <sine_wav> Wait, you didn't do that? I though that was a joke. I lol'd!
19:02 <dubStep> lol do what?
19:02 <dubStep> what did he do?
19:02 <dubStep> on my msn lol
19:02 <dubStep> people are like, oh u goyt ur msn back
19:02 <dubStep> i couldnt login coz he changed my password and shit
19:02 <sine_wav> yeah the message "This is Code Hunter, you're next"
19:02 <dubStep> oh no
19:02 <dubStep> rofl
19:02 <dubStep> was really him
19:02 <dubStep> hes such a gaylord
19:02 <sine_wav> hmm. this is serious. It's illegal
19:03 <guru3> ratings thing?
19:03 <dubStep> anyway i had to change all my passwords
19:03 <guru3> what ratings thing?
19:03 <sine_wav> You should report it right away
19:03 <dubStep> report it to who?
19:03 <dubStep> and i dont have any proof
19:03 <sine_wav> report it to MSN
19:03 <dubStep> what proof do i have?
19:03 <guru3> ah that ratings
19:03 <sine_wav> they should on their end
19:03 <sine_wav> and it should help them make it more secure
19:03 <sine_wav> so do it.
19:04 <dubStep> ok ok im doing it now...
19:04 <dubStep> shit, i deleted his msn account
19:04 <dubStep> idk his email anymore
19:04 <dubStep> do you?
19:05 <sine_wav> uh, no. I'm not friends with n00bs
19:05 <dubStep> lmao
19:05 <sine_wav> I should watch what I say, he's probably listening.
19:05 <sine_wav> bored ass mother-father
19:05 <Luke-Jr> guru3: XD
19:06 <dubStep> rofl
19:06 <guru3> i just replied
19:06 <guru3> i think most of it can go on dreamhost
19:08 <Luke-Jr> ok
19:08 <Luke-Jr> guru3: how do we get it there? ☺
19:08 <Luke-Jr> let's start with distfiles, IMO
19:08 <Luke-Jr> seems to most clear-cut
19:09 <Luke-Jr> but maybe not, since it requires 2 vhosts
19:09 <Luke-Jr> hmm
19:10 <guru3> hmm indeed
19:10 <guru3> im not really sure how any of the stuff you're running is setup
19:10 <guru3> not off the top of my head anyway
19:11 <Luke-Jr> guru3: you have an account, right? ssh in and look :P
19:11 <guru3> i do? :o
19:12 <guru3> not on a computer with my key though :/
19:12 <guru3> did i set a password?
19:12 <Luke-Jr> oh, maybe you don't ö
19:12 <Luke-Jr> I don't see a "g<tab> or "t<tab>'
19:12 <Luke-Jr> any other usernames that might be you?
19:12 <guru3> f<tab>?
19:12 <guru3> yes i do have a login
19:12 <Luke-Jr> fcs?
19:12 <guru3> it does have a password
19:12 <guru3> yeah
19:12 <Luke-Jr> i c
19:12 <Luke-Jr> /var/www/armagetron/
19:13 <Luke-Jr> /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/02_armagetronad.conf
19:13 <Luke-Jr> /etc/apache2/modules.d/71_mod_suphp_ljr.conf
19:13 <Luke-Jr> about 5 GB total
19:14 <guru3> there's nothing i can do with suphp on dreamhost
19:15 -!- evaldusia [n=evaldusi@lan70-973.elekta.lt] has joined #armagetron
19:18 <guru3> can you keep thigns from changing while we transition everything?
19:21 <Luke-Jr> guru3: like what?
19:21 <guru3> lock resource uploads
19:21 <dubStep> sine_wav: ok done
19:21 <Luke-Jr> I really doubt that will be a problem?
19:22 <Luke-Jr> worst case we see an upload announced here and rsync it again
19:22 <guru3> well my plan was to do scp -r of everything to dreamhost
19:22 <Luke-Jr> ok, scp then rsync :þ
19:22 <guru3> just at the moment ssh to dreamhost isn't working
19:22 <guru3> so it aint going to be happening today -_-
19:23 -!- z-man-windows [n=Manuel@p5087114E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:23 <Luke-Jr> hmm
19:23 <Luke-Jr> rmagick?
