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Log from 2008-08-17:
--- Day changed Sun Aug 17 2008
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03:27 <xfroggy> anyone knows manta's msn?
03:27 <ivantis> no
03:28 <ct|kyle> prove it
03:28 <ivantis> pm him on http://lagtest.net
03:28 <luke-jr> MSN ftl
03:28 <ivantis> @wtf ftl
03:28 <teabot> ivantis: Error: I tried to send you an empty message.
03:28 <ct|kyle> microsoft FTL
03:28 <ivantis> ?? ftl ??
03:28 <ivantis> @wtf idk
03:28 <teabot> ivantis: Error: I tried to send you an empty message.
03:28 <ivantis> what a noob
03:29 <ivantis> it doesnt know what idk is
03:29 <ivantis> (er, i mean my computer
03:29 <ivantis> )
03:29 <ct|kyle> gentoo FTW
03:30 <ivantis> @noob
03:34 <ivantis> @alias add noob 'YOU' are the noob, $randomNick
03:34 <teabot> ivantis: The operation succeeded.
03:34 <ivantis> @noob
03:34 <ivantis> come on
03:34 <ivantis> @noob
03:34 <ivantis> @alias add noob echo "'YOU' are the noob, $randomNick"
03:34 <teabot> ivantis: The operation succeeded.
03:34 <ivantis> @noob
03:34 <teabot> 'YOU' are the noob, someone
03:35 <ivantis> oh yeah, he only says "someone" as randomnick
03:35 <ivantis> did you know limewire comes for linux? but only ubuntu and debian
03:35 <ivantis> i just now downloaded it
03:38 -!- ivantis is now known as ivantis_
03:38 -!- ivantis_ is now known as ivantis
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03:40 <ivantis> wow thats weird
03:40 <ct|kyle> ivantis: http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?t=18640
03:41 <ivantis> does anyone remember that homework scheduler thing i made? it just now gave me an alert, even though i havent had any homework yet
03:41 <ivantis> ct|kyle: you saying i should help with this?
03:42 <ct|kyle> i'll take care of it
03:42 <ct|kyle> LOL
03:42 <ivantis> no i will
03:42 <ct|kyle> no
03:42 <ct|kyle> i got it
03:43 <ct|kyle> who runs tron as root and tron is not in /etc/init.d/
03:43 <ct|kyle> try using a command instead of a path
03:43 <ct|kyle> that should get the thinking
03:43 <ivantis> actually
03:44 <ivantis> that package doesnt run on ubuntu
03:44 <ivantis> i tried it at first, and C10ud helped me
03:44 <ct|kyle> ah
03:44 <ct|kyle> so much easyer to compile
03:45 <ct|kyle> i don't care that that pacakge does not run
03:45 <ivantis> yes i know
03:45 <ivantis> but just sudo apt-get install armagetron-server
03:45 <ct|kyle> i just like the fact he thing he should run stuff from /etc/init.d/
03:45 <ivantis> its on the ubuntu packages
03:45 <ct|kyle> #ubuntu
03:45 <ct|kyle> an then compile
03:45 <ivantis> /etc/init.d? yeah right
03:46 <ivantis> i have a script that runs every minute from crontab
03:46 <ivantis> and checks if its running
03:46 <ivantis> if not, it starts it again
03:46 <ivantis> another c10udism
03:47 <ivantis> now i have 0xdb posts on the forums
03:47 <luke-jr> stfu ivantis
03:48 <ivantis> ill bet Pathetique has 0xdbd posts
03:48 <ivantis> all just questions
03:49 <ivantis> @night
03:49 <ivantis> @alias add night echo Good-night, $who!
03:49 <teabot> ivantis: The operation succeeded.
03:49 <ivantis> @night
03:49 <teabot> Good-night, ivantis!
03:49 <ct|kyle> i never knew people could be more stupid than luke-jr
03:50 <ct|kyle> no actually i did
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04:07 <ivantis> wow
04:07 <ivantis> VNC
04:07 <ivantis> is really fast through a small home network
04:08  * ivantis is using VNC right now from his moms tablet PC
04:09 <apparition> i need a host
04:09 <ivantis> need a host??
04:09 <apparition> i need an american host for a server
04:10 <ivantis> uh
04:10  * ivantis turns invisible
04:10 <apparition> if you don't have any advice staying invisible is the cool thing to do
04:10 <ivantis> i host 1 server
04:10 <apparition> okay, point me in the right direction?
