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Log from 2008-09-20:
--- Day changed Sat Sep 20 2008
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01:30 <madmax> major new features on iTunes 8: heavier cpu spike on song change, er, that is all.
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04:28 <ivantis2> #echo Hello, world!
04:28 <armabot> Hello, world!
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04:29 <ivantis2> #sd
04:29 <armabot> ivantis2: "<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Too many connections in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>2</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_select_db() [<a href='function.mysql-select-db'>function.mysql-select-db</a>]: Too many connections in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>3</b><br />\n<br (1 more message)
04:29 <ivantis2> wtf?
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04:57 <ivantis> beep!
05:05 <ct|kyle> ivantis: beep
05:06 <ct|kyle> .ctwf
05:06 <tronner> ct|kyle: Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress.: Players (0/14):
05:06 <ct|kyle> .sd
05:06 <tronner> ct|kyle: Usage: #serverdetails [-v] {name}
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05:21 <Monkey_arma> stewwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
05:22 <ct|kyle> Monkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyy
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05:23 <ivantis> ivaaaaaaaaaaaaaantis
05:27 <ivantis> http://www.bugmenot.com/view/forums.armagetronad.net
05:27 <ivantis> haha
05:27 <ivantis> only 2 on that one
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05:38 <_Ratchet> :x
05:39 <_Ratchet> hii
05:42 <ivantis> hey ratchet
05:42 <ivantis> you get ubuntu working?
05:44 <_Ratchet> I did
05:44 <_Ratchet> however internet still an issue
05:44 <_Ratchet> my dad is liking the bluetooth feature
05:44 <_Ratchet> lol
05:45 <ivantis> you cant get wireless working?
05:45 <_Ratchet> correct
05:45 <_Ratchet> dad played with the settings for a while
05:45 <_Ratchet> couldn't get it
05:46 <ivantis> did you install all the drivers?
05:46 <ivantis> i got mine working
05:46 <ivantis> even though this wireless card sucks
05:46 <_Ratchet> I don't know how
05:46 <ivantis> hold on...
05:46 <ivantis> ill see if the faq is still in my history
05:46 <_Ratchet> k
05:47 <ivantis> its not, but do you need something like https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2007-October/127728.html ?
05:48 <_Ratchet> ok
05:50 <_Ratchet> I need like a tutorial
05:56 <ivantis> *sigh*
05:56 <ivantis> okay, do you extensively trust me?
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06:14 <ivantis> http://www.youtube.com/user/ivantis
06:14 <ivantis> is not me
06:15 <ivantis> what the hell? how is it possible someone could use this name, who wasnt me?
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06:44 <ivantis> #night
06:44 <armabot> Good night ivantis!
06:44 <ivantis> *yawn*
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11:38 <teabot> armabugs: [272398] pthreads not working/not used
11:47 <armabot> lpbugs: [272398] pthreads not working/not used
11:47 <epsy> @rss announce --remove armabugs
11:47 <teabot> epsy: The operation succeeded.
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11:58 <wrtlprnft> zmanuel: will there be a multiwinia dedicated server? :D
12:02 <epsy> guru3, wiki not responding :x
12:06 <epsy> guru3, ah, seems to work agai, nvm
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12:47 <evaldusia> is multiwinia good?
12:47 <evaldusia> i saw it on steam
12:47 <evaldusia> seen
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14:10 <wrtlprnft> evaldusia: it's fun, definitely
14:33 <evaldusia> I played demo
14:33 <evaldusia> 20 mins ago
14:33 <evaldusia> fun tho
14:33 <evaldusia> but i liked darwinia better
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15:18 <wrtlprnft> multiplayer is the fun part
15:20 <Monkey_arma> if you are talking about arma then multiplayer is the whole point
15:39 <evaldusia> lol
15:39 <evaldusia> wrtlprnft it costs
15:39 <evaldusia> :|
15:39 <evaldusia> and i hate buying
15:39 <evaldusia> anything that i can't touch
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16:32 <wrtlprnft> buy a boxed version?
16:35 <arrow> what kind of game?
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17:00 <noob13> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiwinia
17:00 <noob13> arrow: genre: "Not well defined; hybrid of Action and RTS"
17:01 <epsy> wrtlprnft, why would we have one? Oo
17:02 <arrow> ok ty will check ^^
17:04 <wrtlprnft> epsy: because zmanuel already built a dedicated server for defcon?
