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Log from 2007-08-29:
--- Day changed Wed Aug 29 2007
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00:30 <GodTodd> hrmm
00:30  * GodTodd wonders why he's getting a buttload of sets instead of just one sorted one :/
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01:37 <noob7> does anyone know how to make a google aps type own domain deal thingy open for sign ups?
01:38 <noob7> looks like you can only generate user accounts by hand so they can use the "gmail @ youdomain.com" but not allow them to sign up by themself
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01:54 <noob7> you guys are 7h behind and noone answering? :/
02:02 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Your_mom@pool-151-204-83-132.delv.east.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
02:09 <spidey> Your_mom_arma, was you player 1?
02:13 <Your_mom_arma> not recently
02:22 <tramshed> hah
02:22 <tramshed> your mom
02:56 <Vanhayes_> #weather saint john
02:56 <armabot> Vanhayes_: Temperature: 61°F / 16°C | Humidity: 57% | Pressure: 30.16in / 1021hPa | Conditions: Scattered Clouds | Wind Direction: South | Wind Speed: 4mph / 6km/h | Updated: 9:00 PM ADT; Tonight - Clear. Low 12C(54F).; Wednesday - Sunny. Wind becoming southwest 20 km/h (12 mph) in the afternoon. High 22C(72F) except 26C(79F) inland. UV index 7 or high. Wednesday night cloudy periods. Fog patches (1 more message)
02:56 <Vanhayes_> #more
02:56 <armabot> Vanhayes_: along the coast. Wind southwest 20 km/h (12 mph) becoming light overnight. Low 15C(59F).; Thursday - A mix of sun and cloud. High 22C(72F).;
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04:15 <spidey> omg what have i done?!?!
04:15 <spidey> i installed that armagetronad game again
04:15 <spidey> >.<
05:02 <DrJoeTron> i actually linked Armagetron to steam
05:13 <spidey> huh?
05:13 <spidey> how?
05:23 <Lucifer_arma> noob7: maybe nobody here knows?
05:23 <Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: are you trying to use a standard sort function?
05:23 <Lucifer_arma> spidey: psycho
05:24 <Lucifer_arma> DrJoeTron: how did you like the taste of my flavored pubic hairs?
05:24 <Lucifer_arma> Lucifer_arma: stfu
05:28 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, i am not
05:36 <Lucifer_arma> spidey: yes, you are
05:37 <GodTodd> Lucifer_arma: something like this -> for categories in sorted(set(category)):
05:38 <Lucifer_arma> what's the signature of sorted() ?
05:38 <GodTodd> dunno...i plagiarized that out of pilgrim's book ;)
05:39 <GodTodd> or it might have been the python tut
05:39 <GodTodd> one of those
05:41 <Lucifer_arma> it's not uncommon, although it is weird imo, for a stock sort function to return references to the same type it sorts
05:41 <Lucifer_arma> did you do a len() on each item you got out to see how many items were in it?
05:42 <GodTodd> def categoryWalk(parent, outFile, level):
05:42 <GodTodd> #    category = {}
05:42 <GodTodd>     for node in parent.childNodes:
05:42 <GodTodd>         if node.nodeType == Node.ELEMENT_NODE:
05:42 <GodTodd> 	    if node.nodeName == 'RecipieType':
05:42 <GodTodd> 	        for child in node.childNodes:
05:43 <GodTodd>                     if child.nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE:
05:43 <GodTodd> 			category[child.nodeValue] = child.nodeValue
05:43 <GodTodd>        		outFile.write("Recipe Category: ")
05:43 <GodTodd> 	categoryWalk(node, outFile, level+1)
05:43 <GodTodd>         categoryList = set(category)
05:43 <GodTodd>         print categoryList
05:43 <GodTodd> #    strCategory = string.join(categoryList)
05:43 <GodTodd> #    outFile.write(strCategory)
05:43 <GodTodd> #    outFile.write('\n')
05:43 <GodTodd> #        for categories in sorted(set(category)):
05:43 <GodTodd> #	       print categories
05:43 <GodTodd> #               strCategory = string.join(set(category))
05:43 <armabot> GodTodd: You've given me 5 invalid commands within the last minute; I'm now ignoring you for 10 minutes.
