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Log from 2009-07-11:
--- Day changed Sat Jul 11 2009
00:13 <sunny> epsyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
00:13 <sunny> kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyle
00:13 <sunny> kyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooo
00:13 <sunny> madmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax
00:13 <sunny> noooooooooooooooooooob13
00:14 <madmax> hah, you're really desperate
00:14 <sunny> noooooooo?! :D
00:14 <sunny> maybe
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00:19 <sunny> so u will come?
00:19 <sunny> cool
00:19 <sunny> ds mega sumo
00:19 <sunny> :P
00:20 <madmax> busy :P
00:20 <sunny> bad excuse
00:21 <madmax> ...a plane just crashed next door?
00:22 <epsy> sunny, that doesn't highlight me more than just " epsy " (and actually that didn't highlight me at all)
00:23 <epsy> :|
00:23 <sunny> so ignore me :P
00:23  * epsy ignores sunny 
00:23 <sunny> *THUMBS UP*
00:23 <epsy> =]
00:24 <epsy> sunny must be superhappy now
00:24 <sunny> why
00:24 <epsy> [02:23] <sunny>: *THUMBS UP*
00:24 <sunny> ah
00:24 <epsy> memory fails you :D
00:24 <sunny> i want back to germany :(
00:24 <epsy> already?
00:24 <sunny> im s bored
00:24 <epsy> and because it rains? =)
00:25 <sunny> yea
00:26 <epsy> heh :)
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00:27 <sunny> haha u didnt ignore me :P
00:27 <epsy> bout time you figure it out :DD
00:33 <epsy> .sd fort
00:33 <tronner> epsy: ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Mega Fortress0xffff88: 0xffff88Players (10/32): -=}ID< Tremor, .×] $ubzero, .×] Hoax, .×] Liza, akira, killerbees19 (killerbees19@forums), Revolutionary (dubStep@ct), sunnygirl, ~*Sasha*~ (Sasha@forums), ~|DS|~G5 (G5@forums)
00:33 <epsy> I killed teabot today
00:36 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@ip-62-235-199-116.dsl.scarlet.be] has quit []
00:38 <epsy> everybody, especially it's owner, is very sad
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00:57 <madmax> .as
00:57 <tronner> madmax: This data is 29 seconds old; ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Mega Fortress (16/32), Wild West  =Sumo= (8/16), Wild West  =CTF Shooting= (7/10), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}High Rubber< (7/16), ~Night Walker's Central~DF~ (7/10), WILDCAT (5/8), -->Gods Of Tron<-- High Rubber (5/14), internalDrive -=- iD Tech Camps (4/16), - | D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | - (3/16), |FA| Black Tar! (3/16), Crazy Tronners Open Sumo (1 more message)
00:57 <madmax> .si mega fort
00:57 <tronner> madmax: ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate\'s Mega Fortress: Players (16/32): .×] $ubzero, .×] Hoax (Hoax@forums), .×] Liza, .pRu|Hell-lo, akira, Binford, CT×ZaP, killerbees19 (killerbees19@forums), MaZuffeR, N0S3X!, Nipplefart III, Richie, sunnygirl, ~*CyBeRSeX*~, ~*Sasha*~ (Sasha@forums), ~|DS|~G5 (G5@forums)
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02:35 <Vanhayes> .as
02:35 <tronner> Vanhayes: This data is 32 seconds old; ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Mega Fortress (14/32), The YELLOW Submarine (10/12), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}Dog Fight< (DF) (9/16), Wild West  =Sumo= (8/16), PLUS + ¦Fortress¦ (7/16), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (7/12), Wild West  =Fortress= (6/24), tronners->racing (6/11), ~Night Walker's Central~Loose DF~ (5/8), Wall Tiger Land (5/16), -=OKO=-AnD=-415=-HiGhRuBbEr (5/16), (1 more message)
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03:54 <noob13> .sd fort
03:54 <tronner> noob13: ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Mega Fortress0xffff88: 0xffff88Players (7/32): .×] $ubzero, .×] Hoax, huup, madmax, nara, `Ww punish, ~|DS|~biZz
04:06 <epsy> anyone for actual fortress?
04:07 <noob13> whats inactual about DSMF?
04:11 <epsy> they're playing FFA
04:14 <ct|kyle> epsy: FFA?
04:14 <epsy> rather TLMS :)
04:15 <epsy> team last man standing
04:15 <ct|kyle> oh
04:16 <ct|kyle> epsy: is there anyway I can check the userlevel of a command sent by a player when it is being read into the server config?
04:17 <Vanhayes> madmax, how did you find that pony game?