04:10 <ivantis> but very high latency (aka lag)
04:10 <ivantis> not luke-jr
04:10 <apparition> k
04:11 <ivantis> http://flynnsarcade.net
04:11 <ivantis> @sd space-lab
04:11 <teabot> ivantis: SPACE-LAB Shooting!: Players (0/8):
04:11 <ivantis> aw
04:11 <ivantis> empty
04:12 <apparition> why not luke-jr?
04:14 <ivantis> uh
04:14 <ivantis> because
04:15 <ivantis> (he is 'evil')
04:15 <ivantis> stay away
04:15 <apparition> i'm not afraid of vampires ore goblins or shit like that, i need some better advice than that :)
04:15 <apparition> or*
04:15 <ivantis> hold on, 1 sec
04:15 <ivantis> ...
04:17 <ivantis> http://www.theocrite.org/serious/?noobs=luke-jr
04:17 <ivantis> go to that, it tells you why
04:17 <apparition> because a shaggy dude holds up a sign?
04:17 <apparition> lol
04:18 <ivantis> just do c10uds hosting
04:18 <apparition> link?
04:18 <ivantis> http://flynnsarcade.net
04:20 <ivantis> hey luke-jr: why is http://dashjr.org forbidden to all?
04:20 <ivantis> it says i cant view / in it
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04:21 <ivantis> @night again
04:21 <teabot> Good-night, ivantis!
04:21 <ivantis> Good-night, teabot!
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04:33 <apparition> anyone have c1oud's information?
04:34 <ivantis> ok, just use luke-jrs
04:34 <ivantis> http://lightfoot.dashjr.org
04:34 <apparition> why?
04:35 <apparition> haha
04:35 <apparition> you have to explain yourself more ivanti
04:35 <ivantis> but it is more expensive
04:35 <apparition> s
04:35 <ivantis> whatever
04:35 <ivantis> im trying to sleep
04:35 <ivantis> not rly
04:35 <apparition> haha
04:35 <ivantis> im using vnc, and it is kind of slow
04:41 <ct|kyle> Lucifer: in October 2005 did you rally have to use "/etc/init.d/armagetronad-dedicated start" server?
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05:49 <Lucifer> ct|kyle: yes, and afaik, you still have to do that
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06:00 <luke-jr> ivantis: because I'm too lazy to make a site for dashjr.org
06:00 <luke-jr> and I don't want everyone to get a list of subdirs
06:16  * apparition is hungry
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07:05 <apparition> i want to make a fort cafe clone. where are the settings? i can't find the freakin settings!
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07:29 <luke-jr> wrtlprnft: ping
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07:42 <apparition> #armaconfig zone
07:42 <luke-jr> what? armabot wandered off again?
07:42 <luke-jr> :/
08:32 <apparition> anyone up?
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09:10 <tramshed> shit wasted is what all the cool kids are doing
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15:58 <ivantis> hey!
15:58 <ivantis> SubliminalFreq!!!!
15:58 <SubliminalFreQ> hm
15:58 <ivantis> do you remember me?
15:58 <ivantis> i used to be like /n0t\luigi
15:58 <SubliminalFreQ> ah yes i do
15:58 <SubliminalFreQ> long time no see
15:58 <ivantis> yeah
15:58 <SubliminalFreQ> u used to have that server
15:59 <ivantis> i still do
15:59 <ivantis> its just different now
15:59 <ivantis> @sd -v space-lab
15:59 <teabot> ivantis: SPACE-LAB Shooting! ( running 0.2.8_alpha20080719 unix dedicated, url: http://arma.ivantis.net, Description: “Some Lag, some Bugs, some Idiots.“, Players (0/8):
15:59 <ivantis> that one
15:59 <xfroggy> i got a job for u sub
16:00 <SubliminalFreQ> bite it froggy
16:00 <xfroggy> :S
16:00 <ivantis> anyway, Sub: youre still admin to it
16:00 <xfroggy> its within ur profession
16:00 <xfroggy> destruction...
16:00 <SubliminalFreQ> im not killing anyone froggy
16:00 <SubliminalFreQ> lol
16:00 <xfroggy> pff killing
16:01 <xfroggy> u wouldn't be able to handle it :D
16:01 <SubliminalFreQ> froggy ww will stay
16:02 <xfroggy> really? what helped? viagra?
