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Log from 2009-02-06:
--- Day changed Fri Feb 06 2009
00:00 <epsy> anyway, good night
00:00 <BabyBug> night
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00:13 <ivantis2> wow, the whitepages.com has a record on me!
00:13 <ivantis2> i think they got that from emails
00:13 <ivantis2> man i hate yahoo and google and other emails hosters
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00:36 <@armabot> armacommits: [protocolbuffer-armagetronad-work] r909 Implemented protobufs for nServerInfo....
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00:54 <luke-jr> ]later tell ivantis2 don't blame me, I just found it hilarious
00:54 <ljrbot> luke-jr: The operation succeeded.
00:57 <flea> sup yall
00:58 <luke-jr> omfg flea
00:58 <flea> hey hey hey
00:58 <flea> good to see some cool stuff is still happenin with the game
00:59 <flea> i was about to release a moviepack
00:59 <Flex> What cool stuff?
00:59 <flea> Flex, look if i core dumped i'm sorry
00:59 <Flex> What?
01:00 <flea> cat /dev/random @ flex
01:00 <flea> thats all it was
01:00 <flea> what servers do the auth mechanism work in?
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01:03 <Flex> ct|kyle here?
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01:12 <ct|kyle> Flex:  where?
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01:13  * BabyBug kicks ct|kyle 
01:13 <ct|kyle> :(
01:13 <ct|kyle> what i do now BabyBug
01:15 -!- Netsplit over, joins: emphasis
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01:27 -!- iccleoldme is now known as BabyBug
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01:27 <nsh22> hey hey hey
01:28 <ct|kyle> oi oi oi
01:29 <madmax> olá olá olá
01:29 <nsh22> salut salut salut
01:29  * nsh22 is doing a project on the fact chuck norris created everything
01:29 <nsh22> lol
01:29 <nsh22> so dumb
01:30 <madmax> whaaa, why?
01:30 <nsh22> i need to do a project on two theories of creation, so im doing the big bang and chuck norris
01:31 <nsh22> ancient civilizations class
01:31 <luke-jr> lulz
01:31 <nsh22> ya
01:32 <nsh22> can i post it on the arma site under realy general when im done?
01:32 <madmax> are you getting good arguments supporting chuck?
01:32 <nsh22> lol its only me doing it, its just me bs'ing through the project
01:35 <luke-jr> madmax: well, since the first he mentioned was a BS theory, I'd assume the second one is too
01:35 <nsh22> im just bs'ing through the cn part lol
01:35  * madmax doesn't bite
01:39 <BabyBug> yes you do!
01:39 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-204.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
01:39 <nsh22> i thought that was your job babybug
01:40 <nsh22> you are a bug after all
01:40 <nsh22> :P
01:42 -!- animuson [n=animuson@CM-204-193-203-61.omah.tconl.com] has joined #armagetron
01:42 <animuson> is any1 familiar with hoop's racing patch
01:42 <animuson> ?
01:43 <animuson> i had a question about the Winner() function
01:43 <BabyBug> define familiar
01:43 <animuson> know in general
01:43 <animuson> ill just paste the line
01:43 <animuson> if ( p->raceTime < bestTime || bestTime == 0 )
01:44 <animuson> thats the line in a for loop to find the winenr
01:44 <animuson> winner*
01:44 <animuson> and i was wondering if p->raceTime was set to NULL or 0 when a player enters or doesnt play
01:44 <animuson> because if they enter mid-round and it sets their time to 0, it could be whats causing my problem
01:44 <animuson> where random people keep winning rounds when they join :P
01:46 <madmax> I have no idea, but you can also try to look/post here about it: http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?t=18630
01:47 <BabyBug> erm...well if the player just enters or doesn't play, then they won't be the winner of the match...So the winner() function wont get called
01:47 <BabyBug> wait what i wrote makes no sense
01:47 <animuson> thats a very old version which doesnt even include most of the stuff in this patch
01:47 <BabyBug> but i understand it perfectly in my head..
01:47 <animuson> lol
01:47 <animuson> say theres 2 people racing
01:47 <animuson> and someone enters mid-game
01:48 <animuson> when they hit the winzone, it declares the person who entered mid-game as the winner
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01:51 <Flex> akira_arma, Concord, ct|kyle, luke-jr, madmax, noob13 want to test the server now? done some changes..
01:51 <Concord> sure
01:54  * nsh22 has pizza, anybody want some?
01:54 <animuson> ewww
01:59 <ct|kyle> nsh22: send me some
01:59 <ct|kyle> Flex:  comming
02:00  * nsh22 sends kyle some pizza
02:01 -!- smoothice [n=smoothic@97-118-164-240.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
02:01  * nsh22 started web sit ecreation today
02:02 <nsh22> hey smoothie
02:02 <nsh22> lol
02:02 <smoothice> hi
02:09 -!- Genki [n=Jenny@ip70-176-82-12.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #armagetron
02:10 <smoothice> nsh22: web site creation business?
02:10 <nsh22> no in class
02:10 <nsh22> lol
02:10 -!- animuson [n=animuson@CM-204-193-203-61.omah.tconl.com] has left #armagetron []
02:10 <nsh22> computer engineering
02:10 <nsh22> we just went over the basics (which i knew already)
02:10 <nsh22> first in notepad then in dreamweaver
02:11 <smoothice> nsh22: yeah
02:11 <smoothice> animuson: yo
02:11 <smoothice> Genki: hi
02:11 <nsh22> he left
02:11  * ct|kyle skips the dreamweaver
02:11 <nsh22> lol
02:11 <Genki> smoothice: hi
02:11 <smoothice> oh lol
02:11 <nsh22> i can, but im lazy so....
02:11 <ct|kyle> and the notepad for that matter
02:11 <ct|kyle> Geany :)
02:11 <nsh22> lol so you dont do web design i take it?
02:12 <ct|kyle> in geany i do
02:12 <smoothice> nsh22: Actually I Do
02:12 <smoothice> nsh22: Wanna see my latest design/
02:13 <Genki> smoothice: I bet my stuff is better than your stuff
02:13 <nsh22> lol smooth i was talking about kyle but anyways... sure
02:13  * Genki has paint skillz that killz
02:13 <smoothice> oh lol
02:13 <smoothice> Genki: check this
02:13 <nsh22> geany, what is that? like dreamweaver?
02:13 <madmax> pfft, I have a friend who's a fan of geany, almost converted to vim though
02:13 <ct|kyle> Geany is the best text editor
02:13 <madmax> lies!
02:13 <ct|kyle> truth
02:13 <ct|kyle> madmax: have you tried it recently
02:13 <nsh22> paint ftw
02:14 <madmax> well hmm, a year ago
02:14 <smoothice> Genki: http://www.grabup.com/uploads/5095311a44d250ed0eaa0bcff8edc71d.png?direct
02:14 <ct|kyle> madmax: lot of changed since then, from what i hear
02:14 <Genki> nice start
02:14 <smoothice> Start?
02:14 <smoothice> Excuse me? :P
02:14 <nsh22> im mkaking a food site, but ill keep the forums
02:14 <Genki> yeah, you aren't done are you? O.o
02:15 <smoothice> no
02:15 <smoothice> lol
02:15 <Genki> exactly :P
02:15 <smoothice> I'm having CSS troubles so that's why it isn't up yet :)
02:15 <nsh22> i can never get frames and the page to save into one file, it pisses me off
02:15 <Genki> ah
02:15 <smoothice> Genki: http://www.grabup.com/uploads/4a6cc919a5c2228a0eb27566bd539fdc.png?direct
02:16 <madmax> anyway, gnight
02:16 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has quit ["ø"]
02:16 <Genki> heh
02:16 <nsh22> FUCKING WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:16 <nsh22> FUCK!
