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Log from 2009-04-23:
--- Day changed Thu Apr 23 2009
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00:29 <Vanhayes_> anyone else see a floating cube appear in some commmercials all of a sudden?
00:30 <nsh22> huh?
00:31 <akira_arma> O.O
00:31 <luke-jr> ……..
00:31 <nsh22> Vanhayes_: what drugs have you smooked/injected/snorted in the last 24 hours?
00:32 <Vanhayes_> in the last 24 hours? none that i know of
00:32 <akira_arma> what kind of ads?
00:32 <akira_arma> Tv, internet?
00:32 <Vanhayes_> it happens on comedy network adds for south park alot
00:32 <Vanhayes_> think it happened on a few others too
00:33 <akira_arma> i dont watch TV :)
00:33 <Vanhayes_> well it sort of just interupts the commercial with a floating cube then returns back to commercial
00:34 <akira_arma> O.O
00:34 <akira_arma> brainwash v2?
00:34 <akira_arma> ;)
00:34 <Vanhayes_> maybe
00:34 <akira_arma> well nothing surpises me actually
00:35 <akira_arma> our parliament just decreed internet-censorship today
00:35 <akira_arma> including linkchains
00:35 <nsh22> which parliament?
00:35 <akira_arma> german
00:35 <nsh22> ah, what kind of censors?
00:35 <akira_arma> i bet 99% of the parlimanet memebrs didnt even have a clue what they were voting for
00:35 <nsh22> most likely not
00:35 <akira_arma> the usual excuse
00:36 <akira_arma> childporn
00:36 <nsh22> ah
00:36 <akira_arma> instead of shutting down servers :)
00:36 <akira_arma> we block
00:36 <akira_arma> lol
00:36 <nsh22> that is the one thing that should be universally blocked and have servers destroyed
00:36 <akira_arma> funnily alot of servers are located in germany
00:36 <akira_arma> the problem is
00:36 <nsh22> sso your country blocks the sites? how?
00:36 <akira_arma> that "law" isnt about childporn
00:37 <akira_arma> that law is the first of many to obstruct free speech
00:37 <akira_arma> right now only DNS
00:37 <akira_arma> but the text is extensible
00:37 <akira_arma> any other technical methods can be used
00:38 <akira_arma> also you are guitly if you just browse a site which ahs a link in its frame etc
00:38 <Vanhayes_> well that doesnt seem fair
00:38 <nsh22> thats ghey, a lot of sites have random ads that may go tio that shit
00:38 <akira_arma> yea
00:38 <akira_arma> well as i said
00:38 <akira_arma> ist not about childporn at all
00:39 <epsy> blackouteurope.eu
00:39 <nsh22> so its becoming communist basically?
00:39 <akira_arma> also the revenues of childporn are made outside of the net
00:39 <akira_arma> the net resembles only 10-25% of the amterial
00:39 <akira_arma> and the ips of the servers are known
00:39 <Vanhayes_> communism isnt inheritly bad just missued
00:40 <akira_arma> stop using this silly word
00:40 <akira_arma> this has nothing to do with communsim, fascism etc
00:40 <akira_arma> its just a grab for power under a certain pretext
00:41 <akira_arma> anyways
00:41 <nsh22> well, technically, communism is THE perfect governmentm, but thats only if human greed doesnt interfere
00:41 <akira_arma> the problem is
00:41 <akira_arma> the huamn greed is also conditioned
00:41 <akira_arma> most of it at least
00:42 <akira_arma> you learn it from the start of your life
00:42 <akira_arma> this society is based on greed and competition, blabla
00:42 <akira_arma> i mean whatever chance has the human mind then :)
00:43 <epsy> nsh22, no that's anarchism
00:43 <nsh22> epsy, what is?
00:43 <akira_arma> a decentral cellular structure would be best for humans
00:43 <epsy> « THE perfect government »
00:43 <akira_arma> with mostly self suffiecient "cells"
00:43 <epsy> in which case there is none
00:43 <epsy> heh
00:43 <Vanhayes_> ya, communism doesnt work cause most people think if they work harder than the guy next to you you should get paid more
00:44 <Vanhayes_> well part of it anyways
00:44 <akira_arma> well money ;)
00:44 <epsy> that's meritarism
00:44 <akira_arma> thats a another thing to ramble on
00:44 <epsy> or however it is spelled
00:44 <nsh22> epsy: are you catholic?
