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Log from 2006-07-06:
--- Day changed Thu Jul 06 2006
00:04 <Vanhayes> brb
00:04 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu84w-156034180019.nb.aliant.net] has quit ["mIRC Power Pack 8.00 (www.mIRCPowerPack.com) by sod/sgt-d (sgt-d@sodpit.com)"]
00:05 <Luke-Jr> wr
00:05 <Luke-Jr> wrtlprnft: 
00:06 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu84w-156034180019.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
00:07 <ghableska> wb
00:10 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
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00:34  * Vanhayes pokes McSpiddles aka BlAzE
00:34  * McSpiddles pokes player 1
00:35 <Vanhayes> who was Xplod?
00:36 <McSpiddles> max
00:36 <McSpiddles> lol
00:36 <Vanhayes> lol
00:36 <McSpiddles> everyone else thought you was lucifer lol
00:36 <Vanhayes> heh I know
00:36 <McSpiddles> then everyone thought i was wrtlprnft or ghab
00:36 <McSpiddles> O_o
00:37 <McSpiddles> within the past week i've been
00:37 <McSpiddles> spidey
00:37 <McSpiddles> pyroteck
00:37 <McSpiddles> wrtl
00:37 <McSpiddles> ghab
00:37 <McSpiddles> and someone else i forget
00:37 <Vanhayes> ppl dont know that "only idiots write in colour all the time" is a default instant
00:37 <McSpiddles> heh
00:37 <Vanhayes> ppl always ask me if I am kyle when i am player 1
00:37 <McSpiddles> cause they don't press enter without pressing s
00:38 <McSpiddles> lol
00:39 <Vanhayes> well they ask me if I am kyle or "are you the real player 1?"
00:41 <McSpiddles> are you?
00:42 <Vanhayes> yes
00:42 <McSpiddles> sexi
01:31 <Niii> gn
01:33 <deja_vu_> *yaaawn*
01:33 -!- deja_vu_ is now known as deja_vu
01:37 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lack@ipd50aa335.speed.planet.nl] has joined #armagetron
01:37 <Vanhayes> jey Lackadaisical
01:37 <Vanhayes> hey*
01:37 <Lackadaisical> hi Vanhayes 
01:39 <cusco> how do I attach a file whe emailing someone with mailx
01:50 <Vanhayes> #list
01:50 <armabot> Vanhayes: Admin, Alias, CIA, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats, Config, Dict, Games, Google, Herald, Insult, Later, Math, Misc, News, Owner, Praise, Quote, RSS, Seen, Services, Time, Unix, User, Utilities, and Web
01:50 <Vanhayes> #list games
01:50 <armabot> Vanhayes: coin, dice, eightball, monologue, and roulette
01:51 <Vanhayes> #list services
01:51 <armabot> Vanhayes: ghost, identify, invite, nicks, op, password, unban, and voice
01:51 <Vanhayes> #list misc
01:51 <armabot> Vanhayes: apropos, help, last, list, more, ping, source, tell, and version
01:51 <Vanhayes> #list Utilities
01:51 <armabot> Vanhayes: apply, echo, ignore, last, shuffle, and success
01:51 <Vanhayes> #help shuffle
01:51 <armabot> Vanhayes: (shuffle <arg> [<arg> ...]) -- Shuffles the arguments given it.
01:51 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:51 <armabot> Vanhayes: a s V e n h y a
01:52 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:52 <armabot> Vanhayes: a h a s e y V n
01:52 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:52 <armabot> Vanhayes: s n V a a e h y
01:52 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:52 <armabot> Vanhayes: e y h V s a n a
01:52 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
01:52 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:52 <armabot> Vanhayes: y e s V n a h a
01:52 <ghableska> heh
01:52 <ghableska> hi
01:52 <Vanhayes> lol hey ghableska
01:52 <Vanhayes> finding a new nickname
01:52 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:52 <ghableska> hi Vanhayes
01:52 <armabot> Vanhayes: V a n y a h e s
01:52 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:52 <armabot> Vanhayes: a h e V y s a n
01:52 <ghableska> #shuffle ghableska
01:52 <armabot> ghableska: ghableska
01:53 <ghableska> er
01:53 <Vanhayes> Ha
01:53 <ghableska> wtf
01:53 <ghableska> #shuffle ghableska
01:53 <armabot> ghableska: ghableska
01:53 <ghableska> ...
01:53 <ghableska> Ooh
01:53 <Vanhayes> heh
01:53 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:53 <ghableska> #shuffle g h a b l e s k a
01:53 <armabot> Vanhayes: a a y s h V n e
01:53 <armabot> ghableska: a b s l e k g h a
01:53 <ghableska> abslekgha
01:53 <ghableska> lol
01:54 <Vanhayes> heh wonder if anyone will notice
01:54 <ghableska> I had my name backwards once, and I don't think anyone noticed
01:55 <ghableska> *noticed that it was me ;)
01:55 <madmax|pt> #shuffle madmax
01:55 <armabot> madmax|pt: madmax
01:55 <madmax|pt> o_O
01:55 <ghableska> :P
01:55 <ghableska> same mistake 
01:55 <ghableska> #shuffle m a d m a x
01:55 <armabot> ghableska: x d m m a a
01:55 <madmax|pt> heh
01:55 <Vanhayes> damn durka got it right away
01:55 <madmax|pt> #google x d m m a a
01:55 <armabot> madmax|pt: No matches found. (Search took 0.48 seconds)
01:55 <madmax|pt> lol
01:56 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:56 <armabot> Vanhayes: n a V e y a h s
01:56 <Vanhayes> #shuffle V a n h a y e s
01:56 <armabot> Vanhayes: h y s a n V e a
01:56 <Vanhayes> hmm
01:56 <Vanhayes> #shuffle P l a y e r 1
01:56 <armabot> Vanhayes: l y a e P 1 r
01:56 <Vanhayes> #shuffle P l a y e r 1
01:56 <armabot> Vanhayes: e l y a P r 1
01:56 <Vanhayes> #shuffle P l a y e r 1
01:56 <ghableska> o_
01:56 <armabot> Vanhayes: P r 1 a l e y
01:56 <Vanhayes> #shuffle P l a y e r 1
01:56 <armabot> Vanhayes: P 1 a y r e l
01:56 <Vanhayes> #shuffle P l a y e r 1
01:56 <armabot> Vanhayes: l r e 1 a y P
01:56 <ghableska> I prefer 1 reyalp
01:56 <ghableska> :P
01:57 <ghableska> or just reyalp, actually
01:57 <Vanhayes> heh I use that one too
01:57 <ghableska> I know ;)
01:57 <Vanhayes> lol
02:01 <Vanhayes> #shuffle P l a y e r 1 V a n h a y e s
02:01 <armabot> Vanhayes: l 1 a y e V P a e y n r h s a
02:01 <Vanhayes> lol too big
02:01 <ghableska> hehe
02:01 <McSpiddles> ....
02:01 <Vanhayes> #shuffle p l a y e r v a n h a y e s
02:01 <armabot> Vanhayes: r n y l a e y p a h v s a e
02:02 <Vanhayes> wait it just fits lol
02:02 <Vanhayes> #shuffle p l a y e r 1 v a n h a y e s
02:02 <ghableska> o_O
02:02 <armabot> Vanhayes: s y e p r h n v a a y a 1 e l
02:02 <ghableska> that takes more time to say it than to write it
02:02 <Vanhayes> lol
02:03 <McSpiddles> #shuffle s u p e r c a l a f r a g a l i s t i c e x p e a l a d o s e s z o m g w t f p w n
02:03 <armabot> McSpiddles: w s g i a e o o l f m l f n s p a s a z a e i e g r p c c a x p a r d s w u t t l e
02:03 <ghableska> I like the end, actually
02:03 <ghableska> "wuttle"
02:03 <Vanhayes> lool
02:03 <ghableska> sounds nice :)
02:03 <McSpiddles> lol
02:03 <Vanhayes> #shuffle p w n
02:03 <armabot> Vanhayes: w p n
02:03 <ghableska> Vanhayes: change your name to wuttle
02:04 <Vanhayes> #dict wuttle
02:04 <armabot> Vanhayes: No definition for "wuttle" could be found.
02:04 <deja_vu> O.o
02:04 <Vanhayes> heh just checking
02:06 <ghableska> #google wuttle
02:06 <armabot> ghableska: Search took 0.52 seconds: Facts and Figures 2002: <http://rru.worldbank.org/PapersLinks/Open.aspx?id=6966>; Tear Down The Projects Blog - Hoboken.com: <http://www.hoboken.com/?d=blog&blogtid=7>; TOWNWIDE FUND ST. PATRICK'S RUN MARCH 18, 2006 FINISH LINE ROAD ...: <http://www.flrrt.com/results/pat06.txt>; Comments on: China V India: Some random numbers: (3 more messages)
02:06 <ghableska> o.0
02:06 <Vanhayes> # google s y e p r h n v a a y a 1 e l
02:06 <armabot> Vanhayes: No matches found. (Search took 0.88 seconds)
02:06 <Vanhayes> #google s y e p r h n v a a y a 1 e l
02:06 <ghableska> lol
02:06 <armabot> Vanhayes: Error: Error connecting to Google.com.
