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Log from 2007-02-22:
--- Day changed Thu Feb 22 2007
00:00 <Vanhayes> I think its about government
00:00 <malnilion> Funk & Wagnall's made some bitchin' encyclopedias back in the day.
00:00 <_Sticky_> funk and wagnalls was a swear word used by luke skywalker
00:00 <Vanhayes> heh
00:00 <_Sticky_> honestly
00:00 <ghableska> Vanhayes: weird
00:01 <ghableska> how old is your house?
00:01 <Vanhayes> I think I have a some really old enceclepidias too, I just dont know where in the basement they are
00:01 <Vanhayes> not that old
00:01 <Vanhayes> made in the 70s
00:01  * ghableska burrows under his bed
00:01 <ghableska> hmm, wireless router box
00:01 <ghableska> and some more boxes
00:01 <ghableska> and a keyboard, two mice
00:02 <ghableska> and product manuals
00:02 <malnilion> luke-jr_work, is it standard to use as many ifdef's and ifndef's and such as there seem to be in the arma source?
00:02 <ghableska> nothing interesting :P
00:02 <luke-jr_work> unfortunately
00:02 <_Sticky_> they are good for debugging
00:02  * malnilion doesn't even know how to use them.
00:03 <ghableska> err, does anyone know about partial fraction decomposition?
00:03 <Vanhayes> I also found a 1962 copy of pride and predjudice, and what seems to be a buyer's catalogue from 1909 for T. McAvity & sons ltd St. John N.B
00:03 <luke-jr_work> :o
00:03 <Vanhayes> I think they were a pipe seller
00:04 <Vanhayes> as in plumbing, not smoking
00:04 <ghableska> lol
00:05 <_Sticky_> basicly if some thing has not been #defined then the compiler will lieraly just remove everything between the #ifdef MY_DEFINE and the #endif and igonre it
00:06 <malnilion> Huh, that seems useful.
00:07 <malnilion> Are there any really good IDEs for C++ for linux?
00:07 <_Sticky_> kdevelop
00:07 <_Sticky_> and eclise
00:08 <_Sticky_> eclipse even
00:08 <malnilion> Eclipse, eh?
00:08 <malnilion> Maybe I should just bite the bullet and install eclipse.
00:08 <_Sticky_> kdevelop will be better for tron as the project files are already setup for you
00:08 <malnilion> kdevelop it is, then
00:08 <luke-jr_work> they are?
00:08  * luke-jr_work doesn't care for IDEs
00:09 <luke-jr_work> http://CPE-24-31-241-110.kc.res.rr.com
00:09  * malnilion finds them nice for seeing more easily how different parts of the program interact
00:09 <_Sticky_> yeah in subversion there is "armagetron.kdevelop"...thats the project file
00:10  * luke-jr_work wonders when that was used last
00:10 <_Sticky_> still manages to compile the whole of tron
00:11 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-75-56-60-245.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #Armagetron
00:11 <ghableska> DrJoeTron!
00:11 <DrJoeTron> yo
00:11 <malnilion> Is it safe to assume you all have seen the movie?
00:12 <DrJoeTron> hi?
00:12 <luke-jr_work> I have
00:12 <_Sticky_> luke was that link ment to go to an appache erro page??
00:12 <luke-jr_work> it's not an error page
00:12 <_Sticky_> i have been meaning to watch it again...its been about 10 years
00:12 <luke-jr_work> it specifically says "successful"!
00:13 <malnilion> I've yet to see it.
00:14 <_Sticky_> apparently the guy who did some of the cgi for tron recently got a life time achievement oscar
00:14 <DrJoeTron> we're talking about the movie tron?
00:14 <luke-jr_work> yes
00:14 <DrJoeTron> im sorry
00:15 <luke-jr_work> ...
00:15  * ghableska didn't like tron
00:15 <DrJoeTron> i bought the 20 year anniversary dvd
00:15 <malnilion> They should do a remake :)
00:15 <DrJoeTron> oh god
00:15 <DrJoeTron> i hope they don't
00:16 <ghableska> haha
00:16 <DrJoeTron> jeff bridges is way too fat
00:16 <_Sticky_> yeah Ken Perlin won an oscar for the noise thing he crated for tron
00:16 <DrJoeTron> man
00:16 <DrJoeTron> the new sonic game
00:16 <DrJoeTron> the voices
00:16 <DrJoeTron> they make me cringe
00:16 <ghableska> cringe in fear?
00:16 <DrJoeTron> in embarassment
00:17 <ghableska> :D
00:17 <DrJoeTron> and you can't turn them off
00:17 <DrJoeTron> the game is kinda fun
00:17 <DrJoeTron> has somewhat of a learning curve
00:17 <DrJoeTron> its the best of the worse i'd say
00:17 <DrJoeTron> nothing will replace sonic 3 & Knuckles for me
00:18 <luke-jr_work> ssh root@
00:18 <DrJoeTron> Icecap 4 lyfe
00:18 <malnilion> lol
00:18 <luke-jr_work> root
00:18 <malnilion> Isn't ssh-ing into root dangerous?
00:18 <luke-jr_work> yes
00:19 <luke-jr_work> so is telling the world the root passwor
00:19 <malnilion> I would, erm, change that asap.
00:19 <_Sticky_> ah well atleast not as bad as windows where just about everyone in the world logs in as root by default with no password
00:20 <malnilion> Haha, that used to be me.
00:20 <luke-jr_work> nobody's logged in yet
00:20 <luke-jr_work> lame
00:21 <ghableska> DrJoeTron: supreme commander looks cool
00:21 <malnilion> Trust, Luke, trust.  If you can't trust us, who can you trust? :P
00:21 <DrJoeTron> ghableska it IS cool
00:21 -!- |ZD| [n=5b640c81@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
00:21 <ghableska> you played the demo?
00:21 <luke-jr_work> fscking log in! :p
00:21 <_Sticky_> why??
00:21 <DrJoeTron> i've been fallowing it for a whil
00:21 <DrJoeTron> e
00:21 <|ZD|> yo all, is durke present?
00:21 <ghableska> ah
00:21 <ghableska> #seen Durka
00:21 <luke-jr_work> |ZD|: does it look like he is?
00:21 <armabot> ghableska: Durka was last seen in #armagetron 1 day, 22 hours, 50 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <Durka> #goodbye
00:22 <|ZD|> well thanks and goodbye
00:22 <malnilion> There, I logged in :P
00:22 -!- |ZD| [n=5b640c81@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit [Client Quit]
00:23 <_Sticky_> me too
00:23 <_Sticky_> i take it this is a machine you are actively trying to get destroyed
00:24 <luke-jr_work> shrug
00:24 <luke-jr_work> trying to stress test it
00:24 <luke-jr_work> :p
00:24 <_Sticky_> heh
00:24 -!- Stempo [n=47d76dce@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
00:24 <_Sticky_> a rm -rf / should give it some stress
00:24 <luke-jr_work> -.-
00:25 <malnilion> lol
00:25 <luke-jr_work> that'd just be annoying
00:25 <malnilion> Hahahaha
00:25 <malnilion> I think I know who's computer this is
00:25 <luke-jr_work> do you?
00:25 <malnilion> ls /home :P
00:25 <luke-jr_work> I made that user :)
00:25 <_Sticky_> sarge-ljr-vps
00:27 <_Sticky_> sorry luke i dont know how to message...but its me
00:27 <luke-jr_work> echo hi|wall
00:29 <_Sticky_> yay new 24 time
00:30 <mkzelda> new 24?
00:30 <_Sticky_> eppisode 10
00:30 <mkzelda> wasnt that like 2 days ago
00:30 <luke-jr_work> mkzelda: come root this box
00:30 <_Sticky_> yeah but i havent checked in a few days
00:30 <mkzelda> i dont wanna spoil anything, but he dies
00:30 <luke-jr_work> ssh root@ <-- pass root
00:30 <_Sticky_> heh
00:30 <ghableska> #wikipedia 24
00:31 <armabot> ghableska: Search took 0.31 seconds: 24 (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/24_(TV_series)>; January 24 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January_24>; July 24 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_24>; December 24 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (2 more messages)
00:31 <mkzelda> hehe, jk, he cant possibly die, thats the show
00:31 <luke-jr_work> mkzelda: 
00:31 <_Sticky_> i recon luke has figured out a realy clever way of hacking your machine if you log into him as root
00:31 <luke-jr_work> ssh root@ <-- pass root
00:32 <mkzelda> 550mhz eh
00:32 <luke-jr_work> lol
00:32 <luke-jr_work> yep
00:32 <mkzelda> lotsa ppl logged in
00:32 <mkzelda> is it a party?
00:33 <luke-jr_work> yeah
00:36 <malnilion> Old computer, lol
00:37 <mkzelda> so what am i supposed to do be doing?
00:37 <luke-jr_work> stuff
00:37 <luke-jr_work> make a webpage maybe
00:41 <malnilion> echo "blah blah" works, right?
00:41 <malnilion> I'm not just talking to myself?
00:41 <ghableska> #echo echo
00:41 <Stempo> maybe :-D
00:41 <armabot> echo
00:42 <Stempo> #echo
00:42 <armabot> Stempo: (echo <text>) -- Returns the arguments given it. Uses our standard substitute on the string(s) given to it; $nick (or $who), $randomNick, $randomInt, $botnick, $channel, $user, $host, $today, $now, and $randomDate are all handled appropriately.
00:42 <Stempo> slol
00:42 <Stempo> whoops
00:43 <mkzelda> cant see what im doing thru all the chatter
00:43 <ghableska> DrJoeTron: you heard of stalker?
00:44 <DrJoeTron> sort of
00:44 <DrJoeTron> not much on it
00:44 <ghableska> http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=538845
00:44 <malnilion> Hehe, I'm tempted to do apt-get install kde :D
00:44 <ghableska> Free beta keys :D
00:44 -!- j0h4nn3s [n=j@i577B83B4.versanet.de] has joined #armagetron
00:47 <malnilion> luke-jr_work, are there speakers attached to this thing? :P
00:48 <luke-jr_work> nope
00:48 <DrJoeTron> class time
00:50 -!- Stempo [n=47d76dce@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]
00:52 <malnilion> Wow, somebody's makin' this sluggish
00:52 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit ["Leaving."]
00:53 <malnilion> Yeah, I'm out that's too slow.
00:53 <ghableska> #weather 50266
00:53 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, Iowa is 47.1°F (5:56 PM CST on February 21, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 63%. Dew Point: 35.6°F. Windchill: 42.8°F. Pressure: 28.89 in 978.2 hPa. 
00:53 <luke-jr_work> someone forkbombed it
00:53 <luke-jr_work> it'll be rebooted in a few sec
00:54 <ghableska> #wikipedia forkbomb
00:54 <armabot> ghableska: Search took 0.41 seconds: Fork bomb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_bomb>; User talk:Jaromil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Jaromil>; Jaromil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaromil>; Software art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (1 more message)
00:54 <ghableska> aha
00:57 -!- Fonkay [i=Fonkay@blk-224-239-83.eastlink.ca] has joined #armagetron
00:57 -!- malnilion [n=malnilio@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
00:58 -!- wejp_ [n=j@i577B88BE.versanet.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
00:59 -!- malnilion [n=malnilio@] has joined #armagetron
00:59 <malnilion> Guess who just fork bombed himself.
00:59 <ghableska> luke-jr_work did
00:59 <malnilion> <---
01:00 <luke-jr_work> lol
01:00 <malnilion> That's really dangerous that bash will let you do that...
01:04 -!- Fonkay [i=Fonkay@blk-224-239-83.eastlink.ca] has quit []
01:06 <_Sticky_> bit difficult to stop if you are going to allow forking
01:11 <mkzelda> #weather 27545
01:11 <armabot> mkzelda: The current temperature in Southall Subdivision, Raleigh, North Carolina is 63.1°F (7:14 PM EST on February 21, 2007). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 58%. Dew Point: 48.2°F. Pressure: 29.88 in 1011.7 hPa. 
01:11 <mkzelda> lol we had snow a few days ago
01:11 <mkzelda> 72 today
01:11 <ghableska> wow
01:21 <Lucifer_arma> #weather 78717
01:21 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The current temperature in Meadows of Brushy Creek, Austin, Texas is 74.8°F (6:23 PM CST on February 21, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 21%. Dew Point: 32.0°F. Pressure: 29.89 in 1012.1 hPa (Rising). 
01:21 <Lucifer_arma> air conditioner's on
01:22 <ghableska> Lucifer_arma: you found any cool-looking Linux programs yet? :)
01:22 <Lucifer_arma> plenty
01:22 <Lucifer_arma> www.kde.org
01:22 <ghableska> err
01:23 <mkzelda> ac *Should* be on here
01:24 <mkzelda> its about 84 in this room
01:24 <mkzelda> computers are hot
01:24  * ghableska goes and downloads Kubuntu
01:24 <luke-jr_work> lol
01:25 <ghableska> grr
01:25  * ghableska needs a blank cd
01:27 <luke-jr_work> lol
01:28 <Lucifer_arma> looks like the ac in my car is broken :(
01:30 <_Sticky_> "koffice...the most compregensive office suit in existance"?? last time i used it it sucked
01:31 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Your_mom@pool-151-204-71-254.delv.east.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
01:35 <luke-jr_work> http://hachi.dashjr.org/~luke-jr/tmp/vnc/a.html
01:35 <luke-jr_work> someone isntall Gentoo for me
01:35 <luke-jr_work> there's a manual on http://gentoo.org
01:35 <luke-jr_work> :)
01:35 <luke-jr_work> bbiab
01:35 <Your_mom_arma> new breakfast in hell server?