17:04 <epsy> aah
17:04  * epsy pokes wrtlprnft about café
17:05 <arrow> defcon is cool ;)
17:05 <arrow> i played demo for long time
17:12 <wrtlprnft> defcon is too intense for me x_X
17:12 <wrtlprnft> and i always lose, anyways
17:12 <wrtlprnft> too much politics and backstabbing
17:13 <arrow> i know what u mean
17:13 <arrow> i more preffer clasical rts
17:13 <arrow> also
17:14 <arrow> like starcraft or my favorite was sudden strike series
17:15 <epsy> mhh
17:16 <epsy> meh
17:22 <arrow> hehe ;)
17:24  * epsy dunt liek rts
17:28 <ivantis> BEEP
17:28  * ivantis just ate a pizza roll, it was delicious
17:28 <epsy> as delicious as McDonald food, i guess
17:28 <wrtlprnft> epsy: mw is rts without the part at the beginning where you just build stuff
17:29 <wrtlprnft> and without dozens of different units
17:29 <ivantis> McDonalds food is not good
17:29 <ivantis> but this pizza roll was
17:29 <epsy> wrtlprnft, still, i don't like rts :P
17:29 <ivantis> have you guys played fantastic contraption or whatever its called on kongregate?
17:29 <ivantis> its so cool
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17:30 <ivantis> its kind of like Phun, except you have a goal to accomplish
17:30 -!- Stewah [n=Stewah@cpe-24-30-129-44.san.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
17:30 <epsy> flash game i guess?
17:30 <epsy> \o Stewah PinkTomato
17:30 <arrow> sounds good wrtlprnft
17:30 <arrow> i might try it
17:31 <ivantis> yeah flash game
17:31 <ivantis> i know your issue with flash games epsy
17:31 <PinkTomato> epsy: flash game?
17:31 <ivantis> but its fun
17:31 <ivantis> http://www.kongregate.com/games/ColinNorthway/fantastic-contraption
17:31 <epsy> yeah, it's funny to see firefox's cpu usage jump by 1000% as soon as it starts flash
17:32 <epsy> and to see flash making firefox steal focus and stacking all the time
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18:00 <ivantis> you mean how the window turns gray?
18:00 <ivantis> and stops responding?
18:00 <ivantis> i usually just kill -9 it
18:01 <epsy> no
18:02 <epsy> newCpuUsage = oldCpuUsage × 1000 / 100
18:02 <epsy> well
18:02 <epsy> newCpuUsage = oldCpuUsage × 1100 / 100 :P
18:03 <ivantis> epsy, you ought to get a kongregate account
18:03 <ivantis> actionscript is really easy, compared to C++
18:03 <epsy> for not using it?
18:03 <epsy> i used to do actionscript
18:03 <ivantis> and upload some games i mean
18:03 <epsy> some neat stuff
18:03 <ivantis> do you have flash MX?
18:03 <epsy> no
18:03 <ivantis> i limewired it on my other computer
18:04 <ivantis> which im going to fix today...
18:04 <ivantis> the company expects you to pay $600 for it
18:04 <ivantis> what do they expect? im not made of money
18:04 <epsy> i don't want it anymore, flash sucks, terribly, even if it's the best out there, there are other ways of archieving the same stuff, but with better performance
18:05 <Monkey_arma> flash sucks ASS
18:05 <ivantis> like how?
18:05 <ivantis> give me an example
18:05  * Monkey_arma coughs
18:05 <epsy> javascript
18:05 <Monkey_arma> watch
18:05 <ivantis> can not beat flash
18:05 <ivantis> i hate javascript
18:05 <epsy> on what points, sir?
18:05 <ivantis> its all...
18:05 <Monkey_arma> http://www.gnu.org/fry/happy-birthday-to-gnu.html
18:05 <epsy> yeah, but it's way faster on the cpu
18:05 <ivantis> i dont like how it doesnt work right on some OSs, and on some browsers
18:06 <ivantis> im not great at actionscript
18:06 <ivantis> but my cousin is
18:06 <epsy> that's why i would use javascript instead
18:06 <ivantis> http://stinvurger.uk.to is his website, i think he has some javascript games on there
18:07 <ivantis> …
18:07 <ivantis> nvm, i guess he took it off
18:07 <ivantis> but there was a better mouse-racing game on there i think
18:08 <epsy> and on top of it, i dont like in-browser stuff
18:08 <ivantis> someone should really re-write this fantastic contraption game
18:08 <ivantis> yes epsy, i do not like in-browser stuff either
18:08 <Monkey_arma> nor me
18:10 <ivantis> flash isnt so bad on the CPU
18:10 <epsy> it is
18:10 <ivantis> it has never crashed my computer
18:10 <ivantis> actually, i dont think my computer has ever crashed
18:10 <ivantis> er, once
18:10 <epsy> none of my apps made my comp crash by cpu
18:11 <ivantis> but that was because i was doing some weird infinite loop program that i downloaded
18:11 <ivantis> maybe i should have read the part that said "DO NOT RUN THIS, IT IS NOT GOOD ON YOUR COMPUTER!!" better
18:12 <ivantis> monkey: i watched that happy birthday to gnu thing the first time you said it
18:12 <ivantis> is it dubbed?