02:16 <Genki> I just have a programmer do it for me :P
02:16 <Genki> I hate dreamweaver
02:16 <ct|kyle> meto
02:16 <nsh22> it just took a shit all over my desktop
02:17 <ct|kyle> well i just do it all by hand
02:17 <smoothice> I do both
02:17 <Genki> http://fc22.deviantart.com/fs41/f/2009/026/6/7/6719f4448baeae3aebbb60c3a91482df.png
02:17 <smoothice> You made that?
02:17 <Genki> indeed
02:17 <nsh22> i spy your name
02:17 <smoothice> You got skillz!
02:17 <Genki> paint skillz!
02:18 <nsh22> that was NOT done in paint
02:18 <smoothice> lol
02:18 <Genki> T.T
02:18 <Genki> nsh hates me
02:18 <smoothice> mspaint ? 0.0
02:18 <smoothice> lol
02:18 <smoothice> Genki: nsh22 = neal~nw
02:18 <nsh22> that main one was doen in paint?
02:18 <Genki> ooooo
02:18 <nsh22> ^^
02:18 <smoothice> lol
02:18 <Genki> hi neal
02:18 <nsh22> yes tuis i
02:18 <nsh22> hi genk
02:19 <nsh22> anyways
02:19 <nsh22> that main one was doen in paint?
02:19 <smoothice> ]echo Hi nsh22
02:19 <ljrbot> Hi nsh22
02:19 <Genki> nsh: no I was just kidding
02:19 <Genki> I just wish I had paint skillz
02:19 <nsh22> ugh i need to restart my creationism project on chuck norris
02:19 <Genki> I suck in paint T.T
02:19 <nsh22> lol have you seen my paint sigs on lagtest?
02:19 -!- Stewah [n=Stewah@cpe-76-88-116-195.san.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
02:19 <smoothice> Paint?:O
02:19 <Genki> http://fc48.deviantart.com/fs38/f/2008/360/4/7/47a14436f4f09cf667a9acd6ada384be.jpg
02:19 <nsh22> yes
02:19 <smoothice> You fail to use GIMP or Photoshop?
02:20 <nsh22> well, on my other ones i use ps or gimp
02:20 <nsh22> lol
02:20 <smoothice> lol
02:20 <nsh22> but ive doen two in paint
02:20 <nsh22> and i like
02:20 <smoothice> I use photoshop for gradient pwnage
02:20 <smoothice> lol
02:20 <nsh22> lol destinies current sig is mine
02:20 <nsh22> smooth, have you seen my ps sigs?
02:21 <smoothice> No neal
02:21 <smoothice> NoNeal
02:21 <smoothice> :P
02:21 <smoothice> yum
02:21 <smoothice> nsh22 the racing server needs work :(
02:21 <smoothice> and so does my ctfs server
02:21 <nsh22> http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk26/nsh22/backtoschool.jpg
02:21 <nsh22> i know it does
02:22 <Genki> OMFG
02:22 <nsh22> im just really busy with life right now, it sucks
02:22 <Genki> that is EPIC
02:22  * Genki faints
02:22 <nsh22> http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk26/nsh22/nealssig2.jpg
02:22 <nsh22> ^.^
02:23 -!- armastybot [n=supybot@c-76-120-73-145.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #armagetron
02:23 <smoothice> Hi armastybot
02:23 <nsh22> this next one was a collaboration on an xat chatbox doodles application
02:23 <nsh22> http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk26/nsh22/faithandi.png
02:23 <armastybot> hi smoothice
02:23 <armastybot> hi nsh22
02:23 <armastybot> hi Genki
02:24 <nsh22> hi armasstybot you noob
02:24 <nsh22> hi armastybot you noob
02:24 <nsh22> XD
02:24 <armastybot> Excuse me?
02:24 <nsh22> your excusedf
02:24 <armastybot> Thank you, noob.
02:24 <nsh22> your welcome newb
02:24 <nsh22> lol
02:24 <armastybot> I am only a bot, sir.
02:24 <nsh22> bots annoy me...
02:25 <armastybot> Please not overflow me with strange words.
02:25 <nsh22> death
02:25  * armastybot faints
02:25 <nsh22> wewt
02:25 <Genki> armastybot: hai
02:25 <armastybot> Genki: Error: "hai" is not a valid command.
02:25 <nsh22> hi armastybot
02:25 <Genki> :(
02:25  * armastybot OVERFLOW ERROR
02:25 -!- armastybot [n=supybot@c-76-120-73-145.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has left #armagetron ["smoothice"]
02:25 <nsh22> epic fail
02:25 <smoothice> lol
02:25 <smoothice> ;)
02:25 <nsh22> smooth did it actually over flow?
02:26 <smoothice> no
02:26 <smoothice> BUT
02:26 <smoothice> I do love that Anonymous channel chat plugin ;)
02:26 <nsh22> lol i wouldve been like, eppic fail
02:26  * nsh22 is going to quebec in 2 weeks
02:26 <smoothice> I've been to Quebec
02:26 <smoothice> on a school trip
02:26 <nsh22> lol thats what im doing
02:26 <nsh22> snowboarding
02:27 <smoothice> Snowboard?
02:27 <smoothice> come on man
02:27 <smoothice> snowboarding is not cool
02:27 <smoothice> skiing is da bomb!
02:27 <nsh22> except i have to speak french :(
02:27 <nsh22> snowboarding is od
02:27 <nsh22> god
02:27 <smoothice> Je parle francais
02:27 <smoothice> Parles-tu francais?
02:27 <nsh22> lol want to know how to really saiy it?
02:28 <nsh22> tu peux te parler francais
02:28 <nsh22> ^.^
02:28 <nsh22> its more advanced
02:28 <nsh22> possibly incorrect, but thats the gist
02:29 <nsh22> je peux parler le francais
02:29 <nsh22> i am able to speak french
02:29 <nsh22> proper way to say it
02:29 <nsh22> but, if we have anybody who actually speaks the language feel free to correct me
02:30 <smoothice> I take it at school
02:30 <smoothice> but my teacher is sh**
02:30 <smoothice> so I don't get it lol
02:30 <nsh22> lol
02:30 <nsh22> i can teach you
02:30 <nsh22> if you need help
02:31 <nsh22> ill teach you grade 10 french
02:31 <nsh22> thats what i just said (with a 60-70 grade ) lol
02:31 <nsh22> i got 50% on the exam so....
02:31 <nsh22> but my oral and listening were 80-90
02:31 <smoothice> Yeah
02:32 <nsh22> having any particular troubles?
02:36 <nsh22> i do know my gr 8 and 9 french, i had good teacher than. my grade 10 teacher was a biotch
02:37 <smoothice> yeh
02:45  * nsh22 has an interesting mental disorder
02:45 <nsh22> lol i love that instachat
02:49 <nsh22> mainly cuz its true
03:09 -!- smoothice [n=smoothic@unaffiliated/smoothice] has quit []
03:15 <nsh22> wewt done my creationismm project
03:18 <luke-jr> you mean history?
