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Log from 2009-01-24:
--- Day changed Sat Jan 24 2009
00:00 <epsy> I am?
00:01 <wrtlprnft> who in the whole wide world came up with the idea of translating “lightcycle” to „lichtrenner“?
00:01 <epsy> :D
00:01 <epsy> maybe someone from the whole wide world wide web
00:01 <wrtlprnft> grml, never even think about partially watching any kind of translation of anything english into german
00:01 <wrtlprnft> no, that's what they call it in the german version of tron
00:01 <BabyBug> opposed to just the world wide web eh epsy?
00:02 <epsy> BabyBug, exactly
00:02 <epsy> wrtlprnft, translating english into german is pretty much a non-sense :P
00:02 <nsh22> question: anybody know about mysql?
00:03 <BabyBug> sort of...not..but do
00:03 <epsy> nighty
00:03 <BabyBug> night
00:03 <nsh22> ok well i am restoring some files into a db
00:03 <nsh22> night
00:03 <Flex> just ask away nsh22.. no need to ask to ask
00:03 <epsy> (DBs does not store files)
00:03 <nsh22> and it says 162 queries were completed, but nothing actually happens
00:04 <epsy> are you sure it's not happening in another DB ?
00:04 <nsh22> i have a .sql backup im useing for the files
00:04 <epsy> a DATABASE is NOT a collection of files
00:05 <nsh22> INFORMATION THEN
00:05 <epsy> Tables.
00:05 <Flex> is your forum config file using the same prefix of the database
00:05 <BabyBug> But a database can be a file! ^^
00:06 <epsy> yes but a database is not a collection of files, which does not mean not being a file
00:06 <TaZ_> lol epsy jk
00:06 <epsy> an archive is a collection of files, for example
00:06 <BabyBug> (that's why i said but, it was just a random statement, not a contradiction!)
00:06 <Flex> basically, i mean is the prefix set correctly
00:06 <epsy> anyway, night
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00:07 <nsh22> ok there is only one db with two different prefixxes, phpbb_ and pp3_
00:07 <nsh22> well, theres 2 dbs, informatin_schema and phpbb
00:07 <Flex> which one is the one with your forum database stored in
00:07 <nsh22> neal_pp31
00:07 <nsh22> (the phpbb folder)
00:07 <Flex> $table_prefix = 'neal_pp31';
00:08 <Flex> or just pp31
00:08 <nsh22> where do i type that?
00:08 <Flex> it's in the config.php file in main dir
00:08 <Flex> neal_pp31 or just _pp31
00:08 <nsh22> wait....
00:09 <nsh22> ill show you a line from the backup
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01:43 <smoothice> #lastseen Puffyfluff
01:43 <smoothice> #lastseen smoothice~nw
01:44 <@armabot> smoothice: timed out
01:44 <smoothice> #lastseen smoothice~nw
01:44 <@armabot> smoothice: SmOoThice~NW has last been seen on Chico's Brake Boost Styball 35 minutes ago.
01:44 <@armabot> smoothice: SmOoThice~NW has last been seen on Chico's Brake Boost Styball 35 minutes ago.
02:04 <ivantis2> bwaaaah!
02:05 <ivantis2> has anyone here played animal crossing? that was my immitation of a gyroid
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02:25 <PinkTomato> #ping
02:25 <@armabot> pong
02:34 <smoothice> PinkTomato: I got lighttpd working with vhosts
02:34 <PinkTomato> :), it's easy right?
02:35 <smoothice> easier than ever
02:35 <PinkTomato> :D, what is it like on apache?
02:36 <PinkTomato> never done it on apache.
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02:39 <smoothice> PinkTomato: not that hard
02:39 <smoothice> PinkTomato: easier in some ways than lighttpd
02:39 <PinkTomato> i see :)
02:39 <smoothice> depends on the server config
02:40 <smoothice> I might try to port sty to 0.3
02:40 <smoothice> That's right everybody! Sty patch on 0.3!
02:40 <smoothice> Lucifer: Tell me it's impossible but I beg to differ!
02:46 <PinkTomato> zones are different on 0.3
02:46 <PinkTomato> smoothice: what features do you need in 0.3 that aren't in 0.2.8 :)?
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02:54 <smoothice> PinkTomato: 0.3 is the future of armagetronad
02:54 <smoothice> PinkTomato: A fun project too...
02:54 <smoothice> PinkTomato: Who cares if zones are different? If zones are different then so care sty zones be
02:54 <smoothice> can*
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03:14 <PinkTomato> smoothice-away: the compiler cares that the zone's are different ;).
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04:40 <Lucifer> smoothice: I never said it wasn't possible to add the sty functionality to the trunk
04:40 <Lucifer> I only said the patch couldn't be ported
04:40 <Lucifer> what's more, I can just about guarantee that if you find a way to just port it without working it into the new zone design, we won't accept it ;)
04:40 <Lucifer> at least, I won't
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05:01 <ct|kyle> it looked pretty easy to just port it in there
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05:25 <Lucifer> ct|kyle: maybe it is easy to just "port" it in there.  I read that as "hack it in with no significant thought to design", however
05:26 <Lucifer> people keep asking us to include it in the mainline, and we'd love to.  I'd really hate to see it just hacked in there, and have us in the position where we still can't accept it
05:26 <Lucifer> so, if it's easy to do that in a way that'll make us happy (i.e. design it into the new zone model), then I'm ready to stand corrected
05:28 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: Ya i may look into it sometime, now that i finally got a bug fixed that has prevenrted me from creating a new script, I've got to work on that
05:29 <ct|kyle> i'll finally be able to upgrade our 2 year old CTWF binary :P
05:35 <smoothice> ct|kyle: http://www.grabup.com/uploads/aa181b5aa9da2c4e65a1f0f3337a21db.png?direct
05:36 <sinewav> haha
05:36 <ct|kyle> heh
05:37 <ct|kyle> after i rewrite the CTWF script and ladder
05:37 <smoothice> ct|kyle: fine... gimme sh*t about it but when we succeed you'll be dead from shock of success
05:37 <ct|kyle> it won't be that hard
05:37 <smoothice> yeah
05:38 <ct|kyle> i already took a quick glance at gWinZone.*
05:38 <smoothice> ct|kyle: join our team
05:38 <smoothice> ct|kyle: https://code.launchpad.net/~armagetronad-sty-0.3
05:40 <ct|kyle> ivantis o0
05:40 <smoothice> he proved himself by making a branch
05:41 <smoothice> I trust him
05:41 <smoothice> And I need your help too
05:41 <smoothice> come on kyle.. think of all the fun times!
05:41 <smoothice> Compiling together!
05:41 <ct|kyle> i am pending approval
05:41 <smoothice> bugging out together!
05:41 <smoothice> k
05:42 <smoothice> Approved
05:43 <ct|kyle> now once i get the New CTWF done I'll be ready to code
05:43 <smoothice> sweet!
05:43 <smoothice> I'm getting another friend to help us too
05:53 <sinewav> wow, it looks like 0.3 will actually get finished before summer, right?
05:54 <smoothice> It is finished...
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06:03  * sinewav can't stop listening to The Who. But why?
06:05 <smoothice> Horton hears the who?
06:06 <sinewav> we should all hear the who.
06:07 <ct|kyle> who hasent hear the who
06:08 <smoothice> I haven't seen horton hears a who
06:08 <smoothice> I don't like movies
06:08 <smoothice> that much
06:10 <sinewav> neither do I. I see, like, 3 movies a year maybe.
06:10 <smoothice> yeah
06:10 <smoothice> me too
06:10 <smoothice> I saw Wall-E on opening day though lol
06:11 <sinewav> I just saw it the other day. It was good, but not as good as people said methinks.
06:11 <smoothice> yeah
06:11 <smoothice> I felt the same way
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06:48 <@armabot> armacommits: [0.3-armagetronad-sty] r796 Updated minor_version with -sty for this project
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10:28 <@armabot> armagetronad: bazaarmagetron * r8884 /tools/bzr/trunk/ (. synctools/sync.sh): Bazaarmagetron: Back to regular push. Can't install a bzr-svn version supporting --merged.
10:28 <@armabot> armagetronad: bazaarmagetron * r8885 /tools/bzr/trunk/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Bazaarmagetron: Moved AA config files out of the way.