05:44 <GodTodd> #               outFile.write(strCategory)
05:44 <GodTodd> grrr
05:44 <GodTodd> sorry
05:44 <GodTodd> http://www.pastebin.ca/674319 <-- what was supposed to paaste
05:44 <GodTodd> it prints what i want...just like 20 times instead of once
05:44 <GodTodd> so it seems like a logical looping thing
05:45 <Lucifer_arma> if node.nodeName == 'RecipieType':  <--- misspelled
05:46 <GodTodd> yep
05:46 <GodTodd> cuz it's misspelled in the xml that karen gave me ;)
05:46 <Lucifer_arma> are you trying to end up with a sorted dict?
05:46  * Lucifer_arma hasn't used sets in python
05:47 <Lucifer_arma> ah, I see, I think
05:47 <GodTodd> essentially...yes...i want to hae a non-duplicate listt o eventually tie to a dropdown menu in the ui
05:47 <GodTodd> have*
05:48 <Lucifer_arma> I would recommend either building your own data type that'll allow you to retrieve the information sorted, or this, which is what you'd put in your own data type anyway:
05:48 <GodTodd> (once i unpuzzle how to tie python to pyqt ;))
05:49 <Lucifer_arma> wait a minute, nvm that.  Well, not completely, if your categories have any real use, you're going to need a custom data type anyway
05:49 <Lucifer_arma> in the meantime, you could just store them in a list instead, which supports simple string sorting
05:49 <GodTodd> they're going to be a method of manipulating the big list of recipes
05:49 <GodTodd> (list by category thing)
05:49 <Lucifer_arma> also, if you're sorting for the purpose of displaying in pyqt, don't bother, let qt do the sort for you
05:50  * GodTodd is still mystified by qt :/
05:50 <Lucifer_arma> heh
05:50 <Lucifer_arma> then fine, do your own sort, but hang on a bit.  One thing is you might want to wait a few weeks and let it cook, since you're taking that data structures class
05:51 <Lucifer_arma> are categories just strings, then?
05:51 <Lucifer_arma> how are you linking the recipes themselves to the categories?
05:51 <GodTodd> yeah...they're string elements ripped from an xml doc
05:51 <Lucifer_arma> internally, I mean, not in xml
05:51 <GodTodd> dunno
05:51 <GodTodd> heh
05:51 <Lucifer_arma> ah
05:51 <Lucifer_arma> here's what I'd do.  :)  That doesn't mean its good, though.
05:51 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034194062.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
05:51 <Lucifer_arma> Create a Recipe object and a Category object
05:52 <Lucifer_arma> in Category, put a list of weakrefs to recipes in that category
05:52 <Lucifer_arma> then have a master list of not weakrefs to every recipe
05:52 <GodTodd> weakrefs?
05:52 <Lucifer_arma> that master list should be a custom data type that uses various algorithms for speeding access to the recipes themselves
05:53 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, check the weakref module
05:53 <GodTodd> k
05:53 <Lucifer_arma> the idea is that you'll need to be able to iterate through the list of recipes, but if you store them internally as a tree, it'll be really annoying
05:53 <Lucifer_arma> so you store the tree anyway, but you use the weakref module
05:54 <Lucifer_arma> if there's a callback (I think there is) for when an object is going to be garbage-collected, use it to emit the signal to the UI that the data has changed when a recipe is deleted
05:54 <Lucifer_arma> so you now have a RecipeList and a CategoryTree object, right?
05:54 <GodTodd> sure :)
05:55 <Lucifer_arma> Category should have a __cmp__ method for each category, and a Category shoud have a list of children, which is what gives you the tree
05:55 <Lucifer_arma> the list of children should definitely start as a simple [] list, which has a built-in sort method
05:55 <Lucifer_arma> by giving a __cmp__ method in Category, the built-in sort method can be used to sort the list
05:56 <Lucifer_arma> anyway, that's what I'd do.  :)
05:56 <GodTodd> hmmm
05:56 <Lucifer_arma> you could get there quicker by just using a [] list for RecipeList and going back over it later with your new class, because RecipeList needs to mimic [] anyway
05:57 <Lucifer_arma> but you may find it easier to just sit on until you've gotten a ways into your data structures class, because you'll probably talk about similar data layouts to what you've got here
05:57 <GodTodd> true
05:58  * GodTodd still hasn't figured out how to link his working recipeName list to the ui :/
05:58 <GodTodd> heh
05:58 <Lucifer_arma> you need to override QAbstractModel, more than likely
05:59 <Lucifer_arma> where your subclass takes your recipeName list and returns all the information the model is expected to return
05:59 <Lucifer_arma> then you just attach the model to a view and let qt do the work
05:59 <GodTodd> what's the multiline comment in python again?