00:44 <akira_arma> fact is a worldwide feudal oligarchic system is forming
00:44 <Vanhayes_> if i do three times the work then the slacker next to me but we get paid the same i might get upset
00:45 <epsy> nsh22, no
00:45 <nsh22> protestant?
00:45 <epsy> no
00:45 <Vanhayes_> existitalist?
00:45 <akira_arma> vanhayes that is also a common misinterpretation
00:45 <Vanhayes_> hmm thats not spelled right
00:45 <akira_arma> which is also conditioned
00:46 <akira_arma> everyone should do what he "can" do for the common cause
00:46 <akira_arma> that  has nothing to do with difficulty of work
00:46 <akira_arma> or amount
00:46 <Vanhayes_> ya but as humans we want to be rewarded for our work
00:46 <akira_arma> the goodness of life will eb reward
00:47 <akira_arma> ideally
00:47 <akira_arma> not in this fucked up system
00:47 <Vanhayes_> thats the problem
00:47 <akira_arma> where we are conditioned to expect reard
00:47 <akira_arma> reward
00:47 <akira_arma> there are several examples in history
00:47 <akira_arma> where a different conditon
00:48 <Vanhayes_> if there were no money it might be easier
00:48 <akira_arma> formed different values
00:48 <akira_arma> well
00:48 <akira_arma> the prob is that it is way too late :)
00:49 <akira_arma> to stop any of the ongoing tranformational processes in society
00:49 <akira_arma> transformational
00:50 <akira_arma> so watch in amrval how we are going to change into a technocratic fascist system
00:50 <akira_arma> marvel*
00:52 <akira_arma> lol you get such gems of the propaganda
00:52 <akira_arma> EU terror report:
00:53 <akira_arma> Right-wing terrorist attacks were not reported in 2008.
00:53 <akira_arma> teh evil leftists
00:53 <akira_arma> The use of the Internet has become pivotal in all types of terrorism. It offers anonymity in the exchange of information, making it easy for these organisations to communicate and spread propaganda.
00:53 <akira_arma> teh evil internet
00:53 <akira_arma> Women play an important role as associates in supporting terrorist organisations (translating texts on websites, providing their names for subscriber registration, acting as couriers, spreading propaganda, arranging marriages of convenience, etc.). Their contribution should not be underestimated.
00:53 <akira_arma> teh evil women?
00:53 <akira_arma> :
00:54 <epsy> lol
00:54 <epsy> you could replace it with pretty much anything
00:54 <ivantis> It's pretty gross
00:54 <ivantis> The governement does that
00:54 <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r1132 Pausing sound between rounds to avoid stuttering....
00:54 <akira_arma> and to consider that REAL terror attacks from idnependent guys are like 0,1 % of all
00:55 <akira_arma> since the amjority of terror is secret service organized or funded
00:55 <akira_arma> lol
00:55 <akira_arma> best example is our german right wing party
00:55 <akira_arma> NPD
00:56 <akira_arma> there are so many undercover agents in there that it is now crumbling apart because the service is recalling them
00:56 <ivantis> Just the fact that the government can bribe providers to block things
00:56 <ivantis> It's terrible
00:57 <akira_arma> and there are 1000000 facts of other involvements in the worldwide terror and war for years
00:57 <akira_arma> sigh
00:58 <akira_arma> good story is the piracy before somalia
00:58 <akira_arma> lol
00:58 <akira_arma> if you start researching into it you have to shiver in awe before the lies and half-truths of the mainstream media
00:59 <akira_arma> what they all dont say is: there is no somalia since 1991
00:59 <akira_arma> or 92
00:59 <akira_arma> forgot the exacty year
01:00 <akira_arma> so their coast guard crumbled too
01:00 <akira_arma> when the land fell into anarchy
01:00 <akira_arma> many countries used it to start fishing in their waters or even dumping waste
01:01 <akira_arma> the beginnings of piracy there was just the try of the somlains to get some coast guard going
01:01 <akira_arma> of course now there are greedy people too and they have to get weapons from somewhere
01:01 <akira_arma> its always best to play 2 sides of the fence
01:01 <akira_arma> :(
01:01 <akira_arma> hell i am so disgusted
01:01 <akira_arma> lol
01:02 <akira_arma> ok done
01:02 <akira_arma> sorry
01:02 <luke-jr> … stfu akira_arma
01:03 <Vanhayes_> somalia exists
01:03 <akira_arma> yes technically
01:03 <akira_arma> but since the gov failed in 92
01:03 <Vanhayes_> its gone thru a few regime changes and no rela govt now but it is still there
01:03 <akira_arma> yes
01:03 <akira_arma> but its pretty much anarchy
01:03 <Vanhayes_> i know a few somalis
01:04 <akira_arma> i didnt say the land vanished
01:04 <akira_arma> mm
01:04 <akira_arma> did you ask them about those happenings?