02:07 <ghableska> o_O
02:07 <Vanhayes> #google player 1
02:07 <armabot> Vanhayes: Search took 0.50 seconds: Download DivX for Windows: <http://www.divx.com/divx/download/>; MPEG Pointers and Resources: <http://www.mpeg.org/>; MPEG- 1 Player (no audio): <http://rnvs.informatik.tu-chemnitz.de/~jan/MPEG/MPEG_Play.html>; J!NX - Player 1 T-Shirt - Gamer Geek Nerd Hacker Computer: <http://www.jinx.com/scripts/details.asp?productID=547>; Secunia - Vulnerability (2 more messages)
02:08 <McSpiddles> #google Vanhayes
02:08 <armabot> McSpiddles: Search took 0.53 seconds: User: Vanhayes - Armagetron Advanced Wiki: <http://wiki.armagetronad.net/index.php/User:Vanhayes>; Alientrap.org :: Viewing profile: <http://www.alientrap.org/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=242&sid=5b7119791fc2aadf7f92937f29cefca7>; na-wt.org :: Viewing profile: <http://na- (3 more messages)
02:08 <Vanhayes> heh
02:08 <Vanhayes> # google ghableska
02:08 <armabot> Vanhayes: Search took 0.49 seconds: Orbiter Forums: <http://orbit.m6.net/Forum/default.aspx?g=profile&u=842>; Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Off Topic - Orbiter Forums: <http://orbit.m6.net/Forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1093>; Armagetron Forums :: Viewing profile: <http://forums.armagetronad.net/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=829&sid=f1f33e90075c5808d13be13547b7b247>; Armagetron Forums :: (2 more messages)
02:08 <ghableska> haha
02:08 <ghableska> all me ^_^
02:08 <McSpiddles> #more
02:08 <armabot> McSpiddles: wt.org/forum/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=32&sid=c4ba6d2fd154eed7d5625a0aa7bf5aae>; Armagetron Advanced Servers: <http://aabeta.dashjr.org/serverlist.php?sort=address>; Armagetron Advanced Servers: <http://aabeta.dashjr.org/serverlist.php?sort=version>; Armagetron Forums :: View topic - BUG cries on Bugfarm Fortress ...: (2 more messages)
02:09 <McSpiddles> van you're from milan tennessee?
02:09 <McSpiddles> O_o
02:09 <McSpiddles> you're a house wife???
02:09 <McSpiddles> hahahahah
02:09 <ghableska> lololol
02:09 <McSpiddles> All about vanhayes
02:09 <McSpiddles> 	
02:09 <McSpiddles> Joined:  	01 Sep 2004
02:09 <McSpiddles> Total posts:  	1
02:09 <McSpiddles> [0.06% of total / 0.00 posts per day]
02:09 <McSpiddles> Find all posts by vanhayes
02:09 <McSpiddles> Location:  	Milan TN
02:09 <McSpiddles> Website:  	 
02:09 <McSpiddles> Occupation:  	housewife, sunday school teacher
02:09 <McSpiddles> Interests: 	Pets and Piano
02:10 <ghableska> no, it's Van-hayes, right?
02:10 <McSpiddles> no...
02:10 <McSpiddles> Vanhayes
02:10 <ghableska> on the forums
02:10 <Vanhayes> Van- hayes on arma forums yes
02:10 <ghableska> I've never seen the other Vanhayes before o_O
02:11 <Vanhayes> me either
02:11 <Vanhayes> er I did once but im pretty sure it was pimp
02:11 <ghableska> lol
02:11 <Vanhayes> and that milan one isnt me
02:11 <ghableska> what happened to pimp? :P
02:11 <Vanhayes> no clue
02:11 <Vanhayes> hell be back
02:12 <ghableska> heh
02:13  * ghableska slaps McSpiddles
02:13 <Vanhayes> lol
02:13 <ghableska> got bored...
02:13 <Vanhayes> #insult McSpiddles
02:13 <armabot> McSpiddles - You are nothing but a low-quality mass of ruttish carpet. 
02:13 <Vanhayes> heh the lazy way to insult
02:13 <ghableska> #insult Vanhayes
02:13 <armabot> Vanhayes - You are nothing but an evil puddle of dread-bolted craptacular. 
02:13 <ghableska> heh
02:13 <ghableska> "evil puddle" :)
02:14 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lack@ipd50aa335.speed.planet.nl] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
02:14 <Vanhayes> lol craptacular
02:14 <ghableska> #insult
02:14 <armabot> You are nothing but a reeky thimbleful of petrified cold.
02:26 <Vanhayes> #alias
02:26 <Vanhayes> er
02:26 <Vanhayes> #list alias
02:26 <armabot> Vanhayes: #, 42, add, admin, all, answer, anvil, armabot, armabot,, b, barf, bug, canada, canada2, ch, chatlog, clash, coin, digg, dotdotdot, eightballs, eliza, f, fe, fluffy, fortune, g, gcalc, goodbye, hello, help, hose, ignoreme, insight, it's, joke, knock, less, lipsum, lock, log, log, lotto, lucifer, luciferarma, lukejr, m, man, mashuffle, message, mfaq, missed, morning, night, pang, parrot, (1 more message)
02:26 <Vanhayes> #more
02:26 <armabot> Vanhayes: peng, poke, pong, postal, pun, pung, pushredbutton, q, realchatlogs, remove, roulete, roulettebot, roulettte, scare, sdasupport, selfcleanalias, should, spam, spamspamspam, specialroulette, superdice, surprise, switchtoheads, switchtotails, teamlist, texas, u, unix, unlock, uptime, vanhayes, wakespam, whoisshe, wikipedia, and yoda
02:27 <ghableska> #pushredbutton
02:27 <armabot> Don't push this button again!
02:27 <Vanhayes> lol
02:28 <Vanhayes> #help selfcleanalias
02:28 <armabot> Vanhayes: (selfcleanalias <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "alias add $1 echo $* [alias remove $1]".
02:28 <Vanhayes> #selfcleanalias
02:28 <armabot> Vanhayes: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.
02:29 <Vanhayes> #vanhayes
02:29 <armabot> Vanhayes doesnt like it when Vanhayes says his name.
02:30 <McSpiddles> wrtlprnft, can the text color above the bike be set back to normal by a console setting? because when people use those fucked up white blocked colors they get in the way of my bike
02:31 <Vanhayes> i think wrtlprnft is asleep
02:31 <McSpiddles> he is
02:31 <McSpiddles> but he'll see it when he wakes up :p
02:32  * ghableska pokes wrtlprnft
02:33  * Vanhayes pokes ghableska
02:34 <Vanhayes> #poke
02:34 <armabot> I don't have a pointy stick...
02:34  * ghableska gets poked
02:34 <Vanhayes> #echo *me
02:34 <armabot> *me
02:34 <Vanhayes> damne
02:34 <Vanhayes> damn*
02:34 <ghableska> #ghableska
02:35 <Vanhayes> lol
02:35 <ghableska> :P
02:38 <McSpiddles> #echo "action lol"
02:38 <armabot> action lol
02:38 <McSpiddles> O_o
02:39 <ghableska> #echo echo 
02:39 <armabot> echo
02:39 <ghableska> heh
02:40 <ghableska> #echo #echo
02:40 <armabot> #echo
02:41 <McSpiddles> grrr
02:41 <Vanhayes> #echo #echo the
02:41 <armabot> #echo the
02:42 <McSpiddles> ....
02:42 <McSpiddles> ok so appearntly
02:42 <McSpiddles> my floppy drive isn't mounted
02:42 <McSpiddles> i try to mount it to get rid of that annoying icon
02:43 <McSpiddles> it says it can't find it
02:43 <McSpiddles> O_o
02:43 <McSpiddles> mount: can't find /dev/fd0 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab
02:44 <McSpiddles> O_o
02:44 <Vanhayes> #google Biggest island in canada
02:44 <armabot> Vanhayes: Search took 0.70 seconds: CanadaInfoLink is everything you wanted to know about Canada and ...: <http://www.canadainfolink.ca/chartnine.htm>; Wikipedia - Canada: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada>; List of Canadian islands by area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_islands_by_area>; List of Canadian islands by area: Information (2 more messages)
02:47 <McSpiddles> canada has islands?
02:48 <Vanhayes> yes
02:48 <Vanhayes> #google baffin island
02:48 <armabot> Vanhayes: Search took 0.30 seconds: BaffinIsland.ca: Guide to Baffin Island , Nunavut: <http://www.baffinisland.ca/>; Baffin Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baffin_Island>; Lonely Planet | Theme Guides | Islands | Baffin Island , Canada: <http://www.lonelyplanet.com/theme/islands/islands_baffin.htm>; Baffin Island Photos: (2 more messages)
02:50 <madmax|pt> im amazed on how good skip plays
02:50 <madmax|pt> ... not
02:50 <McSpiddles> LOl
02:50 <McSpiddles> he's easily beaten
02:51 <McSpiddles> atleast i can using my "boring" but affective attack
02:51 <McSpiddles> :)
02:51  * ghableska sucks
02:51 <McSpiddles> just circle him filling in his gaps and he'll do the rest
02:51 <McSpiddles> lol
02:52 <McSpiddles> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_American_islands_by_area
02:52 <McSpiddles> O_o
02:52 <ghableska> he makes interesting patterns
02:53 <Vanhayes> well all I know is he isnt half as good as he says he is
02:54 <McSpiddles> agreed :p
02:54 <madmax|pt> the thing is, that when not on def i don't think he knows what he must do
02:54 <McSpiddles> also agreed
02:55 <McSpiddles> he used the winzone against me
03:16  * ghableska is bored
03:17  * Vanhayes *
03:18 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
03:18 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
03:18 <ghableska> oops
03:18  * Vanhayes *
03:18 <Luke-Jr> ...
03:18 <Vanhayes> wb
03:19 <ghableska> ...
03:24 <Vanhayes> #list
03:24 <armabot> Vanhayes: Admin, Alias, CIA, Channel, ChannelLogger, ChannelStats, Config, Dict, Games, Google, Herald, Insult, Later, Math, Misc, News, Owner, Praise, Quote, RSS, Seen, Services, Time, Unix, User, Utilities, and Web
03:24 <Vanhayes> #list math
03:24 <armabot> Vanhayes: base, calc, convert, icalc, rpn, and units
03:28 <madmax|pt>   
03:28 <ghableska>  
03:28  * madmax|pt *
03:29 <ghableska> eugh
03:29  * Vanhayes ***************
03:29  * ghableska *
03:29 <ghableska> :P
03:32 <madmax|pt> who won?
03:32 <Vanhayes> who won what?
03:33 <madmax|pt> the thing
03:33 <Vanhayes> i see...
03:33 <madmax|pt> i see won the thing?
03:34 <ghableska> I got -40 points. :D
03:34 <Vanhayes> what was the highest score?
03:35 <ghableska> 67.
03:35 <Vanhayes> lol 100 points difference
03:35 <Vanhayes> that you high score for lowest score?
03:36 <ghableska> o_O
03:36 <madmax|pt> those scores are in what?