01:36 <ghableska> #serverdetails hell
01:36 <armabot> ghableska: "<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>2</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_select_db() [<a href='function.mysql-select-db'>function.mysql-select-db</a>]: Can't connect to local (3 more messages)
01:36 <ghableska> #more
01:36 <armabot> ghableska: MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>3</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_select_db() [<a href='function.mysql-select-db'>function.mysql-select-db</a>]: A link to the server could not be established in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>3</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_query() [<a (2 more messages)
01:36 <ghableska> err
01:36 <ghableska> #armaservers
01:36 <armabot> ghableska: Error: Couldn't get RSS feed.
01:36 <_Sticky_> hehe "gentoo...sometimes your only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others"
01:45 -!- |ZD|Zacariaz [n=5b640c81@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
01:45 <ghableska> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6383833.stm <- LMAO
01:45 -!- |ZD|Zacariaz [n=5b640c81@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has left #armagetron []
01:47 <_Sticky_> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/4748292.stm
01:47 <ghableska> that's old news :)
01:48 <spidey> #last --with spidey --nolimit
01:48 <armabot> spidey: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 4546 messages.
01:49 <spidey> :O
01:49 <ghableska> #seen spidey
01:49 <armabot> ghableska: spidey was last seen in #armagetron 3 seconds ago: <spidey> :O
01:49 <ghableska> um
01:49 <spidey> luke-jr_, luke-jr_work, ping
01:50 <Your_mom_arma> pong
01:50 <Your_mom_arma> er wait let me get on my other irc client
01:50 <spidey> Your_mom_arma, Lucifer_arma wanna finish that save!
01:51 <Your_mom_arma> If lucis up for it i'll play
01:51 <spidey> k
01:52 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@cpe-72-190-92-193.tx.res.rr.com] has quit [Connection timed out]
01:55 <Your_mom_arma> #lastseen help im a bug
01:55 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: "<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>2</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_select_db() [<a href='function.mysql-select-db'>function.mysql-select-db</a>]: Can't connect to (3 more messages)
01:55 <Your_mom_arma> #ping
01:55 <armabot> pong
02:00 <Vanhayes> #lastseen Vanhayes
02:00 <armabot> Vanhayes: "<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>2</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_select_db() [<a href='function.mysql-select-db'>function.mysql-select-db</a>]: Can't connect to local (3 more messages)
02:01 <ghableska> heh
02:01 <spidey> pqnws
02:01 <spidey> pwned!
02:01 <ghableska> o.0
02:01 <Vanhayes> pqnws!
02:02 <spidey> :O
02:02 <spidey> Vanhayes, civ?
02:04 <mkzelda> [2007-02-21 19:40:16] <_Sticky_> hehe "gentoo...sometimes your only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others"
02:04 <mkzelda> ?
02:04 <spidey> ?
02:04 <mkzelda> whats that mean?
02:05 <spidey> grand thedt auto san andreas will be down downloading in 40 minutes :O
02:05 <spidey> 'er
02:06 <spidey> what's a .daa ?
02:06 <mkzelda> You're going to jail!!!!!11!!eleventy!
02:06 <ghableska> spidey, use powerISO
02:06 <spidey> i don't wanna burn it, just extract it :P
02:06 <ghableska> it let's you mount .daas
02:06 <Vanhayes> mount it
02:06 <mkzelda> direct access archive
02:06 <ghableska> as a virtual drive
02:06 <spidey> o
02:07 <Vanhayes> pretty sure you can use daemon for .daa too, not positive tho
02:07 <ghableska> nah
02:07 <ghableska> I tried :P
02:07 <mkzelda> no, not yet
02:07 <mkzelda> its exclusive to poweriso atm
02:07 <Vanhayes> ah ok
02:07 <spidey> mkzelda, haven't been caught since 1999 :P
02:07 <ghableska> spidey: hot coffee? :)
02:07 <Vanhayes> I only had .daa for oblivion and that was a while ago
02:07 <mkzelda> spidey: i used to say that
02:08 <ghableska> 1999?
02:08 <spidey> mkzelda, i won't :D
02:08 <mkzelda> i start house arrest tomorrow
02:08 <Vanhayes> caught for what?
02:08 <mkzelda> copyright infringement
02:08 -!- deja_vu_ [n=deja_vu@HSI-KBW-091-089-011-161.hsi2.kabelbw.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
02:08 <spidey> what he said
02:08 <mkzelda> teh feds stole my boxes!
02:08 <spidey> heh
02:08 <mkzelda> actually,w hen they took my machines they also took monitors
02:08 <Vanhayes> lol, i like canada's laws on that
02:08 <mkzelda> like the monitors somehow had information on it
02:08 <spidey> my stuff's on 1 120gb drive
02:08 <mkzelda> also they took printers, and UPS
02:09 <Vanhayes> ... why would they need monitors
02:09 <ghableska> lol
02:09 <spidey> so all i gotta do is destroy it :P
02:09 <mkzelda> yea, why'd they need my switches
02:09 <mkzelda> or UPS
02:09 <mkzelda> some asshole agent is using my UPS in his house right now
02:09 <spidey> haha
02:09 <Vanhayes> maybe they wernt really feds, and were just some guys robbing you?
02:09 <mkzelda> nooooo i got the felonies to prove it
02:09 <Vanhayes> heh
02:09 <mkzelda> needless to say i think ill be playing more tron for 6 months
02:10 <mkzelda> i probably deserved it tho
02:10 <Vanhayes> in canada it isnt illegal to download, only to upload, even then it isnt inforced nearly as harsh as the US
02:10 <spidey> mkzelda, get swat 4 :D
02:10 <spidey> Vanhayes, same here
02:10 <mkzelda> and the funny thing is, they've not regulated my internet at all, 1%
02:10 <Vanhayes> that might just be for music now, not sure
02:10 <spidey> they can't bust you unless you upload :P
02:10 <mkzelda> and they're locking me up at home w/ my computer
02:10 <mkzelda> or some fucking rat gets busted and drops your name
02:11 <spidey> i don't have any friends :P
02:11 <ghableska> we know
02:11 <ghableska> that's why you're here
02:11 <Vanhayes> hahaha
02:11 <spidey> shush you
02:11 <spidey> actually, i'm here because i live in the fuckin country and no drivers license
02:11 <mkzelda> Lucky for me the only busted the icing on the cake
02:12 <mkzelda> they only took 2 servers i had (altho 1 was my favorite)
02:12 <spidey> heh
02:12 <mkzelda> and they didnt know my involvement at all
02:12 <mkzelda> i was a supplier
02:12 <spidey> i have a attic above the attic :D
02:12 <mkzelda> they didnt know
02:12 <spidey> i could easily hide anything up there, you'll never find the place to get to it :D
02:13 <mkzelda> yea ive got something like that now too
02:13 <spidey> i didn't know about it till a few weeks ago
02:13 <spidey> i found it on accident :O
02:14 <ghableska> o_O
02:15 <mkzelda> if u ever dled a movie from ViTE, AEN, TWCiSO, iNSOMNiACS, OPiUM, TCS, or a game from ORGASM, OUTCAST, VENOM, RiOT MiRACLE, or mp3s from ESCape, TWCMP3, TWCLIVE... that prolly came from me
02:15 <mkzelda> at least, b4 2004
02:16 <spidey> heh
02:17  * ghableska is actually an RIAA agent 
02:17 <ghableska> :P
02:17 <mkzelda> oh well, cant ge me, double jeopardy
02:17  * spidey is a mpaa agent
02:17 <spidey> actually
02:17 <spidey> they can take your case to a higher court
02:18 <spidey> that's perfectly legal
02:18 <ghableska> spidey, let's arrest mkzelda :D
02:18 <mkzelda> whats higher than federal?
02:18 <spidey> rgr!
02:18 <spidey> supreme?
02:18 <ghableska> international?
02:18 <mkzelda> lulz
02:18 <ghableska> #wikipedia international court
02:18 <armabot> ghableska: Search took 0.29 seconds: International Court of Justice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Court_of_Justice>; International court - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_court>; International Criminal Court - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (3 more messages)
02:19 <mkzelda> i ran about 10 topsites, 100mbit or better, .us, .nl, .de, .uk, .se, .no, .fi, .po, .il, .lt, .no ... all were at least 1tb
02:19 <mkzelda> i miss that shit :D
02:19 <spidey> i remember my 6th grade history pretty well
02:19 <mkzelda> trying to get a job atm
02:20 <ghableska> lol
02:20 <mkzelda> i reworded my Bill of Information for my resume
02:20 <mkzelda> edited "conspired to" to say "worked diligently on"
02:20 <spidey> lol
02:20 <ghableska> :)
02:21 <mkzelda> funny, i plaigarized my legal docs for my resume
02:21 <ghableska> "The RIAA is sick of costly court battles with terrified, preteen defendants who happened to have a Linkin Park album in their shared folder on Soulseek." hahaha
02:21 <spidey> well
02:21 <spidey> for 1 why are they still going after the users?
02:22 <spidey> the best way to "try" to stop pirating is to go after the network providers
02:22 <mkzelda> if you want my perspective....
02:22 <mkzelda> You have the big four, for the RIAA
02:22 <ghableska> wasn't The Pirate Bay shut down for a while?
02:22 <mkzelda> Sony and Warner being 2 of them
02:22 <mkzelda> like 2 days
02:23 <mkzelda> Sony sells cd burners, and cd media
02:23 <mkzelda> warner sells you internet
02:23 <mkzelda> in the commercials TWC says "You can download games, movies and music vaster"
02:23 <spidey> ghableska, yes, because the us government threatened the country that it was in
02:23 <mkzelda> vaster=faster
02:23 <ghableska> sweden
02:23 <spidey> otherwise the pirates bay wouldn't have been touched
02:23 <ghableska> right?
02:23 <mkzelda> they ENCOURAGE downloading, and burning
02:23 <spidey> yea
02:23 <ghableska> brb
02:23 <mkzelda> yea, us threatens trade embargos, countries buckle
02:23 <Your_mom_arma> well put mkzelda
02:23 <mkzelda> so, you have companies who profit from all angles
02:24 <spidey> mkzelda, you know what
02:24 <spidey> mkzelda, charter does the same
02:24 <mkzelda> you have companies who sell you the cd, but if you choose to dl it, they profit off the inet connect
02:24 <spidey> if i get cought i'll sue charter for giving me the go ahead :D:D
02:24 <mkzelda> and then they make money off the burner and the media
02:24 <mkzelda> their commercials dont use the word LEGAL
02:24 <spidey> my burner was free :P
02:24 <mkzelda> they dont say download LEGALLY
02:24 <mkzelda> and how many free games, movies, and music is there that is good?
02:24 <mkzelda> i mean, to general public
02:25 <spidey> actually
02:25 <mkzelda> i've spent hte last 4 years testing that theory
02:25 <mkzelda> but,
02:25 <mkzelda> for most people, not much
02:25 <spidey> there's alot of free games that are good
02:25 -!- |CruZ| [n=cruzer@p57AF0A03.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
02:25 <mkzelda> its just evil
02:25 <mkzelda> watch commercials for new computers
02:25 <mkzelda> they advertise the burners as a very special feature
02:25 <mkzelda> when its at most, a $40 ticket item
02:25 <mkzelda> compared to the rest of the parts, its not that big a deal
02:26 <mkzelda> but they know what they're selling
02:26 <mkzelda> then u see things like the mpaa ripping off code
02:26 <spidey> yea
02:26 <mkzelda> which has happened twice in the last year
02:26 <mkzelda> and sony's rootkit was stolen code
02:26 <spidey> i need 120 GB / 700 MB
02:26 <spidey> 'er
02:26 <spidey> #g 120 GB / 700 MB
02:27 <armabot> spidey: (120 gigabytes) / (700 megabytes) = 175.542857
02:27 <mkzelda> its the golden rule
02:27 <mkzelda> those w/ the gold make the rules
02:27 <spidey> #g 120 GB / 7.5 GB
02:27 <armabot> spidey: (120 gigabytes) / (7.5 gigabytes) = 16
02:27 <spidey> i need 175 cd-r's or 16 dvd-r's :/
02:27 <mkzelda> DL dvdrs
02:27 <spidey> i can't find them at walmart
02:27 <mkzelda> how much are DL dvdrs these days?
02:27 <spidey> plus my dvd burner isn't DL
02:27 <mkzelda> meritline.com
02:27 <spidey> 16gb ?
02:28 <mkzelda> no, how $much
02:28 <mkzelda> and 9gb
02:28 <spidey> o
02:28 <mkzelda> 4.7, and 9.4
02:28 <spidey> besides if i was gonna backup my hdd
02:28 <spidey> i'd use blue disks
02:28 <mkzelda> 47000000bytes
02:28 <mkzelda> 47000000000bytes
02:28 -!- |CruZ| [n=cruzer@p57AF0A03.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Client Quit]
02:28 <mkzelda> btw, theres a ridiculously new shitty copy protection i ran into last night on DVDs :D
02:29 <mkzelda> only thing i found that can handle it is DVDFAB
02:29 <mkzelda> and it took hours of ejecting/reinserting
02:29 <mkzelda> its on SONY dvds
02:30 <mkzelda> that dvd wouldnt play properly in dvd player either
02:30 <mkzelda> but played fine in an xbox
02:30 <spidey> lame
02:30 <mkzelda> yea, it breaks dvd standards
02:30 <spidey> my xbox would never play burnt cd's
02:31 <mkzelda> even w/ mod?
02:31 <mkzelda> thompson dvd-rom?
02:31 <spidey> never modded it
02:31 <mkzelda> oh, well that explains it
02:31 <spidey> i've had 3 and they all got broken
02:31 <mkzelda> they dont play media w/o signatures
02:31 <mkzelda> unless modded
02:31 <mkzelda> cept for some samsung drives will read a few cdrs
02:32 <ghableska> #weather 50266
02:32 <spidey> i wanna make one a linux box :D
02:32 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in West Des Moines, Iowa is 43.2°F (7:32 PM CST on February 21, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 10%. Dew Point: -9.4°F. Windchill: 35.6°F. Pressure: 28.96 in 980.6 hPa. 