06:00 <GodTodd> Lucifer_arma: yeah probably
06:00 <Lucifer_arma> http://doc.trolltech.com/4.3/model-view-model-subclassing.html
06:00 <Lucifer_arma> '''  <--- multiline comment delimiter
06:00 <GodTodd> that's right :)
06:00 <Lucifer_arma> that's 3 '
06:01 <GodTodd> yeah
06:02 <DrJoeTron> Lucifer_arma its an aquired taste
06:02 <DrJoeTron> spidey upgrade steam
06:03 <DrJoeTron> spidey then you can incorporate shortcuts into steam
06:03 <DrJoeTron> so you can clean up your desktop and have steam manage your game shortcuts
06:03 <DrJoeTron> as well as other shortcuts
06:05 <Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: also, I'd recommend fixing spelling errors whenever they appear
06:05 <Lucifer_arma> the only thing that sucks more than discovering your program doesn't work because you misspelled something is finding out it doesn't work because you spelled something correctly
06:05 <GodTodd> yeah...i just haven't gotten the gumption to go through the xml and fix it yet
06:05 <GodTodd> i plan on it tho
06:05 <Lucifer_arma> sed does wonders :)
06:06  * GodTodd hasn't learned sed :P
06:06 <Lucifer_arma> cat thexmlfile | sed 's/Recipie/Recipe/g' > thenewxmlfile
06:07 <GodTodd> wouldn't search/replace work too?
06:07 <Lucifer_arma> sure
06:07 <Lucifer_arma> but with sed you can do:
06:07 <Lucifer_arma> for afile in `ls *.xml`; do cat blahblahetc; done;
06:08 <Lucifer_arma> sed + bash, anyway
06:08 <GodTodd> yeah...but it's one file and one word :P
06:08 -!- Vanhayes_ [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034194091.nb.aliant.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
06:08 <GodTodd> i don't use an assault rifle to kill a rabbit either :)
06:08 <Lucifer_arma> it was that issue over which I wanted the right spelling of capital :)
06:08 <Lucifer_arma> but rabbits run so fast, how can you be sure to hit him with just one bullet?
06:09 <GodTodd> you wait till they stop?
06:09 <Lucifer_arma> oh no, fuck no, because then they'll bolt in any direction when you fire
06:09 <GodTodd> they're not SuperBunny
06:09 <Lucifer_arma> it's just like the monkey problem, you wait till the monkey lets go of the branch and then fire
06:09 <GodTodd> they aren't faster than a speeding bullet
06:09 <Lucifer_arma> fire right at the moment he lets go
06:10 <Lucifer_arma> they don't have to be faster than a speeding bullet, they're a small target and your aim probably has enough error for them to move just enough to get missed
06:10 <GodTodd> shit no....fire and *make* him let go :)
06:10 <Lucifer_arma> no, becuase if he lets go right after you fire, you miss
06:10 <Lucifer_arma> your bullet will go under him
06:11 <Lucifer_arma> er, wait a minute, that's not right
06:11 <GodTodd> that's why you shoot him from behind and aim for his butt
06:11 <Lucifer_arma> what's right is that you'll miss because he doesn't let go, then your bullet goes under him
06:11 <Lucifer_arma> if he's smart, anyway
06:12 <Lucifer_arma> remember that, if someone's shooting at you in the tree, your best bet if you hear the shot (and it's a subsonic gun) is to stay put
06:12 <GodTodd> and...if you aim for his torso and he doesn't let go...he'll still get hit
06:12 <Lucifer_arma> or go up
06:12 <Lucifer_arma> depends on the gun at that point
06:12 <Lucifer_arma> if the muzzle velocity is low enough, you'll miss
06:13 <GodTodd> not if he don't move :P
06:13 <Lucifer_arma> yep
06:13 <GodTodd> even *i* can hit a monkey that sits there
06:13 <Lucifer_arma> because the bullet is falling as soon as it leaves the barrel
06:14 <GodTodd> so...if he's not gonna move, aim for his head...this all depends on how high he is too :)
06:14 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, the angle you aim at matters, but gravity is the same either way
06:15 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, wait, the higher he is, the higher you have to aim to compensate
06:15 <GodTodd> right
06:15 <Lucifer_arma> but if you aim right at his torso and then shoot as he lets go of the branch, you'll hit
06:15 <Lucifer_arma> because he's falling at the same rate the bullet's falling
06:16 <GodTodd> right
06:16  * GodTodd notes how deftly we changed from talking about python to talking about physics.
