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Log from 2009-05-15:
--- Day changed Fri May 15 2009
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00:09 <animuson> if u call a declareWinner in the middle of a round, how is the winner decided? is it just whoever has gained the most points that round?
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00:31 <animuson> anyone?
00:35 <noob13> not me... ;)
00:37 <noob13> but i would assume the team that has the most points would be declared winner
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01:29 <David7> Hello
01:30 <noob13> hi!
01:30 <David7> I am stuck on a problem and I tried to find the answer
01:30 <David7> but I just can't find it, can anyone help me?
01:31 <noob13> depends on the problem..what might it be?
01:31 <David7> Well, I tried to just have some fun times on local game
01:31 <David7> and, yesterday, it was all fine
01:31 <David7> but today, as soon as I play it, I get in the game and out at almost an instant
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01:32 <noob13> does this happen in internet games as well, have you tried?
01:32 <noob13> hey dub :)
01:33 <David7> let me try that real quick (sorry :( )
01:33 <noob13> David7: does it give you some sort of error? does the client crash entirely when it happens?
01:35 <noob13> David7: You might be in spectator mode :P
01:37 <noob13> David7: Try turning it off in Player Setup -> Player 1 Settings -> Spec Mode: off
01:37 <noob13> 01:37 <David7> I got it, Thank you very much :D
01:38 <noob13> David7: np. :P
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03:02 <sinewav> sup neal
03:02 <nsh22> sup sine
03:03 <sinewav> cook anything good lately? anything with noodles in it?
03:03 <sinewav> I loves me some noodles
03:03 <nsh22> i had pasta and pizza in italy
03:03 <nsh22> :P
03:04 <sinewav> oh right, you were in europe. how was that?
03:04 <nsh22> godly
03:04 <ct|kyle> new york's got the best pizza water
03:04 <sinewav> pizza water?
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03:04 <ct|kyle> ya best water for cooking pizza
03:04 <nsh22> ct|kyle: water? from New York? u kiddin?
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03:04 <ct|kyle> nope
03:04 <nsh22> you BAKE A PIZZA< NOT POIL IT! :P
03:04 <sinewav> that's what I thought you meant
03:05 <nsh22> boil*
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03:05 <nsh22> and yes i know what you mean
03:05 <ct|kyle> the dough has watter
03:05 <nsh22> i know
03:05 <sinewav> yeah, but you need water to make the dough
03:05 <sinewav> opps
03:05 <ct|kyle> lol
03:06 <sinewav> I had a pizza from subway of all places the other day. and it was good. bizarre.
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03:06 <nsh22> anyways, i took 144 pic of food while i was away
03:06 <sinewav> nice
03:06 <nsh22> dubstep=fail
03:06 <nsh22> Student__: hi and read up
03:06 <sinewav> where is your fliker/photobucket?
03:06 <nsh22> i uploaded to facebook :(
03:06 <sinewav> booo
03:07 <sinewav> I reject the facebook
03:07 <ct|kyle> facebook sucks
03:07 <sinewav> although, I'll probably join if I can confirm my ex deleted her account
03:07 <ct|kyle> they are just as evil as google
03:07 <sinewav> haha
03:07 <sinewav> google ftl
03:07 <ct|kyle> but at least google has their  evil plans posted
03:07 <nsh22> i might upload to photobuket, im not sure
03:07 <sinewav> true
03:08 <sinewav> neal, why don't you just have your own website? is it because you're a minor or something?
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03:08 <nsh22> i HAD my own food site (remember how i posted it on the forums) but it died and is prolly deleted now
03:08 <ct|kyle> that reminds me I need to find a good vps for CTWF (USA)
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03:09 <nsh22> NOOB!
03:09 <nsh22> :P
03:09 <sinewav> yeah, the food forum. I remember. but what about a personal blog or something? just facebook? I guess that's ok.
03:09 <nsh22> ill se if i can in yopu to my album so you can see it (w/o logging in)
03:10 <nsh22> sinewav: wut is thoust email?
03:10 <sinewav> djvision@juno.com
03:11 <ct|kyle> I hate juno
03:11 <sinewav> I do too, but I've had it for sooo long
03:11 <sinewav> what is better?
03:11 <ct|kyle> my grandpa has it
03:12 <sinewav> hahaha I'm a grandpa!
03:12 <nsh22> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=254431&id=817440362&l=e831d90ace
03:12 <ct|kyle> o0
03:12 <ct|kyle> oh ya LOL
03:12 <sinewav> not really.
03:12 <nsh22> sinewav: you are?
03:12 <ct|kyle> we called him that in CT
03:12 <sinewav> no, not even married
03:12 <sinewav> but I'm old, like, 37
03:12 <nsh22> lol i was like, arnt you alittle young...?
03:12 <sinewav> grandpa in tron years
03:12 <nsh22> you are?