02:32 <spidey> #weather 38256
02:32 <armabot> spidey: The current temperature in Paris, Tennessee is 50.9°F (7:35 PM CST on February 21, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 76%. Dew Point: 44.6°F. Pressure: 29.93 in 1013.4 hPa (Rising). 
02:33 <mkzelda> i did that for a while
02:33 <mkzelda> its more of a novelty
02:33 <mkzelda> not really useful
02:33 <mkzelda> cause u cant OpenGL
02:33 <mkzelda> cause its a hybrid nforce2/nforce3
02:33 <mkzelda> i used it as a spare distcc computer
02:33 <spidey> who said anything about that
02:33 <mkzelda> cause its a 733mhz
02:34 <spidey> xbox = perfect server
02:34 <mkzelda> but, its also a 128 l2 cache
02:34 <mkzelda> and 64mb ram
02:34 <spidey> so
02:34 <mkzelda> and the hd is PIO
02:34 <spidey> you knwo what my server has?
02:34 <mkzelda> yea, i keep up with that
02:34 <mkzelda> hehe
02:34 <spidey> 475mhz p2, 64 mbram and 13gb hdd :P
02:35 <mkzelda> its still got DMA
02:35 <mkzelda> prolly more l2 cache too
02:35 <spidey> heh
02:35 <mkzelda> it only has one ide channel too
02:35 <spidey> doubt it
02:36 <mkzelda> u need hardware?
02:36 <mkzelda> you're not far, i tons of extra (better) equipment
02:36 <spidey> i need QoS for my dsl line
02:36 <spidey> i'm not used to this much lag when torrenting
02:37 <spidey> cpu MHz         : 375.971
02:37 <spidey> cache size      : 512 KB
02:37 <mkzelda> put some caps on the program, or limit global connections
02:37 <spidey> ah 375mhz
02:37 <mkzelda> 512 makes a big diff over 128
02:37 <spidey> i'm uploading at 40kb/s
02:37 <spidey> i get 48kb/s, so it shouldn't be this bad
02:37 <mkzelda> go 38
02:37 <spidey> but i'm used to my router handling the QoS, which is on the cable line :/
02:38 <mkzelda> u have charter and dsl?
02:38 <mkzelda> er, charter is dsl?
02:38 <spidey> charter and bellsouth
02:38 <mkzelda> ah
02:38 <spidey> charter is cable
02:38 <mkzelda> thot so, its over this way too
02:38 <mkzelda> sux ass
02:38 <spidey> well it's not THAT bad
02:38 <mkzelda> its bad when bellsouth is better than cable
02:38 <spidey> though before they fixed all the problems it was hell using it
02:39 <mkzelda> yea, i have family in mtns of NC
02:39 <mkzelda> they were using charter for a server i was maintaining
02:39 <spidey> like
02:39 <mkzelda> paid for the premium package
02:39 <mkzelda> 50k up, tho it'd only get 2-10k up
02:39 <mkzelda> and it'd crap out everything to do so
02:39 <spidey> i called because my upstream was fucked, at about 5kb/s or so
02:40 <mkzelda> yea that sounds familiar
02:40 <spidey> they said "sorry we can't gaurantee it"
02:40 <mkzelda> i bitched them out b/c the server was better on dialup
02:40 <spidey> i talked to the superviser and he finally sent someone to check it out
02:40  * spidey is good a social engineering :)
02:41 <spidey> wait
02:41 <spidey> premium?
02:41 <mkzelda> me too
02:41 <mkzelda> yea, commercial package
02:41 <spidey> fastest charter has here is 3mbit/256kbit
02:41 <mkzelda> they had something for business class
02:41 <mkzelda> but not really
02:42 <spidey> o
02:42 <mkzelda> just a glorified premium residential
02:42 <mkzelda> an excuse to charge 10x more
02:42 <spidey> heh
02:42 <spidey> bellsouth is pretty good for me
02:42 <mkzelda> yea it is
02:42 <spidey> because i live next to the box thing that boosts the signal
02:42 <spidey> like 150ft from it
02:43 <spidey> if that
02:43 <mkzelda> i dont know where you live, but the house i grew up is in BFE like nothing u've seen
02:43 <mkzelda> and my bro lives there now (bought the house from my parents)
02:43 <spidey> i live in a 200y/o log cabin >.<
02:43 <mkzelda> and he has a fantastic connection
02:43 <mkzelda> w/ bell
02:43 <spidey> you know what's weird
02:43 <mkzelda> he lives about 1/4 mile from the box
02:43 <spidey> i'm paying for the 3mbit package from bellsouth
02:44 <spidey> my modem says i'm getting this speed
02:44 <spidey> sec
02:44 <spidey> if firefox ever loads...
02:44 <spidey> Downstream Rate 
02:44 <spidey> 	
02:44 <spidey> 8124 (Kbits/Sec)
02:44 <spidey> Upstream Rate 
02:44 <spidey> 	
02:44 <spidey> 511 (Kbits/Sec)
02:44 <ghableska> spidey: where'd you find that?
02:45 <mkzelda> 8k/s up?
02:45 <spidey>
02:45 <spidey> bellsouth modem ip
02:45 <mkzelda> thats awful
02:45 <ghableska> #google internet speed test
02:45 <armabot> ghableska: Search took 0.13 seconds: Speakeasy - Speed Test: <http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/>; Bandwidth Speed Test: <http://www.bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/>; Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test: <http://www.speedtest.net/>; CNET Bandwidth Meter Speed Test - Bandwidth Test: <http://reviews.cnet.com/7004-7254_7-0.html>; broadband help » Speed Test: (2 more messages)
02:45 <spidey> mkzelda, aweful?
02:45 <spidey> #g 8124/8
02:45 <mkzelda> hrm
02:45 <ghableska> http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/
02:45 <armabot> spidey: 8,124 / 8 = 1,015.5
02:45 <spidey> #g 511/8
02:45 <armabot> spidey: 511 / 8 = 63.87500
02:46 <mkzelda> i mean
02:46 <spidey> according to this i get 1mb/s down and 63kb/s up
02:46 <spidey> but i don't, my modem lies :(
02:46 <mkzelda> oh,
02:46 <mkzelda> i read that thing all wrong
02:46 <mkzelda> im kinda drunk :D
02:46 <spidey> lol
02:47 <mkzelda> but im outta beer, need to go to the store and stock up b4 i cant leave for 6 months
02:47 <spidey> heh
02:47 <ghableska> 3908 for download, and 242 for upload
02:47 <mkzelda> can u get TWC in your area?
02:47 <ghableska> hmm
02:47 <mkzelda> im guessing no since charter
02:47 <spidey> doubt it
02:47 <mkzelda> sux
02:47 <spidey> we've got a isdn provider, dsl, and cable
02:48 <spidey> 1 for each
02:48 <mkzelda> cause u could talk to luke about stealing TWC
02:48 <mkzelda> business class
02:48 <spidey> o.O
02:48 <mkzelda> yea, apparently there is nothing in the bible about stealing cable
02:48 <spidey> i could steal charter :P
02:49 <spidey> heh
02:50 <mkzelda> i used to rip music videos <2000
02:50 <mkzelda> a bunch of them are popping up on youtube now
02:50 <mkzelda> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm6GxBW8pOk
02:51 <mkzelda> heh, i had a friend call me the other day to say he was messing around on youtube, and it pushed 'snow - informer' on him
02:51 <mkzelda> and when he watched it, it had my name on the intro
02:51 <spidey> lol
02:52 <mkzelda> i prolly ripped that in 99
02:52 <mkzelda> used to run a channel on undernet (as u could prolly gather from the intro)
02:52 <mkzelda> i had dialup then, so it amazes me how many of these vids have popped up
02:53 <mkzelda> i uploaded 200gb on dialup
02:53 <mkzelda> b4 i went to ncsu
02:53 <spidey> O.o
02:53 <spidey> #g 200 GB / 7 KB
02:53 <armabot> spidey: (200 gigabytes) / (7 kilobytes) = 29,959,314.3
02:53 <spidey> 'er
02:53 <mkzelda> 6.25k/s is theoretical max dl
02:53 <spidey> #g 200 GB / 7 KB/s in days
02:53 <armabot> spidey: (200 GB) / (7 (KB / s)) = 346.751323 days
02:53 <spidey> a year
02:53 <spidey> :O
02:54 <mkzelda> ul is only 33.6
02:54 <mkzelda> on dilaup
02:54 <spidey> #g 200 GB / 6 KB/s in days
02:54 <armabot> spidey: (200 GB) / (6 (KB / s)) = 404.54321 days
02:54 <mkzelda> yea
02:54 <spidey> mkzelda, you wasted to much time!
02:54 <mkzelda> it was a little more than 2 years
02:54 <mkzelda> that was my high school years
02:54 <ghableska> :o
02:54 <mkzelda> the only reason i really know that is cause my isp contacted me when i was leaving for school
02:55 <mkzelda> and told me that i wasnt in trouble, but they just wanted to know how i managed to do it
02:55 <spidey> lol
02:56 <Your_mom_arma> haha
02:58 <spidey> downloaded : 71.33GB   uploaded : 21.19 GB  total : 92.52 GB
02:59 <spidey> that's my transfer over the last month
02:59 <spidey> :O
02:59 <ghableska> o_O
02:59 <mkzelda> Uploaded	227.60 GB
02:59 <mkzelda> Downloaded	53.88 GB
02:59 <mkzelda> Share ratio	
02:59 <mkzelda> 4.22
02:59 <spidey> o.O
03:00 <spidey> 3 minutes yay!
03:00 <mkzelda> u on Oink?
03:00 <spidey> lets just hope grand theft auto san andreas doesn't take more than 3gb space to install
03:00 <spidey> :S
03:01 <spidey> Oink?
03:01 <mkzelda> i want an invite to oink
03:01 <ghableska> it's the year of the pig
03:01 <spidey> wtf's oink?
03:01 <mkzelda> private torrent network
03:01 <spidey> o
03:01 <ghableska> the sound that pigs make
03:01 <ghableska> :P
03:01 <spidey> i use demonoid
03:02 <spidey> br
03:02 <spidey> b
03:04 <xfroggy> damn nice ratio zelda
03:05 <mkzelda> my epenis is HUGE!
03:05 <xfroggy> lol
03:05 <mkzelda> hah
03:06 <xfroggy> I got busted by someone for copyrighted violation :(
03:06 <mkzelda> ya?
03:06 <xfroggy> lol a week ago, my ISP blocked me until I called them, they told me it's my 1st warning
03:07 <xfroggy> was getting crank from aXXo on public torrent :(
03:07 <mkzelda> crank is awesome
03:07 <xfroggy> hearing from my ISP wasnt lol
03:07 <mkzelda> best excuse for full movie of action
03:07 <mkzelda> lol
03:07 <xfroggy> lol
03:08 <mkzelda> what'd they tell you to do?
03:08 <spidey> i've got crank
03:08 <spidey> you guys should use rapidshare :P
03:08 <spidey> i download everything from there :)
03:08 <xfroggy> I get 4 warning, 1st, you call in and you get unblocked, 2nd warning, u have to call in again, they unblock you, 3rd warning, they block you for 30 days, 4th you are banned.
03:08 <mkzelda> i used to use irc for everything
03:08 -!- Durka [n=Justin@cpe-76-167-238-228.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
03:08 <xfroggy> I tired of rapidshare :(
03:09 <spidey> y
03:09 <Durka> #hello
03:09 <armabot> Hello Durka :) Random Fortune: Dopeler effect: the tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they || come at you rapidly. || -- Greg Oetjen of Lorton, VA in the Washington Post || "Style Invitational Report from Week 278" published || August 2, 1998
03:09 <spidey> rapidshare is huge
03:09 <spidey> almost everyone uses it :P
03:09  * Durka doesn't
03:09 <xfroggy> lol, I got tired of paying and uploading without upload control pissed me off
03:10 <spidey> ?
03:10 <xfroggy> rapidshare ^
03:10 <spidey> it's like $5
03:10 <xfroggy> upload bandwidth control*
03:10 <spidey> and you get full access to all the downloads
03:10 <spidey> without limits
03:10 <xfroggy> for 3 days?
03:10 <spidey> a month
03:10 <spidey> for $9
03:10 <xfroggy> w00t
03:10 <xfroggy> where u get those prices
03:10 <spidey> or something
03:10 <spidey> sec
03:11 <xfroggy> 6.99 EUR
03:11 <mkzelda> is that the newsgroup thing?
03:11 <spidey> #g 6.99 EURO in USD
03:11 <spidey> no
03:11 <armabot> spidey: 6.99 Euros = 9.193947 U.S. dollars
03:11 <spidey> $9 for a month
03:11 <spidey> :P
03:11 <xfroggy> lol
03:11 <xfroggy> forgot :(
03:11 <xfroggy> I paid by 3 months
03:11 <xfroggy> lol
03:12 <spidey> gta is done :D
03:12 <xfroggy> mkzelda, nah, no newgropus, its http
03:12 <spidey> it's filesharing via htto
03:12 <spidey> http
03:12 <spidey> it's like megaupload
03:12 <spidey> only bigger :P
03:13 <xfroggy> :)
03:13 <xfroggy> i still pissed off they dont allow to be transfered to rapidshare.de
03:13 <xfroggy> if u signed up for .com
03:13 <spidey> yea
03:13 <spidey> they need a download manager for the .com
03:13 <xfroggy> so many good files on .de that are still alive
03:13 <xfroggy> yea, that too
03:13 <spidey> copy/pasting 16 links is annoying, lol
03:14 <xfroggy> LOL
03:14 <xfroggy> tell me about it =P
03:14 <xfroggy> my account expired like a week ago :), got 4000 points left on it
03:14 <spidey> hmm
03:14 <spidey> how do you use points?
