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Log from 2008-08-29:
--- Day changed Fri Aug 29 2008
00:00 <teabot> /kick ivantus
00:00 <ivantis> @/stfu teabot
00:00 <F-Infamous> @kill ivantis
00:00 <ivantis> @maim F-Infamous
00:00 <ivantis> @cyborg F-Infamous
00:00 <F-Infamous> @stab ivantis
00:00 <teabot> ivantis: F.I.N.F.A.M.O.U.S.: Functional Intelligent Neohuman Fabricated for Accurate Mathematics, Observation and Ultimate Sabotage
00:00 <epsy> wtf
00:00 <epsy> @unload cyborgname
00:00 <teabot> epsy: The operation succeeded.
00:01 <ivantis> aw
00:01 <ivantis> i liked that one
00:01 <ct|kyle> .slap epsy
00:01  * tronner slaps epsy around with the good skeleton
00:01 <ct|kyle> i like that one :P
00:01 <ivantis> .slap F-Infamous
00:01 <ct|kyle> pwnt
00:01 <epsy> ivantis, it will be back, once it's complete
00:01 <ivantis> dude
00:01 <ivantis> why cant i use slap?
00:01 <ivantis> how nooby
00:01 <epsy> because you're a n00b
00:02 <ivantis> because you're a b00b
00:02 <ivantis> noob
00:02 <ct|kyle> because there are ways to abuse slap
00:02 <teabot> little b00b n00b
00:02 <ivantis> im still doing my homework
00:02 <ivantis> noobs
00:02 <epsy> n00b
00:02 <ivantis> i have to do p. 46 #2-42 evens, #44-46
00:02 <ivantis> im only up to #14
00:03  * teabot cares so much about ivantis's homework :)
00:03 <ivantis> 14. Station B and Station C located at (5, 8)
00:03 <ivantis> whats the distance?
00:04 <ivantis> station B is at (-4, -5)
00:04 <ivantis> according to my script, The distance is 15.8113883008419
00:05 <epsy> right, so you just learnt pytagore(darn python makes me put a h here), as i thought
00:05 <ivantis> pytagore?
00:06 <ivantis> what?
00:06 <KoR> ivantis: I think what is that
00:06 <ivantis> what?
00:06 <KoR> ivantis: I think what is that
00:06 <ivantis> nooby bot
00:06 <ivantis> hello
00:06 <KoR> hello
00:06 <ivantis> shut up
00:06 <epsy> A² = B² + C²
00:06 <ivantis> no
00:06 <ivantis> its
00:07 <ivantis> distance = (x2 - x1)squared + (y2 - y1)squared, the square root of that
00:08 <ivantis> i learned A2 = B2 + C2 last year in Algebra 1
00:08 <epsy> ok actually it's BC² = AB² + BC² in an ABC triangle square at A
00:08 <ivantis> im only finding distance
00:08 <epsy> well dude, you are poor at abstracting :)
00:10 <ivantis> now i need a new script for finding the midpoint
00:11 <epsy> man
00:12 <epsy> you fail at abstracting
00:12 <ivantis> so?
00:12 <KoR> ivantis: I think so is aaron oooo
00:12 <ivantis> my computer can do it for me
00:12 <epsy> abstracting is hyperfuckingimportant for math
00:12 <epsy> and for computers too
00:12 <ivantis> dont worry
00:12 <ivantis> im in Geometry when i should be in Algebra 1
00:13 <ivantis> im ahead of most of the other eighth graders
00:15 <epsy> you don't even see A² = B² + C² in "(x2 - x1)squared + (y2 - y1)squared, the square root of that"
00:15 <epsy> @man xkb
00:15 <teabot> epsy: http://man.gnusquad.org/?q=xkb&exact=1
00:16 <ivantis> Pas de résultats dans les noms de commandes !
00:17 <ivantis> finished with it
00:19 -!- F-Infamous [n=Thomas@h-69-3-222-215.chcgilgm.dynamic.covad.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
00:19 <epsy> right, so that XkbVariant line turned out to be bullshit
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00:20 <ct|kyle> ivantis: get your math done and show all your work
00:20 <ivantis> baloney
00:21 <ivantis> im not showing work
00:21 <ct|kyle> oh and your work does not meen show your source code :P
00:21 <ct|kyle> i tried that once
00:22 <ivantis> tried what once?
00:22 <epsy> right, restarting x cause i cant find out how to set X to change kb variants
00:22 <epsy> ah, shit
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00:23 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has joined #aRmAgEtROn
00:27 <ivantis> @calc -1*-1
00:27 <teabot> ivantis: (-1) * (-1) = 1
00:27 <ivantis> ok
00:27 <ivantis> good
00:29 <epsy> hm
00:36 <ivantis> sweet! im done with the "other endpoint from one endpoint and the midpoint" program
00:38 <epsy> @date
00:38 <epsy> @load Time
00:38 <teabot> epsy: Error: Time is already loaded.
00:38 <epsy> ah yeah, wrongly it's named time in soupybot
00:38 <epsy> @alias add date time
00:38 <teabot> epsy: The operation succeeded.