03:12 <sinewav> yup
03:12 <nsh22> i thought you were n your 20's
03:13 <nsh22> did you get the link?
03:13 <sinewav> those pics rule, even the ones of meat
03:14 <sinewav> giant shrimp?
03:14 <ct|kyle> tomatoes?
03:14 <sinewav> omg fish head
03:14 <nsh22> :P
03:15 <nsh22> see if you can go to my albums and check out the other pics (other than food)
03:16 <nsh22> im about to post sum pics of some really good pics that i took, imho
03:16 <sinewav> naw, can't get to them...
03:16 <nsh22> ...
03:16 <sinewav> what about girls neal, pics of girls?
03:16 <ct|kyle> now how do I eat some of them?
03:17 <sinewav> ew octopus....
03:17 <nsh22> :P
03:17 <nsh22> octopussy!
03:18 <ct|kyle> do you have a pic of you beating the crap outta epsy?
03:18 <nsh22> no...
03:18 <ct|kyle> darn
03:18 <nsh22> but ill never stalk him again, hes fugly :P
03:18 <sinewav> I want to see pictures of women eating food now. neal, please deliver.
03:18 <ct|kyle> LOL
03:19 <nsh22> sinewav: sry bud dont gots any
03:19 <nsh22> ... fb uploader is being a fugly ho
03:20 <sinewav> ok imma go tron now. bai.
03:20 <nsh22> noo
03:20 <nsh22> wait
03:20 <nsh22> actually, nvm
03:20 <sinewav> ok, I'll watch the irc
03:20 <nsh22> ill #m you the linkz
03:21 <sinewav> just post em here, I'll see.
03:21 <nsh22> ok
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03:23 <nsh22> sinewav: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=254777&id=817440362&l=00239f7924
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03:33 <sinewav> neal: some of those shots of nature are composed well. I think with a little training and a good camera you could be a decent potography hobbiest.
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05:27 <Ratchet--> luke-jr I'd like to end my server subscription
05:27 <Ratchet--> luke-jr__: I'd like to end my server subscription
05:27 <Ratchet--> :D
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05:34 <Ratchet--> ping luke-jr
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15:16 <Nightchill> epsy
15:16 <Nightchill> go play?=)
15:23 <Nightchill> how do i start arma server?
15:33 <P4> Nightchill: note that there is no nickname epsy here.
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15:59 <Nightchill> bituced
15:59 <Nightchill> noticed*
16:03 <MrBougo> nice one
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20:50 <Flex> StickyNoob you noob
20:52 <StickyNoob> Flex: yo
20:52 <Flex> what's up
20:52 <StickyNoob> not much
20:52 <Flex> i see
20:53 <StickyNoob> ???
20:55 <Flex> ?
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22:43 <|z10n|> hi everybody
22:44 <|z10n|> does anyone here knows anything about a fortress moviepack?
22:45 -!- nsh22 [n=neal@unaffiliated/nsh22] has joined #armagetron
22:46 <nsh22> sinewav: did you seez the pics?
22:48 <epsy> I know luzifer published one
22:48 <nsh22> published? what you mean?
22:48 <epsy> wrtlprnft, arma, otherwise I would have said marvin :)
22:49 <epsy> nsh22, not sure if it's entirely his work
22:49 <nsh22> epsy: ?? im confused, are you talking about lucifers pics now?
22:49 <epsy> luZifer
22:49 <nsh22> oh, is it onb the forums?
22:49 <epsy> lacrymosa is his forum username
22:49 <epsy> or
22:49 <epsy> WAIT NO
22:50 <epsy> um..
22:50 <epsy> luke_sky
22:50 <nsh22> is the pic the forums?
22:50 <nsh22> the pic on the forums*
22:50 <epsy> perhaps
22:51 <nsh22> ...
22:51 <nsh22> what the pic of(or linkz)
22:51 <epsy> a screenshot of his fortress moviepack?
22:51 <nsh22> oh...
22:51 <nsh22> i was talking to sine cuz he wanted to see some [ics of france
22:52 <nsh22> and i linked him to my fb album
22:55 <nsh22> sinewav: !!!!!!!!!!
22:58 <ct|kyle> .race
22:58 <tronner> ct|kyle: Crazy Tronners Race Around The Track: Players (1/16): ct¤kyle (kyle@ct)
23:00 <ct|kyle> sinewav is going to love that one
23:00 <nsh22> race around the track?
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23:01 <Ratchet--> luke-jr here yet
23:01 <nsh22> luke-jr_:
23:01 <nsh22> ract wants you
23:05 <sinewav> neal, I saw the pics and they were great. with a good camera and some training you can be a decent photographer.