18:12 -!- Ttech [n=ttech@fullcirclemagazine/developer/ttech] has quit [Client Quit]
18:12 <ivantis> it doesnt look like hes saying that
18:13 <Monkey_arma> of course he is saying it
18:13 <Monkey_arma> even if the dubbing is out of sync
18:13 <ivantis> i really like that part about you dont really own it if you cant alter it
18:13 <madmax> isn't that video in java webstart? that's almost as bad on the cpu as flash heh
18:13 <ivantis> the part after the sink thing
18:14 <ivantis> that is a great point
18:14 <ivantis> why buy from windows?
18:14 <Monkey_arma> i was saying that there are alternatives to flash
18:14 <ivantis> you dont own it
18:14 <Monkey_arma> dont go thinking that i am a java fan
18:14 <ivantis> why pay for something you cant have?
18:14 <madmax> an equally bad alternative is not an alternative if you ask me
18:14 <Monkey_arma> i wouldnt say it is equally bad
18:15 <Monkey_arma> its better...just maybe not a lot better
18:15 <Monkey_arma> certainly as far as security/stability goes
18:16 <ivantis> good science is to share everything
18:16 <ivantis> it should be the same with software
18:16 <ivantis> like he said
18:16 <Monkey_arma> science in the wrong hands is bad
18:16 <Monkey_arma> look at atomic bombs etc
18:16 <Monkey_arma> the world is more complicated that that
18:16 <ivantis> terrible
18:17 <Monkey_arma> free software/open source is not necessarily "the shit"
18:17 <ivantis> that is a great video
18:17 <Monkey_arma> also as far as quality goes
18:17 <Monkey_arma> a lot of open source stuff is shit
18:17 <Monkey_arma> just happens that MS is shitter
18:18 <ivantis> people just thing that "its free, so its not as good quality"
18:18 <ivantis> as if you buy it...
18:18 <ivantis> idiots
18:18 <ivantis> s/thing/think/
18:18 <Monkey_arma> well in some ways and in some cases that can be true
18:19 <Monkey_arma> in others not
18:19 <ivantis> sometimes
18:19 <ivantis> but
18:19 <ivantis> windows is still terrible
18:19 <Monkey_arma> yes
18:19 <Monkey_arma> is mac's graphical server worse than x server?
18:19 <Monkey_arma> no
18:19 <Monkey_arma> and im no mac fan
18:19 <Monkey_arma> x server is pile of shit
18:19 <ivantis> i like aqua
18:19 <Monkey_arma> also partition magic versus libparted
18:19 <ivantis> im thinking about getting a new mac
18:19 <ivantis> laptop
18:20 <Monkey_arma> 15 years on and libparted is bugged to fuck
18:20 <ivantis> i definetly want a mac
18:20 <Monkey_arma> and lacks functionality
18:24 <ivantis> i still have my sdf account...
18:24 <ivantis> ivantis@ivantis:~$ ssh sdf.lonestar.org
18:24 <ivantis> ivantis@sdf.lonestar.org's password:
18:24 <ivantis> [ WARNING:  'ivantis' will expire in -45 days - Please 'validate' TODAY ]
18:24 <ivantis> Please press your BACKSPACE key:
18:24 <ivantis> uh-oh, my account expires in -45 days!
18:24 <ivantis> terrible
18:24 <ivantis> i guess their account remover program is borked
18:26 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:34 -!- hoax [n=hoax@dyn-62-56-86-3.dslaccess.co.uk] has joined #armagetron
18:41 <ivantis> what is the name of the variable that determines what editor to use in crontab -e and stuff?