10:55 <@armabot> armacommits: [tools-bzr-trunk-work] r46 Moved AA config files out of the way.... || [tools-bzr-trunk-work] r45 Back to regular push. Can't install a bzr-svn version suppor...
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13:55 <epsy> z-man, K-Yo, PinkTomato, G5, guru3: do I need to tell you your TST staff GIDs again?
13:56 <PinkTomato> epsy: I'm just going to login as @forums ^^.
13:56 <G5> If it is the same as last time, no.
13:56 <epsy> PinkTomato, that wont work on all servers
13:56 <epsy> G5, it is
13:57 <PinkTomato> epsy: true, but I couldn't get it working last time.
13:57 <G5> epsy: But login still doesnt work (on my server)
13:57 <epsy> oh right, the space issue
13:57 <epsy> G5, did you upgrade arma?
13:57 <G5> yeah, r990
13:57 <K-Yo> epsy, K-Yo@ct
13:58 <K-Yo> epsy, I mean, yes :P
13:58  * epsy cant believe everyone remembered them
13:58 <K-Yo> epsy, not me :)
13:58 <epsy> G5, latest is r995
13:59 <G5> hmmm ... was it 2 days ago?
13:59 <epsy> epsy
13:59 <epsy> 2009-01-23 16:18:13
13:59 <K-Yo> epsy, you want a backup server? tell me if we should dl the latest rev
13:59 <epsy> K-Yo, if you dont it wont work so ..
14:00 <K-Yo> epsy, oh?
14:00 <K-Yo> what's last?
14:00 <epsy> [14:59] <epsy>: G5, latest is r995
14:00 <epsy> r996 soon :<
14:00 <G5> so I build it now or later?
14:00 <K-Yo> epsy, can u give me the GID again please :)
14:00 <PinkTomato> is it <<name>>@tst.armagetron.co.uk/staff/forums ?
14:00 <epsy> lol
14:01 <epsy> PinkTomato, yup
14:01 <PinkTomato> I get 404. :)
14:01 <K-Yo> cool
14:02 <epsy> PinkTomato, outdated server then
14:02 <epsy> works here
14:02 <PinkTomato> epsy: we are using 2008 settings ?
14:02 <K-Yo> #ls epsy
14:03 <PinkTomato> I tried that in G5, admin said it was r990
14:03 <@armabot> K-Yo: timed out
14:03 <epsy> yeah, it handles non-short authority's subdirectories wrongly
14:03 <G5> Im upgrading to r995 now
14:03 <epsy> @ls -g epsy@x
14:03 <K-Yo> .si -v CT's
14:03 <epsy> @ls -g epsy@x/member
14:03 <K-Yo> #si -v CT's
14:03 <@armabot> K-Yo: TST 2008.11 - CT's ( running 0.2.8_alpha20081130 unix dedicated, url: http://armagetronad.net, Description: “TST beta2 Settings“, Players (1/8): cT¤K-Yo
14:03 <K-Yo> is that latest?
14:04 <K-Yo> no
14:04 <K-Yo> hmmm
14:04 <K-Yo> still the login works
14:04 <epsy> http://tst.armagetron.co.uk/news/final-rules-and-settings/
14:04 <K-Yo> i'll update the binary
14:07 <PinkTomato> epsy: Semi Final 1 and 2 will run at the same time?
14:07 <epsy> no
14:07 <epsy> most probably not, at least
14:08 <PinkTomato> Ah,
14:08 <PinkTomato> Oh, I see how the timing works now
14:08 <PinkTomato> :)
14:08 <G5> k, my TST server is back online, r995 now. Login looks fine to me
14:09 <epsy> Quarters part 2 and semis part 1 happen at the same time.
14:09 <PinkTomato> I see :), missed that bit
14:09 <G5> I hate it a little to be kicked from my own server for "spamming"?
14:09 <epsy> I agree..
14:10 <K-Yo> oh? 996 now?
14:11 <K-Yo> epsy, btw, why does "/login blah" or "/logout" "/help" etc count in the spam? it doesn't annoy other players
14:11 <epsy> G5, can't commit that right now
14:11 <epsy>  /help doesnt count as spam
14:12 <K-Yo> and /login mynameisveryverylong@myauthorityisveryverylongtoo makes you get silenced fast :P
14:12 <K-Yo> good for /help :)
14:12 <epsy> http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?t=18670&highlight=spam
14:12 <G5> K-Yo: yeah. that it is why I got kicked, I guess
14:12 <BabyBug> I did nothing!
14:12 <BabyBug> =x
14:13 <PinkTomato> epsy: tst.etc.etc likes my name with a space but not my password.
14:13  * epsy considers adding emmy as from crazy-tronners.com
14:13 <epsy> PinkTomato, what does it say?
14:13 <G5> epsy: my server is r995 now. if it needs to be r996 I'll have to do that tomorrow
14:14 <epsy> G5, doesnt need
14:14 <PinkTomato> PASSWORD_FAIL.
14:14 <MrBougo> LIFE_FAIL
14:15 <epsy> PinkTomato, PASSWORD_FAIL alone or PASSWORD_FAIL You're not a staffer! ?
14:15 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@067-187-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has joined #armagetron
14:16 <K-Yo> hi emphasis
14:16 <PinkTomato> PASSWORD_FAIL on its own
14:16 <epsy> PinkTomato, client version?
14:16 <PinkTomato> 0.3.1_alpha2
14:16 <epsy> strange
14:16 <K-Yo> caps lock?
14:16 <K-Yo> :p
14:17 <epsy> heh
14:17 <PinkTomato> xD, that error does suggest the problem exists between the keyboard and chair
14:17 <epsy> beware, it's just a suggestion
14:18 <PinkTomato> OK, I copy pasted my password, works at @forums and not at tst
14:19 <epsy> what server are you in?
14:19 -!- tav [n=tav@] has joined #armagetron
14:19 <PinkTomato> G5's
14:19 -!- teabot [i=xclan@fiji.dreamhost.com] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:21 -!- teabot [i=xclan@fiji.dreamhost.com] has joined #aRmAgEtROn
14:22 <K-Yo> ah and PinkTomato G5 epsy, maybe increase the SPAM_MAXLEN on the servers? 80 is kinda short when u have stuff to say :P
14:24 <MrBougo> oh oh, there's some DDoS planned tomorrow
14:24 <MrBougo> http://pastebin.ca/raw/1312915
14:24 <MrBougo> fun :p
14:24 <PinkTomato> MrBougo: The church Louis Therox Interviewed?
14:25 <MrBougo> um I'm not sure who that is
14:25 <epsy> PinkTomato, can we check on ¦×¦'s?
14:25 <PinkTomato> OK epsy :)
14:25 <PinkTomato> MrBougo: British Interviewer, that does different stuff than usual.
14:26 -!- tav_ [n=tav@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
14:27 <PinkTomato> epsy: cannot find
14:27 <PinkTomato> in master list
14:27 <epsy> you should find it at the end
14:28  * epsy forgot to tell arma to interpret × as x
14:28 <epsy> actually it's at T
14:28 <PinkTomato> But the ? is a ?
14:29 <epsy> ?
14:29 <PinkTomato> No wait, that is supposed to be a | pipe :)
14:29 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50871B4A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
14:30 <epsy> where would you put ¦×¦.Team.Sumo.Server ?
14:30 <epsy> with other servers starting with a broken pipe?
14:30 <epsy> I'd sort it along other servers starting with x
14:30 <PinkTomato> Just after servers with a pipe
14:30 <PinkTomato> Oh, I see ignore the pipe?
14:30 <epsy> and pretty much every special char out there
14:31 <epsy> you may have noticed wild west servers are no more listed on top
14:31 <PinkTomato> Ignore special characters sounds better
14:33 <epsy> yeah, if we didn't do that it would have soon turned into a "who gote the most spaces" competition
14:34 <PinkTomato> Had already started :)
14:34 <epsy> for now there were only 1 space at most
14:35 <PinkTomato> I need to remove the leading space off mine, I accidentally put it there.
14:35 <epsy> lamer ;)
14:36 <K-Yo> epsy, by the way, why is it still "2008.11" ?
14:37 <epsy> where?
14:37 <K-Yo> on the "final settings"
14:37 <epsy> because it did not change
14:37 <K-Yo> :)
14:37 <K-Yo> shouldn't it?
14:38 <K-Yo> the server name
14:38 <epsy> of course, server name should change
14:39 <epsy> but thats not in config
14:39 <epsy> PinkTomato, I've got close to no idea what's happening
14:39 <epsy> give me a second
14:39 <K-Yo> 2009.02 ?