00:39 <epsy> or even..
00:39 <epsy> @alias add date time time
00:39 <teabot> epsy: The operation succeeded.
00:39 <epsy> @date
00:39 <teabot> epsy: 03:39 PM, August 28, 2008
00:39 <epsy> awww only the 28th
00:39 <epsy> brb
00:39 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has quit [".. and remember, never join a channel without caps !"]
00:40 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has joined #aRmAgEtROn
00:41 <epsy> «»
00:41 <ivantis> <>
00:41 <epsy> «©®»
00:41 <ivantis> puzzle me this: why is the diamond (<>) operator useful in perl?
00:41 <epsy> âåýôäëüïöûîô
00:42 <epsy> finally a decent layout
00:42 <ct|kyle> ivantis: tries submitting my source code for sowing my work :)
00:42 <epsy> my configurating here for the whole new arch install is done :)
00:42 <ct|kyle> tried*
00:42 <ivantis> ct|kyle: why? thats a bad idea
00:42 <ivantis> did your teacher understand it?
00:43 <epsy> ivantis, bzr init && bzr add && bzr ci && bzr push lp:~ivantis/+junk/homeworkmath
00:43 <ct|kyle> ivantis: he rejected it LOL
00:43 <ivantis> why would i want that?
00:43 <epsy> bzr rocks
00:44 <ivantis> no
00:44 <epsy> nb
00:44 <ivantis> no one would use it, except maybe some friends
00:44 <epsy> (short for n00b when you have numblock off)
00:45 <epsy> bzr rocks
00:45 <teabot> It sure does!
00:45 <epsy> ah ;)
00:46 <ivantis> @bzr
00:46 <teabot> bzr co lp:armagetronad(trunk) -OR- bzr co lp:armagetronad/0.2.8(0.2.8 branch)
00:46 <ivantis> @noob
00:46 <teabot> 'YOU' are the noob, someone
00:46 <epsy> pwnt
00:46 <ivantis> @noob
00:46 <teabot> 'YOU' are the noob, someone
00:46 <ivantis> @pwnt
00:46 <ivantis> @foo'
00:46 <ivantis> /msg ivanbot you are stupid
00:46 <ivantis> try that
00:47 <epsy> no
00:47 <epsy> @help you
00:47 <teabot> epsy: Error: There is no command "you".
00:47 <ct|kyle> .slap ivantis 2
00:47  * tronner slaps ivantis  with a public, unnoticed USS Enterprise
00:47  * tronner slaps ivantis around with an open sourced, virtual wand of destruction
00:47 <ivantis> /msg ivanbot you're gay
00:47 <ivantis> do that
00:48 <ct|kyle> more fun to slap you since you can't slap back
00:48 <epsy> <ivanbot> tronner: You're gay, altrough you're an it
00:48 <ivantis> try it now
00:48 <epsy> that good?
00:48 <ivantis> you're: alias for echo You're $1 too
00:48 <epsy> #aol yay, we can be gay together!
00:48 <teabot> epsy: yay we can b gay together!:-):-):-)
00:49 <ivantis> im still doing homework
00:49 <ivantis> foo'
00:49 <epsy> it forgot to put together as 2get her
00:51 <ivantis> #aol together
00:51 <teabot> ivantis: together:D:D:D
00:51 <ivantis> @aol together
00:51 <teabot> ivantis: together:D:D:D
00:51 <ivantis> it responds to # too?
00:51 <ivantis> hello
00:51 <KoR> hello
00:51 <ivantis> someone ban KoR
00:51 <ivantis> its obnoxious
00:52 <epsy> @aol FoFo
00:52 <teabot> epsy: FoFo:-):-):-)
00:52 <epsy> @aol FoFo
00:52 <epsy> @aol FoFo
00:52 <teabot> epsy: FoFo:D:D:D
00:52 <teabot> epsy: FoFo:):):)
00:52 <epsy> useful bot
00:53 <epsy> @gnu someone ban KoR
00:53 <teabot> epsy: GNU/someone GNU/ban GNU/KoR
00:53 <epsy> GNU/you will be GNU/banned too, GNU/ivantis!
00:54 <epsy> ah..yes..teabot got SF time(no not SA ><), now it makes sense
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01:16 <hoax> gnite fooz
01:16 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has quit []
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01:25 <ivantis> yay!
01:25 <ivantis> done with my homework
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02:30 <Flex> .PING
02:30 <tronner> pong
02:30 <ivantis> grrrr!!!!!!!!!
02:30 <ivantis> ping
02:30 <ivantis> hello
02:30 <KoR> hello
02:30 <ivantis> what kind of bot is kor?
02:30 <ivantis> what?
02:30 <KoR> ivantis: I think what is that
02:31 <ivantis> what? kind of bot is kor?