18:42 <ivantis> i thought it was EDITOR
18:42 <madmax> #sd open sumo
18:42 <armabot> madmax: Crazy Tronners Open Sumo: Players (7/12): #Ta$$mA#, evälÐúsiå (evaldusia@forums), La Française_fr, olive, sithy (Sithy@forums), |x|Cid, ©©©©©
18:43 <evaldusia> ?
18:43 <evaldusia> ah highlithed
18:44 -!- evaldusia is now known as ev
18:44 -!- ev is now known as evaldusia
18:44 <evaldusia> can't change to taht nick
18:44 <evaldusia> evälÐúsiå
18:44 <ivantis> you mean in IRC?
18:44 <evaldusia> yea
18:44 <epsy> you can't indeed
18:45 <ivantis> its because it only takes regular latin characters for nicks
18:45 <epsy> not even latin-1
18:45 <epsy> i think
18:45 -!- ivantis is now known as ev
18:45 <epsy> * ¦×¦ :Erroneous Nickname
18:45 <evaldusia> epsy why did you left ?
18:45 <evaldusia> server?
18:45 <epsy> i said it
18:46 -!- ev is now known as ivantis
18:46 <evaldusia> ahh
18:46 <epsy> mother going around..impossible to keep concentrated on gameplay
18:46 <evaldusia> remembered
18:46 <ivantis> Ðú :Erroneous Nickname
18:46 <ivantis> it doesnt like those kind of symbols
18:48 <epsy> it only accepts ascii
18:49 <evaldusia> 〹
18:49 <epsy> ..for names..
18:49 <epsy> rest isn't filtered (except colors)
18:49 <ivantis> i like how teabot has colored letters for Google in list
18:49 <ivantis> @list
18:49 <epsy> heh
18:50 <evaldusia> @list
18:50 <teabot> evaldusia: Alias, ChannelRelay, Factoids, Filter, Format, Games, Google, Herald, Internet, Later, Misc, Nickometer, Poll, QGoogle, Quote, RSS, Scheduler, String, Time, User, Utilities, and Web
18:50 <ivantis> well, it works in a PM
18:50 <evaldusia> it jsut highlighted everything
18:50 <evaldusia> because of my nick
18:51 <epsy> evaldusia, zomghax!??
18:51 <evaldusia> yea
18:51 <ivantis> Google
18:51 <evaldusia> hax
18:51 <evaldusia> everything is red
18:51 <ivantis> like that
18:51 <epsy> ivantis, channel is color filtered
18:51 <ivantis> oh
18:52 <ivantis> you could see that in color?
18:52 <epsy> see what?
18:52 <ivantis> whats the setting for non-color filtered
18:52 <ivantis> the Google
18:52 <epsy> -c
18:52 <ivantis> Google
18:52 <ivantis> is that in color?
18:52 <epsy> no..
18:52 <evaldusia> a
18:52 <ivantis> it is for me
18:52 <epsy> i just said that channel was color-filtered
18:52 <epsy> ivantis, ircds doesnt send messages back to owner
18:53 <ivantis> mibbit doesnt support color?
18:54 <ivantis> how lame
18:54 -!- ivantis_ [n=ivantis@unaffiliated/ivantis] has joined #armagetron
18:54 -!- ivantis_ [n=ivantis@unaffiliated/ivantis] has left #armagetron ["goodbye!"]
18:55 <epsy> mibbit is not meant to be a full-fledged irc client
18:55 <ivantis> well, it sucks
18:55 <ivantis> yep
18:55 <ivantis> remember when i used it?
18:55 <ivantis> then i used ircii
18:55 <epsy> don't use it for daily use, it's NOT MEANT for daily use >.>
18:55 <ivantis> and then found xchat
18:55 <ivantis> i only use it when away from home
18:56 <ivantis> or on a computer where i cant download stuff
18:56 <evaldusia> Damn damn damn mdan
18:56 <ivantis> im thinking about making a perl irc client
18:56 <epsy> ivantis, normally it should be ${EDITOR}
18:56 <ivantis> using perls gtk modules
18:57 <ivantis> ivantis@ivantis:~$ echo ${EDITOR}
18:57 <ivantis> ivantis@ivantis:~$
18:57 <ivantis> i get nada
18:57 <epsy> got the same :|
18:57 <ivantis> but its still default joe
18:57 <ivantis> ivantis@ivantis:~$ ${EDITOR}="nano"
18:57 <ivantis> bash: =nano: command not found
18:57 <ivantis> ?