19:23 <guru3> i'd rather just wait for ssh
19:24 <Luke-Jr> no, I mean, does dreamhost have it
19:24 <guru3> don't think so
19:24 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p5087114E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:25 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@ip-62-235-209-76.dsl.scarlet.be] has quit []
19:27 <Luke-Jr> hmm
19:27 <guru3> going at a lovely 30KB/s
19:27 <Luke-Jr> so the resource master will probably need to be somewhere else
19:27 <Luke-Jr> guru3: hachi is at home ☺
19:27 <guru3> ><
19:27 <guru3> id best let it go overnight
19:27 <Luke-Jr> heh
19:27 <Luke-Jr> run it in screen?
19:27 <guru3> and add -C to the next one
19:27 <guru3> yeah it's running on a screen
19:27 <Luke-Jr> screen on the server I mean
19:27 <guru3> *in
19:27 <guru3> yeah
19:27 <Luke-Jr> ok
19:27 <guru3> but i forgot to scp -C
19:27 <Luke-Jr> -C is usually default btw
19:28 <guru3> hmm ive always added it myself
19:28 <Luke-Jr> most of the data probably won't compress well
19:28 <guru3> except this time of course -_-
19:28 <Luke-Jr> guru3: which one are you scping?
19:28 <guru3> anywho it's only doing beta to startwith
19:28 <Luke-Jr> oh
19:28 <Luke-Jr> beta isn't that big
19:28 <Luke-Jr> hmm
19:28 <guru3> yeah
19:28 <Luke-Jr> guru3: does DH have bzr/svn?
19:28 <guru3> svn yes
19:28 <guru3> bzr no
19:28 <Luke-Jr> beta is auto-updated
19:29 <guru3> i'm going to skip scping ratings
19:29 <guru3> considering it's only a virtual link to a directory that can't be read
19:29 <Luke-Jr> lol XD
19:29 <guru3> we'll have to do that seperately
19:29 <guru3> or ignore it
19:29 <Luke-Jr> yeah, dunno how we'll handle ratings
19:30 <Luke-Jr> probably put it on VPS along with resource master?
19:30 <guru3> how's the resource stuff setup currently
19:31 <Luke-Jr> suphp script for uploading, rmagick script to generate previews, rsync daily to mirrors
19:31 <Luke-Jr> mirrors have 404 handlers that redirect to master
19:32 <guru3> dreamhost runs everything through a cgi which means suphp isn't necessary
19:33 <Luke-Jr> o rly?
19:33 <guru3> yeah as near as i can work out
19:33 <guru3> i can watch top and see when people load a page
19:33 <guru3> because it'll show up
19:33 <Luke-Jr> guru3: we'll also need to ensure developers can upload/sync distfiles/beta/repository
19:34 <guru3> that'll be the annoying bit
19:34 <Luke-Jr> yeah, probably
19:34 <Luke-Jr> does DH allow groups?
19:34 <guru3> yeah
19:35 <guru3> it might be worth it to setup the stuff being transferred on a sub account
19:39 <guru3> god...
19:39 <guru3> scp -r is following symlinks
19:39 <guru3> so download in beta is getting distfiles
19:40 <Luke-Jr> -.-
19:40 <Luke-Jr> scp -a
19:40 <Luke-Jr> crap
19:40 <Luke-Jr> scp doesn't support -a
19:40 <Luke-Jr> just use rsync XD
19:40  * guru3 does not know how to use rsync
19:40 <Luke-Jr> rsync /var/www/armagetron/beta/ remote:/path/to/dest/ -av --delete
19:41 <Luke-Jr> --delete will cleanup the files scp did weird things to
19:41 <Luke-Jr> so be sure you have the dest right ;)
19:41 <guru3> can i run it the other way around
19:41 <Luke-Jr> it deletes any files it doesn't know
19:41 <Luke-Jr> I think so
19:41 <guru3> rsync aabeta.dashjr.org:/var beta/
19:41 <guru3> because like... i don't know my dreamhost account password
19:41 <Luke-Jr> use -a tho
19:41 <Luke-Jr> lol
19:41 <Luke-Jr> ssh -A ;p
19:41 <guru3> ok full command
19:41 <sine_wav> hahaha
19:42 <guru3> rsync aabeta.dashjr.org:/var/www/armagetron/beta beta/ -av --delete
19:42 <Luke-Jr> rsync beta.armagetronad.net:/var/www/armagetron/beta/ /path/to/dest/that/WILL/be/clobbered/ -av --delete
19:42 <guru3> do i need to run this through ssh?
19:42 <Luke-Jr> ?