14:40 <PinkTomato> OK epsy :).
14:40 <epsy> K-Yo, .01
14:40 <epsy> unless 25th of jan is in february
14:41 <K-Yo> epsy, thx
14:41 <K-Yo> oh, it's tomorrow?
14:41 <K-Yo> :P
14:41 <K-Yo> I though ladle was tomorrow
14:42 <K-Yo> :p
14:42 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-204.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
14:43 <epsy> PinkTomato, right, do it
14:44 <epsy> query=check&method=md5&user=Pink\ufeffTomatoes&hash=e20431f6c8862801fa54d7ed3fd00b5c&salt=09c86e73a7cfd797f120de3c4c3303f2
14:44 <epsy> Sent request: query=check&method=md5&user=Pink Tomatoes&hash=654ac6df6eea2e32bd4986077ca7102b&salt=b1f7ee5064e71c522228ee965fe98c95
14:44 <epsy> Got reply: PASSWORD_FAIL
14:44 <epsy> \_ user not found
14:45 <epsy> \ same
14:45 <epsy> ok
14:47 <PinkTomato> Oops, the ifeff
14:47 <PinkTomato> that was never going to work
14:48 <PinkTomato> Hmm.
14:48 <PinkTomato> Is that a POST, GET, or something else entirely?
14:51 <epsy> can you try again?
14:51 <PinkTomato> 200, but its coming up way quicket
14:56  * P4 is noting hash=e20431f6c8862801fa54d7ed3fd00b5c salt=09c86e73a7cfd797f120de3c4c3303f2 :)
14:56 <PinkTomato> hehe, I may change my password later ;)
14:57 <P4> you should :þ
15:01 <PinkTomato> epsy: what was it :)?
15:01 <epsy> it should have been sent as Pink+Tomato
15:02 <@armabot> armagetronad: bazaarmagetron * r8886 /armagetronad/branches/0.2.8/armagetronad/ (. src/network/nAuthentication.cpp): epsy: forgot to remove this little helper
15:02 <PinkTomato> ah I see :)
15:02 -!- ct|kyle [n=kyle@pool-71-97-147-102.aubnin.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
15:04 <@armabot> armacommits: [0.2.8-armagetronad-work] r996 forgot to remove this little helper...
15:15 <epsy> is that spam? http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=202603#202603
15:16 <ct|kyle> epsy: yes and no LOL
15:17 <K-Yo> epsy, nah, just simple-minded guy :P
15:19 <epsy> isn't he just advertising his www ?
15:19 <PinkTomato> Their WWW is very bare.
15:24 <epsy> http://armagetron.co.uk/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=258;sa=showPosts
15:25  * K-Yo isn't registered there :P
15:25 <epsy> and it doesnt let you look at it?
15:27 <K-Yo> nope
15:27 <K-Yo> registration form
15:27 <epsy> stupid SMF
15:27 <K-Yo> Only registered members are allowed to access this section.
15:27 <K-Yo> Please login below or register an account with Armagetron.co.uk Forums.
15:27 <epsy> forum software goddamn suck >.<
15:28 <PinkTomato> At least the captcha is readable
15:28 <epsy> you should even have to register lol..
15:29 <epsy> http://armagetron.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,722.msg6622.html#msg6622
15:29 <epsy> really sounds like he got patches already
15:29 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50871B4A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
15:30 <PinkTomato> Wait, I stand corrected, it is just wasting my time
15:30 <epsy> PinkTomato, exact
15:30 <PinkTomato> what is the point of having a captcha if the answer is always MNDRR
15:30 <epsy> lol!
15:30 <K-Yo> lol
15:30 -!- tav_ [n=tav@] has joined #armagetron
15:31 <epsy> what /me hates with http://armagetron.co.uk/forum/ is that on one single page there's 500 animated GIFs
15:32 <K-Yo> LOL! you can't even see the staff list without being registered
15:32 <epsy> [16:27] <epsy>: forum software goddamn suck >.<
15:32 <PinkTomato> yay! I get an XML file saying my password is correct when I log in...
15:33 <K-Yo> epsy, you made tst site with wordpress right?
15:33  * PinkTomato is happy for firefox esc animation stop
15:33 <epsy> K-Yo, yes
15:33  * epsy too
15:33 <K-Yo> what do you think we should use for the global site? wordpress? drupal? another one?
15:34 <K-Yo> (I mean the stuff for matches, tourneys etc)
15:34 <K-Yo> joomla?
15:34 <PinkTomato> wasn't Lucifer making something?
15:35 <K-Yo> hmmm
15:35 <K-Yo> I can't tell
15:35 <K-Yo> luzifer maybe started some graphics
15:35 <K-Yo> and someone started some script to lend servers (you PinkTomato ?)
15:35 <PinkTomato> tourney.davefancella.com
15:36 <PinkTomato> K-Yo: I did :), it's very hacky though
15:36 <epsy> er, you talk about match organisation stuff?
15:36 <epsy> that's not what I would call a global thing :)
15:36 <K-Yo> yeah
15:36 <K-Yo> well, you know, me and words...
15:36 <epsy> well, Lucifer said he probably wouldnt be going to finish it
15:37 <K-Yo> still, it's a start
15:37 <epsy> and I'd use in-house stuff
15:37 <epsy> for that
15:37 <K-Yo> that's what I was thinking
15:37 <K-Yo> because we don't need all the stuff CMS provide
15:37 <K-Yo> like no need for forums for e.g.
15:37 <epsy> well, maybe some stuff from wordpress, like $wpdb
15:37 <K-Yo> what is that?
15:37 <K-Yo> the database class?
15:38 <epsy> yes
15:38 <K-Yo> we could create our own, inspired from wp's
15:38 <K-Yo> and others
15:38 <epsy> or I'd even not use PHP
15:38 <K-Yo> that will answer exactly to our needs
15:38 <K-Yo> what then?
15:38 <K-Yo> we'll need a scripting language
15:38 -!- tav [n=tav@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:38 <K-Yo> -ing
15:39 <epsy> idk, but switching off from apache will result in less headaches for URLs
15:39 <K-Yo> hmmm
15:39 <K-Yo> I don't understand the problem
15:39 <epsy> mod_rewrite is a pain to use
15:40 <epsy> loading matches all the time are going to be a terrible hassle for the server and DB
15:41 <K-Yo> we can keep ugly URLs
15:41 <epsy> no
15:41 <K-Yo> why?
15:41 <epsy> sucks
15:41 <K-Yo> well...
15:41 <epsy> and dont tell me it's at least something
15:42 <epsy> look at all the forum software out there?
15:42 <K-Yo> it's at least something...
15:42 <K-Yo> :p
15:42 <K-Yo> then we'll have our arses injured
15:42 <K-Yo> and use mod_rewrite
15:42 <K-Yo> ;)
15:42 <K-Yo> it can't be perfect at once
15:42 <K-Yo> it's made little by little
15:42 <epsy> your arse is injured when you have a headache?
15:43 <epsy> what about the overheat issue?
15:43 <K-Yo> it'll be a pain in the ass
15:43 <K-Yo> the overheat?
15:43 <K-Yo> cool it :)
15:43 <epsy> with water?
15:43 <K-Yo> with whatever
15:43 <PinkTomato> isn't mod_rewrite something you use after you have something?
15:43 <K-Yo> freeze particles
15:44 <K-Yo> PinkTomato, that's what I thought
15:44 <K-Yo> like: 1st u create a website with ugly URLs
15:44 <epsy> and a time machine to make requests answered faster?
15:44 <K-Yo> 2/ once it works, you make it look cool
15:44 <K-Yo> a time machine can even answer your requests before you made them!
15:45 <epsy> oh yeah, negative pings!
15:45 <PinkTomato> but you have to remember to make them still, otherwise you'll create a paradox.
15:45 <K-Yo> woot
15:45 <K-Yo> PinkTomato, true
15:45 <K-Yo> and paradox leads to chaos
15:46 <epsy> no, seriousely it is better to use a simple webserver (like lighthttpd or w/e) so that stuff doesnt need to be loaded at each query
15:47 <epsy> do you realize the amout of data that can show up on a player's profile?
15:47 <PinkTomato> matches lost, matches won, teams I am in, upcoming matches, matches that need teams to play in.