03:14 <xfroggy> u either upload or pay
03:14 <xfroggy> when you have 10,000 (I think) you extend it for free
03:15 <spidey> oo
03:15 <xfroggy> (for a month)
03:15 <spidey> that's what that is
03:15 <xfroggy> I think if you upload a file over 1 MB, for each download you get 1 point
03:15 <spidey> hell i'd uploaded my entire hdd :P
03:15 <xfroggy> yea, only you need to find people to download it Oo
03:15 <spidey> omg my torrent went over 100kb/s!!!
03:16 <spidey> i jynxed it
03:16 <spidey> :(
03:17 <xfroggy> LOL
03:17 <spidey> mkzelda, you got jabber/yahoo/msn?
03:17 <mkzelda> yes no no, aim
03:17 <spidey> spidey@fallin-angels.net
03:17 <spidey> for jabber
03:17 <mkzelda> mkzelda@mkzelda.com
03:18 <Durka> dooky :P
03:18 <mkzelda> sup
03:19 <Durka> i like ur site
03:19 <Durka> and that drawing of "durka"
03:19 <mkzelda> which one?
03:19 <Durka> http://mkzelda.com
03:19 <mkzelda> oh, thx
03:19 <xfroggy> btw, I'm n00b :)
03:19 <mkzelda> that site blew up out of my control and i cant fix half the things that drive me nuts about it
03:19 <spidey> the oops guy?
03:19 <Durka> i like the new style
03:19 <xfroggy> ~x~ :)
03:19 <spidey> o
03:19 <Durka> o x lol thats u :D
03:20 <xfroggy> :)
03:20 <Durka> #kill xfroggy 
03:20 <armabot> xfroggy will die on Sat Feb 18 18:30:54 1995 due to being stabbed in the eye by spidey.
03:20 <Durka> pwnt
03:20 <xfroggy> LOL
03:20 <Durka> #insult xfroggy
03:20 <mkzelda> new style?
03:20 <armabot> xfroggy - You are nothing but a jarring half-mouthful of craven number-9. 
03:20 <spidey> o.O
03:20 <mkzelda> i havent touched it in a few montsh
03:20 <spidey> mkzelda, droople?
03:20 <Durka> droopal sux
03:20 <mkzelda> drupal
03:20 <mkzelda> ya
03:21 <Durka> ive experimented
03:21 <mkzelda> drupal is great
03:21 <Durka> but phpbb nuke is teh worst
03:21 <spidey> haha
03:21 <mkzelda> mambo/joomla is teh suck
03:21 <spidey> dreamhost
03:21 <spidey> which server you on? :P
03:21 <Durka> xfroggy is teh suck
03:21 <mkzelda> khan
03:21 <spidey> mountaindew
03:22 <xfroggy> lmao
03:22 <xfroggy> #insult durka
03:22 <armabot> durka - You are nothing but an ill-borne pile of vassal-willed dog. 
03:22 <mkzelda> i actually like dh a lot
03:22 <mkzelda> they've had their problems
03:22 <spidey> yea
03:22 <mkzelda> but its great now
03:22 <mkzelda> always maxes my connection on dls
03:23 <spidey> heh
03:23 <mkzelda> from west to east coast
03:23 <spidey> dunno, i haven't really done anything with it yet :/
03:24 <mkzelda> ah, im hosting 10 sites on my account now
03:24 <mkzelda> no cpanel, but their custom panel actually works well
03:25 <spidey> cpanel sux
03:25 <spidey> it takes over the webserver and i dont' like it :|
03:25 <Durka> #uberinsult xfroggy
03:25 <Durka> oO
03:25 <armabot> You're not even the void in Canada's head
03:25 <Lucifer_arma> weee, I love physics
03:25 <Lucifer_arma> #alias uberinsult echo You're not even the void in Plus's head
03:25 <armabot> You're not even the void in Canada's head
03:26 <Lucifer_arma> #alias add uberinsult echo You're not even the void in Plus's head
03:26 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
03:26 <Lucifer_arma> #uberinsult
03:26 <armabot> You're not even the void in Plus's head
03:26 <mkzelda> i actually hate cpanel too, but most ppl's arguement against dh is no cpanel
03:26 <spidey> cpanel's for lazy people
03:26 <spidey> it's like a cms for a webserver
03:27 <Lucifer_arma> no it's not
03:27 <Lucifer_arma> if it were, it wouldn't take 50 bazillion steps to do something I could do directly in my vhost file with 1 line
03:27 <spidey> heh
03:27 <Lucifer_arma> it's for people who are dumb, and so have to go through a lot of work
03:27 <Lucifer_arma> work smarter, not harder!
03:27  * spidey uses cpanel on the .com server
03:28 <spidey> and i hate it,i'll never use a host that has cpanel again :|
03:28  * Lucifer_arma used cpanel a long time ago, and swore he'd never touch it again
03:30 <mkzelda> i can deal with it
03:30 <mkzelda> i'd just rather not
03:30 <spidey> mkzelda, how do you add another mysql user from dh webpanel?
03:30 <spidey> tech support sucks at explaining
03:31 <spidey> i had to make 3 tickets and still didn't get the answer i wanted
03:31 <mkzelda> go to 'goodies' and then MySQL
03:32 <spidey> yea, that's what they said..but that's not what  i want :P
03:32 <spidey> i mean another user that has the same access as me, like to create/delete there own databases
03:33 <mkzelda> yea, thats what ive been wanting to
03:33 <mkzelda> like someone w/ overall access to everything?
03:33 <spidey> yea
03:33 <spidey> without giving my account out
03:33 <mkzelda> yea
03:34 <spidey> like this
03:34 <mkzelda> i dont think u can, but if u figure it out, PLEASE TELL ME
03:34 <spidey> http://mysql.fallin-angels.net
03:34 <spidey> and they'd have there own user/pass
03:34 <mkzelda> i know how to add multiple mysql users
03:34 <mkzelda> yea
03:34 <mkzelda> im tronning and typing, lemme look
03:34 <spidey> lol
03:35 <spidey> i wanna play swat 4, but i'm getting 190kb/s for the first time on this torrent and i don't wanna stop,because i probably won't get it again!
03:35 <xfroggy> sad ^
03:35 <xfroggy> lol
03:35 <spidey> woo
03:35 <spidey> 210kb/s
03:35 <spidey> :O
03:36 <Your_mom_arma> #seen Lackadaisical
03:36 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: Lackadaisical was last seen in #armagetron 3 days, 6 hours, 26 minutes, and 42 seconds ago: <Lackadaisical> im ok
03:36 <mkzelda> just go to Goodies->Manage MySQL->Add User on the DB that exists
03:36 <mkzelda> you'll see the rest there
03:36 <spidey> yea i know that
03:37 <Your_mom_arma> #lastseen Help im a bug
03:37 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: "<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>2</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_select_db() [<a href='function.mysql-select-db'>function.mysql-select-db</a>]: Can't connect to (3 more messages)
03:37 <spidey> but users asking me to make db's for them is kinda ... :/
03:37 <mkzelda> oh
03:37 <mkzelda> yea, thats back to the original problem
03:37 <mkzelda> if u add a shell user, they can
03:37 <mkzelda> i think
03:38 <spidey> i did
03:38 <spidey> the user stil ldoesn't have that access to mysql
03:38 <mkzelda> they cant add db via shell?
03:39 <mkzelda> bbiaf, going to store for b33r
03:39 <spidey> o
03:39 <spidey> i don't know
03:39 <spidey> k
03:39 <mkzelda> ill test that theory when i get back, i have a friend i've added a shell user for under me
03:39 <mkzelda> he's got his own sql db so i figure it works
03:40 <Your_mom_arma> #m guru3 this post whouldnt be under armagetron original could you please move it? http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=143431#143431
03:40 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: The operation succeeded.
03:41 <Your_mom_arma> #m guru 3 ie just move it into general support
03:41 <armabot> Your_mom_arma: The operation succeeded.
03:41 <Your_mom_arma> oops
03:41 <Your_mom_arma> oh well
03:42 <Self_Destructo> spidey
03:43 <spidey> Self_Destructo, 
03:43 <Self_Destructo> go to coords 1:27:7 ;)
03:43 <spidey> it's been awhile since i logged in, i'm scared :s
03:44 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-182-238.client.mchsi.com] has quit [Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)]
03:44 <spidey>  You have 15 new messages
03:44 <spidey> :S
03:44 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-182-238.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
03:44 <Self_Destructo> lol
03:44 <ghableska> stupid Trillian
03:44 <spidey> Metal  	Crystal  	Deuterium  	Energy  	  
03:44 <spidey> 	1.353.467 	618.569 	1.258.310 	71/5.596
03:44 <spidey> phew
03:45 <spidey> can you believe noone attacked me for that?
03:45 <ghableska> ogame?
03:45 <spidey>  Points	138.453 (Rank 848 of 2.739)
03:45 <spidey> ;)
03:45 <Self_Destructo> your kidding?
03:45 <spidey> i've got a nanite lvl 3
03:45 <spidey> :)
03:45 <spidey> can build destroyers in 30 minutes woohoo
03:45 <Self_Destructo> nice
03:46 <spidey> Self_Destructo, you've missed some of my big fleets
03:46 <spidey> i'd have over 1k battleships and 900+ cruisers, but i lose intrest and they get destroyed
03:46 <spidey> then i rebuild and repeat
03:46 <spidey> :D
03:46 <Self_Destructo> lol
03:46 <Durka> Vanhayes: ping
03:46 <spidey> hm
03:46 <Self_Destructo> well, maybe I can get some help up ;)
03:47 <Durka> hi sd
03:47 <spidey> i can send you alot of res, if you want them
03:47 <spidey> i think that's legal you've got less points so i don't think we'll get banned :S
03:47 <Self_Destructo> yeah
03:47 <Self_Destructo> i need lots of res
03:48 <spidey> i've got over 4m metal and i lost track of crystal/deuterium
03:48 <spidey> i can only send as much as my cargos can hold, heh
03:48 <spidey> Metal  	Crystal  	Deuterium  	Energy  	  
03:48 <spidey> 	725.568 	291.224 	104.541 	594/4.373
03:48 <spidey> that's on every planet
03:48 <spidey> :O
03:49 <spidey> um
03:49 <spidey> give me a few hours
03:49 <Self_Destructo> wow
03:49 <spidey> i'ma send everything around my planets and collect then send to you
03:49 <Self_Destructo> lol
03:49 <Self_Destructo> i can't handle everything you know
03:50 <spidey> hm
03:50 <Self_Destructo> I'll get hit
03:50 <Self_Destructo> maybe
03:50 <spidey> how much you want right now?
03:50 <spidey> dude, when i was in mbc
03:50 <spidey> i gave away over 10m res 
03:50 <spidey> i put the stuff out faster than i can use it
03:50 <spidey> i got 2 moons too :)
03:51 <Self_Destructo> well, gimme 50k of each
03:51 <Self_Destructo> i can handle that
03:51 <Self_Destructo> NICE
03:51 <spidey> 6:228:9
03:51 <spidey> and
03:51 <spidey> 3L459:5
03:51 <spidey> 3:459:5
03:51 <spidey> get this
03:51 <spidey> i still got a open planet slot, heh
03:52 <Self_Destructo> did you guys keep the idea of taking over a galaxy?
03:52 <spidey> i was using it to hunt down clans in g6 untill i lost intrest and got destroyed by 500 destroyers
03:52 <spidey> kinda
03:52 <Self_Destructo> wow
03:52 <Vanhayes> Durka: pong
03:52 <spidey> fireball quit as clan leader, then i took his spot
03:52 <spidey> then i left all of mbc and gave ogame clan leader to i_am_cool29
03:53 <Durka> Vanhayes: pig
03:53 <Durka> ping*
03:53 <Self_Destructo> yeah
03:54 <Self_Destructo> it's now considered DR
03:54 <Self_Destructo> who are you with now?
03:54 <spidey> DR
03:54 <spidey> dragonriders, wizz and cannis are in it
03:55 <spidey> you want 100k of each, or just 50k?
03:55 <Self_Destructo> just 50 for now please
03:55 <Self_Destructo> and thanks ;)
03:55 <spidey> coords?
03:56 <Self_Destructo> 1:27:7
03:56 <Durka> Vanhayes: can u read PMs in irc?
03:57 <Vanhayes> ya, I was just away
03:57 <spidey> 8:08:32
03:57 <spidey> 	One of your fleets from planet Abyss [6:228:9] reaches planet Homeworld [1:27:7]. Its mission is: Transport.
03:57 <Your_mom_arma> Lucifer_arma:  did you know some guy had a server up called Breakfast in hell 2.0 . I just asked him if he had talked to you about it then he kinda freaked and changed the servers name to satans alter or something
03:57 <Self_Destructo> cool, good timeing, thanks
03:58 <spidey> np
03:59 <spidey> if you need anything else ask, i got plenty, heh
03:59 <spidey> i'ma get nanite lvl 4 in about a week
04:01 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034204189.nb.aliant.net] has quit [Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)]
04:02 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034204189.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
04:02 <Vanhayes> ack
04:02 <Durka> wb
04:02 <Vanhayes> that was a weird disconnect
04:02 <Durka> "the infamous vanhayes internet" :P
04:02 <ghableska> hahaha
04:03 <luke-jr_> Durka: someone been looking for you all day
04:03 <Vanhayes> well usually Id be Van-hayes right now, and id have had a little warning before I actually got disconected
04:03 <Durka> lol
04:03 <Vanhayes> that was weird
04:03 <Durka> luke-jr_: who
04:03 <luke-jr_> |ZD|
04:03 <ghableska> have you ever gone and complained to your ISP?