02:31 <ivantis> apparently wire-bot
02:31 <ivantis> wireddd
02:31 <ivantis> www-data
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03:49 <ct|kyle> comcast is evil
03:49 -!- GodTodd [n=TheTruth@pool-71-170-145-197.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
03:51 <ivantis> they dont deliver to me
03:51 <ivantis> they dont have service in my area i mean
03:57 <ct|kyle> not to me either
03:57 <ivantis> neither does cox
03:57 <ivantis> or anyone else
03:57 <ct|kyle> http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/150451/comcast_sets_monthly_bandwidth_limit_for_customers.html
03:57 <ct|kyle> they are the otehr service in my area
03:57 <ct|kyle> other*
03:58 <ivantis> why is that so bad?
03:58 <ivantis> 250 gb is a lot
03:59 <ct|kyle> ...
03:59 <ivantis> look
03:59 <ivantis> i think im going to bid on this computer: http://cgi.ebay.com/APPLE-POWERBOOK-G4-12-INCH-LAPTOP-MIGHTY-MOUSE-AND-MORE_W0QQitemZ220272240797QQihZ012QQcategoryZ111422QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
03:59 <ct|kyle> yes but, this will lead into a lot of tighter restrictions
03:59 <ivantis> i want that one
04:00  * ivantis has to go now
04:00 <ivantis> @night
04:00 <teabot> Good-night, ivantis!
04:00 <ivantis> @noob
04:00 <teabot> 'YOU' are the noob, someone
04:00 <ivantis> @help noob
04:00 <teabot> ivantis: (noob <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo 'YOU' are the noob, $randomNick".
04:00 <ivantis> @alias add noob 'YOU' are the noob, $who
04:00 <teabot> ivantis: The operation succeeded.
04:00 <ivantis> ]echo @noob
04:01 <ivantis> @echo "]echo @noob"
04:01 <teabot> ]echo @noob
04:01 <ivantis> noob
04:01 <ct|kyle> @echo ACTION is the n00b
04:01 <teabot> ACTION is the n00b
04:01 <ct|kyle> err
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06:05 <luke-jr> ct|kyle: haha
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09:48 <kidanger> #ls hoop
09:48 <teabot> kidanger: hoop has last been seen on  Wild West  =Team Sumo= 14 minutes ago.
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21:12 -!- Legacy [n=legacy@user-1120dnm.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #armagetron
21:12 <Legacy> Hey :)
21:12 <Monkey_arma> hi there
21:13 <Monkey_arma> what is you ingame nick?
21:13 <Legacy> Monkey!!!! :P
21:13 <Legacy> D Luffy?
21:13 <P4> hi
21:13 <KoR> hi
21:13 <P4> hello
21:13 <KoR> hello
21:13 <Legacy> Hey guys
21:13 <epsy> sorry, this is so pathetic
21:13 <P4> bye
21:13 <Monkey_arma> no im not Luffy
21:13 <P4> stupid bot
21:13 <Legacy> xD
21:13 <Monkey_arma> im just Monkey
21:14 <Legacy> Hey luke told me to come here for some help, is iceman here?
21:14 <Monkey_arma> iceman has not been seen for years
21:14 <Legacy> Does anyone know how to set up the multi game mod?
21:14 <P4> .si iceman
21:14 <tronner> P4: icemans network nuke zone - www.icemans.net: Players (0/16):
21:14 <Legacy> mode*
21:14 <epsy> the?
21:14 <Legacy> epsy... where have you been?  lmao, haven't seen you in years
21:15 <Legacy> You remember wing legacy?
21:15 <epsy> i've turned my cloak device on
21:15 <P4> wing legacy? what is that?
21:15 <Legacy> Anyway, you've played in the Ww server multi mode right?
21:16 <Legacy> How did they do that?  I want something similar to that.  But i want users to be able to switch from High rubber play, to Dogfight if they want to.
21:16 <P4> You want map/settings rotation
21:17 <epsy> no, he wants users to be able to vote config files
21:17 <Legacy> yeah
21:18 <Legacy> exactly :D
21:18 <epsy> that can be pretty easly done using the last dev revisions
21:18 <epsy> (read: you wont need to make a logparser script)
21:18 <Legacy> well you'll need to teach me so i can explain it to luke, he's hosting my server
21:18 <Legacy> xD
21:19 <Legacy> And i am a noob at this stuff him ;)
21:19 <epsy> you want a build made from the lastet sources from the 0.2.8 branch
21:20 <Legacy> Yes, i believe luke has that set up for me?
21:20 <Legacy> Luke, you here mate?
21:20 <epsy> luke-jr, ping
21:21 <Legacy> Ok, so then what mr.epsy?
21:21 <epsy> then you need to make different config files for your different game modes
21:22 <epsy> then allow people to use /vote include
21:22 <Legacy> yes yes, got them saved as settings_custom.cfg
21:22 <Legacy> Thats where i don't know how to do that
21:22 <epsy> they need to be saved in different files
21:22 <epsy> so that they are not read by arma all at once
21:22 <Legacy> ok, so i can do highrubber.cfg and dogfight.cfg?
21:22 <epsy> only once someone votes to include them
21:22 <epsy> yes
21:23 <Legacy> Ok, now, for the vote include, how do i do this?
21:23 <Monkey_arma> high rubber????? boooooo
21:23 <epsy> /vote include <file>
21:23 <epsy> note that <file> has to be in the vote/ subdir of config/
21:23 <Legacy> ok ok
21:23 <Legacy> And this is it?