16:03 <ivantis> what? what is this? my friend who plays told me about manta quitting
16:03 <ivantis> is ww going down? or was?
16:03 <xfroggy> manta quitting?
16:03 <xfroggy> manta quit long time ago lol
16:03 <ivantis> uh
16:03 <ivantis> im oblivious to that
16:03 <SubliminalFreQ> lol
16:03 <SubliminalFreQ> servers will stay i talked to kim
16:03 <ivantis> @supa1337
16:03 <teabot> ivantis: (supa1337 <text>) -- Replies with an especially k-rad translation of <text>.
16:03 <xfroggy> who's kim
16:04 <ivantis> @supa1337 ivantis is supaleet
16:04 <teabot> ivantis: ;\//-\|\|+;z ;z $|_|p/-\133+
16:04 <SubliminalFreQ> dest
16:04 <xfroggy> isnt kim = bug?
16:04 <xfroggy> or kim = dest = im a bug ?
16:04 <ivantis> no
16:04 <SubliminalFreQ> no
16:04 <SubliminalFreQ> lol
16:04 <SubliminalFreQ> for 1 bug is a guy
16:04 <xfroggy> oh yea?
16:04 <xfroggy> i not sure
16:04 <ivantis> isnt vim = editor
16:04 <SubliminalFreQ> lol
16:04 <ivantis> but stupid editor
16:04 <SubliminalFreQ> yes ivantis
16:04 <SubliminalFreQ> unix editor
16:04 <ivantis> i hate vi and vim
16:04 <xfroggy> im positive that you are a shemale though, SubliminalFreQ
16:05 <ivantis> they suck
16:05 <ivantis> emacs is mucho better
16:05 <SubliminalFreQ> im positive you are eunic froggy
16:05 <xfroggy> D:
16:05 <ivantis> or nano
16:05 <SubliminalFreQ> lol
16:05 <SubliminalFreQ> notepad for the win!
16:05 <ivantis> Sub: what OS do you use?
16:05 <xfroggy> what made her change her mind? Lol
16:06 <SubliminalFreQ> well ive got windows and linux
16:07 <SubliminalFreQ> beos emulated
16:07 <SubliminalFreQ> and mac emulated
16:07 <SubliminalFreQ> skyos emulated
16:07 <xfroggy> ur brains emulated
16:07 <SubliminalFreQ> viperos emulated
16:07 <SubliminalFreQ> my brain emulated
16:08 <ivantis> i only ubuntu
16:08 <ivantis> and OS X sometimes, but a different computer
16:28 -!- emmy_arma [n=peiaeman@pc232133.static.is.airbites.ro] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:39 <epsy> wait
16:39 <epsy> we have an emacs lover
16:39 <epsy> rape him!
16:40 <ivantis> no i hate emacs
16:40 <ivantis> i meant nano
16:43 -!- kidanger [n=kidanger@155.178.201-77.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #armagetron
16:46 <ivantis> ]ping
16:46 <ljrbot> pong
16:46 <ivantis> ]ding
16:47 <ljrbot> ivantis: Error: "ding" is not a valid command.
16:47 <ivantis> ]you suck
16:47  * ljrbot agrees 100%
16:47 <ivantis> ownd
16:47 <ivantis> woah
16:47 <ivantis> the CD and DVD drives on my computer just popped out for no reason
16:47 <ivantis> odd
16:48 <ivantis> i really shouldnt have downloaded limewire, ill bet thats it
16:59 <Monkey_arma> <ivantis> i hate vi and vim
16:59 <Monkey_arma> ivantis you have just crossed the line
16:59 <Monkey_arma> <3 vim
16:59 <ivantis> bah
17:01 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-021-036.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #armagetron []
17:01 <Monkey_arma> you see...joda was so disgusted that he left
17:01 <StickyNoob> real programmers use boxing gloves to write code
17:02 <epsy> hey no, real programmers use butterflys!
17:03 <StickyNoob> real programmers use camel/tk++-phpthon
17:06 <SubliminalFreQ> real programmers use notepad
17:06 <ivantis> noobpad
17:06 <epsy> ivanoob
17:07 <SubliminalFreQ> sakura editor is the best
17:07 <SubliminalFreQ> handles files up to 50 gigs
17:07 <epsy> cat is the best text editor
17:08 <StickyNoob> real programmers ignore all the advances in the last 60 years and do it how it was done in the good old days when programmers were men and there was no such thing memory management
17:08 <ivantis> cat?
