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[2023-03-08 07:24:49] <delinquent> guru3_ Thump had a weird issue last night. He attempted to login with his regular "thxmp@forums", only to find the username had been entirely removed from the forum. He re-registered the username, but this is kind of odd no?
[2023-03-08 07:28:04] <guru3_> he probably got caught in the spawm accounts sweep :/
[2023-03-08 07:28:12] <guru3_> *spam
[2023-03-08 07:29:40] <guru3_> because of spam user registrations, I periodically go through the database and if there are users with no posts, older than 5 years, whose last login was less than three years from their account registration date, they accounts may be removed
[2023-03-08 07:29:58] <guru3_> *their
[2023-03-08 07:30:50] <guru3_> unfortunately there's no good way to tell know if accounts that meet those criterion are being used for armathentication
[2023-03-08 07:31:25] <guru3_> but all you have to do is just login every few years
[2023-03-08 07:42:21] <delinquent> Fair enough. I'll make an announcement on the discord
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[2023-03-08 15:58:47] <Z-Man> @guru3_ and while we are bugging you codefossa on Discord (Light on the forums) asks to add wiki account armagetron authentication. That is, forward wiki.authentication.armagetronad.net to wiki.armagetronad.org, he apparently has everything prepared already.
[2023-03-08 16:41:51] <delinquent> Wait, the wiki doesn't read authentication from the forums?
[2023-03-08 17:17:41] <guru3_> no
[2023-03-08 17:18:17] <guru3_> we never got the forums and wiki hooked up
[2023-03-08 17:21:48] <guru3_> Z-Man: done. IIRC wiki.armagetronad.net CNAMES to wiki.armagetronad.org but doesn't load in a browser, might be nice if that worked.
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