15:50 <epsy> so that's basically 5 queries
15:50 <epsy> actually, more
15:51 <epsy> (like individual queries for each match, etc)
15:51 <PinkTomato> It gets more complicated as well, as a match may be part of a tournament
15:52  * epsy wouldn't consider parsing php code, passing queries each time a page is loaded possible
15:53 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: could you change the location of the round rotation in 0.3.* to after the grid is deleted. With some big settings changed on config_rotation it forces players to loose points after a winner is declared
16:20 <K-Yo> epsy, is it a knows bug that /teams doesn't show all teams on sumo?
16:20 <epsy> like, it doesnt show teams where there's only one player and which isn't locked?
16:22 <K-Yo> hmm
16:22 <K-Yo> yeah
16:23 <K-Yo> I guess it's a yes :
16:23 <K-Yo> P
16:24 <epsy> actually, I hate that thing
16:26 <K-Yo> the bug?
16:27 <epsy> well it's indeed a bug; that's confusing you and me
16:27 <epsy> ideally, /teams would be obsoleted by a decent scoreboard
16:27 <epsy> bbl
16:36 -!- dlh [n=dlh@c-75-69-147-94.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #armagetron
16:39 <Concord> http://www.flickr.com/photos/34688967@N07/
16:42 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-204.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has quit []
16:44 <PinkTomato> Concord: ?
16:44 <PinkTomato> Concord: Hey that's 3D right?
16:49 -!- tav [n=tav@] has joined #armagetron
16:52 -!- smoothice [n=smoothic@97-118-162-70.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
16:53 <smoothice> PinkTomato: https://code.launchpad.net/~armagetronad-sty-0.3/armagetronad/0.3-armagetronad-sty
16:53 <PinkTomato> smoothice: I saw that this morning :)
16:54 <PinkTomato> I don't think it'll be easy ;)
16:54 <smoothice> kyle says it will be
16:54 <z-man> :0
16:55 <smoothice> great now you all hate me
16:55 <PinkTomato> You need to get zones v2 in it too.
16:55 <K-Yo> smoothice, I think kyle is working on merging trunk and sty+ct
16:55 <smoothice> Yeah
16:55 <z-man> well, we bumped gWinZone.* to mostly match 0.2.8 again.
16:55 -!- tav_ [n=tav@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:55 <PinkTomato> smoothice: I didn't say that.
16:56 <smoothice> lol
16:56 <z-man> So technically, just to get stuff working, you could just merge the code into there and be done, ignore zones 2.0.
16:56 <smoothice> But isn't zonesv2 the future of armagetronad...?
16:56 <smoothice> just like armathenication
16:56 <z-man> We don't know :)
16:56 <smoothice> oh :/
16:56 <smoothice> PinkTomato: http://www.grabup.com/uploads/0c21c007560b0730429f8aa4127b42b7.png?direct
16:57 <PinkTomato> smoothice: nice, hehe :)
16:57 <z-man> Problem is, philippe vanished, and I don't think anyone else knows how the stuff actually works.
16:57 <smoothice> PinkTomato: a teaser :P lol
16:57 <smoothice> z-man: oh
16:57 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lckdscl@ip202-29-210-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl] has joined #armagetron
16:57 <z-man> At some point, we're just going to look at it and decide what to do.
16:57 <smoothice> alright
16:58 <PinkTomato> not looking at the code, is sty quite hacky?
16:58 <smoothice> well the problem is that if sty is ported under v1 to the trunk and then all of the sudden you accept the new zones then that puts the new branch in jeopardy
16:59 <z-man> Well, for as long as we support 0.2.8, there's going to be the v1 code in the trunk and clients will understand the network messages.
16:59 <smoothice> So it depends on how long you support 0.2.8....
16:59 <z-man> Sure, porting stuff over to zones v2 may be better in the long run, but if v2 get discarded, you worked for naught.
17:00 <smoothice> I figured at first zones v2 was a for sure since it was implemented in the trunk....
17:01 <z-man> No :) Our policy was "just implement all new stuff in the trunk" back then.
17:01 <smoothice> *sigh* lol
17:01 <z-man> Now it's "goddammit, stop breaking the trunk and build experimental stuff in a branch".
17:02 <smoothice> So we could make two branches... 0.3-armagetronad-sty-v1 and 0.3-armagetronad-sty-v2 ?
17:02 <PinkTomato> smoothice: zonesv2 worked for us?
17:02 <smoothice> PinkTomato: yes
17:02 <smoothice> PinkTomato: those weird maps were v2
17:02 <z-man> come on, python, build!
17:02 <smoothice> So we could make two branches... 0.3-armagetronad-sty-v1 and 0.3-armagetronad-sty-v2?
17:02 <smoothice> To attempt both?
17:03 <z-man> I'd just do v1 and port stuff over to v2 in the same branch.
17:03 <z-man> But v2, even if we keep it, is certainly going to see lots of changes.
17:03 <smoothice> alright
17:04 <z-man> And at least I'm not going to pay attention on how badly the changes merge with any hack branches :)
17:04 <smoothice> yeah... of course
17:05 <z-man> Of course, we should look at how much of the stuff we can integrate.
17:05 <z-man> There's definitely good stuff on ct+sty.
17:05 <smoothice> So I could actually attempt to start by applying the sty patch directly to the trunk?
17:06 <z-man> Yeah. But of course not as it was distributed by pig.
17:06 <z-man> make a diff of the ct+sty branch and 0.2.8 and apply that.
17:06 <smoothice> ct+sty or sty?
17:07 <z-man> Your project, your choice.
17:07 <smoothice> heh ok
17:07 <K-Yo> when was last sty update?
17:07 <K-Yo> and who updates it?
17:07 <z-man> a while back, and whoever feels like it :)
17:07 <z-man> I can make an update now.
17:07 <K-Yo> :)
17:08 <K-Yo> I mean, who started working on it?
17:08 <smoothice> z-man: thanks
17:08 <K-Yo> the aa dev team?
17:08 <K-Yo> or independant guys
17:08 <smoothice> aa dev
17:08 <K-Yo> ok
17:08 <K-Yo> thx
17:10 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-204.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
17:10 <z-man> sty is basically our demo hack branch.
17:11 <z-man> Should be updated now, I haven't tested whether it still compiles and runs, though.
17:11 <smoothice> Ok I'll test that
17:11 <smoothice> wait so diff between 0.2.8-armagetronad-sty and trunk?
17:12 <z-man> no. fetch 0.2.8-armagetronad-sty
17:13 <z-man> fetch the last revision of 0.2.8 merged into it
17:13 <z-man> diff the two
17:13 <z-man> apply patch to trunk.
17:13 <smoothice> oh...
17:13 <@armabot> armacommits: [0.2.8-armagetronad-sty] r887 Merging from mainline....
17:13 <smoothice> so indirectly sucking sty out of 0.2.8-armagetronad-sty :P
17:14 <z-man> right :) And getting a version that is up to date with current 0.2.8.
17:14 <smoothice> ok
17:14 <Concord> z-man hows the ladle team coming ;)
17:14 <z-man> You tell me.
17:14 -!- GodTodd_ [n=TheTruth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has quit [No route to host]
17:15 <Concord> well the team I'm on is going well, hows the developer team coming along?
17:16 <Concord> nvm. sorry to interrupt :)
17:26 -!- ivantis2 [n=ivantis@63-245-159-78.kitusa.com] has joined #armagetron
17:40 <smoothice> z-man: I just hit epic fail
17:41 <z-man> As long as you didn't push the result :)
17:41 <smoothice> z-man: I didn't lol
17:41 <smoothice> 1 out of 2 hunks failed
17:41 <smoothice> 3 out of 13 hunks failed
17:41 <smoothice> 2 out of 8 hunks failed
17:41 <z-man> that's normal. got that, too.
17:41 <z-man> you now need to look at the .rej files and apply the changes manually.
17:42 <smoothice> ok
17:42 <z-man> Most of them are trivial things that you can throw away (changes to the GPL header)
17:42 <smoothice> Oooh
17:42 <smoothice> I see that
17:42 <smoothice> so then I just delete the .rej file?
17:42 <z-man> most of the rest are code additions where you just have to find a new place for them because the surroundings changed a bit
17:43 <z-man> yes, .rej files with changes you either applied or ignored can be deleted.
17:43 <smoothice> and what about the .orig
17:43 <z-man> you can delete that, too.