03:36 <ghableska> mbc server
03:37 <madmax|pt> heh
03:37 <madmax|pt> i pwn tron in sumo
03:38 <madmax|pt> its amazing
03:38 <madmax|pt> lol
03:38 <ghableska> lol
03:40 <Vanhayes> cya ghab
03:41 <ghableska> I'm not leaving IRC ;)
03:41 <Vanhayes> lol
03:41 <ghableska> :P
03:41 <madmax|pt> im going to bed
03:41 <madmax|pt> good night
03:41 <ghableska> cya
03:42 <Vanhayes> night madmax|pt
03:45 <Vanhayes> #shuffle g h a b v a n
03:45 <armabot> Vanhayes: b a h v n a g
03:46 <ghableska> o_O
03:46 <Vanhayes> lol that sounds nasty
03:46 <ghableska> it does?
03:46 <Vanhayes> Bahvnag
03:47 <ghableska> sounds like someone sneezing with too much phlegm in their throat
03:48 <ghableska> :P
03:51 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
04:10 <Vanhayes> McSpiddles can you connect to shrunkland?
04:11 -!- madmax|pt [n=MadMaX@bl5-10-61.dsl.telepac.pt] has quit ["The computer fell asleep"]
04:11 <McSpiddles> Vanhayes, it's full
04:11 <Vanhayes> ya
04:12 <McSpiddles> plus i think i got banned for trying to join to much O_o
04:12 <Vanhayes> lol fonkay, pandamonium and kamakazi all got in
04:12 <Vanhayes> and now me :)
04:15 <Vanhayes> heh McSpiddles=cindy?
04:16 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Jacob@pool-151-204-78-213.delv.east.verizon.net] has joined #armagetron
04:17 <McSpiddles> no...
04:17 <McSpiddles> i was in fortress
04:26 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
04:27 <Vanhayes> wb ghableska
04:27 <Your_mom_arma> hey
04:27 <ghableska> ty Vanhayes
04:27 <Vanhayes> hello Your_mom_arma
04:28 <ghableska> ...
04:28 <ghableska> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/5151612.stm?ls
04:28 <ghableska> that's just...
04:28 <McSpiddles> that's just...so Vanhayes 
04:30 <Your_mom_arma> creepy
04:30 <ghableska> I know
04:31  * ghableska is glad he had already had dinner
04:31 <Your_mom_arma> i'ld keep it like the guy though
04:31 <ghableska> sell it on ebay :P
04:31 <ghableska> probably make a fortune off it
04:31 <Your_mom_arma> wanna see something cool? (escorts you to jar with skull labeling)
04:31 <ghableska> ol
04:31 <ghableska> *lol
04:35 -!- guru3_ [n=guru3@2002:51e7:e65f:1:0:0:0:1] has joined #armagetron
04:35 -!- guru3 [n=guru3@2002:51e7:e65f:1:0:0:0:1] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
04:43 <McSpiddles> you gotta be shitting me
04:43 <McSpiddles> O_o
04:43 <McSpiddles> they have 10-15 pages per math packet for the hard math shit
04:44 <McSpiddles> but for fractions they have a fuckin 32 page packet....
04:44 <McSpiddles> fractions = easy :/
05:00 <Luke-Jr> ...
05:01 <McSpiddles> they load a book down with the easy stuff
05:01 <McSpiddles> but only give you so much info on the hard stuff
05:01 <McSpiddles> that's gay
05:01 <McSpiddles> :/
05:01 <Luke-Jr> this is weird
05:01 <McSpiddles> ?
05:01 <Luke-Jr> I'm compiling and making an installer for Windows
05:01 <Luke-Jr> without using Windows
05:02 <McSpiddles> lo
05:02 <McSpiddles> lol
05:02 <McSpiddles> need more space on the server? O_o
05:02 <Luke-Jr> ?
05:03  * McSpiddles is thinking about upgrading to 10gigs of space
05:03 <Luke-Jr> o
05:03 <McSpiddles> or switching hosts....not sure
05:03 <Luke-Jr> did they ever get the vhost setup? =p
05:03 <McSpiddles> i doubt it
05:03 <McSpiddles> O_o
05:03 <McSpiddles> sec
05:03 <Luke-Jr> lol
05:04 <Luke-Jr> well I want to start my own company/contract work
05:04 <Luke-Jr> so if you want to switch hosts, let me get a server I can host you on =p
05:04 <McSpiddles> acid@server [/etc]# cat userdomains
05:04 <McSpiddles> www.fallin-angels.com: acid
05:04 <McSpiddles> nope :/
05:05 <McSpiddles> lol
05:05 <McSpiddles> as long as you got cpanel :p
05:05 <Luke-Jr> why? I thought you hated cpanel? =p
05:05 <McSpiddles> <insert sarcasm here>
05:06 <Luke-Jr> I supposed SSH only would be too bare?
05:06 <Luke-Jr> =p
05:06 <Luke-Jr> suppose*
05:06 <McSpiddles> mmm
05:06 <McSpiddles> ssh and ftp
05:06 <McSpiddles> i could live with that
05:07 <Luke-Jr> erm
05:07 <Luke-Jr> how about minus ftp?
05:07  * McSpiddles thinks about buying a $5 shell and putting a tron server on it O_o
05:07 <McSpiddles> um
05:07 <Luke-Jr> I don't like huge gaping security risks...
05:07 <McSpiddles> i can't seem to upload via ssh
05:07 <Luke-Jr> why not?
05:07 <McSpiddles> it doesn't like me
05:07 <Luke-Jr> ...
05:07 <Luke-Jr> example?
05:08 <McSpiddles> "local file not found"
05:08 <McSpiddles> "remote file not found"
05:08 <Luke-Jr> ...
05:08 <McSpiddles> i always get those to
05:08 <McSpiddles> :/
05:08  * Luke-Jr doesn't believe you =p
05:08 <Luke-Jr> here, I got an idea
05:08 <McSpiddles> lol
05:08 <Luke-Jr> how about I just host something on my local server gratis for now
05:08 <McSpiddles> or maybe that was ftp
05:08 <Luke-Jr> and we see how it works out =p
05:08 <McSpiddles> i forget
05:09 <McSpiddles> k
05:09 <McSpiddles> ohhhh
05:09 <McSpiddles> i know
05:09 <McSpiddles> i never tried ssh to upload
05:09 <Luke-Jr> lol
05:09 <McSpiddles> because i used to always use putty
05:10 <McSpiddles> and to upload a file it was "send /path/to/whatever"
05:10 <McSpiddles> and that's not in the terminal ssh
05:10 <McSpiddles> O_o
05:10 <Luke-Jr> ...
05:11 <McSpiddles> acid@server [~/public_html]# send
05:11 <McSpiddles> -jailshell: send: command not found
05:11 <McSpiddles> in putty "send" uploads a file
05:11 <McSpiddles> :p
05:11 <Luke-Jr> ...
05:11 <Luke-Jr> you know 'cp'?
05:12 <McSpiddles> oh
05:12 <Luke-Jr> well, change 'cp' to 'scp'
05:12 <Luke-Jr> and prefix a path with 'hostname:'
05:12 <Luke-Jr> so
05:13 <Luke-Jr> scp file.html hachi.dashjr.org:public_html/
05:17 <ghableska> 'night everyone
05:17 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
05:55 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@71-211-201-61.hlrn.qwest.net] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
06:18 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu84w-156034180019.nb.aliant.net] has quit []
06:20 <Lucifer_arma> What did Jeffrey Daumer say to Charles Manson?
06:21 -!- [NP]Tangent [n=hyperdev@71-211-201-61.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #armagetron
06:23 <Your_mom_arma> what?
06:34 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu84w-156034180019.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
06:36 <Lucifer_arma> are you gonna eat that?
06:37 <McSpiddles> hmmm
06:38 <McSpiddles> #g three and three-fourths/one and two-thirds
06:38 <armabot> Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.
06:38 <McSpiddles> bah
06:38  * McSpiddles wonders if arma can do fractions O_o
06:40 <Lucifer_arma> 15/4 * 3/5
06:40 <McSpiddles> #g 14/4 * 3/5
06:40 <armabot> ((14 / 4) * 3) / 5 = 2.1
06:41 <McSpiddles> nope
06:41 <McSpiddles> lol
06:41 <McSpiddles> well
06:41 <McSpiddles> that was close anyways
06:42 <McSpiddles> 2.2 is the answer i think
06:42 <McSpiddles> O_o
06:43 <McSpiddles> ah
06:43 <McSpiddles> no it's 4.3
06:45  * McSpiddles wishes k-calc did fractions
06:47 <Your_mom_arma> lol luci
06:59 <McSpiddles> argh
06:59 <McSpiddles> this math packet is making my head hurt
07:00 <McSpiddles> so many things they're trying to teach are oppiset of how i learned in school
07:03 <McSpiddles> lucifer don't you flip the right fraction to make a faction-devision problem multiplication?
07:03 <Lucifer_arma> umm, that's what I did a minute ago
07:03 <McSpiddles> bastards
07:03 -!- deja_vu_ [n=deja_vu@p57A1BF1C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
07:03 <Lucifer_arma> but yeah, you take the reciprocal of the fraaction on the bottom
07:03 <McSpiddles> htey're trying to say you don't flip it
07:03 <Lucifer_arma> well, you can cross-multiply it, but I always lose track of which is my denominator when I do that
07:04 <McSpiddles> which means by there grade book
07:04 <McSpiddles> i've already failed half this packet
07:04 <McSpiddles> gaaaah
07:04 <Lucifer_arma> besides, when you get to algebra it's easier to take the reciprocal :)
07:04 <McSpiddles> yea
07:04 <McSpiddles> but what i'm getting at is they say the oppisite :/
07:05 <McSpiddles> which means i either go back with whiteout and change my answers
07:05 <McSpiddles> or fail it :/
07:05  * Lucifer_arma notes that math should always be done in pencil :)
07:05 <McSpiddles> well
07:05 <McSpiddles> i never had to change my answers
07:05 <McSpiddles> i've always been good in math
07:05 <McSpiddles> and got good grades :P
07:06 <Lucifer_arma> what is the packet trying to teach you?  See, maybe they're drilling you on working with fractions in your head?