01:04 <Vanhayes_> no i meant its still called sopmalia, i know some nations have changed names with regimes
01:05 <akira_arma> yea i worded that wrong in my former lines
01:05 <Vanhayes_> they havent been there in decades so it never came up when i talked to them
01:05 <akira_arma> ah
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02:15  * cloudsynth greets all
02:16 <cloudsynth> having already turned on talk_to_master, is there anything else I should be looking for to make my dedicated server work?
02:19 <cloudsynth> #notes
02:24 <ct|kyle> cloudsynth: open up the port
02:26 <cloudsynth> ct|kyle: i'm using crap cable internet, is that sufficient to see my server on the master list?
02:28 <ct|kyle> should be, but any routers / firewalls will have to be open for port 4534
02:45 <cloudsynth> should I be able to see my dedicated server in my lan server list if I'm Doing This Right?
02:45 -!- sinewav [n=sinewav@adsl-76-193-187-244.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
02:49 <ct|kyle> cloudsynth: I think
02:49 <ct|kyle> cloudsynth: what is the name type ".si <name of it>" without the quotes and <>
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03:12 <cloudsynth> how would I get the console on linux that appears like that of windows?
03:26 <cloudsynth> is the settings_info.cfg still recommended? settings_dedicated doesn't even SINCLUDE it.
03:29 <dlh> You mean server_info.cfg? It is recommended
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03:30 <cloudsynth> dlh: on my installation, it says settnigs_*.cfg
03:32 <dlh> It says server_info.cfg :)
03:32 <dlh> and settings_custom.cfg
03:32 <cloudsynth> dlh: does the name really matter? as long as it's SINCLUDE'd in settings_deticated.cfg?
03:33 <dlh> It doesn't matter, but the point is that you shouldn't modify settings_dedicated.cfg, because it gets clobbered when you upgrade later.
03:34 <cloudsynth> dlh: there wouldn't be a frontend to the server in linux like the one provided in windows would htere?
03:34 <dlh> You mean the server console?
03:35 <cloudsynth> yes.
03:35 <dlh> You can run the server manually, by using the command armagetronad-dedicated
03:35 <dlh> I assume you were using the init.d script?
03:35 <cloudsynth> more or less: sudo /etc/init.d/armagetronad/start
03:37 <luke-jr> fail
03:37 <cloudsynth> luke-jr: excuse me?
03:37 <luke-jr> that wouldn't work for beans
03:38 <cloudsynth> luke-jr: what do you mean?
03:38 <luke-jr> the last / needs to be a space, at least
03:38 <cloudsynth> luke-jr: lol, you caught the spelling mistake
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03:55 <cloudsynth> what's the difference between cycle_speed and speed_factor?
03:56 <luke-jr> things
03:56 <cloudsynth> ...wanna elaborate?
03:58 <sinewav> I think speed factor modifies the family of cycle speed settings. That's just a guess though.
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03:59 <luke-jr> ]cfg2 speed
03:59 <ljrbot> luke-jr: Error: "cfg2" is not a valid command.
03:59 <luke-jr> ]cfg speed
03:59 <ljrbot> luke-jr: Error: "cfg" is not a valid command.
03:59 <luke-jr> ]armacfg speed
03:59 <ljrbot> luke-jr: Error: "armacfg" is not a valid command.
03:59 <luke-jr> ljrbot: you fail
03:59 <ljrbot> luke-jr: Error: "you" is not a valid command.
03:59 <luke-jr> exactly
04:00 <luke-jr> ]rating cloudsynth
04:00 <ljrbot> luke-jr: I don't know anything about 'cloudsynth'!