19:42 <guru3> can i just put the command in
19:42 <guru3> i mean ive got different usernames
19:42 <guru3> etc
19:42 <Luke-Jr> prefix username@ ;p
19:44 <guru3> well that's running
19:44 <guru3> no idea what it's doing really
19:44 <guru3> but it's running
19:45 <Luke-Jr> it should list files...
19:45 <guru3> appears to be redownloading reboot.mpg
19:46 <guru3> i'll just let it go
19:47 <guru3> time for dinner here
19:47 <guru3> bbl
19:51 -!- dubStep_ [n=chatzill@host86-128-68-154.range86-128.btcentralplus.com] has joined #armagetron
19:57 -!- Durka [n=Durka@cpe-76-173-122-30.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
19:59 <sine_wav> hello DDMJ
20:06 <dubStep_> grr sine
20:06 <dubStep_> gene says taz and creator threatened to hack his msn account...
20:07 <Luke-Jr> o well
20:07 <Luke-Jr> not sure anyone here cares? XD
20:08 <dubStep_> clearly not enough to keep silent... :)
20:09 -!- dubStep [n=chatzill@host86-128-68-154.range86-128.btcentralplus.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:09 -!- dubStep_ is now known as dubStep
20:13 <sine_wav> so, is it only MSN that get's hacked? How does it happen? How is it preventable?
20:17 <sine_wav> Hmm... it bothers me that there is a site called http://www.msn-hack.net/
20:18 <dubStep> :/
20:18 <dubStep> well
20:18 <dubStep> whoever itw as had access to my email account
20:18 <dubStep> which is linked to 5 others
20:18 <dubStep> which is linked to paypal, debit cards etc
20:18 -!- sunny__ [n=sunny@] has left #Armagetron []
20:19 <dubStep> but w/e ><
20:19 <Luke-Jr> >_<
20:19 <dubStep> i reckon he/they are using passwords they got from ID/VcL forums
20:20 <sine_wav> I think I'll go change all mine, just in case.
20:20 <Luke-Jr> I think I have too many passwords to change all of them
20:20 <Luke-Jr> XD
20:20 -!- MrBougo [n=mrbougo@ip-62-235-209-76.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #armagetron
20:20 <Luke-Jr> but for email, my password is unknown to anyone
20:20 <Luke-Jr> not even my wife
20:20 <sine_wav> Yeah, I have quite a few. I guess I need to make them more specific.
20:21 <sine_wav> yeah, don't let your wife know.
20:21 <dubStep> lol..
20:21 <Luke-Jr> for some reason I told my password to my cousin so he could read me an email over the phone...
20:21 <sine_wav> that's just careless. women are evil
20:21 <Luke-Jr> after that, I changed it again
20:21  * Luke-Jr wonders why he didn't share a OTP
20:22 <sine_wav> makes me think of when my ex tried to destroy my computer once...
20:22 <dubStep> omg sine
20:22 <dubStep> sexism ftl
20:22 -!- Stewah [n=Stewah@unaffiliated/stewah] has quit ["Leaving..."]
20:22 <sine_wav> what?
20:22 <sine_wav> dude, chicks do crazy stuff when they gat mad
20:23 <Luke-Jr> so do guys, duh
20:23 <Luke-Jr> humans are retarded
20:23 <Luke-Jr> I mean, look at Code
20:23 <sine_wav> yeah, right.
20:23 <Luke-Jr> you think he's a chick?
20:23 <sine_wav> I see.
20:24 <sine_wav> but acting like that is far from manly behavior
20:24 <Luke-Jr> well, true
20:24 <Luke-Jr> women don't really ever grow up
20:24 <sine_wav> :D
20:24 <Luke-Jr> but that's by design :þ
20:24 <dubStep> OMG luke
20:24 <dubStep> its the other way around
20:24 <sine_wav> haha
20:24 <dubStep> men never ever grow up
20:25 <Luke-Jr> women are meant to deal with kids
20:25 <dubStep> ><
20:25 <dubStep> and men just stay kids.
20:25 <dubStep> forever.
20:26 <sine_wav> she's got a point. I'm almost 40 and I still love giant robots.
20:26 <dubStep> haha
20:26 <sine_wav> but now I like them philosophically
20:27 <Luke-Jr> …
20:28 <Luke-Jr> men *can* grow up
20:28 <Luke-Jr> even if they might still choose to play around sometiems
20:28 <dubStep> lol luke
20:28 <sine_wav> yes, I see your point
20:28  * dubStep ends her involvement in the convo
20:28 <dubStep> i am not an observer
20:28 <dubStep> :)
20:28 <dubStep> now*
20:28 <Luke-Jr> perhaps "grow up" isn't the best term
20:28 <Luke-Jr> women grow up differently than men grow up
20:28 <Luke-Jr> how about that? ☺
20:28 <Durka> Luke-Jr: do u know much about mysql?