21:24 <epsy> ADD_HELP_TOPIC vote "How to change game mode" "blah blah\nblah blah on a new line"
21:24 <epsy> so that they can see the blah blah when they say /help vote
21:24 <Legacy> ok :)
21:25 <Legacy> So that's it huh?
21:25 <epsy> summed up, that's it yes
21:25 <luke-jr> .
21:25 <epsy> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~armagetronad-dev/armagetronad/config_tournament_server/files
21:25 <Legacy> I was expecting a more complicated way lol
21:25 <Legacy> HEY LUKE XD
21:25 <epsy> it is done in a more complicated way at wild west
21:26 <epsy> the /vote include stuff was done recently
21:26 <Legacy> ah ok
21:26 <luke-jr> hi
21:26 <KoR> hi
21:26 <luke-jr> epsy: config/ or var/?
21:26 <epsy> you might want to read the stuff i linked, to get you an idea of how it should be done
21:26 <luke-jr> Legacy: are you comfortable with scp/sftp?
21:26 <epsy> luke-jr, ? config files to be voted have to be in config/vote/
21:27 <luke-jr> epsy: I thought var/vote/ since includes are in var
21:27 <Legacy> No luke :( i don't know what that is
21:27 <epsy> luke-jr, huh??
21:28 <luke-jr> Legacy: check out WinSCP
21:28 <epsy> luke-jr, well, whatever which can be done using INCLUDE vote/<file> will do
21:28 <luke-jr> epsy: that'd be var/vote/<file> O.o
21:28 <Legacy> ok luke :)
21:28 <epsy> on my setups it is config/vote/ Oo
21:28 <luke-jr> epsy: since when can .cfg go in config?
21:29 <epsy> luke is tricking me..
21:29  * epsy gives luke-jr a slap :)
21:29  * luke-jr ties epsy up
21:29 <Legacy> LOL!
21:31 <Legacy> ok luke, i have used ftp with my sites, so this should be easy, i have installed winSCP
21:31 <luke-jr> Legacy: ok
21:31 <luke-jr> Legacy: login info is all the same
21:31 <Legacy> ok.
21:31 <Legacy> Host name?
21:31 <luke-jr> same as for the web control panel
21:31 <Legacy> ok
21:33 <luke-jr> you'll need to browse into the 'svc' directory, and the 'aa' subdir
21:33 <luke-jr> then 'var' and make a new dir called 'vote'
21:33 <luke-jr> and put the files in there
21:37 <Legacy> Hmm it seems that its not letting me connect.
21:37 <epsy> any error message?
21:37 <Legacy> Yes, hold on, ill try one more time.
21:38 <epsy> timeout? refused?
21:38 <Legacy> timeout
21:38 <epsy> you probably mistyped the host, double check it
21:42 <Legacy> k, got it :)
21:43 <Legacy> Made the dir called vote
21:43 <Legacy> Now i will add my files.
21:45 <Legacy> Done.
21:47 <Legacy> ok, now what do i do with /vote include <file>?
21:47 <epsy> you..say it ? :)
21:48 <Legacy> haha so i dont put that in the server info anywhere?
21:48 <Legacy> its already an option?  Cool
21:48 <Legacy> xD
21:50 <Legacy> ok epsy, how do you put in an area where they can see what to vote on?
21:51 <Legacy> Lets say i wanted dogfight.  I type in /vote df.cfg?
21:51 <epsy> yes
21:51 <epsy> add a help topic for it and point your userss to the help topic using a round message
21:52 <Legacy> ok :)
21:52 <Legacy> DD_HELP_TOPIC vote "How to change game mode" "Say /vote highrub.cfg for High Rubber Settings \nSay /vote df.cfg for Dog Fight settings."
21:53 <Legacy> is this correct?
21:53 <epsy> basically yes
21:53 <epsy> you might want to format it more etc, too :P
21:53 <Legacy> Thanks for the help :)
21:53 <epsy> yw
21:53 <Legacy> format how?  Make it more flashy?
21:54 <epsy> second
21:58 <Legacy> Hmm i get an error when i type /help
21:58 <Legacy> help topic vote not found.  Try typing /help with no arguments to see a list of available topics.
21:59 <epsy> did you put the ADD_HELP_TOPIC line in the cfg?
21:59 <epsy> what shows up when you type '/help'
21:59 <Legacy> And when i type /help it says commands: List of all chat commands
21:59 <Legacy> no i didnt add add_help_topic
21:59 <Legacy> where do i add this?
21:59 <Legacy> ah
22:00 <epsy> better make a new config file
22:00 <epsy> help.cfg
22:00 <epsy> and include it from the main config
22:00 <epsy> http://epsy.teamkilled.net:8080/~epsy/xserverconfig/config/help.cfg
22:00 <guru3> i totally just read epsy as ebay
22:00 <guru3> so that came out as 'ebay.teamkilled.net'
22:00 <guru3> i was very confused
22:01 <epsy> This is an anti-phishing protection!
22:01 <guru3> only authentic ebay sites do not use ebay in the domain name!