07:06 <McSpiddles> um
07:06 <McSpiddles> ok
07:06 <Lucifer_arma> in that case, taking the reciprocal is an extra step that only causes problems, so you do it differently :)
07:06 <McSpiddles> here's a example problem
07:06 <McSpiddles> 3/4 / 3
07:06 <McSpiddles> changes to
07:07 <Lucifer_arma> 1/12
07:07 <McSpiddles> 3/4 * 1/2
07:07 <McSpiddles> = 3/8
07:07 <Lucifer_arma> ?  where did the 1/2 come from?
07:07 <McSpiddles> that's what they say...
07:07 <McSpiddles> er
07:07 <Lucifer_arma> what do the directions say?
07:07 <McSpiddles> typo
07:07 <McSpiddles> 3/4 / 2
07:07 <Lucifer_arma> ahhh, wait a minute
07:07 <McSpiddles> changes to 3/4 * 1/2
07:07 <McSpiddles> = 3/8
07:08 <Lucifer_arma> ah, that's right
07:08 <McSpiddles> O_O
07:08 <Lucifer_arma> that's 3/4 divided by Two, right?
07:08 <Lucifer_arma> what's the reciprocal of Two?
07:08 <McSpiddles> 1/2
07:09 <Lucifer_arma> so to divide 3/4 by Two, you multiple 3/4 times 1/2, right?
07:09 <Lucifer_arma> then you go across, 3*1/4*2
07:09 <McSpiddles> and 4*2
07:09 <McSpiddles> then devide
07:09 <Lucifer_arma> well, 3/8 is the simplest form of that number
07:10 <Lucifer_arma> or something like taht
07:10 <McSpiddles> but the way my math teacher in school tought, you change 1/2 to 2/1 then multiply :/
07:10 <Lucifer_arma> then you were taught wrong then and are learning right now :)
07:10 <McSpiddles> gaaah
07:11 <Lucifer_arma> why do we have two deja_vu's?
07:11 <McSpiddles> time out?
07:15 <Your_mom_arma> Time in
07:17 <McSpiddles> omg
07:17 <McSpiddles> i went through this hole thing and the answers are in the back of the book
07:17 <McSpiddles> :|
07:20 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p57A1BF63.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
07:35 <McSpiddles> errr
07:35  * McSpiddles slaps gateway
07:35 <McSpiddles> the only procedure they have for this problem involves a calc. that does fractions :/
07:58 -!- z-man-home [n=manuel@p50871855.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
07:59 -!- deja_vu [n=deja_vu@p57A1BD3A.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
08:16 -!- deja_vu_ [n=deja_vu@p57A1BF1C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
08:21 -!- z-man-home [n=manuel@p50871855.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
08:40 <Vanhayes> #google fight "The Godfather" "The Godfather Part 2" "The Godfather Part 3"
08:40 <armabot> Vanhayes: The Godfather: 29600000, The Godfather Part 2: 8740000, The Godfather Part 3: 7560000
08:46 <Your_mom_arma> not really fair all godfather2 and 3 results are inbluded in the original results
08:46 <Your_mom_arma> blah
08:47 <Your_mom_arma> included
08:48 <wrtlprnft> McSpiddles: yes they can
08:48 <wrtlprnft> McSpiddles: look at NEWS to see which setting
08:48 -!- Your_mom_arma [n=Jacob@pool-151-204-78-213.delv.east.verizon.net] has left #armagetron []
09:10 -!- Sakireth [n=sakireth@linth.xs4all.nl] has joined #armagetron
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09:38 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu84w-156034180019.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
10:06 -!- Vanhayes_ [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu84w-156034180019.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
10:20 <wrtlprnft> Luke-Jr: ?
10:20 <wrtlprnft> 00:05 <Luke-Jr> wrtlprnft:
10:33 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu84w-156034180019.nb.aliant.net] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
11:10 -!- Brooky [n=Brooky@] has quit ["Leaving"]
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11:36 -!- Sakireth [n=sakireth@linth.xs4all.nl] has joined #armagetron
12:16 -!- madmax|pt [n=MadMaX@bl5-11-54.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #armagetron
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13:05 <madmax|pt> #last
13:05 <armabot> madmax|pt: [03:21:06] <wrtlprnft> 00:05 <Luke-Jr> wrtlprnft:
13:05 <madmax|pt> lol
13:12 <Sakireth> lol
13:14 <wrtlprnft> 13:05 <armabot> madmax|pt: [03:21:06] <wrtlprnft> 00:05 <Luke-Jr> wrtlprnft:
13:14 <wrtlprnft> #last
13:14 <armabot> wrtlprnft: [06:15:04] <wrtlprnft> 13:05 <armabot> madmax|pt: [03:21:06] <wrtlprnft> 00:05 <Luke-Jr> wrtlprnft:
13:30 <Lucifer_arma> #last
13:30 <armabot> Lucifer_arma: [06:15:05] <wrtlprnft> #last
13:38 <[Xpert]DarkStar> guru3_: ping?
13:38 <McSpiddles> omg
13:38  * McSpiddles is waiting for my dogs to get attacked
13:38 -!- guru3_ is now known as guru3
13:39 <[Xpert]DarkStar> McSpiddles: you can call me [Xpert]DarkStar 
13:39  * McSpiddles found a opossium playing dead on the porch
13:39 <McSpiddles> O_o
13:46 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-052-045.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
13:54 <madmax|pt> opossium?
14:13 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar [n=pso@84-74-43-82.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:15 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar [n=pso@84-74-43-82.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #armagetron
14:34 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar_ [n=pso@84-74-43-82.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #armagetron
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14:35 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar_ is now known as [Xpert]DarkStar
14:40 -!- [Xpert]DarkStar [n=pso@84-74-43-82.dclient.hispeed.ch] has quit ["leaving"]
14:57 <McSpiddles> madmax|pt possium?
14:57 <McSpiddles> sec
14:57 <McSpiddles> madmax|pt, http://www.possumrescue.com/  << that ugly ass thing
14:59 <McSpiddles> they got some sharp ass teeth,too O_o
15:08 <madmax|pt> ohhhh, they look cute
15:08 <McSpiddles> :|
15:08 <madmax|pt> lolol
15:08 <madmax|pt> lunch time
15:08 <McSpiddles> going to eat a possum ?
15:09 <madmax|pt> not really
15:09  * McSpiddles goes to install a windows manager
15:10 <McSpiddles> http://xwinman.org/
15:15 <McSpiddles> checking for XOpenDisplay in -lX11... no
15:15 <McSpiddles> configure: error: standard X11 libraries not found
15:15 <McSpiddles> riiiiiiiiiiiiiight
15:16 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> lucifer around?
15:17 <Lucifer_arma> sorta, what's up?
15:20 <McSpiddles> O_o
15:21  * McSpiddles has 89 packages to install/upgrade
15:21 <McSpiddles> bah
15:21 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> oh, i just thot i'd mention
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> Hi,
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> Would you want to be on, or know anyone local who would want to be on
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> a modding panel
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> at the conference in a couple weeks? This could include Armegatron and
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> stuff like that.
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> Thanks
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> Michael
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> a independant game editing conference..
15:22 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> i might go but i'm not presenting
15:23 <joda_bot> SuPeRTaRD-bbl: where is that conference ? 
15:25 <SuPeRTaRD-bbl> in austin tx
15:41 <McSpiddles> wooooo
15:41 <McSpiddles> synaptic crashed xD
15:41 <McSpiddles> give me the most restricted computer on earth.....i'll find a way to break it,i seem to always do O_o
16:01 -!- McSpiddles [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:34 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
16:34 <spidey> fluxbox's being a bitch :/
16:34 <spidey> blackbox works just fine though
16:34 <Luke-Jr> go with KDE =p
16:34 <spidey> i've got kde
16:34 <spidey> but
16:34 <spidey>  09:34:06 up 3 min,  2 users,  load average: 0.16, 0.28, 0.13
16:34 <spidey> my loads are much lower
16:34 <spidey> with blackbox :p
16:34 <Luke-Jr> of course
16:35 <spidey> and i've figured out how to use the terminal to start anything i need
16:35 <spidey> so i'll leave it this way :p
16:35 <Luke-Jr> Konsole has tabs tho!
16:35 <Luke-Jr> and you'll be needing the KDE libs anyhow for Konqueror
16:35 <spidey> lol
16:35 <spidey> ......
16:36 <Luke-Jr> .....
16:37 <Luke-Jr> Unless you really don't care for tabs and just want to use Links to save memory
16:37 <joda_bot> You can try code::blocks ;)
16:37 <Luke-Jr> isn't that windoze-only?
16:37 <joda_bot> ups, wrong app anyway ;)
16:37 <spidey> lol
16:37 <joda_bot> code::blocks is an alternative to kdeveloper ;)
16:37 <joda_bot> firefox should work just fine ;)
16:37 <Luke-Jr> um
16:38 <Luke-Jr> FireFox may be the best for Windows, but it's second-class at best on *nix
16:38 <joda_bot> Luke-Jr: there is not that much difference between windows and linux firefox
16:38  * spidey uses firefox on both
16:38 <joda_bot> and I really like to have a similiar interface across platforms
16:39 <joda_bot> + extentions for adblocking if you can accept the slower page loading
16:40 <spidey> whoa
16:40 <spidey> i lost my gaim 
16:40 <Luke-Jr> and it'll use more RAM/CPU than KDE would
16:40 <Luke-Jr> FireFox doesn't even support text-shadow :(
16:40 <spidey> O_o
16:40 <Luke-Jr> which is CSS 2
16:40 <Luke-Jr> eww, gaaim
16:40 <Luke-Jr> joda_bot: that's solved by using only *nix platforms
16:40  * spidey goes to find blackbox plugins
16:41 <Luke-Jr> spidey: use Psi
16:41 <spidey> ?
16:41 <Luke-Jr> for IM
16:41 <joda_bot> Luke-Jr: Stick with KDE ... ever looked at all the nice background processes ? ;)
16:41 <Luke-Jr> joda_bot: sure
16:41  * spidey has 51 processes
16:42 <spidey> kde give me over 70
16:42 <Luke-Jr> OS: GNU/Linux 2.6.17-gentoo/x86_64 - CPU: 1 x AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+ (2202.874 MHz) - Processes: 299 - Uptime: 3d 17h 29m - Users: 97 - Load Average: 13.92 - Memory Usage: 2512MB/1002MB (250%)
16:42 <Luke-Jr> nothin wrong wth a few proceesses =p
16:42 <spidey> not when you got 3gigs of ram
16:42 <spidey> i only got 376mb
16:42 <Luke-Jr> shared libraries....
