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[2023-03-13 14:01:52] <Z-Man> delinquent, guru3_: The armagetronad.org website is ideed under my control; the source code is still in SVN on sourceforge, where I continuously pull from. Yeah, it would be no problem at all to move it to github/gitlab to open it up to pull/merge requests or just more people having direct access (which would already be possible right now on SF, but who wants to work with that any more?).
[2023-03-13 14:01:52] <Z-Man> The only issue is that previewing changes is not very straightforward, you have to locally set the site up. It's not too hard, given it's only HTML and PHP, just not as convenient as with static site generators. I suppose it's not too big a hurdle for folks.
[2023-03-13 14:09:16] <delinquent> tbf I imagine most of the potential changes would be CSS stuff, and myself, light, nelg and nanu (for example) all have the requisite skills to host a local site. I think its worth it, I just took a look at the site on this newfangled 1440p monitor I have and it occupies about a quarter of the available screen real estate. Some @media values would fix that pronto. I don't even think we need to radically alter Lacka's design either - 
[2023-03-13 14:09:17] <delinquent> just a few touches here and there
[2023-03-13 14:12:12] <delinquent> For reference: https://vixen.international/assets/pub/Untitled.png
[2023-03-13 15:52:01] <guru3_> using @media to set a zoom above certain resolutions would probably be good
[2023-03-13 18:26:55] <delinquent> Things like text size are usually handled by client-side scaling, but viewport-height/viewport-width are fantastic for relative sizing of elements. A relative text size per block of resolutions, though, would be a good idea. 1080p, for example, isn't often associated with scaling, but the sort of font sizing we were used to in the mid-00's when everyone had either a 1280x1024 monitor or a 1366x768 laptop looks almost unreasonable at 
[2023-03-13 18:26:56] <delinquent> such a comparatively high resolution. It's hard to build for everyone though, so I generally focus on 1080p and 1440p when I'm building styles. That usually works out pretty well for the majority of visitors
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