03:18 <nsh22> yes, ancient civilizations
03:18 <nsh22> the projec was about creationism
03:19 <luke-jr> nsh22: /j #anime and help me test
03:19 <nsh22> i did 1/4 of a pge on how chuck norris created everything
03:20 <nsh22> the rest of the page was on a hybrid big bang/darwins/god theory i created
03:26 -!- smoothice [n=smoothic@97-118-164-240.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
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03:31 -!- maclover201 [n=Morgan@71-218-130-69.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
03:31 <smoothice> nsh22: you on msn>
03:56 -!- maclover201 [n=Morgan@71-218-130-69.hlrn.qwest.net] has quit []
04:16 -!- nsh22 [n=neal@bas3-barrie18-1177706508.dsl.bell.ca] has quit ["the computer has been thrown across the room"]
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04:43 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has joined #armagetron
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05:27 -!- ivantis [n=myG1@m580e36d0.tmodns.net] has joined #armagetron
05:27 <ivantis> i just realized that this channel is just the right size
05:28 <ivantis> with just the right group of people
05:28 -!- |TheBeyonder| [n=kvirc@c-98-192-52-24.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #armagetron
05:28 <ivantis> hai
05:37 -!- |TheBeyonder| [n=kvirc@c-98-192-52-24.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has quit ["When two people dream the same dream, it ceases to be an illusion. KVIrc 3.4.2 Shiny http://www.kvirc.net"]
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06:23 -!- Lucifer [n=satan@75-13-83-46.lightspeed.austtx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
06:28 <Lucifer> #fetch http://www.davefancella.com
06:28 <@armabot> Lucifer: '<?xml version="1.0"\n?>\n<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">\n<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">\n<head>\n<title>Dave Fancella</title>\n<meta name="generator" content="http://txt2tags.sf.net" />\n<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style/main.css" />\n<link rel="stylesheet" (5 more messages)
06:34 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@232.192-241-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
06:35 <Lucifer> ok, in kde4, how do I move a panel from the bottom to the right?
06:35 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: have fun with that, I could not figure it out
06:37 <Lucifer> hmmm, I had it before I got KDE4 with the kubuntu upgrade
06:37 <Lucifer> also, I'm getting weird flickering, I thought it was supposed to be double-buffered now?
06:37 <ct|kyle>  /join #kde
06:37 <ct|kyle> :P
06:42 <Lucifer> #fetch http://www.toddmacy.com
06:42 <@armabot> Lucifer: '<?xml version="1.0"\n?>\n<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">\n<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">\n<head>\n<title>Todd Macy</title>\n<meta name="generator" content="http://txt2tags.sf.net" />\n<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style/main.css" />\n</head>\n<body>\n\n<div (5 more messages)
06:42 <Lucifer> GodTodd_: your site's up again
06:42 <Lucifer> now, how do I get wlan0 to connect automatically when the computer boots?
06:42 <Lucifer> you know, rather than have to login and connect with knetworkmanager
06:44 <ct|kyle> isen't that a rc-update thing
06:46 -!- ct|kyle [n=kyle@pool-71-97-147-102.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has quit ["Leaving."]
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07:39 -!- SignalONE [i=62cbbe9a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-e8dd97fc2fb12fda] has joined #armagetron
07:39 <SignalONE> hao
07:40 <SignalONE> Hello, anyone have a link to resource configs?
07:40 <SignalONE> !help
07:40 <SignalONE> hehe
07:40 <SignalONE> !quote
07:41 <SignalONE> !ctf
07:50 -!- Lizmatic [n=Lizmatic@78-27-12-206.dsl.alice.nl] has left #armagetron ["Leaving"]
07:54 <flea> Lucifer, what distro is it?
07:54 <Lucifer> kubuntu 8.10
07:54 <SignalONE> lucifer , you have the link to the cfg resource ,
07:55 <flea> r u using ndiswrapper?
07:55 <Lucifer> SignalONE: I don't have time to hold hands with people who can't read the fucking wiki
07:55 <Lucifer> or use google
07:55 <Lucifer> flea: no, bcm-fwcutter
07:55 <flea> daaaaym Lucifer just served a hot-plate of rtfm
07:55 <SignalONE> im in the fucking wiki and google and the armalogs, a now woulda worked
07:56 <SignalONE> no=now
07:56 <Lucifer> I don't believe you, there are numerous examples all over the wiki
07:56 <Lucifer> if you don't understand those, how are you going to understand what I tell you?
07:57 <SignalONE> w/e im trying to find the armalog with is from last week
07:57 <SignalONE> it*
07:57 <flea> Lucifer, i didnt use the fwcutter i just used a ndis driver from a repo to get mine to work
07:58 <Lucifer> hmmm, the old sys config program in kubuntu 8.04 had a way for me to do it, but this one apparently doesn't
07:59 <flea> Lucifer, bcm43xx ?
07:59 <Lucifer> it's one of those cards, yes
07:59 <Lucifer> an old one, in fact
07:59 <SignalONE> stop! hammer time!
08:00 <Lucifer> the fwcutter driver works fine, and it can connect at boot, I just want to find where I configure that :)
08:00 <Lucifer> seems like interfaces should have a way for me to do that
08:00 <Lucifer> that's interesting, wlan0 and eth0 aren't in /etc/network/interfaces
08:00 <flea> gah so much has changed since i setup mine
08:04 <Lucifer> http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-networking/43978-ubuntu-wireless-boot-connect.html  <---- refers to an older version of kubuntu, though
08:06 <SignalONE> http://blink-182.com <---- favband lucifer
08:06 <Lucifer> that's no surprise, that band has been whining since the 90s
08:06  * Lucifer doesn't like Whine Rock
08:06 <SignalONE> but the landlords here have a time to meet for repairs
08:07 <GodTodd_> Lucifer, the 'activate when computer starts' tickbox doesn't do it?
08:07 -!- GodTodd_ is now known as GodTodd
08:07 <Lucifer> GodTodd: and where should I find that tickbox?  ;)
08:08 <Lucifer> you upgraded to 8.10 yet?
08:08 <GodTodd> not yet
08:08 <GodTodd> still considering it :)
08:08 <Lucifer> ahhhh, see, the gui has changed quite a bit
08:08 <Lucifer> I'm looking for the tab you're thinking of and not finding it :(
08:08 <GodTodd> did knetwork manager change?
08:08 <Lucifer> yes
08:09 <GodTodd> ahh...the one i used before wasn't under a tab...was under 'configure interface' under the default tab in knetworkmanager
08:09 <Lucifer> there is an autoconnect tickbox, but I assume that's for when you start knetworkmanager (i.e. after you login, I want the network up before I login)
08:09 <SignalONE> 20:19 <Lucifer> grrrr, I have to drive tonight :( 20:19 <Lucifer> it's too fucking cold to ride    sounds like blink-182
08:09 <Lucifer> yeah, that's another way to get at it that's gone
08:09 <Lucifer> #kick SignalONE quit acting like an asshat
08:09 -!- SignalONE [i=62cbbe9a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-e8dd97fc2fb12fda] has left #armagetron [requested by armabot: "quit acting like an asshat"]
08:10 <GodTodd> hrmmm...i have mine autoconnect to the default wireless (mine at home) and that's all i ever messed with
08:10 -!- SignalOne [i=62cbbe9a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-dfe3e205779bf20b] has joined #armagetron
08:10 <GodTodd> i have to connect on my own at the inlaws or at school but that's no biggie
08:11 <SignalOne> u wana pass me that link yet, the armalogs are intense, i am getting close though,   sry i cant hold you
08:11 <GodTodd> i should probably upgrade this weekend just to see everything that's changed
08:13 <Lucifer> this computer isn't moving for awhile, and there's no need to have it connect to other networks
08:13 <Lucifer> the wireless config UIs all assume you're moving your computer around, why can't I get it to work like a wired connection?  :(
08:14 <SignalOne> fckin found it
08:14 <SignalOne> has nothing to do with beat ass wiki either
08:14 <Lucifer> #kickban SignalOne Coming back right after a kick is a surefire way to get banned.