17:09 <ivantis> are you insane?
17:12 <ivantis> im guessing thats a yes
17:13 <StickyNoob> ivantis: hes quoting xkcd
17:13 <StickyNoob> ivantis: http://xkcd.com/378/
17:13 <StickyNoob> just about sums up the opinion of every programmer ever
17:15 <ivantis> yes
17:15 <ivantis> thats a good one
17:15 <ivantis> i want to try a magnetized needle and a steady hand
17:15 <ivantis> but someone would bump me
17:16 <ivantis> waaaah!
17:16 <ivantis> if your on ubuntu, do WindowsButton+m
17:16 <ivantis> it makes the colors on screen reverse
17:16 <StickyNoob> try soldering 200pin surface mount components first, thats a task that will make you claw your eyes out in fustration
17:17 <StickyNoob> ivantis: nope it mutes
17:17 <ivantis> mutes?
17:17 <ivantis> no
17:17 <ivantis> windows button, the wavy thing
17:17 <StickyNoob> yup
17:17 <ivantis> well, you must not be on ubuntu
17:17 <StickyNoob> bollox, what have i installed then
17:18 <ivantis> try windows button+n
17:18 <StickyNoob> nothing
17:18 <ivantis> let me see that thing
17:18 <ivantis> do you have vnc server on?
17:19 <StickyNoob> oh of course, handing my destop over to you would be cool
17:19 <ivantis> why course it would be
17:19 <ivantis> i promise i wont do something stupid
17:19 <ivantis> you need to work on trust
17:20 <StickyNoob> tbf i have put kde on to ubuntu
17:20 <StickyNoob> ivantis: and you need to work on security
17:20 <ivantis> well no wonder it doesnt work
17:20 <ivantis> mine is running GNOME
17:20 <ivantis> and you are running kubuntu
17:20 <ivantis> ]wtf tbf
17:20 <ljrbot> ivantis: tbf: tbf (8) [tc-tbf]     - Token Bucket Filter
17:21 <SubliminalFreQ> hoop got race timer working
17:21 <ivantis> is that rly what it means?
17:21 <ivantis> yes, but it is still really buggy
17:21 <ivantis> is it the one at {DD} racing?
17:21 <SubliminalFreQ> testing it right now
17:21 <SubliminalFreQ> no
17:21 <ivantis> oh
17:21 <ivantis> different one then
17:22 <StickyNoob> ivantis: ok trust me then type "/exec -o cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa"
17:23 <ivantis> what does that do?
17:23 <StickyNoob> not much
17:24 <ivantis> orly?
17:24 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has quit [".. but he will be back!"]
17:24 <ivantis> i tried vnc to your IP, it didnt work
17:24 <ivantis> install it! i wont do something stupid
17:24 <ivantis> i promise
17:25 <StickyNoob> you have no valid reason to take control of my pc
17:26 <ivantis> okay okay
17:26 <ivantis> i was just going to download virus and spamware
17:26 <ivantis> duh, isnt that the intent of everyone?
17:27 -!- tramshed [n=tramshed@got.r0ot.net] has joined #armagetron
17:28 <ivantis> how does xdmcp work?
17:32 <StickyNoob> is that just x forwarding?
17:33 <ivantis> maybe..
17:33 <ivantis> find out
17:33 <ivantis> ssh -X www.space-lab.us
17:33 <StickyNoob> yeah
17:34 <StickyNoob> then start any x program
17:34 <ivantis> yeah
17:34 <ivantis> no, ssh -X public@www.space-lab.us
17:34 <StickyNoob> unless you are close it will be SLLLOOOOOWWWWWW
17:34 <ivantis> the password is public
17:34 <StickyNoob> no it isnt
17:35 <ivantis> you sure?
17:35 <StickyNoob> just tried
17:35 <ivantis> oh yeah
17:35 <ivantis> i deleted the public account
17:35 <ivantis> but luke-jr hacked my system anyway
17:35 <StickyNoob> what did he do?
17:35 <ivantis> nothing
17:36 <StickyNoob> how did he hack it?