06:17  * Lucifer_arma notes he just got home from working in a physics lab
06:17 <Lucifer_arma> doing homework for statics, and realizing maybe I should pay more attention to the upcoming "this is a vector" lecture
06:17  * GodTodd notes he just got home from an ever exciting intro to humanities class
06:18 <Lucifer_arma> wait a minute, you shouldn't have to aim higher just because he's higher, you should only aim higher for increasing distance between you and him
06:19 <GodTodd> you have to compensate for his intelligence or lack thereof :P
06:19 <Lucifer_arma> I can see why you'd want to hack python after such a class
06:19 -!- Stewie-arma [n=Stewie-a@cpe-72-130-168-207.san.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
06:19 <Lucifer_arma> hey, if the only useful thing I learned from physics was to go up when somebody shoots at me, I'd call it a good thing
06:20 <GodTodd> heh
06:20 <DrJoeTron> hey guys
06:20 <DrJoeTron> bug for you to fix
06:20 <Stewie-arma> rofl luci I now see what you mean by the young people play high rubber deathmatch
06:20 <DrJoeTron> theres a way to bypass color_filter_strings
06:21 <Lucifer_arma> Stewie-arma: I'm almost afraid to ask what happened
06:21 <Lucifer_arma> DrJoeTron: besides sucking on my left nipple?
06:21 <DrJoeTron> yeah
06:21 <Stewie-arma> lol, don't worry I just went in and asked everyones age, and they were all between 9-12
06:21 <Stewie-arma> then they kept on being all touchy feely
06:21 <Lucifer_arma> heh
06:22 <DrJoeTron> i'll pm it to you
06:22  * Lucifer_arma wonders what the average age of the SP clan is
06:22 <Stewie-arma> "I love you HellBlade"
06:22 <Stewie-arma> lol
06:22 <GodTodd> 3?
06:22 <Stewie-arma> lucifer sorry but you have to split that up into divisions and then deathmatch and fort
06:22 <GodTodd> i love you Stewie-arma :)
06:23 <Stewie-arma> rofl
06:23 <Stewie-arma> that's a little weird coming from someone who isn't 12
06:23 <Stewie-arma> rofl
06:23 <Stewie-arma> are you talking about SP Arma luci?
06:24 <Lucifer_arma> ummm, how old are you?
06:24  * GodTodd meant it and now you've hurt my feelings :(
06:24 <Stewie-arma> a whole 15 years old,
06:24 <Stewie-arma> I'm an old geezer for deathmatch in sp
06:24 <Stewie-arma> ;P
06:25 <Stewie-arma> but still they act younger than how old they are...
06:25 <GodTodd> online predator disclaimer: any sexual advances made by me upon anyone in this channel is to be considered a joke and not at all serious unless you are 18 years of age or older, female and hot.
06:27 <Stewie-arma> this is true todd
06:27 <GodTodd> hrmm...that might be a nice alias
06:27 <GodTodd> :)
06:27 -!- Stewie-arma is now known as eighteen
06:27 <GodTodd> #alias add disclaimer echo online predator disclaimer: any sexual advances made by me upon anyone in this channel is to be considered a joke and not at all serious unless you are 18 years of age or older, female and hot.
06:27 <armabot> GodTodd: The operation succeeded.
06:27 -!- eighteen is now known as eighteenandhawt
06:27 <GodTodd> #disclaimer
06:27 <armabot> online predator disclaimer: any sexual advances made by me upon anyone in this channel is to be considered a joke and not at all serious unless you are 18 years of age or older, female and hot.
06:27 <eighteenandhawt> lol
06:28 <eighteenandhawt> hey todd
06:28 <eighteenandhawt> rofl
06:28 <Lucifer_arma> you might want to change that to *anti*online predator disclaimer
06:28 <Lucifer_arma> #quote get 21
06:28 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: Quote #21: "<Luke-Jr_work__> btw, pedophile is good" (added by spidey at 06:34 AM, September 09, 2006)
06:28 <GodTodd> #alias add disclaimer echo anti-online predator disclaimer: any sexual advances made by me upon anyone in this channel is to be considered a joke and not at all serious unless you are 18 years of age or older, female and hot.
06:28 <armabot> GodTodd: The operation succeeded.