22:01 <guru3> beware! ebay.com is a FAKE
22:01 <epsy> :)
22:02 <guru3> epsy.com is the CORRECT domain
22:02 <epsy> @dns epsy.com
22:02 <teabot> epsy:
22:02 <epsy> Oo
22:04 <guru3> @dns ebay.com
22:04 <teabot> guru3:
22:04 <guru3> well... they both end in 7
22:04 <guru3> and have a 1 and a 0
22:05 <epsy> they are simillar in every way
22:05 <guru3> 4 sets of numbers seperated by 0 between 0 and 255
22:05 <epsy> yeah
22:06 <guru3> seperated by . even
22:06 <guru3> wonder how i typed a 0 in there
22:06 <Legacy> ok i am back, epsy i got it done, with people in the server i typed in /vote df.cfg and it says:  Uknown vote command df.cfg, available are:  suspend, kick
22:07 <epsy> /vote include df.cfg
22:07 <Legacy> ok
22:07 <guru3> do we have such a convenient voting system where we can vote for configs?
22:07 <guru3> i'll be damned
22:07 <epsy> also, you should set ACCESS_LEVE_VOTE_INCLUDE to 20
22:07 <epsy> so that everyone can use it
22:07 <epsy> guru3, it's not convenient <.<
22:08 <guru3> it's a lot better than parsing server output
22:08 <epsy> yeah, heh
22:09 <epsy> but i still can't make one able to vote for a gametype , say described in a config file
22:09 <Legacy> Hmm, it gives me this :  Uknown vote command include, available are:  suspend, kick
22:09 <epsy> heck, you can't even list possible includes
22:09 <epsy> unknown?
22:09 <Legacy> yeah
22:10 <guru3> just to check
22:10 <guru3> master2 is down right?
22:11 <epsy> $ ping -c4 master2.armagetronad.net
22:11 <epsy> PING luciferarma.kicks-ass.net ( 56(84) bytes of data.
22:11 <epsy> 100% âcket loss
22:11 <epsy> packet*
22:11 <guru3> i'll redirect teh DNS later
22:12 <epsy> master3 alias 5 is down atm, too
22:12 <guru3> er
22:12 <guru3> master 5 is alias 4
22:12 <epsy> ah wait
22:12 <epsy> indeed
22:12 <epsy> so only 3
22:12 <epsy> or wait
22:12 <guru3> master 2 is lucifer
22:12 <guru3> master 3 is wrtlpwnd
22:12 <epsy> no it's on anthoer machine, damn me
22:13 <Legacy> Hmm, is this a valid command epsy?  ACCESS_LEVE_VOTE_INCLUDE
22:13 <epsy> normally
22:14 <Legacy> I don't see why it keeps giving me that error
22:14 <epsy> well, if you put the L correctly
22:14 <epsy> is it compiled with authentication support?
22:14 <epsy> it being the server
22:14 <Legacy> no
22:14 -!- G5_ [n=G5@p579626BB.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit ["Over and out."]
22:15 -!- G5 [n=G5@p579626BB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #Armagetron
22:15 <epsy> ah yes indeed, it only works with auth on, for whatever reason
22:15 <Legacy> i am using 0.2.8alpha
22:15 <guru3> somehow
22:15 <guru3> i find easier to play
22:15 <guru3> than 0.3.0
22:15 <Legacy> me too
22:15 <Legacy> That's why i wanted luke to give me that version :P
22:16 <guru3> i bet it's the camera :<
22:16 <Legacy> oh, the client.
22:16 <Legacy> 3.0 has some bugs to work out still
22:16 <luke-jr> ?
22:16 <KoR> luke-jr: I think   is a space
22:16 <Legacy> I sometimes enter a server and i see AI bots stuck in the walls
22:16 <luke-jr> guru3: btw, can KoR get removed? :þ
22:16  * Legacy Laughs
22:17 <guru3> KoR?
22:17 <KoR> guru3: I think KoR is an irc bot
22:17 <Legacy> Hey luke, epsy said it works with auth on
22:17 <luke-jr> guru3: an annoying bot
22:17 <epsy> Legacy, with Legacy servers? like guru3 :P
22:17 <Legacy> is auth on?
22:17 <luke-jr> Legacy: do you want auth? it will disable ADMIN_PASS
22:17 <epsy> guru3's *
22:17 <Legacy> How will i login?  I've never used it before.
22:18 <epsy> i would have pointed you to the file i linked earlier, but it's quite unreadable as-is
22:18 <luke-jr> Legacy: usually the forum login
22:18 <luke-jr> Legacy: /login forums, and then it asks for forum password etc
22:19 <guru3> who owns kor then?
22:19 <epsy> wire:
22:19 <Legacy> Epsy, you sure this only works with auth?  The Auth is a little too much.
22:19 <luke-jr> ?
22:19 <KoR> luke-jr: I think   is a space
22:20 <luke-jr> KoR: stfu already
22:20 <epsy> Legacy, i thought it didn't depend on it, but i just checked and it's only compiled if auth is on
22:20 <Legacy> LOL!
22:20 <luke-jr> epsy: fix it?