17:36 <ivantis> but he knew what programs i had, and my uptime n stuff
17:36 <ivantis> SYN stealth scan
17:36 <StickyNoob> thats not hacking
17:36 <ivantis> its in DMZ right now
17:36 <ivantis> yes it is
17:36 <StickyNoob> no thats publicly accessable info
17:37 <ivantis> bah
17:37 <ivantis> wait, rly?
17:37 <ivantis> how?
17:37 <StickyNoob> http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph?site=www.space-lab.us
17:38 <ivantis> oh
17:38 <StickyNoob> ok the programs you have are not public
17:38 <ivantis> see? he did hack it
17:38 <ivantis> with stealth scan
17:39 <StickyNoob> did he guess things like "you have ls in /bin/"
17:39 <ivantis> no
17:39 <StickyNoob> what did he guess
17:39 <ivantis> he said "and for some weird reason you have GUI apps installed"
17:40 <ivantis> but i g2g
17:40 <StickyNoob> thats not exactly a specific guess
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20:15 -!- ivantis is now known as yourmom
20:15 -!- yourmom is now known as ivantis_
20:16 -!- ivantis_ is now known as ivantis
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20:45 <luke-jr> StickyNoob: LOL
20:45 <luke-jr> StickyNoob: you didn't have to spoil it
20:46 <ivantis> but can you rly hack someone with a stealth scan?
20:46 <ivantis> ]can you rly hack someone with a stealth scan?
20:46 <ljrbot> ivantis: Error: "can" is not a valid command.
20:47 <ivantis> ]noob
20:47 <ljrbot> ivantis: Error: "noob" is not a valid command.
20:47 <ivantis> ]alias add noob echo What, noob?
20:47 <ljrbot> ivantis: The operation succeeded.
20:49 -!- epsy [n=epsy@unaffiliated/epsy] has joined #armagetron
20:55 <luke-jr> ivantis: usually, no
20:55 <luke-jr> but in your case, heck yeah
20:55 <luke-jr> cuz you don't have a clue how to operate a UNIX system
20:55 <ivantis> no, i dont
20:56 <luke-jr> ivantis: hey, check this out
20:56 <ivantis> what?
20:57 <luke-jr> I see a file in /bin called chroot on your system
20:57 <luke-jr> looks like a root kit, eh
20:57 <luke-jr> shall I install it?
20:57 <ivantis> no
20:57 <ivantis> i dont see it
20:57 <luke-jr> oh, oops
20:57 <luke-jr> I typo
20:57 <luke-jr> /sbin
20:57 <epsy> it's in /sbin/
20:57 <epsy> root kits better have to be in /sbin/ :)
20:57 <luke-jr> epsy: stfu noob
20:58 <ivantis> not there either
20:58 <luke-jr> ivantis: liar
20:58 <ivantis> ivantis@ivantis:~$ ls /sbin | grep chroot
20:58 <ivantis> ivantis@ivantis:~$
20:58 <luke-jr> wtf
20:58 <epsy> luke-jr, after all, he's using ubuntu
20:58 <luke-jr> are you retarded?
20:59 <luke-jr> ivantis: I obviously meant in the /usr hierarchy
20:59 <luke-jr> and you don't grep ls output
20:59 <ivantis> oh i see
20:59 <epsy> obviousely
20:59 <luke-jr> ls /usr/sbin/chroot
20:59 <ivantis> god
20:59 <luke-jr> duh
20:59 <ivantis> and?
20:59 <epsy> $ which chroot
20:59 <epsy> /usr/bin/chroot
20:59 <ivantis> its there
20:59 <luke-jr> ivantis: no duh
21:00 <ivantis> but? what does that prove?
21:00 <luke-jr> now I'm going to install it
21:00 <ivantis> have fun
21:00 <luke-jr> ok
21:00 <luke-jr> hmm
21:00 <ivantis> what does chroot do anyway?
21:00 <luke-jr> or maybe I should install the pivot_root instead
21:00 <ivantis> i just ran that command
21:00 <ivantis> it does not do anything
21:00 <luke-jr> ivantis: it's a root kit
21:00 <epsy> you just installed a root kit -.-
21:00 <luke-jr> you don't know how to use it
21:00 <ivantis> great
21:01 <ivantis> so youre on my system?
21:01 <luke-jr> here, I'll put pivot_root in your root /sbin
21:01 <ivantis> installing root kits
21:01 <luke-jr> ls /sbin/pivot_root
21:01 <ivantis> and?