06:28 <Lucifer_arma> the thing I hate most about a new mouse is breaking in the scrollwheel
06:28 <Lucifer_arma> #disclaimer
06:28 <GodTodd> #disclaimer
06:28 <armabot> anti-online predator disclaimer: any sexual advances made by me upon anyone in this channel is to be considered a joke and not at all serious unless you are 18 years of age or older, female and hot.
06:28 <armabot> anti-online predator disclaimer: any sexual advances made by me upon anyone in this channel is to be considered a joke and not at all serious unless you are 18 years of age or older, female and hot.
06:28 <GodTodd> heh
06:29 <GodTodd> any chicks can add their own :P
06:29  * Lucifer_arma asks DrJoeTron for his ID
06:29 <eighteenandhawt> hey todd hows it going
06:29 <eighteenandhawt> rofl
06:29 <Lucifer_arma> well, genki hasn't been coming here
06:29 <eighteenandhawt> but she isn't 18 or over
06:29 <Lucifer_arma> doesn't mean she doesn't need her own
06:29 <GodTodd> hot == hawt like calculus == toast
06:29 <Lucifer_arma> man, there's this chick in my statics class.....I think she's the only one....
06:30 -!- eighteenandhawt is now known as eighteenandhot
06:30 <eighteenandhot> rofl lucifer
06:30 <Lucifer_arma> oh yeah, and then the instructor's assistant in my martial arts class
06:30 <DrJoeTron> ID for wut
06:30 <Lucifer_arma> I need to see that before I open my pants in your direction
06:30 <eighteenandhot> to bad you're married
06:30 <Lucifer_arma> more like too bad I'm currently undersexed
06:31 <GodTodd> hand fall asleep? :D
06:31  * GodTodd waits for DrJoeTron's rimjob...er...rim*shot* ;)
06:31 <DrJoeTron> GodTodd i cant fill your scat needs, you know this
06:32 <GodTodd> golden shower at least?
06:32 <Lucifer_arma> but you fill his cat's needs
06:32 <DrJoeTron> take me on a date first :I
06:32 <GodTodd> fuck no
06:32 <eighteenandhot> lucifer here is a good idea of what deathmatch players act like: http://speederclan.5.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=5933
06:32 <Lucifer_arma> do I really want to see this?
06:32 <GodTodd> waste money on you? you can't be serious
06:32 <eighteenandhot> actually you might not be able to
06:32 <eighteenandhot> hmmmm
06:33 <GodTodd> yeah...cuz yer not in the in crowd....it's a No-Lucifer_arma's club ;)
06:33 <eighteenandhot> rofl
06:33 <GodTodd> bah...i must be tired...i pet peeved myself :/
06:33 <GodTodd> yeah...cuz yer not in the in crowd....it's a No-Lucifer_armas club ;)
06:33 <GodTodd> there...that's better
06:34 <Lucifer_arma> you know, we act like that here a lot
06:34 <eighteenandhot> but not all the time do you?
06:34  * GodTodd never pretended to act his age...
06:34 <Lucifer_arma> ummm, SP doesn't act like that all the time either
06:34 <eighteenandhot> those members do lol
06:35 <Lucifer_arma> that's more like 18-and-dumb behavior than 9-12 normal behavior
06:35  * Lucifer_arma thinks if he acted his age just once, the world would stop moving
06:35  * GodTodd doesn't want to act his age when there's a bunch of people in here that are young enough to have been fathered by him :/
06:35 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, if you were sexually active at 14
06:36 <GodTodd> 32-15==17, for example
06:36 <eighteenandhot> I'm pretty sure this is 18-and-dumb behavior (http://www.collegehumor.com/)
06:36 <eighteenandhot> todd you're 15?
06:36 <Lucifer_arma> I'm pretty sure you're not old enough to know what I mean.  :)  You have to be at least 30 to understand what 18-and-dumb means :)
06:36 <GodTodd> and i had a friend in AZ who had a 5 year old daughter when she was 19
06:37 <Lucifer_arma> was she hot?
06:37 <GodTodd> eighteenandhot: ummm yeah....17 years and counting :)
06:37 <Lucifer_arma> your friend, not the daughter
06:37 <GodTodd> Lucifer_arma: pretty hot, yeah
06:38 <GodTodd> got to thinking about that the other day....that 5 year old is like 18 and graduating high school right now :/
06:38 <Lucifer_arma> and can go clubbing with her mom :)
06:38 <GodTodd> broke my hip just thinking about it
06:38 <GodTodd> heh
06:38 <Lucifer_arma> at least your wrist survived
06:39 <GodTodd> hell...knowing that family, the mom is probably grandma now ;)
06:39 <Lucifer_arma> oh shit, I just realized there's a pubescent boy next door with a broken wrist, how is he going to survive?