08:14 <Lucifer> hurry up armabot
08:14 <Lucifer> #kban SignalOne Coming back right after a kick is a surefire way to get banned.
08:14 -!- mode/#armagetron [+b *!i=62cbbe9a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-dfe3e205779bf20b] by armabot
08:14 -!- SignalOne [i=62cbbe9a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-dfe3e205779bf20b] has left #armagetron [requested by armabot: "Coming back right after a kick is a surefire way to get banned."]
08:15 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]"]
08:16 -!- cofee [i=62cbbe9a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-5cbde49bd936c30c] has joined #armagetron
08:17 <GodTodd> thing is...my kitchen box is on 8.10 and is on an outlet connected to a dangerously placed light switch...it reboots often and still connects qutomatically
08:17 <GodTodd> automatically*
08:17 <Lucifer> without having to login?
08:17 <GodTodd> oh
08:17 <GodTodd> no
08:17 <GodTodd> :)
08:17 <GodTodd> still have to login
08:17 <cofee> still wating for you to say sorry lucifer
08:17 <Lucifer> see, I want it to connect to the router at the same time a wired connection would receive a signal
08:17 <cofee>  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Earmagetronad-dev/armagetronad/0.2.8-armagetronad-sty/files/880?file_id=4612%407d95bf1e-0414-0410-9756-b78462a59f44%3Aarmagetronad%252Fbranches%252F0.2.8%252Farmagetronad%3Aconfig%252Fexamples
08:17 <GodTodd> to the os, anyway
08:17 <cofee> there is that link btw
08:18 <cofee> did i get banned
08:18 <Lucifer> wtf is your problem, asshat?
08:18 <cofee> maybe ill play worm
08:18 <cofee> its you
08:18 -!- mode/#armagetron [+o Lucifer] by ChanServ
08:18 <cofee> i asked you for a link and you started calling me names
08:18 -!- mode/#armagetron [+b *!*@*.com/x-5cbde49bd936c30c] by Lucifer
08:18 -!- iccleoldme [n=BabyBug@] has joined #armagetron
08:18 -!- cofee was kicked from #armagetron by Lucifer [I'm washing up the baby bumblebee.]
08:19 -!- asshat [i=62cbbe9a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6cc009c2970447ef] has joined #armagetron
08:19 <@Lucifer> what's the mibbit client, anyway?
08:19 <asshat> stop being a dick
08:19 <@Lucifer> what?
08:19 <asshat> i have like 500 clients
08:19 <@Lucifer> you asked a stupid question, you got the answer you deserved
08:19 <@Lucifer> you *always* ask stupid questions
08:19 <asshat> your banns dont work, mean why are you hbeing a dick
08:19 <@Lucifer> then you harassed me because your stupid little feelings were hurt
08:19 <asshat> ok btw i am done
08:19 -!- mode/#armagetron [+b *!*@*mibbit.com*] by Lucifer
08:19 -!- asshat was kicked from #armagetron by Lucifer [I'm washing up the baby bumblebee.]
08:21 <GodTodd> anywho...my kitchen machine...i don't think i have to login for its stuff to be available on the network...just if i wanna use the machine
08:22 <GodTodd> once it reboots to the login screen, iirc, it's listed on my network
08:22 <@Lucifer> and it's a wireless connection?
08:22 <GodTodd> yep
08:22 <@Lucifer> hmmmm, how did you setup the wireless?  ;)
08:22 <GodTodd> heh
08:22 <@Lucifer> it's running kde4, then, right?
08:22 <GodTodd> should be
08:23 <GodTodd> whatever is default in 8.10
08:23 <@Lucifer> that's what's default in 8.10
08:23 <GodTodd> i haven't configured much on it since the upgrade
08:24 <GodTodd> i didn't set up the wireless after the upgrade...it's the same as before
08:24 <@Lucifer> heh
08:24 <@Lucifer> that's just great, then
08:24 <@Lucifer> to do it the way you did it, I have to downgrade, get it working, then upgrade :)
08:25 <GodTodd> yep...but there has to be a way to do it without downgrading
08:25 <GodTodd> doesn't there? :)
08:25 <@Lucifer> yes
08:25 <@Lucifer> oh wow, I get weird static-like video effects everytime I press a key on the keyboard
08:25 <@Lucifer> that doesn't make sense
08:25 <GodTodd> that's not good
08:25 <@Lucifer> only happens with the keyboard, too
08:26 <@Lucifer> it's a wireless keyboard
08:26 <GodTodd> oh...well then it's probably that nuclear reactor you have between it and the box
08:26 <GodTodd> :)
08:27 <@Lucifer> heh
08:27 <@Lucifer> cold fusion, buddy
08:27 <GodTodd> at this time of year, certainly ;)
08:27 -!- mode/#armagetron [-o Lucifer] by ChanServ
08:31 <GodTodd> hrmm...do i do the same procedure to update my site as before?
08:32 <Lucifer> maybe not
08:32 <Lucifer> ummmm, I haven't gotten the svn server running yet
08:32 <Lucifer> and oh shit
08:32 <Lucifer> oh fuck
08:32 <Lucifer> FUCK FUCK FUCK
08:32 <Lucifer> all the svn repos are gone
08:32 <Lucifer> grrrr
08:32  * Lucifer hopes he didn't lose any code in that
08:33 <GodTodd> oops
08:33 <Lucifer> I knew there was a reason I wanted to back up /var
08:33 <Lucifer> but since I couldn't think of it, I didn't do it
08:33 <wrtlprnft> mysql. too :-)
08:33 <wrtlprnft> s/\./,/
08:33 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: the only databases I had in there were already backed up
08:33 <Lucifer> long story
08:34 <Lucifer> in fact, I thought about that, at least, but forgot about svn
08:34 <wrtlprnft> start over with bzr :-)
08:35 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: that was the plan, but I wanted to at least migrate the svn repos and preserve the history
08:35  * Lucifer is really down now
08:35  * wrtlprnft pushes the power button
08:36 <Lucifer> heh
08:36 <Lucifer> well, I need to run to the store and then go to bed
08:36 <Lucifer> have to be up early tomorrow
08:36 <wrtlprnft> good night
08:36 <wrtlprnft> init 0
08:36 <Lucifer> GodTodd: to answer your question, there isn't a way to update your site right this minute
08:36 <GodTodd> no prob
08:36 <GodTodd> :)
08:36 <Lucifer> I'm getting there :)
08:37  * GodTodd hates hdd crashes and knows the havoc they wreak
08:37 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-170.brookes.ac.uk] has joined #armagetron
08:45 -!- BabyBug [n=BabyBug@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
09:56 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-170.brookes.ac.uk] has quit ["Leaving."]