17:43 <smoothice> ok
17:43 <z-man> If need be, you can refetch it from the trunk.
17:44 <smoothice> ok
17:44 <smoothice> well the gWinZone.cpp.rej file contains the whole sty patch practically
17:44 <smoothice> lol
17:44 <z-man> really?
17:44 <smoothice> all 3783 lines of it
17:45 <z-man> I only have 2 of 21 failed hunks.
17:45 <smoothice> :/
17:46 <z-man> Sure you're applying it to a recent version of trunk?
17:46 <z-man> Oh, are you using sty or ct+sty?
17:46 <smoothice> sty
17:47 <z-man> Odd.
17:48 <smoothice> I made a .patch file of only the changes in the "src" folder
17:48 <smoothice> does it matter that I did it that way?
17:49 <dlh> checking for FreeType -- version >= 9.0.3... no
17:49 <dlh> $ freetype-config --version
17:49 <dlh> 9.19.3
17:49 <dlh> grr...
17:49 <z-man> well, not if you copy the added config files and maps manually.
17:50 <smoothice> ok
17:50 <z-man> dlh: it eludes me why autotools doesn't ship with a general purpose, working, version comparison macro.
17:50 <smoothice> z-man: http://rafb.net/p/oLf0Da92.html
17:51 <z-man> Only 13 hunks?
17:51 <z-man> Oh wait, how did you do your diff?
17:51  * z-man did 'bzr diff -r 873.1.123 > ../../sty.patch' in the sty branch
17:52 <smoothice> diff -Naur 0.2.8/src 0.2.8-armagetronad-sty/src > sty.patch
17:52 <z-man> where the odd revision was the last one merged from 0.2.8.
17:52 <smoothice> huh? I'm confused...
17:52 <smoothice> how does a a diff with rev 873 give you the sty patch...
17:53 <ivantis2> magic
17:53 <z-man> not 873.
17:53 <z-man> 873.1.123 :)
17:53 <smoothice> ????
17:53 <z-man> it's the ID of the precise last state of 0.2.8.
17:53 <z-man> bzr keeps very good track of what gets merged.
17:53 <z-man> You can reconstruct it any time.
17:54 <smoothice> but isn't 873.1.123 the 0.2.8-armagetronad-sty branch?
17:54 <smoothice> which has always had the sty patch applied
17:54 <z-man> yes, and no.
17:54 <smoothice> ???
17:54 <G5> epsy: Some TST servers have 16, some have 32 slots. How come? I thought it is the same config for all servers ...
17:55 <z-man> 873.1.123 is the revno of the revision 996 on 0.2.8.
17:55 <smoothice> ohhhhh
17:55 <smoothice> where do you get the revno...
17:55 <z-man> they're precisely the same on both branches, without the sty patch applied.
17:55 <z-man> it's in 'bzr log'.
17:56 <z-man> you can also use revids, they don't change from merges. Get them with 'bzr log --show-ids'.
17:56 <z-man> They're rather long, though :)
17:56 <smoothice> oh well
17:56 <smoothice> bzr diff -r 873.1.123 > ../../sty.patch
17:56 <smoothice> I do that in what directory?
17:56 <z-man> in your sty branch.
17:57 <z-man> main directory.
17:57 <smoothice> 0.2.8-armagetronad-sty?
17:57 <z-man> yes. and adapt ../../ to your needs, of course.
17:57 <smoothice> ok
17:57 <smoothice> What ideally should the  ../../ end up to being?
17:58 <smoothice> end up being*...
17:58 <z-man> It's just where your patch is going to get stored.
17:58 <smoothice> ok
17:59 <ivantis2> bwaaaah!
17:59 <smoothice> ?
17:59 <ivantis2> again, gyroid
17:59 <ivantis2> imitation
17:59 <ivantis2> more specifically, a freakoid
18:00 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:04 <smoothice> z-man: now I only have 59 lines in gWinZone.cpp.rej
18:04 <z-man> goody :)
18:04 <smoothice> so now I add the rest of the stuff at the bottom of gWinZone.cpp?
18:05 <smoothice> z-man: I have kind've a strange reject file.... http://rafb.net/p/QMCdKN40.html
18:06 <z-man> Yes, that's how it's supposed to look.
18:06 <z-man> The - are lines that were removed, and the + are lines that were added.
18:06 <z-man> If a line was changed, it gets both a - and a +.
18:07 <smoothice> so what stuff do I need to add to gWinzone.cpp
18:07 <z-man> You now have to work out the change and apply it manually.
18:07 -!- Concord [n=Concord@pool-72-93-80-204.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has quit []
18:07 <smoothice> the lines with the + but not a - ?
18:07 <z-man> Let's take a look at the first hunk:
18:07 <z-man> - gDeathZoneHack::gDeathZoneHack( eGrid * grid, const eCoord & pos )
18:07 <z-man> -         :gZone( grid, pos )
18:07 <z-man> + gDeathZoneHack::gDeathZoneHack( eGrid * grid, const eCoord & pos, bool dynamicCreation )
18:07 <z-man> +         :gZone( grid, pos, dynamicCreation )
18:07 <z-man> that means that the parameter 'dynamicCreation' was added to the constructor arguments.
18:08 <z-man> Now, why did it fail?
18:08 <smoothice> ummm
18:08 <smoothice> It looks right..
18:09 <z-man> Yes :) There was just a random indentation change on trunk.
18:09 <z-man> the :gZone constructor moved a space.
18:09 <smoothice> oh..
18:09 <z-man> So you just copy the new version over.
18:10 <smoothice> aren't those two sections you just pasted here from two different hunks?
18:10 <smoothice> divided by a // *************
18:10 <z-man> no, each hunk gets listed as two sections.
18:10 <z-man> One for stuff removed, the other for stuff added.
18:10 <z-man> It's in a different format than a raw .patch, oddly.
18:10 <smoothice> oh ok
18:11 <z-man> Ah, also: color_.r changed to color_.r_ on the trunk, and so on for g and b. That's why patch stumbles there, too.
18:12 <z-man> Nothing to worry about.
18:12 <smoothice> so don't copy that over?
18:12 <smoothice> or leave it
18:12 <z-man> you have to leave it as color_.r_.
18:13 <smoothice> ok so don't modify any of the color_ lines in trunk
18:13 <z-man> yes.
18:13 <smoothice> k
18:15 <smoothice> z-man: ok I think I got the gDeathZoneHack thing patched... now there's the second hunk
18:15 <smoothice> z-man: it says like 775?
18:16 <smoothice> line*
18:16 <epsy> G5, it's not defined in the settings
18:16 <z-man> yes. Look in that general area.
18:16 -!- ivantis2 [n=ivantis@63-245-159-78.kitusa.com] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
18:16 <smoothice> z-man: ok
18:16 <z-man> But rather look for the surrounding text, the exact line number has likely changed.
18:16 <epsy> [17:58] <PinkTomato>: not looking at the code, is sty quite hacky?
18:16 -!- ivantis2 [n=ivantis@63-245-159-78.kitusa.com] has joined #armagetron
18:16 <smoothice> z-man: ok
18:17 <epsy> PinkTomato, have you seen any game which shows flags as a group of rotating squares?
18:18 <smoothice> z-man: I attempt to search for this in gWinZone.cpp
18:18 <smoothice>       lastSync_ = -10;
18:18 <smoothice>       teamDistance_ = 0;
18:18 <smoothice>       lastEnemyContact_ = se_GameTime();
18:18 <smoothice> z-man: but get nothing
18:18 <z-man> just look for lastEnemyContact_
18:18 <z-man> it gets initialized twice.
18:18 <smoothice> ok
18:18 <z-man> err, not twice: in two places.
18:19 <smoothice> z-man: then in this hunk: http://rafb.net/p/HMxbpX26.html
18:20 <smoothice> z-man: it puts lastRespawnRemindWaiting_ = 0; in twice?
18:20 <z-man> That's indeed odd.
18:20 <smoothice> so
18:20 -!- tav_ [n=tav@] has joined #armagetron
18:20 <smoothice> leave it out in one place?
18:20 <z-man> Once is enough.
18:20 <smoothice> I guess
18:20 <smoothice> k
18:21 <smoothice> I guess I'm done with gWinZone then
18:21 <z-man> I'd say so.
