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Log from 2008-05-06:
--- Day changed Tue May 06 2008
00:03 <libervisco> I sent to that address
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00:16 <G5> Test
00:17 <FoFo> test
00:17 <Flex> FoFo,
00:17 <FoFo> flex
00:17 <Flex> Monkey_arma,
00:17 <Monkey_arma> yo
00:17 <Monkey_arma> wasup?
00:17 <G5> Strange, how can I be "G5" ... I dont know the right password. Its not my account ... I guess
00:18 <G5> Do I look like a regular user?
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00:22 <Flex> G5_Ger, you did look like a normal user..
00:22 <Flex> you don't really have to be authed to be here
00:22 <Flex> just useful for some things
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00:52 <madmax> #armaservers
00:52 <armabot> madmax: This data is 0 seconds old; Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (13/14), Norm's Place (9/12), eQ. Clan Server dF. (8/8), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (8/10), [] Cheers! [] The friendly server. (8/12), |FA| BLACK ICE (7/16), Wild West  =Sumo= (6/14), Wild West  =CTF Shooting= (6/10), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}Dog Fight< (DF) (5/12), ~"XzL.Clan The Server (5/10), The Tavern (5/16), Nexus9 (NO (2 more messages)
00:52 <madmax> #more
00:52 <armabot> madmax: RUBBER!) (4/16), Race+Pacman Server  Pirates Clan (4/12), Wild West  =Fortress Shootout= (3/12), ~*SpeederS*~ Server (3/12), >>> FAST TRACK RELOADED (VERY HIGH SPEED) <<< (3/8), Game Zone | www.n3u.com (2/8), Shrunkland in 2.8.2 (2/6), Swampland Mud Puddle (2/8), Unnamed Server (1/16),  (1/12), E! (1/16), Wild West  =AFL Fortress= (1/16), Wild West  =Wild Fortress= (1/12), pardus.at Armagetron (1 more message)
00:53 <StickyNoob> #tea
00:53 <armabot> StickyNoob: Fortress Café: Players (0/32):
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01:04 <StickyNoob> wtf starting arma dimms my laptop screen
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01:05 <Monkey_arma> solution: desktop
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01:30 <madmax> #tea
01:30 <armabot> madmax: Fortress Café: Players (4/32): /dev/null/h4ck, AshitakA, O+O=O, XIII
01:39 <Monkey_arma> i'd be up for cafe
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02:06 <Flex> Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale... if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world... somebody lied.
02:08 <Flex> Monkey_arma, ask who i am
02:08 <Monkey_arma> who are you?
02:08 <Flex> You know who I am.
02:08 <Lucifer_pen> spiderman?
02:08 <Flex> damnit!
02:08 <Flex> you bastard you took my line
02:09 <Flex> Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man :(
02:09 <Monkey_arma> muhah
02:10 <Lucifer_pen> I need a bigger memory stick
02:11 <Lucifer_pen> that, or I need to bite the bullet and make a second flash drive
02:11 <Flex> memory sticks are cheap
02:11 <Lucifer_pen> problem is, and I've had this happen already, what do I do if I sit in front of a computer and I need *both* email and python?
02:11 <Lucifer_pen> maybe my money would be better spent on a portable usb hub :)
02:12  * Lucifer_pen wonders how long Target is open
02:13 <Monkey_arma> memory stick = usb flash?
02:13 <Flex> of course if your files that you want on it are small and nothing major.. usb stick seems fine..
02:13 <Flex> Monkey_arma,  yeah
02:13 <Lucifer_pen> 10pm
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02:13 <Lucifer_pen> well, oo.o is pretty big
02:13 <Lucifer_pen> so is python
02:13 <Flex> you should order..
02:14 <Flex> online is so much cheaper
02:14 <Lucifer_pen> those are the two biggest hits
02:14 <Flex> usb hub all the way
02:14 <Lucifer_pen> http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=flash+drive&oe=UTF-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&resnum=0&cid=7571725628390057256
02:14 <Flex> i have 2 500gb ones
02:15 <madmax> this is nice: http://gpl.internetconnection.net/vi/?
02:15 <madmax> vi in javascript
02:17 <Lucifer_pen> you mean MB, don't you?
02:17 <luke-jr> madmax: interesting
02:17 <luke-jr> I wonder why it pretends it's a file in /tmp tho
02:17 <Flex> Lucifer_pen, me?