16:42 <Luke-Jr> I onyl got 1 GB
16:43 <Luke-Jr> 376 is a bit low tho o.o
16:43 <spidey> i guess you're using some of your swap then?
16:43 <Luke-Jr> plenty
16:43 <Luke-Jr> but that's because I have
16:43 <spidey> 299 processes O_o
16:43 <Luke-Jr> 15 virtual desktops
16:43 <spidey> omg
16:43 <Luke-Jr> and however many konsoles w/ 5 or so tabs each
16:44  * spidey goes to edit blackbox
16:44 <Luke-Jr> and like I said, you'll need KDE running enough for Konqueror anyway
16:44 <Luke-Jr> or use an inferior FireFox which eats yet more RAM
16:44 <Luke-Jr> or simply deal with Links
16:44  * spidey still wonders where his gaim went O_o
16:45 <Luke-Jr> not to mention Gaim and it's RAM eating
16:45 <spidey> gaim doesn't eat my ram
16:45 <spidey> not on windows or linux
16:45 <Luke-Jr> it certainly eats mine
16:45 <Luke-Jr> compared to Psi anyhow
16:48 <Luke-Jr> Psi's rw memory usage is just under 30 K
16:48 <spidey> who needs konqueror?
16:48 <spidey> you can use file managers on blackbox to
16:48 <Luke-Jr> pmap $(pidof gaim) -x | grep rw | cut -b 17-24 | while read x; do echo $x +f; done | dc
16:48 <spidey> there's rox and a few others
16:48 <Luke-Jr> Konqueror as a web browser
16:48 <spidey> bah
16:48 <spidey> i use firefox,so i don't need it
16:48 <Luke-Jr> ok, let me rephrase
16:49 <Luke-Jr> Konqueror as the best web browser in existence today
16:49 <spidey> lie
16:49 <Luke-Jr> FireFox uses more RAM than KDE does
16:49 <spidey> lies
16:49 <Luke-Jr> nope
16:49 <Luke-Jr> FireFox is an inferior browser
16:49 <Luke-Jr> its *only* strengths are plugins and Win compatiblity
16:50 <spidey> i like it,so i'll use it :)
16:50 <Luke-Jr> and in the case of plugins, KDE 4 should take care of that
16:50 <spidey> besides
16:50 <spidey> i only run things when i need them
16:50 <Luke-Jr> pmap $(pidof mozilla-firefox) -x | grep rw | cut -b 17-24 | while read x; do echo $x +f; done | dc
16:50 <spidey> so firefox does fine :)
16:51 <Luke-Jr> so how much rw memorry does Gaim use anyhow?
16:51 <spidey> sec
16:53 <spidey> erm
16:54 <spidey> O_o
16:54 <spidey> gaim isn't even running
16:54 <Luke-Jr> ...
16:54 <spidey> heh
16:54 <spidey> when you minimize something
16:55 <spidey> it closes
16:55 <Luke-Jr> that's messed up
16:55 <Luke-Jr> use KDE
16:55 <spidey> no
16:55 <spidey> it's using 1.4%
16:55 <Luke-Jr> so you get 98.6% left
16:55 <Luke-Jr> big deal =p
16:55 <spidey> lol
16:55 <spidey> well
16:55 <spidey> blackbox uses 1.1%
16:55 <spidey> what does kde use? :)
16:56 <Luke-Jr> of?
16:56 <spidey> of how much ram you got
16:56 <Luke-Jr> no idea
16:56 <Luke-Jr> KDE has multiple processes
16:56 <Luke-Jr> that's hard to count RAM use
16:57 <spidey> so i'll stick with blackbox :
16:57 <spidey> :p
16:57 <Luke-Jr> unless you count everything multiple times
16:57 <Luke-Jr> because every KDE process uses Qt
16:57 <Luke-Jr> but Qt is only in RAM once
16:57 <Luke-Jr> for all em
16:58 <spidey> mmm
16:58 <spidey> tgz compresses
16:58 <Luke-Jr> remember, this isn't Windows =p
16:58 <Luke-Jr> erm
16:58 <spidey> so what uncompresses :/
16:59 <Luke-Jr> tgz is a formats
16:59 <Luke-Jr> tar archives directories
17:00 <Luke-Jr> tar cjvp <directory> | bzip2 > archive.tbz2
17:00 <Luke-Jr> erm
17:00 <Luke-Jr> tar cvp <directory> | bzip2 > archive.tbz2
17:00 <Luke-Jr> or, for shortcut
17:00 <Luke-Jr> tar cjvpf archive.tbz2 <directory>
17:00 <Luke-Jr> the 'j' means tar itself will pipe it thru bzip2
17:00 <Luke-Jr> the 'f' means tar writes output to a file
17:00 <spidey> tar -xf archive.tar
17:00 <spidey> that's what i want
17:01 <Luke-Jr> except you're missing 'vp' =p
17:01 <spidey> didn't need it
17:01 <Luke-Jr> 'v' means to list files as they're added/extraced
17:01 <spidey> done extracted :p
17:01 <Luke-Jr> 'p' means to keep permissions
17:01 <Luke-Jr> which is usually needed
17:01 <Luke-Jr> eg, to keep executables executable
17:02 <Luke-Jr> so 'tar xvpf archive.tar'
17:02 <Luke-Jr> (the dash is optional)
17:02 <spidey> LOL
17:02 <spidey> i made a --help.tgz
17:02 <spidey> now i can't remove it
17:02 <spidey> O_o
17:02 <Luke-Jr> ...
17:02 <Luke-Jr> rm -- --help.tgz
17:03 <spidey> O_o
17:03 <spidey> mm
17:03 <Luke-Jr> 'tar xjvpf archive.tbz2' will decompress and extract at the same time ;)
17:03 <Luke-Jr> use 'z' instead  of 'j' if it's  gzip and  not bzip2
17:04 <spidey> erm
17:04 <spidey> so i can't rmdir unless it's empty?
17:04 <spidey> O_o
17:04 <Luke-Jr> right
17:04 <spidey> gah
17:04 <Luke-Jr> can't rmdir unless it's empty in Win either
17:05 <spidey> can too
17:05 <Luke-Jr> if you're sure you don't need anything from that dir, rm -r works
17:05 <Luke-Jr> nope
17:05 <Luke-Jr> you'd need deltree
17:05 <spidey> that's back from win98
17:05 <spidey> deltree isn't in winxp anymore
17:05 <Luke-Jr> ...
17:05 <Luke-Jr> anyway, rm -r works
17:05 <Luke-Jr> just be careful with it
17:06 <spidey> "deltree" is not recognized as a internal or external command,operable program or batch file
17:06 <spidey> :p
17:06 <Luke-Jr> btw
17:06 <Luke-Jr> 'll' is a nice shortcut for 'ls -l'
17:07 <spidey> la works
17:07 <Luke-Jr> it does?
17:07 <spidey> yea
17:07 <Luke-Jr> not by default =p
17:07 <spidey> it's a quicker shortcut :p
17:07 <spidey> does for me
17:07 <spidey> i did a typo and it listed like ls -l does
17:07 <Luke-Jr> hachi luke-jr # la
17:07 <Luke-Jr> bash: la: command not found
17:07 <Luke-Jr> and hachi was just installed a few weeks ago
17:07 <spidey> i can't copy/paste from xterm or i'd show ya
17:08 <Luke-Jr> sure you can
17:08 <Luke-Jr> just select it
17:08 <Luke-Jr> and middle click on IRC
17:08 <Luke-Jr> in the text area
17:08 <spidey> spidey@2[Desktop]$ la
17:08 <spidey> total 3984
17:08 <spidey> drwxr-xr-x   3 spidey users    4096 2006-07-06 10:02 .
17:08 <spidey> drwxr-xr-x  35 spidey users    4096 2006-07-06 09:54 ..
17:08 <spidey> -rw-r--r--   1 spidey users  650400 2006-07-06 08:12 blackbox-0.70.1.tar.gz
17:08 <spidey> oh 
17:08 <Luke-Jr> weird
17:08 <Luke-Jr> I prefer 'ls -lh' myself
17:08 <spidey> spidey@2[Desktop]$ rmdir -r ROX-All-0.6/
17:08 <spidey> rmdir: invalid option -- r
17:08 <spidey> Try `rmdir --help' for more information
17:08 <spidey> O_o
17:09 <spidey> ih
17:09 <spidey> oh*
17:09 <spidey> nvm
17:09 <spidey> lol
17:14 <spidey> .....
17:14 <spidey> i'm getting permission denied trying to run something as root
17:14 <spidey> :/
17:15 <spidey> root@2[Debian]# ./zeroinstall-injector_0.19-1_all.deb
17:15 <spidey> -su: ./zeroinstall-injector_0.19-1_all.deb: Permission denied
17:18 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lack@ipd50aa335.speed.planet.nl] has joined #armagetron
17:22 <[NP]Tangent> good morning guys
17:22 <[NP]Tangent> when I get back from the dentist
17:22 <[NP]Tangent> I shall kick some ass on swampland :>
17:24 <Luke-Jr> spidey: it's not executable
17:24 <spidey> yar
17:24 <spidey> i got it
17:24 <spidey> kinda
17:24 <spidey> spidey@2[Other]$ python setup.py install        
17:24 <spidey> running install
17:24 <spidey> error: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.3/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)
17:25 <spidey> where's my makefile O_o
17:25 <[NP]Tangent> dpkg -i ./zeroisntall-whatever
17:25 <[NP]Tangent> I think that's what you do
17:25 <[NP]Tangent> heh
17:25 <Luke-Jr> spidey: you're using 'p' when you untar stuff, right?
17:25 <spidey> ya
17:25 <Luke-Jr> um
17:25 <spidey> spidey@2[Other]$ tar xjvpf ROX-All-0.6.tgz
17:25 <Luke-Jr> you ran setup.py w/o install?