18:21 <smoothice> cool
18:21 <smoothice> I'm going to local commit to.... keep track of things
18:21 <smoothice> oooh no
18:21 <z-man> Welcome to Merge Hell, by the way :)
18:21 <smoothice> great thanks
18:22 <epsy> haha
18:23 <smoothice> what a warm welcome
18:23 <G5> epsy: Ok
18:23 <PinkTomato> epsy: PinkTomato, have you seen any game which shows flags as a group of rotating squares? , point taken :)
18:24 <epsy> PinkTomato, muahaha :)
18:28 <smoothice> z-man: I've got a line in gCycle.cpp.rej that looks like this
18:28 <smoothice> z-man: tDESTROY(spark);
18:28 <smoothice> z-man: no + or -
18:28 <smoothice> z-man: but I cannot find it in gCycle
18:29 <epsy> [19:21] <z-man>: Welcome to Merge Hell
18:29 <smoothice> epsy: ...
18:29 -!- tav [n=tav@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:29 <smoothice> epsy: it's better than I thought
18:30 <smoothice> z-man: so I guess I just don't worry abut it since it was neither + nor minused
18:30 <epsy> smoothice, you gotta have to see how it was done, with that line
18:30 <smoothice> epsy: ???
18:31 <epsy> you mean in the patch?
18:31 <smoothice> epsy: yes
18:31 <epsy> lines that dont have a plus or a minus are context
18:31 <ivantis2> ivantis2++
18:31 <smoothice> epsy: yeah
18:31 <ivantis2> ivantis2--
18:31 <smoothice> epsy: but the context in the patch isn't in the file it self
18:32 <epsy> ivantis2, check what we're talking about before spilling out crap
18:32 <epsy> smoothice, here comes the merge hell part
18:32 <ivantis2> huh?
18:32 <epsy> smoothice, so you gotta have to check where that exists
18:32 <smoothice> epsy: so I just leave it alone then?
18:32 <smoothice> epsy: I searched the entire file with no instance of tDESTROY
18:32 <epsy> I mean, earlier
18:32 <epsy> at another revision
18:32 <smoothice> I
18:32 <smoothice> l'll just leave it
18:33 <smoothice> out
18:33 <smoothice> ok
18:33 <smoothice> done
18:33 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50871B4A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:34 <ivantis2> i had a good idea for another project: JArmagetron Advanced
18:34 <smoothice> ...
18:34 <smoothice> yes we all propose new projects randomly
18:34 <ivantis2> i want arma for my phone
18:35 <ivantis2> which only supports java
18:35 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50871B4A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
18:35 <epsy> ivantis2, patches welcome
18:35 <ivantis2> theres already a tron clone in 2D, why not an actually good one in 3D?
18:36 <epsy> repeat: ivantis2: patches welcome
18:36 <ivantis2> dude, i fail at java
18:36 <smoothice> then don't propose it
18:36 <ivantis2> just as an idea for some better coders...
18:38 <PinkTomato> Java has too many implementations
18:38 <PinkTomato> Getting it to work on your phone won't make it work on another
18:38 <ivantis2> oh it wont?
18:38 <ivantis2> wel actually i knew that
18:39 <ivantis2> but, i have a G1
18:39 <ivantis2> come on, no one here likes android?
18:39 <ivantis2> lame
18:39 <epsy> TOO LAME FOR YOU
18:39 <PinkTomato> Mobile Internet costs a fortune
18:39 <epsy> and is slow
18:40 <PinkTomato> and most significantly laggy
18:41 <epsy> ==slow
18:42 <PinkTomato> You can have a slow connection and a tiny ping :)
18:42 <PinkTomato> it's just rare.
18:42 <smoothice> z-man: I'm getting myself confused...
18:43 <smoothice> COMPILING 0.3-STY!!!!
18:43 <z-man> cool, newest bzr-svn supports tags now.
18:44 <PinkTomato> smoothice: yay!
18:44 <PinkTomato> Now
18:44 <PinkTomato> watch out of Segmentation faults :)
18:44 <smoothice> f*ck
18:44 <smoothice> hell in action
18:44 <PinkTomato> what does that mean in english?
18:44 <smoothice> Error Count: 7
18:45 <smoothice> Error Count: 7
18:45 <smoothice> Error Count: 22
18:45 <smoothice> 40
18:45 <smoothice> 130
18:45 <PinkTomato> ^_^ Programming is fun.
18:45 <smoothice> Failed at 5 warnings and 130 errors
18:46 <PinkTomato> don't forget that when you fix an error, you either reduce them dramatically
18:46 <PinkTomato> or end up finding another
18:46 <smoothice> Recompiling about include fix
18:46 <smoothice> Error Count: 125
18:46 <smoothice> failed at 125
18:47 <smoothice> wow this is hell
18:47 <smoothice> Build failed (125 errors, 2 warnings)
18:47 <smoothice> :(
18:48 -!- GodTodd_ [n=TheTruth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
18:48 <smoothice> z-man: Build failed (125 errors, 2 warnings)
18:48 <PinkTomato> pastebin! :)
18:50 <smoothice> PinkTomato, z-man: http://rafb.net/p/CA9eqL44.html
18:51 -!- GodTodd_ [n=TheTruth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:51 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
18:51 <z-man> You forgot to merge an include directive in ePlayer.cpp.
18:52 <z-man> And probably a whole block of definitions in gWinZone.h.
18:52 <z-man> err, declarations.
18:52 <smoothice>  oh...
18:52 <smoothice> k
18:53 <z-man> ah,and you need to adapt lots of color_.r to color.r_ and stuff.
18:54 <z-man> gParser.cpp is your problem, I' m afraid. it was refactored quite a bit, stuff got pulled out to tParser (or something).
18:57 <smoothice> so then...
18:57 <smoothice> how do I Fix that...
19:00 <smoothice> z-man: recompiled with 68 error all relating to Color
19:01 <z-man> just append the underscores.
19:01 <smoothice> for each error?
19:01 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Operation timed out]
19:02 <smoothice>     gZone &         GetColor            (gRealColor & color) {color = color_; return *this;}    //!< Gets the current color
19:02 <smoothice> gWinZone.h:82: error: no match for 'operator=' in 'color = ((gZone*)this)->gZone::color_'
19:03 <smoothice> most errors look like that
19:04 <smoothice> which has no evident underscore error thin
19:04 <smoothice> g
19:06 <smoothice> z-man: easy fix? :/
19:13 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p50871B4A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
19:14 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50871B4A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
19:23 -!- smoothice [n=smoothic@unaffiliated/smoothice] has quit []
19:24 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:46bb:1a76:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has joined #Armagetron
19:24 <luke-jr> :/
19:26 -!- smoothice [n=smoothic@97-118-162-70.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
19:26 <smoothice> luke-jr: http://www.grabup.com/uploads/0c21c007560b0730429f8aa4127b42b7.png?direct
19:28 <smoothice> zmanuel: can you help again lol? :)
19:28 <zmanuel> sorry, laptop froze.
19:28 <smoothice> oh ok
19:29 <luke-jr> smoothice: you don't mean literal port, do you?
19:29 <zmanuel> You pushed your branch up?
19:29 <smoothice> luke-jr: no a smoothice-style port
19:29 <smoothice> zmanuel: just the trunk
19:29 <smoothice> zmanuel: No sty code is in it at all
19:29 <luke-jr> smoothice: a compatible rewrite, I hope?
19:29 <smoothice> luke-jr: yes
19:29 <luke-jr> nice
19:30 <luke-jr> I'll join, but I don't know how much time I can put into it
19:30 <smoothice> luke-jr: cool
19:30 <smoothice> zmanuel: http://rafb.net/p/53JlH879.html
19:30 <luke-jr> smoothice: set yer locations :þ
19:31 <zmanuel> Change gRealColor to tColor? Dunno.
19:32 <smoothice> /! tColor extended by a function to apply the color directly
19:32 <smoothice> struct rColor: public tColor
19:33 <zmanuel> then gRealColor -> rColor.
19:33 <zmanuel> Is gRealColor even defined still?
19:34 <luke-jr> smoothice: omfg you let ivantis2 join?
19:34 <smoothice> luke-jr: is that bad?
19:34 <luke-jr> smoothice: no idea☺
19:34 <smoothice> zmanuel: http://www.grabup.com/uploads/96d8d77fdcd81c52a7571296173bef9d.png?direct
19:37 <zmanuel> WTF?
19:38 <smoothice> rColor.h?
19:38 <zmanuel> that picture spammed my whole screen.
