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Log from 2008-03-29:
--- Day changed Sat Mar 29 2008
00:28 <Monkey_arma> heh
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11:32 <Monkey_arma> is  anyone awake in here yet? i need a hand installing from trunk
11:34 <z-man> what's the problem?
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11:36 <Monkey_arma> well i have downloaded trunk with bazaar but i dont know where to go from there...there is a configure.ac and Makefile.am file but no plain configure or Makefile...
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11:52 <Monkey_arma> you might not have got that
11:52 <Monkey_arma> well i have downloaded trunk with bazaar but i dont know where to go from there...there is a configure.ac and Makefile.am file but no plain configure or Makefile...
12:02 <zmanuel> you need to run ./bootstrap.sh, that generates those files.
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12:04 <Monkey_arma> Running aclocal...
12:04 <Monkey_arma> ./bootstrap.sh: line 15: aclocal: command not found
12:04 <Monkey_arma> rm: cannot remove `aclocal.m4': No such file or directory
12:08 <z-man> Then you need to have autoconf and automake installed.
12:15 <Monkey_arma> ok thx im getting there...need boost library now :\ ..../me is looking for it
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12:30 <cusco> what is the latest windows binarie available?
12:31 <cusco> from arma 3
12:31 <cusco> in beta.arma dates back to 2005
12:31 <cusco> oh sorry got that wrong
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12:37 <Monkey_arma> ok zman after many extra libraries I have got the Makefile ..it should be fine from here ...thx for your help. I dont congratulate you on this game much so I'll do it now...gratz for armagetron....keep up the good work....
12:53 <z-man> ty
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13:14 <flex> z-man, bugfarm sumo going to stay like that or you just forgot? (just letting you know)
13:20 <Monkey_arma> ok is google on anyone elses computer in black?
13:21 <Monkey_arma> because mine is
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13:39 <K-Yo> Monkey_arma, mine is white in french as mush as in english
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13:46 <hoax-> http://www.blackle.com/
13:46 <hoax-> lol
13:50 <Monkey_arma> K-Yo, http://www.google.co.uk
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13:59 <mkzelda> lol
13:59 <mkzelda> thats black
13:59 <mkzelda> Google users in the United Kingdom will notice today that we "turned the lights out" on the Google.co.uk homepage as a gesture to raise awareness of a worldwide energy conservation effort called Earth Hour. As to why we don't do this permanently - it saves no energy; modern displays use the same amount of power regardless of what they display. However, you can do something to reduce the energy consumption of your home PC by joining the Climate
13:59 <mkzelda> Savers Computing Initiative.
13:59 <mkzelda> of course they didnt do that in the US
14:02 <epsy> lol
14:03 <mkzelda> its unamerican to even do so
14:03 <mkzelda> saving energy pssshh
14:03 <mkzelda> let those socialist euros do it
14:04 <hoax> heh none of the other googles are black
14:05 <hoax> continental europe just aint ready for it i guess :p
14:05 <epsy> it's on different days i guess
14:05 <K-Yo> Monkey_on_trunk, same
14:05 <K-Yo> I have it white
14:06 <hoax> tut tut tut, racist
14:06 <K-Yo> Oh, sorry I was on .co.uk in french, but in english, it's indeed black
14:06 <hoax> LOL
14:06 <K-Yo> I'll never understand google...
14:06 <K-Yo> How come google.co.uk is in french by default on my comp?
14:07 <K-Yo> If I go to .co.uk it's certainly not to have it in french o_O
14:07 <epsy> bah
14:07 <K-Yo> Do you really think putting google in black saves Energy?
14:07 <K-Yo> that seems weird to me
14:07 <epsy> seriousely, if google was like that all the time
14:07 <Monkey_on_trunk> its symbolic
14:08 <K-Yo> orly?
14:08 <epsy> it would really fit better to my desktop
14:08 <K-Yo> hum
14:08 <madmax> it doesn't, and they say it on their page about it
14:08 <K-Yo> If google was pink and orange it would fit with mine ;)
14:09 <Monkey_on_trunk> well trunk feels less laggy/jerky but the fps its saying im gettin is low
14:09 <hoax> nah actually http://www.blackle.com/ is in black because they think black pixels take less energy
14:10 <hoax> but it depends on what technology for your monitor you use
14:10 <epsy> CRTs ftw hoax?