02:18 <Lucifer_pen> yes, you
02:18 <Flex> ops i meant usb hd
02:19 <madmax> anyway, good night
02:19 <Flex> gn? it's 1am!
02:20 <Lucifer_pen> 1am?  it's 7:30pm
02:20 <Lucifer_pen> I think I'll just suffer with this small drive
02:20 <Lucifer_pen> for now
02:20 <Lucifer_pen> unless someone wants to give me a new one
02:20 <Flex> how much are usb hubs
02:20 <luke-jr> free if you get timing right
02:21 <Lucifer_pen> doesn't matter, if I could buy one of those, I could buy a bigger drive :)
02:21 <Flex> it's a waste.. you get usb flash drives that are the same price
02:21 <Lucifer_pen> really, if I didn't insist on having python on there, I've got plenty of room
02:21 <Flex> luke-jr, timing right?
02:21 <Lucifer_pen> anyway, my abiword experiment didn't work out, which is a shame because abiword is nice and small
02:22 <luke-jr> Flex: rebates
02:22 <Flex> you can make your own usb hub actually
02:22 <Flex> it's quite simple..
02:22 <luke-jr> is it?
02:22 <Flex> if you have the parts..
02:24 <Flex> madmax, Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man ;)
02:29 <Monkey_arma> luke-jr, single player fort with infinite tails...fail
02:29 <luke-jr> …
02:31 <Lucifer_pen> NOT MAKING MY OWN USB HUB
02:32 <Lucifer_pen> although I would consider wiring up some batteries to the one I have sitting at home
02:32 <Lucifer_pen> maybe I should look at the power requirements for that one and see if a small collection of AA/AAA batteries will handle it
02:32  * luke-jr makes Lucifer_pen into a USB hub
02:34 <Lucifer_pen> damn, abiword failed to save the list I wrote for experimental procedure, now I have to rewrite it
02:39 <Lucifer_pen> man, it's cold in here
02:40 <Monkey_arma> cold in texas?
02:40 <Monkey_arma> <-- Uk ffs
02:40 <Lucifer_pen> cold in this room
02:40 <Lucifer_pen> it's texas ffs, we run the a/c on max power all the time
02:40 <Monkey_arma> well turn it down ffs
02:40 <Lucifer_pen> can'
02:40 <Lucifer_pen> t
02:40 <Lucifer_pen> er
02:40 <Monkey_arma> :(
02:40 <Monkey_arma> complain
02:41 <Lucifer_pen> can't.  Thermostat is locked to me, only the cops can change it
02:41 <Monkey_arma> complain more
02:41 <Lucifer_pen> I was thinking of just pissing on it
02:41 <Monkey_arma> violence and electrical equipment go together well
02:44 <Flex> how long does it take to complete a bike marathon?
02:44 <Flex> say 40km
02:44 <Lucifer_pen> 80 hours
02:44 <Flex> that long?!
02:44 <Lucifer_pen> why do yousk?
02:44 <Lucifer_pen> no, not really, what's the average speed of the bike?
02:45 <Flex> i'm going on my exersize bike in abit.. i wanna do a marathon
02:45 <Flex> lol
02:45 <Lucifer_pen> your exercise bike doesn't have a distance calculation?
02:45 <Flex> i just want to know how long i got to complete it..
02:45 <Flex> yes it does..
02:45 <Lucifer_pen> then watch it until it reads 40km....
02:46 <Flex> it's not the fact i can't do 40km.. i want a time period in which to do it in
02:46 <Lucifer_pen> use a stop watch
02:46 <Lucifer_pen> tnext time, try beat this time
02:46 <Flex> i do 10km in 16minutes
02:47 <Flex> 15minutes is best time i think
02:48 <Flex> ok fuck it, i'll just do whatever i can
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03:40 <Lucifer_pen> it really annoys me that oo.o calc won't let me put subscripts in a cell
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03:50 <Monkey_arma> yes one thing with linux is lack of office software that pwns
03:51 <Monkey_arma> koffice vs openoffice vs..?
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03:52 <luke-jr> Monkey_arma: as if Windows has something better?
03:52 <Monkey_arma> well i hate MS like the next person but latest office are supposed to be good..word anyway
03:53 <Monkey_arma> ?
03:53 <Monkey_arma> i bet mac has something that pwns
03:56 <luke-jr> impossible
03:56 <luke-jr> MS Office has always been bloated crap
03:57 <Flex> ever used it?