04:03 <Durka> zd?
04:03 <Durka> who's dat
04:03 <Vanhayes> #ping
04:03 <armabot> pong
04:04 <luke-jr_> dunno
04:04 <Durka> #roulette
04:04 <luke-jr_> #last --from ZD --with durka
04:04 <armabot> Durka: *click*
04:04 <armabot> luke-jr_: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 7630 messages.
04:04 <Lucifer_arma> Your_mom_arma: no, I didn't know about that
04:04 <luke-jr_> #last --from *ZD* --with durka
04:04 <ghableska> #seen ZD
04:04 <armabot> luke-jr_: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 7635 messages.
04:04 <armabot> ghableska: I have not seen ZD.
04:04 <Lucifer_arma> know who it was, by any chance?
04:04 <Durka> #last --from zd
04:04 <armabot> Durka: Error: I couldn't find a message matching that criteria in my history of 7637 messages.
04:04 <luke-jr_> #seen *ZD*
04:04 <armabot> luke-jr_: *ZD* could be |ZD| (3 hours, 42 minutes, and 2 seconds ago) or |ZD|Zacariaz (9 hours, 52 minutes, and 21 seconds ago)
04:04 <luke-jr_> #seen *ZD|*
04:04 <armabot> luke-jr_: I have not seen *ZD|*.
04:04 <Durka> direct chat?
04:04 <luke-jr_> here
04:10 -!- Stempo [n=47d76dce@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
04:10 <spidey> ew
04:10 <ghableska> we
04:10 <ghableska> Er
04:10 <ghableska> crap
04:11  * ghableska clicked on the wrong tab again
04:12  * spidey drop kicks ghableska
04:12  * ghableska kick drops spidey
04:12 <ghableska> o_O
04:12  * spidey pokes ghable in the eye
04:12 <ghableska> ouch
04:13 <ghableska> bully someone else
04:13 <spidey> i do
04:13  * xfroggy pokes his belly
04:13 <spidey> what do you think dorka's for?? :P
04:13 <ghableska> :P
04:13  * ghableska runs away
04:14 <Lucifer_arma> dorka dorka mohomo jihad?
04:15 <Durka> dØrka dØrka mj!@
04:15 <Stempo> awww don't bully dorka
04:15 <mkzelda> durkatee
04:15 <Stempo> lol
04:15  * Durka hides
04:15  * spidey stabs dorka in the foot
04:15 <spidey> you aren't going anywhere!
04:15 <ghableska> Durka: go away, this is MY hiding spot
04:16 <Lucifer_arma> dorka loves the storka!
04:16 <spidey> ...
04:16 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, 
04:16 <spidey> wtf's a storka
04:16 <Lucifer_arma> that was funny, would you like to hear morka?
04:16 <Lucifer_arma> storka = winged animal that delivers babies to naive mothers?
04:16  * spidey slaps sense into Lucifer_arma
04:16 <ghableska> heh
04:17 <ghableska> what about the smarter ones? :)
04:17 <Lucifer_arma> better ask my daughter, she's seen it!
04:17 <Durka> #cyborg durka
04:17 <armabot> Durka: D.U.R.K.A.: Digital Unit Responsible for Killing and Assassination
04:17 <Durka> pwnt
04:17 <Lucifer_arma> #cyborg DDMJ
04:17 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: D.D.M.J.: Digital Destruction and Mathematics Juggernaut
04:18 <Durka> #1337insult Lucifer_arma 
04:18 <ghableska> #cyborg Dorka
04:18 <armabot> ghableska: D.O.R.K.A.: Digital Operational Rational Killing Android
04:18 <Durka> ^^^ should be one
04:18 <Lucifer_arma> 1337, in this channel, means one thousand three hundred thirty-seven
04:18 <ghableska> #joke
04:18 <armabot> By royal decree, all humor has hereby been expunged from this channel. If you feel you absolutely *have* to be funny please find a channel where people are able to understand jokes.
04:18 <Lucifer_arma> it is not the noise an emo makes then you stick a pencil through his cock
04:18 <xfroggy> hmm
04:18 <xfroggy> #cyborg xfroggy
04:19 <armabot> xfroggy: X.F.R.O.G.G.Y.: Xperimental Functional Replicant Optimized for Galactic Gratification and Yelling
04:19 <xfroggy> Oo
04:19 <Lucifer_arma> yelling?
04:19 <ghableska> "Galactic Gratification?"
04:19 <spidey> O.o
04:19 <spidey> sick,sick,sick people
04:19 <ghableska> xfroggy: press caps lock
04:19 <ghableska> spidey: what? :)
04:19 <xfroggy> AND?
04:19 <xfroggy> lol
04:19  * spidey stabs you all!
04:19  * Lucifer_arma parries and ripostes
04:19  * Durka pokes xfroggy (can u read pms in irc?)
04:20 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, stop using big words!
04:20  * Durka hates Lucifer_arma (Hi there!)
04:20 <Stempo> lol
04:20 <Stempo> you guys are so weird
04:20 <Stempo> where's todd luci?
04:20  * ghableska beats spidey with a dictionary
04:20 <xfroggy> #cyborg sYb3r   0pTiXs
04:20 <spidey> NOOOOOOOO
04:20 <armabot> xfroggy: (cyborg [<name>]) -- Returns a cyborg acronym for <name> from <http://www.cyborgname.com/>. If <name> is not specified, uses that of the user.
04:20  * Lucifer_arma beats spidey's wussy knife to the side and stabs him in the chest with a really large sword
04:20 <spidey> :O
04:20 <xfroggy> #cyborg sYb3r
04:20 <spidey> meanies!!!!
04:20 <armabot> xfroggy: S.Y.B.R.: Synthetic Yelling and Battle Replicant
04:20 <Lucifer_arma> Stempo: doesn't look like he's here right now
04:20 <Durka> no numberz
04:20 <mkzelda> #cyborg dpg
04:20 <xfroggy> :(
04:20 <armabot> mkzelda: D.P.G.: Device Programmed for Gratification
04:21 <mkzelda> rofl
04:21 <mkzelda> pleasure bot
04:21 <Lucifer_arma> yep, see, told ya
04:21 <Lucifer_arma> it's the double-penetration gang
04:21 <mkzelda> #cyborg dpg
04:21 <armabot> mkzelda: D.P.G.: Device Programmed for Gratification
04:21 <Lucifer_arma> #cyborg stfu
04:21 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: S.T.F.U.: Synthetic Thorough Fighting Unit
04:21 <xfroggy> LOL
04:21 <Lucifer_arma> #cyborg lol
04:21 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: L.O.L.: Logical Observation Lifeform
04:21 <ghableska> haha
04:21 <Lucifer_arma> #cyborg haha
04:21 <spidey> #google fight Lucifer_arma spidey
04:22 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: H.A.H.A.: Handcrafted Artificial Harm Android
04:22 <armabot> spidey: spidey: 167000, Lucifer_arma: 38
04:22 <spidey> owned!
04:22 <mkzelda> i would think the lower # is better
04:22 <Durka> #google fight xfroggy Durka 
04:22 <Lucifer_arma> #google "spidey's real name" "Lucifer_arma's real name"
04:22 <armabot> Durka: Durka: 28400, xfroggy: 20
04:22 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: No matches found. (Search took 0.46 seconds)
04:22 <Durka> haha pwnt
04:22 <spidey> O.o
04:22 <xfroggy> LOL
04:22 <Durka> "20"
04:22 <mkzelda> it means he has a more unique name
04:22 <Durka> lmao
04:22 <xfroggy> good :)
04:22 <spidey> #google fight "spidey's real name" "Lucifer_arma's real name
04:22 <xfroggy> I'm rare :D
04:22 <armabot> spidey: Error: No closing quotation
04:22 <spidey> #google fight "spidey's real name" "Lucifer_arma's real name:
04:22 <armabot> spidey: Error: No closing quotation
04:22 <spidey> #google fight "spidey's real name" "Lucifer_arma's real name"
04:22 <spidey> !!!
04:22 <armabot> spidey: spidey's real name: 2, Lucifer_arma's real name: 0
04:22 <ghableska> #google fight Lucifer_arma ghableska
04:22 <spidey> hahah
04:22 <armabot> ghableska: Lucifer_arma: 38, ghableska: 37
04:23 <xfroggy> LOL
04:23 <ghableska> close :)
04:23 <spidey> #google fight spidey Lucifer
04:23 <armabot> spidey: Lucifer: 600000, spidey: 168000
04:23 <mkzelda> #google fight mkzelda dookatee
04:23 <armabot> mkzelda: mkzelda: 42, dookatee: 7
04:23 <spidey> lies
04:23 <spidey> #google fight soudey mkzelda
04:23 <spidey> wow
04:23 <ghableska> #google spidey
04:23 <spidey> #google fight spidey mkzelda
04:23  * Durka can pwn spidey
04:23 <armabot> spidey: soudey: 410, mkzelda: 42
04:23 -!- Durka is now known as dog
04:23 <armabot> ghableska: Search took 0.15 seconds: Spidey -- mRNA to genomic alignment: <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/spidey/>; Spidey Kicks Butt - the No. 1 source for Spider-Man commentary!: <http://www.spideykicksbutt.com/>; spidey : See what people are saying right now on Technorati: <http://technorati.com/tag/spidey>; Spider-Man Crawl Space--All Spidey , All The Time: (2 more messages)
04:23 <armabot> spidey: spidey: 167000, mkzelda: 42
04:24 <dog> #google fight spidey dog
04:24 <armabot> dog: dog: 306000000, spidey: 168000
04:24 <dog> pwnt
04:24 <spidey> O.o
04:24 <xfroggy> lol
04:24 -!- dog is now known as Durka
04:24 <xfroggy> lmao
04:24 <ghableska> "Spidey Kicks Butt" 
04:24 <ghableska> ...
04:24 <mkzelda> you just gained 1000 in a few secs
04:24 <ghableska> I've lost all faith in google.
04:24 <spidey>       Spidey Kicks Butt  <<---best remember it to!!
04:24 <Durka> come to ww fort!
04:24 <Durka> #serverdetails =fortress
04:24 <xfroggy> Oo
04:24 <armabot> Durka: "<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>2</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_select_db() [<a href='function.mysql-select-db'>function.mysql-select-db</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL (3 more messages)
04:24 <Durka> lol
04:24 <Durka> tank crashedz0rz
04:25 <Durka> #armaservers
04:25 <armabot> Durka: ¬ | D u r k a D u r k a L a n d | ¬ (12 players) || Wild West =Capture The Flag= (10 players) || ~"XzL.Clan The Server (9 players) || Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress (6 players) || Wild West =CTF Shooting= (6 players) || ~{Delicious Desserts}~Original Settings R Back (5 players) || ~*SpeederS*~ DogFight (4 players) || Stormcrow's Tower (4 players) || MicroBusCity.com (4 players) || LoBo's Fun (1 more message)
04:25 <Durka> #serverdetails =fortress=
04:25 <armabot> Durka: "<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (111) in <b>/www2/serverlist/connect.php</b> on line <b>2</b><br />\n<br />\n<b>Warning</b>:  mysql_select_db() [<a href='function.mysql-select-db'>function.mysql-select-db</a>]: Can't connect to local MySQL (3 more messages)
04:25 <spidey> #m wrtlprnft your mysql server broke again
04:25 <armabot> spidey: The operation succeeded.
04:26 <ghableska> #m
04:26 <armabot> ghableska: (message <an alias, 2 arguments>) -- Alias for "later tell $1 $2".
04:28 <Lucifer_arma> I like how in these multiple choice physics questions, the obvious answer is always wrong
04:28 <ghableska> what do you mean?
04:29 <Lucifer_arma> a block hangs from two springs, what's the spring constant?
04:29 <mkzelda> 2
04:29 <Lucifer_arma> it says "what's the force spring constant"?
04:29 <Lucifer_arma> er
04:29 <mkzelda> 2
04:29 <Lucifer_arma> force constant, it says
04:29 <mkzelda> 4
04:29 <ghableska> hmm
04:29 <Lucifer_arma> you're given the mass of the block and acceleration due to gravity
04:30 <ghableska> f=kx, right?
04:30 <mkzelda> i refuse to help you anymore
04:30 <Lucifer_arma> so if you just take the force of the block exerted on the springs and divide by 2, it's wrong
04:30 <Lucifer_arma> that answer looks right if you think it's asking for the force exerted on each spring :)
04:30 <Lucifer_arma> anyway, it's f = -kx
04:30 <ghableska> something like that
04:30 <ghableska> :P
04:30 <Lucifer_arma> mass of the block is 4.3
04:31 <Lucifer_arma> and displacement of each spring is 0.32
04:31  * luke-jr_ pokes spidey 
04:31 <Lucifer_arma> and if you don't get about 66 for k, you're wrong.  :)  (I think you can ignore the sign here for some reason)
04:31 <DrJoeTron> i guess im getting a free laptop
04:31 -!- Durka [n=Justin@cpe-76-167-238-228.socal.res.rr.com] has quit []
04:31 <ghableska> isn't the negative because displacement is a vector?
04:31 <DrJoeTron> sweet deal
04:31 <Lucifer_arma> does that mean you'll finally send that computer you wanted?
04:32 <Lucifer_arma> ghableska: the negative sign has to do with what x means relative to equilibrium
04:32 <ghableska> ok
04:32 <Lucifer_arma> and force is a vector :)
04:32 <DrJoeTron> i'll send it, im sorry :/
04:33 <ghableska> what's the correct way to work the problem then?