19:38 <smoothice> ????????????????
19:38 <zmanuel> yeah, that's rColor, but what about gRealColor?
19:39 <smoothice> I don't see a gRealColor.cpp
19:40 <zmanuel> it's in gCycle*, IIRC.
19:40 <smoothice> oops oh ok
19:40 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
19:41 <smoothice> zmanuel: all I see in gCycle.h is     gRealColor color_;
19:41 <smoothice>     gRealColor trailColor_;
19:41 <zmanuel> well, grep for it?
19:42  * zmanuel has to prepare dinner now to avoid TST collision
19:42 <smoothice> ok
19:42 <epsy> is is tomorrow Oo
19:42 <zmanuel> it is?
19:42 <epsy> or are you preparing tomorrow's dinner already?
19:42 <zmanuel> I was wondering, but the page says 24th.
19:42 <epsy> had always been sundays
19:42 <zmanuel> that's no reason :)
19:44 <smoothice> zmanuel: well I found gRealColor in a couple of places but I don't know what you what me to find...
19:44 <zmanuel> The definition of it.
19:44 <epsy> arghh
19:45 <ivantis2> luke-jr, duh let ivantis2 join! i rule
19:45 <epsy> @calc 60*60*24
19:45 <teabot> epsy: 60 * 60 * 24 = 86,400
19:46 <smoothice> zmanuel: I guess I cannot really find the definition for it
19:46 <smoothice> zmanuel: Except this
19:46 <smoothice> struct gRealColor {
19:46 <smoothice>     REAL r,g,b;
19:46 <smoothice>     gRealColor():r(1), g(1), b(1){}
19:46 <smoothice> };
19:46 <zmanuel> Yep, that's it :)
19:46 <ivantis2> @calc ((5/9)*(80-32))
19:46 <teabot> ivantis2: (5 / 9) * (80 - 32) = 26.6666667
19:46 <smoothice> zmanuel: oooh cool so do I need to modify it?
19:46 <zmanuel> Well, change all occurences of gRealColor that make problems to rColor then.
19:46 <smoothice> ij
19:46 <smoothice> ok*
19:47 <epsy> grmpf, it looks like the server's showing timestamps for the wrong timezone
19:47 <epsy> while it did correctly for some time now
19:47 <ivantis2> dammit! it still does not work! im working on a converter for my phone, ((5/9)*(80-32)) == 0.0???
19:47 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has quit ["ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.5/2008120122]"]
19:48 <ivantis2> (fahrenheit to celsius)
19:52 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-173-74-72-105.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
19:52 <epsy> Happy Belated Birthday! 101 years old on the 01 Jan .
19:52 <epsy> The Management
19:52 <epsy> Close Window
19:52 <smoothice> zmanuel: now I'm back up to 122 after changing all instances of gRealColor to rColor and including rColor where necessary
19:53 <smoothice> zmanuel: 122 errors :?
19:53 <smoothice> :/
19:53 <zmanuel> I didn't say you should change ALL occurences.
19:53 <smoothice> zmanuel: but they were all causing problems....
19:54 <zmanuel> Well, ok, then you need to make a couple more .r -> .r_ replacements.
19:59 <luke-jr> zmanuel: new auth methods should be writ in branch of trunk, not 0.2.8, correct?
19:59 <luke-jr> in particular, I'm pondering OpenID in Arma
19:59 <zmanuel> trunk, definitely. And sure, OpenID sounds like a good idea.
19:59 <zmanuel> Although it is more designed for bloggers.
19:59 <smoothice> zmanuel: I don't think I'm skilled enough to do this
20:00 <zmanuel> You got quite far for a first attempt :)
20:00 <smoothice> I think I screwed all of my work up :(
20:01 <zmanuel> Didn't you make copies?
20:01 <luke-jr> zmanuel: LP uses/provides openID
20:01 <smoothice> zmanuel: I forgot to
20:01 <smoothice> zmanuel: an example of my non-skill
20:01 <zmanuel> luke-jr: yes, but your ID is an uri, right?
20:01 <epsy> it's not really adapted for automated logins
20:01 <epsy> ie. when I had to use a wordpress.com openID it told me to log in at wordpress.com
20:02 <zmanuel> I remember reading specifically that its main target are bloggers, where blogger X from www.blag.net makes a comment on www.blubb.net
20:02 <epsy> yeah, AAGID's main audience is games :)
20:02 <zmanuel> and the signature can say something like "Verified as coming from the owner of www.blag.net"
20:03 <epsy> read "arma"
20:04 -!- sinewav [n=sinewav@adsl-76-193-190-182.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #armagetron
20:04 <smoothice> zmanuel: I just don't think I'm destined to do this kind of thing ... :/
20:06 <zmanuel> smoothice: can you add armagetronad-dev as a team member? Then we all could help.
20:06 <luke-jr> zmanuel: yes
20:06 <luke-jr> zmanuel: the big problem IMO is that it will probably require opening a browser to login
20:07 <epsy> yes
20:07 <zmanuel> can't we integrate one? ;)
20:07 <luke-jr> zmanuel: are you serious? :/
20:07 <zmanuel> no.
20:07 <luke-jr> good
20:07 <epsy> where's ivantis
20:08 <luke-jr> ct|kyle: don't hide your location! ☹
20:09  * epsy doesn't hide his location O:-)
20:09 <smoothice> zmanuel: ok
20:10 <smoothice> PinkTomato: crud....
20:10 <PinkTomato> smoothice: ?
20:10 <smoothice> PinkTomato:
20:10 <smoothice> There is currently a high load on the server and we can't get in to fix it via console or SSH. As such we are going to do a reboot as that is the quickest way to resolve this issue.
20:10 <smoothice> PinkTomato: THat's from fsckvps
20:10 <luke-jr> lol
20:11 <PinkTomato> smoothice: regarding yours?
20:11 <smoothice> PinkTomato: I don't know what the hell they're talking about
20:11 <smoothice> PinkTomato: That's what I'm not sure about
20:11 <luke-jr> smoothice: did you run a fork bomb? >_<
20:11 <luke-jr> smoothice: where do you live?
20:11 <smoothice> PinkTomato: My CPU graph is steady at 0/0.5%
20:11 <smoothice> luke-jr: USA?
20:11 <luke-jr> city?
20:11 <smoothice> luke-jr: Denver?
20:11 -!- sinewav [n=sinewav@adsl-76-193-190-182.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:12 <luke-jr> kthx
20:12 <PinkTomato> smoothice: It sounds like they have had to reset the whole node
20:12 <PinkTomato> so probably someone else
20:12 <smoothice> PinkTomato: hope so...
20:12 <smoothice> PinkTomato: I noticed that my arma server wasn't on this morning lol
20:13 <PinkTomato> HyperVM records your CPU usage graph?
20:13 <PinkTomato> check that
20:13 <smoothice> PinkTomato: Yeah I did it was steady at NONE
20:13 <smoothice> PinkTomato: only spike was when I compiled 0.2.8-sty
20:14 <PinkTomato> well that could mean two things
20:14 <luke-jr> https://launchpad.net/~armagetronad-sty-0.3
20:14 <smoothice> zmanuel: invited
20:14 <PinkTomato> smoothice: If they couldn't ssh it, then it would be hard to plot the graph, maybe.
20:15 <PinkTomato> epsy lives in antaritica?
20:15 <luke-jr> lulz
20:15 <PinkTomato> :)
20:15 <smoothice> PinkTomato: The graph looked fine...
20:15 <smoothice> PinkTomato: I have SSH running on an atlernate port
20:15 <PinkTomato> hmm, I should do that
20:15 <PinkTomato> I keep getting people trying to login as Brian
20:16 <PinkTomato> etc
20:16 <smoothice> PinkTomato: I thought that _since_ I had ssh running on an alternate port fsckvps said they couldn't SSH and fix it because of that
20:16 <luke-jr> smoothice: …
20:16 <luke-jr> probably
20:16 <luke-jr> do you drop port 22 as well?
20:16 <smoothice> ?????
20:16 <smoothice> Firewall is off...
20:16 <smoothice> I've rebuilt since then
20:16 <luke-jr> Linux firewall is never off
20:17 <smoothice> huh?
20:17 <smoothice> I changed SSH port from 22 to something else
20:17 <PinkTomato> actually, how would they login as root without password?
20:17 <smoothice> They know my password?