18:57 <ivantis> how do i change it?
18:58 <epsy> export EDITOR=nano
18:58 <epsy> but that wont be saved
18:58 <ivantis> oh yeah, it is in nano now
18:58 <ivantis> the crontab editing
18:59  * epsy wants to have the choice between gvim and vim
18:59 <ivantis> btw
18:59 <ivantis> i think i messed up on something
18:59 <ivantis> bigtime
19:00 <epsy> like "sudo vi /etc/sudoers<enter><insert>nhiorgùnirfùgdf<esc>:wq!<enter>" on ubuntu?
19:00 <ivantis> no
19:02 <ivantis> http://pastebin.com/m7da02e1a
19:03 <ivantis> i get that when i run gcc or g++
19:03 <ivantis> and i think it might have something to do with http://blog.heuristicdesign.co.uk/archives/2007/07/01/cross-compiling-gtkmm-applications-to-windows/
19:03 <ivantis> i did some of that stuff
19:10 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:18fc:16e6:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
19:15 -!- luke-jr [n=luke-jr@2002:18fc:16e6:0:20e:a6ff:fec4:4e5d] has joined #armagetron
19:16 <guru3> so, i feel a bit stupid now
19:16 <guru3> i've come back to uni
19:16 <guru3> and i have nothing to do for another week
19:18 <noob13> make cookies for the less fortunate
19:19 <guru3> i have no food as it is
19:32 -!- PinkTomato [n=sam@hn-33-24.brookes.ac.uk] has quit ["Leaving."]
19:36 <evaldusia> #sd open sumo
19:36 <armabot> evaldusia: Crazy Tronners Open Sumo: Players (7/12): <halban>, CT_emmy (peiaemanuel@ct), cT¤K-Yo, evälÐúsiå (evaldusia@L_OP), JS°, Sideswipes, ~|DS|~G5 (G5@forums)
19:39 -!- luke-jr is now known as luke-jr_
19:39 -!- luke-jr_ is now known as luke-jr
19:44 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
19:44 <K-Yo> hey
19:45 <K-Yo> epsy: you there?
19:45 <evaldusia> H
19:45 <evaldusia> HI
19:45 <K-Yo> HI
19:45 <K-Yo> long time evaldusia
19:45 <K-Yo> don't steal my gf!
19:45 <evaldusia> :D
19:45 <K-Yo> does anyone know what is LEGACY_LOG_NAMES for?
19:46 <evaldusia> there's no description?
19:54 <K-Yo> .cfg2 legacy_lo
19:54 <tronner> K-Yo: LEGACY_LOG_NAMES: legacy_log_names_help
19:54 <K-Yo> .cfg legacy_lo
19:54 <tronner> K-Yo: Sorry, no matches :S
19:54 <K-Yo> nope
19:58 -!- Ttech [n=ttech@fullcirclemagazine/developer/ttech] has joined #armagetron
20:02 <epsy> K-Yo, ?
20:08 <evaldusia> lies
20:20 -!- kilper [n=Mario@host176-98-dynamic.11-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #armagetron
20:20 <kilper> hi
20:21 -!- kilper [n=Mario@host176-98-dynamic.11-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has left #armagetron []
20:37 <madmax> http://labs.mozilla.com/2008/08/introducing-ubiquity/
20:37 <madmax> might get interesting
20:55 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has quit ["Leaving."]
21:56 -!- K-Yo [n=K-Yo@unaffiliated/k-yo] has joined #armagetron
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22:58 <madmax> #sd deathmatch
22:58 <armabot> madmax: Nexus9 Deathmatch (NO RUBBER!): Players (3/16): Aqualiver, Aqualung, Aquaspleen
23:28 -!- Program [n=program@99-195-6-70.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #armagetron
23:28 -!- Program is now known as RATHTWHEAH
23:28 -!- RATHTWHEAH is now known as Ratchet___
23:28 <Ratchet___> hi
23:29 -!- _Ratchet [n=Joshua@99-195-6-70.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #armagetron
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23:31 <_Ratchet> hi
23:44 -!- G5 [n=G5@p5796257C.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit []
23:47 <madmax> #sd deathmatch
23:47 <armabot> madmax: Nexus9 Deathmatch (NO RUBBER!): Players (1/16): Hello
23:47 <madmax> hi
23:48 <madmax> damnit, Hello left
23:58 <teabot> vectroncommits: [dev_branch] r12 src/document.cpp...

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