06:39 <GodTodd> left or right?
06:39 <Lucifer_arma> left
06:39 <GodTodd> is he left handed?
06:39 <Lucifer_arma> but I think he's right-handed
06:39 <GodTodd> if he's right handed, he'll be fine
06:39 <GodTodd> if not....gonna be a long 6 weeks or so
06:39 <Lucifer_arma> he's young enough that he probably hasn't discovered the joy of crnaking it with your offhand yet
06:40 <GodTodd> er...he's a kid...might just be like 3 weeks :)
06:40  * GodTodd crnaks all the time...
06:40 <GodTodd> :D
06:40 <Lucifer_arma> crnaking is good for the soul
06:40 <eighteenandhot> I still haven't crnaked with my offhand yet
06:40 <GodTodd> not good for the people waiting on the bathroom
06:40 <Lucifer_arma> so, the class I'm working this semester is being taught by the teacher I took in the spring
06:41 <Lucifer_arma> he told his class that I barely passed the engineering class :/
06:41 <GodTodd> did you?
06:41 <Lucifer_arma> eighteenandhot: you should try it sometime, it's like someone else doing it to you
06:41 <Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: yeah, but that was doing like 1.5 homeworks
06:41 <GodTodd> if they have big, manly, hairy hands...
06:41 <Lucifer_arma> if I had done just 2.5 more homeworks, I'd have probably pulled a low A
06:42 <GodTodd> ahh
06:42 <GodTodd> well...do homework :P
06:42 <Lucifer_arma> last spring was...er...yeah, I'll do more homework
06:42  * Lucifer_arma wasn't happy with his grade
06:42  * GodTodd can bet not
06:42 <GodTodd> that's why i got a c in precal
06:42 <Lucifer_arma> especially for such an easy class
06:42 <GodTodd> didn't do homework
06:43 <Lucifer_arma> man, that sucks
06:43 <GodTodd> just for the gpa
06:43 <Lucifer_arma> I mean, nothing feels worse than getting a shitty grade knowing you could have done better
06:43 <GodTodd> which won't transfer anyway
06:43 <GodTodd> and precal was just to get to calc anyway
06:43 <Lucifer_arma> doesn't mean they won't look at it anyway
06:43 <GodTodd> nah...they'd look at calc I and II first
06:44 <Lucifer_arma> but this physics class was in the basic sequence for engineering, so that grade's going to follow me around and stare at me
06:44 -!- tramshed [n=tramshed@ppp-69-221-235-29.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
06:44 <GodTodd> and as long as i hold a 3.0 or better they'll be goo
06:44 <GodTodd> d
06:44 <GodTodd> you get a C in it?
06:44 <Lucifer_arma> well, maybe by getting an A in statics and Eng Phys 2 they'll ignore the C :)
06:45 <GodTodd> they call yours engineering physics?
06:45 <Lucifer_arma> the calc-based stuff, yeah
06:45 <GodTodd> ours is university physics
06:45 <GodTodd> heh
06:45 <Lucifer_arma> college physics here is algebra-based
06:45 <GodTodd> that's general physics here
06:45 <Lucifer_arma> no calculus.  They throw some limits in the text, but don't make you do anything with it
06:45 <Lucifer_arma> well, the full class titles are General College Physics 1/2
06:46 <Lucifer_arma> (that's 1 or 2, not one half)
06:46 <GodTodd> ours is General Physics (for non-scientific folks) and University Physics (for the fart smellers)
06:46 <GodTodd> 1 and 2 as well
06:46 <Lucifer_arma> is gen physics a prereq for uni physics?
06:46 <GodTodd> for both
06:46 <GodTodd> no
06:46 <GodTodd> calc I and II
06:47 <Lucifer_arma> ah, college physics is prereq for eng physics
06:47 <GodTodd> they're totally separate
06:47 <Lucifer_arma> but the instructors don't bother checking prereqs
06:47 -!- tramshed [i=tramshed@2002:45dd:eb1d:0:0:0:45dd:eb1d] has joined #armagetron
06:47 <Lucifer_arma> the only instructors that check prereqs are in welfare courses like history and government and english
06:48 <GodTodd> yeah...most here figure that you'll know real quick if you can handle it or you'll fail and take the prereq before trying again ;)
06:48 <eighteenandhot> finally a rapper with lessons: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1767003
06:49  * Lucifer_arma wonders why he'd want to click on a link that leads to a rapper
06:49 <Lucifer_arma> *crapper
06:49  * GodTodd doesn't click any link given by luke-jr or with 'rapper' in it
06:49 <Lucifer_arma> *crap rapper
06:49 <eighteenandhot> lol
06:49 <Lucifer_arma> *ass rapper
06:49 <GodTodd> ass raper?
