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Log from 2009-05-16:
--- Day changed Sat May 16 2009
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00:35 <ct|kyle> sinewav: I forgot about spawning a zone that follows a path
00:35 <ct|kyle> lol
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01:48 <ct|kyle> sinewav: I forgot about spawning a zone that follows a path
01:49 <sinewav> dude, where is the server?
01:49 <ct|kyle> .race
01:49 <tronner> ct|kyle: Crazy Tronners Race Around The Track: Players (0/16):
01:49 <sinewav> it's fort
01:49 <ct|kyle> first map
01:49 <ct|kyle> I'll change that eventually to a dummy race
01:50 <sinewav> ahh
01:50 <ct|kyle> I still have a little work to do cleaning it up a bit form what voodoo gave me, but the hard part is done :)
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02:05 <ct|kyle> sunny_: :)
02:05 <sunny_> hey kyle
02:05 <sunny_> or do i have to say good morning :D
02:06 <ct|kyle> it's night here
02:06 <sunny_> 2 am
02:06 <ct|kyle> 8PM
02:06 <sunny_> oh^^
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02:10 <sinewav> kyle, you're getting very close to perfecting racing.
02:10 <sinewav> very close.
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02:29 <ct|kyle> sinewav: the randomization can be turned off as far as I know
02:29 <ct|kyle> sinewav: also voodoo is who made it
02:31 <sinewav> ah yes, voodoo. well, I think maybe some variables should be random and other maybe not so much.
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03:23 <ct|kyle> sinewav: think a 50% chance of having a rubberzone if dz is picked would work well?
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03:24 <sinewav> ct|kyle: yeah sure, I like that idea. let's try it later. and by later, I mean prolbably after the weekend. I have a guest right now.
03:25 <ct|kyle> sinewav: ah
03:25 <sinewav> I can maybe test a little tonight
03:25 <ct|kyle> I gotta program it first
03:25 <sinewav> lol sure
04:14 <ct|kyle> sinewav: heh, it is kind of neat
04:15 <ct|kyle> now I need to rubber % hack rubberzone colours
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04:47 <ct|kyle> .bzr
04:47 <tronner> bzr co lp:~armagetronad-ct/armagetronad/0.2.8-armagetronad-sty+ct
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11:33 <guru3> i was kick voted off of swampland mud puddle :<
11:34 <guru3> for being too good :<
11:34 <guru3> by 'steff' and 'steffen'
11:34 <guru3> why does this feel like a giant setup
11:38 <guru3> kicked again
11:38 <guru3> those bastards
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11:41 <guru3> now ive been banned :<
12:28 <fonkay> aww
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17:13 <smoothice> #ubuntu
17:13 <smoothice> armabot: ubuntu
17:14 <smoothice> #help
17:14 <smoothice> #echo hi
17:14 <smoothice> #Ping
17:16 <akira_arma> .tea
17:16 <tronner> akira_arma: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
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18:33 <akira_arma> .tea
18:33 <tronner> akira_arma: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
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18:57 <Vanhayes> .weather e5n 5c5
18:57 <tronner> Vanhayes: The current temperature in Belleisle Regional High, Springfield, New Brunswick is 20.6°C (1:56 PM ADT on May 16, 2009). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 29%. Dew Point: 2.0°C. Pressure: 30.16 in 1021.2 hPa (Falling).
18:57 <Vanhayes> #tea
18:57 <armabot> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
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19:11 <Vanhayes> #si fort
19:11 <armabot> Vanhayes: Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress.: Players (11/14): ' B$'| Free (freetosk8brd@ct), Blitz, Blush'n Puppy, MACARRONI, Micky, play, pruHell-lo, Ricky, upps, z3r0, |SA| HIVE
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19:15 <nsh22> hey, is getting a computer tune up worth it?
19:21 <akira_arma> ?
19:21 <nsh22> getting your comp tuned up by a proffesional
19:23 <akira_arma> uhhh
19:24 <akira_arma> depends on some things
19:24 <Vanhayes> whats wrong with your computer?
19:24 <nsh22> i dunno how it works, by my comp is slower than ivantis
19:24 <akira_arma> software/hardware?
19:24 <nsh22> both prolly
19:24 <Vanhayes> how old is it?
19:24 <akira_arma> and wwhich os do you run
19:25 <nsh22> its prolly 5 years old, windows xp
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19:55 <akira_arma> O.O
20:09 <sinewav> nsh22: everyone I've know to get "professional" help with computers has had more problems than ever.
20:09 <nsh22> sinewav: make work projects i see
20:10 <nsh22> maybe if i overclock the cpu itll run faster, but it might melt too..
20:11 <sinewav> you're better off just downgrading some of your software and optimizing your HD.
20:13 <sinewav> I assume your system is maxed out, right?
20:13 <akira_arma> optimize hd, optimize OS
20:13 <sinewav> yeah
20:13 <akira_arma> thats all you can do
20:13 <sinewav> true dat
20:13 <nsh22> no it isnt, wve only used 30gb out of 100
20:13 <nsh22> or sumthin like that
20:13 <akira_arma> get diskeeper
20:13 <akira_arma> its a good defregger
20:13 <sinewav> more ram might help if you have space
20:13 <akira_arma> defragger
20:14 <nsh22> yeah im thinkin about more ram
20:14 <nsh22> akira_arma: isnt the windows one good enuf?
20:14 <akira_arma> also get auslogic boostspeed
20:14 <nsh22> what?