20:18 <smoothice> I don't know
20:18 <PinkTomato> they can't smoothiceice
20:18 <smoothice> hmmm
20:18 <smoothice> ok well this is weird...
20:18 <smoothice> twenty minutes before the CPU message
20:19 <smoothice> there was another message that read:
20:19 <smoothice> VPS are now booting and the server is back online
20:19 <smoothice> zmanuel: invited... you can join at any time you wish now
20:23 <smoothice> zmanuel: I might as well start out with a brand new trunk copy and apply that patch again
20:24 <PinkTomato> or use a graphical diff program
20:24 <PinkTomato> see what changes you did
20:24 <smoothice> where would I find one of those for mac os x
20:25 <smoothice> I have a graphical diff program
20:25 <smoothice> but
20:25 <smoothice> It's for two files
20:25 <smoothice> not a folder
20:26 <PinkTomato> oh,
20:26 <PinkTomato> the one I got works with SVN
20:26 <PinkTomato> but no use on macintosh
20:29 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lckdscl@ip202-29-210-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl] has quit ["gone! quit! exit! etc."]
20:30 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@5ac9eb3a.bb.sky.com] has quit ["Leaving."]
20:31 <smoothice> #later tell PinkTomato USER_LEVEL smoothice@forums 2
20:32 <@armabot> smoothice: The operation succeeded.
20:33 -!- dlh [n=dlh@c-75-69-147-94.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has quit []
20:34 <flea> ok who wants it
20:34 <smoothice> ?
20:34 <flea> daddy's got a belt in his hands .. now which of you noobs wants it
20:36 <ct|kyle> luke-jr: why not Microsoft may attack me if i don't
20:37 <epsy> antartica ... cool view, cool legs
20:43 <smoothice> lol
20:51 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@5ac9eb3a.bb.sky.com] has joined #armagetron
20:52 <smoothice> PinkTomato: hi
20:52 <epsy> crappy hell
20:53 <PinkTomato> hi smoothice :)
20:53 <epsy> make is running through an infinite look of running autoconf, configure, automake then again
20:53 <smoothice> PinkTomato I later telled you something
20:54 <smoothice> PinkTomato hope  you got it...
20:54 <PinkTomato> I did, I'll change the config soon :)
20:54 <smoothice> yay!
20:54 <smoothice> until then I'll stay on your server for an indefinite period of time so I stay L_OP :P
20:55 <PinkTomato> :P
20:55 <smoothice> lol
20:55 <PinkTomato> the only view in Antarctica is a white desert.
20:57 <PinkTomato> Does anyone else's armagetron use 100% CPU on Server Browser?
20:58 -!- akira_arma [n=chatzill@] has joined #armagetron
21:08 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has quit ["uʍop-ǝpısdn ǝʇıɹʍ sǝop ǝuo ʍoɥ ƃuıɹǝpuoʍ ǝq ʎɐɯ noʎ.. it's pretty simple: JUST WRITE UPSIDE-DOWN!"]
21:13 -!- smoothice is now known as smoothice-away
21:21 -!- emmy_arma [n=peiaeman@pc238035.static.is.airbites.ro] has joined #armagetron
21:29 <@armabot> armacommits: [0.3-armagetronad-sty] r797 Patched sty patch with NO merge fixes yet
21:38 -!- smoothice-away is now known as smoothice
21:38 -!- mkzelda [n=mkzelda@cpe-066-057-232-057.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
21:49 -!- ivantis2 [n=ivantis@63-245-159-78.kitusa.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
21:54 <zmanuel> emerging python for the fifth time now
22:09 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
22:14 <Lucifer> well, I've got *some* weights for my weight bench now
22:14 <Lucifer> and two dumbbell bars
22:14 <Lucifer> I've got 40 pounds worth of weights, which is a Good Start, at least
22:15 <ct|kyle> hey Lucifer
22:15 <Lucifer> if I can get 2 20s and 2 10s, that'll probably do me for awhile
22:15 <Lucifer> hey ct|kyle (hi there!)
22:15 <ct|kyle>  Lucifer: could you change the location of the round rotation in 0.3.* to after the grid is deleted. With some big settings changed on config_rotation it forces players to loose points after a winner is declared
22:15 <Lucifer> wasn't config_rotation removed?
22:16 <Lucifer> you know, in the trunk, because ruby was coming?
22:17 <ct|kyle> ah, have not looked at it lately, i just saw a little of the code, did not look deep into it
22:21 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.1.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
22:28 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.2.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
22:40 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.3.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
22:43 <luke-jr> zmanuel: probably want to merge lp:~luke-jr/armagetronad/0.3-armagetronad-ftgl-dep-fix
22:43 <luke-jr> or Lucifer  I guess
22:51 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.4.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
22:55 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.5.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
23:06 -!- MaZuffeR [n=mazuffer@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
23:12 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@067-187-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
23:12 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@052-128-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has joined #armagetron
23:13 <noob13> what do these lines in my server logs mean?
23:13 <noob13> [0] User 12 does not know about netobject 9341 ( gCycle nr. 9341 owned by ePlayerNetID nr. 5674, name Skull Crusher ).
23:14 <smoothice> a bug?
23:14 <noob13> hm..
23:14 <noob13> also this Warning in nMessage* sn_ConsoleOutMessage(const tOutput&) in network/nNetwork.cpp:2667
23:15 <noob13> running version..
23:15 <noob13> #sd -v yellow
23:15 <smoothice> Which version?
23:16 <@armabot> noob13: The YELLOW Submarine ( running unix dedicated, url: http://armagetron.co.uk, Description: “not hosted in hong kong. (12Rubber+500mWalls).“, Players (7/12): Dan Glag, esega, Karolajna, Ne0n, Nikk¦A¦, Player 1, Risk, |DZW|aeiou
23:16 <smoothice>
23:16 <noob13> yeh, the "Latest Version"
23:16 <noob13> :P
23:16 <smoothice> I'd update to the latest 0.2.8 alpha
23:17 <noob13> i would too, but its not my server as such..
23:17 <smoothice> then tell the person who owns it to upgrade....
23:17 <noob13> i have, she wants to wait for stable for some reason
23:18 <luke-jr> uh
23:18 <luke-jr> in THEORY, 0.2.8 is stable
23:18 <luke-jr> and 0.2.8 alpha <post-> should be more stable than
23:19 <smoothice> 0.3-sty is stable too
23:19 <smoothice> :P
23:19 <luke-jr> and while that is probably not true, tagging won't make a difference
23:19 <luke-jr> 0.3-sty is not stable
23:19 <smoothice> haha
23:19 <smoothice> just KIDDING!
23:19 <smoothice> Can you not take a joke luke?
23:19 <smoothice> lol
23:19 <luke-jr> :þ
23:20 <luke-jr> sigh, bzr is so slow
23:20 <smoothice> lol
23:26 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.6.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
23:26 -!- mkzelda [n=mkzelda@cpe-066-057-232-057.nc.res.rr.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:30 -!- mkzelda [n=mkzelda@cpe-066-057-232-057.nc.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
23:30 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.7.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
23:37 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.0.1.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
23:38 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/test-1.8.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25
23:38 <@armabot> armacommits: [0.3-armagetronad-openid] r797 check client supports OpenID method || [utf8-armagetronad-work] r817 Explicitly ignoring some return values so GCC doesn't compla... || [utf8-armagetronad-work] r816 Better ftgl check.... || [0.3-armagetronad-openid] r796 basic OpenID groundwork (autoconf, strings, #ifdef block) || [0.3-armagetronad-ftgl-dep-fix] r797 use standard obsoletion msg :) || [0.3-armagetronad-sty] r802 Patch app
23:41 <smoothice> armabot: more
23:41 <@armabot> smoothice: Manuel Moos r784: Copying documentation files. || Manuel Moos r783: Removed obsolete/unused source files. || Manuel Moos r782: More adaptions to new version variables. || Manuel Moos r781: Fixed output. || Manuel Moos r780: Hopefully adapted to new version stuff. || Manuel Moos r779: Removed obsolete version.h include. || Manuel Moos r778: Fixed flashing of teamname between rounds if (4 more messages)
23:44 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@052-128-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has quit []
23:50 -!- emphasis [n=rolf@052-128-045-062.dynamic.caiway.nl] has joined #armagetron
23:52 <@armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Tronix25/Devel/Death-Arena-2.0-1.aamap.xml: Resource by Tronix25

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