20:29 <Luke-Jr> Durka: yes
20:29 <Durka> Luke-Jr: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
20:29 <sine_wav> durka, how did you mess up your forums?
20:29 <Luke-Jr> Durka: fail
20:29 <Durka> gene changed the root pw
20:29 <dubStep> but il end with this, men's toys are the only thing that develop, the childlike behaviour is always the same =P
20:29 <Durka> so he told me "o just use sudo"
20:29 <Durka> well that messed up the forum permissions and apparently the mysql database crashed and can't restart now?
20:29 <Luke-Jr> …
20:29 <Durka> idk :S
20:29 <Luke-Jr> Durka: FAIL
20:30 <Durka> Luke-Jr: do you know what's wrong? :)
20:30 <Luke-Jr> so gene's slowly taking over? XD
20:30 <sine_wav> isn't he going to host the arma resources too?
20:30 <Luke-Jr> Durka: you have failed to provide any relevant info
20:31 <Luke-Jr> sine_wav: he can setup a mirror if he wants, that's well documented
20:31 <Luke-Jr> I don't think we should trust him with the master
20:32 <Durka> Luke-Jr: what relevant info do you need?
20:32 <Luke-Jr> Durka: no clue, it's probably over my head
20:32 <Luke-Jr> I would probably just conclude MySQL sucks
20:34 <Durka> awesome..
20:40 <Vanhayes_> don't expect atual help from Luke-Jr, his responses usually range from one word answers to mocking remarks
20:41 <sine_wav> he uses the mocking to steer you in the right direction?
20:43 <Luke-Jr> XD
20:43 <Luke-Jr> Vanhayes_: Durka's problem sounds like a corrupt db or soemthing
20:43 <Luke-Jr> not something I would know
20:43 <Vanhayes_> im not sure, all i know is dont get in a religous debate with him unless you want to be told your wrong over and over
20:44 <Durka> Vanhayes_ is GOD
20:44 <Luke-Jr> Durka: wrong
20:44 <Vanhayes_> thou shall be rewarded for thyne faith Durka
20:46 <sine_wav> fortunately, Luke's beliefs don't make him more or less of a good programmer.
20:46 <sine_wav> or anyones for that matter
20:48 <Vanhayes_> unless they are given divine programming skills, no it wouldm't effect anything
20:49 <sine_wav> sometimes programming seems like a miracle to me. Just cuz I don't understand a lot of it.
20:54 <Luke-Jr> pwnt
20:55 <Vanhayes_> one word answer!
20:56 <dubStep> soz but
20:56 <dubStep> .sl
20:56 <tronner> dubStep: This data is 64 seconds old; The YELLOW Submarine (12/12), Crazy Tronners Open Sumo (10/12), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (10/12), ~Night Walker's Central~Loose DF~ (8/8), 14! Fightclub - OPEN Play (7/9), WILDCAT (7/8), BrokenSilence Fortress (7/24), |FA| Black Tar! (6/16), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (6/10), Wild West  =Sumo= (5/16), Wild West  =High Rubber= (4/16), -=VcL.Clan High Rubber (100mbit) (1 more message)
20:56 <dubStep> .si broken
20:56 <tronner> dubStep: BrokenSilence Fortress: Players (7/24): -||BS|ChrisGW (ChrisGW@forums), -||BS|Hype (hype@), .×] Durka (DDMJ@forums), ctt|pike, DrHouse (DrHouse@forums), Mkay-1 (Mkay1@forums), trivella
20:56 <dubStep> hmm
20:57 <dubStep> .more
20:57 <tronner> dubStep: (4/10), - | D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | - (3/16), ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Mega Fortress (3/32), ..D.o.g.F.i.g.h.t.. (2/8), -=Prutopolis=- -=Capture The Flag=- (2/10), ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Mega TeamSumo (1/32), internalDrive -=- iD Tech Camps (1/16)
20:57 <dubStep> .si mega fort
20:57 <tronner> dubStep: ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate\'s Mega Fortress: Players (3/32): .×] Hoax, .×] Liza, Fluffles
20:57 <dubStep> lol wtf
20:58 <Vanhayes_> who is fluffles?
