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Log from 2006-12-12:
--- Day changed Tue Dec 12 2006
00:01 <DrJoeTron> because im such a wild, rowdy. rapscallion, every other time i speak.
00:02 <DrJoeTron> i just hate that type of talk
00:03 <DrJoeTron> A web variant of the english language in which letters are replaced with numbers and/or symbols that approximate letters. Though its use is considered cool in certain gaming or hacking communities, it's use here is frowned upon except in a strictly satirical sense. Talking like this was cool when you were 8 and used AOL. Figure it out.
00:03 <DrJoeTron> :)
00:08 <Lucifer_arma> #alias add rules echo A web variant of the english language in which letters are replaced with numbers and/or symbols that approximate letters. Though its use is considered cool in certain gaming or hacking communities, it's use here is frowned upon except in a strictly satirical sense. Talking like this was cool when you were 8 and used AOL. Figure it out.
00:08 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: The operation succeeded.
00:08 <Lucifer_arma> #rules
00:08 <armabot> A web variant of the english language in which letters are replaced with numbers and/or symbols that approximate letters. Though its use is considered cool in certain gaming or hacking communities, it's use here is frowned upon except in a strictly satirical sense. Talking like this was cool when you were 8 and used AOL. Figure it out.
00:08 <luke-jr_work> you should rephrase it..
00:09 <Lucifer_arma> no, I *could* rephrase it
00:09 <Lucifer_arma> could != should
00:10 <Lucifer_arma> what I *should* do is clean my kitchen and cook dinner
00:10 <DrJoeTron> haha
00:10 <DrJoeTron> i got that from the SAclopedia 
00:15 <Lucifer_arma> The student could easily have afforded to pay the measly $290 for Microsoft Word to write his thesis, legally. After all the selfish little filcher was paying over $14,000 for his education! Although this law prevented a hard-working student from graduating, much more should have been done.
00:15 <Lucifer_arma> http://www.piratesinfo.com/detail/detail.php?article_id=77
00:15 <luke-jr_work> wtf
00:17 <DrJoeTron> i love chicago style popcorn :)
00:18 <Lucifer_arma> #g 0.05 * 3000
00:18 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: 0.05 * 3,000 = 150
00:18 <luke-jr_work> Lucifer_arma: are you still working on ACME?
00:18 <Lucifer_arma> you love popcorn on a thick, wheat crust with cheese under the sauce?
00:18 <Lucifer_arma> luke-jr_work: not right at this moment
00:18 <luke-jr_work> Lucifer_arma: is there a working version?
00:18 <Lucifer_arma> I want to rewrite it with pyqt4
00:19 <luke-jr_work> pyqt4 is broken
00:19 <luke-jr_work> it fails to emerge
00:19 <Lucifer_arma> only whatever was in cvs, which worked, but only worked for a beta dtd
00:19 <Lucifer_arma> that doesn't mean it's broken, it means you're using a worthless distribution
00:19 <DrJoeTron> chicago style popcorn is a mix of buttered popcorn, caramel corn, and cheese corn.
00:19 <Lucifer_arma> so it's not like chicago style pizza then?
00:19 <DrJoeTron> not at all
00:20 <DrJoeTron> this is the type of popcorn god would eat if he d(oes)id) exsist
00:20 <Lucifer_arma> then it sucks?
00:20 <luke-jr_work> Lucifer_arma: you make a good point, but I'm not going to fix it just so I can use ACME :p
00:20 <DrJoeTron> its powerful and fearsome
00:20 <Lucifer_arma> god only likes sucky things, that's how we know he loves luke-jr_work (hi there!) 
00:20 <DrJoeTron> hahaha
00:21 <DrJoeTron> god loves all loaded walltet carrying citizens ;)
00:21 <DrJoeTron> wallet*
00:24 <DrJoeTron> #rules
00:25 <DrJoeTron> #kazaam!
00:26 <armabot> A web variant of the english language in which letters are replaced with numbers and/or symbols that approximate letters. Though its use is considered cool in certain gaming or hacking communities, it's use here is frowned upon except in a strictly satirical sense. Talking like this was cool when you were 8 and used AOL. Figure it out.
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00:39 <DrJoeTron> anyone one want to tell me the command for adjusting the ammounts of turns in a second?
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00:59 <Lucifer_arma_> CYCLE_DELAY ?
00:59 -!- Lucifer_arma_ is now known as Lucifer_arma
01:00 <Lucifer_arma> quick, someone send me $200,000 before I go to hell!
01:00 <Lucifer_arma> GOD WILL TAKE AWAY MY EYESIGHT if you don't SEND ME YOUR MONEY!
01:00  * Lucifer_arma wonders if there's any money in being an irc evangelist
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01:27 <ghableska> #weather 50265
01:29 <ghableska> ...
01:31 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in Des Moines, Iowa is 46.4°F (6:12 PM CST on December 11, 2006). Conditions: Light Drizzle. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 42.8°F. Windchill: 42.8°F. Pressure: 29.97 in 1015 hPa. 
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01:37 -!- TuI11 is now known as A7XBean
01:37 <A7XBean> Hello Everybody
01:38 <A7XBean> ok ill just leave then
01:38  * A7XBean leaves
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01:40 <DrJoeTron> good
01:40 <ghableska> :P
01:40 <DrJoeTron> im glad everyone keeps quiet whenever there is stranger danger.
01:40 <ghableska> yep
01:41 <ghableska> although IRC is usually quiet already...
01:41 <DrJoeTron> oooh bbl dinner time
01:46 <madmax|pt> #weather lppt
01:46 <armabot> madmax|pt: The current temperature in Lisbon, Portugal is 46.4°F (12:30 AM WET on December 12, 2006). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 71%. Dew Point: 37.4°F. Windchill: 42.8°F. Pressure: 30.36 in 1028 hPa. 
01:46 <madmax|pt> #46.4f in 
01:46 <madmax|pt> #46.4f in c
01:46 <madmax|pt> argh
01:46 <madmax|pt> #g 46.4f in c
01:46 <armabot> madmax|pt: 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit = 8 degrees Celsius
01:46 <madmax|pt> :S
01:51 <madmax|pt> gnight
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02:09 <DrJoeTron> ko
02:09 <DrJoeTron> ho kai
02:09 <DrJoeTron> ghableska what do you have on steam?
02:11 <DrJoeTron> Yes!
02:11 <DrJoeTron> amd finally took the lead over intel on the system survey
02:12 <ghableska> DrJoeTron, nothing :P
02:13 <DrJoeTron> http://www.steampowered.com/status/survey.html
02:13 <ghableska> well, no full games
02:13 <DrJoeTron> ah
02:13 <ghableska> lots of demos :P
02:13 <DrJoeTron> :( i wanted someone to play hl2 DM with
02:13 <ghableska> ask spidey :)
02:13 <DrJoeTron> spideys computer cant handle hl2
02:14 <ghableska> haha
02:14 <DrJoeTron> well i mean hl2 really is sort of a bench mark still
02:14 <ghableska> yeah
02:14 <DrJoeTron> if your pc can run hl2 ok, you can run just about anything still
02:14 <ghableska> the demo runs great for me
02:14 <spidey> ..
02:14 <spidey> i couldn't play it off steam
02:14 <spidey> though i can't play alot of demos off steam
02:15 <DrJoeTron> you cant play hl2 without steam
02:15 <ghableska> DrJoeTron: is css worth purchasing?
02:15 <DrJoeTron> Valve made hl2 and steam
02:15 <spidey> no
02:15 <ghableska> no?
02:15 <DrJoeTron> hmmm... ghableska 
02:15 <DrJoeTron> tough question
02:15 <ghableska> O_o
02:15 <DrJoeTron> have you ever played CS ever?
02:16 <ghableska> no :P
02:16 <DrJoeTron> ok
02:16 <ghableska> wish there was a demo for it...
02:16 <spidey> no he ever has ever
02:16 <DrJoeTron> you're going to either LOVE IT or HATE IT
02:16 <ghableska> oh?
02:16 <DrJoeTron> and that love is ever lasting
02:16 <ghableska> haha
02:16 <spidey> don't ask joe questions
02:16 <ghableska> I dunno, I've never loathed a video game before: P
02:16 <ghableska> *:P
02:16 <spidey> he loves every game when he plays it
02:16 <DrJoeTron> you're going to bitch about it, but have this unconditional love for it
02:16 <spidey> then he changes his mind
02:17 <spidey> then he changes his mind again
02:17 <ghableska> haha
02:17 <spidey> then...
02:17 <spidey> again
02:17 <DrJoeTron> thats how it is with CS:S
02:17 <ghableska> heh
02:17 <DrJoeTron> when i got it i played it none stop for months
02:17 <DrJoeTron> so in all reality
02:17 <DrJoeTron> buy it
02:17 <DrJoeTron> its alot of fun
02:17 <ghableska> I saw a gmod10 css combo
02:17 <DrJoeTron> garrys mod is a lot of fun
02:18 <spidey> css is easy to hack
02:18 <spidey> they keep all there stuff client side
02:18 <DrJoeTron> yup
02:18 <DrJoeTron> and its blatently obvious
02:18 <DrJoeTron> and they are usually kicked instantly
02:18 <spidey> heh
02:19 <DrJoeTron> besides, its the most popular online game still
02:19 <ghableska> oh
02:19 <spidey> i refuse to play a game  with more aimbotters than halo
02:19 <spidey> it pisses me off
02:19 <spidey> then i kill them
02:19 <ghableska> :P
02:19 <spidey> then i get botted for the rest of the round
02:19 <DrJoeTron> see spidey of all the tmes i've played
02:19 <DrJoeTron> ive ran into a cheater like...4 times
02:20 <spidey> knowing my luck
02:20 <DrJoeTron> besides if you're caught they ban your steam id
02:20 <spidey> i'll run into one in every server i join
02:20 <DrJoeTron> its not as big as a cess pool as you think
02:20 <DrJoeTron> knowing you you'll accuse anyone who is doing good, a cheater.
02:20 <spidey> i love joining games that use punk buster
02:20 <spidey> and hear
02:20 <spidey> "hacker!@"
02:21 <spidey> like every 2 minutes
02:21 <DrJoeTron> steam doesnt use punkbuster
02:21 <spidey> ...
02:21 <ghableska> I was accused of hacking while playing BF2142 :P
02:21 <DrJoeTron> ;)
02:21 <spidey> steam isn't a game
02:21 <ghableska> it uses VAC2
02:21 <DrJoeTron> i was too
02:21 <spidey> punkbuster runs aside a game
02:21 <spidey> it's a server/client type thing
02:21 <DrJoeTron> spidey, most people associate steam with every valve game
02:21 <ghableska> it was funny, because this guy camped in the same spot every time
02:21 <ghableska> and I got so many points :D
02:21 <DrJoeTron> haha
02:22 <spidey> lol
02:22 <DrJoeTron> BF2 uses punkbuster
02:22 <spidey> ghableska, get halo demo
02:22 <spidey> ;p
02:22 <DrJoeTron> its retarded
02:22 <ghableska> I did...two years ago or something
02:22 <DrJoeTron> i hate how flawed it is
02:22 <spidey> ;/
02:22 <ghableska> it was fun for a while
02:22 <spidey> well
02:22 <spidey> get it again ;p
02:22 <ghableska> nah
02:22 <DrJoeTron> ghableska go with CS
02:23 <ghableska> yeah!
02:23 <DrJoeTron> CS:S is loads of fun
02:23 <ghableska> screw halo
02:23 <DrJoeTron> thats my boy!
02:23 <spidey> screw you!
02:23 <spidey> i hope you fall on your head! (again)
02:23 <spidey> :D
02:23 <DrJoeTron> ghableska you know how CS is played right?
02:23 <ghableska> round based
02:23 <ghableska> not spawn?
02:23 <DrJoeTron> one hit you're dead, watch the round end
02:23 <DrJoeTron> wel
02:23 <DrJoeTron> not one hit your dead
02:24 <DrJoeTron> depends on the gun :p
02:24 <DrJoeTron> also
02:24 <DrJoeTron> something i want to try
02:24 <ghableska> heh
02:24 <DrJoeTron> they just added a dynamic weapons list
02:24 <ghableska> yeah, I heard about that
02:24 <ghableska> dynamic pricing
02:24 <DrJoeTron> i hear kevlar and helmet is like $1000  and just kevlar is like 200
02:25 <ghableska> O_o
02:25 <ghableska> well, headshots aren't good :P
02:25 <DrJoeTron> that wont protect you
02:25 <DrJoeTron> especially when people use the AWP
02:25 <DrJoeTron> god that thing is so cheap
02:25 <ghableska> AWP?
02:25 <DrJoeTron> i love the console too
02:26 <DrJoeTron> when you bring it up, it tells you where you were shot and for how much
02:26 <ghableska> messing around with the console was fun in hl2
02:26 <DrJoeTron> and how much you did to them
02:26 <ghableska> (demo)
02:26 <DrJoeTron> it is!
02:26 <ghableska> making zombies fight combine soldiers
02:26 <DrJoeTron> the console is so fun on hl2
02:26 <DrJoeTron> my favorite thing was after beating the game
02:26 <DrJoeTron> warp to the citadel and then go back to first chapter
02:27 <DrJoeTron> and starting off with the super gravity gun
02:27 <DrJoeTron> so i could rip things off of walls and hurl people across the room
02:27 <DrJoeTron> that never gets old
02:27 <ghableska> ^_^
02:29 <DrJoeTron> CS:S is 20 bucks
02:29 <DrJoeTron> what can you lose?
02:29 <spidey> 20 bucks
02:30 <ghableska> 20 bucks isn't much
02:30 <DrJoeTron> it really isnt
02:30 <ghableska> for a game which never really ends...
02:30 <DrJoeTron> especially for when i got the game
02:30 <DrJoeTron> well...
02:30 <ghableska> hmm?
02:30 <DrJoeTron> i technically got it for free
02:30 <ghableska> O_O
02:30 <ghableska> How?
02:30 <DrJoeTron> because it comes with HL2
02:30 <ghableska> oh
02:30 <DrJoeTron> if you buy it at the store
02:30 <ghableska> how much did you pay for Hl2?