22:20 <Legacy> ah, ok
22:20 <epsy> luke-jr, i don't even know if it actually depends on it or not
22:20 <Legacy> Luke, i guess you can turn auth on.  I will need to register on the forums though.
22:20 <epsy> to be honest, we should be heading towards one or the other solution
22:20 <epsy> it's mainly cnfusing currently
22:21 <guru3> yeah so far kor has pissed me off
22:21 -!- mode/#armagetron [+o guru3] by ChanServ
22:21 -!- mode/#armagetron [+b *!*=www-data@unaffiliated/wireddd] by guru3
22:21 -!- KoR was kicked from #armagetron by guru3 [guru3]
22:21 <luke-jr> Legacy: you can register with another provider too
22:22 <luke-jr> or local accounts, but I don't know how those work
22:22 <Legacy> Hmm, it just seems like it should work without auth on...
22:22 <Legacy> It seems like i'm almost done with it
22:24 <epsy> er
22:25 <epsy> except if luke changed it, /vote includes only gets in if the server was compiled with auth on
22:25 <epsy> s/except if/unless/
22:26 <@guru3> i swear my fps is too high
22:26 <epsy> :D
22:27 <@guru3> im used to playing at like 40
22:27 <@guru3> i put the settings up and im getting 120
22:27 <@guru3> it's fucking pissing me off
22:28 <@guru3> oh and predict objects is off
22:28 <@guru3> that'd be screwing me up too
22:29 <@guru3> that and this new camera in 0.3.0
22:29 <@guru3> good thing we have the minimap now
22:29 <@guru3> or i'd be up the creek
22:29 <@guru3> can't keep track of where half the players on the grid are
22:29 <epsy> what is wrong with the new cam?
22:30 <@guru3> i can't see anything
22:30 <epsy> what did even change?
22:30 <@guru3> well i use the fixed cam usualyl
22:30 <epsy> START_FOV_1 ?
22:30 <Legacy> smart cam ftw!
22:31 <@guru3> i hate the smart cam
22:31 <Legacy> especially with 3.0
22:31 <Legacy> gotta use it with 3.0 lol
22:31 <@guru3> at slow speed at least it could stop moving move up and tolt down
22:31 <Legacy> all other cams suxzorz
22:34 <P4> can someone update this page http://www.armagetronad.net/servers.php ? there are at least 2 server browsers (at http://crazy-tronners.com/serverbrowser and somewhere at X forums)
22:34 -!- hoax [n=hoax@unaffiliated/hoax] has joined #armagetron
22:36 <@guru3> ok here's a bug with the incam
22:36 <@guru3> if a wall comes right in front of you
22:36 <@guru3> depth gets messed up and it isn't drawn
22:37 <Legacy> Yes, and i've also found out that when you enter a server and you try to talk before everything loads, you get lagged out and the game stops working xD
22:38 <epsy> er, i run trunk and i didn't see that happen
22:45 <ivantis_> wtf?
22:45 <ivantis_> when was i renamed to ivantis_?
22:45 -!- ivantis_ is now known as ivantis
22:45 <epsy> since when do we care?
22:45 <ivantis> apparently connection was reset by peer
22:45 <epsy> blame peer
22:45 <ivantis> @logs
22:46 <epsy> /topic
22:46 <ivantis> /noob!
22:46 <@guru3> holy crap have we really had the same topic for a year
22:46 <epsy> guru3, bingo
22:46 <ivantis> @alias add logs echo http://wrtlprnft.ath.cx/armalogs/ , where they've always been
22:46 <teabot> ivantis: The operation succeeded.
22:46 <@guru3> we didn't even change it to celebrate my birthday :<
22:47 <epsy> it's telling about discussion in #afl, a dead channel, and about channel logs that arent updated anymore
22:47 <@guru3> guess we should fix that eh
22:47 <ivantis> dude
22:47 <ivantis> why dont the logs work anymore?
22:47 <epsy> i guess the pastebin's at least still alive
22:47 <epsy> wild guess:
22:47 <ivantis> i guess im going to have to start new logs
22:47 <epsy> no more space on hard drive
22:47 <ivantis> http://armalogs.space-lab.us
22:48 <epsy> go for it
22:48 <ivantis> i have 50gb to blow
22:48 <ivantis> why not?
22:48 <hoax> who even reads the logs
22:48 <ivantis> i sometimes do
22:49 <epsy> guru3, also, if you care, we just solved the infamous wall bug which we are going to release in, as told on the website :D
22:50 -!- guru3 changed the topic of #armagetron to: Latest Version: | http://www.armagetronad.net/ | We had the same topic for one year+. Events missed: happy 4th forums, happy 20th guru3 | Gentoo? layman -ka armagetron | pastebin: http://rafb.net/paste/
22:50 <ivantis> the first event on my logs is the topic change
22:50 <epsy> there will be two then
22:51 <epsy> altraugh http://armalogs.space-lab.us/ is broken
22:51 <ivantis> hold on!
22:51 <ivantis> i havent set it up yet
22:57 <Legacy> Hey ivantis :D
22:57 <ivantis> legacy? whosit?