04:33 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma i got sonic for the wii
04:33 <Lucifer_arma> figure out the downward force of the block
04:33 <Lucifer_arma> then divide that by two, one for each spring, as the f part of f = -kx
04:33 <Lucifer_arma> x is given, solve for k
04:33 <ghableska> ah
04:34 <mkzelda> k=potassium
04:34 <Lucifer_arma> I came out with a negative number, the question wanted a positive number, so I used the absolute value and it was right
04:34 <Lucifer_arma> I'm getting irritated figuring out what coordinate system the question assumes you use
04:34 <ghableska> heh
04:37 <ghableska> http://www.thisisbroken.com/photos/uncategorized/cake.jpg
04:37 <ghableska> hahaha
04:38 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034204189.nb.aliant.net] has quit [Connection timed out]
04:40 <Your_mom_arma> Lucifer_arma:  the server admin was "pezeatr" or something very similar
04:40 <Lucifer_arma> er, was that a joke, or a machine that screwed up?
04:40 <ghableska> machine screwed it up
04:41 <Lucifer_arma> Your_mom_arma: new name for pez?
04:41 <ghableska> http://community.livejournal.com/good_eats/507059.html
04:41 <Lucifer_arma> it's weird that someone would make it Breakfast in Hell 2.0, though.
04:42 <spidey> Dorka, server broke
04:43 <Your_mom_arma> not sure
04:44 <Your_mom_arma> he made a point of explaing his name to me for some reason he made it clear it was a shortened "pez" "eater"
04:45 <Lucifer_arma> heh
04:45 <Your_mom_arma> i found that wierd
04:45 <Your_mom_arma> DrJoeTron: is it as good as you had hoped for?
04:45 <Lucifer_arma> dont' know that I care that much, but Breakfast in Hell 2.0 should really be my server.  :)  If he wants to make a clone, he really should pick a different name
04:45 <DrJoeTron> Your_mom_arma well let me put it to you this way
04:46 <DrJoeTron> any thing that puts fun into it, is instantly destroyed by the music and voices
04:46 <Your_mom_arma> haha
04:46 <Your_mom_arma> play it on mute?
04:46 <DrJoeTron> im thinking about it
04:46 <DrJoeTron> but i do need sound for the game
04:46 <DrJoeTron> especially for some of the shit i gotta do in it
04:46 <DrJoeTron> BUT
04:46 <DrJoeTron> i did download the sonic 3 and knuckles music from ocremix
04:47 <DrJoeTron> and its insane
04:47 <DrJoeTron> at least  hydrocity, flying battery, doomsday, final boss and Ice cap WIP are really fucking amazing
04:47 <Your_mom_arma> does sonic have a voice?
04:47 -!- Stempo [n=47d76dce@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
04:47 <DrJoeTron> three of them are epic metal
04:48 <DrJoeTron> yeah he does
04:48 <DrJoeTron> he shouldnt
04:48 <DrJoeTron> he's a hedgehog
04:48 <Your_mom_arma> is it horrible?
04:48 <DrJoeTron> the actual acting is ok
04:48 <DrJoeTron> the lines are fucking horrible
04:49 <DrJoeTron> its sonic and some genie that hovers over head
04:49 <Your_mom_arma> so its like all the other ones, absolutly no (real)story
04:49 <DrJoeTron> yeah
04:49 <DrJoeTron> but the lines are soo horrible
04:49 <DrJoeTron> thank GOD you can skip cutscenes
04:49 <Your_mom_arma> haha
04:50 <ghableska> ...
04:50 <Your_mom_arma> do a barrel roll!
04:50 <DrJoeTron> see thats acceptable to me
04:50 <DrJoeTron> all in all
04:50 <Your_mom_arma> yeah
04:50 <DrJoeTron> the game is decient
04:50 <Your_mom_arma> you only have to hear it once
04:50  * ghableska wonders why the Wikipedia article on Sonic the Hedgehog is protected
04:51 <DrJoeTron> because sonioc needs protection
04:51 <DrJoeTron> fucker keeps fucking up
04:51 <Your_mom_arma> berate nintendo fans?
04:51 <ghableska> lol
04:51 <DrJoeTron> but yeah
04:52 <Your_mom_arma> DrJoeTron: how about... Hey! LISTEN -Navi
04:52 <DrJoeTron> thats even better than this
04:52 <DrJoeTron> HEY!
04:52 <Your_mom_arma> wow
04:52 <DrJoeTron> LISTEN
04:52 <DrJoeTron> WAKE UP
04:52 <DrJoeTron> fucking navi
04:52 <DrJoeTron> however
04:52 <DrJoeTron> you can change it to japanese dialogue instead
04:52 <Your_mom_arma> haha
04:52 <DrJoeTron> toobad its not much better
04:52 <DrJoeTron> shit man
04:53 <DrJoeTron> i want jaleel white doing sonics voice again
04:53 <DrJoeTron> fucking erkel
04:53 <Your_mom_arma> Chili dogs!
04:53 <Your_mom_arma> wow really sonic?
04:53 <ghableska> #night
04:53 <armabot> Good night ghableska!
04:53 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-182-238.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
04:54 <DrJoeTron> yeah i was obsessed with sonic and megaman as a kid
04:54 <DrJoeTron> both now horrible franchises
04:54 <mkzelda> aahhhhh tron only crashes when not in debug mode
04:54 <mkzelda> Round 9 - Crash
04:54 <mkzelda> crashed
04:55 <mkzelda> PID 22666
04:55 <DrJoeTron> hahaha
04:55 <DrJoeTron> one of the mp3's is named Live at the Sandopolis
04:56 <DrJoeTron> but man
04:57 <DrJoeTron> im wondering how good a remake of sonic 3 and knuckles would be
04:57 <mkzelda> check out the ocremix for ninja gaiden
04:57 <DrJoeTron> good?
04:57 <mkzelda> very
04:57 <DrJoeTron> i got the chronotrigger one too
04:57 <mkzelda> ya me too :D
04:57 <mkzelda> i keep thinking about the 2 megatorrents
04:57 <DrJoeTron> hah
04:58 <DrJoeTron> i havent gone to ocremix much
04:58 <mkzelda> cause its such a bitch to dl just one track
04:58 <mkzelda> the megaman 2 ones were kinda disappointing
04:58 <DrJoeTron> i know right
04:58 <DrJoeTron> the sonic 3k ones are very hit or miss
04:58 <DrJoeTron> and when they hit, holy fuck
04:59 <mkzelda> i think they're a lot better depending on how much you remember the tracks too
04:59 <DrJoeTron> well for these
04:59 <mkzelda> like on a normal day, i sometimes get a tune in my head and realize its ninja gaiden or megaman or zelda
05:00 <DrJoeTron> haha
05:00 <mkzelda> Ninja_Gaiden_Basilisk_Run_OC_Remix.mp3
05:00 <mkzelda> get that
05:00 <mkzelda> if u played the game
05:00 <mkzelda> i think i wouldnt like it much if i'd never heard the original
05:00 <mkzelda> thats what i mean
05:01 <mkzelda> its been like 15 years since i've played that game
05:01 <mkzelda> and i reconized that tune immediatly
05:01 <DrJoeTron> haha
05:01 <DrJoeTron> for the sonic one i felt like such a dweeb because im recognizing each one
05:02 <mkzelda> hehe
05:02 <DrJoeTron> cept for one of the ones that was attempting to be Ice Cap Zone
05:02 <mkzelda> i played a ton of sonic and sonic 2
05:02 <mkzelda> but not much sonic 3
05:02 <DrJoeTron> oh god
05:02 <DrJoeTron> thats the pinnacle of the sonics
05:02 <mkzelda> acutally, i played iti n the blockbuster video game championship
05:02 <mkzelda> and i won, w/o having played it before
05:02 <DrJoeTron> especially when you get  sonic 3 and knuckles with it
05:03 <mkzelda> but thats cause i kicked ass at nba jam and virtua racing
05:03 <DrJoeTron> hahaha!
05:03 <DrJoeTron> holy fuck
05:03 <DrJoeTron> which virtual racing
05:03 <mkzelda> the original
05:03 <DrJoeTron> the genesis or the 32X
05:03 <mkzelda> gen
05:03 <DrJoeTron> ah
05:03 <DrJoeTron> i had the 32X one
05:03 <mkzelda> game was $100
05:03 <DrJoeTron> you're shitting me
05:03 <mkzelda> cause it had that vchip
05:03 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034204189.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
05:03 <mkzelda> i got it for free
05:03 <mkzelda> for winning the contest
05:04 <DrJoeTron> i got it for 20 bucks : /
05:04 <mkzelda> you had to play the intermediate track
05:04 <mkzelda> 5 laps, best lap time was recorded
05:04 <mkzelda> i had some 31ish time
05:04 <DrJoeTron> which circuit
05:04 <DrJoeTron> indy or stock?
05:04 <mkzelda> i dont remember that being an option, so i dunno
05:04 <mkzelda> and second best was 50ish
05:04 <DrJoeTron> the 32X one had indy stock and prototype
05:05 <DrJoeTron> prototype = box looking car that crashed alot
05:05 <mkzelda> heh
05:05 <mkzelda> that sounds familiar
05:05 <mkzelda> i just dont remember
05:05 <DrJoeTron> it was really fast, and it couldnt turn
05:05 <mkzelda> i just rented the game and practiced that over and over
05:05 <mkzelda> figured out hte best lines
05:06 <mkzelda> and for nba jam it was how many pts you could score in the first half
05:06 <mkzelda> that was the first game we played in the competition
05:06 <mkzelda> i got second at that point
05:06 <DrJoeTron> JAMS IT IN
05:06 <mkzelda> i just shot all 3 pointers
05:07 <DrJoeTron> CAN'T BUY A BUCKET
05:07 <mkzelda> w/ the clippers i think
05:07 <DrJoeTron> jesus with who?
05:07 <mkzelda> or
05:07 <DrJoeTron> OH
05:07 <mkzelda> golden state
05:07 <DrJoeTron> wow
05:07 <DrJoeTron> i always went with chicago or seattle
05:07 <mkzelda> cant remember who it was, but i could sink 3's all day
05:07 <DrJoeTron> man
05:07 <mkzelda> i got 33 points
05:07 <DrJoeTron> don't play it now
05:07 <mkzelda> in first half
05:07 <DrJoeTron> i strongly urge that
05:08 <mkzelda> i played it on xbox when i first got the xbox like 5 years ago
05:08 <mkzelda> it took some adjustment, it was alright, not quite the same
05:08 <DrJoeTron> the first words out of my mouth after playing one game was "Fucking Rubber Banding Ai! DAMN YOU DALLAS!!!"
05:09 <mkzelda> that game was always one of the best at 'cheating'
05:09 <mkzelda> you could be up 50 points with 1 minute left and it could find a way to win
05:10 <DrJoeTron> yeah 
05:10 <DrJoeTron> they always managed to sink a 3 pointer at the end at double over time
05:10 <mkzelda> i had the rare nba jam for gen that had charles barkley
05:10 <mkzelda> and lots of bugs
05:11 <DrJoeTron> that was rare?
05:11 <mkzelda> from the other side of the court
05:11 <DrJoeTron> wait....
05:11 <mkzelda> yea
05:11 <DrJoeTron> where are you from?
05:11 <mkzelda> he didnt authorize it
05:11 <DrJoeTron> Really?
05:11 <DrJoeTron> you're fucking shitting me
05:11 <mkzelda> yea, so they had to change the game mid-manufacturing
05:11 <mkzelda> North Carolina
05:11 <DrJoeTron> because i have that cartridge
05:11 <DrJoeTron> hell he is in NBA JAM T.E. too
05:12 <DrJoeTron> are you sure that isn't some wild rumor?
05:12 <mkzelda> nah, my buddy's game didnt have it
05:12 <DrJoeTron> thats fucking wild
05:12 <DrJoeTron> yeah my cartridge has barkley
05:12 <mkzelda> Due to Charles Barkley's licensed game Shut up and Jam, he does not appear in the game
05:12 <mkzelda> http://www.mobygames.com/game/genesis/nba-jam-tournament-edition
05:12 <mkzelda> it was the t.e. i believe
05:13 <DrJoeTron> OH ok
05:13 <DrJoeTron> that makes sense
05:13 <mkzelda> it had a bunch of characters whose names and/or stats were unreadable
05:14 <mkzelda> # Originally Acclaim wanted to add players from the Mortal Kombat game as hidden players, but they had to be removed cause the NBA found them not suited to their image.
05:14 <mkzelda> # A legal issue prevented the name Michael Jordan making an appearance in the game. Look what Acclaim has done instead: Jordan's Bulls team-mate Ron Harper is the named player, but the picture is of Jordan.
05:16 <mkzelda> The DOS, Jaguar, PSX and Sega Saturn versions of the game use a 3D scaling technique, the players are big when they're on the near side of the court (close to the camera) and smaller when they're on the far side of the court. The 16-bit versions of the game don't have this feature. The 16-bit releases also lack recognizable faces (during gameplay) and voice calls for every player name.
05:16 <DrJoeTron> wow 
05:16 <DrJoeTron> thats wild shit
05:17 <mkzelda> console gaming was so much better then :/
05:17 <mkzelda> say what you will about better gfx n crap, control is a huge part of any game, and having to learn 20 buttons is doable, but extremely annoying
05:18 <mkzelda> atari was freakin easy
05:18 <mkzelda> up down left right and ONE BUTTON
05:18 <mkzelda> it did something, and always the same thing
05:18 <mkzelda> so once you pressed it, u knew how the game worked
05:19 -!- Van-hayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034195059.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
05:19  * xfroggy loved atari
05:19 <mkzelda> 2600 or 7800?