02:31 <DrJoeTron> but i bought it for like 60 bucks
02:31 <DrJoeTron> and it came on 5 CD's
02:31 <DrJoeTron> it was HUGE
02:31 <ghableska> O_O
02:31 <DrJoeTron> needless to say one of the cd's has a crack at the end
02:31 <DrJoeTron> disc 3 i think
02:31 <DrJoeTron> so i cant use them anymor
02:31 <ghableska> I hope they put them on DVD's now, lol.
02:31 <DrJoeTron> and this is exactly why steam is cool
02:31 <DrJoeTron> they do
02:32 <DrJoeTron> but that cost more
02:32 <DrJoeTron> but they gave you half life: source
02:32 <ghableska> Ah.
02:32 <DrJoeTron> after you type the CD key into your steam account
02:32 <DrJoeTron> its saved on it forever
02:32 <DrJoeTron> so if you lose the discs and need to install
02:33 <DrJoeTron> just click the game and it will install the game from their database
02:33 <ghableska> cool
02:33 <DrJoeTron> its awesome
02:33 <DrJoeTron> the games are huge though
02:33 <DrJoeTron> so its an endeavor
02:33 <ghableska> yeah
02:33 <DrJoeTron> hmmm
02:33 <ghableska> especially if you have a slow internet connection
02:33 <DrJoeTron> nah
02:33 <DrJoeTron> doesnt even matter sometimes if its a day when a game launches
02:33 -!- [dlh] [n=[dlh]@a0204.upc-a.chello.nl] has quit ["⌘Q"]
02:33 <DrJoeTron> their servers are stockpiled
02:34 <DrJoeTron> its not even close to as bad as when half life 2 was launched
02:34 <GodTodd> goddamn you joe
02:35 <ghableska> ...?
02:35 <DrJoeTron> ghableska ok
02:35 <DrJoeTron> best buy has halflife 2 game of the year addition
02:35 <DrJoeTron> for 30 bucks
02:35 <DrJoeTron> if you buy that
02:35 <DrJoeTron> you get hl2 dm (which is free no matter what) and CS:S
02:36 <ghableska> hmm
02:36 <ghableska> what's hl2 dm like?
02:36 <DrJoeTron> loads of fun
02:36 <DrJoeTron> especially with the gravity gun
02:36  * ghableska doesn't really like dm
02:36 <DrJoeTron> i dont either
02:37 <DrJoeTron> but we have fun with the settings and build stuff
02:37 <DrJoeTron> and then blow each other up
02:37 <ghableska> I'd prefer more team-oriented games
02:37 <ghableska> haha
02:37 <ghableska> well, gmod is multiplayer too, right?
02:37 <DrJoeTron> well i mean
02:37 <DrJoeTron> hl2 dm is free if you buy hl2 anyways
02:37 <DrJoeTron> because its like, the 2nd mod for it
02:37 <ghableska> oh
02:37 <DrJoeTron> garrys mod is extremely laggy online
02:37 <ghableska> really?
02:37 <DrJoeTron> ungodly
02:38 <DrJoeTron> even on a lan
02:38 <DrJoeTron> its horrid
02:38 <ghableska> haha
02:39 <spidey> your computer just sucks
02:39 <ghableska> spidey: look who's talking
02:39 <DrJoeTron> ghab can run hl2
02:39 <DrJoeTron> so he doesnt need to worry
02:40 <ghableska> DrJoeTron: ever played in a 64 player titan server? XD
02:40 <DrJoeTron> but yeah
02:40 <spidey> my computer runs what ~i want~
02:40 <spidey> not these bajillion fuckin games joe wants me to get
02:40 <DrJoeTron> ghableska garrys mod's discrimination knows no bounds
02:41 <DrJoeTron> hl2 and bf2 = bajillion
02:41 <ghableska> O_o
02:41 <spidey> ugh
02:41 <spidey> lets see
02:41 <spidey> this is just a few
02:41 <spidey> warrock
02:41 <spidey> guild wars
02:41 <ghableska> I want portal :-/
02:41 <DrJoeTron> wait
02:41 <spidey> bf2
02:41 <ghableska> warrock sucks
02:41 <spidey> annd the bf's
02:41 <spidey> what else
02:41 <DrJoeTron> someone else got you to play warrock
02:41 <spidey> hl
02:41 <spidey> hl2
02:41 <spidey> bs
02:41 <spidey> you did
02:41 <spidey> you got me and hayes
02:41 <spidey> not stfu
02:41 <ghableska> and spidey got me :P
02:42 <DrJoeTron> haha
02:42 <DrJoeTron> guild wars i still play
02:42 <ghableska> I miss Bf2.
02:42 <DrJoeTron> you had bf2?
02:42 <ghableska> demo :P
02:42 <DrJoeTron> ah
02:42 <DrJoeTron> Mount up!
02:42 <ghableska> it took skill to fly the airplanes/ helis
02:42 <ghableska> "Clear!:
02:42 <DrJoeTron> You'll live buddy! Now get back to the fight!
02:43 <ghableska> hahaha
02:43 <DrJoeTron> Enemy Boat Spotted
02:43 <ghableska> >_>
02:43 <DrJoeTron> Enemy Boat Spotted Enemy Boat Spotted Enemy Boat Spotted Enemy Boat Spotted Enemy Boat Spotted Enemy Boat Spotted 
02:43 <ghableska> I hated those commanders
02:43 <ghableska> they disabled spam protection and wouldn't shut up
02:43 <DrJoeTron> i loved watching the people go and fly the plane upside down into the water
02:43 <ghableska> lol
02:44 <DrJoeTron> while they kill the entire team in the process for it
02:44 <ghableska> everyone waited around for the planes to spawn
02:44 <DrJoeTron> of course
02:44 <DrJoeTron> btw
02:44 <DrJoeTron> that map
02:44 <DrJoeTron> gulf of oman
02:44 <ghableska> hehe
02:44 <DrJoeTron> one of THE best maps on  their
02:44 <ghableska> I liked the crane :)
02:45 <ghableska> if you had a squad leader go up really high with the blackhawk, you could spawn from him and parachute ANYWHERE
02:45 <DrJoeTron> my friend and i usually go in the chopper or fly the planes and destroy everything
02:45 <DrJoeTron> oh god!
02:45 <DrJoeTron> the blackhawk was so nerfed :/
02:45 <ghableska> :P
02:45 <DrJoeTron> see heres what we did
02:45 <ghableska> a whole squad of snipers on a crane :D
02:45 <DrJoeTron> we'd go in the blackhawk, pilot would be squadleader and a medic
02:45 <DrJoeTron> 2 gunners, and an engineer in the back
02:46 <DrJoeTron> so as you got shot the egineer virtually instantly repairs the blackhawk
02:46 <DrJoeTron> and the blackhawk had this rediculous ammount of armor
02:46 <DrJoeTron> it could not be stopped
02:46 <ghableska> haha, nice
02:46 <DrJoeTron> unless you rammed it :p
02:47 <ghableska> true
02:47 <ghableska> kamakazi pilots
02:47 <ghableska> btw, that's a good way of bringing down a walker
02:47 <DrJoeTron> my favorite thing to do now is to drive the planes
02:48 <DrJoeTron> when on the mec side
02:48 <DrJoeTron> i'll just take the fighter, hook it to the left and just start driving it down the road
02:48 <ghableska> yeah, you can get lots of points from people sitting around on the carrier
02:48 <DrJoeTron> oh no
02:48 <ghableska> if you're on MEC. :P
02:48 <ghableska> it sucked
02:48 <DrJoeTron> no way
02:48 <DrJoeTron> i love being Mec
02:48 <DrJoeTron> you learn to love them all
02:48 <ghableska> especially when you were one of the people who waited around for the planes to spawn
02:49 <spidey> DrJoeTron, ghableska lets play defcon
02:49 <DrJoeTron> trust me ghableska when you play with people you know on like a voip, its a whole different game.
02:50 <DrJoeTron> you'll try and be super tactical, and then realize "dick stole my plane! i jusst planted c4 on it though, so he's in for a suprise"
02:50 <ghableska> hahaha
02:50 <ghableska> with ts?
02:50 <DrJoeTron> yeah
02:50 <ghableska> hmm, I think I had that a long time agot oo
02:50 <DrJoeTron> the one for bf2 sucks
02:51 <ghableska> *ago too
02:51 <DrJoeTron> my friend and i play every friday from like 7pm to 2am
02:51 <DrJoeTron> roughly around there
02:51 <ghableska> heh
02:53 <spidey> "you hac....(headshot)....ker
02:53 <spidey> x;
02:53 <ghableska> :P
02:53 <spidey> i love playing no sheilds
02:54 <spidey> and 400% health
02:54 <spidey> i can headshot atleast once every person i aim at
02:54 <ghableska> :P
02:54 <spidey> headshot = instant death no matter what the health is
02:54 <spidey> and they're sitting there hitting my body and legs and stuff doing almost no damage
02:54 <spidey> it's like
02:54 <spidey> pwn!
02:55 <DrJoeTron> #rules
02:55 <armabot> A web variant of the english language in which letters are replaced with numbers and/or symbols that approximate letters. Though its use is considered cool in certain gaming or hacking communities, it's use here is frowned upon except in a strictly satirical sense. Talking like this was cool when you were 8 and used AOL. Figure it out.
02:56 <DrJoeTron> but uh yeah ghableska let me know if you get hl2 or css
02:57 <spidey> #cnn 38256
02:57 <armabot> spidey: The current temperature in Paris, TN is 59.0°F. Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 57%. Wind: SE at 6 mph (10 km/h).
02:57 <spidey> nice out
02:58 <spidey> DrJoeTron, you're the only one who bitches about "pwn"
02:58 <spidey> so stfu
02:58 <spidey> PWN PWN PWN
02:58 <spidey> zpmg
02:58 <spidey> ZPMG
02:58 <spidey> #help rules
02:58 <armabot> spidey: (rules <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "echo A web variant of the english language in which letters are replaced with numbers and/or symbols that approximate letters. Though its use is considered cool in certain gaming or hacking communities, it's use here is frowned upon except in a strictly satirical sense. Talking like this was cool when you were 8 and used AOL. Figure it out.".
02:59 <ghableska> #weather 50265
02:59 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in Des Moines, Iowa is 46.4°F (7:29 PM CST on December 11, 2006). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 87%. Dew Point: 42.8°F. Windchill: 41.0°F. Pressure: 29.97 in 1015 hPa. 
03:07 <GodTodd> #weather 75023
03:07 <armabot> GodTodd: The current temperature in Custer & Pleasant Valley, Plano, Texas is 58.8°F (8:07 PM CST on December 11, 2006). Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 61%. Dew Point: 46.4°F. Pressure: 30.05 in 1017.5 hPa. 
03:07 <GodTodd> man...i haven't been addicted to punch out since like 7th grade...
03:19 -!- spidey [i=spidey@unaffiliated/mcspiddles] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
03:21 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-27.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
03:21 <spidey> brb
03:21 <ghableska> o.0
03:43 <spidey> JPP R TEH PWNED!
03:44 <spidey> #night
03:44 <armabot> Good night spidey!
03:53 <DrJoeTron> ghableska http://steampowered.com/v/index.php?area=stats&cc=--
03:54 <DrJoeTron> click view detailed statistics
03:54 <ghableska> ok...
03:54 <ghableska> wow!
03:55 <DrJoeTron> source isnt as popular
03:55 <ghableska> yeah...
03:55 <ghableska> higher system requirements?
03:55 <DrJoeTron> but thats because cs v1.6 runs on everything
03:56 <DrJoeTron> but still
03:56 <DrJoeTron> thats alot of servers
03:56 <ghableska> yeah
03:56 <ghableska> what's day of defeat?
04:00 <DrJoeTron> world war II game
04:00 <ghableska> hmm
04:00 <ghableska> I really want portal :)
04:00 <DrJoeTron> its pretty fun
04:00 <DrJoeTron> we all do
04:00 <DrJoeTron> :)
04:00 <ghableska> heh
04:00 <DrJoeTron> have you ever tried narbackular drop?
04:01 <DrJoeTron> i think i misspelled that totally
04:01 <DrJoeTron> but thats what portal is based off of
04:01 <DrJoeTron> its a free game i believe
04:01 <DrJoeTron> also
04:01 <DrJoeTron> if you're waiting for episode 2 to comeout
04:02 <DrJoeTron> note that TF2 is coming with :)
04:02 <DrJoeTron> and i cannot wait for that
04:02 <ghableska> DrJoeTron: yeah, that's fun too
04:02 <ghableska> heh, I like the TF2 and portal trailers :)
04:02 <DrJoeTron> haha yeah
04:03 <DrJoeTron> i've been waiting for tf2 for years
04:03 <ghableska> "As part of a previously-mentioned required test protocol, we can no longer lie to you. When the testing is over, you will be... missed!"
04:16 <DrJoeTron> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6947118853654187245&sourceid=docidfeed&hl=en poor poor asimo :(
04:18 <ghableska> heh
04:31 <ghableska> #weather 50265
04:31 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in Des Moines, Iowa is 46.4°F (9:01 PM CST on December 11, 2006). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 93%. Dew Point: 44.6°F. Windchill: 42.8°F. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa. 
04:51 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034250221.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
04:55 <Lucifer_arma> pwn isn't a word
04:55 <Lucifer_arma> man, I was expecting to come back and see spidey whining about wanting to play scorched3d
04:56 <ghableska> instead you came back and saw spidey whining about...?
04:56 <Lucifer_arma> nothing, believe it or not
04:56 <Lucifer_arma> he went to bed, apparently
04:57 <ghableska> o.0
05:06 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-240-54-90.client.mchsi.com] has quit ["O_o"]
05:38 <DrJoeTron> oh god
05:38 <DrJoeTron> national no probation day is hilarious
05:39 <DrJoeTron> if you post something stupid on the sa boards, you get put on probation and cant post for "insert time here"
05:39 <DrJoeTron> today they got rid of it for the day, and instead they just ban you for minor infractions.
05:44 <GodTodd> so...how'd you get banned? ;)
05:45 <DrJoeTron> i havent yet
05:45 <DrJoeTron> i never post :.