20:14 <sinewav> newer applications use ridiculous ammounts of ram
20:15 <akira_arma> its a tuning prog for windows
20:15 <akira_arma> works ok
20:15 <nsh22> yeah, but its slow even when im not using applications, just websurfing
20:15 <akira_arma> now the windows defragger stinks
20:15 <akira_arma> no
20:15 <akira_arma> no*
20:15 <akira_arma> also its slow
20:15 <akira_arma> well
20:15 <akira_arma> consider a new windows install too ;)
20:16 <akira_arma> windows tends to fuckup if you install alot of stuff
20:16 <nsh22> ii shall have to check to see if i has another ramslot(i could just steal one from computer science at school :P, they are always srung about)
20:16 <akira_arma> especially conflicting drivers, runtimes and stuff
20:16 <nsh22> i cant do another windows install, no disk
20:16 <nsh22> it came with xp on it but no disk
20:17 <akira_arma> ...
20:17 <akira_arma> download one :)
20:18 <akira_arma> also sounds like a perfect time to swtch to linux
20:18 <sinewav> nsh22: do you have a lot of dumb shit running in the background? turn some off.
20:19 <nsh22> bear ion mind my mom is a paranoid biotch whowont let me download anything (i do it anuyways bu t thatsbesides the point)
20:19 <sinewav> you'll have a lot less problems when you get your own box.
20:19 <akira_arma> lol
20:20 <sinewav> I can mail you a bunch of hardware and you can build your own
20:20 <sinewav> I have a few motherdoards lying around. and a case.
20:22 <nsh22> lol if my mom found out shed freak
20:22 <nsh22> kik
20:22 <nsh22> lol*
20:22 <MrBougo> lol
20:22 <MrBougo> "don't accept hardware from strangers" shed say
20:22 <sinewav> hide it under your bed with your dirty magazines
20:23  * nsh22 doesnt have magazines
20:23 <sinewav> oh I got it, build the computer into something else. like, um...a nightstand
20:23  * nsh22 has the internets
20:23 <nsh22> :P
20:24 <sinewav> make a fake cake and put the hardware inside.
20:24 <nsh22> lol
20:24 <nsh22> that wouldnt be noticable at all
20:24 <MrBougo> this cake runs linux!
20:24 <nsh22> itd be the best comp ever though
20:24 <sinewav> lol
20:24 <nsh22> i SHOULD do that
20:24 <nsh22> infact, i wil, eventually
20:24 <MrBougo> how would you cool it
20:24 <sinewav> icing
20:25 <MrBougo> put it in the fridge or what :p
20:25 <MrBougo> hahaha
20:25 <nsh22> make computers that look like food
20:25 <nsh22> MrBougo: fan in the back or bottom
20:25 <sinewav> an mp3 player that looks like a pear.
20:25 <nsh22> 'lol
20:25 <MrBougo> put something yummy in a watercooling system
20:25 <nsh22> JELLO!
20:25 <sinewav> your company name: nutritious music
20:25 <nsh22> :P
20:26 <nsh22> the only problem is is that i have no clue how to put a comp together
20:26 <nsh22> but i THINK im learning that in june
20:27 <sinewav> it's pretty easy dude. you'll be, like, duh!
20:28 <MrBougo> yep
20:28 <MrBougo> unless you're making a cake for real
20:28 <nsh22> connect tab a into shlot b
20:28 <nsh22> is that basically how its done?
20:29 <sinewav> most computer hardware can only be installed in one obvious way.
20:29 <sinewav> open one up a school and look inside.
20:29 <sinewav> simple really
20:30 <sinewav> the hardest part is getting everything to play nicely
20:31 <MrBougo> dum ide cables
20:31 <MrBougo> haha what
20:32 <MrBougo> eurovision party on freenode, wtf
20:37 <nsh22> what?
20:38 <nsh22> sinewav: yeah, im learnin it in june after the ISUs are in.
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20:54 <MrBougo> -Martinp23/Wallops- Hi folks! Tonight is Eurovision Night and the yearly party kicks off in 30 mins. Join in all the fun and singalongs in the traditional venue: #eurovision . Thanks for using freenode and have a good evening!
20:55 <nsh22> what the hell is it?
20:56 <nsh22> wut is teh eurovision?
20:59 <MrBougo> you're kidding?
20:59 <sinewav> I don't know either
20:59 <MrBougo> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurovision
20:59 <MrBougo> you must be american then :p
21:00 <nsh22> canadian*
21:00 <nsh22> iunno about sine
21:00 <sinewav> yes. and I don't watch tv or read mewspapers either. I miss out on a lot of culture
21:01 <MrBougo> nsh22, canada is in america :p
21:02 <nsh22> I HATE CELLPHONES!!!!
21:02 <MrBougo> sinewav, that's not really culture :p
21:02 <nsh22> MrBougo: yes but we dont like to admit it
21:02 <MrBougo> well, imho
21:02 <MrBougo> hehe
21:02 <MrBougo> silly silly
21:02 <nsh22> cellphones==fail for not charging through my computer cuz ilost the real charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:03 <MrBougo> lol
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21:18 <nsh22> MAKE UP YOUR DAMNED MINDS!!!!
21:19 <MrBougo> ??
21:20 <nsh22> MrBougo: ibvantis always coming and leaving 2 seconds after
21:20 <MrBougo> :p
21:20 <nsh22> fuck, now my comp is stuck on add/remove programs....
21:20 <nsh22> i hate windowz
21:21 <nsh22> and it doesnt show up in task manager, fml
21:21 <nsh22> wewt it finnaly closed :P
21:22 <nsh22> hurray, it should charge mah battereh nao
21:29 <nsh22> anyone here know anything about electronics(specifically cellphones)?
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