04:17 <epsy> what?
04:18 <epsy> Vanhayes, google exploding poneys brought him this
04:18 <ct|kyle> epsy: for instance if command SAY is used by a moderator having it say Moderator instead of Admin
04:18 <epsy> ah
04:18 <epsy> no
04:18 <epsy> er
04:18 <epsy> maybe
04:18 <epsy> :)
04:18 <ct|kyle> heh
04:18 <Vanhayes> i dont think id want to see the results for that
04:18 <epsy> tCurrentAccessLevel
04:32 <Lucifer> #seen GodTodd
04:32 <armabot> Lucifer: GodTodd was last seen in #armagetron 18 hours, 39 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <GodTodd> i'm still trying to figure out why my knetworkmanager doesn't start on boot :/
04:32 <ct|kyle> cool thanks epsy :)
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04:33 <madmax> Vanhayes: another forum I go to, someone mentioned it in a game thread
04:34 <Vanhayes> heh ok, was going to say you would have to search for something pretty wierd to just randomly find that
04:34 <ct|kyle> it lookst like it is based on some chico map
04:35 <madmax> haha
04:35 <Lucifer> damn
04:36 <Lucifer> so, to make buttermilk, you put 1 tablespoon of vinegar in a cup, then fill it to the one-cup mark with regular milk
04:36 <Lucifer> but the recipe only calls for 2/3 cup of buttermilk, so how much vinegar do I need?
04:36  * Lucifer is having trouble putting the equation together, probably because he's not working it out on paper
04:36 <Lucifer> and I don't want to throw away approximately 1/3 cup of milk
04:39 <Lucifer> ok, got it, I need 2 teaspoons of vinegar
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04:44  * ct|kyle does not want to eat Lucifer's cookings
04:45 <Lucifer> why not?
04:45 <Lucifer> once I put it on paper, I got it
04:45 <Lucifer> what was dumb about it was that I knew there were 3 teaspoons in 1 tablespoon, if I had thought about that, I wouldn't have needed to do it on paper with algebra :)
04:46 <ct|kyle> ya I missread the table or tea
04:46 <ct|kyle> I thougth you were putting twice as much in for not as much
04:47 <Lucifer> haha, oops
04:47 <ct|kyle> I was on;y slightly glancing at it though
04:47 <ct|kyle> only*
04:47 <Lucifer> ah, ok
04:48 <Lucifer> if I successfully convert this recipe to regular milk from buttermilk, I'll send it to my mom to put in the family cookbook
04:48 <Lucifer> the biscuit recipe that's there requires shortening, and I prefer biscuits with oil because they're easier to cook
04:48 <Lucifer> (buttermilk is out of the question for a family that's almost completely lactose intolerant)
04:49 <Lucifer> (regular milk is fine because I can buy it with the lactose removed)
04:51 <ct|kyle> I never knew that
04:55 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: I thought the buttermilk was the leftover fluid when shaking some extra heavy wipping cream into butter. how is viniger and milk going to make that?
05:19 <Lucifer> ct|kyle: you're correct on what buttermilk was originally
05:20 <Lucifer> it has a high content of lactic acid, which is what gives it the peculiar baking qualities it has
05:20 <Lucifer> it doesn't actually have any butter in it :)
05:20 <Lucifer> the mass produced buttermilk is regular milk with lactic acid added
05:20 <Lucifer> some mass produced buttermilk is regular milk that's gone through a particular process to produce the acid "naturally"
05:21 <Lucifer> the really expensive buttermilk is traditional buttermilk
05:21 <ct|kyle> ah
05:21 <Lucifer> so, vinegar has a high acid content, and the particular acid in vinegar (I forget what it is) happens to give regular milk the same peculiar baking properties as the cheap buttermilk
05:22 <Lucifer> so by mixing vinegar and milk and letting it stand for 10 minutes or so, you get something that's a reasonable facsimile of the mass produced cheap stuff
05:22 <ct|kyle> so is the vinager your replacement for the lactic acid then?
05:22 <Lucifer> yes
05:22 <Lucifer> the question I have, though, is that since that particular substitution usually uses whole milk, does it make a difference I use milk that doesn't have lactose in it
05:22 <Lucifer> i.e. is lactose required to make it work the way it does
05:22 <Lucifer> it is required to make regular buttermilk, after all
05:23 <Lucifer> (lactose is just a sugar.  All the "ose" suffixes denote sugars, sucrose, glucose, dextrose, etc)
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21:02 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Durka/ctf/fortfzx-2.aamap.xml: Resource by Durka
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