22:57 <epsy> dunno actually
22:57 <Legacy> lol you don't know me, i've heard of you though
22:57 <ivantis> oic
22:58 <ivantis> I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.
22:58 <ivantis> 		-- Mark Twain
22:59 <@guru3> do you suppose if you miss a forgotten password email it's fair that you get locked out of an account?
23:02 <epsy> erm
23:02 <epsy> can't the password reset request be just cancelled?
23:02 <@guru3> see i'm not sure about that
23:02 <@guru3> that would be extra work
23:03 <@guru3> (considering this for software i'm writing)
23:06 <ivantis> http://armalogs.space-lab.us
23:06 <ivantis> does not work for some reason
23:06 <ivantis> is it because of a # in the filename?
23:09 <@guru3> no i think it's because the hosting is broken
23:09 <ivantis> ok now it works
23:09 <@guru3> ?
23:09 <ivantis> no
23:09 <ivantis> i host it
23:09 -!- Legacy [n=legacy@user-1120dnm.dsl.mindspring.com] has quit ["Java user signed off"]
23:09 <ivantis> apache2
23:09 <@guru3> ah
23:10 <ivantis> how do i make the logs have dates in the filename? im using xchat
23:10 <epsy> @google xchat logs
23:10 <teabot> epsy: Error: You must have a free Google web services license key in order to use this command.  You can get one at <http://code.google.com/apis/soapsearch/>.  Once you have one, you can set it with the command "config supybot.plugins.Google.licenseKey <key>".
23:10 <epsy> @g xchat logs
23:10 <teabot> epsy: http://forum.xchat.org/viewtopic.php?p=9256 - xchat.org :: View topic - Changing Log location
23:10 <epsy> @g xchat logs timestamp
23:10 <teabot> epsy: http://osdir.com/ml/gnome.dashboard.devel/2005-10/msg00045.html - xchat support: msg#00045
23:11 <@guru3> i'm bad at reversible hashes :<
23:12 <epsy> why would you need reversible hashes?
23:12 <epsy> (you are still operator btw)
23:12 -!- mode/#armagetron [-o guru3] by guru3
23:12 <epsy> imagine there was an anarchist in here!
23:12 <guru3> heh
23:12 <guru3> it has to do with this system i'm working on
23:12 <guru3> in short
23:12 <guru3> i'm not really sure
23:15 -!- epsy is now known as rolf_mao
23:21 -!- Legacy [n=legacy@user-1120dnm.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #armagetron
23:21 <Legacy> epsy you still there?
23:22 <hoax> epsy left :D
23:22 <rolf_mao> Legacy,
23:22 <Legacy> Hey
23:22 <hoax> boo
23:22 <Legacy> How do you login using auth?
23:22 <rolf_mao> /login authority
23:22 <Legacy>  /login @forums?
23:22 <Legacy> AH!
23:23 <rolf_mao> for example /login forums
23:23 <rolf_mao> also: this syntax works too:
23:23 <ivantis> more like
23:23 <rolf_mao> /login user@authority
23:23 <ivantis> /login Legacy@forums
23:23 <rolf_mao> eg. /login epsy@forums
23:23 <ivantis> like that
23:23 <Legacy> oh, it works the /vote works
23:23 <Legacy> but
23:23 <ivantis> or epsy's fav
23:23 <Legacy> i have to be moderator
23:23 <ivantis> /login LOL@WUT
23:23 <Legacy> you said that other command would let everyone vote right?
23:24 <Legacy> its not working :X
23:24 <guru3> G
23:24 <ivantis> how do i make a link to a directory?
23:24 <rolf_mao> you typed 2(=moderator) and not 20(=regular user)
23:24 <Legacy> luke if you're reading this, thanks XD
23:24 <Legacy> i typed 20
23:24 <ivantis> @g linux directory linking
23:24 <teabot> ivantis: http://lowfatlinux.com/linux-link-files-ln.html - Ln - Linux Commands
23:24 <Legacy> this is it
23:24 <rolf_mao> yes
23:25 <Legacy> thats what i have in my config
23:25 <Legacy> settings_custom and everytime
23:25 <rolf_mao> ACCESS_LEVEL ***
23:25 <rolf_mao> note the typo
23:25 <Legacy> hahaha you noob gave me the wrong one xD
23:25 <rolf_mao> screenshot or it didn't happen :D
23:26 <Legacy> xDDDDDDD
23:26 <Legacy> thanks alot man for your help it works now
23:26 <rolf_mao> yw
23:27 <rolf_mao> make sure you put CASACL lines in the included files
23:29 <luke-jr> might want to enable GLOBAL_ID 1 too
23:30 <Legacy> do what...
23:30 <Legacy> lol
23:30 <Legacy> what is GLOBAL_ID 1 and CASACL...
23:30 <Legacy> :X
23:30 <luke-jr> GLOBAL_ID 1 allows /login to work
23:31 <rolf_mao> most of the settings have to be set using an account which is at Admin level
23:31 <luke-jr> rolf_mao: or the control panel :þ
23:31 <rolf_mao> luke-jr, that is run at Owner level :)
23:31 <ivantis> luke-jr: is there an issue with setting a web-directory to a sim-link?