05:45 <DrJoeTron> i dont plan on it today
05:45 <GodTodd> yet...nice choice of words
05:45 <GodTodd> heh
05:46 <DrJoeTron> pretty much
05:46 <DrJoeTron> http://forums.somethingawful.com/banlist.php welcome to the lepers colony
05:47 <DrJoeTron> i mean people get banned for pretty much being totally retarded\
05:48 <GodTodd> you wanna take my last final for me, joe?
05:49 <DrJoeTron> whats it in
05:49 <GodTodd> trig
05:49 <DrJoeTron> and then will you take my last one?
05:49 <GodTodd> what's it in?
05:49 <DrJoeTron> can i just draw dinosaurs?
05:49 <DrJoeTron> graphic design
05:49 <GodTodd> ummm no
05:50 <GodTodd> yeah..i'll take yours :)
05:50 <GodTodd> heh
05:50 <DrJoeTron> hah
05:51 <GodTodd> you have two days to study for mine :)
05:52 <DrJoeTron> mine is tommarow
05:52 <DrJoeTron> shit
05:52 <GodTodd> tomorrow?
05:52 <GodTodd> :P
05:52 <DrJoeTron> curse you spell correct
05:52 <DrJoeTron> hmmm
05:52 <DrJoeTron> tomorrow
05:52 <DrJoeTron> there we go
05:53 <DrJoeTron> i only set it to work with tom arrow
05:53 <GodTodd> haha
05:53 <DrJoeTron> see now there is no excuse for spelling like crap a billion times on the same word you use frequently
05:54 <GodTodd> exactly
05:54 <GodTodd> computers rule :)
05:59 <DrJoeTron> haha
07:00 <GodTodd> hrmm
07:00 <GodTodd> this channel's not nearly as amusing as it normally is
07:01 <GodTodd> oh....i see why
07:12 <DrJoeTron> awesome
07:13 <DrJoeTron> some stranger over the internet just spent money on me
07:16 <GodTodd> how much?
07:30 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50873813.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
07:53 <DrJoeTron> 5 bucks
07:53 <DrJoeTron> sorry it took so long
07:54 <DrJoeTron> i decided to be apart of a "new guy adoption thread"
07:54 <DrJoeTron> so he's helping me "break the ice" in the retarded section of the boards
07:56 <DrJoeTron> and decided he liked me and spent 5 bucks so i can get an avatar
08:05 <GodTodd> haha
08:06 <DrJoeTron> http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2222932&perpage=40&pagenumber=1
08:10 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50873813.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
08:11 <GodTodd> heh
08:27 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50873813.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
08:51 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50873813.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
08:53 -!- Durka [n=4ca7ddac@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
08:53 <Durka> is joda here?
08:53 <DrJoeTron> now i need to come up with an avatar
08:53 <DrJoeTron> nk
08:53 <DrJoeTron> no
08:54 <Durka> is dr joe tron here?
08:54 <DrJoeTron> probably
08:54 <Durka> o
08:54 <Durka> do u know where
08:54 <DrJoeTron> let me ping him
08:54 <Durka> k
08:54 <DrJoeTron> DrJoeTron ping
08:54 <Durka> i think his ip is
08:54 <Durka> or im not sure
08:54 <DrJoeTron> that twit is never there when i need him
08:54 <Durka> :[
08:55 <DrJoeTron> i'll tell him you were looking for him
08:55 <Durka> aight
08:55 <Durka> and tell joda too
08:55 <DrJoeTron> more than likely you'll see him before i will
08:55 <Durka> k
08:56 <Durka> thnx for the advice
08:56 <DrJoeTron> GodTodd i need to come up with an avatar :/
08:56 <DrJoeTron> im thinking i should mspaint one up
09:02 <Durka> #lastseen joda.bot
09:02 <armabot> Durka: ~*SP*~joda.bot has last been seen on Chico's Brake Boost Styball 12 minutes ago.
09:04 <Durka> #lastseen godtodd
09:05 <Durka> timedout probably
09:05 <DrJoeTron> GodTodd plays armagetron?
09:05 <Durka> no lol
09:05 <armabot> Durka: timed out
09:06 <Durka> #lastseen armabot
09:07 <armabot> Durka: timed out
09:08 <Durka> #quote get 34
09:08 <armabot> Durka: Quote #34: "im FBI, got ya...hands up,or i will shot at u with dos attacks-Ady" (added by spidey at 01:17 AM, November 11, 2006)
09:08 <Durka> #quote get 35
09:08 <armabot> Durka: Quote #35: "ur not a good writer :P - Ady" (added by Lucifer_arma at 11:00 PM, November 13, 2006)
09:08 <Durka> #quote get 36
09:08 <armabot> Durka: Quote #36: "<Durka> HEY im a n00b" (added by spidey at 08:45 PM, December 07, 2006)
09:11 <DrJoeTron> #rules
09:11 <armabot> A web variant of the english language in which letters are replaced with numbers and/or symbols that approximate letters. Though its use is considered cool in certain gaming or hacking communities, it's use here is frowned upon except in a strictly satirical sense. Talking like this was cool when you were 8 and used AOL. Figure it out.
09:17 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@cpe-76-183-44-91.tx.res.rr.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
09:22 <DrJoeTron> dont you have finals to study for Durka?
09:46  * Durka isnt in college anymore
09:46  * Durka has to go
09:46  * Durka is STILL looking for joe
09:47 -!- Durka [n=4ca7ddac@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit ["CGI:IRC"]
11:34 <DrJoeTron> holy fuck
11:34 <DrJoeTron> how old is durka?
11:34 <DrJoeTron> i pegged him as 16
11:39 <DrJoeTron> Lucifer_arma did you ever watch voltron?
12:39 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p5092111A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
12:48 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r6495 /private/z-man/clio/ (classname.hpp dataconversion.hpp macros.hpp): All places where you pass custom names to macros now require real C strings instead of preprocessor tokens that get stringified.
12:49 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r6496 /private/z-man/clio/test.cpp: All places where you pass custom names to macros now require real C strings instead of preprocessor tokens that get stringified.
13:04 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p5092111A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["leaving"]
13:13 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@71-212-209-112.hlrn.qwest.net] has quit [Excess Flood]
13:13 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@71-212-209-112.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
13:29 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@71-212-209-112.hlrn.qwest.net] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]
13:31 <Lucifer_arma> DrJoeTron: yeah, I watched both the voltron with the lions, and the one with the spaceships
13:38 <DrJoeTron> ok
13:38 <DrJoeTron> answer me this then
13:38 <DrJoeTron> is pidge a boy or a girl
13:39 <Lucifer_arma> boy?
13:39 <Lucifer_arma> the lions had a bunch of boys and one and only one girl
13:39 <DrJoeTron> yeah
13:39 <DrJoeTron> pidge reminds of me of "its pat!"
13:39 <Lucifer_arma> heh
13:40 <Lucifer_arma> ummm, don't forget, it was a japanese cartoon, and what we saw in america was some american script written on top of the japanese animation
13:40 <Lucifer_arma> not the japanese script translated :)
13:40 <DrJoeTron> im aware
13:41 <DrJoeTron> like how the old blue lion pilot is just "sent back" in the american dubb when he was mortaly wounded
13:41 <DrJoeTron> no
13:41 <DrJoeTron> Sven died!
13:41 <DrJoeTron> D:
13:41 <DrJoeTron> and i liked sven
13:42 <DrJoeTron> do you know how old durka is?
13:44 <Lucifer_arma> no, I don't sorry
13:44  * Lucifer_arma is going to go smoke a cigarette
13:45 <spidey> die
13:56 <Lucifer_arma> you die
13:57 <Lucifer_arma> I suspect durka is 16-18, but he might be drinking age
13:57 <DrJoeTron> he said he is out of college now
13:57 <DrJoeTron> which suprises me
13:59 <Lucifer_arma> could be a college drop out
14:00 <DrJoeTron> true
14:00 <DrJoeTron> but the way he types, he comes off as as someone around 15-18
14:00 <DrJoeTron> wheras when 2020 types he comes off as "I type with my tongue!"
14:00 <DrJoeTron> or
14:00 <DrJoeTron> I
14:01 <DrJoeTron> type with me
14:01 <DrJoeTron> tongue
14:01 <DrJoeTron> !
14:01 <Lucifer_arma> (
14:01 <Lucifer_arma> but only on days ending in Y
14:01 <Lucifer_arma> )
14:01 <wrtlprnft> wow. this math test sucked.
14:01 <DrJoeTron> how'd ya do
14:01 <wrtlprnft> i sort of got something everywhere, so i guess it'll be fine
14:02 <wrtlprnft> but there's one question i heven't found two people with the same answer for
14:02 <Lucifer_arma> I want to read a web page about ship-to-ship sailing tactics, not large navy tactics
14:02  * wrtlprnft hates questions featuring 3-dimensional vectors
14:02 <wrtlprnft> it's work³
14:03 <Lucifer_arma> heh
14:03 <Lucifer_arma> they're not that hard, are they?
14:03 <wrtlprnft> not in therory
14:03 <wrtlprnft> lots of places where a little error can be fatal, though
14:04 <Lucifer_arma> heh, better get used to that.  What was the question?
14:04 <wrtlprnft> sec
14:04 <wrtlprnft> 2 vectors that define a paralellogram
14:04 <wrtlprnft> ABCD, where A = (0;0;0)
14:04 <Lucifer_arma> oh shit.  volume of the parallelpiped?
14:04 <wrtlprnft> no
14:05 <wrtlprnft> you were supposed to find the equations of three lines
14:05 <wrtlprnft> BD, A-(midpoint of BC), and C-(midpoint of AB)
14:05 <wrtlprnft> they're supposed to intersect in one point
14:06 <wrtlprnft> i was supposed to find that point, and got three intersection
14:06 <wrtlprnft> the next question was the ratio in which the point divides the lines
14:07 <wrtlprnft> well, i had 3 points, each intersecting 2 lines, so i could have given 6 answers
14:07 <Lucifer_arma> ummm, is there something missing?  Are the two vectors given, or are you just given the one point and those relationships?
14:07 <wrtlprnft> the vectors and the point is given
14:08 <wrtlprnft> if the vectors are x and y (stupid names), b is a+x, d is a+y, and c is a+x+y
14:09 <wrtlprnft> all with vector arrows over them
14:09 <Lucifer_arma> umm, yeah, we normally use different letters for vectors because x, y, and z are used for points and equations
14:09 <Lucifer_arma> it's not a requirement, of course, but it is less confusing that way
14:10 <wrtlprnft> they didn't have names
14:10 <wrtlprnft> they were just called AB and BC
14:10 <wrtlprnft> w/ vector symbols, but you can't have them here, so i named them
14:10 <Lucifer_arma> since a is (0,0,0), you can simplify c to just x+y
14:11 <wrtlprnft> yeah, of course
14:11 <wrtlprnft> i know how to do it, but i must have made some miscalculations
14:11 <DrJoeTron> man oh man do i wish i payed attention in math durring high school
14:11 <DrJoeTron> or....every school
14:12 <Lucifer_arma> well, hmm, you're supposed to end up with 3 sets of equations, right?  x = ? , y = ?, and z = ?, for each line
14:12 <wrtlprnft> well, we express lines as x = a + r*u
14:12 <Lucifer_arma> and that's just x = x1 + vector_x
14:12 <wrtlprnft> where x,a,u are vectors
14:13 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, we didn't do lines like that.  We either did them as parametric equations or vector functions
14:13 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: yeah, but you'll only use two lines for the intersection, and then check if that point is on the third line as well
14:13 <spidey> #g H2(g) + Cl2
14:13 <armabot> spidey: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
14:13 <wrtlprnft> that is parametric?!
14:13 <spidey> psh
14:13 <Lucifer_arma> where a vector function would be something like r = <asubx + x, asuby + y, asubz + x>
14:13 <wrtlprnft> x = a + r*u is parametric
14:14 <wrtlprnft> r is your variable parameter
14:14 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@71-212-209-112.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
14:14 <Lucifer_arma> right, but afaik (I'm weak on parametrics), you still need y = ? and z = ? to make it parametric
14:14 <wrtlprnft> oh, x is a vector
14:15 <wrtlprnft> consisting of x,y,z components
14:16 <Lucifer_arma> so x is a vector function, then.  :)  For each r you pass in, there is one and only one vector you get out
14:16 <wrtlprnft> 1
14:17 <spidey> 2
14:17 <wrtlprnft> 1 true yes ja oui si yeah yep
14:17 <spidey> o.o
14:18 <spidey> wrttl
14:18 <spidey> why doesn't your bot do science equations
14:18 <wrtlprnft> #g 100N/5A/20cm
14:18 <armabot> wrtlprnft: ((100 N) / (5 A)) / (20 cm) = 100 tesla
14:19 <wrtlprnft> it does?
14:19 <spidey> #g 2 WO3(s) + 3H2(g)
14:19 <armabot> spidey: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
14:19 <spidey> can't tell
14:19 <spidey> ;p
14:19 <wrtlprnft> that's chemistry
14:19 <Lucifer_arma> that's chemistry
14:19 <wrtlprnft> lol
14:19 <spidey> w/e
14:19 <spidey> >.>
14:20 <spidey> it's in my physical science book ;s
14:20 <Lucifer_arma> well, correct me if I'm wrong, but there can be multiple solutions to those chemical equations
14:20 <wrtlprnft> and you can't solve them as such automatically
14:20 <spidey> i had this my first year of 8th grade
14:20 <spidey> and i aced it
14:20 <spidey> but
14:21  * Lucifer_arma aced it in high school, but bombed it in college
14:21 <spidey> i forgot it because my long term memory is gay :D
14:21 <Lucifer_arma> if your long term memory was gay, you happily remember it
14:21 <spidey> LOL
14:21 <DrJoeTron> soundslike a quote to me
14:21 <wrtlprnft> what do you actually do in grade 8? parabolas and 
14:21 <spidey> ...