10:39 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has joined #armagetron
10:47 -!- uffie [n=apple@141-191.104-92.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #armagetron
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11:25 -!- uffie [n=apple@141-191.104-92.cust.bluewin.ch] has joined #armagetron
11:34 -!- uffie [n=apple@141-191.104-92.cust.bluewin.ch] has quit []
12:07 <@armabot> armacommits: [protocolbuffer-armagetronad-work] r910 Completed switch to protobuf....
12:21 -!- Hrmph [n=BabyBug@] has joined #armagetron
12:32 <madmax> #seen i2020
12:32 <@armabot> madmax: i2020 was last seen in #armagetron 3 weeks, 3 days, 20 hours, 18 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <i2020> hi luci, babs
12:32 <madmax> hmmm
12:39 -!- iccleoldme [n=BabyBug@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:01 <wrtlprnft> z-man has really brillant IDs all the time, i can confirm that
13:11 <@armabot> armacommits: [protocolbuffer-armagetronad-work] r911 Circle shaped zones now are compatible with old clients....
13:16 -!- MaZuffeR [n=mazuffer@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has joined #armagetron
13:31 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has joined #armagetron
13:49 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has joined #aRmAgEtROn
13:59 -!- tramshed [n=tramshed@tramshed.broker.freenet6.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
14:26  * epsy gotta fix his clokc before making commits in the future
15:07 <wrtlprnft> stop committing time-delayed viruses
15:20 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:24 <epsy> windows is the faulty :(
15:25 <epsy> keeps setting my clock to weird times
15:36 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lckdscl@ip202-29-210-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl] has joined #armagetron
15:40 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50870E33.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
15:40  * epsy points out, while slightly looking at z-man, that new color codes are a good candidate for a specification
15:41 <z-man> bah, specification, shmecification :)
15:41 <z-man> But that reminds me to write docs on the new network stuff.
15:42 <epsy> that's also a blueprint, turned into documentation
15:42 <epsy> :)
15:49 -!- madmax [n=madmax@] has joined #armagetron
16:03 -!- G5 [n=G5@cl-506.dus-01.de.sixxs.net] has joined #armagetron
16:21 <@armabot> armacommits: [protocolbuffer-armagetronad-work] r912 Re-established string filtering....
16:34 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@139-143-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has joined #armagetron
16:40 -!- ct|kyle [n=kyle@pool-71-97-147-102.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
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16:50 -!- G5_ [n=G5@cl-506.dus-01.de.sixxs.net] has joined #armagetron
16:50 -!- G5 [n=G5@cl-506.dus-01.de.sixxs.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
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16:57 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50870E33.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
17:00 -!- Hrmph is now known as BabyBug
17:00 <BabyBug> Boo!
17:00 <luke-jr> !
17:34 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-170.brookes.ac.uk] has joined #armagetron
17:34 -!- iccleoldme [n=BabyBug@] has joined #armagetron
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17:49 -!- Hrmph [n=BabyBug@] has joined #armagetron
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17:49 -!- Hrmph is now known as BabyBug
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18:51 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has quit ["ø"]
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19:16 -!- Hedera [n=AshitakA@pD9E00F24.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:18 <epsy> luke-jr, we don't need ljrbot in #arma.xclan , can you remove it please ? :)
19:18 -!- Hedera [n=AshitakA@pD9E00F24.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Client Quit]
19:21 <luke-jr> done
19:22 <epsy> thanks
19:28 -!- Hedera [n=AshitakA@pD9E00F85.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:29 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50870E33.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:31 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@160.189-247-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #armagetron
19:35 <epsy> zmanuel, boost is one of our required libs, right? Is it fully required?
19:35 <zmanuel> I think we only need the headers right now.
19:35 <zmanuel> (in case you want to avoid the hourlong compile on gentoo)
19:36 <epsy> only the headers?
19:36 <zmanuel> Yeah, I think only some of the utility templates are used.
19:37 <epsy> hm
19:37 <epsy> are we actually planning to really use it any soon, for threads maybe?
19:44 <luke-jr> zmanuel: hourlong is CPU dependent :þ
19:44 <luke-jr> zmanuel: my VPS compiled 0.2.8 in 20 seconds
19:45 <zmanuel> epsy: yeah, for threads, maybe.
19:46 <zmanuel> It's not quite as nice as zthread conceptually and doesn't provide threadsafe queues, but it's maintained :)
19:46 <luke-jr> ☺
19:46 <luke-jr> and available for popular distros
19:46 <zmanuel> that, too.
19:46 <luke-jr> I'd give it a shot, but I apparently totally screwed up with pthreads
19:47 <zmanuel> heh :) I'll tackle it after that protobuf stuff is done.
19:47 <epsy> zmanuel, well, I'm considering using boost::function for hookers, as suggested by a random guy on #c++
19:47 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has joined #armagetron
19:47 <luke-jr> we should just port to Qt and use QThread and signals/slots!
19:48  * luke-jr runs and hides behind Lucifer
19:48 <zmanuel> we should just port everything to python.
19:48 -!- Hedera is now known as AshitakA
19:48 <luke-jr> ….
19:49 <epsy> what?! it HAS to be php
19:49 <luke-jr> no wai
19:49 <luke-jr> BASH
19:49 <luke-jr> epsy: Yandere is PHP
19:49 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50870E33.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
19:49 <epsy> BASHmagetron!
19:50 -!- AshitakA [n=AshitakA@pD9E00F85.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["...draws the curtains."]
19:50 -!- Hedera [n=AshitakA@pD9E00F85.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:50 -!- Hedera [n=AshitakA@pD9E00F85.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:51 -!- AshitakA [n=AshitakA@pD9E00F85.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:59  * BabyBug tickles epsy...
19:59 <BabyBug> eevents branch needs utf stuff! :@
19:59 <epsy> why do you need the eevent branch ? :P
20:00 <BabyBug> hello_world o:)
20:00 <epsy> It can only print 'Received hello_world event :)' to console
20:00 <epsy> pff :o
20:03 <BabyBug> ^^
20:03 <epsy> actually stdout, not console
20:07 <wrtlprnft> epsy: want a patch to print it to stderr instead?
20:07 <epsy> considering it's just going to be dumped to #ifdef DEBUG ..
20:15 <luke-jr> you can't dump to an ifdef..
20:17  * epsy inserts some part messages between epsy's and luke-jr's messages
20:34 <@armabot> armacommits: [protocolbuffer-armagetronad-work] r913 Unified names for handlers and descriptors....
20:42 <Lucifer> hey, that guy at the web programming company emailed me back and said he'd like me to come on if I still need a job
20:42 <BabyBug> \o/
20:43 <epsy> :)
20:43 <BabyBug> same pay? what work has come up?
20:43 <madmax> nice
20:43 <Lucifer> same pay, I assume
20:43 <Lucifer> it's work from their full pipeline that finally closed :)
20:44 <luke-jr> Lucifer: we should start using Qt for Arma, right?
20:44 <Lucifer> (er, hopefully the sales jargon doesn't get to you)
20:44 <Lucifer> luke-jr: absolutely not, heh
20:44 <Lucifer> we should definitely use Qt for any gui utilities we want to write to support arma, however
20:44 <BabyBug> full pipeline?
20:44 <Lucifer> the sales pipeline is a bunch of people that are in various stages of the sales process
20:45 <BabyBug> oo
20:45 <Lucifer> when a sale closes, that means they're buying whatever you're selling
20:45 <Lucifer> sales close in the pipeline and the people move from prospects to clients :)
20:45 <BabyBug> Is that the job where you'll work from home until they have that office ready aswell?