06:49 <Lucifer_arma> no, rapper
06:49 <eighteenandhot> cmon it's about reading a mutha fuckin book
06:49 <Lucifer_arma> not wrapper, either
06:49 <GodTodd> crap wrapper?
06:49 <Lucifer_arma> you're too young to use language like that
06:50 <GodTodd> why are you saving your crap?
06:50 <eighteenandhot> rofl lucifer, I learned the word fuck when I was 7
06:50 <GodTodd> you sick motherfucker
06:50 <Lucifer_arma> christmas present?
06:50 <Lucifer_arma> you're too old to use language like that
06:50 <Lucifer_arma> geezer
06:50 <Lucifer_arma> geezergeezergeezer
06:50 <Lucifer_arma> goozer
06:50 <GodTodd> shit, fuck, satan, death, sex, drugs, rape
06:51  * GodTodd notes that he always relates to the song "1985"
06:51 <GodTodd> :/
06:51 <GodTodd> that and "High School Never Ends"
06:51  * Lucifer_arma notes that he never relates to the song "Party like it's 1999"
06:52 <GodTodd> nah...prince is gay
06:52 <Lucifer_arma> that and "I wish I were dead because my life sucks like a bitch"
06:52 -!- eighteenandhot [n=Stewie-a@cpe-72-130-168-207.san.res.rr.com] has quit ["sleep then school (I mean I got shit to do)"]
06:52 <GodTodd> heh...that quit message would get him reprimanded in #ubuntu
06:53 <Lucifer_arma> you can't be reprimanded for a quit message, because you're gone!
06:53 <GodTodd> they'd flag it and do it if you came back
06:53 <GodTodd> :)
06:54 <DrJoeTron> when can I get access to the dev forums :I
06:55 <GodTodd> nevar!
06:55 <GodTodd> you a dev?
06:55 <DrJoeTron> as much as luke-jr is :V
06:56 <GodTodd> nah...he's an "esteemed former dev" or smth like that
06:56 <DrJoeTron> he was de dev'd?
06:56 <DrJoeTron> where the fuck have i been?
06:56 <GodTodd> dunno...there was talk about it
06:56 <GodTodd> dunno where it ended up tho
06:59 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, according to this site, the chick that played Chon Wang's wife in Shanghai Noon is native american
07:00  * GodTodd wouldn't know.
07:00 <Lucifer_arma> smth?
07:00 <Lucifer_arma> smith?
07:00 <Lucifer_arma> smooth?
07:00 <Lucifer_arma> smithers?
07:01 <GodTodd> smth == luke-jr for something
07:01 <Lucifer_arma> sumith?
07:01 <GodTodd> i think
07:02 <GodTodd> dnt knw y ppl cnt jst typ teh wrds tehy sy
07:03 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034194062.nb.aliant.net] has quit ["Quitted"]
07:03 <luke-jr> m ethr
07:04 <GodTodd> maybe it bugs me because i've been online so long and seen too many stupid abbreviations typed in by morons
07:04 <GodTodd> speaking of :)
07:04 <Lucifer_arma> I know why it bugs me
07:04 <Lucifer_arma> #last --from luke-jr --nolimit
07:04 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: [07:09:17] <luke-jr> m ethr
07:05 <Lucifer_arma> it bugs me because people actually expect you to understand that crap
07:05 <GodTodd> i blame aol
07:05 <Lucifer_arma> in many cases, these are the same people who get all xenophobic when they have a math teacher from India
07:05 <GodTodd> yep
07:05 <Lucifer_arma> "His accent is hard to understand!"
07:05 <Lucifer_arma> "you're a fucking moron!"
07:06  * GodTodd agrees.