14:21 <DrJoeTron> fractions
14:21 <spidey> well
14:21 <wrtlprnft> umm, what did we do in 8-class physics? :o
14:21 <Lucifer_arma> depends on how much of a loser you are
14:22 <wrtlprnft> don't remember
14:22 <spidey> 8th grade was when i started caring more about picking on teachers instead of books
14:22 <spidey> so
14:22  * Lucifer_arma flunked algebra 1 twice
14:22 <spidey> i caused havack
14:22 <spidey> :D
14:22 <Lucifer_arma> *havoc
14:22 <spidey> w/e
14:22 <spidey> that's also why i can't spell
14:22 <spidey> ;x
14:22 <Lucifer_arma> so you used to pick on books?
14:22 <wrtlprnft> poor things.
14:22 <spidey> ...
14:23 <DrJoeTron> what did goosebumps ever do to you spidey?
14:23 <spidey> omg
14:23 <spidey> NO
14:23 <spidey> i hate those books
14:23 <Lucifer_arma> racist
14:23 <DrJoeTron> too scary? :)
14:23 <spidey> no
14:23 <spidey> i tested on a shitload of them for reading
14:23 <spidey> in this stupid program we wasdoing
14:24 <spidey> then when i got in 7th grade i tested on them again
14:24 <spidey> because i already knew them
14:24 <DrJoeTron> you were being tested on goosebump books?
14:24 <DrJoeTron> my god
14:24 <spidey> no
14:24 <spidey> it's a reading program
14:24 <spidey> you read a book on your "reading level" which is decided by a program
14:24 <spidey> then you test on it
14:25 <spidey> on the computer, of course
14:25 <Lucifer_arma> this was earlier this year, right?
14:25 <wrtlprnft> goosebump books = these things where you get a choice at the end of each “chapter” and have to flip to a certain page based on that?
14:25 <spidey> no...
14:25 <spidey> this was
14:25 <spidey> 3-4 years ago
14:25 <spidey> or so
14:25 <Lucifer_arma> no, goosebumps are scary-for-kids books
14:25 <Lucifer_arma> like Dean Koontz, but for 8 year olds
14:25 <Lucifer_arma> my daughter loves them
14:25 <wrtlprnft> ah, ok
14:26 <wrtlprnft> wiki down?
14:26 <Lucifer_arma> ?
14:27 <wrtlprnft> Connecting to remote host wiki.armagetronad.net…
14:27 <wrtlprnft> there for about 10 minutes now
14:27 <wrtlprnft> i can access the forums just fine
14:27 <Lucifer_arma> Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/libphp5.so into server: libmysqlclient.so.14: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
14:27 <Lucifer_arma> errrr
14:28 <wrtlprnft> emerge --oneshot php
14:28 <wrtlprnft> or emerge gentoolkit and then run revdep-rebuild
14:28 <wrtlprnft> it's because you updated mysql, and the old PHP can't link to the new mysql
14:28 <Lucifer_arma> ahhhh
14:28 <Lucifer_arma> right, I did update mysql accidentally
14:29 <Lucifer_arma> man, this gentoo thing is getting old.  I'm considering moving my server back to Mandriva too
14:29 <wrtlprnft> x_X
14:29 <DrJoeTron> bah i got a class at 1:40, i think im going to get some more sleep
14:29 <DrJoeTron> tata
14:29  * Lucifer_arma just woke up
14:29 <spidey> i got to goto "class" at 11am
14:29 <wrtlprnft> #g 1:40 GMT+1 in CST
14:29 <Lucifer_arma> I need to study for my calc test, which is thursday
14:29 <spidey> so shush
14:29 <spidey> ;p
14:29 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
14:29 <wrtlprnft> aww
14:30 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: what's that about?
14:30 <Lucifer_arma> what's what about?
14:30 <Lucifer_arma> calc test?
14:30 <wrtlprnft> 1
14:31 <Lucifer_arma> it's, er, spherical and cylindrical coordinates, double and triple integrals
14:32 <wrtlprnft> eek
14:32 <wrtlprnft> double integrals sound awful
14:33 <Lucifer_arma> and applications of same :)
14:33 <Lucifer_arma> they're not that bad, really, just tedious
14:33 <Lucifer_arma> you don't work with constant bounds necessarily, you might have one set of constant bounds and varying bounds for the other
14:34 <Lucifer_arma> you have to put the varying bounds on the inside and the constant bounds on the outside, or you don't get a number
14:34 <wrtlprnft> the other course is currently doing volume under functions w/ two parameters
14:34 <wrtlprnft> that's basically a double integral, too
14:34 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, that's what we're doing :)
14:34 <Lucifer_arma> it's also applicable to density and some other stuff.  There's a hardcore applications section in this chapter using double and triple integrals
14:35 <wrtlprnft> well, we didn't do it (yet?)
14:35 <wrtlprnft> the other course is the “lower” one, though, they didn't do the other stuff we did
14:36 <Lucifer_arma> well, if you're already doing 3d vectors, then I've got no idea at all how your calc sequence is ordered
14:36 <wrtlprnft> dunno myself
14:36 <Lucifer_arma> because I'm in calc 3, and we only just this semester started doing all that 3d crap, and next semester we go to even more dimensions
14:37 <wrtlprnft> that teacher likes mixing stuff op until noone understands it anymore
14:37 <Lucifer_arma> so if they're putting calc3 stuff in an earlier calc class.... :)
14:37 <Lucifer_arma> it is calculus though, right?  You're doing derivatives and crap?
14:37 <wrtlprnft> yeah
14:38 <Lucifer_arma> well, I can see calculus being organized where the multivariable stuff is mixed in, most of this semester has been calc 1 derivative-type stuff, only in 3 dimensions
14:39 <wrtlprnft> note that i missed grade 11
14:39 <Lucifer_arma> so there's a windows build of crimson fields with networking now :)
14:39 <wrtlprnft> but they were doing derivatives and some complex numbers
14:40 <spidey> how gay
14:40 <Lucifer_arma> well, pretty much after algebra there are probably all sorts of ways you can organize the whole calc sequence :/
14:40 <spidey> "each of the colored balls is a electron"
14:40 <spidey> the picture's black and white....
14:40 <spidey> and
14:40 <spidey> all the "balls" re black
14:40 <wrtlprnft> just imagine the colors
14:40 <Lucifer_arma> colored = black
14:40 <Lucifer_arma> don't you know anything about race issues?
14:40 <spidey> lol
14:40 <wrtlprnft> the smaller balls are the electrons, if there's any doubt
14:41 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, spidey's balls are electrons
14:41 <spidey> >.>
14:41 <spidey> well
14:41 <spidey> there's 8 there
14:41  * Lucifer_arma quietly notes there's a big/small penis joke in every sentence
14:41 <Lucifer_arma> and how many protons are there?
14:41 <spidey> doesn't say
14:42 <spidey> just says the color they are
14:42 <spidey> but it's a black and white picture :p
14:42 <Lucifer_arma> I guess you're not supposed to identify the atom then?
14:42 <spidey> guess not
14:42 <spidey> o.O
14:42 <Lucifer_arma> well, you need to know how many protons are there
14:43 <wrtlprnft> the ones that are all glued together are protons and neutrons
14:43 <Lucifer_arma> look up that number on the periodic table, then figure out the charge.  If the charge is 0, you have an atom.  Otherwise, you have an ion
14:44 <wrtlprnft> i loved chemistry when it was that simple
14:44 <wrtlprnft> now we have orbitals and all sorts of names for all sorts of molecules containing lots of C and H
14:45 <spidey> it's oxygen
14:45 <spidey> it has the answer on the bottom of the second page ;x
14:45 <wrtlprnft> 1,2-Methyl-1-Propen
14:46 <wrtlprnft> you should see either 6 or 8 electrons on there
14:46 <spidey> 8
14:46 <wrtlprnft> then they have the 1s² electrons on there, too
14:48 <wrtlprnft> which reminds me
14:49 <wrtlprnft> 10.6g/cm/cm/cm /2/107.87u
14:49 <wrtlprnft> #g 10.6g/cm/cm/cm /2/107.87u
14:49 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (10.6 (((g / cm) / cm) / cm)) / ((2/107.87) u) = 3.44292454 * 10^(32) m^(-3)
14:49 <wrtlprnft> errm, no
14:49 <wrtlprnft> #g 1 u in g
14:49 <armabot> wrtlprnft: 1 atomic mass unit = 1.66053886 * 10^(-24) grams
14:50 <wrtlprnft> #g (10.6g/cm/cm/cm /2/107.87u)^(-1)
14:50 <armabot> wrtlprnft: ((10.6 (((g / cm) / cm) / cm)) / ((2/107.87) u))^(-1) = 2.90450746 * 10^(-33) m^(3)
14:50 <wrtlprnft> something's wrong there. there are more free electrons in one cubic metre of silver!
14:51 <spidey> big words!
14:51  * spidey abbr.'s them
14:51 <wrtlprnft> #g ((10.6)*(g/cm/cm/cm) / (2*107.87u))^(-1)
14:51 <armabot> wrtlprnft: ((10.6 * (((g / cm) / cm) / cm)) / (2 * 107.87 u))^(-1) = 3.37966655 * 10^(-29) m^(3)
14:52 <wrtlprnft> #g ((10.6)*(g/cm/cm/cm) / (2*107.87u))
14:52 <armabot> wrtlprnft: (10.6 * (((g / cm) / cm) / cm)) / (2 * 107.87 u) = 2.95887179 * 10^(28) m^(-3)
14:52 <wrtlprnft> that sounds ok
14:52 <wrtlprnft> #g ((10.6)*(g/cm/cm/cm) / (2*107.87u)) * (elementary charge)
14:52 <armabot> wrtlprnft: ((10.6 * (((g / cm) / cm) / cm)) / (2 * 107.87 u)) * elementary charge = 4.74063473 * 10^(9) s A / m^(3)
14:53 <wrtlprnft> #g elementary charge
14:53 <armabot> wrtlprnft: elementary charge = 1.60217646 * 10^(-19) coulombs
14:54 <wrtlprnft> so the free electrons in one cubic metre of silver have a charge of 4.74 * 10^(-9) C
14:54 <wrtlprnft> *10^(+9)
15:00 <Lucifer_arma> http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-0612120306dec12,1,4416127.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true  <-- sometimes Texas doesn't seem that great a place
15:01 <wrtlprnft> Please register or log in
15:01 <wrtlprnft> The story you requested is available only to registered members.
15:01 <wrtlprnft> i refuse.
15:01 <Lucifer_arma> er
15:01 <Lucifer_arma> http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=T&ct=us/3-1-0&fd=R&url=http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/chi-0612120306dec12,1,4416127.story%3Fcoll%3Dchi-newsnationworld-hed&cid=1111935768&ei=9rR-Rbi4N8eIaOTonMkO
15:01 <Lucifer_arma> apparently if the referrer is google, they let you read it
15:01 <wrtlprnft> o_O
15:01 <wrtlprnft> i don't send referrers
15:01 <Lucifer_arma> a lot of news sites do that :)
15:02 <Lucifer_arma> ok, basically someone wants to build a mosque in a Houston suburbs and residents are complaining the area will become a hotbed for terrorism
15:03 <wrtlprnft> i can read it
15:03 <spidey> mosque?
15:03 <wrtlprnft> w/o referrers
15:03 <wrtlprnft> spidey: islamic equivalent of a church.
15:03 <spidey> o
15:04 <wrtlprnft> wow, even i didn't have to look that up, and i'm not a native english speaker…
15:04 <wrtlprnft> it's „moschee“ in german
15:04 <Lucifer_arma> I always get mosques and synagogues confused
15:04 <wrtlprnft> o_O
15:04 <Lucifer_arma> there's an irony in there somewhere
15:07 <spidey> 22/30
15:07  * spidey yawns
15:08 <wrtlprnft> #g 22/30
15:08 <armabot> wrtlprnft: 22 / 30 = 0.733333333
15:09 <spidey> 73% done with this book?
15:09 <spidey> o.O
15:10 <Lucifer_arma> dammit
15:10 <wrtlprnft> what book has 30 pages?
15:10 <Lucifer_arma> why does installing a few kid games break apache?
15:10 <Lucifer_arma> now I have to rebuild eaccelerator because it was built for the older php
15:10 <spidey> wrtlprnft, my physical science packet??
15:11 <spidey> i've got 6 of these bastards
15:11 <spidey> 'er
15:11 <spidey> 8
15:11 <spidey> 12 pre algerbra :
15:11 <spidey> :/
15:13 <spidey> gotta love christrain schools, rofl
15:13 <spidey> you're doing your work....then you turn a page and in big bold letters it says "GOD LOVES YOU!"
15:14 <Lucifer_arma> didn't we establish god only loves things that suck?
15:14 <spidey> like luke?
15:14 <Lucifer_arma> yes
15:14 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: did you get scorched3d?
15:15 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: err, no
15:15 <wrtlprnft> #wikipedia scorched3d
15:15 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Search took 0.20 seconds: Scorched 3D - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scorched_3D>; Artillery (computer game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artillery_(computer_game)>; List of open source games - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_open_source_games>
15:16 <wrtlprnft> i hope that'll run on this machine
15:16 <spidey> lol!
15:16 <spidey> just
15:16 <spidey> don't run it in windowed mode
15:16 <wrtlprnft> the graphics look pretty demanding
15:17 <spidey> i run it
15:17 <spidey> onboard here
15:17 -!- [dlh] [n=[dlh]@a0204.upc-a.chello.nl] has joined #armagetron
15:17 <Lucifer_arma> you can turn down the graphical detail and stuff
15:17 <Lucifer_arma> it is a very nice looking game though :)
15:17 <Lucifer_arma> it's the new black
15:17 <Lucifer_arma> the water simulation is very convincing, even :)
15:18 <spidey> lol
15:19 <wrtlprnft> 53MB o_O
15:19 <spidey> ?
15:19 <spidey> 53mb = small
15:20 <spidey> most games i play are over 800mb
15:20 <spidey> one was a 2.5gb download and installed with 3.14gb >.>
15:22 <Lucifer_arma> ok, wiki's back up now
15:22 <wrtlprnft> grmpf, darn opera
15:23 <wrtlprnft> if you try too often to connect to a server that's down it keeps those connection attempts open
15:23 <wrtlprnft> now it hit its per-server limit, and i can't connect to it at all. Well, someone care about the spam until i restart it ;)
15:24 <wrtlprnft> *take care of?