14:10 <epsy> :D
14:10 <hoax> dont think so :D
14:10 <hoax> woot
14:10 <hoax> lunchen
14:10 <hoax> :)
14:12 <mkzelda> http://www.blackle.com/about/
14:13 <Monkey_on_trunk> im on CRT
14:13 <mkzelda> tell them not me
14:14 <mkzelda> lol@ visit treehugger.com
14:21 <Monkey_on_trunk> subcultures ftw?
14:28 <flex> what the fuck! why the fuck we have to turn off our lights when the other fuckers are still alit! fucking i want my money back!
14:30 <K-Yo> you said too much "fuck", now this is your punishment
14:30 <flex> i will refresh the page the whole day just to waste energy and googles bandwidth!
14:30 <flex> and also leave the lights on the whole night
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14:40 <Monkey_arma> trunk is great but what have they done to the glance returning speed?
14:47 <madmax> heh, one of the reasons i use .2.8
14:50 <Monkey_arma> there must be a setting somewhere to change that
14:50  * Monkey_arma checks wiki
14:50 <epsy> Monkey_arma, camera_custom_turn_speed
14:51 <Monkey_arma> you are very very wrong
14:51 <Monkey_arma> :)
14:51 <Monkey_arma> try it
14:52 <epsy> well, logically it would be that
14:52 <Monkey_arma> try that on 20
14:52 <epsy> when i se turn speed to 0, it doesn't return back to the inital angle
14:52 <Monkey_arma> it might affect it too but it causes havoc when u turn
14:52 <StickyNoob> what time is fff
14:52 <Monkey_arma> you missed it sticky
14:53 <Monkey_arma> 19:30 i think
14:53 <StickyNoob> yo epsy and Monkey_arma
14:53 <Monkey_arma> hi sticky
14:53 <StickyNoob> ok
14:53 <epsy> when i set it to 1000 it turns back instantlmy
14:53 <epsy> "instantly"
14:53 <Monkey_arma> epsy try turning and see how bad the camera is
14:53 <StickyNoob> heh glancing again?
14:53 <Monkey_arma> not glancing
14:53 <Monkey_arma> yes sticky
14:53 <epsy> well, it's totally affected by turn_speed
14:53 <Monkey_arma> try turning without glancing epsy...its messed up
14:54 <epsy> the more i set it high, the faster it turns back to initial pos
14:54 <epsy> ?
14:55 <Monkey_arma> try to play with camera_custom_turn_speed 1000 for a laugh...go o
14:55 <Monkey_arma> n
14:55 <epsy> that's why i let it under 10
14:55 <Monkey_arma> so can we not solve the glance alone?
14:56 <epsy> no
14:58 <Monkey_arma> clearly...
14:58 <epsy> and, well, separating them would be a total hack, which might also fail in some cases
14:58 <K-Yo> epsy, on a nos chances pour aller en finale mine de rien
15:00 <epsy> K-Yo, tu vx dire en semifinale
15:00 <K-Yo> euh
15:00 <K-Yo> nan en finale
15:00 <epsy> ben y'a lekip de legit
15:00 <K-Yo> o_O
15:00 <K-Yo> ah TSS?
15:01 <epsy> nn, z-team
15:01 <epsy> TSS c DS
15:01 <K-Yo> ah ouais
15:01 <K-Yo> oui
15:01 <K-Yo> donc si on passe en semi, c'est qu'on a battu la zteam (ou vous)
15:01 <K-Yo> et a partir de là
15:01 <epsy> nous?
15:01 <K-Yo> t'es pas ds les gangbangers?
15:01 <epsy> nn
15:01 <K-Yo> ah non
15:02 <K-Yo> vs les bankok
15:02 <K-Yo> c'est qui les gangbang?