17:26 <spidey> actually
17:26 <spidey> j =z
17:26 <spidey> yes
17:26 <Luke-Jr> what are you trying to install anyhow?
17:26 <spidey> a file manager
17:26 <Luke-Jr> such as?
17:26 <spidey> rox
17:27 <Luke-Jr> 'emerge rox'
17:27 <spidey> ?
17:27 <Luke-Jr> what OS? =p
17:27 <spidey> mepis
17:27 <Luke-Jr> o
17:27 <Luke-Jr> good luck :)
17:27 <spidey> lol
17:28 <Luke-Jr> you're best bet is finding a binary package
17:28 <Luke-Jr> maybe 'apt-get install rox'
17:29 <spidey> heh
17:29 <spidey> it's not in the repository
17:29 <spidey> installing python 2.4
17:29  * spidey needs to update alot of stuff O_o
17:34 <spidey> mepis has a experimental running a ubuntu kernal
17:38 <spidey> meh got
17:38 <spidey> it
17:38 <spidey> apt-get remove python2.3 
17:38 <spidey> then install 2.4
17:41 <Luke-Jr> ...
17:41 <Luke-Jr> mepis sounds annoyinh
17:41 <Luke-Jr> g
17:42 <spidey> python install works now O_o
17:44 <spidey> mm
17:51 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has joined #Armagetron
17:51 -!- spidey is now known as spidey|Testing
17:51 <spidey|Testing> bbl,gotta go test O_o
17:51 <ghableska> have fun
18:01 <spidey|Testing> holy shit
18:01 <ghableska> ?
18:01 <spidey|Testing> i haven't touched my math packets since October last year
18:01 <ghableska> o_O
18:01 <spidey|Testing> and i'm supposed to do 4 pages a day
18:01 <ghableska> :O
18:01 <spidey|Testing> anyways
18:01 <spidey|Testing> i just made fake logs
18:01 <spidey|Testing> lol
18:02 <spidey|Testing> bbl
18:02 <ghableska> lol
18:33 <Sakireth> ARGH!
18:36 <ghableska> o.0
18:36 <guru3> can anyone reach http://results.ibo.org ?
18:36 <ghableska> nope
18:47 -!- Brooky [n=Brooky@] has joined #armagetron
18:47 <Brooky> Hi all
18:47 <ghableska> hey
19:23 <Lucifer_arma> SuPeRTaRD-bbl: sorry, I can only do it if it's paid right now.  :(  I'm in the middle of calc 2, very busy.
19:23 <guru3> the good news is i passed my exams
19:24 <guru3> the bad news is my parents will kill me anyway
19:26 <guru3> i'd be honored if you all would attend my funeral :(
19:26 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-052-045.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:26 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-052-045.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #armagetron
19:39 <Lucifer_arma> why are they going to kill you anyway?
19:39 -!- Vanhayes [n=lamb--ch@stjhnbsu84w-156034178101.nb.aliant.net] has joined #armagetron
19:39 <Lucifer_arma> and did you ask them about sending your body to me?  I've got an awesome new marinade....
19:39 <ghableska> hi Vanhayes
19:39 <Vanhayes> hey ghableska
19:42 <Brooky> guru why will they kill you?
19:42 <Brooky> so that means your coming to uni in england then?
19:44 <Lucifer_arma> he probably got a bunch of 99s
19:45 <Brooky> what are 99s?
19:45 <guru3> not even close lucifer :/
19:45 <guru3> i get well worse than predicted grades
19:46 <guru3> which means odds are i won't be going where i want to go for university
19:46 <Brooky> oh
19:46 <guru3> in terms for lucifer, i got a bunch of B-/C+s
19:46 <guru3> in terms for Brooky 
19:46 <Brooky> still england though?
19:46 <guru3> i got like... BBC
19:46 <Lucifer_arma> how the fuck did that happen?
19:46  * Lucifer_arma kills guru3 
19:46 <Brooky> Ok
19:47 <guru3> beats me lucifer
19:47 <guru3> beats me
19:47 <guru3> for some reason i did the worse in english
19:47 <Lucifer_arma> were you tripping on acid?
19:47 <guru3> which is ironic
19:47 <Lucifer_arma> was it graded by a swede?
19:47 <guru3> considering that's the class whose teacher rated me the highest
19:47 <guru3> no it was graded internationally
19:47 <guru3> because i did the IB...
19:48 <guru3> point is my grades aren't fantastic :(
19:48 <Lucifer_arma> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/5154396.stm  <--- great, we spend billions of dollars so these guys can go into orbit and photograph themselves
19:50 <guru3> better than spending billions to have it go up in a big ball of flame
19:51 <Brooky> lmao
19:52 <Brooky> they are still good enough
19:52 <Brooky> i know people who have gone to sheffield with worse than that
19:52 <Brooky> trust me
19:52 <guru3> it's pretty well below what the requested tho :/
19:52 <Brooky> oh
19:52 <Lucifer_arma> does anybody else get the picture of nasa as this tired old dog just barely making it over the fence, and any day now he'll go to jump the fence and bash his head instead?
19:52 <Brooky> what did they ask you to get?
19:53 <guru3> i got asked for 6 5 5 and 33 points overall
19:53 <guru3> i got
19:53 <guru3> * 6 6 5
19:53 <guru3> i got 6 5 5 and 31
19:53 <guru3> the thing is that those 6/5s had to be in certain subjects
19:53 <Lucifer_arma> that's not terrible, are there test scores along with it?
19:53 <Lucifer_arma> and I assume you'll be compared to other applicants?
19:53 <guru3> yes
19:54 <guru3> i needed a 6 in math, physics, and a 5 in chemistry
19:54 <guru3> i got a 5 in math, 6 in physics, 5 in chemistry
19:54 <guru3> but i'm two overall points short
19:54 <guru3> (invidual exam grades are added up for the total # of points)
19:54 <Brooky> i think they will let you
19:54 <Lucifer_arma> you're in striking distance
19:54 <guru3> should i like email them you recon?
19:55 <Lucifer_arma> those university creeps ask for the moon and are happy if you just give them a big chunk of cheese
19:55 <Lucifer_arma> you should go down there and drop your transcript on the lady's desk and say "Well, it's not quite what you asked for, but it's better than any 3 Americans"
19:55 <Brooky> lmfao
19:55 <guru3> :/
19:55 <Brooky> why would they come to england?
19:56 <Lucifer_arma> so they can participate in unmanned space flight?
19:56 <Brooky> i dont have a clue
19:56  * Lucifer_arma takes Brooky's point, apparently only artsy-fartsy types go from the US to the UK for university
19:57 <Lucifer_arma> persistance and perseverance are what you need to show now, guru3.  Make up the extra points with guts.
19:57 <Lucifer_arma> even a redcoat has gotta like that
19:58 <guru3> haha
19:58 <Brooky> i dont they will be fussy
19:58 <guru3> i'll email them i think
19:58 <Lucifer_arma> well, if you send them a "I'm sorry, I suck, can I please still go, please plase please?" they'll say "get a spine"
19:58 <guru3> i was thinking along the lines
19:58 <guru3> of
19:59 <guru3> 'according to my provisional grades i'm slightly off from what you asked for. what do you have to say about it?"
19:59 <Brooky> why were they provisional grades
19:59 <Brooky> ?
19:59 <guru3> they don't finalize my exam grades
19:59 <guru3> for a couple of weeks
20:00 <guru3> pending checks and balances in the system
20:00 <Brooky> okk
20:00 <Brooky> maybe they might get remarked
20:00 <Lucifer_arma> well, as long as you're not whining or blatantly ass-kissing, otherwise I don't know enough to proofread anything.
20:00 <guru3> if i'm lucky
20:00 <Brooky> they do that over here all the time
20:00 <Brooky> good luck anyway
20:00 <guru3> thnx
20:00 <Brooky> im waiting for my GCSE results
20:00  * guru3 feels slightly more cheerful
20:01 <Brooky> i hope i have done as good as my mocks
20:02 <guru3> i think i actually did worse than my mocks
20:02 <Vanhayes> what is a mock?
20:02 <guru3> practice exam
20:03 <Brooky> practise
20:03 <Brooky> lucifer
20:03 <Brooky> you know when you said "Well, it's not quite what you asked for, but it's better than any 3 Americans"
20:03 <Brooky> Guru is american
20:03 <Lucifer_arma> so am I
20:04 <Brooky> ok
20:04 <Brooky> dont you live in germany?
20:04 <Lucifer_arma> nope, Texas
20:04 <guru3> yeee haaaaa
20:04 <Lucifer_arma> I even wear a cowboy hat
20:04 <Brooky> oh, sorry.
20:04 <Brooky> lol
20:04 <Brooky> nice!
20:04 <Lucifer_arma> have a truck, but I don't drive it much
20:04 <Brooky> cool
20:04 <Brooky> pickup?
20:04 <Lucifer_arma> yeah, 71 chevy half-ton
20:05 <Brooky> nice1
20:05 <guru3> hrhr
20:05 <Lucifer_arma> 307 engine with 3 in the tree
20:05 <Brooky> how long have you had it?
20:05 <Lucifer_arma> few years.  It's been in the family since '72
20:05 <Brooky> ok
20:05 <Lucifer_arma> I've had it since 2000
20:06 <Brooky> cool
20:08 <Lucifer_arma> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/5155448.stm?ls   <--- just when you thought americans were uptight
20:09 <ghableska> o.0
20:09 <guru3> Oo
20:10 <Lucifer_arma> am I the only one who's noticed a strong resemblance between our own phillippe and pauly shore?
20:14 -!- z-man-home [n=manuel@p5087238D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
20:16 <Luke-Jr> z-man-home: does respawning work with 0.2.7?
20:17 <Luke-Jr> as a client
20:23 -!- MaZuffeR [i=MaZuffeR@dsl-hkigw6-fe52de00-169.dhcp.inet.fi] has quit []
20:24 <Lucifer_arma> Luke-Jr: what's the point of the resource thread you started?  You ripped up my post without answering that question
20:25 <madmax|pt> anyone here ever used bitlbee?
20:26 <guru3> yes
20:26 <madmax|pt> through xinetd ?