15:24 <wrtlprnft> so this is basically worms in 3d w/o movement?
15:25 <spidey> you can move
15:25 <spidey> teleports
15:25 <spidey> fuel
15:25 <spidey> nitro
15:26 <Lucifer_arma> you can move, yes.  In fact, standard artillery practice these days is to fire, then move, then fire again
15:26 <Lucifer_arma> but that's not necessary in this game, you move when you see your opponent is going to have his range
15:26 <Lucifer_arma> if you can, that is
15:27 <spidey> lol
15:27 <spidey> i saw mom was close to hitting me
15:27 <spidey> so i teleported right when his nuke landed
15:27 <spidey> ;x
15:28 -!- GodTodd [n=GodTodd@cpe-76-183-44-91.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
15:31 <Lucifer_arma> heh
15:32 <Lucifer_arma> I dodged a number of vanhayes' nukes that way
15:32 <Lucifer_arma> also by just walking
15:32 <Lucifer_arma> I had one where vanhayes was getting his range on me (shooting over a mountain), and I had just hit someone else
15:32 <Lucifer_arma> then I teleported to right behind vanhayes and shot him on the next turn :)
15:33 <spidey> lol
15:33 <spidey> i like how you guys waste your missles and stuff :p
15:33 <wrtlprnft> this thing takes forever to compile.
15:33 <spidey> i use tracers
15:34 <spidey> smoke tracer i sthe best
15:34 <Lucifer_arma> I played on a server (I think against bots) where they showed a map that was completely black
15:34 <spidey> because it leaves a blue tail
15:34 <Lucifer_arma> well, tracers really clutter the field, and baby missiles are infinite
15:34 <spidey> and lets you adjust your aim better
15:34 <spidey> ;p
15:34 <Lucifer_arma> I use baby missiles until I'm pretty sure I'll hit, then I switch to a different weapon, depending on what I'm doing
15:34 <Lucifer_arma> nah, I position the camera so I can see the shot
15:34 <Lucifer_arma> I only screw up and take a bunch of turns to aim when I'm smoking crack
15:35 <Lucifer_arma> I also watch the shot cam
15:35 <spidey> lol
15:36 <Lucifer_arma> also, it seems like the scale of different maps is different
15:36 <Lucifer_arma> like, the other guy can be the same visual distance, but closer, so you use less power
15:37 <Lucifer_arma> so the only time I really hit on the first turn is when the guy is at such an angle and position that I can just fire at max power, where my shot basically goes in a straight line because he's too close for it to be significantly affected by gravity
15:37 <Lucifer_arma> heh, vanhayes was burying me one time, and I shot him with a heavy laser.  :)
15:37 <spidey> lol
15:37 <Lucifer_arma> wrtlprnft: it's a fun game, if it runs for you (it doesn't for luke), it'll probably be worth the compile
15:39 <wrtlprnft> if it doesn't run for luke-jr_work that's a bonus point.
15:39 <Lucifer_arma> heh
15:40 <wrtlprnft> ill try the tutorial first :)
15:40 <Lucifer_arma> good idea :)
15:40 <Lucifer_arma> it also has the advantage of not taking 8-20 hours to play a whole game
15:40 <wrtlprnft> The Scorched3d process terminated due to configuration errors.
15:40 <wrtlprnft> Scorched3D : Failed to open sound device
15:41 <wrtlprnft> grmpf
15:41 <Lucifer_arma> disable sound?
15:41 <wrtlprnft> and it left me at a 640*480 res
15:41 <wrtlprnft> kill the mplayer in the background
15:41 <Lucifer_arma> here I get a little window that makes me decide options before I can start the game, do you get that window?
15:42  * Lucifer_arma notes older versions didn't do that, you just started the game and had to hack the config file to do anything else
15:42 <wrtlprnft> yeah, i got that
15:42 <Lucifer_arma> anyway, one of the icons in that window is graphics settings
15:42 <Lucifer_arma> *settings, including graphics and sound
15:42 <wrtlprnft> yeah, i saw that
15:42 <Lucifer_arma> I like the sound effects, to be honest
15:43 <Lucifer_arma> you hear birds chirping and shit
15:51 <Lucifer_arma> I'm doing something wron
15:52 <spidey> done!
15:52 <spidey> yay
15:52 <spidey> 30 page book in 
15:52 <GodTodd> #dict perspicacity
15:52 <armabot> GodTodd: wn, gcide, and moby-thes responded: gcide: Perspicacity \Per`spi*cac"i*ty\ (p[~e]r`sp[i^]*k[a^]s"[i^]*t[y^]), n. [L. perspicacitas: cf. F. perspicacit['e]. See {Perspicacious}.] The state of being perspicacious; acuteness of sight or of intelligence; acute discernment. --Sir T. Browne. [1913 Webster]; wn: perspicacity n 1: intelligence manifested by being astute (as in business dealings) [syn: (3 more messages)
15:52 <spidey> hour and a hlf
15:52 <spidey> half
15:53 <Lucifer_arma> reading some eric flint?
15:53 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, wanna play s3d?
15:53 <Lucifer_arma> studying calc right now, maybe in a bit
15:53 <GodTodd> Lucifer_arma: me?
15:53 <Lucifer_arma> GodTodd: yeah you :)
15:53 <Lucifer_arma> he uses that word a lot
15:53 <GodTodd> heh...nah
15:53 <GodTodd> that word is cool tho
15:53 <GodTodd> :)
15:54 <Lucifer_arma> it is a cool word, I like how it rolls off the tongue
15:54 <GodTodd> i'ma have to put it in my lexicon
15:54 <Lucifer_arma> anyone convert rectangular coordinates to spherical coordinates?
15:54 <GodTodd> nope...just covered converting them to polar
15:54 <GodTodd> :)
15:55 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm
15:55 <Lucifer_arma> ok, I get for my distance sqrt(18), or 3sqrt(2), right?
15:55 <Lucifer_arma> cos(someangle) = 4/3sqrt(2)
15:56 <Lucifer_arma> what's the angle?
15:56 <Lucifer_arma> in radians
15:58 <Lucifer_arma> er, this is all fucked up
15:58 <spidey> #g -3x + 4 + x + 9
15:58 <Lucifer_arma> I get sqrt(18) for p, but the book's answer for p is sqrt(2)
15:58 <armabot> spidey: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
15:58 <spidey> ....
15:58 <armabot> armagetronad: nemostultae * r6497 /armagetronad/branches/Io/armagetronad/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Wrapped tOutput
15:59 <GodTodd> spidey: 13-2x
15:59 <GodTodd> ;)
15:59 <spidey> no
15:59 <Lucifer_arma> yes
16:00 <GodTodd> ok....-2x+13 but that's not preferred form
16:00 <GodTodd> :P
16:00 <Lucifer_arma> umm, yeah it is
16:00 <Lucifer_arma> you want decreasing exponents
16:01 <Lucifer_arma> x^1 comes before x^0
16:01 <GodTodd> well...depends on where you're going with it
16:01 <Lucifer_arma> it's a polynomial, by convention you put it with decreasing exponents
16:02 <Lucifer_arma> just not your preferred form.  :)
16:02 <GodTodd> i've run into a lot of teachers that hate negatives at the beginning tho
16:02 <Lucifer_arma> ah, well, they're just sign-cripples or something
16:02 <GodTodd> probably :)
16:02 <GodTodd> my preferred form is either :P
16:02 <Lucifer_arma> if you put y= in front of it, suddenly you want the x term first
16:02 <GodTodd> yep
16:02 <spidey> so
16:04 <spidey> how do you work that...
16:04 <GodTodd> combine like terms
16:04 <Lucifer_arma> you're done?
16:04 <spidey> done ?
16:04 <GodTodd> yeah
16:04 <spidey> done with physical science yea
16:04 <Lucifer_arma> no, the answer is what GodTodd gave
16:04 <GodTodd> yep
16:04 <Lucifer_arma> and yeah, you combine like terms.  x + 2x = 3x
16:05 <Lucifer_arma> x^2 + x is "finished"
16:05 <GodTodd> yep
16:05 <Lucifer_arma> x + 1 is also finished
16:05 <Lucifer_arma> (and unfactorable)
16:05 <GodTodd> you can only combine terms with equivalent powers of x
16:05 <spidey> um
16:05 <spidey> can we like
16:05 <spidey> bring it down to 9th grade expanation
16:05 <spidey> ;x
16:06 <Lucifer_arma> just did :)
16:06 <spidey> explanation* or something
16:06 <Lucifer_arma> ok, what's actually confusing you?
16:06 <spidey> ok so -3x + 4 + x+ 9, you switch the 4 and the x, then work it from left to right?
16:07 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, not necessarily
16:07 <Lucifer_arma> I would read -3x and x, combine them to -2x, and write that
16:07 <Lucifer_arma> then I'd read 4 and 9, combine them to 13, and write + 13
16:07 <Lucifer_arma> then you'd read on my paper "-2x + 13"
16:07 <spidey> oh
16:07 <wrtlprnft> ok, i think i get it
16:07 <wrtlprnft> i probably still suck
16:07 <spidey> i get it now
16:08 <GodTodd> yeah...i do it the way Lucifer_arma does 
16:08 <spidey> i missed those problems because i worked it all the way threw
16:08 <spidey> lol
16:08 <spidey> so i got 11x
16:08 <spidey> :/
16:08 <Lucifer_arma> on really big expressions you'll want to cross out terms you've already combined
16:08 <Lucifer_arma> you know, just to keep track of wher eyou're at
16:09 <spidey> ok so lets try this one
16:09 <GodTodd> spidey: common mistake....you just need to remember that you can only combine terms with equal letters
16:10 <spidey> 7x - 3y -9x -4y , 7x - 9x = -2x and 3y - 4y =-1y so it's -2x and -1y?
16:10 <Lucifer_arma> anybody here know how to convert rectangular coordinates to spherical coordinates?
16:10 <Lucifer_arma> ahh, that's a different problem
16:10 <spidey> 'er -2x + 1y
16:10 <spidey> or something
16:10 <GodTodd> -2x and -7y
16:11 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r6498 /private/z-man/clio/ (10 files): Added custom constructors for classes with virtual functions. From the unnecessary limitations department: the default constructor of them can't be private.
16:11 <armabot> armagetronad: z-man * r6499 /private/z-man/clio/argument_lists_undef.hpp: Added custom constructors for classes with virtual functions. From the unnecessary limitations department: the default constructor of them can't be private.
16:11 <Lucifer_arma> er, wait a minute, I misunderstood what spidey wrote, haha
16:11 <spidey> lol
16:11 <spidey> did i do it right?
16:11 <spidey> o.O
16:11 <Lucifer_arma> I get what godtodd got
16:11 <Lucifer_arma> you were close, you just screwed up adding two negative numbers
16:12 <Lucifer_arma> in the y's you get -3y - 4y
16:12 <Lucifer_arma> -3-4 = -7
16:12 <spidey> oh
16:12 <spidey> forgot >.>
16:12 <Lucifer_arma> you did it right, just got the actual arithmetic wrong :)
16:12 <GodTodd> the sign always stays with the number directly to the right
16:12 <Lucifer_arma> which is a *very* common mistake
16:12 <GodTodd> definitely
16:12 <GodTodd> my first trig test i would have gotten a 100 if i hadn't brain farted some arithmetic
16:13 <Lucifer_arma> I switch digits and signs all the time, it's how come I've got a B in calc 3 right now instead of an A
16:13 <GodTodd> yeah...that's how i'm getting my b in trig :/
16:13 <spidey> -3-4 = -7?
16:13 <GodTodd> yep
16:13 <spidey> i thought it was 1
16:13 <spidey> o.O
16:13 <GodTodd> -3+-4
16:14 <spidey> oh
16:14 <spidey> would help if i read the review more than once ;x
16:14 <GodTodd> heh
16:14 <GodTodd> Lucifer_arma: I already got my A in c++ :)
16:15 <spidey> so 3x + 4 + (-6x) + -3 would be -3x + 1 ?
16:15 <GodTodd> yep
16:16 <spidey> yay :D
16:17  * GodTodd likes algebra.
16:17 <GodTodd> useful stuff
16:18 <spidey> i'm on prealgerbra :/
16:19 <GodTodd> prealgebra still uses algebra :P
16:19 <spidey> i missed 9 problems on the 20 problem self test
16:19 <GodTodd> hmmm
16:19 <spidey> so i gotta correct them
16:19 <spidey> then get it rechecked
16:19 <spidey> then test
16:19 <GodTodd> errors combining terms?
16:19 <spidey> yea
16:20 <GodTodd> once you get that down, you'll have it forever
16:21 <GodTodd> wow...that came out trying to be a little more profound than i meant it to be
16:21 <GodTodd> heh
16:22 <spidey> ok here's a orders of operations
16:23 <spidey> -10 / 2 * 8 -4
16:23 <spidey> devide or multiply first
16:23 <GodTodd> divide
16:23 <GodTodd> division/multiplication from left to right
16:23 <spidey> k
16:23 <GodTodd> then add/subtract from left to right
16:24 <GodTodd> they'll add more later, but that should do it for prealgebra
16:24 <GodTodd> unless they add exponents
16:24 <spidey> yea
16:24 <spidey> then you do them first
16:24 <GodTodd> yep
16:25 <spidey> or parenthises
16:25 <GodTodd> yeah
16:25 <GodTodd> parentheses just set a section off as having to be done before applying it to any other part of the equation
16:26 <GodTodd> such as 10 * (5 -2)
16:26 <GodTodd> compared to 10 * 5 - 2
16:26 <spidey> now if i pass this math and physical science i have 3 books to finish the semister
16:26 <spidey> :D
16:26 <GodTodd> i have one final to finish the semester :P
16:26 <GodTodd> heh
16:26 <spidey> i don't have finals
16:26 <spidey> or tcaps
16:27 <Lucifer_arma> I've one test, but it's not a cumulative final
16:27 <spidey> "tennessee assesment test
16:27 <spidey> or some shit
16:27 <GodTodd> mine is cumulative
16:27 <GodTodd> the history one i took last night was only over 2 chapters
16:27 <spidey> ii don't have mid terms either ;x
16:27 <GodTodd> basically over civil rights movements in texas and the decline of the democratic party in texas
16:27 <wrtlprnft> darn, the bot beat me 6:4
16:27 <Lucifer_arma> we don't technically do mid-terms, but very often several classes will all test the same week in the middle of the semester
16:28 <spidey> well
16:28 <spidey> the way we did it in public school was
16:28 <GodTodd> yeah...we tend to do informal midterms
16:28 <spidey> the first semester was mid terms
16:28 <Lucifer_arma> it doesn't take long, wrtlprnft (hi there!) .  :)  GodTodd played the very first time in a crowd with me and vanhayes and spidey and ghableska
16:28 <spidey> the last semester was finals
16:28 <Lucifer_arma> he got wiped the first couple of rounds, then came on and kicked ass
16:28 <GodTodd> ;)
16:29 <GodTodd> trial by fire 
16:29 <spidey> i've gotten the hang of that game
16:29 <spidey> wrtlprnft, wanna play?