20:46 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
20:46 <Lucifer> no, I think I struck out in that job
20:46 <BabyBug> oh =x
20:46 <Lucifer> this is the job I can ride my bike to that's just right down the street :)
20:46 <BabyBug> ahhhh, cool \o/
20:47  * Lucifer is trying to keep his temperament in check until he actually talks to the guy on the phone and knows when he's going to work
20:50 <BabyBug> when are you ringing him or him ringing you?
20:52 <Lucifer> I just emailed him back and said "When can I start?"  :)
20:52 <Lucifer> I'll ring him in a couple of hours if I haven't heard from him yet
20:54 <BabyBug> ^^
21:29 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]"]
21:36 -!- xfroggy [n=xfroggy@unaffiliated/xfroggy] has joined #armagetron
21:37 <ct|kyle> o0 xfroggy
21:41 <zmanuel> epsy: yes, tColoredString should go.
21:41 <zmanuel> As should tString.
21:41 <epsy> heh
21:41 <zmanuel> All our custom string stuff should be static utility functions in some class.
21:42 <zmanuel> Especially since many of our functions are in fact already available in similar enough form in the standard library :)
21:44 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50870E33.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:44 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50870E33.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
21:45 <epsy> by the way, should _I_ worry yet about SWIG stuff?
21:45 <BabyBug> depends how swiggy it is
21:45 <epsy> :)
21:45 <z-man> epsy: for the moment, no.
21:46 <z-man> Anyone here plays Runes of Magic?
21:46 <epsy> can I assert on the existence of a given operator?
21:46 <wrtlprnft> doesn't TeX have a notation of rubber?
21:46 <z-man> I think it's called glue.
21:47 <z-man> epsy: yes, you can just use it :)
21:47 <wrtlprnft> ah, right, i knew there was something of that sort
21:47  * epsy is not really into RPG/MMORPG
21:47 <wrtlprnft> too bad, otherwise it would be perfect for arma :-)
21:47  * wrtlprnft doesn't play it, either
21:48 <epsy> but I would love to see an MMO 6DoF game :d
21:48 <z-man> Probably good for you, so far, it's rather booooooring.
21:48 <epsy> that's more or less my opinion on RPGs
21:48 <z-man> Well, regular RPGs with a good story and suff can be quite compelling.
21:49  * wrtlprnft agrees
21:55 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has joined #armagetron
21:56 <epsy> z-man, oh, you did mean boost was included but not linked to?
22:09 <epsy> is that what $CPPFLAGS_SAVED and $LDFLAGS_SAVED are meant to do?
22:12 <guru3> #si guru
22:12 <@armabot> guru3: Guru3's Server: Players (1/16): Tank Program
22:17 <BabyBug> ...
22:17  * guru3 waves
22:17  * guru3 points to server info
22:17 <BabyBug> Is that fortress? sumo? normal?
22:17 <guru3> normal
22:18  * BabyBug finds normal to boring =x
22:18 <guru3> you've been spoiled
22:19 <BabyBug> Well, arguably no i haven't. I prefer no rubber best. Sooo...yeh..i haven't :P
22:20 <guru3> my server is my 0.2.6 0.2.8 interpretation
22:20 <BabyBug> erm...?
22:20 <guru3> it's about when i played the most tron
22:20 <guru3> and there aren't any fun servers like it
22:24 <Lucifer> that fucker needs to call me back
22:25 <Lucifer> he was on the phone when I called him
22:26 <BabyBug> lol Lucifer
22:26 <Lucifer> well, I can't call like every 5 minutes until he's available like I want
22:27 <Lucifer> I wanted to call late enough after the email that it would be considered a reasonable interval and still leave me time to call again before 6 and have a reasonable interval,
22:27 <Lucifer> where the frequency of calls shows a very strong interest, but isn't so frequent that it annoys him
22:27 <Lucifer> I'll decide whether or not to make the second call later, when the time comes
22:29 <BabyBug> lol
22:29 <BabyBug> You think like a typical bloke
22:32 <epsy> grr, how do I read an AC_MSG_NOTICE ??
22:34 <BabyBug> you look at it?
22:34 <epsy> and where is it hiding?!
22:35 <BabyBug> *shrugs*
22:36 <guru3> back of the fridge with the moldy cheese? oh, that wasn't cheese?
22:36 <BabyBug> probably on the second floor of an arma map
22:36 <BabyBug> Which means you need to make 3d maps \o/
22:36 <BabyBug> so that's what you mean by nothing to say guru3 =P
22:36 <epsy> how can I make a 3d map if I can't check my CXXFLAGS?
22:37 <BabyBug> *shrugs*
22:37 <BabyBug> moan at whoever does the map stuffz
22:38 <epsy> where's ph hiding ? :)
22:38 <BabyBug> ph?
22:38 <guru3> wasn't he doing zones?
22:40 <Lucifer> I ran into ph on facebook
22:41 <BabyBug> get him to do 3d maps!
22:41 <guru3> i think he wants to do zones v2 first
22:41 <BabyBug> arn't they done?
22:41 <guru3> not really
22:42 <BabyBug> the zones look the same if you ask me... =x
22:42 <Lucifer> you haven't seen any square zones?
22:42 <guru3> that's the only bit that's the same
22:43 <BabyBug> So what's differnet?
22:43 <BabyBug> different*
22:43 <Lucifer> I thought ph said they were done except for backwards compatibility, and now that's done too
22:43 <Lucifer> how they work is totally different
22:43 <BabyBug> ?
22:44 <Lucifer> zones in 0.2.8 are hardcoded to fortress zones, win/death zone, and I think a minor third type nobody uses really
22:44 <BabyBug> and in 0.3.0 they're.....?
22:44 <Lucifer> zones v2 removes all the hardcoding and has a system of zone ownership, triggers, and effects
22:45 <Lucifer> because just by considering those three things for existing zones, we were able to come up with lots of different zone types
22:45 <epsy> and also owners for spawns
22:45 <BabyBug> oh..
22:45 <Lucifer> and it wasn't hard to come up with new triggers and effects and ways to handle ownership
22:45 <BabyBug> so if zonesv2 are done...
22:45 <BabyBug> 3d maps next?
22:45 <Lucifer> no, zonesv3
22:45 <BabyBug> ><
22:45 <epsy> hrhr
22:45 <BabyBug> shut up
22:45 <guru3> there's that new network protocol going down
22:45 <Lucifer> which should hopefully add support for moving zones, and player-triggered moving zones (i.e. shooting)
22:46 <Lucifer> ctf should become natively available in arma in zones v3, ideally
22:46 <Lucifer> that's why whenever someone like smoothice says they want to hack ctf into the trunk I tell them to do it inline with zones v2,
22:46 <Lucifer> because then they'd write zones v3 :)
22:46 <epsy> did ph make templating stuff for zonesV2 ?
22:46 <Lucifer> you mean changing the appearance?
22:47 <epsy> I mean, having a fortress zone stick to one line
22:47 <Lucifer> like putting different textures for the zone instead of what z-man made?
22:47 <guru3> eCoords are the x,y of the cycle on the grid right?