03:57 <Monkey_arma> i did an analysis of the HCI for office and it sucked
03:58 <Monkey_arma> really poor HCI
03:58 <Flex> i was forced to learn all most all office applcations in an IT course..
03:58 <Flex> it was hell
03:59 <luke-jr> exactly my point?
04:00 <Monkey_arma> yep
04:00 <Monkey_arma> that was a while ago tho
04:00 <Monkey_arma> but ye MS sucks
04:09 <Lucifer> I was using it in windows...
04:09 <Lucifer> HCI?
04:10 <Lucifer> ah, that
04:11 <Lucifer> anyway, all I've been hearing about latest MS office is that it's really a pain to use
04:11 <Lucifer> but that could just be people hating it because it's different than what was before it
04:44 <Monkey_arma> could be
04:44 <Monkey_arma> people moan about all office software at the mo
04:59 <Lucifer> that's because it all sucks atm :)
05:00 <Monkey_arma> correct
05:12 <Flex> Monkey_arma, have you sorted out your flash?
05:12 <Flex> seriously mate, you're living in the stone ages!
05:12 <luke-jr> flash sux
05:12 <Flex> what else is there..
05:14 <luke-jr> HTML/CSS/ECMAScript/SVG
05:19 <Monkey_arma> yes flash does suck
05:19 <Monkey_arma> only me and luke have that opinion
05:20 <Monkey_arma> do i need flash for vids?
05:20 <Monkey_arma> cant i use some player or something?
05:20 <Flex> you could use the google player
05:22 <Monkey_arma> waa?
05:23 <Monkey_arma> google taking over the world hmm
05:25 <Flex> no it's just their basic flash player
05:25 <Flex> or something
05:27 <Monkey_arma> do you d/l it or just it in browser or?
05:27 <Flex> i have no idea
05:28 <Flex> well i do on windows, but not sure how you would do it
05:28 <Flex> and on windows you download it
05:28 <Flex> i don't even know if it's stand alone or does actually require flash
05:28 <Flex> lol
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05:30 <Flex> Monkey_arma, do you watch/like Derren Brown?
05:31 <Monkey_arma> some times
05:31 <Flex> his new series episode 1 aired afew days ago
05:34 <Monkey_arma> any good?
05:34 <Flex> i missed it, but i'm going to catch up
06:29 <Monkey_arma> gn
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08:50 <Lucifer> hmmmm, why should I upgrade from Gusty, again?
08:51 <Lucifer> to Hardly, of all things
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13:52 <madmax> Flex: "madmax, Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man ;)" what the?
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18:45 <Flex> madmax
18:45 <Flex> Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale... if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world... somebody lied.
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18:49 <madmax> are you a spiderman freak now?
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18:51 <madmax> hello Hay-Lin :-P
18:51 <Flex> dude i save you when you're in a dark ally about to get raped by a bunch of rusty Joes!
18:51 <Hay-Lin> hi :S
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18:58 <pippijn> torres: array<int, 20> a = {{1, 2, 3, 4}};
18:58 <torres> undefined reference to `main'
18:58 <pippijn> torres: array<int, 20> a = {1, 2, 3, 4};
18:58 <torres> missing braces around initializer for ‘int [20]’
19:03 <Lucifer> Flex: does that mean you've had a crush on madmax since he was a little girl?
19:05 <Flex> no.. i save everyone
19:05 <madmax> heh
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19:06 <wrtlprnft> pippijn: how is that supposed to work?
19:06 <pippijn> wrtlprnft: what?
19:06 <wrtlprnft> initializing a class with an initializer list
19:07 <pippijn> wrtlprnft: class == struct
19:07 <wrtlprnft> at least if it's not a trivial struct
19:07 <wrtlprnft> ok, then it's boring
19:07 <pippijn> works the same way
19:07 <pippijn> yes, it is
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19:09 <wrtlprnft> i just thought you got it so you can say array<int, 5> a = {0,1,2,3,5}; array<int, 7> b = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6};
19:09 <pippijn> ah
19:09 <pippijn> no
19:10 <pippijn> not in standard c++
19:10 <wrtlprnft> that's why i was so surprised
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19:20 <Flex> God punishes me with hiding the remote and some how finding it on the annoying shopping channel
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20:00 <Hay-Lin> hi there Monkey
20:00 <Monkey_arma> hi hay
20:00 <Monkey_arma> oO
20:01 <Monkey_arma> Hay-Lin, are you identified?
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