07:07 <GodTodd> some of the best math teachers i've had had thick accents
07:07 <Lucifer_arma> I don't really even notice accents anymore
07:07 <GodTodd> i do, if they're thick enough
07:07 <GodTodd> not enough to have to struggle to understand tho
07:07 <GodTodd> but it's like "hey, cool accent" :)
07:08 <GodTodd> like the russian guy i had this summer
07:08 <GodTodd> his accent rocked
07:08 <Lucifer_arma> I like this physics teacher's romanian accent, it's fucking cool
07:08 <GodTodd> yah...romanian is damn cool too
07:09 <GodTodd> it's a lot like russian, really
07:09 <Lucifer_arma> maybe the accent is, but the language is a romance language
07:10 <GodTodd> yeah...i was looking at accent
07:10 <GodTodd> :)
07:10 <Lucifer_arma> actually, there was something about his accent that irritated me, and it still does
07:10 <Lucifer_arma> he writes his W's in the german way
07:10 <Lucifer_arma> as two overlapping Vs
07:10 <GodTodd> ahah
07:11 <Lucifer_arma> it's not so much that it's foreign that it irritates me, it irritates me because I don't read it as double-u, I read it as duble-vay
07:11 <Lucifer_arma> then get confused
07:11 <Lucifer_arma> I should never have to translate a letter written in a european fashion from spanish to figure out what it is!
07:12 <GodTodd> heh
07:12 <Lucifer_arma> not his fault though
07:13 <GodTodd> phew
07:13 <GodTodd> that one fucking stunk
07:19 <GodTodd> did you smell that?
07:19 <Lucifer_arma> nah, sorry
07:19 <Lucifer_arma> maybe tomorrow, if there's a good southerly breeze
07:19 <GodTodd> damn...need more garlic and onions then :)
07:21  * GodTodd wonders how many more classes will teach him conversion factors :/
07:24 <Lucifer_arma> I've got at least one more, chemistry :(
07:27 <GodTodd> yeah...they definitely cover that there
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12:05 <qxdtz> luke-jr, bad
12:05 <qxdtz> pay pay
12:07 -!- kidanger is now known as kidanger[Mange]
12:45 -!- kidanger[Mange] is now known as kidanger
14:28  * kidanger part quelques minutes
14:28 -!- kidanger is now known as kidanger[away]
14:39  * kidanger[away] est de retour
14:39 -!- kidanger[away] is now known as kidanger
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15:37  * kidanger part quelques minutes
15:37 -!- kidanger is now known as kidanger[away]
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16:41 <luke-jr> anyone want to help me crack RC4?
16:41 <P4> RC4 of what? :P
16:42 <P4> is there any armagetron 0.3.x RC4? :> with serial number support? :P
16:44  * kidanger[away] est de retour
16:44 -!- kidanger[away] is now known as kidanger
16:46 <luke-jr> P4: RC4 is an cipher
17:03 -!- P4 is now known as P4|away
17:05 <P4|away> i thought you're talking about some release candidate ;) ok cya for now
17:05 <P4|away> btw isn't it MD4? :P
17:08 <luke-jr> no
17:08 <luke-jr> RC4
17:08 <luke-jr> MD4 isn't a cipher, it's a hash
17:28 -!- Bougo [i=MrBougo@42.215-242-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has quit []
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20:35 <spidey> #svn
20:35 <armabot> svn co https://armagetronad.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/armagetronad/armagetronad/trunk/armagetronad <dirname>(more information: http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/Working_with_SVN)
21:11 <Vanhayes> #armaservers
21:11 <armabot> Vanhayes: This data is 32 seconds old; Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (11/14), Norm's Place (10/12), Wild West  =Capture The Flag= (10/10), ~|DS|~DarkSyndicate's Fortress {100MBit} (9/16), ë | D u r k a  D u r k a  L a n d | ì/xff9900 (9/16), WildCat (7/16), brschmogul (5/16), Wild West  =Sumo= (5/14), -=}ID< -=}Immortal Dynasty< -=}High Rubber < (5/12), Wild West  =Fortress Shootout= (4/12), Tigers (1 more message)
21:11 <Vanhayes> #tea
21:11 <armabot> Vanhayes: Fortress Café: No online players.
21:11 <Lucifer_arma> #coffee
21:12 <Lucifer_arma> #beer
21:12 <Lucifer_arma> #vangaynus
21:19 <spidey> lol
21:39 <qxdtz> xD
21:47 <Lucifer_arma> man, why can't all teachers put their syllabi on websites?
21:47 <Lucifer_arma> at least now I know which book to get for my speech class, but I still don't know about comp2 and chemistry
21:49 -!- mkzelda [i=mkzelda@unaffiliated/mkzelda] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:52  * GodTodd just gets the one's the school tells PJ's they're gonna use ;)
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