23:32 <rolf_mao> by default the files included from votes will be executed as Moderator
23:32 <rolf_mao> the CASACL command is similar to the unix command sudo
23:32 <luke-jr> btw, putting unnessesary stuff in everytime isn't going to help anyone
23:32 <rolf_mao> CASACL <minimal level> <raised level>
23:33 <rolf_mao> if you have <minimal level> at the CASACL line, it will raise the access level to <raised level> for the time of the execution of the file
23:33 <ivantis> luke-jr: is there an issue with setting a web-directory to a sim-link???
23:33 <luke-jr> ivantis: probably if you do it
23:33 <rolf_mao> ivantis, make sure the webserver can actually read the linked files
23:33 <ivantis> how do i do that then?
23:33 <rolf_mao> also, Option FollowSymLinks
23:33 <ivantis> ok
23:34 <rolf_mao> Legacy, if it doesnt have <minimal level> execution will be just aborted
23:34 <Legacy> ok so in my files i put in the vote dir i put in CASACL <minimal level> <raised level>
23:34 <Legacy> just one time?
23:35 <rolf_mao> in each of them, at the beginning you should put CASACL 2 0
23:35 <Legacy> i still don't know how to login as admin.  I tried /login -=VcL.Rogue@forums
23:35 <Legacy> and it did nothing :(
23:36 <ivantis> epsy: i tried that, Invalid command 'Option', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
23:36 <rolf_mao> what
23:36 <ivantis> just FollowSymLinks without the Option?
23:36 <rolf_mao> what did you do
23:37 <ivantis> sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
23:37 <rolf_mao> do you want help or not?
23:37 <ivantis> yes
23:37 <rolf_mao> what did you do
23:37 <ivantis> i added the line Option FollowSymLinks to /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
23:38 <rolf_mao> right alone ?
23:38 <rolf_mao> not inside a <Directory> ?
23:38 <ivantis> in a <Directory>
23:38 <rolf_mao> it should be within one
23:39 <ivantis> i did
23:39 <ivantis> no, Options followsymlinks works
23:39 <rolf_mao> pastebin
23:39 <ivantis> kthnxbye
23:39 <Legacy> ok i did that epsy
23:39 <luke-jr> pwnt
23:39 <luke-jr> ivantis: wd
23:39 <Legacy> do i have to do that on the web based settings too?
23:40 <rolf_mao> luke-jr, actually it's FollowSymLinks :D
23:40 <rolf_mao> Legacy, i don't exactly know what's that, better ask luke-jr
23:40 <luke-jr> I haven't a clue wtf ur talkin about
23:41 <Legacy> lol im lost now too xD
23:41 <Legacy> im talking about the CASACL 2 0 should i put that in the settings_custom.cfg on your site luke?
23:42 <Legacy> or just the ones i put in the vote directory?
23:42 <luke-jr> I have no idea wtf that is
23:42 <luke-jr> probably just in server_info
23:42 <Legacy> ok
23:42 <rolf_mao> luke-jr, unless you want your server moderators to include it, no
23:42 <rolf_mao> er
23:42 <rolf_mao> ljrbot,
23:42 <rolf_mao> gaah
23:42 <rolf_mao> Legacy,
23:42 <luke-jr> rolf_mao fail
23:42 <rolf_mao> indeed
23:42 <Legacy> LOL
23:43 <Legacy> mkay, so when i have 5 people in my server i put /vote include df.cfg it says that their are too few voters on
23:43 <Legacy> xD
23:44 <ivantis> it still says permission denied when i try to get to it
23:45 <luke-jr> ivantis: check out teh error log
23:45 <ivantis> right
23:46 <ivantis> where is the error log?
23:46 <Legacy> hey mr.luke do you know how to make it where only two people can be in the server to vote?
23:46 <rolf_mao> ivantis, where are logs?
23:46 <ivantis> /var
23:46 <rolf_mao> Legacy, MIN_VOTERS
23:46 <ivantis> right?
23:46 <rolf_mao> yeah
23:47 <luke-jr> ivantis: wherever you configured them to be
23:48 <ivantis> ::1 - - [29/Aug/2008:16:30:53 -0500] "OPTIONS * HTTP/1.0" 200 - "-" "Apache/2.2.8 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.4-2ubuntu5.1 with Suhosin-Patch (internal dummy connection)"
23:48 <ivantis> is the last entry
23:48 <Legacy> i put MIN_VOTERS 2 and there are four people in the server, and it says poll rejected too few possible voters online.
23:49 <ivantis> whos IP is
23:50 <luke-jr> me, I'm hacking you
23:50 <ivantis> they made a lot of requests
23:50  * ivantis has to go now
23:51 <Legacy> lolol
23:54 <rolf_mao> Legacy, gah, custom votes need client support
23:54 <rolf_mao> except if you got a ton of luck actually
23:54 <luke-jr> bbl
23:54 -!- rolf_mao is now known as epsy
23:55 <Legacy> lmao so i need 2.8 now?
23:55 <Legacy> xD

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