05:19 <xfroggy> both
05:19 <mkzelda> i had a 2600
05:19 <xfroggy> I actually never knew which I actually had :(
05:20 <mkzelda> but i got the chance to play ballblazer on 7800
05:20 <DrJoeTron> fuck graphics
05:20 <mkzelda> that was AWESOME
05:20 <DrJoeTron> i still prefer sprites over polygons
05:20 <mkzelda> 7800 was backwards compatible
05:20 <xfroggy> my favorite game was Robbo :)
05:20 <mkzelda> http://www.electriceggplant.com/ballblazer.html
05:21 <xfroggy> I dont think I ever saw that game, I think I was on 7800 :(
05:22 <mkzelda> i was always confused by the 5-10 different versions of the same game
05:22 <mkzelda> i had 6 different copies of 'combat'
05:22 <mkzelda> under differnt names
05:22 <xfroggy> damn
05:22 <mkzelda> or 'cops and robbers'
05:22 <xfroggy> hahaha
05:22 <xfroggy> love that one
05:22 <mkzelda> ya
05:22 <mkzelda> i played that the other day
05:22 <mkzelda> phoenix
05:22 <Your_mom_arma> 100 different ways to play pong, good o'l 2600
05:23 <xfroggy> I think I need to install emulator soon
05:23 <mkzelda> oh yea, the difficulty switch and the alternate game selection
05:23 <Your_mom_arma> look we flipped the screen now your playing up and down
05:23 <xfroggy> LOL
05:23 <Your_mom_arma> uh oh, now you have 2 paddles
05:23 <mkzelda> and the paddles would go bad very quickly
05:23 <mkzelda> they'd start getting wiggly
05:24 <mkzelda> you wouldnt move your paddle but the screen would indicate otherwise
05:24 <Your_mom_arma> haha, yeah
05:24 <mkzelda> it looked like it had parkinsons
05:24 <Your_mom_arma> i loved the duck(supposed to be a dragon) in adventure
05:24 <mkzelda> heh
05:24 <mkzelda> river raid
05:24 <Lucifer_arma> #ping
05:24 <armabot> pong
05:24 <mkzelda> pitfall
05:25 <mkzelda> i once beat pitfall
05:25 <mkzelda> and it was the biggest disappointment ever
05:25 <mkzelda> it wraps
05:25 <Your_mom_arma> haha
05:25 <mkzelda> you end up at the starting screen
05:25 <xfroggy> lmao
05:25 <mkzelda> you can go left or right at start
05:25 <mkzelda> oh man, frogger and spiderman
05:26 <mkzelda> those were awesome
05:26 <mkzelda> i can remember those tunes now, wonder if ocremix has em
05:26 <mkzelda> heh
05:26 <xfroggy> ooooooooo
05:26 <xfroggy> I remember 2600 now!
05:26 <xfroggy> my friend had it LOL, I remember when we played Hide & Seek on it, it was awesome
05:26 <mkzelda> there were so many bugs in so many games
05:27 <mkzelda> E.T. was like the worst atari game ever
05:27 <mkzelda> it made no sense whatsoever
05:27 <mkzelda> i beat it, and didnt know how or why
05:27 <Your_mom_arma> not as bad as super ghouls and ghosts, once you get to where the final boss is they send you back to the start of the game and you have to get to him all over again and then you can fight him
05:27 <mkzelda> haha
05:28 <mkzelda> i remember playing stampede and not knowing how it worked
05:28 <Your_mom_arma> i still dont understand E.T
05:28 <mkzelda> me either
05:28 <mkzelda> chopper command
05:28 <Your_mom_arma> haha
05:28 <mkzelda> astroid
05:28 <xfroggy> wow, I just now realized that I didnt had either of the atari's consoles :(
05:29 <mkzelda> there were at least 2 others
05:29 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034204189.nb.aliant.net] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
05:29 <xfroggy> i had 65XE or something similiar
05:29 <xfroggy> i was loading games thru the tape
05:29 <Your_mom_arma> superman for the 2600 wierdest layout i've seen
05:29 <xfroggy> it was soo bleeding boring
05:29 <mkzelda> 800 and 5200
05:29 <mkzelda> i never saw those but i just now saw that they existed
05:30 <mkzelda> pole position
05:30 <Your_mom_arma> you fly up off the screen and you just go to (what seems like)some random part of the map
05:30 <mkzelda> night rider
05:30 <DrJoeTron> ET !
05:30 <mkzelda> haha, ya, as long as you crane your neck
05:30 <DrJoeTron> best game EVER to ever end up in a nevada land fill :o
05:30 <xfroggy> rofl
05:30 <mkzelda> and you eat reeses pieces
05:30 <DrJoeTron> hahaha
05:31 <Your_mom_arma> everyones played E.T , they still give it away at flea markets
05:31 <mkzelda> that buys you more time to live
05:31 <mkzelda> ya, i ended up with about 10 copies of that game
05:31 <Your_mom_arma> if you buy something you can have ten of these games
05:31 <DrJoeTron> haha
05:32 <mkzelda> breakout, super breakout
05:32 <mkzelda> space invaders
05:32 <Your_mom_arma> i love breakout
05:33 <DrJoeTron> GUYS
05:33 <DrJoeTron> ITS THE 90'S
05:33 <DrJoeTron> ...
05:33 <DrJoeTron> sorry
05:33 <Your_mom_arma> just for that part where the ball's above the bricks and you just sit there watching your score go up
05:33 <DrJoeTron> arkanoid?
05:34 <mkzelda> i didnt have/play that
05:34 <DrJoeTron> klax?
05:34 <mkzelda> either
05:34 <DrJoeTron> you've play arkanoid in some way, shape, or form
05:34 <mkzelda> oh i used to have stella and every 2600 rom on my xbox b4 it died
05:34 <Your_mom_arma> breakout=arkanoid
05:34 <mkzelda> oh
05:35 <mkzelda> heh, atari 2600 was 1.19MHz
05:35 <Your_mom_arma> haha
05:36 <mkzelda> i had baseball, football, basketball, boxing
05:36 <xfroggy> no wonder it overheated the PSU so much ={
05:36 <xfroggy> =P
05:36 <Your_mom_arma> atari bowling
05:36 <mkzelda> football was funny cause you could go through the back of the screen
05:36 <Your_mom_arma> great sports games
05:36 <mkzelda> if someone was running right and you couldnt catch him, just run left and come back out the right side
05:37 <xfroggy> River Raid! Anyone? LOL such an addictive game ;)
05:37 <mkzelda> and baseball you could hit it and get it stuck in the fence and have to hit reset
05:37 <mkzelda> ya i mentioned it earlier, prolly played it more than any of em
05:37 <mkzelda> my sister was good at it
05:37 <xfroggy> missed it >:D
05:37 <mkzelda> she always liked to be player 2, the black jet
05:38 <mkzelda> she married a black man so, maybe thats where that all started
05:38 <mkzelda> heh
05:38 <DrJoeTron> hahaha
05:38 <xfroggy> hehe, there was a racing game I forgot what it was called, where you have racing all over USA, you gotta refuel from time to time, and you got cops chasing you >:D
05:38 <DrJoeTron> i miss pole position :(
05:38 <mkzelda> i sucked at pole position but it was one of the first games we had
05:39 <DrJoeTron> i rocked at it :d
05:39 <mkzelda> i was bad at adventure , i'd get stuck on walls and have to hit reset
05:39 <xfroggy> Oo the formula game?
05:39 <DrJoeTron> yeah
05:39 <mkzelda> ya
05:39 <xfroggy> jeez I sucked it so much lol Oo
05:40 <mkzelda> night rider was dope tho, it was pole position with the paddles
05:41 <mkzelda> california games sucked on atari
05:41 <mkzelda> good on nes
05:41 <mkzelda> whoa, there were chuch norris games on atari
05:41 <DrJoeTron> california games
05:41 <DrJoeTron> holy fuck
05:41 <DrJoeTron> footbag 4 lyfe
05:41 <mkzelda> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Atari_2600_games
05:41 <mkzelda> oooo, freeway
05:42 <mkzelda> it was frogger, but with a chicken
05:42 <mkzelda> hehe
05:42 <DrJoeTron> haha
05:43 <mkzelda> i wanna play NES Maniac Mansion now
05:43 <DrJoeTron> : O
05:43 <mkzelda> a couple years ago they released it free for PC
05:44 <DrJoeTron> i wanna play marble madness :/
05:44 <xfroggy> boulderdash Oo
05:45 <mkzelda> i never finished that game, you start off in a car with jumping abilities and then you go to a 3rd  person player perspective and kill stuff...
05:45 <mkzelda> made by hudson
05:45 <mkzelda> adventure island was so awesome
05:46 <mkzelda> ecco the dolphin was one of the best manufactured games i've ever played too
05:46 <mkzelda> even with the strategy guide, i never finished it
05:46 <DrJoeTron> hudson made alot of great games
05:46 <DrJoeTron> i wanna play Bonks Adventure :d
05:47 <mkzelda> i still have my old systems
05:47 <mkzelda> i have a turbographics 16
05:48 <mkzelda> splatterhouse
05:48 <mkzelda> dragon warrior and startropics were great rpgs for nes
05:48 <mkzelda> oooh, im so gonna play some duck tales
05:49 <mkzelda> Kunk Fu
05:49 <xfroggy> <3
05:49 <Your_mom_arma> i have the chuck norris atari game
05:49 <mkzelda> awesome
05:49 <mkzelda> Tecmo Bowl
05:50 <mkzelda> Wizards and Warriors
05:50 <mkzelda> one game i spent an unbelievable amount of disappointing time on, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
05:50 <mkzelda> that game was so hard
05:51 <DrJoeTron> mother fucking tecmo bowl
05:51 <DrJoeTron> i have that still
05:51 <mkzelda> i was so good at that game i could play it with my feet and beat people
05:52 <DrJoeTron> the only game where Walter Payton is white
05:52 <mkzelda> haha
05:52 -!- malnilion [n=malnilio@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
05:52 <mkzelda> Walter Payton was ninja fast
05:52 <mkzelda> but whoever was NY's secondary was faster
05:52 <mkzelda> If I played people who insisted on being da bears, i'd pick NY
05:53 <Your_mom_arma> haha
05:53 <mkzelda> and i hated picking teams like SF or Miami w/ 3 passing plays
05:53 <mkzelda> or i loved it when other ppl did, i could intercept all day w/ that guy on NY
05:53 <mkzelda> i found a rom of that game w/ the Carolina Panthers roster
05:54 <DrJoeTron> yeah man
05:54 <mkzelda> the game unfortunatly only had 16 teams
05:54 <DrJoeTron> hey i like da bears :/
05:54 <mkzelda> oh ya me too
05:54 -!- malnilion [n=malnilio@] has joined #armagetron
05:54 <mkzelda> but i was convinced i had to find someone other than the bears, in case someone insisted
05:55 <DrJoeTron> this is true
05:55 <DrJoeTron> dolphins werent bad
05:55 <Your_mom_arma> i just keep hearing john goodman saying da bears over and over again in my head
05:56 <DrJoeTron> HOW ARE YA BOB
05:56 <DrJoeTron> oh god
05:56 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@cpe-72-190-92-193.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
05:56 <DrJoeTron> fucking superfans
05:56 <Your_mom_arma> haha
05:56 <DrJoeTron> once you go south side of chicago
05:56 <DrJoeTron> they're ALL like that
05:56 <mkzelda> hehe
05:56 <mkzelda> cobra triangle
05:57 <mkzelda> did you have the pirate TENGEN nes games?
05:57 <mkzelda> i had some, tetris, gauntlet, shinobi
05:57 <DrJoeTron> pfft pirate
05:57 <mkzelda> they were black cartridges
05:57 <DrJoeTron> more just unlisenced
05:57 <mkzelda> ya
05:57 <DrJoeTron> i had a few
05:58 <mkzelda> blades of steel, baseball stars
05:58 <mkzelda> not tengen, but badass games
05:58 <DrJoeTron> BASE WARS
05:58 <mkzelda> yaaaaa
05:59 <DrJoeTron> fucking home runs
05:59 <DrJoeTron> hey hey hey, don't even think about stealing that bas-oh its ON
05:59 <mkzelda> did u play airwolf?
06:00 <DrJoeTron> i didnt :/
06:00 <mkzelda> aw
06:00 <mkzelda> I listen to a lot of this DJ... Diplo, he made a beat from the songs of that game
06:01 <DrJoeTron> haha
06:02 -!- Van-hayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034195059.nb.aliant.net] has quit ["I quit"]
06:02 <mkzelda> http://www.boomkat.com/jukebox/jbFramed02.cfm?tracks=13406:15564&type=music
06:03 <mkzelda> oh i forgot how much time i spent on TMNT1,2,3
06:04 <mkzelda> i could beat that 10 times a day and not get tired of it
06:04 <mkzelda> 2 that is
06:04 <mkzelda> BLASTER MASTER, thats the game i FIRST brought up
06:04 <mkzelda> couldnt think of the name
06:05 <mkzelda> i need to get some revenge on that game
06:05 <mkzelda> i never finished it
06:05 <mkzelda> or Crystalis
06:05 <mkzelda> good reminiscing, now i know what to do for the next 6 months
06:06 <Your_mom_arma> 8-32 bit games tend to have the wierdest names
06:07 <mkzelda> yea, they didnt have massive teams of PR, Advertising, marketing firms
06:07 <mkzelda> they werent million dollar projects
06:07 <spidey> blaster master?
06:07 <spidey> isn't that a nentindo game?