22:47 <Lucifer> I don't think that was part of it, zones are supposed to be MVC, and he only addressed M and C
22:47 <epsy> and have the long definition somewhere
22:47 <Lucifer> oh, I see what you mean
22:47 <epsy> like for cockpits
22:47 <Lucifer> like defined resource code bits that you can reference
22:48 <epsy> kinda, yes
22:48 <Lucifer> I don't know if he added that, but theoretically we're supposed to take the stuff in cockpits and add it to the tResource class instead
22:48 <Lucifer> then all resources will have that capability
22:48 <epsy> true
22:48 <Lucifer> but I think there's some specific reason it can't be done quite like that
22:48 <Lucifer> I don't remember what it was, though, you'd have to ask wrtlprnft
22:49 <epsy> though I may argue it could benefit from some design changes, maybe
22:49 -!- PlayerNuby [n=x-javach@142.Red-83-39-119.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #armagetron
22:50 <BabyBug> guru3, did that idea relate to the question you just asked?
22:50 <guru3> yes
22:50 <epsy> grmpf, I'm really getting a load of errors when linking that boost::signals stuff
22:50 <BabyBug> cool!
22:51 <Lucifer> guru3: I think eCoords are on the grid, yes, but there's a chance it's a generic coordinate class
22:51 <epsy> I could pretty much swear boost just isn't linked
22:52 <Lucifer> parts of boost are linked and have .cpp files, parts aren't
22:52 <wrtlprnft> ask me what?
22:52 <BabyBug> wrtlprnft, What's the weather like?
22:52 <Lucifer> wrtlprnft: what the reason was that the template thing in the cockpit couldn't be put in tResource
22:52 <wrtlprnft> BabyBug: dunno, it's night
22:52 <Lucifer> #weather 78729
22:52 <@armabot> Lucifer: The current temperature in Anderson Mill / Parmer, Austin, Texas is 74.7°F (3:50 PM CST on February 06, 2009). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 45%. Dew Point: 51.8°F. Pressure: 30.10 in 1019.2 hPa (Falling).
22:52 <epsy> erm, more like tXmlResource
22:52 <wrtlprnft> hmmm, that template thing isn't really that special
22:53 <Lucifer> tXmlResource is supposed to become tResource :)
22:53 <epsy> or whatever it is called
22:53 <epsy> what are textures then?
22:53 <Lucifer> (if it hasn't already, isn't there a typedef for it already?)
22:53 -!- fonkay [n=dreamboa@blk-7-225-70.eastlink.ca] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
22:53 -!- MaZuffeR [n=mazuffer@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
22:54 <Lucifer> well, I just made the arrangement that ensures I'll not be driving if that guy calls me this evening
22:54 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer: it's really just a “pretend all elements in the template are also the first in the widget that uses it”
22:54 -!- madmax [n=madmax@unaffiliated/madmax] has quit ["ø"]
22:55 <Lucifer> hmmm, I'm too fuzzy-headed and too far from having seen this stuff to have an intelligent conversation about it
22:55 <Lucifer> I just vaguely remember us talking about putting it in tResource and agreeing that would be neat :)
22:55 <wrtlprnft> and /me is too sleepy, actually, good night
22:55 <BabyBug> Night night
22:55 <Lucifer> 'night
22:55 <Lucifer> 'night BabyBug (hi there!)
22:56  * wrtlprnft doesn't remember that conversation, maybe you had it with someone else
22:56 <ct|kyle> LOL
22:56 <Lucifer> (it was a couple of years ago)
22:56 <BabyBug> Lucifer, I was saying night to wrtlprnft >.<
22:56 <Lucifer> BabyBug: yeah, but you're only one timezone behind him, so you need to go to bed too
22:56 <wrtlprnft> guru3: mind updating your donation money counter?
22:56 <BabyBug> It's only 10pm...
22:56 <ct|kyle> ya goodnight BabyBug :P
22:57 <Lucifer> yes, but you're only 18
22:57 <guru3> wrtlprnft: waiting for the money to drop into paypal
22:57 <BabyBug> hrmm yeh, you're too old to understand the sleep patterns of our generation :P
22:57 <Lucifer> hell, I don't even understand my own sleep patterns
22:57 <wrtlprnft> grml, i thought paypal was supposed to be fast
22:57 <epsy> BabyBug is a vampire.
22:57 <guru3> paypal is
22:57 <guru3> going through sourceforge adds time
22:58 <Lucifer> she's probably the same age as I am, since she's a fat old hairy man pretending to be an internet lesbian
22:58 <BabyBug> oh shush
22:58 <wrtlprnft> anyways, really good night™ now!
22:58 <BabyBug> lol
22:58 <epsy> rgn wrtlprnft
22:58 <BabyBug> sweet dreams
22:58 <Lucifer> nighty night
22:59 <BabyBug> Sooo Lucifer, a job would mean money and a money would mean more arma time?
22:59 <Lucifer> I need to *do* something
22:59 <Lucifer> BabyBug: yes
22:59 <BabyBug> \o/
22:59 <flea> job = less arma time
23:00 <BabyBug> flea, he currently spends no time on it..
23:00 <Lucifer> considering I stopped pushing 0.3.1 so I could spend my time job-searching, I think flea might be a little backwards there
23:00 <BabyBug> Which means he can't spend less
23:00 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:00 <BabyBug> sound engine, \o/
23:00 <PlayerNuby> epsy: are you ignoring me? =/
23:00 <BabyBug> Why is it all the current changes being made to arma are in the backend?
23:00 <epsy> PlayerNuby, no, I usually just miss PMs
23:01 <epsy> especially when actually chatting, heh
23:01 <Lucifer> BabyBug: because frontend changes can't be made until the backend is mostly rewritten
23:01 <epsy> :\
23:01 <Lucifer> you should read the "What went wrong in armagetron" article on the wiki
23:01 <BabyBug> You say that as if you have plans for frontend changes...
23:02 <BabyBug> #aawiki what went wrong
23:02 <Lucifer> I do, I don't know about these guys
23:02 <@armabot> BabyBug: Search took 0.50 seconds: What Went Wrong in Armagetron - Armagetron Advanced Wiki: <http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=What_Went_Wrong_in_Armagetron>; Development Docs - Armagetron Advanced Wiki: <http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=Development_Docs>; First Tronic Ladle - Armagetron Advanced Wiki: <http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=First_Tronic_Ladle>
23:02 <BabyBug> So what are your plans? ^^
23:02 <epsy> I do, too :)
23:02 <BabyBug> and yours
23:02 <Lucifer> well, when epsy gets his head around events, we can write an object-oriented widget system
23:02 <Lucifer> do that and we can finally get most/all of the rendering code off into its own space
23:03 <Lucifer> then we can have a skinnable UI, and easy to add new stuff, and probably even mouse support in the UI
23:03 <epsy> BabyBug, proper gametype handling, scoreboard, admin UI, settings, match coord and the list goes on
23:03 <Lucifer> then skinning the grid should be fairly straightforward, and moviepacks will be a thing of the past
23:03 <Lucifer> I'd like to move to where players can have their own models and sounds effects to match
23:04 <epsy> BabyBug, and also console as cockpit widget
23:04 <Lucifer> there's embedded teamspeak on the list
23:04 <Lucifer> not to mention new UI elements that scripts are going to need
23:04 <epsy> and proper game recordings based on eEvent would be just hawt
23:04 <BabyBug> And then all widgets with have a little x in the top left corner of them, which you can click with the mouse to hide them.