23:05 <nsh22> :P
23:05 -!- Ratchet--1 [n=Joshua@99-195-9-43.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #armagetron
23:05 <Ratchet--1> well Neal, if and when he replies
23:05 <nsh22> i have the one of the kumquat(i.e. small orange) on my desktop now
23:05 <sinewav> yeah that was a great one
23:05 <Ratchet--1> i have a tree with those
23:05 -!- Flex [n=Flex@unaffiliated/flex] has quit ["See I remember them forever.."]
23:06 <Ratchet--1> in my yardd
23:06 <nsh22> yeah, i like it the best
23:06 <Ratchet--1> i like japaneese plums, i grow those too :D
23:06 <nsh22> lol \they wanted 80 euros for a 1ft high tree
23:06 <Ratchet--1> holy hell
23:06 <Ratchet--1> 80 euros?
23:06 <Ratchet--1> isn't that like 60$
23:07 <nsh22> $160*
23:07 <nsh22> euro>usa or cad
23:07 <Ratchet--1> WHAT
23:07 <Ratchet--1> holy..
23:07 <sinewav> kyle, did you say racing!? gah! I'm at work....
23:07 <Ratchet--1> dude its like so easy to get a tree..
23:07 <Ratchet--1> i got mine from my grandparents tree, i planted the seed
23:08 <Ratchet--1> but no way it cost that much around here
23:08 <nsh22> Ratchet--1: how big is it now and when did you plant it
23:08 <Ratchet--1> mine is about 4 feet tall, and about 2 years ago
23:08 <Ratchet--1> but my grandparents is about 12 feet tall
23:08 <nsh22> wow, they grow that fast?
23:08 <Ratchet--1> and has about 700 each season
23:09 <nsh22> lol what do they taste like?
23:09 <Ratchet--1> 'and theirs is about 8 years old roughly
23:09 <ct|kyle> sinewav: ya :P I'll have to race you latter
23:09 <Ratchet--1> nothing like oranges
23:09 <Ratchet--1> the juice is really sticky and sweet
23:09 <nsh22> arnt they bitter or sour?
23:09 <nsh22> oh
23:09 <nsh22> lol
23:09 <Ratchet--1> the unripe ones are
23:09 <ct|kyle> sinewav: DZ follows you around the track to keep you moving
23:09 <Ratchet--1> but if its ripe its really sweet
23:09 <nsh22> ct|kyle: LMAO!
23:09 <ct|kyle> it is awsome till you cauth it
23:10 <ct|kyle> gtg
23:10 <Ratchet--1> just tell Luke i want to cancel my servers someones, please
23:10 <Ratchet--1> =D
23:10 <nsh22> ratchet--send him a #m
23:10 <Ratchet--1> i did
23:10 <Ratchet--1> about 10 times
23:10 <Ratchet--1> #m ?
23:10 <Ratchet--1> message?
23:10 <armabot> Ratchet--1: (later tell <nick> <text>) -- Tells <nick> <text> the next time <nick> is in seen. <nick> can contain wildcard characters, and the first matching nick will be given the note.
23:10 <nsh22> #m ratchet--1: hi
23:10 <armabot> nsh22: The operation succeeded.
23:11 <Ratchet--1> #m luke-jr I'd like to cancel my Servers
23:11 <Ratchet--1> #m luke-jr_ I'd like to cancel my servers
23:11 <armabot> Ratchet--1: The operation succeeded.
23:11 <armabot> Ratchet--1: The operation succeeded.
23:11 <Ratchet--1> there
23:11 <Ratchet--1> now bbl
23:11 -!- Ratchet--1 [n=Joshua@99-195-9-43.dyn.centurytel.net] has left #armagetron []
23:13 <sinewav> wtf kyle, that zombie thing was something I wanted for my racing. I can't wait to check this out.
23:14 <nsh22> sinewav: some dbag went and taged all my photos with things like french woman for the fish pics
23:14 <sinewav> I really want to bring back my race server. I think I can afford it now. luke? you there?
23:14 <sinewav> lol neal
23:14 <nsh22> now i have to go remove them before the wrong ppl see them
23:15 <sinewav> haha
23:15 <nsh22> i think the guy is high though...
23:22 <sinewav> I would totally do that, high or not.
23:22 <nsh22> lol
23:23 <nsh22> im tagging them with what they all are, as some ppl dont know what the ingredients are. ill tell you when im done
23:23 <sinewav> yeah some of that I didn't recognize. like roots or something.
23:25 <nsh22> did you see the mushrooms
23:25 -!- Ratchet-- [n=Joshua@99-195-32-231.dyn.centurytel.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:28 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@] has quit []
23:33 <sinewav> I don't remember the mushrooms. I remember the tomatos though, yum!
23:34 <nsh22> omg they looked awesome
23:34 <sinewav> no kidding
23:34 <nsh22> and in italy i had one of the best things of my life, insalata cabrese
23:35 <nsh22> which is a mozzerella, tomato and basil salad drizzled with olive oil and seasoned lightly
23:35 <nsh22> i JIMP

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