06:07 <mkzelda> ya
06:07 <spidey> where you're in space and stuff
06:08 <mkzelda> i never finished it, it was so hard when i was a kid
06:08 <spidey> i played that AGES ago O.o
06:08 <mkzelda> you had a car that could jump
06:08 <spidey> yea
06:08 <mkzelda> and then you got to a point where you were the person who drove it
06:08 <mkzelda> and instead of side scrolling you could go in all directions on foot
06:08 <mkzelda> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaster_Master
06:09 <mkzelda> oh it was sunsoft
06:09 <mkzelda> not hudson, no wonder i couldnt find it that way
06:09 <mkzelda> It is the localized version of a Japanese Famicom game titled Chô Wakusei Senki Metafight (???????????, which loosely translates to Super Planetary War Records: Metafight)
06:10 <mkzelda> haha
06:10 <mkzelda> i love jap<->eng translations
06:10 <mkzelda> oh ninja gaiden
06:10 <mkzelda> never beat that game, tho i got to the end 100 times
06:11 <mkzelda> and if you die, you go back to level 5-3
06:11 <mkzelda> and it takes you hours to get back
06:11 <mkzelda> its such a bitch
06:11 <mkzelda> i never could beat it w/ savestates on an emulator either
06:16 <mkzelda> While fighting the bosses of Areas 2, 4, 6, and 7, players may take advantage of a famous glitch, affectionately referred to as the "pause bomb" or "grenade glitch", to defeat the bosses in one hit. If the player throws a grenade at the boss and pauses the game at the moment of impact, the sound of the grenade dealing damage will repeat itself indefinitely and the game will register the grenade as dealing damage for as long as the game remains
06:16 <mkzelda> paused. If the player waits long enough, then unpauses the game, the boss will die instantly. So popular was this glitch that Nintendo Power once printed it on the subscription cards packaged with NES games as an example of the tips featured in each magazine. 
06:16 <mkzelda> I have one of those cards somewhere
06:17 <Your_mom_arma> spidey:  ping
06:24 <Lucifer_arma> spidey: dong
06:51 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, 
06:51 <spidey> Your_mom_arma, 
06:52 <spidey> WTF!
06:53 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-75-56-60-245.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has left #Armagetron []
06:57 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Your_mom@pool-151-204-71-254.delv.east.verizon.net] has left #armagetron []
06:59 <spidey> ..
06:59 <spidey> lame
07:16 <luke-jr_> spidey: is 'nicktitnass' the real TnA?
07:16 <spidey> .........
07:16 <spidey> htf should i know?
07:16 <luke-jr_> dunno
07:16 <luke-jr_> got ur ssh server setup yet?
07:16 <spidey> no
07:18 <luke-jr_> lame
07:18 <luke-jr_> idler
07:18 <spidey> it's irc
07:18 <spidey> i'm allowed to idle
07:18 <luke-jr_> no, it's KVMoIP
07:18 <luke-jr_> :p
07:18 <malnilion> Yay for idling :)
07:18 <luke-jr_> malnilion: want spidey's server?
07:19 <spidey> ...
07:19 <malnilion> Lol
07:19 <luke-jr_> he's not using it much
07:19 <luke-jr_> so why not
07:20 <spidey> tell ya what
07:20 <malnilion> Who fork bombed your server earlier?
07:20 <spidey> send me a 250gb hdd so i don't have to clean this one up, and i'll get right on your vps thing
07:20 <spidey> otherwise i'm taking my time
07:20 <spidey> ggkthnx
07:21 <luke-jr_> malnilion: seldon in #anime I think
07:21 <spidey> besides
07:21 <spidey> luke's vps sucks
07:21 <luke-jr_> u sux
07:21 <malnilion> vps?
07:21 <spidey> it keeps dying in the middle of aptitude
07:22 <luke-jr_> that's cuz it's gratis
07:22 <luke-jr_> so there
07:22 <luke-jr_> :p
07:22 <malnilion> What does vps stand for?
07:22 <luke-jr_> when I find a colo for it, it won't have that problem
07:22 <spidey> virtual private server
07:22 <malnilion> Got it.
07:23 <GodTodd> #luke
07:23 <armabot> STFU baka noob?? RTFM?? you're lame or smth.
07:24 <spidey> is it just me or does that keep growing?
07:24 <GodTodd> it grows as stuff bugs me ;)
07:24 <spidey> lol
07:24 <spidey> my games folder is 15gb :(
07:24 <spidey> that's what's using all my space on E:\
07:24 <spidey> but i don't wanna delete any of them :<
07:25 <malnilion> I know the feeling :)
07:25 <spidey> hm
07:25 <spidey> time to overload my server aswell
07:25 <spidey> :/
07:26 <spidey> could just delete steam and freeup 1.61gb
07:26 <spidey> should be enough to extract grand theft auto to a temp dir long enough to install it
07:27 <spidey> yay
07:27 <spidey> now 15 minutes to extract 3.61gb >.<
07:28 <spidey> 3.91*
07:34 <wrtlprnft> spidey: restarted
07:34 <wrtlprnft> i have no clue why it's dieing
07:34 <spidey> #lastseen spidey
07:34 <armabot> spidey: ¦fa¦ªspidey»	Os has last been seen on Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress 0 days 13 hours 17 minutes ago.
07:34 <spidey> :D
07:50 -!- malnilion_ [n=malnilio@] has joined #armagetron
07:54 -!- malnilion [n=malnilio@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
08:02 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-75-56-60-245.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #Armagetron
08:15 <Lucifer_arma> haha
08:15 <spidey> ?
08:15 <Lucifer_arma> I'm gonna start asking people "Am I the real Lucifer?"
08:15 <spidey> are you?
08:15 <Lucifer_arma> everytime I play now, people ask me "Are you the real luci or a fake?"
08:15 <spidey> heh
08:15 <spidey> there's luzier and ady lucifer
08:15 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, but they're not fake lucifers anymore
08:15 <_Sticky_> there are a few luci's around
08:15 <Lucifer_arma> how come I never see them?
08:15 <spidey> because you only play when normal people sleep?
08:15 <Lucifer_arma> why are you awake?
08:15 <spidey> i'm a spider
08:15 <Lucifer_arma> I need to finish sorting out my physics notebook and then go to bed
08:15 <spidey> nocternal
08:15 <_Sticky_> i take it you are not luzifer?
08:16 <spidey> LOL
08:16 <spidey> -caps
08:20 <spidey> #g 13 C in F
08:20 <armabot> spidey: 13 degrees Celsius = 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit
08:33 <Lucifer_arma> <---- does this look like "Luzifer'?
08:35 <_Sticky_> there is also adyLucifer...i take it your not him either
08:35 <Lucifer_arma> <---- do I really act like an asshat?
08:36 <_Sticky_> yeah so there are a few lucifers around
08:36 <Lucifer_arma> no, there's a Lucifer, a Luzifer, and an adyot Lucifer
08:36 <Lucifer_arma> Luzifer is LukeSky on the forums, btw
08:37 <Lucifer_arma> the question isn't about them, it's are there other people calling themselves "Lucifer", in a way that makes "Lucifer" == hisName evaluate to True?
08:40 <Lucifer_arma> maybe I should change my name to Luci.  It'll be just like my pink screwdrivers, nobody'll ever try to steal it because they'd think it was too gay
08:46 <xfroggy> I just found out I can boil water in the ordinary plastic bottle like from coke soda , by filling it up and throwing it in fire Oo
08:46 <Lucifer_arma> bottle doesn't melt?
08:46 <xfroggy> surprising no
08:46 <xfroggy> http://www.chillpocket.com/videos/194.php
08:47 <xfroggy> now I just gotta try it
08:48 <Lucifer_arma> so xfroggy apparently has nothing to do with linux, or you wouldn't have linked to a worthless video
08:48 <xfroggy> >:D
08:48 <xfroggy> actually I was trying to find a good C tutorial :\
08:48 <xfroggy> somehow I ended up there
09:09 -!- _Sticky_ [n=kvirc@80-41-87-23.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has quit ["KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies http://www.kvirc.net/"]
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09:43 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has joined #armagetron
10:41 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r7146 /armagetronad/branches/0.2.8/armagetronad/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Enhanced "Master server unreachable" error message.
10:42 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r7147 /armagetronad/branches/0.2.8/armagetronad/language/deutsch.txt: Whoops, forgot to update title.
10:42 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r7148 /armagetronad/branches/0.2.8/armagetronad/src/tron/gCycleMovement.cpp: Fixed missing initialization warning.
11:15 -!- Angel-H [n=Angel-H@cpc1-stkp5-0-0-cust249.manc.cable.ntl.com] has joined #armagetron
11:18 <Angel-H> hi im just wondering does anyone know how to turn the HUD off in arma 3.0 ? :)
11:50 <wrtlprnft> COCKPIT_FILE .
11:50 <wrtlprnft> on the console
11:54 <Angel-H> so i type that in game via console ?
12:05 <Angel-H> it worked, i typed cockpit_file off it showed a 404 error but now the HUD is turned off, thankyou so much :)
12:08 <wrtlprnft> :)
12:08 <wrtlprnft> that's what was supposed to happen
12:09 <Angel-H> yay thanks :) will there not be an option to turn it off in game set up ?
12:17 <wrtlprnft> hopefully there will be eventually
12:17 <Angel-H> thanks :)
12:35 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@HSI-KBW-091-089-011-161.hsi2.kabelbw.de] has joined #armagetron
12:40 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
12:40 <epsy> hi
12:48 -!- Angel-H [n=Angel-H@cpc1-stkp5-0-0-cust249.manc.cable.ntl.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
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14:40 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, wrtlprnft ping
14:49 <spidey> #g 40% of 50
14:49 <armabot> spidey: 40% of 50 = 20
14:51 <spidey> #g 90% of 625
14:51 <armabot> spidey: 90% of 625 = 562.5
14:55 -!- Xian [n=5461867e@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
14:55 <Xian> salut / Hey
14:56 <Xian>  KOOL
14:56 -!- Xian [n=5461867e@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit [Client Quit]
15:11 -!- malnilion_ [n=malnilio@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
15:56 -!- Stempo [n=47d76dce@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
15:58 <wrtlprnft> spidey: pong
16:12 <Stempo> wrtl: ping
16:17 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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16:49 <wrtlprnft> spidey: pong…
16:56 -!- Stempo [n=47d76dce@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC (EOF)"]
17:10 -!- DrJoeTron [n=DrJoeTro@adsl-76-215-0-117.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net] has joined #Armagetron
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18:11 <Lucifer_arma> spidey: dong
18:12 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@HSI-KBW-091-089-011-161.hsi2.kabelbw.de] has joined #armagetron
18:44 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034247092.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
19:21  * Lucifer_arma waits to be bombarded with "wiki's down!" messages
20:04 <Lucifer_arma> ah oh, trouble on the wiki :(
20:08 <guru3> what's wrong Lucifer_arma ?
20:09 <Lucifer_arma> bad behavior doesn't support mediawiki 1.9
20:09 <Lucifer_arma> looks like I'll need to upgrade it :(
20:09 <Lucifer_arma> I guess it's a good thing, long as it doesn't lock everyone out again
20:09 <Lucifer_arma> the issue is I might have to disable it, which would be a Bad Thing
20:12 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@cpe-72-190-92-193.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
20:13 <guru3> Ah,
20:13 <guru3> .
20:13 <guru3> ruined my dramatic line D:
20:14 <luke-jr_work> ...
20:23 <Lucifer_arma> wiki work for anyone?
20:24 -!- xfroggy [n=xfroggy@crlspr-] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:25 <luke-jr_work> Fatal error: Call to undefined function wfQuery() in /www/wiki/extensions/Bad-Behavior/bad-behavior-mediawiki.php on line 63
20:25 -!- xfroggy [n=xfroggy@crlspr-] has joined #armagetron
20:26 <Lucifer_arma> ok, wiki seems to be working again
20:26 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@cpe-72-190-92-193.tx.res.rr.com] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:27 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@cpe-72-190-92-193.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
20:29 -!- GodTodd_ [n=GodTodd@cpe-72-190-92-193.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
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20:50 <mkzelda> #weather 27545
20:50 <armabot> mkzelda: The current temperature in Southall Subdivision, Raleigh, North Carolina is 73.4°F (2:53 PM EST on February 22, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 29%. Dew Point: 39.2°F. Pressure: 29.66 in 1004.3 hPa. 
20:54 <guru3> #weather 27510
20:54 <armabot> guru3: The current temperature in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is 69.8°F (1:56 PM EST on February 22, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 18%. Dew Point: 24.8°F. Pressure: 29.69 in 1005 hPa. 
21:04 -!- Netsplit calvino.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: xfroggy, spidey
21:10 -!- Netsplit over, joins: xfroggy, spidey
21:18 <mkzelda> #weather 28655
21:18 <armabot> mkzelda: The current temperature in Silver Creek Observatory, Morganton, North Carolina is 65.1°F (3:18 PM EST on February 22, 2007). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 20%. Dew Point: 23.0°F. Pressure: 29.86 in 1011.1 hPa.  Lake Wind Advisory in effect until 6 PM EST this afternoon... 
21:24 <Vanhayes> #weather saint john
21:24 <armabot> Vanhayes: Temperature: 25°F / -4°C | Humidity: 40% | Pressure: 29.65in / 1004hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: WNW | Wind Speed: 9mph / 15km/h | Updated: 4:00 PM AST; Tonight - A few clouds. Wind west 20 km/h becoming light this evening. Low minus 16 except minus 12 along the fundy coast.; Friday - Sunny with cloudy periods. Wind becoming north 20 km/h late in the morning. High (1 more message)
21:24 <Vanhayes> #more
21:24 <armabot> Vanhayes: minus 7. Friday night..cloudy periods. 60 percent chance of flurries overnight. Low minus 10 with temperature rising to minus 7 by morning.; Saturday - A mix of sun and cloud with 60 percent chance of flurries. High plus 2.;
21:31 -!- epsy [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
21:31 <epsy> hi
21:36 <luke-jr_work> HI
21:41 -!- epsy_ [n=epsy@mar75-4-82-227-65-72.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #armagetron
21:42 -!- z-man [n=manuel@p5087415C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
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23:22 -!- Van-hayes is now known as Vanhayes
23:24 <Lucifer_arma> yay, the wiki is still alive
23:28 -!- deja_vu_ [n=deja_vu@HSI-KBW-091-089-011-161.hsi2.kabelbw.de] has joined #armagetron
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