15:02 <epsy> Gangbangerz
15:02 <epsy> No description
15:02 <epsy>     * xXxButt Plugg
15:02 <epsy>     * xXxRapist
15:02 <epsy>     * xXxDildo
15:02 <epsy>     * xXx<ºk $u<kº
15:02 <K-Yo> a part cyclo...
15:03 <epsy> cyclo, omega...
15:03 <K-Yo> oki
15:03 <K-Yo> ils vont sortir euh jpense
15:03 <epsy> ptet mem freaky
15:03 <K-Yo> eux*
15:03 <epsy> ben...
15:03 <K-Yo> ils sont en face de tr quoi
15:04 <epsy> lol ué
15:04 <K-Yo> pfff
15:04 <K-Yo> en gros c'est tr qui va en finale
15:04 <K-Yo> sauf si on arrive a les battre :D
15:04 <epsy> haha
15:04 <K-Yo> >< pourquoi tu rigoles
15:05 <epsy> la dernière fois on s'est faite battre par eux
15:05 <epsy> alors bon..
15:05 <K-Yo> "on"? x
15:05 <K-Yo> ?
15:06 <K-Yo> mais c'est aps dans les mêmes circonstances
15:06 <K-Yo> là on garde le meilleur de ct ds l'equipe
15:06 <K-Yo> ;)
15:06 <epsy> mouef, faut voir
15:06 <K-Yo> et vous vous riquez de vous faire fumer non?
15:06 <K-Yo> fave aux holerz
15:06 <K-Yo> c*
15:06 <epsy> lol X_x
15:07 <epsy> ski est chiant c que apres faut qd meme que je reste
15:08 <cusco> je ne parle pas francaise
15:09 <cusco> thats all I can say really :p
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15:18 <K-Yo> lol cusco
15:18 <K-Yo> epsy, il faut que tu reste pour admin?
15:19 <madmax> someone here using the last released build of Opera?
15:19 <K-Yo> *no*
15:20 <madmax> the url to google search seems broken (or really slow) lol
15:22 <Monkey_arma> i was thinking of trying opera out actually..but havent got round to it
15:31 <flex> it's gay and sucks
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16:00 <cusco> lho madmax
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16:19 <madmax> cusco: o/
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16:19 <madmax> cusco_: o/
16:19 <epsy> heh
16:20 <madmax> epsy: o/
16:21 <epsy> \o
16:21 <hoax> cusco
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19:21 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/SSOAN/CTF/CTF_long-0.0.1.aamap.xml: Resource by SSOAN
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20:14 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/SSOAN/CTF/CTF_long-0.0.2.aamap.xml: Resource by SSOAN
20:16 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/SSOAN/CTF/CTF_long-0.0.3.aamap.xml: Resource by SSOAN
20:16 <cusco_> hoax: what
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20:25 <Monkey_arma> epsy i dont want to have to break this too you but the gmt time on the fff site is one hour behind
20:26 <Monkey_arma> its 7:30 now
20:27 <cusco> lol
20:27 <cusco> and tomorrow it might be two hours behind
20:27 <cusco> :p
20:27 <Monkey_arma> hehe OMFG
20:27 <eddiefantastic> z-man: you around?
20:27 <cusco> daylight saving time changes tonight
20:27 <Monkey_arma> they dont come until 2am
20:27 <Stewie-arma> ?
20:27 <z-man> yep
20:27 <cusco> yep that is why I said tomorrow
20:28 <z-man> eddiefantastic: what's up? FFF?
20:28 <eddiefantastic> I think there may be a bug. I just managed to crash the server anyway. bear with me..
20:29 <eddiefantastic> I was logged in as ed@crazy-tronners.com, but I wanted to be ed@forums so I changed in in player 1 settings, then entered on authenticate, the server crashed. no console messages
20:29 <eddiefantastic> on ed's fff, latest (yesterday) svn
20:29 <eddiefantastic> can't test now as there's a tournament going on
20:29 <eddiefantastic> gtg.