16:29 <spidey> i have a hour and a half before i have to leave :D
16:30 <wrtlprnft> ok
16:30 <spidey> you host or me?
16:30 <wrtlprnft> you host, i don't even know the port
16:30 <spidey> k
16:30 <spidey> me either
16:30 <spidey> i just got this box dmz'd
16:30 <spidey> :p
16:31 <wrtlprnft> 68-119-125-27.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com?
16:31 <spidey> yea
16:31 <spidey> ok, server started
16:32 <wrtlprnft> grrr!
16:32 <wrtlprnft> i hate games w/o network compatibility
16:32 <spidey> lol
16:32 <spidey> it disconnect you?
16:33 <wrtlprnft> yeah
16:33 <spidey> try again :p
16:33 <wrtlprnft> updating to what gentoo calls unstable…
16:33 <spidey> heh
16:33 <spidey> you should have gotten 40.1d off there site
16:33 <wrtlprnft> still the same
16:33 <wrtlprnft> i used what was in portage
16:33 <wrtlprnft> didn't know this game was so anal about versions
16:34 <spidey> #google search scortched3d
16:34 <armabot> spidey: No matches found. (Search took 0.27 seconds)
16:34 <spidey> ?
16:34 <Lucifer_arma> scorched3d
16:34 <Lucifer_arma> there's no 't' in it
16:34 <spidey> http://www.scorched3d.co.uk/downloads.php
16:34 <wrtlprnft> i KNOW.
16:34 <spidey>  Linux (Redhat, Mandrake, etc.) 	56MB 	40.1d 	Download - RPM Format
16:34 <Lucifer_arma> spidey doesn't know, apparently :)
16:35 <Lucifer_arma> I installed the rpm from their site
16:35 <wrtlprnft> i'm still using portage, just installing what it considers to be unstable
16:35  * wrtlprnft dislikes RPM
16:35 <spidey> heh
16:35  * Lucifer_arma notes that if he'd have installed that shit on his server from rpm, it wouldn't have required rebuilding php and eaccelerator
16:36 <Lucifer_arma> and "that shit" was a game package for kids
16:36 <Lucifer_arma> why should a game package for kids break a webserver?
16:36 <wrtlprnft> just run revdep-rebuild after you emerge a new version of an important package
16:37 <Lucifer_arma> urpmi <wahtever the package was called> would have done it without all that extra shit
16:37 <Lucifer_arma> but I guess since rpm sucks so much, it doesn't matter how easy it is
16:37 <wrtlprnft> the only time i tried installing an rpm it failed
16:37 <Lucifer_arma> I don't even remember what package it was, I think it was the kedutainment package
16:38 <Lucifer_arma> well, I've installed thousands of rpms by now (have to, that's how many it takes to install a base system)
16:38 <Lucifer_arma> and have only had problems with a very few
16:38 <Lucifer_arma> otoh, I've had problems with quite a few emerges
16:38 <Lucifer_arma> on my laptop, I was willing to credit myself as the problem, but the server uses only the "stable" stuff
16:39 <Lucifer_arma> of course, if you're installing an rpm onto a non-rpmbased system, I'd expect problems.  :)
16:40 <Lucifer_arma> but if I updated mysql, urpmi would also update everything that depended on mysql automatically
16:40 <Lucifer_arma> provided the people that made the packages did their dependencies right, of course, but dependencies are determined by ld for the most part anyway
16:41 <Lucifer_arma> anyway, I now want a source-based distribution that uses rpm for its package format :)
16:41 <wrtlprnft> whatever rocks your boat.
16:41 <spidey> hm
16:41 <spidey> there's servers online!
16:41 <Lucifer_arma> yes, there are
16:41 <Lucifer_arma> you in one?
16:41 <spidey> no
16:42 <wrtlprnft> #g sqrt(32^2+16^2)
16:42 <spidey> thinking of joining one
16:42 <armabot> wrtlprnft: sqrt((32^2) + (16^2)) = 35.7770876
16:42 <Lucifer_arma> hang on, lemme see the list :)
16:42  * Lucifer_arma is taking a study break
16:42 <spidey> mine isn't on there :(
16:43 <spidey> oh
16:43 <spidey> i see it on the lan list
16:44 <Lucifer_arma> you have to tell it to tell the metaserver about itself
16:44 <Lucifer_arma> it's not automatic
16:44 <spidey> i did
16:44 <wrtlprnft> #armaconfig spawn
16:44 <armabot> wrtlprnft: CYCLE_FIRST_SPAWN_PROTECTION: Set to 1 if the invulnerability and wall delay should already be active on the initial spawn at the beginning of a round. (default: 0) || CYCLE_FIRST_SPAWN_PROTECTION_OVERRIDE: UNDOCUMENTED (default: 3) || SPAWN_POINT_GROUP_SIZE: UNDOCUMENTED (default: 0) || SPAWN_WINGMEN_BACK: Determines how much each wingman is placed backwards in a team. (default: 2.2029) || (1 more message)
16:44 <Lucifer_arma> what did you call your server?
16:44 <spidey> "spidey"
16:44 <Lucifer_arma> and do you want me to just connect to your server?
16:55 <spidey> doesn't matter
16:55 <Lucifer_arma> it's not in my list either
16:55 <spidey> that or we could join one of these
16:55 <Lucifer_arma> well, did you start with the apoc mod?
16:55 <spidey> yea
16:55 <Lucifer_arma> let's play there then :)
16:55 <Lucifer_arma> IP/host?
16:55 <spidey> sec
16:55 <spidey> Wan IP
16:55 <spidey>
17:03 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has joined #armagetron
17:26 -!- luke-jr_work [n=luke-jr@2002:4335:4375:0:20d:60ff:fe60:756a] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
17:48 <Lucifer_arma> heh, fun game :)
17:49 <GodTodd> yep :)
17:53 <wrtlprnft> darn you GodTodd 
17:53 <GodTodd> ?
17:53 <wrtlprnft> you were idle
17:54 <GodTodd> i got disconnected apparently
17:54 <GodTodd> :
17:54 <GodTodd> :/
17:54 <wrtlprnft> #armaconfig start_speedf
17:54 <wrtlprnft> #armaconfig start_speed
17:54 <armabot> wrtlprnft: Sorry, no matches :S
17:54 <armabot> wrtlprnft: CYCLE_START_SPEED: Initial cycle speed (default: 20)
17:54 -!- MaZuffeR_ [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has joined #armagetron
17:55 -!- MaZuffeR [n=MaZuffeR@darkmoor.sby.abo.fi] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
17:55 -!- MaZuffeR_ is now known as MaZuffeR
17:58 <Lucifer_arma> I love that apocolypse mod
17:58 <Lucifer_arma> big explosions :)
17:58 <GodTodd> yep
17:58 <Lucifer_arma> I need to remember that riot bombs are just dirt removers though
17:59 <Lucifer_arma> one round I would've killed someone (spidey?) if I had used baby missiles, I kept hitting with riot bombs :/
17:59 <GodTodd> heh
17:59 <wrtlprnft> haha
17:59 <wrtlprnft> ever played wormux?
17:59 <wrtlprnft> it's got riot bombs, too, they're fun
18:00 <wrtlprnft> useful if you have someone right over water
18:00 <Lucifer_arma> no, I haven't.  People are saying scorched is like "worms", but I keep thinking the worms game that's like tron
18:00 <Lucifer_arma> well, if you hadn't hit that nuclear plant, my next shot was going to be a mirv that would have taken you out.  That was a lucky shot, I think you were still aiming
18:00 <wrtlprnft> it's another network game, though the network is still improvable
18:00 <wrtlprnft> it tends to hang sometimes
18:01 <Lucifer_arma> DrJoeTron says scorched3d is like gunbound, and there was a big flareup of gunbound in the arma community awhile back
18:01 <Lucifer_arma> is wormux for linux?
18:01  * Lucifer_arma checks his package manager
18:01 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: won't find anything usuable there
18:02 <Lucifer_arma> too old, or too new?
18:02 <wrtlprnft> the old releases don't have networking at all, the one alpha they released is quite buggy, you need the SVN version
18:02 <Lucifer_arma> ah
18:02 <Lucifer_arma> is it an artillery game, then?
18:02 <wrtlprnft> like worms
18:02 <wrtlprnft> anyways, need to play a bit on CTWF to see a new map :)
18:03 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50873813.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
18:04 <Lucifer_arma> looks interesting
18:04 <Lucifer_arma> when the network play is good, lemme know and I'l give it a shot :)
18:04 <Lucifer_arma> I had looked at scorched3d awhile back, before it had network play, and last week I wanted to see how it was going
18:05 <Lucifer_arma> that's kinda how we got to start playing it, I saw it had network play and told everyone to download it :)
18:07 <wrtlprnft> heh
18:07 <wrtlprnft> i'm a developer for that game in theory, but i only committed minor things yet
18:09 <Lucifer_arma> wanna work on a pirate game?
18:09 <wrtlprnft> ?
18:09 <wrtlprnft> sorry, i missed what it's about, but i saw you talking about it
18:09 <Lucifer_arma> I want to play a pirate game, but none exists (that I know of)
18:09 <wrtlprnft> lemme guess, it's in python?
18:09 <Lucifer_arma> basically, I want to sail around on a ship, raid other ships, etc.
18:09 <Lucifer_arma> um, yeah, of course.  :)
18:10 <Lucifer_arma> I've only got empty files right now, but I read up on sockets and stuff so I'm ready to start in on the server
18:10 <Lucifer_arma> figured when I get it to send chat I'm ready to work on the game seriously
18:10 <wrtlprnft> so you're gonna have a server before local play?
18:10 <Lucifer_arma> but pygame is the only dependency I want
18:10 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, no point to having it imo if there's no network play
18:10 <Lucifer_arma> so I figured I'd copy the freeciv model and just have the client start the server for local play
18:10 <wrtlprnft> too lazy to do an AI?
18:11 <Lucifer_arma> no, I'll do an ai, I just don't want to sit and play by myself for months and months before I can play over the network
18:11 <Lucifer_arma> if that happens, I wouldn't stick with it long enough to get it there
18:11 <wrtlprnft> ah
18:11 <Lucifer_arma> no guarantees I'll be able to stick with it anyway, but I still want to play it :)
18:12 <wrtlprnft> i guess you should have developed acme in network mode then :)
18:12 <Lucifer_arma> at least this time I want it to play, there won't be some ulterior motive that once satisifed I'll quit (like leviathan)
18:12 <Lucifer_arma> heh.  acme had more serious problems.  :/  I needed to stop writing it in pygame, and the xml stuff needed a more or less complete rewrite
18:12 <wrtlprnft> leviathan?
18:13 <Lucifer_arma> sub simulator I started a couple summers ago, before my trig class
18:13 <Lucifer_arma> used pyopengl and pygame
18:13 <Lucifer_arma> I got it to a point where you could move around and was adding in torpedoes, then the semester started.  I wanted a trig review, and I got it
18:13 <Lucifer_arma> so after the semester heated up, leviathan became history
18:13 <wrtlprnft> aww
18:14 <Lucifer_arma> I probably still have the code beating around, though, if you wanted to pick up from it
18:14 <Lucifer_arma> but really, there's already a pretty good open source sub simulator, it just does german subs in WWII, and I do want American subs in WWII :)
18:14 <GodTodd> hrmm...think i could get a copy sometime so i have some decent code to learn from?
18:14 <Lucifer_arma> don't know if I'd call it "decent code", but lemme check
18:14 <Lucifer_arma> I had it in an svn repo at some point
18:15 <wrtlprnft> GodTodd: if you want decent code… look at armagetronad's gGame.cpp
18:15 <GodTodd> well to me decent == stuff written by someone who knows more about it than i ;)
18:15 <Lucifer_arma> cvs is where it was, not svn at the time, heh
18:15 <wrtlprnft> then gGame fits that
18:15 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, I've still got it.  I put it in my codedump
18:16 <Lucifer_arma> if you want, I can put it in an svn repo and if you want to work on it, you can commit to the repo
18:16 <GodTodd> see...i know how to program decently...i want to get into GUI and graphics too tho
18:16 <Lucifer_arma> er, are you crazy, wrtlprnft (hi there!) ?  You trying to scar poor GodTodd (hi there!) here?
18:17 <Lucifer_arma> you may as well ask him to crawl under your house and then tell him there's a bunch of rats living under it!
18:17 <GodTodd> heh
18:18 <GodTodd> if you want, I can put it in an svn repo and if you want to work on it, you can commit to the repo <--- that to me or wrtl?