21:01 <ivantis> like i said
21:01 <ivantis> so youre on my system?
21:01 <luke-jr> should I install chroot or pivot_root?
21:01 <ivantis> installing root kits
21:01 <ivantis> neither
21:01 <luke-jr> aww
21:01 <ivantis> but are you on my system?
21:02 <luke-jr> 5th amendment foo
21:02 <epsy> guess yes, since he installed chroot
21:02 <ivantis> oh i see
21:02 <luke-jr> ivantis: you can't force me to admit to having done it
21:02 <ivantis> but, you dont show up as a user?
21:02 <luke-jr> of course not
21:02 <ivantis> what account are you using?
21:02 <luke-jr> I'm stealth, remember
21:02 <ivantis> and how
21:02 <ivantis> oh i see now
21:03 <ivantis> so if i close all ports, what will happen then?
21:03 <luke-jr> not much
21:03 <luke-jr> I'm already in
21:03 <ivantis> you will be kicked eh?
21:03 <luke-jr> nope
21:03 <ivantis> oh
21:03 <luke-jr> might stop me from getting in again
21:03 <luke-jr> but once I'm in, I'm in
21:03 <ivantis> well what would you do
21:03 <luke-jr> hmm
21:04 <luke-jr> maybe I should delete some files of yours
21:04 <ivantis> if i told you that the computer that is out of the firewall is not on right now?
21:04 <luke-jr> but that might be too mean
21:04 <ivantis> no i dare you
21:04 <luke-jr> ivantis: well, I'm in some computer on your IP
21:04 <luke-jr> lol
21:04 <ivantis> odd
21:04 <luke-jr> I mean
21:04 <luke-jr> I *might* be
21:04  * luke-jr still didn't admit it
21:04 <ivantis> maybe it switched internal Ips
21:04 <luke-jr> maybe
21:04 <luke-jr> ☺
21:05 <ivantis> because my DMZ computer is down right now
21:05 <ivantis> funny
21:05 <ivantis> its being worked on
21:05 <luke-jr> "worked on"
21:05 <ivantis> not really worked on, its moving somewhere else in my house
21:05 <ivantis> well, im moving it
21:06 <ivantis> in fact, its not even plugged in
21:06 <luke-jr> yeah
21:06 <luke-jr> that's how you verified that I actually put that file there
21:06 <luke-jr> ls command doesn't work if the PC is off
21:07 <ivantis> no, that was on my other computer
21:07 <ivantis> and what if it was already there?
21:07 <luke-jr> guess that's the computer I'm on
21:07 <ivantis> hmm
21:07 <ivantis> maybe it is
21:07 <ivantis> if it is, delete the file called luke-jrdeletethis
21:07 <ivantis> its in my home dir
21:07 <luke-jr> nah
21:07 <luke-jr> that'd be admission
21:07 <luke-jr> I'm not stupid
21:07 <ivantis> oh youre no fun
21:08 <epsy> luke-jr is not fun, ivantis is :D
21:08 <ivantis> well, i got to go
21:08 <ivantis> later
21:08 <luke-jr> ivantis: don't let the root kits bite!
21:08 <luke-jr> :D
21:18 <luke-jr> http://luke.dashjr.org/tmp/ivantis.txt
21:18 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50870EB7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:18 <luke-jr> :D
21:18 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50870EB7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
21:19 <luke-jr> zmanuel: http://luke.dashjr.org/tmp/ivantis.txt
21:21 -!- Judders [n=Judders@5ace1b67.bb.sky.com] has joined #armagetron
21:22 <epsy> hi Judders
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21:50 <ivantis> welp
21:50 <ivantis> im back
21:50 <K-Yo> wb then
21:50 <ivantis> luke-jr: find anything else wrong with my system?
21:52 <ivantis> woah
21:53 <ivantis> is that you at http://luke.dashjr.org/tmp/tmp/ ?
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22:35 <ivantis> http://www.theonion.com/content/video/child_bankrupts_make_a_wish_0
22:35 <ivantis> the onion is hilarious
22:35 <ivantis> no, watch this one
22:35 <ivantis> http://www.theonion.com/content/video/supreme_court_rules_death_penalty?utm_source=videomrss_72476
22:36 <ivantis> Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty Is 'Totally Badass'
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