20:30 <z-man> good luck
20:31  * Ttech waives hi
20:31 <Ttech> ;)
20:32 <Monkey_arma> hi
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20:41 <Monkey_arma> edd we need an admin on your fff server..epsy has not turned up
20:41 <Monkey_arma> we cant reset
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20:49 <Lackadaisical> was there an email sent out for the fff?
20:54 <z-man> not that I would know, no.
21:08 <luke-jr> someone should make a minefield mod
21:08 <luke-jr> where certain parts of the map get random deathzone adds
21:08 <luke-jr> every second or two
21:12 <eddiefantastic> luke-jr: you never played in the house of the flying deathzones then?
21:13 <luke-jr> no?
21:13 <eddiefantastic> pretty much like that only the dz's moved
21:13 <luke-jr> i c
21:13 <luke-jr> mines don't move tho :þ
21:13 <eddiefantastic> it wasn't very popular
21:14 <luke-jr> mines would be small
21:14 <eddiefantastic> would you like a mine spawning on your cycle?
21:14 <luke-jr> and perhaps have a second of warning
21:14 <luke-jr> like a yellow zone growing over a second
21:14 <luke-jr> and turning red when it's done
21:14 <eddiefantastic> armahacktron and a simple script would do what you need
21:15 <luke-jr> and disappearing when it kills or x seconds, whichever is first
21:15 <luke-jr> that would allow a lot of them :D
21:15 <eddiefantastic> plantpeanuts.co.uk/tron.tar.gz
21:15 <eddiefantastic> there's the latest source for it there if you want to play around with it
21:16 <luke-jr> eddiefantastic: once is done, you should be given a branch to work on "0.2.9" or something, even if the other guys don't want to mess with the 0.2 codebase anymore
21:16 <eddiefantastic> wiki.crazy-tronners.com <-- and incomplete documentation there also
21:16 <luke-jr> IMO
21:16 <eddiefantastic> i hear it's easy enough to create our own bzr branch
21:17 <luke-jr> shrug
21:17 <eddiefantastic> that's the plan
21:17 <luke-jr> I'm still happy with svn, no idea on all that new bzr stuff
21:17 <eddiefantastic> we're waiting for and the time to do it really
21:18 <luke-jr> is bzr anything like darcs or git?
21:18 <luke-jr> git seems to be getting pretty popular
21:18 <eddiefantastic> armahacktron really does allow for lots of crazy game modes
21:20 -!- Monkey_arma [n=None@cpc3-stkn1-0-0-cust888.midd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #armagetron
21:22 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/SSOAN/CTF/HexCTF-0.1.aamap.xml: Resource by SSOAN
21:24 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/SSOAN/CTF/HexCTF-0.2.aamap.xml: Resource by SSOAN
21:32 <eddiefantastic> luke-jr: http://crazy-tronners.com/wiki/ <-- that would be the link. not that other one I gave
21:32 <madmax> Monkey_arma: just saw your msg...
21:32 <madmax> wasn't here
21:33 <eddiefantastic> luke-jr: http://crazy-tronners.com/wiki/index.php/Running_a_Server <-- there's even the random dz's script
21:41 <Monkey_arma> no probs none of our team could tell the time..so...
21:42 <Monkey_arma> one got delayed actually but nvm :)
21:43 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Ratchet/Sumo/Chico-Sumo-1.aamap.xml: Resource by Ratchet
21:43 <epsy> Monkey_arma, the clock on the fff page depends on the user's clock
21:43 <epsy> Monkey_arma, if the user's clock is messed, i can't do anything
21:44 <Monkey_arma> epsy dont worry :)
21:52 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Ratchet/Sumo/Chico-Sumo-1.1.aamap.xml: Resource by Ratchet
21:56 -!- flex [i=flex@unaffiliated/savas] has quit []
21:57 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Ratchet/Sumo/Chico-Sumo-1.2.aamap.xml: Resource by Ratchet
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22:11 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Ratchet/Sumo/Chico-Sumo-1.3.aamap.xml: Resource by Ratchet
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23:51 <armabot> armagetronad:  * resources/Ratchet/Sumo/Fortress-1.aamap.xml: Resource by Ratchet

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