18:18 <GodTodd> heh
18:19 <Lucifer_arma> it was to you, but if he wants in on it I'm cool with that
18:20 <Lucifer_arma> there were a few problems with it you should probably know about, though :)
18:20 <GodTodd> sure...i suppose...not sure if/when i'd be able to work much on it and i'd have to tutor myself on the use of svn :)
18:20 <Lucifer_arma> the math library really really sucks.  I originally wrote it to use knots as the base unit of speed, which meant using imperial units internally
18:21 <Lucifer_arma> I rewrote it at some point to use SI units, but I don't remember how complete that rewrite was
18:21 <Lucifer_arma> angles were manipulated in degrees, which is also bad.  They should internally be radians, and converted to degrees at the last minute to show the user
18:21 <GodTodd> heh
18:21 <Lucifer_arma> and finally, I used atan() instead of atan2(), so there are some quadrant problems in a few places
18:22 <Lucifer_arma> svn's not hard, I can tell you what you need to know to start working with it
18:22 <Lucifer_arma> doesn't matter, I can zip it up and email it to you too
18:22 <GodTodd> either way
18:23 <Lucifer_arma> but if you spend a few minutes working with svn, I've got several projects stashed away that I beat on every now and then, and my svn repo is publicly accessible
18:23 <Lucifer_arma> i.e. unless you're really interested in a sub simulator, I've got lots of code you can get just with an svn client
18:23 <Lucifer_arma> and some of it is better-written
18:23 <GodTodd> that'd probably be the best way then
18:23 <GodTodd> i have a svn client
18:24 <Lucifer_arma> here's the base url first :)
18:24 <Lucifer_arma> http://svn.davefancella.com/
18:24 <Lucifer_arma> then you can add to it anything from this list:
18:25 <Lucifer_arma> davesciv, dsac, dsbp, dsdesktop, dste
18:25 <Lucifer_arma> armagetronad too, but that's a read-only backup of the arma svn hosted on sourceforge
18:25 <Lucifer_arma> davesciv is my freeciv ruleset and tilesets
18:25 <Lucifer_arma> dsac is my alarm clock
18:25 <Lucifer_arma> dsbp is my budget program
18:25 <Lucifer_arma> dsdesktop is my desktop environment
18:25 <Lucifer_arma> dste is my text editor
18:25 -!- luke-jr_work [n=luke-jr@2002:4335:4375:0:20d:60ff:fe60:756a] has joined #armagetron
18:26 <GodTodd> k
18:26 <Lucifer_arma> I use my alarm clock and text editor every day.  Both require pyqt3, however.
18:26 <Lucifer_arma> they need to be ported to pyqt4.  pyqt3 is not Free on Windows
18:26 <Lucifer_arma> my desktop environment requires X11, which means you need a *nix of some sort
18:27 <Lucifer_arma> my budget program requires pyqt3 also, but needs to be ported to pyqt4.  In fact, that's what I'm doing next, I'm just going to throw away the qt3 UI and rewrite it with pyqt4
18:27 <GodTodd> i have dsl currently on my usb drive
18:27 <luke-jr_work> Lucifer_arma: why not just write it in Qt4?
18:27 <Lucifer_arma> "Why do it the easy way when you can do it the hard way?"
18:28 <luke-jr_work> pfft, as if Python is any easier...
18:28 <Lucifer_arma> it is
18:28 <Lucifer_arma> and since none of these programs are high performance, a scripting language is suitable
18:29 <Lucifer_arma> even my desktop environment is python, although it doesn't really work yet.  Haven't had time to screw with it.
18:29 <Lucifer_arma> maybe over christmas break I'll get it working finally.  The window manager has issues.  :)
18:30 <Lucifer_arma> my text editor can use some real attention.  Besides porting it to pyqt4, it's gt a bunch of half-working stuff in it
18:31 <Lucifer_arma> the documentation browser, for example, uses a qt3 widget that doesn't handle more complex xml/xhtml very well, so I wind up using firefox anyway
18:31 <Lucifer_arma> the bug tracker needs testing, it's not well-tested enough for me to actually use it yet.  Chicken and egg problem.
18:31 <GodTodd> heh
18:32 <Lucifer_arma> the file treeview will get the necessary attention with the pyqt4 port, though.  qt4 has really neat changes in how it handles data widgets
18:32 <Lucifer_arma> desktop environment needs to be updated to a newer pyqt4.  The pyqt guy promised to add the x11embed widgets for me so I can embed xterm.  :)  text editor needs that, too.
18:33 <Lucifer_arma> *sigh*  alarm clock needs a pyqt4 port so it can get a windows release.
18:34 <Lucifer_arma> so anyway, if you want to hack code on any of that, make sure you change it to https://svn.THERESTOFIT
18:34 <Lucifer_arma> and tell me so I can put you in there with read/write access
18:38 <GodTodd> k
18:42 <Lucifer_arma> oh yeah, leviathan was having trouble with fonts
18:48 <Lucifer_arma> ok, no point in looking at leviathan, I don't even know what it's doing
18:48 <Lucifer_arma> it just says "hi there" in the top left corner, no plotter, nothing
18:48 <Lucifer_arma> and it crashes
18:48 <Lucifer_arma> :(
18:50 <GodTodd> hmmm
18:51 <Lucifer_arma> what you might really consider is helping me with my pirate game :)
18:51 <Lucifer_arma> sure there's no code yet, but that's fine :)
18:51 <Lucifer_arma> actually, now there is some
18:51 <Lucifer_arma> there's "import socket"
18:51 <GodTodd> i'd be willing to...dunno how much help i'd be tho :)
18:52 <Lucifer_arma> man, I love this song.  How did Empire turn out such a shitty album with this song on it?  (Empire)
18:52 <GodTodd> i like that album
18:53 <Lucifer_arma> all the love songs get on my nerves.  I listen to a subset of it that's really good and tells the whole story.  :)
18:53 <GodTodd> true...i have to be in a certain mood to enjoy most of it
18:54 <Lucifer_arma> I also object to the message that if the feds spent more money on law enforcement, people would quit shooting each other
18:55 <GodTodd> yeah
18:55 <Lucifer_arma> if the american aristocracy quit grinding poor people under their heels, people would also quit shooting each other so much
18:56 <Lucifer_arma> it's true.  :)  Take any violent criminal and give him a job where he makes $50k/year and it's a certainty that more than half of them would suddenly stop being violent criminals
18:56 <GodTodd> yeah...but no matter what you do there's always going to be violent crime
18:56 <wrtlprnft> i love the help feature of scorched3d…
18:56 <Lucifer_arma> it has a help feature?
18:56 <wrtlprnft> all it does is open a dialog box telling me what address to go to
18:56 <Lucifer_arma> haha
18:57 <GodTodd> maybe luke wrote it
18:57 <luke-jr_work> stfu
18:58 <luke-jr_work> s3d seems like it'd be easy to make a cheat for
18:58 <luke-jr_work> :p
18:58 <wrtlprnft> he wouldn't have written “web site address:”, though, rather “URI”
18:58 <wrtlprnft> as it's actually a file:// URI
18:58 <GodTodd> yes master...i will obey your every command
18:58 <Lucifer_arma> well, you'd have to get it running first
19:02 <wrtlprnft> anyways, i managed to get a little window with a camera following my shots, probably by accident.
19:02 <wrtlprnft> how do i get another one? :D
19:03 <luke-jr_work> Lucifer_arma: sure?
19:05 <wrtlprnft> btw, is there a way to make fine adjustments to the shot power?
19:05 <wrtlprnft> if i press shift and - nothing happens, probably because i actually pressed _
19:20 <Lucifer_arma> press c I think
19:20 <Lucifer_arma> I don't know about fine adjustments, I only know you adjust power with -/=
19:29 <Lucifer_arma> anyone here know how to convert rectangular coordinates to spherical coordinates?
19:30 <luke-jr_work> probably
19:30 <luke-jr_work> by spherical, you mean a degree/distance pair?
19:31 <luke-jr_work> distance=sqrt(x^2 + y ^2)
19:31 <luke-jr_work> IIRC
19:31 <luke-jr_work> not sure on degree
19:32 <wrtlprnft> umm, the angle is tan^-1(y/x), but i doubt this is what Lucifer_arma wants
19:33 <wrtlprnft> he wants the whole thing in 3 dimensions, i guess
19:33 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, 3d
19:33 <Lucifer_arma> polar is 2d
19:33 <Lucifer_arma> I keep getting an extra factor of 2 somewhere that's screwing up the inverse trig functions
19:34 <Lucifer_arma> maybe I shouldn't listen to paula abdul when doing this
19:34 <luke-jr_work> you should listen to me instead
19:34 <luke-jr_work> :)
19:34 <wrtlprnft> bad idea
19:34 <wrtlprnft> never listen to someone who has no idea what he's talking about
19:35 <GodTodd> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transformation_from_spherical_coordinates_to_rectangular_coordinates#From_Cartesian_coordinates
19:36 <GodTodd> dunno if that's what you're looking for
19:36 <Lucifer_arma> other way.  Actually I skipped the wikipedia links in my google search because wikipedia is usually a complicated explanation that's not better than my textbook :)
19:36 <GodTodd> heh
19:37 <Lucifer_arma> we have it like this:
19:37 <wrtlprnft> the last one looks nice
19:37 <GodTodd> it's just a bunch of formulas
19:37 <wrtlprnft> the one with the matrix
19:37 <Lucifer_arma> (distance, angle from xy plane, angle from xz plane)
19:37 <Lucifer_arma> for distance, you just do sqrt(x^2 + y^2 + z^2), the distance formula!
19:38 <Lucifer_arma> and it seems that in there I'm getting an extra factor of 2 :(
19:38 <Lucifer_arma> the point is (-1, -sqrt(3), 2)
19:38 <Lucifer_arma> you guys figure it out and tell me what you get :)
19:38 <Lucifer_arma> oh yeah, that point is in rectangular coordinates.  Convert to spherical.
19:38 <luke-jr_work> Lucifer_arma: shouldn't it be cubed root?
19:39 <Lucifer_arma> no
19:39 <luke-jr_work> lame
19:39 <GodTodd> 2sqrt(3)
19:39 <Lucifer_arma> ?
19:39 <GodTodd> yeah...anything luke doesn't understand is lame
19:39 <Lucifer_arma> I got 2sqrt(2) for the distance
19:40 <Lucifer_arma> the book says it's just 2
19:40 <wrtlprnft> omg, luke doesn't have any idea
19:40 <GodTodd> bah...yeah...2sqrt(2) is what i got too
19:40 <GodTodd> sqrt(8)
19:40 <wrtlprnft> it's sqrt(x²+(sqrt(y²+z²))²)
19:40 <wrtlprnft> and the second sqrt cancels the ²
19:41 <wrtlprnft> so you're left with √(x²+y²+z²)
19:41 <Lucifer_arma> man, I'd like to know how you're doing *that*
19:41 <GodTodd> it works out to the 3d distance formula
19:41 <Lucifer_arma> right.  just like in polar, the radius is figured using the distance formula in 2d :)
19:42 <GodTodd> yep
19:42 <GodTodd> i'm still getting 2sqrt(2) tho
19:42 <GodTodd> hmmm
19:42 <Lucifer_arma> er, nvm
19:42 <Lucifer_arma> I figured out what I did wrong
19:42 <Lucifer_arma> haha
19:43 <Lucifer_arma> sorry
19:43 <Lucifer_arma> apparently the directions say "cyclindrical coordinates", not "spherical" :)
19:43 <GodTodd> haha
19:43 <Lucifer_arma> *cylindrical
19:43 <GodTodd> well then....*that's* 2
19:43 <GodTodd> :P
19:44 <Lucifer_arma> ok, the point now is (1, -1, 4)
19:44 <Lucifer_arma> convert to cylindrical :)
19:44 <Lucifer_arma> (part a of the problem, have to restart now)
19:45 <GodTodd> doing distance?
19:45 <GodTodd> or what?
19:45 <Lucifer_arma> convert to cylindrical coordinates
19:45 <Lucifer_arma> might need to google again, but all the google results I found were pages that also had cylindrical on them
19:45 <GodTodd> r would be sqrt(2)
19:46 <Lucifer_arma> man, it's just polar with the z coordinate copying over
19:47 <GodTodd> so like (sqrt(2), -45, 4)?
19:47 <Lucifer_arma> not even worth doing after you figure that out, but I better just because I spent so much time trying to make the spherical coordinates I came up with match :)
19:48 <Lucifer_arma> i'm getting a pi/4 angle for the angle
19:48 <GodTodd> err...in polar does theta need to be in the domain of 0-2pi?
19:48 <Lucifer_arma> make it 7pi/4
19:48 <GodTodd> yeah...7pi/4 == -45
19:48 <Lucifer_arma> not really, but by convention you should stick with it
19:49 <GodTodd> 45 degree angle in quadrant 4
19:49 <Lucifer_arma> don't speak degrees!  :)
19:49 <GodTodd> converting to/from polar will be on my final tomorrow
19:49 <GodTodd> heh...we still use both right now :P
19:49 <Lucifer_arma> but yeah, pi/4 is the reference angle for tan = 1
19:49 <GodTodd> yeah
19:50 <GodTodd> in fact...a problem or two on the final should be converting to/from rads
19:50 <Lucifer_arma> then, since y = -1 and x = 1, it's fourth quadrant
19:50 <GodTodd> yep
19:50 <GodTodd> 7pi/4
19:50 <Lucifer_arma> I have to convert from degrees to radians sometimes now to figure out the angle :)
19:51 <GodTodd> i think it's next semester we'll go pretty exclusive to rads
19:51 <GodTodd> precal isn't it?
19:51 <Lucifer_arma> nah, never happens
19:51 <Lucifer_arma> at least, not in my school
19:51 <Lucifer_arma> we had degrees come up this semester
19:51 <GodTodd> ah ok :)
19:52 <GodTodd> while talking conversions....without looking it up....x = rcos(theta) and y = rsin(theta), right?