04:00 <luke-jr> ]rating luke-jr
04:00 <ljrbot> luke-jr: luke-jr is 239th with a rating of 1628-1691 (from 1650-1709)
04:01 <cloudsynth> o..kay
04:02 <ct|kyle> .cfg2 speed
04:02 <tronner> ct|kyle: BALL_SPEED_DECAY: ball_speed_decay_help(Default: 0) || CAMERA_CUSTOM_BACK_FROMSPEED: This value is multiplied with the current speed and added to CAMERA_CUSTOM_BACK.(Default: 0.5) || CAMERA_CUSTOM_RISE_FROMSPEED: This value is multiplied with the current speed and added to CAMERA_CUSTOM_RISE.(Default: 0.4) || CAMERA_CUSTOM_TURN_SPEED: Speed the custom camera turns with(Default: 4) || (11 more messages)
04:03 <ct|kyle> I should make a cfg3 for 0.3.*
04:03 <cloudsynth> ug, how do you turn off teams?
04:03 <ct|kyle> .cfg2 teams
04:03 <tronner> ct|kyle: SP_TEAMS_MAX: Maximum number of teams in single player mode(Default: 16) || SP_TEAMS_MIN: Minimum number of teams in single player mode(Default: 1) || TEAMS: Get a list of all teams with a somewhat graphic representation of their formation. Same as saying /teams(Default: ) || TEAMS_MAX: Maximum number of teams(Default: 16) || TEAMS_MIN: Minimum number of teams(Default: 1) || UNLOCK_ALL_TEAMS: (1 more message)
04:04 <ct|kyle> those 4 settings should do the trick
04:04 <ct|kyle> or
04:04 <ct|kyle> .cfg2 team_name_
04:04 <tronner> ct|kyle: ALLOW_TEAM_NAME_COLOR: Allow a team to be named after a color(Default: 1) || ALLOW_TEAM_NAME_PLAYER: Allow a team to be named after the leading player(Default: 1) || TEAM_NAME_1: name of team 1(Default: $team_name_blue) || TEAM_NAME_2: name of team 2(Default: $team_name_gold) || TEAM_NAME_3: name of team 3(Default: $team_name_red) || TEAM_NAME_4: name of team 4(Default: $team_name_green) || (1 more message)
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04:28 <cloudsynth> can you actually use /usr/games/armagetronad-dedicated as a frontend?
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04:38 <cloudsynth> on another note, is it a problem with ports if people can custom connect but don't see the server on the list? perhaps it is just crap internet?
04:52 <sinewav> TALK_TO_MASTER 1
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05:02 <ct|kyle> must be set before server starts
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17:07 <ljrbot> New news from bzr: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r1132 Pausing sound between rounds to avoid stuttering.... || [trunk-armagetronad-work] r914 Don't try to connect when no servername given.... || [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r1131 Removed hardcoded 10000 vertex limit for .ase files that was... || [0.2.8-armagetronad-sty+ct] r668 TARGETZONE_PLAYER_ENTER and TARGETZONE_PLAYER_LEFT msgs now ... || [0.2.8-armagetronad-sty] r899 Merge from 0.2
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17:43 <oRaw> #list
17:43 <oRaw> :s
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18:14 <Ratchet--> luke-jr: are you busy mister
18:19 <akira_arma> .tea
18:19 <tronner> akira_arma: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
18:36 -!- Ratchet--1 [n=Joshua@99-195-38-134.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #armagetron
18:38 <dlh> .si garden
18:38 <tronner> dlh: Fortress Garden: Players (8/32): CT׶4 (P4@ct), free kill (dlh@generalconsumption.org), hirntot 3, hitntot 4, man2d, MK-1, Muskle h£d, route, Sucker
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18:45 <Ratchet--2> luke?
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20:09 <P4> luke-jr: have you just shutdown your UK demo server?
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20:24 <luke-jr> P4: no?
20:24 <luke-jr> considering it tho
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21:38 <Vanhayes> .tea
21:38 <tronner> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: Players (3/32): Hype, MK-1, teen
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22:21 <akira_arma> .tea
22:21 <tronner> akira_arma: Fortress Café: Players (6/32): MK-1, QUARG, Trance, _-\'Ww_:Vesper, _~`Ww_Superman, ~|DS|~zion
22:21 <akira_arma> mhmh
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