20:27 <guru3> can't remember
20:28 <madmax|pt> i can't put this thing to work :|
20:30 <madmax|pt> do you remember if the line with 'ircd' (and the port) was needed on /etc/services?
20:30 <guru3> i think i have a regular init script for it
20:33 <Lucifer_arma> http://forums.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?p=71311#71311   :)
20:34 -!- z-man-home [n=manuel@p5087238D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:37 -!- ghableska [n=ghablesk@12-216-188-42.client.mchsi.com] has left #Armagetron []
20:45 -!- z-man-home [n=manuel@p508706B8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #armagetron
21:13 <Luke-Jr> Lucifer_arma: the point of the thread was to get release people to ensure the release only contains official resources and to either remove others or add them to the repository
21:47 -!- spidey|Testing is now known as spidey
21:47 <spidey> goddamn it
21:47 <spidey> them stupid mother fuckers :/
21:48 <spidey> i had to retake 2 tests 4! times
21:48 <spidey> because the answer keys was fuckin wrong
21:49 <Brooky> lol
21:50 <Brooky> what tests???
21:50 <spidey> math
21:50 <spidey> i had the right answers
21:50 <spidey> they had the wrong
21:50 <spidey> so i took 2 tests 4 times
21:50 <spidey> untill i started bitching 
21:50 <spidey> cause i used a calcutlator on the last set
21:50 <spidey> so i knew they wasn't wrong
21:52 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:58 <[NP]Tangent> spidey must hate his school
22:13 <Vanhayes> #shuffle v a n h a y e s
22:14 <armabot> Vanhayes: e y a s v n h a
22:14 <Vanhayes> #shuffle v a n  h a y e s
22:14 <armabot> Vanhayes: a v s a e y n h
22:22 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
22:22 <spidey> man
22:22 <spidey> i lost my xchat client
22:22 <spidey> :/
22:22 <Vanhayes> how could you lose it?
22:22 <spidey> well
22:22 <spidey> i restarted blackbox and boom
22:22 <spidey> it's gone
22:23 <spidey> not in /usr/bin anymore
22:23 <spidey> :/
22:23 <spidey> well...locate says it is
22:23 <spidey> but it's not,lol
22:24 <Vanhayes> so what are you using right now?
22:24 <spidey> gaim
22:24 <spidey> think i'ma install bitch-x
22:28 -!- wejp [n=j0hannes@i577BA7E7.versanet.de] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:29 <Luke-Jr> spidey: locate uses a database
22:29 <spidey> yea
22:30 <Vanhayes> I tried to get bitch x for windows but it didnt work
22:30 -!- wejp [n=j0hannes@i577B8694.versanet.de] has joined #armagetron
22:30 <spidey> they have bitchx for windows?
22:31 <Vanhayes> yes
22:31 <spidey> O_o
22:31 <Vanhayes> it says it is for windows anyway
22:32 <spidey> was it source?
22:32 <spidey> or a .exe?
22:32 <Vanhayes> .exe
22:32 <madmax|pt> its for windows!?
22:32 <madmax|pt> o_O
22:33 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
22:33 <Vanhayes> .exe and .zip too i think
22:34 <madmax|pt> ah... there is for windows, but through cygwin
22:35 <Vanhayes> that would explain why it doesnt work for me
22:37 <Sakireth> I.
22:37 <Sakireth> Am.
22:37 <Sakireth> Bored.
22:38 <Vanhayes> Thanks.
22:38 <Vanhayes> for.
22:38 <Vanhayes> sharing.
22:38 <Sakireth> You're.
22:38 <Sakireth> Very.
22:38 <Sakireth> Welcome.
22:40 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
22:40 <spidey> i broke my xserver
22:40 <spidey> heh
22:42 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has left #armagetron []
22:43 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has joined #armagetron
22:44  * spidey attempts to fuck with system files
22:44 <spidey> O_o
22:45 <madmax|pt> holy ...
22:46 <joda_bot> #notes
22:46 <armabot> joda_bot: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, GodTodd, Lucifer_arma_, Luke-Jr, nemo*, phil, someone, and SuPeRTaRD.
22:47 <Luke-Jr> ...
22:47 <Luke-Jr> spidey: ...
22:47 <spidey> i'm bored
22:47 <spidey> so i'ma see what i can break
22:47 <Luke-Jr> spidey: move your site? =p
22:47 <spidey> no
22:49 <Sakireth> #notes
22:49 <armabot> Sakireth: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, GodTodd, Lucifer_arma_, Luke-Jr, nemo*, phil, someone, and SuPeRTaRD.
22:51 <joda_bot> Sakireth: do it again ;)
22:53 <Vanhayes> #note
22:53 <Vanhayes> #notes
22:53 <armabot> Vanhayes: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, GodTodd, Lucifer_arma_, Luke-Jr, nemo*, phil, Saki*, Sakireth, someone, and SuPeRTaRD.
22:53 <Sakireth> #note
22:53 <Sakireth> ah.. :P
22:54 <joda_bot> #m Vanh* this is an example
22:54 <armabot> joda_bot: The operation succeeded.
22:54 <Vanhayes> #notes
22:54 <armabot> Vanhayes: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, GodTodd, Lucifer_arma_, Luke-Jr, nemo*, phil, someone, SuPeRTaRD, and Vanh*.
22:55 <Vanhayes> #notes vanh*
22:55 <armabot> Vanhayes: Error: I have no notes for that nick.
22:55 <Vanhayes> #notes Vanh*
22:55 <armabot> Vanhayes: Error: I have no notes for that nick.
22:55 <Vanhayes> #notes
22:55 <armabot> Vanhayes: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, GodTodd, Lucifer_arma_, Luke-Jr, nemo*, phil, someone, and SuPeRTaRD.
22:55 <Vanhayes> hmm
22:58 <joda_bot> Vanhayes: the bot messaged you my message privately
22:58 <joda_bot> there should be a private message from the bot to you , once he sees you talking
22:59 <Sakireth> !notes Sakireth
22:59 <Sakireth> #notes Sakireth
22:59 <armabot> Sakireth: Error: I have no notes for that nick.
22:59 <Vanhayes> heh msg s used to popup with my ld client, I didnt even notice it
22:59 <Sakireth> #Eat crap
22:59 <Vanhayes> old*
23:01 <Sakireth> #notes armabot 
23:01 <armabot> Sakireth: Error: I have no notes for that nick.
23:01 <Sakireth> #kick armabot 
23:01 <armabot> Sakireth: Error: You don't have the #armagetron,op capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.
23:01 <Vanhayes> #m Sakireth <Sakireth> #Eat crap
23:01 <armabot> Vanhayes: The operation succeeded.
23:01 <Vanhayes> like that
23:01 <Sakireth> ...
23:01 <Sakireth> what does that do?
23:01 <Sakireth> #whoami
23:01 <armabot> Sakireth: I don't recognize you.
23:02 <Sakireth> #identify
23:02 <armabot> Sakireth: Error: That operation cannot be done in a channel.
23:02 <Vanhayes> private msg from armabot
23:02 <Sakireth> ah
23:02 <Sakireth> #m Vanhayes This is a note i think..
23:02 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:02 <spidey> yay
23:02 <Sakireth> #notes Vanhayes
23:02 <armabot> Sakireth: Sent just now: <Sakireth> This is a note i think..
23:02 <spidey> i think i broke gaim
23:02 <spidey> O_o
23:02 <Sakireth> We all did.
23:02 <Sakireth> Gaim bug.
23:02 <spidey> no
23:02 <Sakireth> #m armabot i have a note! YAY!
23:02 <armabot> Sakireth: Error: I can't send notes to myself.
23:02 <Vanhayes> test
23:02 <Sakireth> dang.
23:03 <spidey> i got bored so i started messing with things
23:03 <spidey> O_o
23:03 <Vanhayes> lol
23:03 <Sakireth> #m armabot unknown this is a test
23:03 <armabot> Sakireth: Error: I can't send notes to myself.
23:03 <Sakireth> #m unknown this is a test
23:03 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:03 <spidey> #whois unkown
23:03 <Vanhayes> try $randomnick
23:03 <Sakireth> #m $randomnick eat crap
23:03 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:03 <spidey> * End of /MOTD command.
23:03 <spidey> * [unknown] (n=unknown@cp210686-b.roemd1.lb.home.nl): unknown
23:03 <spidey> * [unknown] irc.freenode.net :http://freenode.net/
23:03 <spidey> * [unknown] is identified to services 
23:03 <spidey> * [unknown] End of WHOIS list.
23:03 <Vanhayes> sd
23:03 <spidey> lol
23:03 <Vanhayes> not me
23:03 <Sakireth> #notes $randomnick
23:03 <armabot> Sakireth: Sent 3 weeks, 5 days, 19 hours, and 44 minutes ago: <McSpiddles> enjoy the spam, Sent 3 weeks, 5 days, 19 hours, and 43 minutes ago: <Vanhayes> enjoy the spam, Sent 3 weeks, 5 days, 17 hours, and 57 minutes ago: <Vanhayes> enjoy the spam, Sent 6 days and 18 hours ago: <Vanhayes> enjoy the spam, and Sent just now: <Sakireth> eat crap
23:03 <spidey> some guy got your message from armabot
23:03 <Sakireth> lol
23:04 <Sakireth> #m spidey You're a naughty spider, aren't ya
23:04 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:04 <Sakireth> ?
23:04 <spidey> :|
23:04 <Sakireth> xD
23:04 <spidey> know what
23:04 <Sakireth> #m Nickserv drop
23:04 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:04 <spidey> i got something for you :)
23:04 <Sakireth> ..
23:04 <Sakireth> that's an exploit
23:04 <Sakireth> what?
23:04 <Sakireth> :O
23:05 <Sakireth> that's just sick..
23:05 <Sakireth> ... really
23:05 <Sakireth> if you could.. just do that to make it drop nickserv
23:05 <Sakireth> lol
23:05 <Sakireth> what have you got for me?
23:05 <Vanhayes> #whoami
23:05 <armabot> Vanhayes: I don't recognize you.
23:05  * Sakireth expects to be banned
23:05 <Sakireth> or kicked
23:05 <Sakireth> and i deserve it.
23:05 <Sakireth> for i am sleepy
23:05 <Sakireth> and angry
23:05 <Sakireth> and weird
23:05 <madmax|pt> ...