19:53 <GodTodd> converting from polar to cartesian
19:56 <Lucifer_arma> yes
19:56 <Lucifer_arma> sorry, was providing a pencil for my wife
19:56 <Lucifer_arma> I've been rationing the pencils ever since last spring when she lost something like 15 pencils in 2 months
19:57 <Lucifer_arma> I was able to find and collect most of them, and all of the extra lead and stashed them
19:57 <Lucifer_arma> she's not supposed to take any now without asking me :)
19:58 <Lucifer_arma> anyway, that's the same conversion you do with vectors
20:01 <GodTodd> heh...i need to get more lead for my pencils
20:01 <GodTodd> yeah...just reviewing for my final...we can have 5 fromulas on an index card...not sure what i'll choose
20:02 <GodTodd> formulas*
20:03 <Lucifer_arma> half angle formula :)
20:03 <Lucifer_arma> lucky you, my trig teacher doesn't believe in notes on tests
20:03 <Lucifer_arma> he'll be my calc 4 teacher next semester :)
20:03 <GodTodd> i'm thinking something with half and double angle formulas, yeah
20:04 <Lucifer_arma> well, if you didn't memorize the other formulas in the class you're kinda fucked, they're all really easy
20:04 <GodTodd> thing is...i'm almost assured of a B in the class with a small chance at still pulling an A
20:04 <Lucifer_arma> so I'd pick the identities that are hardest to remember
20:04 <GodTodd> yeah
20:05 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034250201.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
20:05 <Vanhayes> #armaservers
20:05 <armabot> Vanhayes: Error: Couldn't get RSS feed.
20:07 <Lucifer_arma> man, the keyboard part in this song is wicked
20:08 <Vanhayes> what song?
20:08 <Lucifer_arma> you're going to laugh, but I shit you not.  Bon Jovi - I'd Die for You.  Try it in headphones, the keyboards are in the right side
20:09 <Lucifer_arma> ok, rectangular to spherical now.  (1, sqrt(3), 2sqrt(3) )
20:14 <GodTodd> (2sqrt(3), pi/3, pi/6) ?
20:15 <Lucifer_arma> how'd you get the angles right and the distance wrong?  :)
20:15 <Lucifer_arma> distance is 4
20:15 <GodTodd> ummm dunno :)
20:15 <GodTodd> oh...cuz i did 2sqrt(3) as sqrt(8) instead of sqrt(12)
20:16 <Lucifer_arma> sqrt(16) ?
20:16 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p50921A91.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
20:16 <GodTodd> yeah...(4, pi/3, pi/6)
20:16 <Lucifer_arma> because it's sqrt(1 + sqrt(3)^2 + 4sqrt(3)^2)
20:17 <GodTodd> yeah..i did sqrt(1+3+8) instead of sqrt(1+3+12)
20:17 <GodTodd> arithmetic problem
20:17 <Lucifer_arma> ah
20:17 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, now I get to do double integrals over a rectangular region :/
20:18 <GodTodd> seems i'll have no problem picking up spherical and cylindrical conversions when i hit them :)
20:18 <Lucifer_arma> I missed 2 classes in this chapter and the test is thursday, and like always I've procrastinated all the homework
20:18 <Lucifer_arma> nah, that's not hard.  Later on I have to convert functions to spherical/cylindrical because that makes it possible to integrate them
20:19 <Lucifer_arma> which is why we didn't do the section I was just doing until right before the hairy integration chapter
20:19 <Lucifer_arma> but one of the classes I missed was the coordinate conversion class :)
20:19 -!- pavelo [n=pavelo@unimatrix0.ubyt.sdjls.uniba.sk] has joined #armagetron
20:20 <GodTodd> heh
20:23 -!- Vanhayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034250201.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:23 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu83w-156034250201.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
20:33 <Lucifer_arma> anybody up for a few rounds of scorched3d?
20:41 -!- deja_vu_ [n=deja_vu@p509205E2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
20:48 <spidey> omg
20:49 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, GodTodd where you just fuckingg with me on that prealgerbra?
20:49 <spidey> cause i made a 65 on it..
20:49 <spidey> made a 100 on my physical science though :D
20:51 <Lucifer_arma> no, we weren't fucking with you
20:51 <Lucifer_arma> what did you do wrong?
20:52 <spidey> dunno
20:52 <spidey> they didn't let me look at the test
20:52 <spidey> just showed me my receipt
20:52 <spidey> i have to retake it again ;(
20:54 <Lucifer_arma> come played scorched3d :)
20:54 <Lucifer_arma> I'm on some server
20:54 <spidey> which one?
20:54 -!- [dlh] [n=[dlh]@a0204.upc-a.chello.nl] has quit ["⌘Q"]
20:55 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, ping
20:55 <spidey> which one? :p
20:55 <Lucifer_arma> don't know, look at the lists
20:55 <Lucifer_arma> something that starts with a, players are listed :)
20:55 <spidey> o
20:58 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p50921A91.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:59 <GodTodd> spidey: no...i never fuck around with math :)
21:05 <spidey> :(
21:05 <spidey> i don't understand how i failed it though
21:05 <spidey> i used the exact same things
21:05 <GodTodd> without seeing what you did, neither do i
21:09 <Lucifer_arma> maybe I should start a server, these guys take a long time to go
21:10 -!- Nixda470 [n=57f383cb@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has joined #armagetron
21:10 -!- Nixda470 [n=57f383cb@h10487.serverkompetenz.net] has quit [Client Quit]
21:10 <spidey> someone wants me to play halo with them
21:22 <Lucifer_arma> games take too long when you get killed early :/
21:22 <Vanhayes> ya
21:22 <Vanhayes> ive been waiting for quite a while
21:23 <Vanhayes> takes even longer when one or 2 people go afk for a while
21:33 <DrJoeTron> that was the most painless final ever
21:33 <DrJoeTron> this is the difficulty of my major?
21:33 <DrJoeTron> my god im a loser
21:38 <Lucifer_arma> what's your major now?
21:46 <DrJoeTron> graphic design
21:47 <Lucifer_arma> omfgluserroflcopter!
21:47 <Lucifer_arma> dude, go back to aol!
21:47 <Lucifer_arma> AOL - where "LOL" is a full stop
21:48 <DrJoeTron> ahaha
21:48 <DrJoeTron> but yeah
21:50 <Lucifer_arma> do you really want to do graphic design, or are you settling?
21:50 <DrJoeTron> settling
21:50 <Lucifer_arma> keeping in mind that you can always go back when you're old to learn what you really want to learn to do what you really want to do
21:51  * Lucifer_arma doesn't settle.  Hopefully nobody ever tries to sue him.
21:51 <DrJoeTron> well I realized for what I want to really do I don't need a degree but it helps
21:51 <DrJoeTron> yuk yuk yuk
21:51 <Lucifer_arma> what do you want to do?
21:51 <DrJoeTron> music
21:51 <Lucifer_arma> could you be a little more specific?  :)
21:52 <DrJoeTron> music performance :)
21:52 <Lucifer_arma> symphony, rock band, hired hand, what?
21:52 <DrJoeTron> anything
21:52 <DrJoeTron> thats just it
21:52 <DrJoeTron> I'm that vague for a reason
21:52 <Lucifer_arma> you want to get up on stage, beat some drums and wave your cock around?
21:53 <DrJoeTron> rock out with my cock out ;)
21:53 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, s3d?
21:53 <Lucifer_arma> hmmm, not right now.  Working on my pirate game, then studying and going to class
21:53 <spidey> lol
21:53 <spidey> k
21:57 <spidey> #h 15:30 pst in pst
21:57 <spidey> #g 15:30 pst in pst
21:57 <armabot> spidey: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
21:57 <spidey> #g 15:30 pst in cdt
21:57 <armabot> spidey: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
21:57 <spidey> #g 15:30 PST in CDT
21:57 <armabot> spidey: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
21:57 <spidey> ....
21:58 <spidey> #g 15:30 PST in CST
21:58 <armabot> spidey: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
21:58 <spidey> hm
21:58 <spidey> gay
21:59 <GodTodd> spidey: 15:30 PST is 17:30 CST
21:59  * GodTodd fills in for armabot :)
21:59 <spidey> lol
22:00 <spidey> well
22:00 <spidey> i think it's CDT
22:00 <spidey> Lucifer_arma, ping?
22:00 <GodTodd> still 2 hours difference
22:00 <Lucifer_arma> ?
22:00 <spidey> are we in CDT?
22:00 <Lucifer_arma> no
22:00 <spidey> or is it CSt already
22:00 <spidey> CST?
22:00 <Lucifer_arma> CST
22:00 <GodTodd> we gained an hour
22:00 <GodTodd> so it's cst
22:00 <spidey> o
22:00 <Lucifer_arma> daylight savings is in the summer when we have to be frugal with our daylight
22:01  * Lucifer_arma was always confused about it, finally had to just learn it by rote
22:01 <Lucifer_arma> biscally, just know that you're in standard time on Christmas in the northern hemisphere
22:01 <GodTodd> so in the summer we're rationing water *and* sunlight? damn....what else can i not use?
22:01 <GodTodd> heh
22:01 <Lucifer_arma> remember that, and you can usually figure out what you're in now
22:01 <Lucifer_arma> ummm, shaving cream?
22:01 <GodTodd> have an electric
22:01 <GodTodd> dun need cream
22:02 <spidey> lol
22:05 -!- Van-hayes [n=Vanhayes@stjhnbsu83w-156034250201.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
22:07 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu83w-156034250201.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net] has left #armagetron []
22:07 -!- Van-hayes is now known as Vanhayes
22:13 <Lucifer_arma> yay, I made the client send a message to the server :)
22:13 <spidey> lol
22:13 <Lucifer_arma> it says "Hi there!"
22:17 <Lucifer_arma> yay, now it knows your ip address and port
22:18 <spidey> ...
22:18  * spidey pictures the game luci's making as freeciv, pirates, and nukes
22:18 <spidey> ZOMG!
22:19 <Lucifer_arma> now I need to think a bit about how to put these pieces together to make a simple login/logout protocol and chat
22:19 <Lucifer_arma> then I can get the client written to handle chat, which takes a fair amount of UI work.  Then I can start on the pirate part proper :)
22:20 -!- pavelo [n=pavelo@unimatrix0.ubyt.sdjls.uniba.sk] has left #armagetron []
22:23 <spidey> http://www.maclive.net/sid/134
22:26 <spidey> http://maclive.net/sid/135
22:27 <spidey> http://www.maclive.net/sid/136
22:43 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-240-54-90.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
22:44 <DrJoeTron> I just found a program to just suck my resources away for fun
22:44 <ghableska> o.0
22:44 <ghableska> why would you want to do that?
22:44 <DrJoeTron> because its cool 
22:44 <DrJoeTron> http://codefromthe70s.org/desktopearth_dl.asp
22:44 <DrJoeTron> its kinda neat
22:45 <ghableska> Wow, it is!
22:45 <DrJoeTron> haha
22:45 <ghableska> :P
22:46 <DrJoeTron> I have it set to update clouds ever 3 hours, and time ever 15 minutes
22:46 <ghableska> cool
22:46 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-240-54-90.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
22:47 <spidey> DrJoeTron, 
22:47 <spidey> defcon got beefed up :D
22:47 <spidey> v1.2
22:47 <spidey> supports mods
22:49 <spidey> http://defcon.s4l.dk/screens/mods/satcon5.jpg
22:49 <spidey> http://defcon.s4l.dk/screens/mods/polar1.jpg
22:55 <DrJoeTron> it should have in the first place
22:55 <DrJoeTron> I didnt even know it patched
22:58 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-240-54-90.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
23:06 <ghableska> #weather 50265
23:06 <armabot> ghableska: The current temperature in Des Moines, Iowa is 33.8°F (3:54 PM CST on December 12, 2006). Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 75%. Dew Point: 26.6°F. Windchill: 24.8°F. Pressure: 29.94 in 1014 hPa. 
23:10 <wrtlprnft> s3d certainly is addictive
23:10 <ghableska> heh
23:10 <wrtlprnft> and the volcano attack is cool :)
23:11  * ghableska still needs to buy new weapons
23:11 <Vanhayes> my favorite is the dirt wall
23:11 <Vanhayes> well those plus a nuke
23:11 <DrJoeTron> I like the city maps
23:11 <ghableska> haah
23:11 <DrJoeTron> because I'm a horrible human being
23:12 <ghableska> so do spidey and Lucifer_arma both have servers now?
23:12 <Vanhayes> heh, the screams are pretty realistic
23:12 <Lucifer_arma> haha
23:12 <Lucifer_arma> um, I'm not running a fulltime server, I just setup my nat so I can run a server when we want to play
23:12 <Lucifer_arma> same deal with freeciv :)
23:22 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Jacob@pool-71-245-222-115.delv.east.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
23:27 -!- [dlh] [n=[dlh]@a0204.upc-a.chello.nl] has joined #armagetron
23:27 -!- GodTodd_ [n=GodTodd@cpe-76-183-44-91.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #armagetron
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23:32 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p50923C39.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
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23:33 -!- Netsplit brown.freenode.net <-> irc.freenode.net quits: GodTodd, j0h4nn3s, Lucifer_arma, GodTodd_
23:34 -!- Netsplit over, joins: GodTodd
23:34 -!- Netsplit over, joins: Lucifer_arma
23:39 <spidey> ghableska, i'm same as Lucifer_arma :p
23:40 -!- zmanuel [n=manuel@p50873813.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
23:40 <Your_mom_arma> ?
23:40 <ghableska> hmm
23:40  * ghableska just blew up himself with a Tsar Bomba
23:41 <Your_mom_arma> you guys playing online?
23:41 <ghableska> yeah
23:41 <wrtlprnft> Lucifer_arma: btw, found the answers to my questions: you get the extra view by pressing “v” and you can only have one of them, and to slowly adjust the shot power use shift+(page up|page down)
23:41 <ghableska> on some random server...
23:41 <Your_mom_arma> which one?
23:41 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p50923C39.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit ["leaving"]
23:41 <ghableska> I don't know :P
23:42 <ghableska> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6173535.stm <-- what's the use of a laser sight if you're blind?
23:42 <Your_mom_arma> anyone else playing, know which server so i can join?
23:43 <wrtlprnft> not me, i'll go to bed soon
23:44 <ghableska> Your_mom_arma: it was an apoc server
23:45 -!- j0h4nn3s [n=j@i577B92A6.versanet.de] has joined #armagetron
23:45 <Your_mom_arma> why would you want to give guns to blind people, no offence to blind people. Even people with perfect vision end up shooting other people by"accident" while hunting
23:46 <ghableska> heh
23:47 -!- Vanhayes2 [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu83w-156034250201.pppoe-dynamic.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
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23:52 -!- Vanhayes2 is now known as vanhayes
23:53 -!- vanhayes is now known as Vanhayes

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