23:04 <Lucifer> I'd like a configuration screen that shows you exactly what you're going to look and sound like
23:05 <Lucifer> recordings based on eEvent where we can write a single recording-renderer that pipes into mencoder
23:05 <Lucifer> then I'd like to have a server where people can upload recordings and it'll generate the resulting video
23:05 <Lucifer> allow camera files to go with it to say where to move the camera, maybe an editor for creating those files
23:06 <epsy> recording ---> video sucks, unless you spend time on it
23:06 <Lucifer> so the resulting video can be better looking :)
23:06 <epsy> recaming is needed, indeed
23:06 <Lucifer> recaming is mostly all that's needed, imo
23:06 <epsy> buuuuut, for now, we need protobuf & eEvent
23:06 <Lucifer> I'd like recordings to include all sounds and music and stuff, but be able to disable them in the video rendering
23:07 <Lucifer> it could just save references to that stuff and the renderer can re-render them, of course
23:07 <BabyBug> Talk about running before you can walk....
23:07 <Lucifer> but yeah, right now we've got to build the foundations before we can do all that
23:07 <epsy> BabyBug, YOU asked us to do so
23:07 <Lucifer> there's a lot of good stuff that can't be done without an event system
23:07 <Lucifer> or at least would be very difficult to write without accidentally creating an event system
23:08 <epsy> heh "accidentally"
23:08 <BabyBug> epsy, I meant like one word answers, "mouse interface, recordings, 3d maps, custom models, custom sounds"... <--- That answer would of done perfectly
23:09 <epsy> BabyBug, wiki time?
23:09 <BabyBug> epsy?
23:09 <epsy> personal roadmap is something that I wanted to add to my user page for a long time
23:10 <epsy> however, Jonathan's wiki user page template doesn't allow that
23:10 <BabyBug> embedded web server? Lucifer?
23:13 <epsy> grr, stupid mediawiki doesn't like <abbr>
23:15 -!- MrBougo [n=MrBougo@160.189-247-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit []
23:21 <guru3> http://guru3.net/temp/tron_3d.png
23:22 <ct|kyle> you did not enable the the 3d glasses part :P
23:23 <BabyBug> i'm confused..
23:24 <epsy> haha
23:24 <guru3> there aren't any 3d glasses
23:24 <guru3> that has nothing to do with visual 3d
23:24 <epsy> BabyBug, look at the tail's reflection
23:24 <BabyBug> That's what i mean
23:25 <BabyBug> I'm confused...
23:25 <BabyBug> lol
23:25  * epsy guesses guru3 just lowered the floor
23:25 <guru3> no
23:25 <guru3> i raised the cycle
23:25 <epsy> highered the cyckes
23:25 <epsy> grr
23:25 <guru3> and the sparks
23:25 <guru3> and the explosions
23:25 <guru3> and am adding z to tCoord
23:25 <guru3> just to see if it'll work
23:25 <BabyBug> Oh! i see now
23:25 <BabyBug> It looked a bit like the cycle was still on the grid..
23:25 <ct|kyle> add kicking in :)
23:26 <BabyBug> Now you need gravity!
23:26 <BabyBug> and ramps!
23:26 <epsy> no, not NOW
23:26 <guru3> this is me pet project
23:26 <BabyBug> Why not ='(
23:26 <guru3> it'll totally not be compatibile with anything
23:27 <epsy> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=User:Epsy#IMRM
23:27 <epsy> death to backwards compatibility
23:27 <guru3> i was thinking of using zones to up/down level
23:27 <ct|kyle> that is what i was going to sugest
23:27 <epsy> like, teleporters :)
23:27 <guru3> that's providing adding z doesn't fuck everything else up
23:27 -!- PlayerNuby [n=x-javach@142.Red-83-39-119.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has quit ["webirc@xclan.armagetron.co.uk"]
23:27 <BabyBug> epsy, well yeh, but for 0.4....surely?
23:28 <BabyBug> :P
23:28 <guru3> ah shit forget to add the scalar product
23:28 -!- PlayerNuby [n=x-javach@142.Red-83-39-119.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #armagetron
23:28 <guru3> yes it's well fucked
23:28 <epsy> BabyBug, that stuff has chances to get in
23:29 <guru3> z
23:29 <ct|kyle> epsy: you left out ramps
23:29 <guru3> may have adverse affects
23:29 <epsy> ct|kyle, 0.4, not anything else
23:29 -!- PlayerNuby [n=x-javach@142.Red-83-39-119.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has left #armagetron []
23:30 <epsy> ct|kyle, and ramps are not IMRM (at least yet)
23:31 <BabyBug> IMRM?
23:32 <epsy> http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php?title=User:Epsy
23:32 <BabyBug> what's it stand for?
23:32 <epsy> RTFM O:-)
23:32 <epsy> or rather, REFUP
23:32 <BabyBug> So....what's it stand for?
23:33 <epsy> you can do it!
23:34 <BabyBug> Insolent Mutated Rotten Midget
23:34 <guru3> in trunk
23:34 <BabyBug> what's in trunk?
23:34 <guru3> is it still possible to manually create a zone?
23:34 <BabyBug> oo
23:34 <epsy> manually?
23:35 <BabyBug> guru3, as in create one by typing a command?
23:35 <guru3> without using a map
23:35 <guru3> just code stuck in
23:35 <BabyBug> oh
23:35  * BabyBug walks off
23:36 <epsy> bad guru3!
23:36  * epsy stabs guru3 and follows BabyBug
23:36 <guru3> i'm not terribly up to date on most things :(
23:36  * BabyBug kicks epsy in the balls and shouts at him to help guru3 
23:36 <epsy> um, you could use zonesv2
23:36 <guru3> i just want to create a zone
23:36 <epsy> yes sir BabyBug, yes :(
23:36 <guru3> and call a function when the cycle enters
23:36 <BabyBug> mam*
23:36 <epsy> i meant zones v1
23:36 <guru3> i just have no idea how to do this
23:37 <guru3> zones v1 would probably work
23:37 <guru3> and why can't i find my tag code
23:37 <guru3> where i went through all the trouble of creating a zone
23:37 <epsy> it should be on lp
23:38 <guru3> thought i had a local copy :/
23:38 <epsy> who cares, with distributed spoons!
23:39 <guru3> wow excatly one year
23:39 <guru3> since i made tag
23:39 <guru3> exam time = programming time -_-
23:40 <epsy> hehe
23:40 <BabyBug> how old is guru3?
23:40 <epsy> he's in your dating range, I think
23:41 <BabyBug> he's younger than 22?
23:41 <guru3> 1
23:41 <BabyBug> ?
23:41 <epsy> he's 1
23:41 <guru3> true
23:41 <epsy> see
23:41 <guru3> i am younger than 22
23:41 <epsy> :D
23:41 <BabyBug> You're 21?
23:42 <guru3> i am younger than 21
23:42 <BabyBug> just answer the blooming question of how old you are
23:42 <epsy> he's 20
23:43 <epsy> 15+10,er 15+5=20
23:43 <guru3> 15+10 lol
23:43 -!- Netsplit simmons.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: G5_, Genki
23:43 <epsy> it's you who always say it's been 10 years :)
23:43 <guru3> it's been slighltly less
23:44 <guru3> 7 i think
23:44 <guru3> since i first played
23:44 <guru3> forums 5 years though
23:44 <guru3> summer of 6th grade
23:44 <guru3> was the first time i played
23:44 -!- Netsplit over, joins: G5_, Genki

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