20:58 <sine_wav> dunno
20:58 <dubStep> richie
20:59 <Luke-Jr> ugh
20:59 <Luke-Jr> OLM is taking a long time to build my new server
21:00 <Luke-Jr> I would have thought they'd be smart enough to have it all ready before they moved the HD
21:00 <Luke-Jr> -.-
21:00 <sine_wav> who is richie?
21:01 <dubStep> nvm
21:05 -!- z-man-windows [n=Manuel@p5087114E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:06 <sine_wav> .alias sine
21:07 <sine_wav> wait, how does this work? the alias thing?
21:15 -!- Durka [n=Durka@cpe-76-173-122-30.socal.res.rr.com] has quit []
21:19 <Luke-Jr> …
21:19 <Luke-Jr> ]alias sine_wav
21:19 <ljrbot> Luke-Jr: Error: The "Alias" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "sine_wav" in it.  Try "list Alias" to see the commands in the "Alias" plugin.
21:19 <Luke-Jr> ]aka sine_wav
21:19 <ljrbot> Luke-Jr: I don't know anything about 'sine_wav'!
21:19 <Luke-Jr> ]alias sine.wav
21:19 <ljrbot> Luke-Jr: Error: The "Alias" plugin is loaded, but there is no command named "sine.wav" in it.  Try "list Alias" to see the commands in the "Alias" plugin.
21:19 <Luke-Jr> ]aka sine.wav
21:19 <ljrbot> Luke-Jr: ¿28427 sine.wav2 cos.wav poke'_master sine.wav -=}id<_sin donttazemebro snafu ||_the_reaper poke'_mast omagetron galerus dont_tazeme_bro2 -={id<_tyler crom cosine.wav
21:19 <Luke-Jr> there we go
21:20 <sine_wav> hmm thanks. it bothers me that Poke comes up...
21:20 <Luke-Jr> lol
21:20 <sine_wav> that kid annoys me, likes to hijack that name.
21:23 <sine_wav> does it mean all those other people hijack my name? I don't understand how this function works...
21:24 <sine_wav> ]help aka
21:24 <ljrbot> sine_wav: (aka <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web fetch [format concat http://ratings.armagetronad.net/aka.php?slashes=1&name=[urlquote @1]]".
21:25 <sine_wav> ]help alias
21:25 <ljrbot> sine_wav: Error: There is no command "alias".
21:28 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p5087114E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
21:35 -!- MrBougo [n=mrbougo@ip-62-235-209-76.dsl.scarlet.be] has quit ["leaving"]
21:36 <Luke-Jr> wee
21:36 <Luke-Jr> new server up
21:36 <Luke-Jr> don't have time to migrate the old hosted stuff, so I just chrooted to the old system and "booted" it XD
21:36 <sine_wav> w00t
21:40 <guru3> Luke-Jr: the rsynced beta/ is 75M :/
21:40 <guru3> oh i know why
21:40 <guru3> nm
21:41 <Luke-Jr> ?
21:41 <guru3> dir inside a dir named beta
21:41 <guru3> oops
21:41 <Luke-Jr> the trailing / is important for rsync ;)
21:42 <guru3> so it seems
21:42 <guru3> starting the rsync of distfiles now
21:42 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@ip-62-235-198-126.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #armagetron
21:44 <Luke-Jr> that'll take all day I bet
21:44 <Luke-Jr> lol
21:44 <guru3> all night here
21:44 <guru3> i'm going to skip downloading the backups
21:51 <Luke-Jr> backups?
21:52 <guru3> arma-distfiles-20070124.tbz2
21:53 <Luke-Jr> o.o
21:53 <Luke-Jr> maybe that's where all my disk space has gone
21:53 <Luke-Jr> XD
21:53 <guru3> ><\
22:00 -!- Guest17 [n=x-javach@p5B25FEA3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #armagetron
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22:13 -!- ct|kyle [n=kyle@pool-71-97-147-102.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
22:18 -!- madmax [n=x@unaffiliated/madmax] has joined #armagetron
22:19 <madmax> hi
22:19 <MaZuffeR> hi
22:26 <sine_wav> hi
22:27 <MrBougo> hi
22:33 -!- sine_wav [i=d1fc527b@gateway/web/freenode/x-35472d958a9af641] has left #armagetron []
22:39 <dubStep> oO
22:42 -!- akira_arma [n=lost_chi@77-64-188-112.dynamic.primacom.net] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.85 [Firefox 3.5.1/20090715094852]"]
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