23:05 <Vanhayes> #whoami
23:05 <armabot> Vanhayes: Vanhayes
23:06 <Sakireth> at least this hour.
23:06 <spidey> :)
23:06 <spidey> check you messages
23:06 <spidey> lol
23:06 <spidey> ......
23:06 <Sakireth> #register Sakireth memoriesunknown
23:06 <Vanhayes> #notes
23:06 <armabot> Sakireth: Error: That operation cannot be done in a channel.
23:06  * spidey goes to tron
23:06 <armabot> Vanhayes: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, GodTodd, Lucifer_arma_, Luke-Jr, nemo*, Nickserv, phil, someone, SuPeRTaRD, and unknown.
23:06 <Sakireth> #notes Sakireth
23:06 <armabot> Sakireth: Error: I have no notes for that nick.
23:06 <Vanhayes> #seen unknown
23:06 <armabot> Vanhayes: I have not seen unknown.
23:06 <joda_bot> #notes
23:06 <armabot> joda_bot: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, ar*, GodTodd, Lucifer_arma_, Luke-Jr, nemo*, Nickserv, phil, someone, SuPeRTaRD, and unknown.
23:06 <Sakireth> #m nickserv register memoriesunknown
23:06 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:06 <joda_bot> #notes
23:06 <armabot> joda_bot: I currently have notes waiting for $randomnick, ar*, GodTodd, Lucifer_arma_, Luke-Jr, nemo*, Nickserv, phil, someone, SuPeRTaRD, and unknown.
23:07 <Sakireth> #m nickserv help
23:07 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:07 <Vanhayes> #notes nickserv
23:07 <armabot> Vanhayes: Sent 2 minutes ago: <Sakireth> drop, Sent just now: <Sakireth> register memoriesunknown, and Sent just now: <Sakireth> help
23:07 <joda_bot> #notes ar*
23:07 <armabot> joda_bot: Sent just now: <joda_bot> test and Sent just now: <joda_bot> #m joda* test
23:07 <Sakireth> #m nickserv /quit
23:07 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:07 <Vanhayes> #notes nickserv
23:07 <armabot> Vanhayes: Sent 2 minutes ago: <Sakireth> drop, Sent just now: <Sakireth> register memoriesunknown, Sent just now: <Sakireth> help, and Sent just now: <Sakireth> /quit
23:07 <Vanhayes> heh
23:07 <Sakireth> heh.
23:07 <Sakireth> #m operserv shutdown
23:07 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:07 <Vanhayes> #dotdotdot
23:07 <Sakireth> Nah
23:07 <armabot> Vanhayes: [16:08:00] <Vanhayes> heh, [16:06:43] <spidey> lol, [16:06:19] <madmax|pt> ..., [16:05:41] <Sakireth> lol, [16:04:26] <Sakireth> lol, [16:04:07] <spidey> lol, [16:03:32] <Vanhayes> lol, [16:03:29] <spidey> O_o, [16:03:05] <spidey> O_o, [16:02:59] <spidey> yay, [16:02:12] <Sakireth> ..., [15:55:50] <Vanhayes> hmm, [15:47:38] <Luke-Jr> ..., [15:44:55] <spidey> O_o, [15:41:19] <spidey> heh, (24 more messages)
23:07 <Sakireth> i'm not that mean xD
23:08 <Sakireth> .... wtf
23:08 <joda_bot> don't fool around too much ;)
23:08 <Sakireth> okay :P
23:08 <joda_bot> and delete the messages afterwards ;)
23:08 <Sakireth> #m Sakireth you are a fool.
23:08 <armabot> Sakireth: The operation succeeded.
23:08 <Sakireth> ho?
23:08 <Sakireth> how*
23:08 <spidey> omg
23:08 <spidey> i have 2 fps in tron
23:08 <spidey> omg
23:08 <spidey> i really broke something
23:08 <spidey> O_o
23:08 <Sakireth> that is the phattest thing ever known! :3
23:08 <madmax|pt> well it wasnt your keyboard
23:08 <Sakireth> on a commodore 64 that's really rare! :3
23:09 <spidey> O_o
23:09  * spidey see what packages he fucked up
23:09 <spidey> i bet it's from when i updated all the X packages
23:09 <spidey> brb
23:09 <Sakireth> ... y'know what
23:10 <Sakireth> i accidently screwed up freewebs's chat program.
23:10 <Sakireth> AKA found an exploit
23:10 <Sakireth> [size=-10]
23:10 <Sakireth> [size=-10]Text
23:10 -!- Lackadaisical [n=lack@ipd50aa335.speed.planet.nl] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]"]
23:10  * spidey is updating 586 packages
23:11 <spidey> i forgot last time i went to update i accidently killed synaptic
23:11 <spidey> so that might be why my fps = 2 O_o
23:11 <wrtlprnft> what does glxinfo say?
23:12 <wrtlprnft> direct rendering: Yes
23:12 <spidey> spidey@3[~]$ glxinfo
23:12 <spidey> bash: glxinfo: command not found
23:12 <wrtlprnft> creat
23:12 <wrtlprnft> *great
23:12 <spidey> ?
23:12 <wrtlprnft> missing th mose basic opengl tools :S
23:12 <spidey> O_o
23:12 <spidey> i'm finishing the update
23:12 <spidey> so maybe that'll fix it
23:12 <spidey> 586 packages :/
23:13 <spidey> 14 minutes left
23:13 <spidey> lol
23:15 <wrtlprnft> you have 586 packages installed?
23:15 <spidey> more
23:15 <spidey> 16 wasn't updated
23:16 <Vanhayes> #shuffle v a n h a y e s
23:16 <armabot> Vanhayes: a v y n s a e h
23:16 <Vanhayes> #shuffle v a n h a y e s
23:16 <armabot> Vanhayes: h a a n s v e y
23:16 <Sakireth> armabot: # reverse vanhayes
23:16 <armabot> Random Fortune:  Q: What lies on the bottom of the ocean and twitches? || A: A nervous wreck.
23:16 <Vanhayes> lol
23:16 <Sakireth> #reverse vanhayes
23:16 <Vanhayes> wow
23:16 <Vanhayes> # 
23:16 <Sakireth> #shuffle vanhayes
23:16 <armabot> Sakireth: vanhayes
23:16 <Sakireth> heh
23:16 <Vanhayes> # reverse
23:16 <Sakireth> armabot: # reverse
23:16 <armabot> Random Fortune:  Thus spake the master programmer: || "Without the wind, the grass does not move. Without software, || hardware is useless." || -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"
23:16 <Sakireth> armabot: #
23:16 <armabot> Random Fortune:  New York now leads the world's great cities in the number of people around || whom you shouldn't make a sudden move. || t -- David Letterman
23:16 <spidey> #shuffle s u p e r c a l a f r a g a l i s t i c s e x p e a l a d o s e s z o m g w t f h a x p l z k t h n x b b q
23:17 <armabot> spidey: s z b e e l f p s a x p o t n x i a w a t k a h i x a g q l a o s m e d f a c h g e z s l t p b c r u l s r
23:17 <Sakireth> armabot:
23:17 <Sakireth> armabot: f
23:17 <armabot> Random Fortune:  On a normal ascii line, the only safe condition to detect is a 'BREAK' || - everything else having been assigned functions by Gnu EMACS. || -- Tarl Neustaedter
23:17 <Sakireth> aha.
23:17 <Vanhayes> #r
23:18 <wrtlprnft> spidey: 674 packages here
23:19 <spidey> heh
23:19 <spidey> most of mine are garbage
23:19 <spidey> but oh well
23:19 <spidey> i was playing with synaptic earlier
23:19 <spidey> lol
23:19 <wrtlprnft> well, that includes lots of development packages
23:20  * spidey notes to self "before downloading something and then trying to find proper libraries and headers to check synaptic first
23:20 <spidey> i went through all that shi
23:20 <spidey> shit
23:20 <spidey> and they have a blackbox package in the repository
23:20 <Sakireth> guy
23:20 <Sakireth> s
23:20 <Sakireth> can you do me a favor?
23:20 <spidey> ?
23:21 <Sakireth> can you check here: http://www.freewebs.com/fwdiscuss/chat.htm and tell me if it's broke on your screen?
--- Log closed Thu Jul 06 23:21:24 2006
--- Log opened Thu Jul 06 23:22:25 2006
23:22 -!- wrtlprnft [n=wrtlprnf@] has joined #armagetron
23:22 -!- Irssi: #armagetron: Total of 19 nicks [0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 19 normal]
23:22 <Sakireth> joda_bot: Used to work here.
23:22 -!- Irssi: Join to #armagetron was synced in 11 secs
23:22 <Sakireth> joda_bot: until i typed a piece of bbcode.
23:22 <joda_bot> ah, just thought because of the gray window ;)
23:23 <joda_bot> no the chat thing does not work for me with firefox
23:23 <Sakireth> HEH
23:23 <Sakireth> GOOD.
23:23 <Sakireth> so..
23:23 <Sakireth> i really DID broke it..
23:23 <Sakireth> i didn't want to though
23:23 <Sakireth> i did it accidently..
23:23 <Sakireth> [size=-10]Text
23:23 <Sakireth> is supposed to make fonts small... but..
23:23 <Sakireth> it can be used as an exploit, apperently
23:24 <joda_bot> Sakireth: it might be working because I do not have a login
23:24 <joda_bot> Sakireth: is the "chat" window gray if after "loading..." ?
23:25 <Sakireth> yes
23:26 <joda_bot> wah, just talking german gibberish english
23:26 <joda_bot> really going to bed now ;)
23:26 <joda_bot> #night
23:26 <armabot> Good night joda_bot!
23:26 -!- joda_bot [n=anonymou@dslb-084-061-052-045.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #armagetron []
23:27 -!- z-man-home [n=manuel@p508706B8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
23:32 <wrtlprnft> #night
23:32 <armabot> Good night wrtlprnft!
23:37 <spidey> brb in about 20 minutes
23:37 -!- spidey [n=spidey@68-119-125-64.dhcp.jcsn.tn.charter.com] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:39 <Sakireth> http://www.freewebs.com/sakireth/
23:39 <Sakireth> demo of a working one

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